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(2013-02-23 - 2013-02-23)
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Morrighan Alazne It has been nearly a week since Morrighan's capture at the base of the Iifa Tree. In that time she has done...a whole lot of nothing actually. The only person who actually bothered to confer with her in all the time she's been here thus far was Max. And she still didn't trust him. He wasn't like the rest of these geniuses in this wonderfully naueating organization, but he came with his own brand of suspicious vibes!

At least he bothered to feed her properly. After the first time anyway. But that wasn't for the dark elf. She was becoming deathly bored of being locked up in this room, staring at walls and occasionally throwing hissy fits to be let out, all while the others did..../something/! What WERE they doing? Deciding how best to torture her?

Max said that they weren't but the white mage still maintained a healthy dose of suspicion despite it all.

Nevertheless, it's on this day that Morrighan finds herself sitting on the edge of her bed, in what seems to be becoming alarmingly the norm. Her hands are gripping the skirts of her extravagant dress and she just stares downwards at the floor, sighing in complete boredom. "...When will I be able to go? These people can NOT keep me locked in this room forever! It is utterly inhumane!"

A frown etched itself onto her face then as she started getting worked up. "They are not proper authorities anyhow! How have they managed to keep me here without the /actual/ authorities catching wind?" Another sigh and the dark elf settled down again. "...Why am I still here?"

Wait, didn't she ask that to herself already?
Avira Perhaps...this was torture.

Considering the infuriating conversation she had tried to conduct with Morrighan during the attack on the Iifa tree and subsequent conversations she'd had with Max regarding the elf, she was actually unsure if she wanted to grace this woman with her presence. They had a bit of baggage between each other, after all, and some things Avira would require brain bleach to forget. And yet...

"I'm in misery~"

Morrighan hears...singing? Yes. /Singing/. Singing from that nemesis of hers. Even worse...

"There ain't nobody who can comfort me~"

It's getting closer.
"Why won't you answer me?
The silence is slowly killing me~ Oh Yeah~"

There's the sound of the locks being undone and the door swings open. Despite the lyrics to the song she was just singing, she looks to be in an extremely chipper and fantastic mood. "Oh Morrighan~" she sighs, thankfully not singing that part. "It's about semantics, I'd say. Currently you are in our protection and we've kept your presence quite close hold. If not, well.." she puts a hand to her forehead and shrugs, "...then every bounty hunter throughout these shattered worlds would be beating down our door!" Avira actually wasn't sure how long this calm would last. Bounty hunters, by her experience, are some very conniving and intelligent people. Eventually someone's going to tie the TDA in to Morrighan's disappearance.
Morrighan Alazne Singing.

Seriously? Was she seriously hearing singing? From /her/!?

Well admittedly, that horrible woman did have a rather nice singing voice. Not that she was going to give Avira the satisfaction of knowing that from her. Even more pressing however was...just what in the world was she singing about!? Is that harpy making fun of her? It sure seemed that way!

Hearing locks being opened, Morrighan perked up a bit more, watching as Avira entered the room. "You." And that was all the huntress was going to get for a greeting. The healer frowned, narrowing her eyes as she listened to Avira's explanation from where she sat on the bed. "Protection, you say...?" She asked, quirking a brow slightly. "Now why in the world would /you people/ protect me?"

Naturally, Morrighan remained painfully suspicious of this fact, but there was something more pressing to address. "...And what is this business about bounty hunters? I do not have a price on my head! Are you making fun of me!?" Of course, she had no idea that there actually /was/ a bounty on her head now.

The price of being cooped up in a single room!
Avira "Yes." Avira claps her hands together, a cheerful smile on her face. "Me!"

Her hands drop to her sides, then eventually swing to be held behind her back. The huntress stops herself in the middle of the room, not approaching the captive dark elf any further-which is probably some relief! In this magic-muted room, she very well might have an advantage over Morrighan with those ape-muscles of hers. "Why indeed. I'm actually not all that sure, because honestly, I would let you out into the world to face the consequences of your actions." Casually, she shrugs. She might have been mad about all of this days ago but she finds it hard to hang onto that anger, even in the face of this infuriating dark elf. "However, this isn't my call and I haven't had the opportunity to really question Mercade or Isaac about it."

A grin forms on her face and her right hand falls to one of the leather pouches at her waist. Flicking it open, she pulls out a folded paper that is gradually unfolded into a poster. A wanted poster.

One of Morrighan's wanted posters. She apparently swiped one from outside. Avira offers the poster to her.

"It's funny." she remarks, "I had planned to make myself a Sky Pirate and in those circles, such an enormous bounty would be no small source of pride."
Morrighan Alazne Squint.

"Why are you so happy in the first place? It is horribly irritating!" Seeing Avira being so bright and smiley just made Morrighan want to look elsewhere. It was annoying beyond reason somehow! Maybe just because it was /her/ that was happy. Nevertheless, her admittance to letting the dark elf go out and face the results of her actions was about what she would have expected.

Which meant that fool Mercade and Isaac were the ones who have been behind her continued presence in this dog house. Her eyes narrow suspiciously again as Avira reached into a pouch to produce something. Probably an instrument of violence no doubt! What else would an ape keep around? Is she going to inflict a round of violence upon her while no one was looking!?

...No, it's a poster.

A wanted poster actually. With HER name on it. Morrighan took the poster quickly, eyes widening in disbelief as she read over the details. "What manner of devilry is this!? I did NOT leave a basket of kittens stranded in the middle of a lake! Nor have I singlehandedly destroyed a Shinra tanker full of volatile supplies, causing an explosion that wiped out many casualties! I do not even cross paths with Shinra!" ...And those were among other inflated /crimes/ the healer was being accused to doing. Glaring burning holes into the poster, Morrighan then glared at Avira, shaking the poster for emphasis.

"What is the meaning of this!? Who put this nonsense up!? This is hardly funny!" Well hey, at least there wasn't a picture of her now. That would shake off some of the lower ranking bounty hunters! "And what then? Are you people planning to hand me over and collect this king's fortune for yourselves now? Is that it?"

Vibes of suspicion go flaring back up with the revelation of this wanted poster. That WAS a lot of money! She wouldn't be surprised if they did go for something like that...

A shame her magic was being muted in this infernal room. Else she'd try and escape. As it is right now, she can't even create any bit familiars or summon any blades!
Avira A laugh escapes Avira. "Why are you so interested in why I'm happy~?" It's easy to tell that her good mood is really bothering her, which is probably why Avira is keeping it this way. She knows very well that when she's in an irritated or upset mood, this woman seems to feed off of it. Perhaps this was...revenge?!

"Have they not come to interrogate you yet? Hm. Interesting. Maybe -I- should try." Her hands lift and she taps her fingertips together in a very...Machivellian sort of pose. "Hmmm. Nah. You haven't been generous with answers before."

One of those hands lift to cover her mouth when Morrighan starts reading the offered poster. She herself knows the contents and the utterly ridiculous crimes arrayed against the dark elf. That and the obscenely high bounty being offered had her wondering if this wasn't some kind of joke put out there. Who would joke about this though? Of those that came to stop Morrighan, nobody would not take this seriously.

"Well, if you notice there..." Avira steps forward now so she can point upon the poster in Morrighan's hands, "It's asking for you alive. Considering that I recalled Garland demanding you alive during our little scuffle, I assume he was the one who put these posters up. And don't be silly, why I'm sure I could buy a whole fleet of airships with that amount of money, I have no inclination to collect."

Not just because she's trying to be 'good' about it. She doesn't want to get involved any further with Garland than she had to. It was bad enough he was hunting her for fun, she didn't need to involve herself with his feuds too.

"Why? Well, I'm going to be keeping my reasons to myself." She smiles.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan could already feel a headache coming on from all of this nonsense converging on her at once. The wanted poster, the ridiculous crimes, Avira's irritating happiness, the fact that Avira was standing in the room, the fact that Avira even existed, Garland being a huge baby in a tin can for putting this out, argh!

"...Never mind. Why did I not think of that?" She asked rhetorically, rubbing her forehead slowly as if that would somehow make the growing pain stop. "So you are not going to hand me off for money, yet you refuse to let me go, and continue to endanger yourselves by me remaining here." Yes that made a whole lot of sense! So much sense in fact that she was simply overwhelmed!

"...I can not believe that this foolishness is really happening." And with a sigh, Morrighan shoved the poster back to Avira before laying down onto the bed, turning her back to Avira pointedly as she did not want to see the other's face. "Perhaps this time, I will not wake up." Yes, that would have been lovely. Because the utter brainlessness of the things going on right now was enough to cause her /physical pain/.

Well, okay, maybe not really, but really!
Avira There may be a good half dozen people that are sorely angry that Avira exists right now. Morrighan included~

"Why indeed. Or perhaps you should admit that I'm a lot smarter and a lot more observant than you give me credit for." Avira says sweetly, "But yes, that does seem to be the current course of action of the Twilight Detective Agency. Consider, if you will, that your presence her might be because we are looking to solve this little mess you've left behind. I wonder what exactly was that creature you summoned. We'll find out one way or another." And why the heck did it make Garland so ANGRY? It was certainly powerful, she'd give it that.

Morrighan shoves the poster back and Avira looks confused. "What? You don't want to keep it?" She holds it up, looking at it, "It's a pretty flattering rendition of you, if I say so myself. Why, if I had one of these, I'd mount it in the VALKYRI headquarters." Stepping forward again, she gingerly lays the poster down on the bed at Morrighan's back.

Unable to help herself, Avira laughs. "Well what /did/ you expect the outcome of your actions to be, Morrighan?"
Morrighan Alazne "Really now? You? Smart? Hah!" Morrighan scoffed at Avira's claim, refusing to sit up from the bed and continuing to lay there rather rudely. "In any case, your course of action is going to lead to your demise. Someone will find out that I am being held here eventually and I can just imagine how well that will turn out." She rolled her eyes then, closing them after with a sigh. "Whether it be that fool Garland or some manner of bounty hunter, or hunters, that have figured out this ruse for themselves."

Morrighan didn't sound particularly concerned for 'their' well being in the end though. "Are you really prepared to defend this place from whatever violence is going to be railed against it?" The mention of the wanted poster just causes the dark elf to growl lightly. "Do not mention that foolishness to me again. Why would I want to keep that nonsense!?" She asked, oblivious to the fact that had been placed down beside her.

"And if you must know; I was not particularly looking for any sort of specific outcome. ...Not that I will tell you anything more than that." She fell silent then, assuming Avira would go away.
Mercade Alexander "Actually, I'm wondering if we shouldn't just hand you over. I mean, I already told Angantyr I wasn't going to, but we can change our mind whenever."

AND SUDDENLY MERCADE. He's leaning over, looking through the door. "But I figured it would be better to see who and what exactly we're dealing with here. I hear tell you're partially responsible for destroying Manhattan, among other things." Mercade casually withdraws a pearl-handled revolver, spinning the cylinder. "That certainly should be reason enough for me to want you dead. But Garland doesn't do 'dead' and I'm not an executioner. I am, in fact, in a pretty forgiving mood. So." Mercade glances to Avira, and then back to Morrighan. "Tell me about yourself. What's your deal?"
Avira HAH, NO SUCH LUCK MORRIGHAN. As if the scarred woman would be deterred by rudeness! (She would have started avoiding Ivo long ago if she was.)

"I somehow doubt that." Avira laughs. "I don't just..." she looks on at the pouting elf in amusement with her back turned to her and all. "...roll over and die."

'Are you prepared to defend this place?'

That was a good question, come to think of it. Whatever Morrighan had coming to her, she arguably deserved it and ought to face whatever attackers come for her themselves. She's refused help and alliances time and time again thus far, even from the Shadow Lords themselves. It would present a good demonstration of why it was a bad idea to forsake everyone.

"Hmm. Actually yes, I am prepared. Because it'll be good practice for when the day comes that I'll have to defend something /really/ important to me."


She turns away from the elf and her poster, looking to Mercade with some surprise. "Hey there." Oh, Avira's in a great mood. GREAT MOOD. "She was, yes. She was there at the Heart of Manhattan. I think Tom fought her?"
Morrighan Alazne Hearing Mercade's voice, Morrighan finally grumbled and rose up from where she lay on the bed, turning and giving her two intruders an unamused glare. "Oh how wonderful. Look who shows up now; the ringleader of this circus." Watching him withdraw that gun, she raised a delicate eyebrow at the sight. "Oh how threatening. He has a gun, I can feel chills running up my spine." She deadpanned, rolling her eyes again at the detective's speech.

Sweeping the wanted poster aside, the dark elf moved to sit at the edge of the bed, eyes narrowing at the invitation to 'talk about herself'. "Tell you about myself? ...Now what in the world makes you believe that I will tell you anything at all?"

Avira is given a withering look then. "Your heroic speeches make me want to vomit." And that was all she had to say on the matter of preparation. It really was nauseating to her though. How do people stand to be so...'good' to each other? No one could be trusted! The matter of Manhattan was left untouched however. Morrighan was not in the mood to think about that brainless gorilla, Tom.

...Now she was thinking about him.

Mercade Alexander "This? This isn't for threatening you. This gun just reminds me of things." Mercade looks down at the revolver again, and holsters it. "Why wouldn't you want to talk about it? Why are you so hostile and mistrusting? I mean, I suppose I could understand Baron's environment being a bit unpleasant, but..."

Mercade shrugs, and looks over to Avira. "You are really happy today, Avira. Enjoying your karmic vengeance?" He smiles to her for a moment, before looking back to Morrighan. "Look, Morrighan. I know it's hard, but... Really, I don't think you deserve what Garland would do to you. You deserve better than that." He pauses for a moment, and then says quietly, "You must have been through a lot, Morrighan. I couldn't imagine the kind of experiences and troubles you must have been through to get this far."
Avira "Goodness, she really doesn't like you." Avira remarks, looking over her shoulder at the pouty elf. Ah, looks like she's finally sat back up again. Leaning in to Mercade, she drops her voice, "Should I leave you two alone? This elf has issues with me so she probably won't say anything useful while I'm around."

But given that reaction to Mercade, would she say anything with HIM around? "And your trite villain posturing makes me want to shake my head." Avira says, looking over her shoulder. "Seems like we /both/ take issue with that path each other has chosen, hmmm?" Wait, is Avira implying that Morrighan is 'fond' of her in some way? Or maybe vice versa?

She damn well is, all things considered from that Baron incident.

"Only thing that's missing is a maid uniform." Avira smirks.
Will Sherman And then Hobo lad was there.

He just does that sometimes, appearing when you weren't expecting him, like around a corner, under something...this time it was rising up from a bookshelf. Everyone apparently didn't notice him laying there. You have to ask how he does that? The answer might surprise you...

"Blah blah, huge witch blah blah." Will says, from his vantage point, looking down at the elf. "She was there at the world heart, Mercade. She purposely helped the Shadow Lords take our home from us." he says, narrowing his eyes, "And lady, you really should be more cooperitive. Seriously. You don't get it, you killed his man's home, destroyed millions of lives, and he's still giving you a chance. Even after you did even more bullcrap."

Will takes a moment to look at the fate...what does the lines of mystic fate perception reveal to him?
Morrighan Alazne A gun to remind him of things? ...Well, it wasn't the weirdest thing she's ever heard in her life. People could find sentimental value in nearly anything after all. "Why am I so hostile and mistrusting, he asks." Morrighan repeated Mercade's question, rolling her eyes and looking away in irritation. There were far too many reasons to not trust people. For her in any case.

Giving the two of them a sidelong glance again, the dark elf just narrowed her eyes. "And now you show compassion? What for? ...Why are you doing this?" People are not nice for no reason at all. Such a thing was completely unheard of to her. If someone was being nice, they wanted something. That was one of the many things Morrighan firmly believed in, what shaped her psyche as a whole. "You do not know me, therefore, you have no obligation to keep me under whatever sort of 'protection' you may think you are affording me."

Avira's comments cause the white mage to glare in her direction. "By saying that, you imply that you actually harbor some sort of emotional investment in my affairs. This hardly could be the case now." And her glare hardens at the mention of a maid outfit, causing Morrighan to look away in a huff. They were NOT going to get her into one of those!

And then suddenly Will.

"...When did you get there?" ...And now she could smell a familiar unpleasant stench. "Ugh! Get out! Out! I hardly need your offensive odor filling the one room I am allowed to reside in now!" His speech regarding all the things she had done in Manhattan with the Shadow Lords and everything else after just made the elf mage to scoff. "Hmph! Are you done spouting nonsense? If so then you know the way out! Be gone!"

With all that said, she crossed her arms in a huff and turned away, pointedly not looking at any of the people present.


Will watches what happens, amused...

Laughing, finally, he reaches into his bag of things and throws a present down to Cirra as she walks off, "G'night, and merry christmas, Cirra." He says to her with a smile, reeling the mistletoe back in and hands the pole with the green thing to Umi.

"I think you know what to do with this my friend."



Umi steps in, holding said fishing pole in her hands, she says, "Mo~rrri~ghan! I brought you a shoe you could eat!" She removes her OTHER shoe--she is now shoeless--and wiggles it back and forth in one hand while swinging the mistletoe so that it dangles over Morrighan's head. She waggles it up and down. "If you eat this shoe, you will level up!"

Emi, who has nothing to do with this, waits outside the door.
Mercade Alexander "I ask... Because I want to understand you, Morrighan. I want to know what you've been through, why you did what you did. I want to know more about you because..." Mercade pauses as Will and the Dennous appear.

"I see. Well, I suppose this is a bad time." Mercade draws himself up. "I'll be back later, Morrighan. We can talk then."

Mercade turns away as he feels the situation slip out of his grasp, and walks off, giving Morrigan at least one less person to deal with.
Will Sherman Will rolls his eyes...

"Whatever." he says, jumping down and moving to grab Umi, "Lets go get something to eat." he says, and moves to leave the room, moving so quickly that he might knock Mercade down, thus leaving the room before he can.

Avira "...what? Harbor emotional investiment in your affairs?" Avira's face turns red and that chipper and cheery mood drains away. "Yeah, well, so what if I do?! It's not like it's a big deal or anything, what's up with that? What's so wrong about caring?"

She looks troubled for a long moment before turning away, shaking her head, hiding the look of pity now upon her face.

"Well, I think I've done what I needed to do." Avira announces, giving Will and Umi a wave. As she leaves, she starts singing again. "Girl, you you really got me bad~
You really got me baaaad~
Now, I'm gonna get you back.
I'm gonna get you baaaack~"
Morrighan Alazne Twitch.

Twitch, twitch.

Umi's utterly infuriating display of disrespect caused Morrighan to seethe with barely contained anger. Her hands clenched and unclenched, attempting to call forth /some/ sort of magical power to harness, but nothing was coming out! No frying people with searing light or dark flames today then.

Mercade's departure was barely acknowledged in the face of this stupidity. In retrospect, he was actually the most reasonable here. Next to Avira anyway. She would have talked if only to get rid of the rest of these fools. Will was a creature whose existence she did not even care to acknowledge, thus his departure was ignored. It looked like all the reasonable people were leaving, which left her with...Umi.

Avira's reaction and departure could not even be capitalized in the face of Umi's arrival. "...Get out." Morrighan spoke in a low tone, voice seething with anger. "GET OUT NOW!"
Emi Dennou Umi waves the shoe at Avira. She is starting to get worried that nobody else is going to want to eat her shoe. She doesn't want to eat her other shoe. She is still grossed out from last time. Nevertheless, she is dragged out. "Everybody is taking their ball and going home???" She declares in shock. "But I just got here. I can't leave now...My desti...nnn...yyyyyy..." But despite her words she's summarily dragged out in short order. Emi watches this with a nonplussed expression. She nods to Avira. Seems like everybody's clearing out some space.

"This one apologizes." She tells Morrighan. "That is just her way." Nevertheless, she at least isn't running out immediately though she has to do some dodging to avoid getting run over.

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