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ROUND 2: Team DLC vs No Sleep Till Manhattan
(2013-02-21 - 2013-02-22)
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Avira Welcome to ROUND TWO of the Hades Cup! This long-anticipated fight has drawn twice the crowd of the previous ones, seeing as fate saw it fit to pit more Manhattanites against each other. It is perhaps to nobody's surprise that a large number of those in the crowd are Manhattan refugees themselves, here to cheer for the representatives of their world on both sides.

There are no fancy entrances here, merely a meeting of the teams in the center where Phil awaits, tossing a coin up and down in one of his grubby hands.

Avira, along with the rest of her team, strolls out, already armed. She's even removed her small buckler shield from her back and slipped it over her left forearm in preparation.
Mercade Alexander Mercade is unchanged and basically unchangable.

Except for his hat, of course. He's still going bare-head at the moment as he strolls out onto the field, the Detective peering over in the direction of the Master of Ceremonies, the inestimable Hades, as he does so. Something about this entire thing bugs him. He's not sure what it is, but something...

Meh. The Detective looks back to the other group, nodding in greeting. "Hey guys. Sorry it's ending up this way. But good luck prying it out of tall, dark and deathlord over there without playing his game."
Isaac Hanlon Isaac is armed in the sense that he has a left one and a right one.

Nothing is different about the musical mage; he's in his typical coat, glasses, shirt and trousers combo that has no armor value but /does/ look pretty snappy. He adjusts his collar idly with one hand, his other loosely resting in his coat pocket, where his tablet almost certainly is. He's quietly humming a little tune to himself, waiting for the coin toss.

"Pretty sure we haven't spotted his real game just yet," he murmurs.
Faruja Senra Faruja is in full battle dress, as usual: robes, a relatively new silver spear since the other one got wrecked, and golden armor gleaming where robes don't cover him. There is one new addition: a little charm wrapped just below the head of the ratling's tri-pointed spear. It is, in fact, a small trinket in the shape of a dog bone. Those with sharp eyes in the audience amongst his fans (many female burmecians) chatter amongst themselves.

'...Hey, do you think he's attached?'

'That's what it means, definitely! But who's the lucky lady?'

'Umm, wait. Wasn't he at that maid cafe...a you think he and that maid wolf..?'

Several cries can be heard as further rumors are tossed about, all generally pointing to relationships between rats and wolves.

"Go Ser Senrietta! For Solva's honor!" one enthusiastic fan screams out. Faruja, bowing to his opponents, flushes red. Quickly turning about, he waves his spear. "'Tis nothing of the sort! I am NOT attracted to Ser U..." The rat's words turns into a frustrated squeak as he turns about to his opponents/fellow Manhattan would-be restorers.

"Unfortunately, this false deity is quite arrogant. No doubt he would have us all jape and jest as we fought if it were but in his power. Naught to worry, hardly are we at cross purposes, Sers and Dames. Besides, I must say, I am quite interested in testing my blade against such fine warriors and investigators." A salute to the trio. In particular, Faruja's one eyed gaze lingers on Avira.

"...Let us find the measure of the leader of Valkyri." He mutters, spear set held lightly yet at the ready, taking stock of the young adventuress.
Brooklyn For his part, Brooklyn has been keeping to himself lately. He's still trying to adjust to the whole 'strange sleeping schedule' problem he's encountered. He's awake now, though, and ready to throw down.

Standing on his side of the arena, he takes a few moments to pop his neck and stretch his wings, before adjusting his sunglasses, "It's nothing personal, you know." Brooklyn offers, "But I don't like to lose. You know how it is."
Deelel Deelel was techiunally from Manhattan so far as she knew the server box for her world was from there down in the arcade or she might be wrong. She does't know either way she's got her reaons for being here. Nearly two million users were lost to the darkness. She wonders how many other systems how many of her own kind whent with their users. She doesn't like to think about that many humans, Basics and even prehaps Gargyol3s to be lost to the night like that. The best plan had been to get as a many teams as possible into the cuop to make for the shard and it semed to work. Still she'd be lying to herself if she didn't enjoy a chance to challenge herself. She'd come to love compeating in games and such at least if it wasn't intended to be lethal like this was supose to be.

"Let's see how good you are in the games I admit I'm curious about all three of our skill, lets just keep it from getting crazy like the last match?"

Given that one of her last foes had gone over the bend in the heat of the fight.

"I totally understand that Brooglyn..."

She also grins at Isaac "So you still want to do some music mixing at some point right?"

Somethings will never change for her she's always got music or painting on the brain to some degree even when she's doing something else.
Faruja Senra Faruja watches as the coin flips into the air, the ratling calling it in the air. "Tails." There may be a slight tail flick with that statement.

Down goes the coin, landing on the ground with a dull thud. Tails it is! The DLC fans in the crowd, with their signs and those bloody vevuzelas tooting, go wild. Faruja briefly covers his ears. Blasted things! Sigh.

A bow to his opponents. "May the Lord grant victory to the most valiant and brave of warriors. Now, if 'tis pleasing, Lady Avira?" Straightening up, he grips his spear, legs bending. Leap! Faruja takes to the skies, soaring overhead. Angling his body, holding onto the end of the weapon, he streaks downwards into a fall!

"En garde, brave adventurer!"
Deelel Deelel is ready to get rolling on the fight and she's going to start it pretty darn quick, She's got her disk out as Faruja goes after Avira, she'll take a gander at Isaac for the moment and she grins. "This should be fun." the next thing she does is launch her disk at him trying to keep him off balance while she breaks into a run to make her a more difficult target.
Brooklyn As for Brooklyn, well, once the fight has gotten going, he hangs back for a couple of moments, and then watches his team go to work. Once they go in, he quickly rushes towards Mercade. The intent, it seems, is to just use his superior gargoyle strength to bowl the human over with a powerful strike to the upper chest as he moves through. Nothing fancy about this one.
Mercade Alexander Mercade gets hammered by the Gargoyle. This is not fun, because gargoyles are large, muscular, and well, this is Brooklyn. Okay, so he's not, like Goliath, but he's still definately more beefy than Mercade. He finds himself smashed into the ground, and he lies there for a moment, staring at the air. "Oof... Okay, that's enough of that." Mercade rolls, getting some distance between him and the rest of the opposition while he sizes them up and prepares his DETECTIVE POWER. His special power being 'gun'.
Avira "Oho!" Avira actually seems genuinely surprised that Faruja is seeking her out for one on one combat. Seems this whole time she has been completely unaware of his desire to actually fight her on some level! "Well if that's how you're going to play it, Ser Faruja, challenge accepted!"

Avira's not unaware of Faruja's fighting style, having fought alongside him against common foes several times before. She notices these things and she knows how impressive this dragoon is, not only in healing, but in martial capability. She's prepared for the impending dive, managing to roll herself out of the way at just the last minute, right before impact, giving him too little time to adjust his trajectory. She continues rolling backwards until she's put some distance between her and Faruja. Considering he's a spear-wielder it seems like a bad idea...

...until Avira unleashes her far-reaching wave of shimmering force with a swing of the Spine. She too can hit from a distance. Maybe she thinks the distance can keep herself out from underneath Faruja's spear?
Isaac Hanlon GO!

Well, they do. Isaac spots the disk instantly -- it's hard to miss. He pulls his tablet and shouts something, a vertical disk of swirling red fire not unlike what a firewall might look like on the Grid springing to life. He neatly deflects the disk, but the force of the throw knocks him off-balance, though the counter-push in the form of a pulse of vaguely-solid blue light catapults him into the air all the same.

"Well, that's a start," he says to himself. Isaac weaves a few quick spells of his own, forming a better focus for him to cast through. There's always a little prep time involved with doing magic, at least on his side of things.
Faruja Senra "Excellent!" The rat may just sound overjoyed at the prospect. Indeed, Avira as well has shown herself more than capable in their various battles beside one another. Time to get the measure of the young woman!

A measure that Faruja is swiftly finding more than sufficient. His strike meets ground, the rat ceaselessly moving as Avira rolls away. His legs are bent again, ready to leap towards her and close the distance in a way only Dragon Knights can, when that shimmering force comes flying towards him. Ceasing his movement, the Templar's spear glows white. Sweeping it about, the holy weapon and large force-crescent collide. Much of it is knocked away, but the sheet length and power behind it forces its way past his guard, the sound of shearing metal and a touch of blood along the cheek showing a score by the adventuress. He's even pushed back an extra foot or two! There's now way even his spear can reach her at the moment.

The Templar knows that, and doesn't bother trying. Thrusting his spear at Avira, he incants.

"Absorb power in the sky and strike! Lightning Stab!"

Then, bending his legs once more, spear still glowing, he takes to the air in a short, graceful arc. Down goes the spear and rat, even as the sword of lightning descends upon Avira!
Brooklyn Mercade's special powers are quite formidable, compared to most people. Gargoyles are generally unarmored and don't fight with weapons, other than some of the ones like Demona, but Brooklyn is decidedly not her. He presses the attack on Mercade, however, continuing to try to drive into melee range and keep his firearm advantage to a minimum. A series of blows from Brooklyn, powerful strikes from his fists, one right after another, as he continues to try to push his advantage.
Deelel Deelel noties Isaac is preparing for something, and that likely not going to do her any good at all as she catches her disk on the return and doesn't like how quiet in terms of action Isaac seems to be doing and so away her light disk goes, several quick strikes trying to keep Isaac off balance. While she fights she does try to keep some awareness of what her allies are doing but needs to focus on her own fight for the most part.
Avira Wait, did she just draw blood? That was largely unintentional. This was supposed to be a non-lethal match. But a small cut like that was something that could be easily healed afterwards so the guilt passes quickly.

This time she's not able to get out of the way of his leap. She does lift her shield to fend off most of the impact. Taking the lightning into consideration, though, she is not entirely protected by the hit, which sends the magic coursing through her tiny body. In spite of the pain, she stands her ground and is quick to counter now that she is within melee range of the dragoon. If there was a way to keep him on the ground...well, she was going to try that.

Mostly through her ice magic. The Spine swings up with her one-handed grip, revealing that it had been heavily burdened with her ice magic. The first blow comes smashing against Faruja's flank using the none-serrated side of the three-surfaced "blade." She takes a small step backwards and swings again, though this time a blast of magic is channeled through the swing. It's similar to her eariler move, except...

...except this magic weaves itself into the snarling head of a wolf as it's blasted towards Faruja.
Mercade Alexander Mercade just can't get away from Brooklyn. The Gargoyle just keeps on him as he tries to get some distance, and Mercade yells, getting beaten up by the ongoing ability of a Gargoyle to deal with close combat.

But Mercade is not without resources of his own. With a snap, his gun comes out, the pearl-handled stage revolver he received from Mica Melchiott. There is a spinning motion as Mercade flicks the weapon, spins the cylinder... And then unleashes a barrage of bullets upon the field, spreading his fire out among the targets as he works to keep people at arms' length and break their focus.
Brooklyn Bullets. Bullets everywhere. Brooklyn manages to catch one along the shoulder, grunting in pain as he does, and he decides to go after Mercade by chasing him up into the air. The gargoyle leaps up, and flaps his wings twice to go into a glide, swooping around Mercade before moving in for another strike. Unless his team tells him they need help, he's going to keep his focus on his target, and strike Mercade with his tail, trying to knock his gun away, or at least off target.
Isaac Hanlon Isaac's preparations appear to be a lot like the sort that get done as a matter of course for a lot of routine tasks. It's the magical equivalent of doing warm-ups before complex acrobatics. Or maybe like warming laundry before you fold it, so it doesn't get wrinkles.

Or, say, like revving a chainsaw before you hack down a tree.

Deelel comes back in, closing the gap between the two of them with a quick toss that keeps him from getting further and then some swipes with the disk. Isaac intercepts them with the fire-shield, bouncing back kinetic energy, but not entirely; the force of the blows come through, knocking him around in mid-air while he continues to try to put some distance between the two of them. "Huh. Weird choice of weapons. Chakram?" he asks, almost offhandedly.

Isaac taps something on his tablet and gestures equally offhandedly towards Deelel's friends. There's a sudden flicker and a shimmer in the air, a vaguely purplish haze alighting and gravity increases a rather uncomfortable amount around Brooklyn and Faruja. Then, accompanying it, the volume of the crowd is suddenly equalled by the volume of... music.


"Alright. Warm-ups are done. Exercise music is go." Isaac grins, a wide and furious expression. "Let's do this."
Faruja Senra His opponent is quite agile, and her blows get under his guard, thwacking him on the flank. Thankfully his armor takes most of it. Useful stuff, plate mail!

A little light bruising, and then something far more dangerous appears. The snarling head of an icey wolf rushes towards the ratling, and he's forced to quickly defend himself, throwing up a magical barrier. It does much to reduce the pain, but not nearly enough, a squeak ripped from his muzzle as legs are frozen over briefly. Which is only made worse as a certain detective shoots him! Blap!

A reflexive twitch away, and the agile Burmecian manages to make the shot miss anything vital. Glaring at Mercade, the rat snarls. "Fah, FIREARMS!" He rages, white glowing about a hand. Taking his spear in one hand, he summons a short spear with the other, throwing it at Mercade hard and fast.

Quickly the rat smashes down the butt of his spear, freeing his legs. But it's taken him some time, and he's been hurt by the gunshot, not to mention there's some shivering going on. Avira is truly worthy of the leadership of Valkyri! A tap of Isaac's tablet, and not only is there a decidedly righteous (righteously /awesome/) battle medly, there's hazey purple obscuring his vision as well as increased gravity. The rat /snarls/.

"...Honorless mage."

"Seems that underestimating thyself, and the cunning...if decided lack of honor in Ser Alexander the dear folly." Faruja mutters, before closing his eye. Leaping into the air (with much difficulty, thanks to Isaac's gravity), glowing white, he'll come crashing down upon Avira once again, after images and holy magic swirling around the Burmecian as he does so. From the looks of things, he's trying to finish her quickly.

"My apologies, but this must be finished quickly! Hold thyself back naught, M'Lady!" Thankfully, the rat comes down with the blunt end.
Faruja Senra The ratling is sure, of course, to toss a summoned short spear at Isaac for his magical troubles as well. Because one cannot have enough short spears in life.
Avira "Lack of honor?" Avira frowns slightly. "I wouldn't call it that. It's a team battle! Not three one on one battles that happen to be occuring at the same time. Though if you want to duel me one on one sometime later, Ser Faruja, I will happily oblidge you." When she talks, she actually does so rather breathlessly-is she already out of breath? Well that magic had been quite a bit of exertion for Avira.

Hell yes, their fight has a SOUNDTRACK NOW. "...that is arguably the best magic." she murmurs, glancing over at Isaac for a few seconds.

"Hold back! I would never ho-oOooof." Abruptly interrupted, the butt of the spear makes it past her buckler shield and buries itself into her stomach seconds before she is blasted down with a swelling of holy magic. She barks out a cough, flecks of blood escaping from the back of her throat as she stumbles backwards, her eyes wide. Her legs are shaking and she seems to be having trouble staying upright.

Gritting her teeth, she puts her left hand to her stomach where the spear had struck and starts to massage the already forming bruise. It looks like she's catching her breath, but she's actually remaining on the defensive right now.
Deelel Deelel is gladistor really when it comes down to it she fought to stay alive in SARK's gaming pits and she managed to just barely but she di. The Bagic sees the Mage ignoring her? That might not be good for him in the long run as he unloads on her allies and had expected the team entirely made of Manhattan Natives to go all out it was only a matter of time she'd go that hard to protect the grid. So she's got plans of her own disk is again ready and she launches he disk and it's going to give her an optenin the disk is in hand again and she launches a group of four tosses at Isaac and will flip, then cartwheeling as she goes to make sure she gets her disk back.
Isaac Hanlon Isaac gets a shortspear that flies past his head for his gravity-related troubles. It grazes him; there's a little blood on his cheek, but it's shallow. Stings, but shallow. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but gravity will hurt you," he calls back, grinning.

Then Deelel comes in a-swingin' again. He can't shake her, not for long; he's mostly jumping this way and that and backpedaling to keep his distance, but she's got some kind of boomerang ricochet chakram thing going on, so it doesn't seem to matter. One, two, three, four times the disk hits him, battering the radio mage and his shield. Each time it leaves new and exciting bruises, stabbing pains up and down his arms. Too much more of this and he'll lose his grip on his terribly valuable spellpad.

"Okay, okay, I get it, you don't like to be ignored! Be with you in a second, geez! I've got a request from the audience." He rolls up his sleeves, raising his hands.

Suddenly, the excess mana he has built up erupts out of his hands and into the air. A massive almost liquid ball of bright blue light hovers over him, swirling in on itself and rotating slowly. It's almost as big as Isaac is. He mutters a few words and wiggles his fingers, spinning it more rapidly. He carefully guides it in front of him, his grin widening. "I've been practicing this one. You know, for the tournament. I can't go around causing massive property damage, so -- voila! Anathema Lash Lite! Ready? Annnd..."

Isaac suddenly shouts a syllable of power and swings his hand down. He points his hands down towards the ground, the ball of liquid light following with an almost electric humming. He utters another word, and it splits into three pieces, as if the sphere had been neatly cut from the top down. The middle piece folds in on itself, forming another sphere, while the curved sections of the others rotate around it at ever-increasing speed. Then, a third word --

The blueish light brightens visibly, pulling in on itself and then exploding forward. He sweeps it towards the Rat Knight in particular, a massive column of what looks like glowing water with two smaller, rotating jets around it. It's easily bigger than he is, and Isaac is swinging it around like a directed fire hose. It doesn't actually have heat behind it; it's kind of like magical jello, numbing and slowing whatever it hits so he can put people down without killing them. Isaac whoops when it actually starts firing, cackling like any good wizard should.

"WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW, RAT-MAN?!" Isaac yells, laughing like a madman while he hoses everything even remotely near Faruja down with the bizarre light. Audience members on that side of the stadium, not being covered or anything, flop over when they get a face-full of incapacitating magic. Collateral damage, man

Isaac pauses for a second. "ACTUALLY THAT WAS REALLY TASTELESS," he yells. "SORRY FARUJA."

He hasn't stopped firing, no.
Mercade Alexander SO MUCH FIGHTING. Mercade is sent runnign all over the place as spears go flying past him and other craziness. There is, however, another option as he finds himself running away from the gargoyle. "HEY JOHN! SHOTGUN!" Mercade yells.

From the crowd, a glinting, terrible weapon of destruction is launched, and Mercade spins, catching it in the air as he skids to a halt. A Remington pump-action shotgun. He racks the slide, priming it as he levels it at the dodgy rat. "HEY FARUJA! CHEESELOVINGTEMPLARSAYSWHAT?"

Faruja Senra Sigh. Faruja tilts one ear as he winds poor Avira. When he spies blood? The rat raises his hand, glowing already, in that familiar way of a person about to Cure someone. It's quickly extinguished. Frown.

"...There may yet be some truth to that, 'tis no proper dueling grounds, but bloodsport. /However/, to pit friends and allies against one another, for mere profit and with such a prize at stack? This /tournament/ is dishonorable to the core, an utter farce. Yes. We shall certainly duel, M'Lady, in a place worthy of thy skills." At least Mercade and Isaac threw down the gauntlet first.

Light. Bluish light descends upon the ratling, in a very fire-hose like manner as a certain mage hoses down the area! Faruja swiftly leaps away, toes covered in sticky blue jello stuff. What in the Lord's name is this!? Somehow, the rat really doesn't want to be goo'd into submission. Landing, he ducks, a few audience members taking the blast as the rat leaps forward into a roll. More goo! An incantation, and light sucks the rat in, spitting him out in a matrix-dodge. Unlike Neo, he actually sticks the landing.

The Templar sighs in relief, as he manages to mostly avoid it all. This, however, gives Mercade plenty of time to acquire GUN. Blam! Blam! Those shots score well, right in the chest, and the Burmecian is brought to one knee. Gasps arise from the crowd as blood trickles from his armor, the ratling coughing. Up in the crowds, a tailed woman cheers encouragingly. Looking to the trinket, he gathers his courage, leaping into the sky!

"CHEESE IS TASTY, SER ALEXANDER! AND HOLD THY TONGUE, MAGE! SUCH WORDS ARE HERES..." the man apologies. Well. That's new. Mid-air, despite the bleeding, he rubs his chin.


Yelling done, he thrusts his spear, raining down purple crescents of harsh energy upon Avira and Isaac both. No armor will save the duo, nor keep their hearts sharp!

Brooklyn What?! First Mercade wants to...Run away from him, and then Isaac attacks and brings the gargoyle back to the ground with a heavy thud. Brooklyn may be a bit more mature than he used to be, but he's still a hot head deep down, and when it comes right down to it, running away from him is something that he thinks is totally not cool, "Hey!" He yells out at Mercade, as the detective takes off, shotgunning one of Brooklyn's team members in the process, "Why don't you pick on somebody your own general size!"

After saying it, Brooklyn does realize that Faruja is actually much closer to Mercade's size than Brooklyn is, but to be fair because of his legs Brooklyn is often crouched down. Regardless, the gargoyle takes to the air again, using his powerful legs to rise up off the ground. Once in the air, he angles himself towards Mercade, and dives down, intent on tackling him to the ground and, hopefully, getting that shotgun out of arm's reach. The tackle would be followed up by two very powerful two handed strikes, trying to make sure that even if the shotgun isn't out of range, Mercade is in no condition to use it.
Deelel Deelel is fast, she is very fast, and she's keeping up with Isaac and it been pretty much a playful fight till he starts going off a bit seemingly unhinged even as Isaac rants at Faruja. One and their creators is a sensative thing for the basic she was forced into fights to death because she refused to say that all the people here didn't exist. Still nothing is said as Isaac is just unloading. It's a fight to be sure, she trie to brush off what she's feeling, she's got to focus on the match at hand.

She can make use of Isaac getting so into it, to give herself a moment to recover and prepare her next mvoe she's circling about keeping her distance from the other team waiting for an opening...
Avira "No kidding." Avira grumbles, hanging back as Isaac tries to blast him with a truly impressive bit of magic. ...magic that ends up savaging a good portion of the audience instead. Avira cringes.

Sucking in a breath as she tries to fend off Faruja's latest attack, shielding herself behind the descending crescents. It doesn't seem to work, unfortunately, and another shudder permeates Avira's body. "That's /it/." She grumbles, hurling herself at Faruja. The Burmecian has seen this before, though this will be the first time he's seen the silvery aura leveraged upon him. It isn't the strange shimmer clinging to her that is to be worried about, but the sudden burst of strength and speed that seems to accompany this. She hurls herself forward, leading with several rapid strikes from the Spine, each one coming from a different angle, the holding of the handle adjusted in mid-swing each time.

Without warning, she tosses the Spine down and it sticks deeply into the ground by the point. With both of her hands, she seizes ahold of Faruja and FLINGS him into the air.

"Heads up, Mercade!"
Isaac Hanlon They keep throwing the magical equivalent of nuclear bombs (well... kid-safe nuclear bombs??) at Faruja. It's like they're trying to take someone, anyone, out of the fight so they've got a chance at taking the rest. Apparently, Faruja drew the short-straw provided by the /honorless dogs/.

Who will be drinking in his name later, of course.

Isaac's stun-goop ray doesn't really work out. He manages to incapacitate a fair amount of the audience, which means that it /works/, just not on the person he's hoping it will work on. He winces, raising a hand and calling out, "Sorry!" at the people who are currently lying in a gooey, boneless pile in the stands. They'll be fine in a little while, honest.

SHELLBURST STAB happens. Isaac throws out his arms and uses the remaining mana to toss up a barrier, trying to make some manner of ablative armor. It doesn't really take. The crescents cut through it and pound him into the ground, the wizard bouncing back into the air and tumbling without gravity for a moment. He reorients, though disoriented, and throws what is basically a magical rock back at the rat in retaliation. Bonk!

Isaac takes a second to catch his breath. He's not doing so hot. He kind of wants to sit down and take a nap after expending that kind of power. Instead, he struggles to call up more, gathering a paltry amount of mana with his waning concentration. Well, it'll have to do. He reaches out, taking hold, murmuring some of the most basic words he knows. He doesn't even need the book for that one.

Isaac raises a weary hand and points his finger up at the rat-knight. With a look of concentration, he releases the spell and fires what looks like purple darts of light. They make a 'pew pew pew!' noise as he conjures the things, and they go zipping en masse up at Faruja. They aren't terribly strong, but there /are/ an awful lot of them.
Mercade Alexander "WHAT?! You're like twice my size! What the heck, man?" Mercade yells, having made the same observation that Brooklyn has as well.

Mercade knows tactically that leaving the Templar on the field is a losing proposition. Therefore, the team has to deal with this the only way they can. Mercade, however, has to settle for almost getting brutalized by the Gargoyle. Just glancing impacts cause Mercade to grunt. He's going to feel that one in the morning.

The Detective launches himself towards Faruja, dropping towards the ground and sliding under the leaping Burmecian of Doom, as he unleashes more SHOTGUN OF JUSTICE. This is, after all, his thing. "Sorry, Faruja!" Mercade yells. "This is how it's got to be!"
Deelel Deelel watches as everyone aims to burn down Faruja and she has time, she doesn't like to have to take it like this. She doesn't like it as Faruja is jeut being cut down but she's got time and now she's got a plan, she pulls a rod off her leg and holds it out infront of her and it starts to project a wireframe about the program. There's an strange whine as the engine powers up and then Deelel is off like a shot a the light cycle has finished rezzing. She's heading right for Isaac as the machine actually pops a wheeling and attemps tto get some air and she's not aiming to catch the made with the bike, no she's gong to catch him with the Light Wall if she's able to.

Hopefully this flashy stunt will by Brooklyn some time, or prehaps it will not? Who knows but away goes the Basic as the comes in for a landing and she pulls around uncertain if her manouver was successful against Isaac or not.
Faruja Senra The adventuress is practically a silvery blurr to the Burmecian's sight, and it takes all of his speed and skill to deflect the oncoming strikes. She scores more hits than are turned aside by his rapidly moving spear, the Templar forced to give ground, often physically shoved away by the force of her blows! At one point, the Burmecian has to simply take the strike, using the back of his guantlet to parry where his spear fails him, or taking blows upon the thickest parts of his armor where the mythril bites and scrapes into metal rather than flesh.

Any counter attack the rat had planned is nicely interrupted as he's pegged by a magical rock on his good face. Very nearly right in the eye, in fact! He'll have a black under-eye for a bit after this. Not to mention, it helps Avira get right in his face, and fling him upwards! The catch? The tail. Never forget a Burmecian's tail.

As the Templar is flung away, his tail wraps about Avira's limb, dragging her into the air! Right as Isaac looks suspiciously like he's planning the rat's demise, he's sure to let Avira go. Hard. Into the ground hard.

Purple energy darts. Everywhere. Were Faruja into video games, he'd recognize the pure level of danmaku going on as he's showered by endless amounts of darts. The pew pew bit only has the rat squinting at Isaac amidst the pain. Squint. Squint!

Also bleeding. Ow. Those things hurt! Nicely air juggled by Avira's tossed, there's quite literally nowhere to go as Mercade points that shotgun at him. The Templar simply smiles.

"...It matters naught. Only the Shard, and Manhattan matter. A few measley blasts from a gun is a small price to pay. Well fought Dames and Sers. Well fought." Blam!

Right in the chest, and the ratling falls. Bleeding horribly from the wounds he's received, it practically rains crimson upon Mercade as he finishes the rat off. Vision swimming, crowd cheerying at the sight, he does what any respectable Ivalician knight would do in this situation.

His tail inches over into his robes. Flick!

The most powerful technique of all Ivalice!

Brooklyn Well that plan TOTALLY BACKFIRED. Brooklyn is left standing there stunned as Mercade gets away from him and puts down Faruja, making Brooklyn wince. Damnit. He botched his main goal which was to keep the group up and running at full strength. He could go after Mercade again, but decides instead to change targets. Someone who isn't so squirrely.

He turns to Avira and throws himself towards her. Not literally throws himself, but he bounds through the air to try to land on her with both talons and both claws at the same time, some sort of crazy gargoyle pounce attack.
Avira Something else Avira didn't expect about Faruja: that his tail was /prehensile/. Avira had a prehensile tail once too but it wasn't nearly as thin and whiplike as Faruja's was. She's a little shocked to be thrown down by it and even lets out a small groan of frustration as she hits the ground. As Isaac starts unleashing his magic missile bullet hell upon Faruja, Avira crawls along the ground on her belly, staying beneath the barrage. As she moves, she sees Deelel gearing up on her lightcycle and heading for the busy wizard.

"ISAAC LOOK OUT!" She shouts, suddenly HURLING herself upon the light cycle at full force. On the bright side, she manages to divert the bike away from her teammate. On the not-so-bright side, she just flung herself into the path of a light cycle. It's a lot heavier than she is and although she manages to knock it away with sheer force of will and body, she still gets sent flying in the other direction several feet. When she strikes the ground, she actually bounces once, a dazed look on her face.

As she starts to rise, she suddenly finds the gargoyle descending upon her. A yelp escapes her as he pounces onto her, his talons digging into her skin and armor. Right away she starts to struggle and wiggle underneath Brooklyn's grasp. "Ahhh! Get off get off!" she yelps, trying to push him off of her.

The Spine remains stuck in the arena floor, several feet away.
Mercade Alexander Mercade isn't a squirrel! He's not a squirrel at all!

Okay, maybe he does like nuts sometimes. He's particularly fond of cashews. His team is looking to be in dire straits, however. He circles the edge of the battleground, levelling the pistol from Mica as he goes for some headshots to make people pay some attention to him and not to his friends.
Isaac Hanlon Faruja goes down, being all complimenty and stuff. Isaac feels both warm and fuzzy inside and terribly unfair. On the one hand, they just blew up one of the most fervently helpful people he can think of. On the other hand, they're one step closer to attaining victory, and also getting the shard back in their possession. It's hard to feel totally bad about this.

And then Deelel tries to /run him over on some kind of awesome motorcycle thing/. Isaac gets the warning in time to scramble higher and away, wincing as the lightcycle flies past and Avira goes with it. "Thanks for the heads-up! And I don't know what that thing is," Isaac yells to Deelel, "but you've gotta show me it later!"

Cool glowy stuff from the Grid? Hell yeah.

Isaac falls back on their, uh, fall back plan, which is to say, help Avira not get crushed by bike or Gargoyle. He's still trying to get his magical second wind, so he uses a relatively simple spell this time, muttering out a sort of telekinetic grasp. He extends his free hand, making a gripping gesture...

The Spine suddenly dislodges itself from the floor. It spins once in the air and then points upwards, as if in a fencer's salute from an invisible combatant, and then straight at Brooklyn. Isaac propels it forward, making it dance in and out and stab, slash, hack and weave in a perplexing dance of telekinetic combat. It'll even be close at hand for when Avira gets up!
Brooklyn Well hell, it looks like Brooklyn must have done something to draw the aggro of the enemy team, because before he knows what's happening, he's taking fire from Mercade's gun again, and at the same time doing his best to dodge Isaac's telekinetic strikes.

He performs a diving roll behind his teammate's motorcycle, but in the process gets slashed across the chest by the spine. He knows he should keep his focus on Avira, try to take her out of the fight, however, and so with another roll he crosses the battlefield again to try to get close to her. He kicks one foot out at her, and then the other, and then uses the momentum of his kick to drop his body weight down on her with the point of his elbow, trying to keep her down on the ground and take her out of the fight.
Deelel Deelel is not trying to run Isaac over, the light walls can do damage but tent to be lethal at high speeds like say a cycle crashing into them. She grimaces as Aira gets caught in the wake. That wasn't quite as planned, but it could be useful as Avira has taken a good hit from the light wall all the same. She does call back and says "I'll show you later Isaac! I'll tell you all about it."

She pulsl around as Brooklyn is abl to use her as cover, thankfully Mercade doesn't connect with her, no he connects with the light wall. The section o the wall derezzes under the impact of the attack bue Deelel is already making use of the walls to try and corner and seperate the other team. She snaps the caonpy back for a moment and has her disk out which she launches at Isaac it may end up rebounding off him should it hit and go flying right at Mercade before it comes back to her and she catches it. Even if it misses the disk will return and she's going to snap the caonopy back into place.
Mercade Alexander Mercade to the rescue!

HE sees Brooklyn going in for the smash, and he lunges, leaping in the way of the blows to keep Avira from being taken out of the game. He grunts from the impacts, being driven to his knees as the powerful Gargoyle takes him around town. And not in the nice way. He quickly snaps off a few shots while trying to recuperate so he can go on the offensive once again!
Mercade Alexander Mercade also manages to throw himself out of the way of the attack from Deelel. He's not familiar with the combat capabilities of a Program, but he knows a death frisbee when he sees one!
Isaac Hanlon Isaac eventually releases his telekinetic hold on the Spine, bringing it to Avira like she's some kind of Jedi, because clearly that's all her. He dances this way and that, trying to keep himself moving, though he is clumsy at best. He's like a human without any sort of formal combat training who has discovered how to fly and is now throwing himself around in the air like a drunken swallow.

Deelel throws the disc again. It bounces off him and sends him skidding into the arena floor. The wizard retaliates with a finger-gun gesture, firing what looks like a fist of translucent light and going wide. He scrambles up and takes to the air again, the thudding beat of the battle music growing in intensity.

Isaac suddenly breaks into an air guitar solo. The song follows. Visible sound waves slam into the ground, rippling the air and doing a fair impression of a hailstorm of sound. It looks somewhere between incredibly dorky and pretty fun.
Avira Scrambling, Avira manages to wiggle her way out from underneath the gargoyle, though it is the efforts of her teammates attacking Brooklyn that get her out of dodge. Seeing a flash of metal out of the corner of her eyes, she sees the Spine floating to her in the air. Mystified by this, she looks at it for a moment before, seizing up the weapon in hand. Just as she does, Brooklyn comes in again...

...but Mercade gets in the way. Whew!

Since the gargoyle has her soundly physically outmatched, Avira puts some distance between herself and him and tries to put the pressure on the program! Closing in her distance as Deelel is busy with focusing on Mercade and Isaac, she digs deep and accesses her magic once more, pushing it through the Spine.
Deelel Deelel got one out of two with her disc that's not so bad really, it's not perfect but it will do she got the wizard's attention at the very least. Oh she's totally got the Wizard's attention at this point. She'll have to ask him just about how he fights but sonic weapons? That would have Deelel more curious if she wasn't on the business end of it. Her Light cycle comes under assault from Avira. Magic isn't something the basic is used to hit her cycle and it goes out of controll. Delele manges to derezzes it before she crashes and she hits the ground fiarly hard but she land in a courch she's running right at Avira now she has her disk in hand ahs sh's going to get int close to launche a series of brutal attacks on her before she'll flip away and start hunting down Isaac as she mvoes to leap upn him and force him into close combat. She's seriousl but there's just enough restraint to show she's not out to kill either.
Brooklyn Okay, clearly this is not going the way Brooklyn had planned for it to go. His defensive play has failed, his offensive play has failed, and now he has to find a way to take down Mercade and Isaac at the same time with little regard for his own safety. He just has to hope he can do enough damage to them that his partner can take them down, because there's no way he can weather an assault like that again.

He flaps his wings and then leaps into the air, getting some lift as he goes up, before trying to catch Isaac with a diving strike, intending to hit with both fists at the same time and hopefully take the magic user out of the fight. All they need to do is put one of them out and it should help even the odds.
Mercade Alexander Avira finally goes down. Mercade frowns at this situation, but there isn't a whole lot that can be done about it. The party took too much damage while trying to take out Faruja, and the enemy team just has enough staying power to outlast them.


Mercade does still have one ace up his sleeve. And that ace is a SHOTGUN. Mercade charges in, unleashing the POWERSLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE as he racks up some more shells and unleashes loud SHOTGUN FIRE upon Brooklyn! "POWERSLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!" Mercade yells, appropriately.
Avira Just picture an ice-crafted beast swooping in in front of Deelel's light cycle to create a wall of ice. Yes. This is exactly what happens.

Suddenly forced into close combat, she endures an impressive array of blows to her body that stagger her and drop her to her knee. She sweats profusely, as if she's going to drop at any second, though at the same time that strange silvery aura hangs around her thickly now. It's the same kind of shimmer one might see while in a desert, looking off in the distance. "Not yet.." she grunts, stepping backwards, lifting her Spine, ready to attack. Then Deelel runs after Isaac. Avira gives chase, trying to prevent him from being attacked, but failing to make it in time.

Then Brooklyn comes in. Avira DOES make it to him in time for this and throws herself into the way of the divebomb. Isaac is spared...but Avira is knocked over and flies backwards, skidding several feet along the ground before collapsing in a heap. The Spine clatters away from her.
Isaac Hanlon Deelel and Brooklyn both come at Isaac, from different angles. Brooklyn flies upwards and then down again to get to him, and Deelel comes at him with a flurry from below. Isaac intercepts Deelel's disk attacks again, feeling the distinctly unpleasant sensation of his arms going numb. He clutches his tablet in both hands with bruised and swelling hands. Stupid thrown thing, stupid shield turning everything into blunt trauma instead of elemental crap -- but Avira is there to take the big one, and Isaac still functions.

Isaac is suddenly reminded to buy Avira a drink later. And maybe an ice pack.

"Okay. OKAY. NEW PLAN." Isaac drops towards the ground, pointing upwards at Brooklyn. "I'm gonna cast a spell," he says in a hushed, ominous voice, narrowing his eyes and looking fierce. "I cast..."



Yeah, that happens. Isaac spams more purplish force bolts, firing them like some kind of Macross Magic Missile Massacre or something, a circus orchestrated by a man named Itano with a sort of violet filter put over the whole thing. The pew-pew-pew fate of Faruja beckons!!

Isaac may be too punch-drunk and tired to take this seriously anymore.
Brooklyn Brooklyn knew that he would not be able to withstand another onslaught. He thought he might be able to take out Isaac, but little did he expect Avira would take one for the team, as it were, and run the sacrifice play. Caught off guard by the sudden appearance of her, it allows him to be blasted out of the sky by the combined efforts of Isaac and Mercade, which sends him spiraling into the ground like a shot down fighter plane.
Deelel Deelel gets some good hits in to be sure on both her foes but well? Isaac and Avira endure her assaults pretty well all things considered. Then Broooklyn manages to get a hell of a hit in on Avira. She's down and then her teamate takes to the skies and does his fighter plane imperstonation for a bit but he's dropped by the forces of the other team. Deelel on the other hand has two targets left and isn't going to last much longer but she's got Isaac on the ground in melee with her and she grins.

"Not bad but now let's see how well you can dance to this!"

She launches herswlf t Isaac it's a quick strike she's trying to bring him out of the fight before something else happens. She knows Mercade will be lighting her up shortly so she's got to bring it down to her and him or she's hosed. Deelel is keeping her disc in hand using it as a melee weapon, she'll even throw in a few hand to hand moves, she's fairly fond of kicks it seems.
Isaac Hanlon To Isaac's credit, it looks like he's actually capable of... uh...


But not for long. Deelel moves in and stikes like some kind of ridiculous digital snake gladiator or something equally nonsensical. Isaac tries to throw out a couple more missiles, but he gets clobbered. He finally goes down when she kicks him in the head after an inexplicable dodge on the mage's part.

Isaac goes down. Finally. K.O.!
Mercade Alexander And then there were two.

Mercade falls back, running around the edge of the arena as Isaac falls. The Detective gets moving, unleashing a barrage of bullets upon Deelel. How much can the Program take?
Deelel It's now one on one, the Basic can take quite a bit from the looks of her the rounds come at the program. She's grazed by several but keeps comming at Mercade even as he gets back from her and she now attemps to knoc him back down into the main arena floor!.
Mercade Alexander Mercade is all out of ammo. He falls back, reloading as the Disc grazes him, and he tries to think of something to do to finish this off.
Deelel Deelel is just trying to keep up with Mercade at this point. She is going to get up into the upper Arena and just pounce him as she's best able to!
Mercade Alexander Even as Deelel closes in, Mercade somersaults, her deadly Disc taking another chunk out of him. However, Mercade still has plenty of gun left to give her. with a roar, Mercade fires, snapping off bullet after bullet after the Program!
Deelel Deelel is impressed with how fast Mercade is even as he drops down and opens fire? Deelel leaps back down fliping in the air, evadinf the rounds. She hits the groun her disk is in hand and she launches it at Mercade trying to get him while he's reloading.
Mercade Alexander This is it. All or nothing. Mercade has to go all in now. With a roar of gun, Mercade unleashes all the firepower he can to take Deelel down while he can still move. Another hit like that and he;s done for.
Deelel Mercade and Deelel are just beaint the hell out of eachother as he rips into the Program she's staggering from the hits, she's just trying to recovery from the beating she just took at Mercades hand and she moves to try and knock him the hell down from his perch while she gets her head together.
Mercade Alexander Mercade gets glanced by the disc and dropped to one knee. He's out of shotgun, but he's still one one more thing.

More Gun.
Deelel There's more gun and deelel starts using her disc to intercept and deflect a lot of the rounds but it's just too much she's not got much left as she launches into one last assault on Mercade.
Mercade Alexander Mercade engages in an epic lunge through the disc-based assault, firing his gun over and over in a slow-motion John Woo-esque maneuver. It'll look amazing on the replays.
Deelel Deelel is also driving in at Mercad she's been fighting hard but she can only take so much, one round just clips her and she hits the ground hard. She skids out on her face and groans, she's not getting up for a while. System Restore anyone?

This scene contained 63 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Mercade Alexander, Avira, Deelel, Brooklyn, Isaac Hanlon