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(2013-02-21 - Now)
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Raine Arland Ah, Traverse Town. A veritable haven for the random traveler, adventurer, and just about anyone else. The place had all the necessary accomodations, making it a mecca of activity. It's on this day...or night, As It never really /was/ day in Traverse Town, that Raine Arland finds himself drifting through the streets of District One.

He did not seem to have a clear purpose and his eyes slowly swept left and right, eyeing the various storefronts and establishments with a vague sort of middle ground between interest and disinterest. Thankfully the voice in his head was similarly as quiet as he was today. He really had no drive to deal with snarky comments and witty banter today. After that nonsense in New Orleans, Raine had to think about his life choices really.

I mean come on! Who gets clonked on the head by a midget girl with a spine for a sword! What kind of dark swordsman was he supposed to be now!?

...Well okay, maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but it still was! ...Maybe.
Lumeria Lumeria's busy herself, carrying a stack of books. She's struggling with them a bit, the thin elfin girl doesn't possess much in the way of muscle. Still she needed to get these back to the library and was less work to carry them all in one trip. Of course she wasn't paying too much attention to where she's going as she tries to keep the books balanced.
Lumeria Lumeria's busy herself, carrying a stack of books. She's struggling with them a bit, the thin elfin girl doesn't possess much in the way of muscle. Still she needed to get these back to the library and was less work to carry them all in one trip. Of course she wasn't paying too much attention to where she's going as she tries to keep the books balanced.
Raine Arland Raine similarly was not watching where he was going, his eyes were particularly drawn a weird storefront. Madam Rosmaries...something or the other. Huh. Maybe he'd have to go and give the place a visit some day.

Being the genius he was, he didn't notice Lumeria and her stack of books coming right for in imminent collision course with himself. With the way they were both going, it was like to happen in


THWUMP! And so the collision came! Books clattered to the ground as the boy stumbled back, almost tripping but barely managing to keep himself straight. "Ugh, sheesh! What the hell was--...Er..." Raine was about ready to complain, but the sight of Lumeria caused him to falter, staring rather dumbly.

Lumeria Lumeria crashes into Raine and falls back with books flying everywhere. "Ah!" The girl falls back onto her butt with that. "Watch where you're going!" She glares at him as she gets back onto her feet and dusts herself off. "Some people..." She looks around trying to figure out where all the books went. Hopefully, they're still intact she doesn't want to have to pay for them.
Raine Arland She was...familiar. Eerily familiar. In fact, he could even go on to say that she was-- Wait, nevermind. The moment she opened her mouth, everything was dashed away. Well, almost. Raine still couldn't help but stare dumbly at Lumeria even after the yelling. "...Aurelia?" He asked tentatively, still looking to be in a bit of a daze as he stared at the girl before him.
Lumeria Well, if you rearrange the letters in her name you almost have Aurelia. She begins to pick the books back up, straining a bit as she does. "I don't know who that is, but it's not me. I'm Lumeria." Does she remind him of someone she knows? She's never seen this boy before that's for sure.
Raine Arland "...O-Oh..." Case of mistaken identity! Good job, Raine! Nevertheless, she did look oddly familar, but something was off. For one, those long ears were telling...and that was basically it. But still! "Oh crap, I'm sorry..." Finally snapping out of his odd trance, the boy stepped forward, kneeling down to help the elven girl with the fallen books.

In good time the books were all located and retrieved. Thankfully the damage was minimal. That is to say, Lumeria would not be paying for them. "You said your name was...Lumeria?" He asked, giving the girl before him a wary look as he did.
Lumeria "Yes, it is." Lumeria nods as they pick up the books together. "I'm assuming, I resemble someone you know?" At least that's what's she getting from the context. "Did they go missing?" It seems like a lot of people have vanished recently. "Where exactly are you from, anyways?" That was another good question to ask.
Raine Arland "Uh...Sorry for the mistake then." He mumbled, holding onto the books with one arm while rubbing the back of his head sheepishly with the other. She did remind him of someone, but he wasn't really ready to say who or why apparently. "Yeah, something along those lines though."

He shook his head then and turned to look off elsewhere while he spoke further. "Me? I'm not from any world you've ever heard of probably." Lumeria is given a sidelong glance then. "Ever heard of End Earth?" After asking that, Raine indicated the books in his arms before asking another question.

"Where were these going anyway? ...I guess it's the least I can do for not watching where I was going."
Lumeria "The library, I have to return these." Lumeria answers him as he carries part of the books. She's not going to argue with him about that, it was less work for her after all. "No, I haven't. I would assume that the end of the world happened there from the name?" At least that's what it sounds like.

"Yes, you owe me that much." She frowns, a bit at that. She was going to be sore from the impact for a few days at least.
Raine Arland Sigh.

This girl was giving him a headache already. If she didn't look to eerily familiar to someone else, he would have been on his way already. But again, he couldn't do that this time. 'Wiiiiiiiimp.' A voice echoed in his mind, causing the boy's eyes to twitch. Really, the last thing he needed now was to hear that fool's jabs now.

"It's a bit more complicated than that. The world I come from was called End Earth as an affectionate term. Because according to the history books, the world came so close to ending multiple times, but managed to persevere..." A shrug is given then as Raine moved to walk alongside Lumeria, following her to wherever the library was. He wasn't a frequent visitor of Traverse Town, thus, the locations of certain landmarks were lost to him.

"I guess I should introduce myself." Raine commented lightly after a moment of silence. "I'm Raine Arland. ...Not really anyone special, but I guess it's nice to meet you, Lumeria." Nevermind the fact that they met by way of collision!
Lumeria "Well, at least you have some manners, I guess. So you're looking for this Aurelia, right. This isn't a bad place to start." Lumeria figures that the case, as they slowly make their way to the library. "So did the Heartless cause trouble for your world or something else?" It couldn't hurt to learn what was going on, in case she needed to go there sometime.
Raine Arland Raine shook his head at the mention of Aurelia, deciding not to answer that particular line of thought. The mention of the heartless caused him to smirk slightly however. Those things, he knew them well. The moment he drew Laevateiin, they came flooding into the world. Yes, he knew the heartless.

"My world? ...I destroyed my world." He answered plainly, his left eye glowing visibly with a red aura as he spoke those lines. "...Well, technically anyway. I mean, I guess it was the heartless, but-" And there went any evil vibes he was working up. Good job, Raine.

Or maybe not.
Lumeria "You can control the heartless?" That's what it sounds like to Lumeria. Great, she's going to get in a fight isn't she? "Don't even think about trying anything, or I'll banish you." She warns him. The elfin girl may look frail but she's possess a lot of magic power.
Raine Arland Control heartless? Nope! Not even a little bit! But hey, assumptions were always funny! Raine just chuckled at Lumeria's accusation slash threat and continued onwards. "Try anything? Why would I bother with that?" Was his reply to the elven girl. A roll of the eyes also accompanied that response.

"But sure. Go ahead and try to banish me if you want. I can promise you it won't be too easy now." He smirked then and glanced back at the girl, raising an eyebrow. "...But as far as I know, we're supposed to be returning books to the library, right?"
Lumeria "I'll you stay for now at least, since I don't want to have to pay for the books. That and I would have to carry all of them on my own again." Lumeria figures it's in her best interests not to. "You destroyed your world, for all I know you could try and kidnap me or something." It was always a possibility.
Raine Arland 'She thinks you're a creep, kid.' The voice echoed in his mind again, causing Raine to roll his eyes and sigh. "Really? Do I look like someone that kidnaps people now?" He asked in a grumble, staring off ahead as a large building came into view up ahead. Was that the library? It certainly looked the part anyway.

"Relax. I'm not going to kidnap you. If I wanted to do that, I would have done it by now." ...Well, that both true, and also not entirely true either. Kidnapping wasn't exactly part of his list of 'cool things to do' now. But hey, if he /wanted/ to...
Lumeria "Yes, that's it. Well, I can't read minds." Lumeria isn't psychic. "So you can admire this ravishing maiden, without having to kidnap me? That's good to know." Yes, she's a bit vain if you hadn't noticed already. "So what do you do around here besides, destroy worlds?" She asks as they approach the entrance to the library.
Raine Arland "Admire. ...Right." Palm, meet face. "You're a real piece of work." Oh god, she was nothing like Aurelia. It was like some sort of evil twin with elf ears! Who in the world decided that this would be a good idea? Probably some evil god out to troll him perhaps.

Approaching the front entrance of the library, Raine did the honors of opening the doors up and holding it open for Lumeria. "Ladies first. Or something like that anyway. Heh..." A wry chuckle followed as his eyes fell upon the elven girl. And then came the question as to what he actually did. And hey! He only destroyed one world! Wait, that was still bad. Whoops!

"What do I do? Hmn, I wonder..." Well okay, that was sarcastic. Following Lumeria in after, he took a moment to think. In that time, the voice in his mind decided to speak again. 'You know what we are after. Ask her. She might know something.' Well, it was worth a shot anyway. "I'm just an ordinary guy traveling wherever the wind blows."


'I said ASK HER.' The voice spoke with more authority. Guh, this was becoming troublesome now... Guess he HAD to ask.

"Actually...have you ever heard of any beings calling themselves 'Apostles'?"
Lumeria Lumeria makes her way inside and to the front desk, setting her books down. "Yes, I know. I'm quite impressive." His sarcism fails to reach her. Of course she does think highly of herself. "No, I haven't heard of any beings referring to themself by that term. Maybe I should look into it. I wonder if there are any books on the subject." That might be a good idea to look into.
Raine Arland Her vanity was almost endearing in a way. The way that made him want to facepalm, but somehow, still find amusement in it. "Heh...impressive is one way to put it, I guess." Stopping alongside her, he set down the remaining books, allowing them to be checked in by the librarian on duty, thus relieving them of their presence.

"So you haven't heard of them. I guess that's to be expected though. I mean, as far as I know, I'm the only one who came from my world now..." The mention of researching them however, gave him pause. "Huh, I didn't think about that. I mean, I guess some if some books came through from my world on The Apostles, then it'd be a good point a reference for you, but..."

He shrugged.

"It won't exactly glean any information on their current whereabouts."
Lumeria "Well, unless if someone else that you don't know about has visited in the past, then we won't likely find anything about them here." Lumeria figures he won't learn much else if he's the only one to ever leave his world. "I can't conjure up information out of thin air." She stops look for information on the Apostles. "So unless you have any other leads, there's not much I can do. As impressive as I may be." She smiles a bit at that.
Raine Arland "Huh. So you mean you can't conjure up information out of thin air? And I thought you were supposed to be an amazing mastermind whom inspires awe in all who lay eyes upon you." Okay, now Raine was just laying on full on sarcasm. Whether or not she would catch that much though...who knew.

He sobered up after though and shook his arm, arms crossing. "Well, either way, you don't need to go looking for books anyway, I pretty much know everything there is to know about them anyway." He stepped away from the front desk then to make room for other patrons, speaking as he did so.

"Anyway, I guess it's not really a huge surprise though. I mean, if I were a being of untold power, thrust into a new world...I'd lay low and see what the situation is as well." But of course, that didn't help his situation now.
Lumeria "I'm still researching a spell for that." Lumeria hasn't quite learned Conjure Information from Thin Air yet. "If they are indeed lying low, then I doubt they would come to Traverse Town." She continues looking through books for anything that catches her eye. "So there must be some reason I interest you, if you're still here." She notes that he's still here.
Raine Arland True. Why WAS he still here? The voice in his mind mirrored Lumeria's question as well. 'Yeah kid. What are you still doing here? You brought those books back, what else do you want?'. Raine meanwhile shook his head, looking a bit sheepish as he rubbed the side of his head with a hand. "Er...Wait, you're serious about that spell? I was just joking. And uh, ...sorry. You just really remind me of someone. In fact, you're almost identical, save for the ears."

He looked rather uncomfortable as he gave up this bit of information. It was uncanny really. And it almost scared him. "...Sheesh, what am I saying. I'm being a weirdo right now, huh?" Apparently not expecting an answer, the young man turned away, shaking his head again to dispel the thoughts and memories coming back to him.

"I should leave you alone, I already did my part anyway." And with that said, Raine glanced at the elven girl and waved a hand slightly. "See you around Aur-...Lumeria."
Lumeria "I see, you're drawn to my resemblance to her." Lumeria would have to remember that. Maybe she could use it to her advantage somehow. "Well, I know what she looks like if I do run into her. Perhaps, we'll meet again sometime, I can always use someone who can do my heavy lifting." That was true.

"Not really, it's not too surprising that there's someone other than my sister who looks the same." With the number of people out there, she doesn't find it too odd. "I'm sure it's not that exciting watching me read."
Raine Arland "If you see her...right." That's not likely, but he wasn't going to tell her that. Raine shrugged his shoulders then, chuckling wryly at her mention of heavy lifting. "Of course. What else am I good for anyway?" Another sarcastic question likely to be misconstrued. But then again, it was sort of amusing seeing how she'd respond regardless.

"You're a strange one if that doesn't surprise you. But then again, I guess this sort of reaction is preferable." If she had freaked out, he would have been in for a nice, big headache. He could respect her so-far, level headedness. As for her other statement... "Heh, I don't know about that one though. There are some creeps who'd take complete and utter joy in just watching a girl read."

Of course, Raine wasn't one of them though and with a shake of his head, he turned to make it way off, walking towards the library doors. He already said his goodbyes. There was no more need to stick around.

...But he had a funny feeling that he'd be seeing more of her sooner or later. For better or for worse now.

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