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Just another day..
(2013-02-21 - 2013-03-06)
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Katyna Just another busy day in the grand city of Archades, although when was Archades ever anything, but interesting? On one busy stretch of road, numerous shoppers mill about from dawn until dusk, browsing the long line of stalls that sell a variety of wares, from weaponry to jewelry, clothing and everything in between.

As the day turns to dusk, people start to put away their stalls, and the crowds thin out considerably, leaving only a small number of people straggling about the last few stalls that attempt to catch last minute shoppers.

A strange, robed figure mills about one particular stall that sells an assortment of what they claim to be ancient relics, invaluable treasures and family heirlooms. The figure talks little but simply browses quietly as the store clerk chats lightly to one of his interested shoppers.
The Stalls are indeed busy for many hours. Here people moved along, rode the distract station vehicles to get to one point to another. It was the /only/ way you could cover the massive distance that Archades was built on high up in the air.

However walking this city was a man not in his armor; for once. Instead Gabranth was actually out of his judge armor and acting a bit off duty. After being with Evja, he realized there was really no harm in walking here in this city without his armor.

No one would care here.

So the Judge Magister walks in a pair of leather pants, a black vest shirt, and a pair of nice boots that fold over on the calf. He does however carry his two swords; they were just iconic with him as much as the armor.
Katyna "9,000 gil! That's my best offer!" chirps the shopper as he barters back and forth with the store clerk to buy a particularly expensive looking jeweled pendant. The merchant grins as he eyes the jewelry. "Lookin' for a gift for yer wife's 15th anniversary you say? You have a good eye. This is a 15 carat gold chain with a genuine pearl inlay. Didja see the size of it? Black pearl! It's valuable..And priceless. Howsabout I sell it t'ye fer 9,500 gil, an' that's my last offer?"

The shopper grins and nods as he counts out the money in his coin purse. "You make a hard deal sir, but I know my wife will love it! I'll take it!" and with that, he hands over the cash, shaking the hand of the merchant over the silk purse that carries the valuable pearl and gold necklace.

After they say their goodbyes the merchant grins to himself as he counts out his money, before going back to sweeping out his stall. He glances over at the cloaked, hooded figure but sees that they are walking casually off in the opposite direction. Oh well, looks like they weren't interested.

Seconds later the merchant notices that his invaluable ivory staff with the sapphire inlay has suddenly gone missing! Glancing over at the cloaked figure, he notices the edge of the staff sticking out from underneath their cloak.

"Eh, stop thief!!" He yells out, hoping someone might help him as he runs after them. But is he quick enough? Will he stop them in time?
The blonde walks casually down the more barter stalls. Which was different from the indoor stores really. Some more interesting things show up here really. Those that at last get a chance to move up from lower Archades to here, tend to start out here, then move to actual store fronts.

Yet when someone yells thief, Gabranth's blue eyes quickly look in that direction. There was no Imperial soldiers around the area which meant...

..le sigh.

The Judge Magister not in his armor, quickly moves into action, kinda wishing he had the armor as people don't know to /just/ get out of the way. He then growls and his eyes flicker amber for a moment, before he leaps up, and creates a few dark runes in the air to move over some people, before landing down on the ground to go directly after the Thief on the same path way now. Though the one thing people know, is they know the raised voice of an Imperial Solider; which meant the law as he roars out loudly, "Halt or face the consequence! By order of Judge Magister Gabranth!"

Yeah, that indeed got people /out/ of the way.
Katyna The robed thief doesn't seem to be in any hurry oddly enough, as they continue to walk casually down the nearly empty street by now. When the merchant yells at them to stop, they seem to ignore them, continuing to move forward. How strange. Now they dont even seem to be walking on the ground, but rather floating a few feet up in the air!

It's only when the judge moves to action, leaping over some bystanders and charging towards her with such authority that the figure gives pause. And laughs coldly as they turn around slowly, taking their time.

A sudden cool breeze rips the hood away from their face, revealing the face of a beautiful woman with cold amber eyes, and long red hair that ruffles slightly in the wind. When the sees the 'Judge Magister Gabranth', she simply laughs!

"Oh, will I now? Perhaps..You had better take care of him, first..If you can!" and with that, the woman points her newly acquired staff towards the Judge, creating a massive wall of flames to erupt between herself and him.

Suddenly there is a scream behind him, as the merchant finds himself surrounded by yet another massive wall of flames that forms a high walled ring around him, singing his coat.

"Aah..Noo..Someone help me!" he yelps, clearly frightenned.

Well the wall of fire looks far too high to leap over, is the poor man doomed? And what of the mysterious thief??
The Judge Magister rumbles in annoyance as the trickster plays her magic games. "..pest." He snarls out before his eyes go from amber to gold. He suddenly turns his attention away from her, while reaching into his pouch to pull out a pearl which he hooks to his ear.

He sends a transmission over it as he starts to run toward the fire wall that is trying to consume the poor man. He conjures up dark run steps, which he uses to volt over the fire wall and then leaps down into the fire ring. He then grabs the man before casting another dark spell like a dark barrier, before shoving the man through the ring of fire, which protects the man, but causes Gabranth to almost fall to his knee, from the excursion of using Dark magic in such a form.

He stares at the wall of fire now around him and chuckles softly. "..never a day off.." He then places his fingers on the ground, as he closes his eyes, before he shoves off and leaps right over the fire wall, his boots nearly being singed as he passes over and lands on the other side in a roll, before rising back up to his feet once more.
Katyna The thief smirks as she watches his display of athleticism. "Ooh, not bad, not bad.." She cant hold the firewall up between herself and him for much longer now that he's broken through the fire ring, and he's getting closer! "Still.." She sighs, "As long as I have THIS, you dont stand a chance!"

Another icy chuckle as she points the staff to him a second time, creating an even more massive wall of flames to surround him even as the merchant runs off for dear life. Let the judges handle this. It's what they're here for!

This time the flames flare bright red, real flames this time that start to close in on him from all sides, forming a massive dome around him that's rapidly shrinking! I see you can handle the darkness, but can you handle real flames? Hahaha......"

And with a flourish, she turns and vanishes in a portal of darkness, with that invaluable staff of hers.

Moments later, another voice can be heard, somewhere on the other side of the flames. "Hang in there!" calls out the youngish sounding voice as she steps towards the flaming dome, pointing her equally flaming sword towards it. "Fireheart..Dont let me down!" She murmurs as she seems to absorb and shape some of the fiery wall into an openning, a doorway of sorts for the Judge to escape through.

But how long can she hold this up for?
The Judge of Ambition snarls as the fires suddenly show up separating the thief from him. He can barely hear her words over the raging fire, and quickly watches as the fire creates a dome around him, attempting to come down. He crouches down low, staring to cough. Staring to feel his lugs try to burn on fire as the very air is being snuffed out by extreme heat.

His hands dig into the stone ground, even though his fingers tips can do nothing to the stone under him. His closes his eyes, unaware of the voice calling out to him beyond the fire.

There was a team of Imperial soldiers on there way, but where they were was unknown. Even Gabranth was not sure how far out they were.

However there was a rush of air, an opening made in the fire dome? His eyes open as he tries to look forward. He notices then opening and someone with a sword? Was /she/ keeping it open?

Gabranth grits his teeth and forces his body to move and runs right for the hole made. He kicks with his foot to leap through and then lands roughly to safety on his shoulder. He rolls a few times, before he at last comes to a stop. Coughing and shivering a little from heat to suddenly /much/ colder temperatures that the outside is.

Not that the air is really /cold/, but after that intense heat. It feels like it.
Katyna "Phew!" she gasps, dropping down on one knee once the judge is clear of the fiery dome. But it seems to have sapped a great deal of her strength. The fiery dome seems to dissipate quickly with the departure of the mysterious thief.

Rubbing the smoke from her eyes, the girl glances up at the man who proclaimed himself to be some high judge or other, and stares at quiet awe at him for a moment or two. Oh wow, a real life judge! She'd heard of the fearsome judges of Archades, but having seen this one in action, she was quite impressed! Hmm, reminds her a little of Sir Kasrillen!

"Heh!" She grins, running a hand through her red-streaked, black hair, glancing up at him with strange fiery red eyes, that seem to soften into amber once she lowers her sword, dissipating the flames of her own weapon before resheathing it.

"Wow, a real life judge! Nice to meet you!" She offers what she hopes is a respectful enough bow - Kasrillen had taught her well - before glancing over towards the portal that the other woman -who seems remarkably similar to her in appearance - vanishes through. Dangit! As Ember she might have stood a chance, but..

"Oh no, she got away!" Kat takes a step towards the portal, but it's too late, she's gone in a flash. Her mind ever going way too quickly, the young knight turns back towards the judge. "Umm, are you okay?"
The Judge Magister coughs again, before he forces himself to his feet. Glaring in the direction of the portal with his gold eyes, before it closes. Those same gold eyes glare over at the girl. They furrowed for a moment, before he fully stood up straight.

It was about then he noticed several imperial soldiers moving in and reaching for their swords. He raised up his hand, silently telling them to stand down, before he motions for one of them to come over. ".. have the men check over the people. Make sure no one was hurt." Gabranth says in a soft voice. "Then check with the vendor at sector D dash seven two, alpha one. They were the ones who were robbed. See what details you can get."

"Yes, your honor." The soldier salutes before he motions to the others to follow.

The man then turns to face Kat at last. He examines her features closely, as his gold eyes go to amber, then slowly back to blue. "Mm. Perhaps.. under better circumstances it would be a pleasure to meet someone. What is your name?"
Katyna Katyna seems to tense slightly at the sight of Imperial soldiers. Really, she was never one for strict laws. She was always the thief skulking in the shadows, making a way with the pretty shiney! Of course this time, just for once, she's posing as the 'hero' coming to the rescue! Hah! Imagine that!

She clears her throat. "Ahem! Your honor? Ooh.." Is that how she's supposed to address him? She sweatdrops, realizing just how high up he is! "Umm, my name is Katyna Redsvaren, erm..Your honor! And I have nothing to do with that thief! Except..She seems to be trying to set me up! Good thing you came by when you did!"
The Judge Magister stares at her for a moment before he speaks very calmly, even though it hurts a bit to speak to loudly. His throat was still trying to recover from the extreme heat. "Katyna Redsvaren." He repeats back with a minor nod. "Well, miss Redsvaren I would suggest that you one cease acting so nervous, or you may bring suspicions on to you as well. As your timing was.. interesting."

Gabranth then rolls his shoulders, trying to loosen up a bit before he looks back down the pathway, watching people slowly go back to their mundane lives. "Though thank you for the assistance on getting me out. For that. I am in your debt."
Katyna Katyna nods, relaxing a bit more. "Well as long as you realize that I'm innocent.." She grins and nods, "Heh, actually I've been trying to track down that woman for a long time now, but.." She sighs, "She *always* gets away from me! still..I'm sure she'll be back, sooner or later.

She seems to be after me for some reason, but it seems she has a knack for stealing all sorts of magical artifacts too. Like the ones back in the Traverse town church. I suppose..I'd better stick around a little longer in town, at least to stop her if she comes again..Not that you cant handle it yourself of course!"

She adds the last part quickly, "But y'know, I need to know what she really wants. Otherwise it wont ever stop.."
Gabranth mms softly as he listens to her explanation. "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" He tilts his head examining the young lady before him with a curious eye.

He then goes to rest his hand idly on the hilt of his blade. Which was not really out of aggression, but more of habit. "..why do you and she look alike?"
Katyna Katyna *blinks* as the Judge asks her if he can ask her some questions. Eep, is she in trouble? Being a thief herself (As well as other more dubious roles..), Kat's pretty used to getting in trouble all the time!

"Ooh, that girl? Huh." She pouts, "I..Dont really know, honestly! It's what I'm trying to find out, but she covers her tracks pretty well..I set the Twilight Detective Agency on the case, I hope they're smart enough to figure it out..I hope they get back to me soon." Katyna bites her lip. "Um..does she really look that much like me? It's so creepy..Especially since I dont know her at all.."
The Judge Magister raises an eye brow and hrms. He gives a gentle nod, before he starts to walk away. "Well. I do hope you find them before they frame you to the wrong individuals. I would offer our service in looking into the matter, but sadly our resources currently are tied up in other matters."

He then turns to look at her once more. "Good day to you ma'am and enjoy your time in Archades." He then gives her a proper bow, before he continues on his way out. Water-- sounded like a great idea right now.

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