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Departing from Cornelia
(2013-02-19 - 2013-02-20)
When the students decide to move out of Cornelia for other towns and more information, Kaydin appears to give some of his own kind of wisdom... a few traded insults and Souji takes him on man to man.
Annia Leradine Its a bit late morning, at least for a normal schoolday. But between moving worlds and a new kind of 'jet lag', noone's back in the groove just yet it seems. Either way, the dancing bully walks out of her room, pulling her luggage on wheels behind her, a travelling bag over her shoulder. Same luggage she asked Jidro to carry for her. Yeah, she was doing that to pull his chain a bit, its not even that heavy.

Anyway, some people might spot her as she comes down the stairs, apparently ready to vacate the inn entirely right now.
Kamon Lionward Kamon is an inexplicably early riser. He's been up for a while already, out behind the inn doing some pretty routine practice with his borrowed (well... apparently kept, given the origin) sword and then getting breakfast in him soon after. When Annia is coming down the stairs, Kamon is already at the bottom, sitting on a chair against the side of the staircase. He glances back and up, looking quizzical.

"Are you... going somewhere?" Dumb question, he realizes a moment later; she has all her stuff. "I mean -- where are you going?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine rolls her eyes a bit at the first question. At least he has enough brain power to ask it in a better way before she can comment on it. She stops at the bottom of the stairs for a moment, nodding "Can't get anymore info in this town, need to move on to the next one. I was going to head to Baron to catch a ship. From what info I did get, best place to go check into would be Traverse Town."

She pauses for a moment, considering "At least its what I figure is the best way to handle my homework right now." She left a note to the professor. There isn't much in the ways of communication yet after all.
Kamon Lionward "Oh." He turns in his seat. He's got his coat hanging on the back of it, and appears to be lacking in the tie department this morning. "Well, that makes sense. With a name like that, we're bound to find something there, right?" He rises to his feet, picking up the coat with one hand. "How far is Baron from here? I thought I heard someone mention it was nearby..."

Kamon appears to have invited himself along. He doesn't want to explain why; he's afraid he'll insult her if he tells her it's for her own protection. He isn't just going to let one of the few people left in this world he actually knows walk off into the monster-infested wilderness alone.
Kaydin The shadows of the various furniture begins to gather and a shadow flies through, twitching it's little claws and blinking bright gold eyes. However it wasnt long for this world as a sword flies through black portal and hits the shadow, causing it to dissolve into black smoke. Kaydin comes through the portal, re-wrapping the black chain about his arm that connects the sword. When he finally glances about, he says only one thing.

"Sorry about that folks, been chasing that bugger for a while."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine blinks as someone appears out of thin hair, chasing one of those weird shapeless monsters she heard about. She moves down the last step, lifting an eyebrow, walking past Kamon. If he's going to follow, not like she can stop him either "Its not that far away, can walk there in a few hours, although I'm catching a chocobo there, there's some stables near the entrance." If she can avoid walking its always a boon. But even on chocobos its never totally safe.
Kamon Lionward Pretty much the instant the shadowy creature with the gold eyes flies into the room, Kamon's entire demeanor changes. He goes from 'more-or-less relaxed with a little side of derp' to 'suddenly alert killing machine' in approximately a split second. His sword leaps free of its scabbard faster than you can blink and gets brought up into a ready position without conscious thought.

It would be far more impressive if the practice blade had an actual edge.

Someone with a portal takes it out and steps out. Kamon slides a step to the left, away from the chair and the wall, and faces off with him, glancing around nervously for more of the things. He's obviously run into them before, and not had a good experience. The tip of his sword doesn't waver, though; a point in his favor.

It takes about three full seconds before he realizes that Kaydin is probably not an enemy. The katana lowers a few inches, but he hasn't put it away, staring at the man with clear concern. He can't think of anything to say, either.
Kaydin Kaydin finishes wrapping the chain and looks to the man with the Katana and the lack of actual edge on it. "Thats not going to do you any good friend. Sure it is better then bare hands, but a sharp edge is easier against creatures." He says as he approaches Kamon and the girl he was following. "If you need money I suggest doing tasks about the town, and avoid Baron." He says calmly.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine looks dubiously toward the newcomer, and walks pointedly to him "... And who are you to tell us what we should or shouldn't do? You have no idea what we're doing here, so you can keep your advice to yourself." She hmphs and keeps on walking toward the exit, luggage in tow.

She doesn't quite appreciate his attempt at telling Kamon what to do either. But it would do good to get Kamon a real weapon, at any rate.
Kamon Lionward Kamon looks almost embarassed when he points out the... actual lack of an edge. He lowers the weapon and sheathes it smoothly, holding the scabbard in his left hand and bending to get his coat off the floor. "Uh... right," he mutters. "I'd rather just not, uh, have to fight them." He slides a half-step back from the chain-winding man unconsciously, then steps over to his chair and grabs the backpack resting next to it by the upper strap. Kamon does not intend to actually look him in the eye, and fully intends to leave via the front door.
Kaydin "Just figured you wanted to avoid the heartless. Baron uses them to defend their borders. So by all means, go get yourself killed for being too snobbish to listen." He says as he then chuckles at her little luggage thing. He then turns to the man. "I would rather people not fight and monsters not attack anyone and heartless not exist, but sometimes life throws curveballs. Better to be prepared and not need it, then need it and not have it." He says as he would reach into a pocket and pulls a small coin purse to offer to Kamon. "Should be 300 gil there, enough to get a decent sword."
Myla Mason Myla Mason is up and about she's finding herself back in her casual clothing that she's more suited to things. She looks more like an Al Bhed now than someone out for a school though the back of her small short sleeve jacket does have small school crest on it. She pauses for a moment a she seems to have come on to something and pauses at the offer of money, she's just well been a bit behind the others for the moment and tilts her head at Kaydin.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine shakes her head "We're not going to hunt monsters, we're just going to catch a ship, and while you seem to be able to use weird black portals to travel, we're stuck travelling like little people do. Walking, chocobos and boats." She shakes her head. Why does she have to explain this to that guy anyway.

She steps out of the Inn, toward the chocobo stables, setting up her luggage and bags on the chocobo's saddle calmly.

She saw Myla there, but since she didn't try to butt in, she doesn't say anything yet either.
Kamon Lionward "'Heartless?' That's what they're called?" Looks like he really /is/ clueless. Kamon shrugs into his coat and backpack, much more comfortable with his gear. He has a shoulder strap for the practice blade, but doesn't employ it at the moment, and keeps his right hand free, too. He frowns at the coin purse, shaking his head and finally turning his rust-colored eyes to look Kaydin in the face.

"I make it a point not to take other peoples' money," he states firmly, "especially when I don't know them. I'll find my own." He moves to shoulder past Kaydin and go out the front door. The fact that he let Annia pay for lunch the previous night does not really occur to him.
Kaydin "Yes. That little black portal you saw, is called the corridors of darkness. Those monsters use it to travel from world to world. Judging from your dress and your lack of knowing about these creatures, I wager you are not from this world. If you saw these monsters come to your world enmasse, then I am sorry, but everything there is consumed by those monsters." He says, following them.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is now watching her schoolmate and takes note of the monster name. She raises an eyebrow at the name that's an odd name to give those creatures. She pulls her goggles down over her eyes now and heads towards the group as she listens to things. She's moving to help load the birds with her own things she's got a backpack and there's a strange dog like robot as she looks Kaydin over for a moment. "..."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine looks over to Myla as she starts packing "You coming along too?" She didn't ask Kamon because it seemed obvious enough since he was following her around right now. Myla came out of nowhere "I guess noone wants to stick around here right now." She shrugs, sliding up on top of hte big yellow bird. She pats its mane a bit "Looks like chocobos are no different than our world at least."
Kamon Lionward Kamon ducks out the front door and into the late morning sunlight. He shades his eyes against it for a second, blinking till he adjusts, and then walks forward across the grass towards the chocobo stables. He stifles a sigh as Kaydin follows him, squeezing his eyes shut for a moment and then rounding on him. He reaches out and jabs a finger into the dark-cloaked man's chest, an angry look on his face.

"/Yes/, we're not from this world, /yes/, there were a bunch of them, and /no/, it /isn't/ 'consumed.' It's probably just a fiend attack that got off of Odin and up to Chocobo. We're going to find a ship to Traverse Town, and then figure out how to get home to help take the school back. Okay?!" Kamon sounds kind of angry. He almost never gets angry, and he has a lot of cause for it a lot of days.
Kaydin "Right, fiends which has the power to turn anything they kill into one of them. Keep telling yourself that." Kaydin says as if Kamon being upset didnt bother him and he looks back into the man's eyes. "Look, there are one of two ways you chucked from your world. The first is you found the portal accidently and the last thing you would remember is bright light. Thats the best scenario because your world still exists somewhere. Now, the other way, the heartless overwhelmed you, came in by the millions, and the last thing you remember was everything going black and being swallowed by that darkness. That means they consumed your world. Now time and space is tricky when this happens, people with strong wills and intensely good or evil in nature, will somes pop up from your world, even people who may have been dead. Could be a week or month from now but if someone pops up, to them, no time has past." He says calmly. "If your world was consumed then I am sorry. There may be way to restore it, if you work quickly enough."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine takes out her book from her backpack, jotting down a few things as Kaydin talks "That's fascinating, but its no information that we can use right now. It doesn't matter if our school is gone, swallowed by darkness or whatever, we're here and alive, and need to do the best of this situation to get things back in order." She's critically to the point it seems. She still writes down the information that the man imparts, even though they didn't really ask for any of it. Can always be useful later.

"And it doesn't change our plans of going to check on Traverse Town."
Kamon Lionward Kamon's free hand clenches unconsciously into a fist. He lowers his eyes, staring at the ground, his hair falling in his face. His whole body shakes in silence, and the sword rattles in its scabbard right up until his grip tightens enough to dent the scabbard right below the guard. He bares his teeth, feet planted in the grass in front of the inn right alongside the street, muscles tight with tension.

Who is this man, Kamon thinks, to come say that it's all gone? Who is he to claim that everything we know and love is just dust? That everyone is dead, or these monsters? He grinds his teeth together, the sound slightly off-pitch, as if mixed with the dull scrape of metal on metal.

"Shut up," Kamon whispers, his voice a shaky hiss and no louder than a sigh.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "I am, we need to find out more and we can make our way back here if we need to." She admits "Well if it is consumed we'll make them spit it up if not? They are going to be damn sorry we surived." She notes to Kamon aas she checks the last of her things is ready to roll. "So can zombies."
Souji Murasame "If you let him get to you that easily, you're just going to play into his hands."

Huh? Where did that come from?

A gust of wind sweeps through the general room, ruffling clothes and the occasional curtain. The door sweeps closed as the impeccably-dressed, suited male makes his presence known. "You're better than this, Lionward." Souji's eyes shift towards Kaydin. "You're a native of these lands? You should guard your advice more carefully."
Kaydin "I am not a native to these lands but I watched a world become consumed by the beasts. I am trying to help you but if you do not wish it I will leave. There may be a way to restore your world if one acts quick enough." Kaydin says as he turns to look to Souji.

"Welcome to Cornelia!" Emi says as someone passes by.

A few seconds later another person passes by. "Welcome to Cornelia!"

A few seconds later. "Welcome to Cornelia!"

It's a living. Pays better than Walmart.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine is like Kamon in that aspect, she's getting annoyed by this guy that seems to know more than he should and feels free to impart that knowledge freely like that. She shakes her head, looking at the other two "So you two are coming to Traverse with me?" She has a rough map so she'll be fine to get there either way.

Souji though, comes in as a surprise. She narrows her eyes a bit "And what makes us worthy of your presence today, Murasame." She shakes her head. She knows enough of the guy to not like him at all.
Souji Murasame Souji found the greeter at the gates quite cordial. Not the same one as yesterday though. Odd!

Souji tilts his head slightly, eyes narrowed at Kaydin. "You have an odd definition of help. How is anyone supposed to make any sense out of the drivel you're spouting?"

He looks over to Annia. "I've come to give you assistance, if you're willing to accept it." He snaps a hand up, holding folded sheets between two fingers. "There's no point in leaving you people lost and randering around. Besides. Dragonius would use it as an excuse to slack off and find more women to have one-night stands with. Therefore I took advantage of my ship to create detailed maps of the areas."
Kamon Lionward Kamon is shaken out of his furious state almost instantly by Souji putting in an appearance and being himself. He looks up, eyes narrowed, and sets his jaw and turns away. He sticks his free hand roughly into his coat pocket, stalking off down the street. "Meet you outside town," he half-mutters on the way past Annia, swinging his sword over his shoulder next to his pack and forcing himself to keep his hands away from anything he could pick up and bludgeon someone to death with.

Kamon walks straight out of town, only stopping once he's actually outside the gates. He leans against the wall on the outside, then slides down to a seat on the grass, head in his hands. There is a second where he glances up in surprise -- was Emi there when they came in the other day? -- but he resumes his fury-based sulking soon after.
Emi Dennou "WElcome to Cornelia!" Emi tells Kamon. She must be a temp. Her eyes are too blank to really suggest 'welcome'. And she has green hair, which suggests she might be a player character. Nevertheless, she may not be allowed to say things that aren't 'Welcome to Cornelia!' now. THERE ARE RULES IN THIS KINGDOM.
Kamon Lionward "I'm exiting, not entering," Kamon says through his hands. He glances up for a second more. He does not know many gate guard greeter types with green hair. Weird. "I don't think you say that when someone's leaving." He rolls his eyes and looks out into the distance, muttering, "Maybe that's something /else/ that's changed. Gods."
Emi Dennou "Welcome to Cornelia!" Emi informs Kamon, though it does seem a bit more apologetic this time around.
Kaydin "Drivel I am spouting? You know more about the creatures which attacked your world? You know how you ended up in this country? Do you even know how to get back to your own world?" He asks calmly. "Try and help people and get treated as if I am the bad guy." He mutters before turning to Souji and approaching him. "If you do know so much more then me, by all means, enlighten me." He says as he watches him.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine blinks at Souji's offer. After Kaydin that just freely gives info, now a classmate just freely gives out a map? Is this the day of freebies?

She trots her chocobo to the Murasame inheritor, and holds out a hand for the map, curious about it. "I won't deny that a map would be useful for the road we're going to take." There is a swamp after all, even if you can orient yourself using the sun, its still a bit dangerous to go blind.
Kamon Lionward Kamon throws up his hands and stares at Emi. Apologetic? Sure, maybe, but -- "Can you even say anything else?" he asks, exasperatedly. "What's your name?"
Myla Mason Then comes Souji she remains polite for him giving him a polite nod and she looks at Souji and can't find her self arguing about it. He's pretty much honestly. She pauses as Kamon is heading out and she thinks it's about time to start heading out. "I'll go catch up with Kamon." She's more than happy to Leave the Dark Knight she has all the confidence in the shells that he can handle the native stranger.

"Hey Kamon!"
Emi Dennou Emi is quiet for a few moments. She looks at Kamon. And then... And then... as if with great effort and determination, a spark in her eye that shows a powerful will...she clears her throat and says--


"Welcome to Cornelia!"

-----while slipping a small slip of paper in her hand. The paper says: 'On the clock. This one is Emi. Talk after?' No wait--it's not one piece of paper. It's two pieces of paper that were stuck together that say the same thing. Did ... did someone go to her earlier and say more or less the same thing? Seems that way.

"Welcome to Cornelia." She adds with a small wink.
Souji Murasame Souji gives Annia the map. It's a topical map with points of interest marked across the area, with specific points outlined in red. "The indicated points appear to be portals to other areas. Our mages can't tell where they go and the Ame-no-Torifune can't pass through them. Feel free to explore through those areas. I am currently examining the various other settlements in the area and making contact to gather independant information... Instead of relying on the kindess of random strangers." Souji looks over at Kaydin, narrowing his eyes. "What do you even want? Are you looking for money in exchange for your information?" He pulls out two Gil and tosses them at Kaydin's feet. "Here. Take your money and go. I have nothing to prove to a whining mongrel."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine nods to Souji, taking out her own book of notes and comparing the map "... Well this should come in handy anyway." She doesn't offer a thanks though, she's just... well... like that. Not really a bad intent behind it either.

She trots toward the exit gate next, joining up with the two others that are apparently trying to speak to the guards there. She looks over to Souji "We'll see you around then. We're trying to get more information, and hopefully some communication system working. Traverse Town seems like the best bet."
Kaydin Kaydin sighs as he unravels the chain from his arm and rewraps it along the blade of his sword and sets it aside before turning to Souji and just gives a friendly smile before a fist rises to try and punch the man in the face. In succession with this blow, he aims his other fist at the man's face as well before sending a knee for the man's stomach.

"Well, I guess what I want now is to kick your ass." He says calmly.
Kamon Lionward Kamon watches and waits with baited breath. He feels like a breakthrough is going to happen. Magic is in the air. His eyes widen fractionally, and--!!

He takes the little slip of paper. He looks down at the little slip of paper, then up at Emi, then down at the /second/ little slip of paper. He hands them back, feeling as though she will need them.

Then he promptly falls over laughing hysterically. It's like the stress of the last few days just exploded in the form of manic laughter. He manages to wave at Myla as she closes in, but is still laughing uproariously at this whole thing for basically no good reason.
Souji Murasame Souji was expecting this. There is a snap as the glasses float from Souji's face and are tucked into his suit pocket, moments before Kayin punches him in the face twice. When the knee comes in, there is a loud CRACK, as a sheathed blade is interposed in the way of the knee. Souji, his face purpling slightly and his lip split, reaches up with his free hand and dabs at the blood, looking down at it with an absent expression. "You can try."

He turns. "Outside. You might brawl in here like a barbarian, but I have standards."

He steps out into the plaza of Cornelia, and waits, turning towards the entrance of the inn and waiting.
Kaydin "I brawl because I was taught that when you use a weapon you best intend to kill your oppenant." He says as he retrieves his sword and walks outside of the inn, rewrapping the chain along his arm as he holds his sword out. "Since I hit you first, how about you start things off." He says as he keeps his eye on the man.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is passing the guard and waves good bye to him as she passes, meanwhile Souji and Annia are doing their thing hopefully she'll catch up soon enough. She thought it was best if she got out of the way.. She grins a bit at Kamon as he falls over as they start laghing. "Kammon what's so funny...." She alsop looks at Emi and smiles a bit. "Hello!"
Emi Dennou Re: Standards,

Emi takes the papers gratefully, bowing her head faintly with a 'Welcome to Cornelia'. When she straightens, and Kamon is guffawing, she allows herself a small smile. The laughter, while not contagious to Emi, did seem to give her a case of the smiles.

She waves over to Myla upon seeing her. "Welcome to Cornelia!" She tells her and, a bit preemptively this time, offers the piece of paper that she had just given Myla, this time careful to only give one piece of paper rather than two pieces of paper stuck together.
Souji Murasame "Are you naturally stupid, or are you intentionally missing everything I say?" Souji states. "Nevertheless, I will attempt to educate you. You will weep the day you have heard the name of Murasame."

Air swirls around him as he raises the sheathed katana, his clothing flapping in the miniature tempest as he grasps the hilt. He draws the weapon, revealing dark steel etched with complex and ancient lettering...

And then suddenly he is in motion, the blade whisling through the air despite not even being anywhere near Kaydin.

The air strikes for him, sending a powerful blast rolling towards the Dark Knight. Thunder explodes beneath him, sending crackling ionic aura into the air like a fountain that surround and cling to the man's clothing and armor, sizzling and arcing constantly.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine heard the crunch of the fists. Now that's not something she stands for. It doesn't matter if its Souji or anyone else, but just punching people because they got a little riled up...

And that's coming from the bully, although she's never punched anyone without good reason. This didn't seem like a good reason.

She turns the chocobo around and runs in between the two, making a wall of the giant bird, looking pointedly at Kaydin "You can't take a little insult without making your fists talk? You're a poor excuse of a man. I don't know what's your business, but I'm not standing for this." She looks rather meanly at Kaydin too.

It might not stop the two from fighting either, but she really despise that kind of thing.
Souji Murasame "Don't get in the way." Souji says to Annia. "I will deal with him myself. Go check on Lionward or something to make sure he hasn't decided to make himself feel better by challenging the town wall to a headbutting contest."
Kaydin Kaydin gets hit by the blasts of air and he chuckles as his body surges with pure darkness. "How cute, she is defending you." He says as he moves around the Chocobo and girl and moves to slash at the man, the slash meant to overpower defenses and as soon as the attack goes through the blade surges with black energy and tries to overwhelm the man with the katana.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine doesn't like this, but Souji seems to have the matter in hand anyway. As far as she's concerned, Kaydin is getting what he deserves. Its not that she's defending Souji as much as defending what she believes in. And a little dirt throwing never deserves a punch in the face, even for Souji. "Right, I'll let you two idiots be then." Turning the bird around and heading back to the gates, glancing back behind her to the two wrestlers for a moment, before galloping away.

"Come on then, we should get on our way before it gets late." She says to Myla and and Kamon as she moves past them.
Souji Murasame The Dark Blade cuts out at Souji, knocking his guard aside for a moment and drawing a light wound from his side. "Hmph." Souji says as he brings his weapon around, parrying the followup strikes with several explosions of black power. "How cute, you can almost fight."

He strikes with his weapon, the air splitting as lightning cuts through the sky and smashes down towards Kaydin, striking from multiple directions moments before Souji hurls his weapon, sending it slashing through the Dark Knight's position.
Kamon Lionward A minute or two later, Kamon calms down, wiping his eyes with the side of his finger. He's still chuckling a little, but seems to be trying to force himself to calm down. It works intermittently; he starts to get a straight face on, and then immediately exhales explosively and starts laughing all over again.

Kamon looks up at Annia, and then leans around the corner to look into the town square. His eyes widen a bit, and he looks back to Annia and then the fight again. "Shouldn't we --" Wait, no, it's Souji. Souji would just turn and have his goons thrash them if they got involved. He's way too proud for that. Kamon hesitantly rises to his feet, adjusting his shoulder straps. "-- uhhh... nevermind. Let's go. Traverse Town awaits, right?" He smiles.

He also turns back to Emi for a second as they're heading out, just long enough to wave goodbye. What are the odds they'll run into one another in Traverse Town, right?
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks at Emi again and now finds it somehow funny and she nods to her. "Thank you, I'm afraid i'm going to be shoving off from Cornelia in a moment or two." Sjhe now notices Annuia is arriveing from the town. I have to agree let them do as they will if it gets too much the city guard will deal with them right? I'm curious to see Traverse Town." She grins "Come on Swimmer!" She calls out to her creation/pet. "It should be an adventure in and of it self Kamon, Annia!"
Emi Dennou Emi waves after Kamon and Myla--and now Annia, though she keeps track of the names she does get.

She waves goodbye. "Welcome to Cornelia!"
Kaydin Kaydin tries to parry the elemental attacks but in the end he is cut and he shakes his head. He then raises his sword to send a blast of dark energy before moving in to send two more strikes aimed to try and catch the man off of his guard.
Souji Murasame The blast of dark power is cut through, Souji parrying the wave as if it is physical and sending it crashing to one side. The quick strikes graw more thin wounds as they duel, the Dark Knight's power briefly winning past the Murasame heir's guard. "Is that your best?" Souji asks. "You're going to disappoint me." He holds back, keeping his guard up as he marshals his strength. Energy rises around him, and crimson begins to flicker, wicking down the blade and pooling into the etchings.
Kaydin Kaydin just leaps up into the air, slashing down at the man with dark blast of energy and then unravels the chain on his arm and starts spinning it. The the sword is hurled at the murasame heir with intense force.
Souji Murasame Souji's blade sweeps through the air, returning to him moments before he spins, deflecting the blade moments before it strikes. "What do you think you're going to accomplish here? Indignation is only going to work for you if you have the skill and power to back it up. you seem to lack both."

Souji turns, holding up the blade as the runes flash, energy dripping ominously off of the weapon like blood. "Murasame begins to awake." Souji says, moments before sending a flashing series of lightning bolts crackling through the air towards the flying Dark Knight, followed by a wave of hissing, lambent light that shears through the air before him... And obscures him flashing forward, slashing past Kaydin's position. "It hungers."
Kaydin Kaydin watches the goings on with a serious gaze and when it looks as if he was attack, he evades the electrical energy, his body now surging with black energy as he watches this man. He then moves in, sending a stab for the Murasame before swinging his sword to blast him back with dark energy. However as he completes the swing, he lets go of the sword and grabs the chain, swinging the chain to send the sword for the man. "Hungers?" He asks as he watches him.
Souji Murasame There is a thin smile as Souji turns, taking the strike on his arm. The weapon cuts deep, blood staining his suit as he hits the ground and turns. His hand drips with blood, and he raises the hand. "Murasame, the Hungry Blade. Legends say it drinks the blood of those its cuts. But there is no power without sacrifice." He lowers the hand, running the blood along the runes. "By the ancient arts of my ancestors, awaken... Accept this offering, sword spirit, and arise!"

The blood evaporates, power exploding around Souji in a small gale. Thunderclouds begin to gather as he thrusts the sword into the air. "MURASAME! AWAKEN, AND CONSUME MY FOE!"

Crimson lightning arcs through the air, as red power streams from the weapon, lancing out towards the Dark Knight in a spiritual assault, a fragment of the terrible power contained within the weapon lashing out. Burning red blades scythe out like claws, rending and shredding, to strike down and consume the life force of Kaydin, taking it as its just due.
Kaydin Kaydin was driven up into the air from the gales but as he see's the powers coming for him he just widens his eyes in surprise. He then hurls his sword for the stone fountain, pulling hard to guide himself out of the way of the blasts, sliding to a stop finally. He then surges with black energy as he glances to Souji but if the swordsman would blink, Kaydin is gone before appearing before him to try and run him through with the black blade he now wielded. "I will confess, I expected to lose against you. You are incredibly strong." He says emotionlessly as his eyes blacken. His sword then explodes in a MASSIVE blast of dark energy, and finally he appears behind the swordsman to send his sword through him from behind.
Souji Murasame Souji grimaces as he sees the Dark Knight avoid his strikes. The distortion of Murasame vanishes as it finds its hunger unsated... for now. The glowing dies along the weapon, waiting for new blood to soak it.

Unfortunately for Souji, the closest blood is probably his own as Kayin strikes multiple times, running him through twice and sending him dropping to a knee. An expression of anger crosses his face, cracking his normal iron control. A hand clenches, crushing the soil it grabs up in his hand.

He staggers back to his feet, and turns, blasting a torrent of air and lightning at Kaydin. "Are you trying to mock me? You're doing a poor job of it."
Kaydin "I am admiring your strength." Kaydin says as he catches torrent of air and lightning with his sword and forces a blast of darkness to overpower it and fly for Souji as he watches him. "I dont have the strength to finish you off and you are injured. We both walk away now, done." He says as he waits for a reply.
Souji Murasame Souji stands there, considering. His expression is angry, his body wounded... For a moment, it looks like he is going to consider fightning, but he turns away, shaking his head and sheating the weapon. "Very well. A draw it is." He shrugs, and begins to walk off, wounded. He doesn't say anything else to Kayin, simply making his way out.
Kaydin "You are right about one thing, I will not forget the name Murasame." Kaydin says as he too begins to walk off, in the opposite direction from Souji, injured and tired.

This scene contained 64 poses. The players who were present were: Kaydin, Emi Dennou, Annia Leradine, Myla Mason, Kamon Lionward, Souji Murasame