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A Visitor
(2013-02-20 - 2013-02-21)
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Avira Alas, in the midsts of a Maid Cafe did not seem the best of times to get an audience with the VALKYRI. As some of the few maids there that were actual women, they had been kept quite busy by the patrons. Nevertheless, that day of madness had ended and the money had been donated. The maid costumes were returned to the cardboard box in the corner of VALKYRI's basement.

In Traverse Town, the VALKYRI headquarters is actually quite easy to find. Aside from having fliers strewn about the various town bulletin boards, the building that passes as a "Guild Hall" can be easily identified by the statue it has outside of the building. The piece is large, as tall as a human, and featuring a dynamic carving of (ironically enough) a man stabbing into one of the common Shadow-type Heartless through with a large sword. The wooden door to the building, which is painted yellow for some reason, is unlocked and open to anyone who would dare enter.

Of course, the reason it is open becomes readily apparent. Walking inside, one would readily spot Avira there, seated at the main long table running down most of the center length of the hall. All over the table in front of her are a number of books, opened to various pages. One book remains on Avira's lap, which she is currently peering at.
Margaux Fleury The Maid Cafe was indeed not a good time to get an audience with anyone at all which included VALKYRI. But the Death Corps and Margaux de Fleury by extension were not going to give up that easily. Once more, the mission of emissary was given to the young member of the group despite her not so great track record when it came to this sort of thing.

The Revolutionary did not have to investigate Traverse Town too thoroughly to eventually find this 'Guild Hall' of theirs. Tenatively, the red-headed former dancer pushes the door leading inside open and enters the Hall proper.

Now inside, Margaux de Fleury lowers the hood of her cloak and stands there in the entryway. It does not take long for her to both get her bearings and to spot Avira at the nearby table. Her target in sight, Margaux approaches and greets the other woman when she nears. "Why hello, I am looking for the leader of VALKYRI." Margaux de Fleury greets simply in a polite enough tone.
Avira Once the door swings open, Avira immediately looks up from her book. Right away, it's easy to tell she's certainly not unobservant or jaded enough to ignore someone entering the building. Upon realizing that their visitor is indeed a visitor and not one of VALKYRI's members, she's quick to pick the book out of her lap and place it on the table with the others. Immediately afterwards, she rises from her seat.

Noticing that their visitor pauses in the doorway, she starts to motion for Margaux to enter, though she follows afterwards anyway. "Hello. Today is your lucky day, you are speaking to her." Returning the politeness, she bows her head to the redhead, "I am Avira, VALKYRI's founder."

Electing to remain standing, Avira walks behind the chair that she was sitting in and pushes it in to under the table. A quick glance around the room will reveal that...all the chairs here are of different shapes, sizes, and makes. Donated, perhaps? "And who do I have the pleasure of speaking to tonight?"
Margaux Fleury Margaux appreciates the courtesy of being quickly noticed when she enters the unfamiliar Guild Hall. It was a small gesture to greet a stranger from off the streets so readily, but it boded well for the mission that the Death Corps member was given.

A hand is outstretched to her side and then swept towards her center to subsequently become apart of an exaggerated bow towards the VALKYRI leader. "My apologies for interrupting your book. So few read these days and here I am getting in the way of it." A bashful smile is flashed towards Avira. "But, I am here on important business and business that is also not just my own," begins Margaux as she transitions into a more natural grin.

When Margaux is asked who she is, the fencer nods once before gesturing towards herself once more. "My name is Marguerite de Fleury and I come here as an envoy from the Death Corps." She pauses a moment for reaction before adding, "A grim name, I know. But it reflects our determination towards our goal. However, it would be quite rude of me to only talk about myself." Blue eyes now focus on Avira. "May I ask your name, Founder of VALKYRI? And may I ask what is the purpose of a group such as yours?" Margaux may have heard both things already before. But it was quite different and more important when hearing a person say these things themself.
Avira An outstretched hand, even briefly, is met with instincts that tell Avira to do a handshake. In her time in the shattered worlds she had quickly learned that such a custom was localized to Earth and she successfully fought the urge to act upon her impulse. "It is no problem. My books can wait for important business." Avira smiles back.

Her question answered, Avira cannot hide the frown she makes as the name of their envoy is announced. It's hard NOT to react to a name such as "Death Corps" and Avira, again, has not become so jaded in this business that nothing fazes her. "Avira. My name is Avira."

She clasps her hands behind her back. "The primary purpose of VALKYRI is to oppose the Shadow Lords, who are a group of individuals with the power to control the Heartless. Based on experience, they aim to envelop the remaining world pieces into darkness. That aside, we also engage in standard clan missions and mark hunting. We need a source of income, after all."
Margaux Fleury Margaux did not mean to 'fake out' Avira with the outstretched hand. It was not an uncommon manner of greeting where she was from, but the different greetings from other worlds still surprised the woman somewhat. The first time another kissed her cheek and expected her to return the favor in greeting was met with absolute surprise. Why did everyone thing that she was -French-? Her name and overpronounciation of certain vowels certainly did not help the woman's case.

Important business. Margaux liked the sound of that and smiles in response at the shorter teenager. Avira's introducing herself with just a short given name causes Margaux to place a hand on the front of her coat of plates. "A pleasure to meet you, Avira. And you may call me Margaux," announces Margueite de Fleury so that Avira need not call her Lady Fleury or anything that obstuse.

"Your group caught the attention of the Death Corps." The red-headed fencer begins with a curt nod. "Our foe is not so different then yours. They seek out to control and maintain their power no matter the cost. We, too, oppose the Heartless for it is the common soul who is preyed upon the most by both of our foes." The revolutionary glances around the hall a little now before looking back at Avira. "But, I shall not dance around the issue. The Death Corps cannot hope to win their fight alone. They seek mutual allies to fight alongside and shelter when in foreign lands such as here. In return, we cannot offer much." Margaux shrugs her shoulders. "Only the strength of a small, but stalwart group of individuals who will not back down from a fight no matter how grim the odds may look."
Avira Funny how she hasn't asked about her alleged French origins yet either. Name aside, there really wasn't anything that suggested she was French. More importantly, her clothing suggested she was from Ivalice, which Avira was familiar with. Ivalice did not have a France, though it did seem to have countries with accents that sounded European or African.

For now, she listens as Margaux speaks of the purpose of her visit. She certainly seems pleased to hear of other groups out there interested in combatting Heartless that she hasn't previously heard of before. Though at the same time: "If you don't mind me asking, what is the purpose of the Death Corps? Such a grim name must have a story behind it."

Margaux can easily read interest in the scarred woman. The flattery over her own small group had also put her in a good mood. Despite that, there is still caution in her approach.
Margaux Fleury The terrible thing was that the influx of people from France or Not-France has made a lot of their accents worse now that there was something else to compare them all too. Margaux found herself succumbing to this when she met someone who was supposed from this place called France who spoke to her with a very similar accent to the one she used.

"I am quite afraid that my lips and my tongue could not do the Death Corps justice," begins the former dancer. "Although, I am indeed up for the task." A smile is once again displayed towards Avira.

"We fight for those who cannot or do not have the means to fight for themselves. The poor, the hungry, the oppressed. We also seek to eradicate those who would take advantage of such people....such as these 'Shadow Lords'." They were actually not all that different from the exploitative nobility from Ivalice.

The dancer turns in a small circle as she continues to observe the surroundings and the decor of the area. "We have other known foes as well, but I think we share this one at least. And perhaps, we can mutually be able to assist each other. Cooperation is how we will ba able to get through these dark times, no?"
Avira Poor Margaux must've encountered Max. He is the Frenchest of the French and in fact the only actual French person that Avira has met. Thankfully, she doesn't get an accent infection when around him as Margaux may.

"By all means. I am curious." And rightfully interested in knowing what she may be getting into before committing to an alliance. What she receives is no doubt a very romanticized version of a revolutionary's association. But where Avira is concerned the description reminds her of a certain Robin Hood legend of her world. Exploitive nobility? Not an alien concept to Avira, though rarely experienced by her in person.

The interior of the guild hall seems inconsistent-as if each member of the clan was given the opportunity to decorate their own little section of the guild by what is probably their bed. The interior is cluttered, in a state of flux even, as if their environs are always evolving and changing to accomodate more people or areas. Case in point: the "Man Cave" in one of the corners, which belongs to Angantyr.

"I agree, cooperation is the best path. As we have experienced, those who call themselves Shadow Lords are not beyond cooperating with each other." She falls silent, looking contemplative, observing Margaux's mannerisms and poise. "Upon consderation, I would be open to cooperating with you and the Death Corps. I realize, though, that I do not know the name of their leader. Who is it?"
Margaux Fleury If only Avira was psychic, and then she would have known that Margaux had indeed encountered Max before.

Margaux is of course putting the Death Corps in a positive light. She would not have been selected to represent the order in certain matters if she was not a true believer and defender of the order. The redistribution of wealth was something that would make the legend of Robin Hood very popular among the Corpse Brigade should they ever hear of it.

If Margaux is making any judgements on VALKYRI based on their decorating, she is not showing any signs of it. Instead, Margaux merely smiles pleasantly when Avira agrees that cooperation may be mutually beneficial. When Avira asks about their leader, the dancer's poise is broken briefly. Indecision must be dealt with over whether she should openly talk about their beloved leader at this early point in negotiations.

"Messire Wiegraf Folles leads the Death Corps," admits Margaux finally. "There is a second part to the offer of mutual cooperation between our groups." The blue-cloaked redhead performs another exaggerated bow. "I am to offer my personal services to you should you be willing to cooperate with the Death Corps. I assure you, that if you will have me, that I am a most capable agent who can carry out numerous tasks should you so desire it. And through me, hopefully you shall see the skill in which the Death Corps can offer."
Avira Nevertheless, the spun image of the Death Corps is one understandable by Avira, therefore Margaux receives no further questions about their directive or purpose. Likely to the benefit of the fencer.

It is that strange stumble at her question about the leader that makes Avira lift an eyebrow. Curious reaction, that. "Missire Wiegraf Folles." she repeats, as if trying the name on. "Hmm." There is absolutely zero recognition of Wiegraf. That name was not known in the Ivalice Avira knew. With that announcement, the subject is moved on supsiciously fast.

It is a topic that Avira is nonetheless very interested in. "Personal service, you say? I would accept this, provided, that you are agreeable to the rules of VALKYRI. Just three simple rules."

She ticks them off with her fingers. "You must be willing to travel, for one. You must be capable of defending yourself, for two, though...I doubt that is an issue at all for you. And three, you must be friendly with the other members of VALKYRI. That rule is, of course, to encourage camraderie and teamwork."
Margaux Fleury The concept of multiple is something that even Margaux still struggles with. She only really knows of her own version of the world, but she'll eventually find out about the other 'versions' of it. The speed in which Avira moves on from Wiegraf to other things does not cause Margaux to bat an eye at it. In fact, she is quite pleased that she does not have to talk too much about Messire Folles. But, she does file this away so that she may investigate this later.

Avira's own stipulations causes Margaux to nod her head in agreement. "I find your terms most acceptable. The duties within the Death Corps may cause me to be scarce at times, but Messire Folles has stressed that I should place an emphasis on cultivating partnerships such as this." A fox-like smile is now aimed at Avira. "So, you may say that my blade is yours to command. I only ask for some lodging here which will make it easier for me to get to know the other members." A beat. "Oh, and I must ask that you use caution when speaking of my allegiance to the Death Corps. Not everyone looks upon my order in the best light."
Avira Margaux will be excited! (Or...perhaps not so excited.) When she meets Katyna and realizes that she is from the same version of Ivalice. That bridge would have to be crossed when they all got to it since the Ember Knight certainly isn't here right now.

Avira unfolds her hands from behind her, one swinging up to casually rest upon the back of the chair she was previously sitting upon. "Fantastic!" she exclaims, pleased that Margaux isn't too peterurbed by the rules of VALKYRI. "Then I am sure our partnership will work out splendidly."

Turning, she gestures at the inside of the guild hall, which notably does have numerous beds lining the walls toward the back of the room. "Lodging shall not be a problem. We do have several beds open." Not the best of beds since the actual VALKYRI members had claimed the best matresses and blankets.

Ah, enemies, "Are there any groups or individuals I should be wary about, then, with the Death Corps name?"
Margaux Fleury The rules were not unreasonable and it was not like she had to wear some silly uniform. The Blade Dancer could already reasonably defend herself and it was only natural that the leader would willingly encourage the others to form their own bonds with each other.

Margaux nods grimly at her future lodging conditions. Everything now was a far cry from when she was a dancer and was able to afford a few of life's luxuries. The Death Corps has mostly broken her of wanting such things, but perhaps she was hoping for something slightly less spartan. She quickly covers this look with a late-breaking grin. "Good, I shall bring a few of my things to make it a little more...comfortable."

The talk of enemies causes Margaux's smile to disappear. "It would not be wise to speak to any of the nobility of Ivalice about me. For the sake of our partnership, and for my own health." Margaux answers quite truthfully to the VALKYRI leader. Afterall, the Death Corps were a bunch of rebels and terrorists in their eyes. "That will have to be our little secret should they come asking."
Avira Off and on, Avira does worry that the third rule would earn scorn or laughter. This could just be influence from Angantyr, who was a mercenary through and through, where friendship to him tended to be the exception and not the rule.

"By all means! As you can probably tell, our members like to do a little customization of their areas. This place has become a lot more homey than I expected." Avira adds, gesturing around her to the various beds.

At last, the mysterious enemies are revealed and Avira looks thoughtful. "Good. I will keep this in mind. I cannot say I've interacted with much nobility from Ivalice to begin with, but should this be the case in the future..." she makes a small gesture, " lips are sealed."
Margaux Fleury The leader of an organization very much sets the tone and feel by making rules and regulations like Avira has done. Wiegraf has done the same within the Death Corps, but it was fair to say that they did not have the making friends clause. And that was what made VALKYRI a little extra appealing to Margaux. The stalwart and super serious all the time nature of the Death Corps was draining at times. Perhaps VALKYRI could help balance things out a measure.

"Then I have no other warnings to give and I am sure that I will be able to find my niche here." The fencer smiles again before patting her rapier. "And do not be afraid to give me orders should you need something done. I promise I can be most dutiful in the pursuit of my missions." Margaux gives Avira a final bow. "But do not let me take up any more of your reading time, we shall talk again soon." And with that, Margaux de Fleury heads out with some good news to give to her other order now which the Death Corps surely needs in these bleak times.

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