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(2013-02-20 - 2013-02-20)
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Evja Judge Magister Gabranth
I had planned on visiting Archadia two days from now about midday, pending the flights do not get delayed or trafficked for some reason or another. While I do not expect you to play Tour Guide, nor to even show up, I am extending the invitation if you so desire it to speak while I am here, at your leisure or otherwise.
Judge Magister Errant Evja, Jylland

Indeed, that letter showed up two days ago by whatever means letters have around this place of getting to their destination. And, on schedule, the noon transport ship arrived only a few minutes slow. There was a bout of Heartless along the way, but nothing too important that those aboard, Evja included, didn't simply handle. Given he wasn't here on official Business, Evja currently wore a more conservative robe, not quite knowing much of the culture of Archades as far as attire went and going for a more reserved look overall. A foot-length black robe that looked like it might be more fitting of a White Mage(simply stained black), hood not drawn, though he did still have the veil over his face as always. No weapons, no signs of being a Judge - he really was here as best one could tell on a pleasurable visit.
Gabranth was looking over his dressed wound on his arm when the letters were brought into his office. The letter was read and placed gently back on his desk, as he went back to dressing the wound once more on his arm. "This will be an interesting visit." He rumbles only to himself, before glancing over at his armor.

A Viera. in Arcades.

The thought caused him to rub his face slightly with a heavy sigh. This could get /very/ interesting.


The Judge of Ambition stood at the Airship dock as the flights arrived in. It was on the board that this flight was running a little behind, yet the Judge Magister stood there in his full armor and helm. People for the most part gave room to the Judge Magister, those new to the area only gave in glancing.

People were checked over by the security detail, looking at their ticket passes and checked through before they could proceed. However as soon as the hooded figure walked out, it caused Gabranth to glance over for a moment. The way they moved was, different then the people here. Yet there hood and the robe made it hard to pin-point the details.

For now he would stand back and just be patient. If the Judge of Jylland was here, they would very easily spot him out. He already told the security detail here for their coming. Just not sure what they would be wearing.
Evja Indeed, it wasn't hard to pick out a Viera. Even with the hood drawn, there's still the impression of the ears, and the distinctive facial features. Pointing out the Judge Magister, Evja looks over towards him before thanking the clerk and wandering towards Gabranth. Reaching both hands up, Evja pulls the hood free and pulls his hair out of the robe, still tied back either way.
"Judge Magister. I hope our delay did not offend too much. Heartless."
"Not at all, your honor. It was reported that the airship would be late." Gabranth says calmly, before giving the other a polite bow. That may have given the Judge Magister some odd looks. Even more in a city where humes were the top of the food chain and other races were the low commoners. Yet as Zargabaath stated, everything about Archades is progression. If you can prove yourself worthy and are willing to fight to get to the top, you will be accepted in one way or another.

"Though I did not expect to see you in common attire," The Judge Magister tilts his head. "Then should I continue to address you as your honor or would you prefer I call you by another title?"
Evja The bow did surprise Evja, though it was only his expression that belayed it, not giving any visual clues to the others here of the surprise. Who knows how that would affect politics here. He didn't, why chance it. "That would be up to you. If you prefer it, I could actually don my armor now, it would only take a few minutes. I came on my own time, Magister, so I did not care to give the impression of being here on business to the people."
Eyes did wander, though, just to try and take in the area. "You seem different. I did not expect a bow. Did I... do something to give you a better impression?"
Gabranth tilts his head gently. "What you wear is fine, your honor. Though under normal law of the land, equal respects would be kind. Being that though my title is Judge Magister, you may also just simply call me Your honor as well or by full title of Judge Magister Gabranth."

"You are a guest to our land, Judge Evja of Jylland. It is a sign of respect to your presence here and one of proper customs. Since I am the eyes and ears of his Imperial majesty Gramis Solidor, it is also my responsibility to make sure that proper etiquette is kept." The Judge Magister then looks outward for a moment, watching as several car shuttles move to pick up people or drop them off. His gaze soon returns to the Viera. "Though last we met, I let Judge Magister Zargabaath handle the talking, as-- more.. tactful conversations are not my strong suit." At least he is honest. "So he was the wiser choice at the time."

He places out his hand. "Your lead, Judge Evja."
Evja Once again, Evja seemed caught. It was a law in this land as to which titles were to be used? "Of course, Judge Magister. I will keep the laws in mind certainly." Given his own nature of not breaking the laws of any land, he actually said, "Thank you... for informing me of such." then turns to lead the way outside of the Airship Port.
When the Viera finally got outside, though, it may be obvious that high technology isn't something he's used to. Mostly because he gawks at the air transports and such around the city. "To think that any nation so heavily has conqured the skies."
The Judge Magister follows along and follows where Evja looks. "Archades main firepower is the skies. We are the masters of the skies, with that of perhaps Baron being close to our equal." Gabranth then looks to Evja. "This city is large, so to cover many of the distracts we will need to take shuttles. There is also directories along the way for those whom are guests here."

Oddly as he says this he thinks back to that place, where the computer was. That place with all its hightech grander. How he marveled at it, yet Archades was not to far from it. Though there was some things, some things so technologically different. How the cars operated, how the signs were so.. vivid. He had yet to remove the image from his mind.

He snaps his thoughts back to place before he looks to Evja. "How many other cities have you been too, your honor?"
Evja Perhaps this was what Pixi was talking about. Not fighting Archades, because they would simply wipe them out. It wasn't until Gabranth asked his question that Evja even thinks about it. "Outside of Jyllands cities, not many. I have been through cities in passing such as Costa Del Sol, and of course I have been staying in Traverse. But beyond that... nothing quite as advanced. Lindblum seemed to have airships though, some other places seemed to rely upon machinery more, but... I would not consider myself a wanderer at heart. Not really." a pause, "At least, no longer anyways, since I became a Judge. Tell me, Your Honor, what would you suggest first to another lands Judge visiting? Would it be proper to make myself known to your superiors? Or is... that not remotely necessary?"
"It is not required, because I was informed." Gabranth explains. "We are the generals and the enforcers of the high supreme court. As I am his imperial majesties eyes and ears, there is little that goes on that he also does not know."

The Judge of Ambition hrms softly. "You see, my main job is intel. I am the one sent to research, study, do findings on, question, and inform. I am also sometimes the voice of the House, speaking what needs to be spoken. My actions reflect upon Archades; Just as every other Judge Magister in some form or fashion." Gabranth furrows his brows hidden by the darkness of the helm. His mind for a moment wondering on the best words to use. "So, you are fine."

"I also walk with you though, not to only show good faith, but because you will come to notice that in Archades, there are no Viera here." Gabranth decides to just come out with it. "The Viera can not stand our city, at least not the ones native to our area. Our technology and our use of manufactured materials I suppose offends them." He lightly shrugs, not going to much further into that.

"You will also not be bothered by any of our imperial enforcers while here. They have all been informed on your arrival. If they do however give you trouble. Do inform me. I will-- see to it that get a reminder in respect." Perhaps stated again as a clarification that Evja is in good hands.
Evja If anything, Evja looks a bit relieved by that. "So that lingering feeling I have felt... that makes more sense now. I had been trying not to offend, but it does make sense." Even if it does bother him to feel like that anywhere. It isn't /bothering/ him so much as... well, it just doesn't feel right somehow.
"And I shall not do anything to offend others, as best I can, Your Honor. I appreciate that though." Slipping free from the robe, Evja reaches up a hand to scratch up and down the back of one ear lightly, paused a moment, then did it again. "I suppose I should ask - what do you know of Viera culture, Your Honor? I ask this with something in mind, but... I want to find out first before I make the point."
Here Evja turns and starts to walk slowly down the path towards the main market area, though not by intention.
Gabranth The Judge Magister follows along and raises a brow under the helm. "What I know of them is not a great deal. They are a culture here who likes to keep to themselves and be secretive. I do know that they are very good listeners. They also have a good sense of smell. They are sensitive to the mist, to the point that to much mist will make them go berserk." He pauses in thought, though he does notice they are heading for the market. "They are also not fond of being around others not of their own kind and tend to linger with there own kind in large numbers."
Evja "I see. I..."
The Viera paused there as if considering something, then looked at the sky as he walked. "That is not necessarily the same for Viera of all land. While the Viera of Jylland are much the same, we do not mind being amongst others who are not Viera. Or, rather, not all of us anyways. Some are a bit reclusive, but I think that is much the same with any. What I had meant to bring up is something I have felt rather odd witholding from you and his honor Zargabaath. There had really been no ample opportunity to explain such or a reason to before, but after the ordeal with that pawn of Baron."
Stopping and turning to Gabranth, Evja looks to be ready to say something, then lets out a grumbling sound before rather simply saying, "I apologize for my... odd behavior. I had considered bringing such a topic up with you and his honor Zargabaath for a while, but perhaps as you mentioned, the lingering magic in this city is causing me to feel a bit strange."
Once again he starts to say something only to rub at his head. "The point I wished to make is that there are, indeed, Male Viera. And among them are myself... normally this would not be an issue, but I seem to recall being as hesitant when I told the Akademy originally when I joined it. You see... Male Viera are rare, extremely rare... to liken it to humes, I believe the phrase would be Albinism in levels of rarity. The Viera guard Menfolk jealously and it is custom that if one is found openly wandering, not within the safety of the warrens and villages of Viera, they are to be taken there by force if they do not go by their own will. Humes generally do not seem to understand this, which is well enough - but I make this point for a reason. I do not feel it right to hide something so base from those I would fight along side and put my life on the line for - and as you two have done that for me and Fluorgis, even though I hide it for my own sake, it would be wrong not to at least tell you something like that. I... guise myself in female garb and pretend to be such to avoid any issues with my own kind. That being said..."
"I would appreciate it, Your Honor, if you would still refer to me as female if the situation ever arises. I am a Judge first and foremost, my job and nation comes before even my kind... and I simply wished you to know this so it does not come as a shock, or perceived mistrust if you ever discovered it on your own. I trust you, Your Honor, because you protected me before. It is simply my way to... try and be honest, when I feel it does not pose me or others danger."
Gabranth walks with the Viera though when 'she' states that they are a 'he'. This causes the Judge Magister to almost slow a few paces. It was very strange to suddenly learn that this female so much pulled off the female, that it actually caused his own protective nature of females to even kick off back then.

Maybe it was just those legs. Yeah. Those legs.

Actually when words should have been spoke, Gabranth found himself unable to say words for a bit before he softly at last spoke up, thankfully not missed by the helm's amplification. "I.. see.." He grunts a moment before giving a soft nod.

"I did not realize such," focus. "..things about the Viera culture. I may add this to our informational documents."

The Judge Magister stares at Evja for a long moment before he states, calmly, yet with some hint of nervousness in his voice. "You pull off the female very well."

Evja Even though it was hidden by the veil, perhaps Gabranth might notice the grin. "I would imagine so, but thank you for the compliment. ... or at least the observation. Since most do not realize males exist, all it takes is something to cover the chest and a veil and all but those who have reason to think otherwise would assume female. I can only hope this does not cause any problems."
Stretching a bit, Evja looks around then realizes, "That is right, there are no Viera here. Despite the... strange feeling this land gives me, the light buzzing in my senses, I could come to enjoy this city."
"Aye. There is no Viera here." Gabranth says with a simple nod. "Though I would avoid lower Archades if you desired to move around as.. your normal gender. Things are a bit more grim down there."

The Judge Magister shakes his head lightly. "Some down there, will conduct far darker deeds if they believe it may gain them favor to raise higher. Not realizing that darker deeds will be there undoing in time."

Gabranth cants his gaze over to the Evja, before looking away. There was a soft, "Your welcome." and then looks directly at the Viera. "So.. what do you do if you know..?" There was then a pause before he waves his hand. "Nevermind."
Evja "I will certainly keep that at heart."

Evja took a few steps further forward before looking about. "Are there stands or stores here that sell vegetables? I admit to being rather peckish. Also... what do you mean? I am not bothered by questions." Once again Evja reaches up to scratch at the back of an ear before blinking as he sees someone hold up a piece of wood, cocking his head, "Why... are they exchanging pieces of wood?"
The Judge Magister decides to not ask whatever question he was going to ask but only gives a simple nod. "There are several restaurants across several distracts. Many do have salads as either a side dish or main coarse. There are also stands here that sell fresh vegetables."

Then when the Viera Judge brings up the wood, the Judge Magister glances over and ahs softly. "..What trees you see here in Archades are for decoration. Not for actual lumber use." He looks over to Evja then. "In order for people to get lumber, they must purchase lumber from others who have business down with lower Archades. Lower Archades has those who work in lumber mills and also handle such things as farming."

He tilts his head. "There is.. a balance between upper and lower. That is one of those balances." The Judge Magister then notices one of the shops and decides to take step in advance, "Come. I will take you to a restaurant that Judge Magister Zargabaath and I frequent rather often." As he walks though, he looks back at the Judge Bunny. "Though I must ask, why do you scratch your ear so.. and.." He looks ahead. "..if you don't mind the question. How old are you?"
Evja If anything, Evja is a good listener, standing silent and still, arms otherwise crossed, while listening. Though he did, in fact, reach up to rub at his ear again before the question came. And in fact he looked rather confused, "I... do not..." then a pause, "I have been scratching it since I came to Archades. ... I only just realized it now that you mentioned it. I have had an odd buzzing in my ears and joints since I arrived. It is not painful though."
Following along behind the Judge Magister, Evja adds, "As for my age, your honor... I actually have not kept track since I left my village. Though if you will give me a moment to think of such..." As he walked along, Evja could be seen counting aloud, did Gabranth look, only to finally say, "I believe that would be fourty three. Viera age differently than humes, however. So I believe that would be roughly twenty summers of age for a hume. I joined the Judges Akademy roughly five years ago, and I was in my clan for seven before... I discovered the corruption of our Judge. That is about right, I was just past my thirtieth summer when I fled my escort when wandering from the village."
The Judge Magister opens the door to the restaurant. It is actually not a very big establishment from what it seems from the outside. Perhaps a mom and pop type? "Mm. So, Viera age quicker then." Gabranth notes softly. "Then, I may ask you some questions while we eat. Perhaps someone of.. a slightly.. younger.. mind may be able to help me understand some things." Even though some would thirty six is still young(ish).

The establishment inside is rather nice. It was very cozy and actually used wood paneling along the walls and wax wood floors. Lights were above the tables with a gentle glow from the magitek used to power them. The main area to order had several windows looking into all types of food choices. From salad choices, to different types of meats, and even fruits that were cut up and ready to serve however the customer would like.

Though when the Judge Magister entered, several imperial soldiers who were off duty and jabbering quickly stopped what they were doing and saluted, before Gabranth gave them a motion and they went back to cutting up once more. There was also several normal people here, eating away. Even a Seeq in the back corner.

As Gabranth stepped up to the line to order what he wanted, an old man gave him a firm look before speaking up. "Judge Magister Gabranth, at least you could have some respect lad and take your helm off, hmm?" The old man then chuckled softly.

The Judge Magister only shook his head softly before giving a gentle sigh. "Aye. I suppose so." He then reached up at last, with almost a hesitation in his hands, before lifting off the helm. Revealing at last his face underneath with those blue eyes of his and the short-kept blonde hair. He tucked the helm under his arm. "It is good to see you again."

"And you as well, I am glad to see that Archades Military continues to take good care of you and the rest of the Magestry. Now then. What can I get for you and your.. friend?" He looks over at the Veira.

"They are indeed my guest here to Archades."

"Not often you see a Viera. Not often at all." The old man says with a soft nod. "Now then, lets get you both dealt with. Lets go down the line here and pick what you like and will serve it up."

Gabranth nods and then motions for Evja to go ahead first, he would follow in behind with his own odd order of a salad, the roasted meat, along with some bread. Not much perhaps, but he wasn't really overly hungry. That and the Judge Magister found himself glancing over his shoulder from time to time.
Evja "Age quicker? Nay, Your Honor... we age the same, we simply live many more years. Or perhaps I simply misunderstood what you meant. As we live much longer than humes, while fourty and three in a hume may yet see graying, it would take closer to a century for a Viera to show such. Our minds, however, are not slower to develop. I will try to answer what I can, though, it is only fair given you have brought me here Your Honor."
Seeing the older fellow being so casual with Gabranth causes Evja to falter a little, reminded suddenly of Hermann, one hand reaching up to hold onto his robe while in thought. Evja nods towards the older fellow before stepping ahead as ushered, looking at the food and considering such. Evja himself took bread and vegetables, focusing primarily on carrots. Lots of carrots, perhaps to others amusements. As well as a bit of soup, mostly broth, and a bit of meat. After a moment he pulls a bag of gil from beneath the robe and says softly towards Gabranth, "May I pay for it, Your Honor, as thanks for showing me to this place?"
The Judge Magister nods softly. "Go ahead."

Once the meal is paid for, the Judge Magister takes Evja over to a table in another corner of the nice small establishment and takes a seat, resting his helm on the side. His blue eyes wonder over the area, before he breaks the bread in half and lays it on either side of his plate.

"I see, well, perhaps I misunderstood. Though that can happen sometimes." He mildly smirks, before using the fork to mix up the salad a bit. "I have a youth I am training. He is somewhere around seventeen perhaps. Maybe eighteen. He is on his way to become a Judge." The Judge Magister's brows furrow. "...He is.. not from Archades and I am trying to think of the best way as his teacher to.. relate."

Gabranth shrugs his shoulders softly, before hooking some of the lettuce with the fork. "I do not know why I seek your advice on such things, as it really is not your problem." Then he eats part of his salad with table manners and all.
Evja Evja pulls the bowl of soup ahead before beginning to chip away at the two loaves of bread he got, chipping them into hunks into the soup, thickening it. He listens as he does such only to take his carrots and break them into bits into the soup as well, saving several to chew on raw, to which he seems to enjoy quite a bit.
"I... am not certain I could answer such, though I will try. You see, Your Honor, my youth was spent captive and held away from all others but Viera. It was only twelve, twelve and a half summers past when I finally separated from the Vieras reclused village, and I was taken there when barely old enough to walk on my own."
Finally the Viera went to take his veil off. He hesitated at first, looking around out of habit, actually looking a bit worried before recalling where he was and slowly taking it off. Admittedly he still looked quite feminine, though notable in difference from a female in that he had a slightly wider nose, thinner lips and a bit more defined shape to his face. Soon enough he occupies himself with another carrot before asking simply, "Do you have Clans in your land, as we do in Jylland?"
The Judge Magister continues to eat his salad as he listens to the Viera explain his story. He gives a soft nod of his head and then hrms softly. "I see. Sounds like you have had a rather tough life." He then goes to take a bite of the bread to only be asked the question.

There was silence as Gabranth was in the process of eating, though he does raise an eyebrow. When he finishes with what he had in his mouth, he speaks up, "Nay. We have no such thing here in this region. There are hunters though that tend to stay in establishment camps. I suppose those are close to clans, yet they follow by their own rules."

The Judge Magister falls silent in thought before he continues. "They are responsible here for what are known as Hunter Marks. Typically found in Taverns through out. They stay out of our way.. and we out of theirs." He then returns to eating some of the bread, before moving over to the meat.
Evja That got a shake of his head as he went to pick up a spoon, "In fact... I was guarded, kept safe, treasured as are all Viera males. It was a crime to leave, but I had not a tough life. And I hold no ill will towards my kind or their traditions. My life was leisure and safety and still would be or could be at any point I wished it. However... that is not the life for me. Especially not now. I shall have to look into these marks sometime as a way of earning a living. Typically a clan tends to their own Judge with room and board, a tip if one will as is done in establishments in Traverse, but as I've no clan my funds are as I earn them."
OMNOMNOM, hungry bunny is hungry. And digging /happily/ into the stew and bread mix, adding carrots with every bite.
The Judge of Ambition hmms softly, nodding his head only gently still as he listens. He finishes what he is eating and then judges the last piece of bread he broke off from earlier. "You do enjoy your carrots, don't you?" He says with mild amusement before at last picking up that loaf and examining it closer. "Archades does hire assistance from time to time. If we do need of aid, I will mark you as an high option." Gabranth tilts his head. "If you want such an offer to work with us, that is?"

The Judge Magister then sighs, resting the bread back on the plate. His eyes seeming distant for a moment before he shakes his head. "I would offer you a place among us as well, but here in Archades, only humes are allowed to be part of the Archadian military. That is the way things our. Perhaps.. maybe.. one day this could change."

The Judge Magister then goes to finish what the half loaf bread at last, before he hears an odd crystal like ringing sound. His eyes dart over his helm, as he stares at it for a moment. He then lets out a heavy sigh, before he places the loaf /once more/ on the plate and reaches over to his helm. He tilts it over before pulling out an odd like orb, which he claps it up to his ear ever so slightly. Then goes to rest his hand over his ear for a moment.

He seems to be off listening to something, as his eyes slowly narrow and his brows also narrow down a bit as well. His eyes then slowly trail out to the door, before he makes a soft 'tsk' sound. He then takes off the 'pearl' like object, before hooking it back up to his helm. "I fear our conversation must come to an end for now. It seems my attention is required on a matter." Gabranth then goes to stand before reaching for his helm. He then bows his head to Evja. "I do thank you for the meal and if you ever do need anything." He reaches into a pouch and places an object much like he just used onto the table. "You may use this to contact me personally."

The Judge Magister then places on his helm before he starts to head out.
Evja "Yes!"

The response comes rather enthusiastically before Evja laughs. "They grew often in the wild near where I lived as a youth. I found them tasty and even though I would get spanked for stepping out of my village to get them on my own, they were worth the adventure. Perhaps that is where my love of adventure comes from..."
"And my taste for carrots."

The makeup of the Archadian Military does not get him to speak, though honestly, Evja would not join even if the option came up. At least... he did not think he would take such an offer up. Times, and things, change. As do all people. While Gabranth has his attention drawn, Evja minds his own business, eating his food and letting the Judge Magister have his peace for his own business. And when it comes up he has to leave, Evja nods. "Of course, work and country before pleasure." Taking the pearl, Evja looks at it, then says, "Perhaps next we speak, you can tell me what you originally planned to ask me after I told you of my secret. I am quite curious, actually, what the first thing that crossed your mind was. Or, rather, some of the first things." He seemed amused by it, bowing his head towards Gabranth. "Also... I would prefer to tell only those I trust, personally. Yourself and his honor Zargabaath primarily. I will... not ask you to keep secrets from your majesty if he inquires, but please do not spread such a thing of me?"
The Judge Magister glances back over his shoulder. Those blue eyes only seen for just a moment before the shadows of the helm hide them once more. "Your secret is safe with me, your honor." Gabranth says very calmly before he opens the door and steps out.

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