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(2013-02-21 - 2013-02-22)
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Avira It is what passes for morning in Traverse Town. How do you pass anything for morning? Well, you pick a time and stick by it. Avira, being a human, sleeps like normal humans do and thus has had to train herself the past few months to adapt to the lack of sunrise.

So by royal decree of the clock Avira keeps here, it is morning! About 8 AM to be exact. The esteemed leader of VALKYRI is awake now, bustling around the kitchen area in her robe and loading up the coffee maker with freshly ground beans.

The interior of VALKYRI HQ, at least the top floor, is cluttered as usual. For the past few days, Avira's been keeping a pretty large pile of books upon the main center table. Sitting on top of one of such stacks is a strange-looking cube device.

The Cube is, in fact, Mimir. He is fortunately not active right now.
Yep. Its Morning. Sure. Nothing /ever/ exciting happens in the morning and with Traverse Town getting security installed, things should get /less/ exciting. However someone wasn't given this memo or when he explained to LANCER that he wasn't going to do anyone harm.

Then when they went over that list--

-- It would seem the MCP missed a few.. things.

Leave it to a military program with a loop to break the system!

With a hood and cape over his body. A solid black helm with very little detail on it covering over his face that was part of his black body suit, and black leather gloves over his hands for whatever reason. Along with some heavy duty black leather boots (those steel toe kind).

There was a bag in his hand and then other aiding in holding the bag. Then there was this /door/. This nice door. The program tilted his head one side to the other side. Now, the normal custom would be to knock, right? But his hands were full. So how does a program knock then? This wasn't covered in the proper etiquettes of user-space.

So what does this military program do?


There was a harm slam, the door thrown off its hinges, and sails go pretty as it pleases across the room and probably onto the floor, before he steps in. Where he looks around, then slowly slinks over to the table he can spot, before crouching down low and slowly, carefully, going to place an orange on the table.

I mean, who could have heard all that right?
Avira Interesting thing about the interior of VALKYRI headquarters: the top level, is, in fact, one room. Sure, there is a bathroom off to the side and what passes as Angantyr's man-cave in the other corner, but the rest of it is entirely open. It was set up to be a place for meetings and feasts!

So anyone that comes in through the front door is immediately visible from the kitchen area. Anybody kicking in the front door is going to make noise heard by nearly EVERYBODY in the house. Little Avira over there in her bathrobe with her coffee maker included. Her reaction is immediate and she startles at the loud noise of the door being kicked in. Whirling towards the front entrance, she beholds a mysterious cloaked and helmeted figure stalking into the room and placing something on the table. Her reaction to all this happening is to first scream.

Her second reaction is to make a dash for the Spine, which has been left on the table with the rest of the random stuff.
TRON There is a faint glow from the staircase leading down to the basement. Looks like the computers were left on (again), or someone's down there using said technology.

Then the doors are kicked in and sent skidding over the floor and Avira screeches over the radio.

A flash of black practically leaps up the stairs, black full-face visor and black body-suit giving no indication of the male's identity. He snaps one hand back, pulling free a black chakram-like Disc from the spindle on his upper back, and points at the not-so-sneaky intruder with the other.

Maira Because clearly shenanigans is the order of the day, Maira was enjoying a long hot shower before others woke up for the day.

Now, she runs out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, her hair still soaking wet, ready to light someone on fire. "What's going on!? Let me at 'em!" she yells, her eyes wide, apparently ready to do battle in a towel.

Maira looks toward CHIEF then, blinking. "W-what's the deal!?"

Last time someone broke into VALK HQ, it did /not/ end well for her....
The mysterious green lined, black hooded, helmeted face, black cape with leather gloves and boots to match just stares as at Avira as his hand slowly moves away from the Orange and stands up as she races over. He stares at her as she reaches for the Spine on the table.

The helmet reflecting her in it as a voice echos out from it. "Nice software." Wait what?

Then Maria runs down the steps in a towel-wrapped body, which causes him to tilt out his hand, before he quickly pulled out another orange from his bag. "Orange?"

Then TRON comes out like a mole from the basement, which causes CHIEF to look that way, before he suddenly goes, "ORANGE!" and throws it at him, actually - a few of them. Before he goes to get another one as he steps back and blinks. "..Peach?"
Minerva Minerva had been out about town, training actually when the call over her Link Pear, the cell phone was still something she was wrapping her head about to be honst and she's running back to HQ. She's running so fast she's leaving a bit of a shockwave in her wake as she speeds towards her home.

She sees Maira'sout there ith a Towel, and thinks back to whan that happened to hr but wait? TRON, Avira and wait who the heck is the hooeded helemted guy.

"Who are you and what do you want of us!"
Avira Suddenly there is a SECOND man in black infiltrating their headquarters. Not recognizing TRON, Avira gasps in shock, her fingers quickly closing around the Spine's hilt. "A-another one?!" Her other hand reaches for the closest thing on the table, which happens to be that mysterious cube, and she hurls it at TRON.

It'll just bounce off with minimal damage. Upon hitting the floor, though, its seams glow blue and two of the circular indentations slip open. The lights and the panels that had been covering them move just like eyes with eyelids. A voice comes from the mysterious box, sounding chipper but startled. "Well a good morning to you too! Honestly, I would prefer a rousing pat in greeting but I suppose being hurled against a hard surface is an acceptable alternative, given my -nigh indestructable- expert construction."

Avira completely ignores Mimir, electing to stare owlishly at the first mysterious cloaked figure. A hand immediately moves up to grip the front of her robe, holding it closed completely to prevent any view of anything underneath (which is just pajamas).

Her face turns bright red in spite of: "What's that supposed to mean!?"
Maira Maira is just clutching her towel and looking bewildered. So, guy walks in and he's...throwing fruit at them? Is this happening? Where is her bacon wand when she needs it?

When offered an orange, Maira blinks. "Uh...sure?" the situation would have to be weirder than this for Maira to turn down food!
TRON The black un-marked Program gets pelted with oranges, the fruit pinging off of his helm and chest. No damage, none at all, but his guard drops noticeably as he flinches away from the barrage. Thus, when Avira throws the cube at him, it clocks him upside the side of his helm and he goes down on one knee. He's not injured or damaged, but definitely stunned.

He does take a moment to stare down at Mimir, helm slooooowly tilts to the side as he regards it. That's new.

With a firm shake of his helm bringing him back to the situation at hand, he shifts back upwards to his feet and settles to a defensive stance with his Disc semi-raised to fend off further incoming flying objects from friend and foe alike. "<Identify yourzelf!>"
"Sounded good at the time?" He states still holding the peach gently in his hand, before Minerva suddenly comes pointing at him. The unknown green-lined man stares at her. Stares, and then throws it at her. "Peach! I choose you!"

Then He jumps up on the table, before pulling out--

--An avocado?!

He stares at this in his hand. "Is this /even/ a fruit?" Then tosses it at the speaking box. Silence you fiend!

Then Maira says sure to the Orange and the unknown man jumps off the table and skitters over to her, the cape over one shoulder as he seems to just slowly rise up, rustling in the bag before he pulls out...

A banana?!

He then spins and points it at TRON. "Identify this!" Wait-- did he really just say that, before he tosses it at him gently.

Then he spins back around to Maira, at last giving her an orange before attempting to slowly moon-walk backwards toward the table, before doing a Michael Jackson like spin and planting down another orange on the table.
Maira Maira blinks as he approaches her, eyes widening as she backs up little. He's pulling some pointy object out!!!!--Oh its a banana. Which he throws at Tron.

Maira takes the orange then, and looks up to CHIEF. "Thank you mysterious fruit giving guy..."
Minerva Minerva is now just enterin to see all the fruit she has one launched at her which she catches in her right hand easily enough. Prehaps something to do with the habit of her master throwing things at her to see if she was actually paying attention to her surroundings or not. So now she's got a peach, she looks s others are handed out by the mysterious stranger just what is going on here? Whoever this guy is he's clearly a fruit man to be sure. Then again things like this were also a bit of a treat as food was often seasonal for her before the barriers of light fell.
Avira Avira keeps her hand clutched around the front of her robe while the other remains upon her weapon. She doesn't look any less embarassed to be around some random stranger in her bathrobe. But at least she wasn't in Maira's position right now. At least she didn't walk out in a towel!

"Avacados are fruit!" Avira blurts out at the weirdo, looking over at the second 'intruder' she had attacked with an apologetic look on her face.

A crack shot, the MYSTERIOUS INTRUDER hits Mimir dead-on with an avocado, which is hard enough to knock him over onto another side of his. "Oof! Now that was just flat out rude and completely intentional. You there! You-oh. Oh! Oh, fantastic! A fellow individual of programmed sentience! It is a pleasure to meet you." He seems to be talking to TRON.

Since it seems that this strange intruder isn't actually hostile, Avira hesitantly puts the Spine back down on the table. Nonplussed, she sneaaaaks up behind CHIEF and takes ahold of his cape, if only because he doesn't have an accessable ear to grab.

"Alright you. You need to start stating your business here, and pronto." Avira says, eyes half-lidded.
CHIEF A female program appears in a flat black bodysuit that is somewhat armored. The molded armor sits on top of the bodysuit, flat black on glossy black. Blazing hot lines of red form a silohuette from helmet to heavy boots.

There is a patch on her left shoulder that reads 'Datapoint Private Security', the vaguely hourglass symbol glowing intensely red. As she steps away from her light cycle, it collapses back into it's compressed state. Her helmet is glossy black, presenting no features whatsoever. Disc already in hand but not activated, she peers curiously at the situation.

In a electronically neutralized voice, the black guard asks. "..Is there a problem here?" although from the knocked in door, that answer may already be self apparantly-- although with the fruit? Perhaps not so much.
TRON The unmarked Program just stares at the intruder as the bannana is pointed at him. One can almost /see/ the deadpan stare beyond the opaque black 'glass' of the full-faced visor. Then the yellow fruit is thrown at him and it is deflected off to the side with a swipe of his Disc.

He jumps slightly to the side as the avacado bounces off of Mimir and emits a low sigh as he reaches down with his free hand to pick up the cube. "<Zame to you. Your dezingation?>"

The new voice just as electronically neutralized as his own redirects his attention to the female DPS agent. A defensive stiffening of his shoulders for just an /instant/ is his initial reaction before he nods once. "<Yez. This intruder-->" Disc point at the intruder in question, "<--knocked down the door and entered the premizez.>" He slowly cants his helm in clear bafflement. <"Apparently to diztribute... fruit.>"
Maira Maira, meanwhile, is eating the orange she was given.

"Well...I'm gonna go...put on some clothes now...." she says, and sneaks on back into the bathroom to change.
The 'Mysterious Man' gets ready to throw another fruit at the cube, just because it is annoying, before the cape gets tugged on. He nearly bends backwards almost to look upside down at Avira. He may go to speak, it is impossible to say thanks to that helm. However suddenly there is someone at the door.

He glances over to them, then reaches up and frees his hood/robe. Problem though. Hood/robe was helping him with his balance due to how he was positioning himself, as soon as the pull and tug was no longer holding, the Fruit-Man goes crashing down to the ground, along with his bag of helpful fruit which goes scattering across the floor before he holds up to lovely pair of coconuts. "Coconuts?"

Then TRON points out the gig, and he sighs. His arms flopping back letting the coconuts rolling away. "Good bye, white, creamy, coconuts." He wasn't sure what the DPS officer was going to do. He /knew/ who it was. Not that he was going to say. He must act like--


Ok, seriously, someone let him watch some like super-hero program or something.

Or too much of a particular comedian dealing with B&E.
Minerva Minerva is looking at the mysterious man, the cube and her friends then Maira does something very pratical she goes to get clothing.. She payses as the person from DPS shows up and she kinda scares at the strange man again for a moment. She's left a bit at a loss for words here. What was this man on she's not even sure, and she's got little to say as TRON's already handled that. Just what is it that draws insanity to this house hold which god did they anger to bring this upon them?
Avira "My name is RT-C4B3E2P1-00314MP-" the Cube starts, only to be immediately interrupted by Avira.
"Mimir, we call him Mimir."
The 'eyes' of the cube roll their lights at this, "That too, that too. My former name shall not leave my memory! In fact, nothing leaves my memory, ever! It's there. Somewhere. I can't always find it right away, but I assure you buried deep inside of me is every scrap of information fed to me over..erm. Quite a while! Yes."

The female DPS agent shows up at the door. A few things happen now. Mimir, for one, lets out a low whistle.

Avira, on the other hand, looks a little surprised. "Just a small disturbance." she looks at the bendy fruit man, who goes crashing at her feet. Avira rubs her forehead. "We thought he was a threat at first but...I daresay he's completely harmless."
CHIEF The DPS agent freezes for a few seconds, canting her head slightly as she regards the situation. There is a long pause as she turns her head slightly down and to one side. She looks at the cube that whistles and there is another long silence as that helmeted figure just stares.

She even shifts her feet which in a certain light looks like complete mortification. The black guard sighs, the neutralized tone making it sound like a modem whine.

She looks at the destroyed door, then at Avira. "You are the owner of this building?" she looks at the mysterious masked fruit man. She puts a foot very firmly on their back, swiping one of the coconuts to look at curiously. "Harmless or not, I'm still not... certain as to what is going on here." she looks over at the other program who had been pelted with fruit.

"What would you like done here? We'll take care of the intruder but..Do you wish to press charges?"
Maira Maira calls from the bathroom. "No! But we'll keep the fruit!"
TRON The unmarked Program nods slightly at Mimir's explaination, seemingly distracted by the insanity around them. Only in Userspace...

He shrugs at the DPS agent. "<It makez no zenze to uz either.>" He cants his helm towards Avira. "<Damage appearz to be minimal and I did not notice harmful intent throughout the... incident.>"

Getting pelted with oranges and Mimir doesn't count.

Maira's call from the bathroom at the back of the room gains an amused rumble that almost comes across as a fast-paced deep ticking sound.
The mysterious FRUIT-MAN continues to lay there, even as the DPS officer places her nice boot right on his back. Before he says softly. "Don't hurt the coconuts! They have children! They are called.." there was a long pause before he raises up an index finger, "MANGOS!"

Then he went back to being quiet.
Mirage "Why hello there, Madam of DataPoint Security! It is an absolute pleasure to meet one of the fine enforcers of peace in this town in person. Just beholding your specifications makes me feel safer already." Mimir titters, his eyes shifting over to TRON before he rapidly mutters, "She's looking this way, right? My sensors tell me she's looking this way."

Evenly, Avira nods at the DPS agent, turning to face her fully. "Yes, this is my building. I am Avira of VALKYRI." She seems amenable, but slightly guarded if only because of all that TRON has told her about those known as "Black Guards."

With a smile, she shakes her head, "We are not going to press charges. This man seems harmless. Though it may be best that he's escorted out. He seems...unwell."
Minerva Minerva is already eating the fruit, hey it's good right? She seems to not be too bothered by the chaos really now that FRUIT-MAN wasn't seemingly hopstile and she's going to leave it to the DPS officer to handle and then suddenly he brings up mangos she's not even sure what the heck a Mango is. "...Avira this is your call I think. Given your name is on the deed." Minva slinks back at this point as Avira handles the rest. Yes the mysterious bringer of fruit looks like he could use some help.
CHIEF The black guard takes her boot off the back of the mysterious fruit man, being firm but not rough as she pulls them to their feet and gets a locking mechanism from a small cube that unpacks into it. "Why.." she pauses, and then continues.

The helmet looks over at Mimir. "Why.." the neutralizer is deactivated for a second (or perhaps put into another mode) because a flirtatious female voice purrs."--it's such a treat to feel appreciated. Thank you.. uh.. Mimir. " the black guard turns towards Avira, then at Tron and Minerva as she takes everything in. The neutralized buzz has returned when she inclines her head slightly to Avira.

"Well. My apologies for the interruption. We'll be going now. Hopefully we can get this straightened out, one way or another." she has a hand on the handcuffs and a hand near the back of Fruit Man's neck, not moving just yet but making sure there are no more sudden movements.
Unwell? Maybe. Dangerous - They didn't know the half of it. Thankfully this /man/ is not at /all/ related to a program who has been known to attempt to kill users! Nope! Not /this/ man! Honestly...


Yeah, we don't buy it either.

Though when Mimir attempts to make some 'moves', the FRUIT-MAN slowly looks in that direction. There was a hint of those green lines getting very bright, where there was an almost growl emitted, but it was quickly silence as he attempts to /reeeeach/ for an orange.

Sadly his finger tips just come to short and it rolls away. Sad face.

Then his hands are cuffed which causes him to tilt his head just ever slightly, before he is lifted up to his feet. Though when the female DPS officer flirts back, this unknown man stares over at in /her direction; or best he can; and just emits a soft 'wha'. Then his head looks in the direction to the cube. Then back to her (best he can again).

"You.." There was a pause, a long pause. Suddenly whatever humor was in this game, kinda was lost for him. "..You.." He then slumps his head, yet he must continue the ACT. "You can not do this to me! I am the humble fruit giver! All must bare witness to the mighty fruit!"

There might be a minor heel stomp. It may be morose code. It may only mean something to a particular /someone/ including by the muffled 'hrrm hrmph hrrm'.
TRON The unmarked Program just sighs and places Mimir back on the table, though the cube would still be able to see the DPS agent. He pretends to ignore the intruder outright, though he does note the 'tantrum' as well as the muffled grumbling.

He then casually walks over to where the poor door had skidded to a halt wa~y back at the beginning of this whole situation. He plans to at least place the door back into its spot once DPS has escorted the intruder out... even if only to give the base some semblance of privacy.

He doesn't think Avira would particularly appreciate the curious crowd starting to gather outside while she's still in her PJ's and bathrobe. Users are funny sometimes about their state or type of dress.
Mirage It's certainly a good thing that Avira doesn't know it's actually CHIEF under there-or else she'd be freaking out even more over this man being in their house! It's very like Avira too, to not know just how much danger she's really in. Nevertheless, she's curiously watching the Blackguard's actions, taking note of the advanced-looking handcuffs she wields.

Mimir's eyes lid and the archive makes a faint whirring sound, the blue light emitting through what are probably seams glowing just a bit brighter. "Quite welcome, Madame, quite welcome indeed." Mimir responds in a voice that sounds doubly suave as before.

In seeing this man, she actually...feels kind of sorry for him. Avira moves over to the restrained intruder and gently lifts his head up to look him in the...well, she approximates where his eyes are because she cannot see them. "Look, we appreciate your gifts." she says diplomatically. "But I think people would appreciate them more if you knocked politely in the future." Avira lets her hand go after peering beyond him and the DPS lady.

She sees that crowd gathering until TRON kindly replaces the door in front of their savaged entrance. Avira certainly does appreciate her privacy being salvaged! "Thank you for your help." she offers the woman as she escorts "Fruit Man" away.
CHIEF The blackguard grumbles something under her breath that just sounds like hissing, crackling static. She looks towards the program replacing the door, nodding to them. "You have a pleasant evening." and with that she escorts the Morose and slightly Miffled Fruit Man off the premises.

She may or may not have a fruit still on her person when she does so. She puts a hand to her chest, bowing to the program first and then to the owner of the house. When they are out of visual range she continues for several more steps before summoning the lightcycle.
Minerva Minerva is just keeping her cool and earing her free food. She watches as the DPS officer starts to deal with the fruit-man. Well she shrugs the guy looks like he might need some help given how nutty he'd been but he'd been harmless right? So there's totally nothing here to worry about from him. She does however look over to TRON and moves over near him to find a better place to munch on her unexpected meal. She's really going to ask abuot Mimir, later but right now well FM needs to be handled.

"That was unexpected."

She watches the DPS gurd leave and wonders about the strange new sell swords working for the city. She really may need to check the information dumps between the other members of the group more.
The mysterious FRUIT-MAN does indeed stare at Avira right back. He stares at her for a moment before he just gives a soft nod against her finger tips before she slips away. No words were spoken. There was a tick of a thought, a private tick of a thought he pushes away for now.

Then he feels the cuffs get yanked and soon he was moved outside. He yells back inside, "Enjoy the fruit!" before the door is closed. He stared at all the gathered people. Easy boy. Easy, before he was moved away from all of their sight and off to where ever the pretty, curvy DPS officer was taking him.
TRON The unmarked Program ensures the door fits properly back into place, using a few sturdy pieces of wood to keep it upright until they can fix the hinges completely. Seems like the door itself is undamaged, thank the Users for small favors. He then leans his back against its surface and lets his head droop abruptly, though his shoulders shake slightly and a hand reaches up to touch the opaque glass of his helmet.

The sound is scrambled somewhat, but there's no mistaking the laughter bubbling up from the Program's frame.

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