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Barmaid and Mermaid
(2013-02-23 - 2013-02-24)
A barmaid, a mermaid and a crab walk in a bar. No punchline, just a social.
Tifa Lockhart Its a quiet day in the bar. Well 'day' is entirely relative considerng that its always night in Traverse. But that doesn't stop the bar from running, they just look at the clcok more often rather than at the sun. Plus its not like all of the worlds are synched with their sun either. Its just all odd, but people get used to it nonetheless.

Buysing herself behind the counter, one might miss her being there at all when they enter, as she's bent down behind it, checking on the stock underneath the counter, and in the small fridge there. Though there's a sound of 'hmming' musically, matching the music from the radio.
Ariel Ariel decides to check out the bar. She's passed by it a few times, but hasn't stopped in yet. She now has a little extra pocket munny, though, and aside from that some new clothes to wear for different occasions. Today, however, she hasn't seen any reason to change out of her blue dress.

Sebastian has been tagging along with her. It's partially since he still feels it's his job to keep her out of trouble, and partially because he really doesn't feel safe around most humans. Mostly, he stays hidden somewhere. Ariel has gotten used to having a babysitter since he can't really stop her from talking to people.

When Ariel enters, with crab crawling slowly behind, it looks like there's no one in the bar at all at first. Maybe it's not open yet. It's so hard to keep track of time here.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hears the door though, so she doesn't miss it. A hand appears behind the counter, pointing a finger up "One second~" announcing that there is someone there at least.

A few seconds later, the barmaid bounces up, lifting a box up on the counter ro rummage in it later, pushing it aside as she sees the lovely red-haired girl sitting there "Hiya, welcome to the Cloud Nine." She smiles, quite the friendly girl.
Ariel Ah, someone is here after all. This only startles Sebastian SLIGHTLY. He's getting better about this. He crawls up onto a stool, but, one in the corner.

Ariel on the other hand just walks right up to Tifa. "Hello! I'm Ariel! I guess this is where people are buying the ice creams from!"

She noticed the sign. She also noticed the Detective Agency sign, which means Emi must work here, but right now she doesn't need a detective.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles, taking a rag to clean her hands a bit from the rummaging "Well we have sea salt ice cream, yup. But we're also a bar and restaurant, we handle all kinds, since we're also an inn. There are rooms on the upper floors."

She glances over to the crab, tilting her head a bit "Friend of yours?" She's used to talking animals and such, so it wouldn't surprise her all that much.
Ariel "Ohhh. That's good to know," Ariel says, though she isn't in need of another inn right now. "I bet you get all kinds of travelers from other worlds here."

Ariel looks at Sebastian, and for a moment there's a silent communication. She sits up at the bar, crossing her legs, and then she squints at him.

Finally, he speaks up. It's kind of quiet. "'Allo."

"Yes, that's Sebastian." Ariel sighs, and rests her chin on one hand. She still wishes he'd get over his fear of humans but he especially dislikes restaurant locations. She tries... "I... don't suppose you serve fish here."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart tilts her head "Serving fish, as in a fish meal, or serving fishes like serving your friend there." She plays a bit on the words there, without ill intents, just giggling a bit. "Because we do have fish for those that ask of it. In filet mostly." Of course, she doesn't think that might pass off as a bad thing for the two, but there are many kinds of people here as well. Just the first time she meets a mermaid, even as a human shape.

Not that she'd known Ariel is a mermaid at first glance, and she has no special powers to guess those things either.

she waves to the crab nonetheless "Hi, if you wish for anything, let me know~"
Ariel Sebastian looks at Ariel for a second, as if to say - you SEE? He points a claw at Tifa.

Ariel sighs again, rolling her eyes. "Sorry, no, it wasn't a joke. He's just afraid of..." Ariel leans over as if it's a secret, but knows very well Sebastian can hear her. "Being eaten."

She hasn't let anyone in on the fact that she's a mermaid. She's not interested in being a mermaid anymore, anyway. But at some point she's going to have to figure out how to get back home just to see if everything is okay... "I think I'll have an ice cream, though."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and nods, moving over to the ice cream bin to fish out a stick with the frozen treat on it for the ex-mermaid. "Here you go. Check the stick for possible prizes too." Sometimes you get a free one after all.

Then, she moves over to the crab, leaning down to his level "Don't worry, we don't eat sentient, talking one. You have to understand that in every world things are different. In my homeworld, fishes weren't talking or even intelligent, they were simply food. For that matter, so are ducks. But in this world, there are many kinds of talking animals. I ever turned into a jaguar myself, you know." There's a story behind that. She pats the crab on the head before moving bck to the counter.
Ariel "A.... jagwar?" Ariel has never seen one. She looks like she wants to learn more of the story.

But she also looks gleeful at getting the ice cream. The novelty hasn't quite worn off yet.

"In our world, fish are not for food, and we t'ank you to respect dat--" Sebastian suddenly pipes up. Then he realizes he's talking to a human, and adds... "ma'am."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "You've seen the portals, no doubt, that leads to different worlds? Well apparently when crossing certain portals, you also adapt to it, like how your money is converted to the local currency on its own. Same with bodies. We are still investigating it, but when we crossed a newly opened portal, we were in a savannah, and everyone had turned into animals."

She nods to Sebastian "Don't take any offense when we say we eat fishes. If we captured a fish that would talk to us and beg for release or something, we wouldn't be able to eat it. Heck, I wouldn't be able to eat it personally. But the fishes we capture are... nothing. They are lifeless, no intelligence, they just stare in space, unfeeling. I understand you wouldn't want to eat any either way, just like I wouldn't want to eat human. Its just... a different way of thinking in this world, you need to adapt."
Deelel Deelel has heard about the place while she needed to aquire energy she didn't consume material for it as often as a human or another organic creature might still it was an intereting social thing. They had bars on the grid but that was it no real eastery the Users eating their local version of grid bugs for power was something she tried to not think about too hard. Still she needed to reachrge right and so here she wa wndiner into the pub looking for a place to at a converstion about food she thinks? The basic listens for a moment and then speaks up.

"Also the natives of this world seem to need to consume other creatures to surive. It's the way of things even if it is ... disturbing at times. Generally the consumption of people is not taken well by most I seen."

That may or may not have been the basic's attempt at humor
Ariel Ariel thinks for a minute about what Tifa said about portals. That... makes sense. She came through one, too. She looks at Sebastian for a moment, and there is another silent comment as if a mystery has now been solved. "Ahhh. I didn't... know that portals did that." About the fish, she frowns a little. "That's... really sad, actually."

She looks over her shoulder and sees Deelel come in, and waves. But she's still being sad about the fish. The 'consumption of people' part just makes her look horrified. She didn't get the joke.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods, smiling "Don't worry anyway, we won't eat your friend there. As I said, its only because animals seem without any intelligence that we do. Some animals are smarter for us, like dogs and cats, and we don't want to eat them."

She waves to Deelel "Its generalizing alot here, but if we were able to sense the animal's emotions we probably would be alot less inclined to do so. And different worlds showed us the possibilities. Talking animals, mostly ducks around here even. Walking on two legs, wearing a top hat even, those are traits that would be entirely human in our world. So you get used to the idea that its not humans, but any living creature with intelligence instead.
Ariel Ariel considers that. She's eaten a few meats since she came here to this island. None of them were fish, but... what kind of animals were they? At home she always ate seaweed and such and it was so dull, so nice to have ice cream and other amazing human food. She nibbles on it a bit, hoping the ice cream didn't come from any animal that was upset by it. Maybe she should stick to vegetarian food. "I guess it's really a lot to think about. So what is your world like, other than no talking fish?"
Deelel Deelel seems to have failed at humor. "It is a chaotic world. To be sure and a veyr alien one to be honest." She looks at Tifa and nods a little bi "I'm sorry I'm still coming to understand some aspects of this world. "I was trying to make a joke I asn't trying to ... err." She didn't figure humor of her own people would be funny to many so prehaps she was trying too hard. She'll move to sit down and join the coverstation. "Oh! I'm sorry I should have introduced myself. I'm Deelel.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles, leaning on the counter a bit "Well, if you ever go to the world of ruins, you'll know how my world looked like, more or less. Around Goug at least, otherwise known as Midgar in my world. It was a big metal, mechanical city in fact." The new world did have some advantages on that side.

She nods to Deelel "its alright, sometimes humor also has different shapes, and what sounds funny for one person doesn't work on other people. It depends alot on their minset, like if they are distracted, angry, or otherwise not receptive. Also, it depends on other factors." She looks at Sebastian "Like mr Crab there, if you tried a fish or a crab joke, he might not find it amusing at all. Its hard to guage of the proper audience and timing for humor."
Ariel "Ah, Sebastian used to be a lot more fun. I'm sure you'll be back to your old self in no time," Ariel asides to him.

The crab starts to reply... "Well, if YOU were b--"

I'm NOT gonna talk about it," Ariel says to him, cutting him off.

Then she looks at Tifa. The talk of her world is fascinating. "That sounds so incredible! Is it still possible to get back there?"
Deelel Deelel says "I have been to the world of ruin on and off given I'm ith the Shard Seekers at the moment." She still had a hard time grasping few users could even understand what a computer was let alone operate or code with one. It was a sobering experiance to be sure, as for Goug I travel there very often given my current life situation at the moment."

IE it was the Shinra or LEXUS with the grid box and thankfully it was the Shinra who while appear to just be notehr company well? Are not a elrich horror that has no place in the user world or the grid itself.

"I'll get it some day, I'm doing better than some of my friends at adapting to here it would seem. Anway how much is the special?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and nods to the red-haired girl "Of course, I have another bar over there too. Its not too hard to get there once you get used to things. We have maps to help out as well." She smiles softly, Midgar can be fascinating to people that aren't new there, but the novelty wears off when you realize that people live in the slums. "Its always fascinating for people visiting for the first time, every world is like that. Like being transformed into a jaguar was pertty interesting."

She looks at Deelel, "100 munny for today." She smiles "Here, let me test something about humor." She walks over to Sebastian again, sitting on the side of the table "Let's see if this kind of humor works on crabs." She clears her throat "Ms and Mr Lobster were at the beach, when mr Lobster decides to go get some ice cream cones. On the way back, since it wa sa hot day, he pauses to eat some of his ice cream. But meanwhile, his wife's cone was melting, so he licked his claw clean, and then ate the ice cream too because it was too melted. When he got back to his wife, she asked where's the ice cream, so he explained that he ate it. And she says 'You shellfish bastard'."

Maybe not the best kind of humor either, but its a fish pun. At least its not stereotyped. She waits for a reaction before going back to ready the day's special meal for Deelel.
Ariel Well... Sebstian laughs. And so does Ariel. She covers her mouth as if choking back a guffaw, whereas his is more of a chuckle. Tension... slightly diffused.

"I guess that's all right, girl," Sebastian says to Tifa.

"I really want to go visit," Ariel says. She seems to be almost thinking, right now, but... she should at least finish her ice cream. It's dripping. She licks at it for a moment. Then she considers something. "Who are shard seekers?" she asks Deelel.
Deelel Deelel forks over the money without much issue as she listens to Tifa's joke she 's not sure what to say to teh joke but she'll look at Sabsitan for a moment then to Ariel for a moment as she gets the joke it takes her a momen but she laughs. "A group of Adventurers who operate out of Fluorgis."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles as she starts to cook it up. Its chicken rice today, with a side of vegetables. Nothing too fancy there, but its yummy smelling right now in the bar. "Shard Seekers devoted themselves to find the world shards, which are keys to finding new worlds. We saw one world get unlocked, the one we turned into aninals. We also saw one get locked down, Manhattan, which we are still trying to recover the world shard for it. They announced it was the first prize of the Hades Tournament, which I'm part of.
Ariel "Manhattan. Ah. I've heard of that place. I hope you do restore it. I... wanted to see it!" Ariel says. "Big buildings, with metal and glass. It sounds amazing." The food does smell good, too. And it's not fish. She could probably have some. She finishes the ice cream as, well, maybe it's an appetizer.
Deelel Deelel says "As am I our teams still need to face eachother Tifa." She nods to Ariel for a moment "It's the cloests I seen to my home outside of it to be honest." Given there seems to be some sort of connection between the grid and the world o it's creations it might not be that suprising to someone who'd seen both worlds. "I'm still concerned given how the election went."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles to Ariel "Want some too? Its not much harder to cook for 2." She hmms musically, she seems to enjoy what she does really. "Manhattan was quite special, even compared to Midgar it was somewhat cleaner. It had alot more cars too. It was different, but similar at the same time, preffering glass towers to metal ones."

She nods to Deelel "Should be next week, I'm looking forward to it." She smiles. She's competitive, but not mean.
Ariel "Sure! It smells really delicious." Ariel has to ask, though... "What meat is that?" And what's a car? Oh no. She should know what a car is, shouldn't she? She tries to imagine it.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "This is chicken." She lets Ariel smell the plate she's readying. She would help about cars, if she knew of the confusion of the mermaid of course. "How about mr Crab, anything to eat or drink?"
Deelel Deelel says "It was an interesting city, but if we succeed it will be so again. I still wonder if it is restored what it will do about baron. Given some of the armorments they may have access to or be able to construct it could get bad. Can't worry about that right now and as for the election a I said I'd be careful Tid be very wary of the Black Guard...err DPS."
Ariel Sebastian seems willing to consider, but still a little uncertain. "M...maybe some udda time."

Ariel gives him a kind of crooked look. Then she explains to Tifa. "They don't eat much anyway."

She tugs on a piece of hair for a moment. "Well... I haven't fought a Heartless. But I'm willing to learn and help," she says to Dee. "With, uh, the Black Guard or whatever." Not sure who that is. So much to learn!
Emi Dennou Two Dennous are coming downstairs. Umi walks right up to the counter and says, "I desire a beer! A root beer!" Emi gives Umi a look and Umi waits a few moments and then adds, "The Network ammends the word 'please' to that statement a bit belatedly." Emi continues looking at Umi. "...This one will tip extra for acting out."

She hangs her head. Emi nods once and then approaches Ariel, reaching into one of her pockets as she gets closer, a look of--yes!--determination on her face.
Zeke The odd thing about tRaverse is it's always night. On the downside this makes a personal carcadian rythm pretty well go haywire unless you find other cues to go to bed, wake, go about your routine. On the plus side there's always someplace open to get a drink at. An this particular bar has so many interesting people in it. Zeke came walking thorugh smelling of sea and sun. He looked a little more tan than usual and there wre fresh patches here and there 'pon his coat."Miss Deelel." He nodded to Deelel carefully. "Ariel." He smiled to the redhead warmly. "Good to see the two of you around. How've the winds been blowing here as of late?"

Somewhere else in the bar a trio of two foot and some odd change oddly dressed fellows chittered amongst themselves incomprehencably. In reality they were arguing over what to get to drink but from the outside what with the three stooges slapping and eye poking and whatnot it was so much violent comedy in the background.

Well, mostly the background, Zeke noticed this and sighed theatrically. "Oi! You three!" The three shorties were suddenly at attention. "Behave." Then he looked around for whoever, or perhaps whatever, might be the bartender here. "Those three," Thumb jerked in the direction of the midget-stooges, "Nothing overly strong and none of this caffine business. They're... Exciteable enough as is."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waves to the newcomers to the bar today, smiling. Yes, its always night in traverse, but the clock says its around 5pm right now. That's why its there at least, because otherwise good luck with it.

She serves up the two plates of chicken rice and vegetables to Deelel and Ariel, nodding "No worries, that's why I was asking. Didn't expect him to want rice, but he could have wanted something else." She turns over to serve up the root beer for the network with a grin, and then turns back over to clean up the large, black cooking plate.
Deelel Deelel notices Umi and Emi who get a wave from her perch at the bar. Zeekek gets a wave as she goes bck to her order. "Found shard of a city called Tokyo. Well part of it eitehr way. Still it's up to those who know how to deal with it. "They are not heartless they are form my world. I originally came here to seek help. i'm not sure what they are up to right now but they haven't broken any laws yet but I'm very wary." She shudders tot hink if the GAMES were ever implemented here.
Ariel Ariel can definitely smell the sunshine and ocean when Zeke comes in. She'll have to go somewhere with sunshine again soon. "Hello! You've definitely been on an adventure! Hello, Emi!" She pauses, and then looks excited about something. "Oh! You should give me your... your number!"

She grins. "So I can call you on your Telling Fone!"

"What's Tokyo?" she asks Deelel. She has a hard time keeping up.
Zeke Zeke had no clue of the Games or CLU or any of Deelel's homeworld but with a name like Black Guard these fellows sounded... difficult to deal with. That or they were ramatures taking on a grand name. Trouble is Deelel's so human you'd think she were lying by claiming to be a program involentary responses hinted ot zeke that she at least thought they were bad news. "Kokyo eh?" He looked sidelong at the Program. "Got a cook offn somewehre 'roundbouts there. Way he described it lots of tal lbuidlings, odd sounds... something called an arcade." Shrug, the word meant nothing to him. "Said all he was was just a food vendor before things went bad but... bah seeing th'man carry himself I canna believe it. He's a scrapper that one, and one of the best cooks this side of the carribean."

Again he looked over to Ariel and quirked an eyebrow. "All I've got lass is this earpiece linkshell thinggie." He pulled the apperatus out of his ear and held it up for Ariel to see. "Seems whoever has one so long as y'speak theri name clear it'll give ye a connection and sounds just the same s iffin they be right aside ye. Downside is they haffta have one too else it dun work."

Then his attention moved to Tifa. "Ale if you please missy and." Hrm. Chicken and rice. Something about that interested in. "Same as these two had if that's no trouble." Without much further preamble he founda seat for himself near enough to keep talking. "Sadly my own week hasn't been nearly so grand. Merely a village getting shelled by pirates diverting me from a routine run twix here an there ferrying supplies. Thankfully no more an we could handle an most've my crew have stayed behind to aid in repairs and defenses while I came back here to gather supplies to ferry back through."
Emi Dennou Umi dejectedly puts some extra cash down for the root beer. Emi is being a little more generous than normal due to all that cash pinata money from Fluorgis. Though hopefully now they'll be able to recover what their city has lost. It should be over. It's over, right? Right.

Emi glances over to Zeke. She nods to him once but remains silent otherwise. She assigns Umi to wave to Deelel and Umi waves to Deelel.

"Strange, all this work to restore Manhattan...and yet we've found so many world shards in that pursuit, The Network supposes this is akin to irony." Emi is about to offer something to Ariel but she was distracted and--ends up having her Telling Fone number asked for.

It takes her a moment to realize what she means by Telling Phone. "...Ah...Alright. This one has something for you as well."

She reaches for a napkin and presses it down on a table, writing down the number. "Though on that note, where have you been staying, Ariel?"
Ariel Ariel tries to look at Zeke's shell. She has the regular phone, but that looks very interesting. "Okay. I can call you on the Fone too."

She looks at Emi. "I'm staying with Rosemarie now. In fact, that's where I left my Fone and my other stuff."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles, sliding her phone out of her pocket "There's also MaBelle phones to communicate around, just need a number to reach someone." She's had her own for a long time now.

She turns back to the cooking plate, readying another batch of chicken rice, looking all merry as she works. She always seems to enjoy herself when she's in the bar, no matter what she's doing really. While its cooking, she serves up Zeke's ale in a large mug. She knows that people enjoy the authentic feeling.
Deelel Deelel is now just slinging into her drink and little bit of food really. She's looking at Zeke, CLU if he's not derezzed is likely doing something to ruin SARK's day at the moment. As for Deelel she's just enjouing the drink and she says "Arcade? Generally those are a shop that rents out time on videogame units." She notes looking at Zeke for a momen longer before turning her head again to look over at the tins she thinks. "Prehaps but anything we can system restore I think is worth it, right?"
Zeke Zeke pulled a pad of paper from somewhere in his coat and a pen and started writing addresses down. Then did the same to a second sheet of paper before offering one to Emi. "In case this network of yours be needin me." He sortof understood Legion being a bunch of differing people that essentially were in constant commune to the point that they might as well be of a single mind with many bodies. "I realize mine isn't what you were after lass an more's the fool of me, but never know when you need a fast ship 'sppose.""

The second slip he slid over to Ariel. Why he bothered even the 'good' captain couldn't answer. This time no words were said. Though he did make a note of finding one of these 'fones' to keep in touch with the lass.

"We can only do so much at any given moment Miss Deelel and anywhere is better than nowhere." Zeke tried to smile even though for a moment, just one, his mind flitted back to a small fishing village back in England he wasn't sure if he'd get to see again. "Plus way I understand it Manhatten has a ton of resources that can be used to help free other places still under shadow's dark sway."
Ariel Ariel thinks she might stop trying to listen to Dee. Not that she doesn't seem like a nice person, but every sentence from her drops out at least two terms Ariel doesn't recognize, and she'd hate to embarass herself by not knowing a perfectly innocent Obvious Human Term like whatever a Vidyagame is.

Ariel smiles a little as she takes the slip from Zeke. She nods. Then she pays attention to the food. She has already learned from previous shenangans that the dinglehopper is not for hairbrushing. But boy, that really annoyed people in the hotel dining room.

Sebastian seems to be trying to get Zeke's attention a moment later but... semi-discreetly, as in tapping toward his hand. He might have not noticed the crab on the table before that point.
Emi Dennou "Is that so..." Emi says after some thought. Rosemarie--she supposes that makes sense, she seemed very infatuated with that store. Emi is a bit more suspicious of Rosemarie. Still--even if in the past Rosemarie's been a nasty, and even if in the past they were calling her, well, a witch. It doesn't mean that she hasn't turned her attention to helping poor unfortunate souls NOW.

She offers the napkin to Ariel. It has her number on it! Emi also uses a regular Telling Fone.

Umi dejectly drinks root beer. She's like the town root beer drunk! Emi takes Zeke's number too while she's at it, she doesn't even act surprised to be offered it. She says, "Thank you." sincerely to him, however. She writes down another one of her numbers on a napkin and offers it to him as well. She really needs to get those business cards and just throw them everywhere.

Emi then finally reaches into her pocket and sets down a bottlecap near Ariel's plate.

"It's a good luck bottlecap." She tells Ariel simply enough.
Deelel Deelel says "That is a good way to put it really, if we can restore it yes. It's technological level is higher than most other worlds. Not to discount magic but technology is something you need not be born with the ability to use to make use of it unlike magic." She seems to have been thinking on that a little bit. She goes back to her meal
Zeke Zeke nodded to Emi then looked over to Umi. "Uh... beg pardon but she alright? I stil ldon't quite get the right of this hive mind thing...whatchimacallit ye have goin so i dunno if askin you is th'same as askin her but if nothin else you two are 'round eachother oftn." Was he concerned? He's seen 'professional' drunks go at their drink in similar near mechanical fassion so yes. Concern seemed appropriate.

Then.. wait what's this? Crab? He looked at Sebastian curiously and scooted over. "What is it small-" Fry? no that'd be an insult.. or a threat. "Guy?" Still somewhat insulting but less likely to be taken as such. "Something on your mind?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart serves up Zeke's food shortly after, sliding the plate over to him "Here you go. Chicken rice and vegetables." Its balanced and yummy smelling at least. There's alot of technobable going on, which she's not very keen upon, even if she knows of the programs. Well she understands more than knows about them, since they are electronic and stuff. She looks over to Ariel, checking if she finished her food to clean out the dishes.
Ariel Ariel takes the cap and looks just as excited about this as if Emi had handed her a diamond ring. "Oh! I used to have one of these!" ... Wait, it's called a Battlecap? Nuh-uh.

Well, okay.

Emi will probably see that little uncertainty, then, return to happiness, flicker across Ariel's face. She isn't quite finished eating, though, so collecting of the plates may wait a bit.

Sebastian makes a 'a-hem' noise, and gestures for Zeke to lean over. He may be counting on Ariel being distracted by the Battlecap.
Zeke Zeke shrugged and leaned over to let the crab have his say. After all he seemed to be the chapperone here. Idly he waved to Tifa before tossing a few coins her way, hoping the lass was deft enough to catch them. If not he'd pay her proper later. Come to think of it he'd pay her proper anyway this was just the tip.
Emi Dennou "She'll recover." Emi tells Zeke. "She is looking for someone to eat her shoe." Indeed, it seems that Umi has been walking around with one shoe on one shoe off for some time. She does have a sock on, at least, but this is what hapens when you eat one of your shoes, you end up missing a shoe! This might not be the full story of the matter, however, as Umi takes a long swig of root beer.

"I whuz jusss tryin' to be friendly." she says, drunk on root beer.

"The Network thinks you've had enough, Umi." Emi says.

"I'll tell you when I had enuff!" Umi waggles a finger at Emi who stares at it unflinchingly.

"...Okay I'm done." Umi says, finishing off her root beer. "I'll find someone to eat my other shoe if it kills me! No hero gives up at first failure. You!!" She takes off her shoe and points at Zeke. "...Will you eat me shoe????"

Emi observes Ariel's reaction. Definiteyl something going on here, but she does smile. "You can do with it as you'd like, I have another bottlecap that is of that variety." Yes Emi actually has a battlecap collection apparently. Perhaps with which... TO DO BATTLE?! "You seemed like someone who would like them." She looks on over to Tifa and adds, "Is Ping still staying here?" She asks of her.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to Emi "Yeah, still has a room here. The cricket he carries around seem very fond of me too." She scratches her cheek at that a bit. Cricket been playing music to her and what not. Quite odd.
Deelel Deelel pauses "Ping? I know that name." he was the Imperial Solider who'd helped them recover one of the manhattan shards and she felt she owed the man one for his efforts. "I'll have to speak to Ping later." Though something about the Imperial Guardsman's name seems to be midly funny to Deelel. She can't help it given what Ping means to her in normal use. Well the word, antway.
Ariel Sebastian mutters something to Zeke. "Sorry to interrupt, but, ahem-- Dese are somewhat desperate times for me. I was wondering, ah - seeing as you: are a pirate, then you must have a pirate ship, and you must like de t'ings dat pirates like, such as jewels and pearls and so forth. So, while I do not normally make a deal, with a pirate, would it be possible perhaps to find de girl's home... out... over da wata--" Over seemed like it wasn't what he'd hoped to say. "And return her?"

Ariel meanwhile is finishing her food. She puts the bottlecap into a pocket in her skirt. "Where does he keep the horse?" she asks, which might seem out of the blue. That's the main thing she remembers about Ping. And she wants to see that horse again.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hs "Well the stables are in front of the inn, so it should still be there if Ping isn't out with the horse at least.
Zeke Zeke made a shushing movement with his hand to Sebastian. "I'm not a pirate lad." Sure right now to try getting to proving that. "Just a merchant that goes as he pleases. No uniform no boss.... usually." He tried keeping his head voice down but hey he needed to keep Ariel from going 'what the fin' about all this. "However ifin you need to get the lass home I kinda want t'know a little of what she be goin back to. Much as I dun want t'keep lass from family an home I need t'know her da isn't gonna flay her to strips." He's seen parents do that to their children for misbehaving. "If needs be I'd go back with her... However constant pressure innt always the best way."
Emi Dennou Emi nods slowly. She hasn't seen Ping in a few days, she just might be missing him. She nods to Deelel. "That's right, he helped us with one of the shards." Though granted he was also a bird at the time but that's besides the point, Ping is still Ping even if he's a bird. THE MANLIEST OF ALL BIRDS? Sure why not.

Emi seems to to be put at ease by Ariel's battlecap acceptance. She nods once and then steps away a bit so she doesn't bother her while she's eating.

Emi glances towards the crab and Zeke but doesn't seem to hear what they're telling one another. HOWEVER!

Umi approaches noisily and waggles her shoe at Zeke. "It''s not that bad once you eat it. Honestly. I'll show you how." Desperate times.
Ariel Ariel, with her plate mostly cleared now, stands up suddenly. "I want to go see the horse!"

And she starts to head in that direction. Though she'll probably be back.

Sebastian is actually a little glad she got distracted. "Ah, well, it's--" And then he mutters something that sounds kinda like 'terrible wrath' but maybe that's your imagination.

He gestures with open claws and tries again. "If de girl were to have been, kidnapped by pirates, say, den it would be understandable, to de king, where she had BEEN, and maybe de terrible wrath would not be directed at me. So much." A-hem. "Oh, and not at YOU, because he would be so happy and give you a ransom or at least dat is de idea." Somewhere 'king' slipped out in there and he didn't seem to notice.
Zeke Zeke snorted dismissivly. "King eh?" This talk of ransom and Wrath and hrm. Then Zeke shook his head. Kings do not usually take such an interest in the affairs of nobility or especially well to do merchants. "So this girl is a princess that ran off from home because she felt a mite too confined." Shrug. "I care not about treasures. A thousand fortunes have come and gone in my hands in a few short years since I"ve been master of m'own ship. If Money is all I sought in the world I could have settled at the first windfall that blew my way. Seeing the lady safely reconciled with her family?" Headhsake. "Would be a waste were her last memories be arguin with kin. I'll make sure she finds her way home don't you worry."
Emi Dennou "I'm a pirate!" Umi says. "I'll kidnap her for you!!"

Sure she said she was a hero earlier too but now she seems to be a pirate. "But in return," She aims to place the shoe on top of Sebastian. "My shoe--is yours!" And then she jogs on out as well, perhaps intent on kidnapping Ariel now. She slows down for a moment after however as she nears the door before turning on her heel and looking back to Shoebastian. "Hey! Where is her home and family anyway? The Network inquires."

Emi murmurs, "Never heard of such interest in horses either..." She's starting to get perhaps a bit SUSPICIOUS??? "Mm...then again, it is a very nice horse." OKAY MAYBE NOT. THIS IS A TOUGH INVESTIGATION.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart crosses her arms as she listens to the crab and pirate talking "I suggest you keeps your paws off her. If she wanted that liberty, I don't see why you'd need to deprive her from it. And on top of that, there's many capable fighters around here to keep her safe, should the need arise." Yeah, she heard the two from her side of the counter, but she's not too happy with it.
Ariel Ariel is now outside to check out the stables. Though if there are no horses there, she'll be back pretty quickly. She just has yet to see them up close, with all four legs and everything.

Sebastian looks torn for a moment, because he's not sure how to properly answer this direct question. Of course they would NEED to find out where it was in order to find it and take her back. But she'd probably be... well, she'd be really sad, she'd do that pouty thing and weep. But then again, horrible wrath. "De girl's home is de kingdom of Atlantica," he compromises, "and I don't suppose you know how to get dere from here?"
Deelel Deelel listens in on the convstation for the moment and tilts her head a little bit she's not trying to listen in too hard but she's sure curious abotu what could be going on. This could not be going anywhere good she thinks. "Try to control something too hard and all you'll lose total control in the end." She goes to finish off her meal. She doesn't heat much maybe once a day at the most but it's at least a social thing right? She can watch and learn about abotu the beings that made her. So strange these creatures of meat and bone....
Zeke Zeke hrms thoughtfully at sebastian, interrupted as it were by the sudden addition of the shoe. "Atlantica. Not a clue, but I hae heard rumnor of the night she first showed up in Traverse includin a near case of Drownd so I'm guessing some sort of underwater thing with some kind of shell keepin air in an water out an such like." Oh if only ye knew mate. If only ye knew. "Might explain the isolation a fair bit more. Hard t'get word an such when ye stuck on the seabed next door to davy jones's locker."
Zeke Zeke grumbled darkly. "If you'll excuse me." He tipped his hat to Sebastian and left a small stack of coin on the table before heading to the door. "Do plan on bein back but just in case business sweeps me away." He whistled a merry tune as he headed for the door.
Ariel It is a kingdom under the sea, if you will.

Though Sebastian is relieved in a way that he's leaving now, as he won't be torn with explaining any more about it.
Emi Dennou "Yeah, that's right! Plenty of people here to protect her!" Umi adds, jerking a thumb towards her chest.

"You are kidnapping her, The Network has nothing to do with this." Emi says, trying to make herself small.

"Oh yeah..." Umi says, on the verge of an existential crisis. "...But I am a hero pirate so I will save her again at the last moment!" She laughs like, well, a pirate. She hrms lightly at the name though. Atlantica? Atlantica... She asks the Network for information and...aha!

"Yes, This one knows all about Atlantica..." Umi grins.

Note, this is not true. Also she is mistaking it for Atlantis.

Emi writes down a food order.
Ariel About this moment, Ariel walks back in, looking a little disappointed as apparently the horse has gone.

She moves back to her seat.

Sebstian tries to mouth 'we'll talk later' at Umi. He at least has a pretty expressive mouth for a crab. Then he says "Oh, yes, that's very interesting-" as if the conversation had been something else.

Ariel seems to cheer up right away at least, seeing he's... making friends! She gets out some munny and passes it to Tifa. "I owe you this for the ice cream and meal! Thank you so much."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles to Ariel "My pleasure, you can come back whenever you want, we're always friendly here. I also have a bar in Goug if you ever stop there. You wanted to see it, I could show you the way there too.
Emi Dennou Umi Dennou may not even know what her own plan is so it may be difficult for others to know what her own plan is. It's something to do in any event. She's not terribly worried about this going pearshaped though. Confidence is the measure of a pirate hero / pirate / hero after all. Especially if they are self proclaimed at that.

Though...the city was saved, wasn't it? Emi thinks that one over. They saved a city. A full city. A city of flowers and water in the middle of a desert and--it's going to be okay there. And it's in no small part thanks to them.

Emi glances over to Umi for a few moments. In the span of seconds the two have a full conversation about what they're up to in order to achieve consensus and, ultimateley the two turn away.

"Ariel..." Emi speaks up finally. "Would you call yourself something of an explorer? Or perhaps--an Adventurer? If I called you one, would you agree--and say that's how you see yourself? The Network inquires subtly."

Umi nods to Sebastian, grinning widely. "--And that's how you boil a shoe!"

Ariel Ariel nods to Tifa. "Yes, I really want to see it. Thank you!" She looks at Emi next. "Yes! I think I've always been, or wanted to be, an adventurer."

A little of column A, a little of column B.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "Well you just need to wander around. And you'd be a shoe in for Shard Seekers, Reize is an adventurer too, and exploring, although don't let him be the one to hold the map.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart thinks about something "You ever rode a chcoobo?" She asks Ariel, she doesn't even know her name yet, she wasn't paying attention if anyone mentionned it earlier at least.
Ariel Ariel shakes her head. "Reize, hm. Well, I guess I'd have to meet him. I don't ... know what a chocobo is," she confesses. "It's like a horse?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods and smiles "But its a bird, you can ride it like a horse. Mine is in the stable over there, if you want to see it. Premium Heart is a lovely, friendly red chocobo that I've been raising.
Ariel "Oh." Ariel nods. "That would be great. Maybe we can go for a ride some time, too."

She looks at Sebastian and seems to wonder if he's up to something. "You can come too."

"...Oh. Goodie?" Much sarcasm.

But she remains cheerful.
Emi Dennou "Well, staying around Traverse Town is no good, then." Emi says. "If you'd like, we could go on adventures with you. There are a lot of worlds out there, and of course some of it is dangerous, but exploring..there's nothing wrong with that. And with adventure comes experience, The Network says in a totally non-suspicious manner."

She nods to Sebastian. "We haven't ridden chocobos either."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart turns around back to Zeke as some of the other tennants leave "So what's your story then?" She asks, making small talk since its so quiet.
Deelel Deelel looks over at Zeekek for a moment tilint her head a little bit at the ship captain. "Wht at about her? Oh I see your considering that ort of thing?" She tilts her head a little bit "I heard him talking he sounds more like some other basics I know that are ahem employed in lacky functions more or less he seemed woreied about his contiuned well being."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "I can tell she's friendly. She looked interested in horses, so I thought that a chocobo ride might be fun for her. I have a pretty tame chocobo for that." Except for the time she got ejected after it started chasing after Reize's hair, but that's another story.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles "Hard to resist being around rpetty girls anyway, right? I mean, its not everything, like personality and talents, but being pleasing to the eye is a bonus hm?" she smirks.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart grins "She got you curious then. Well if a king wants her back, and she has a crab following around that acts more like a butler than a friend, there are chances she's from some high class huh? She's probably up and about because she couldn't get out of the house back home.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "Yeah I'm the same way, payment has little importance over the well being of someone. And she seems to want to stretch those legs of her for a while before having to go sit back home doing nothing, why not give her a bit of that pleasure while checking over her really. She'll go back home when she's ready.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hmms and nods "Yeah, I see what you mean. That'd be interesting if their world wasn't touched at all, but doubtful if she's here. That means her world got disconnected, or she got displaced, or either way there's a portal that goes there, or her world got merged into ours somewhere, like how the cities are all jumbled together in the World of Ruin.
Deelel Deelel says "I admit somethings till confuse me greatly." She finishes off her drink and leaves some mummy on the counter. "Thanks for the Drink, I best be going." Hopefully she'd not need to recharge for another day or so...
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and nods to Deelel "You take care and come back soon then." She takes the bag of money that Zeke left for Ariel, putting it aside for later giving.

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