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The Case Of The Missing Priestess
(2013-02-19 - 2013-02-19)
It was a late evening in the Agency. I didn't expect any customers and I was just thinking of closing up. But then she arrived...
Mercade Alexander The Twilight Detective Agency is open for business! Much like it normally is. Mercade himself relaxes in the lobby, deciding to get some air for the moment.

This might or might not be because Max has stolen his chair again.

The Detective is busily tapping at the computer, doing some research on some things while looking through some open case files. Smooth jazz is playing on the radio as usual. Everything is in its place and Mercade is pretty happy with himself right now.

Of course, who knows what might happen when someone walks through the door?
Katyna Oooh, so this is the place huh? What a quaint little office. It's kinda cozy! But..Of course Kat came here on official business after asking around. Hopefully this is the place that can help her. She steps in, not at all shyly as she peers around at the dart board and soft looking seats. "Oooh, wow, what a cool place. I'm just dying to check out those darts!"

In fact, Kat moves towards the dart board, about to pull down the whole thing as she reaches out to grab a dart...But then she hears jazz music, and she turns away at the last minute, singing along to the smooth tunes. But just as quickly, her attention is turned towards the cool looking top hat with a bullet in it, and she's tempted to grab it and try it on, before she realizes that there is somone sitting at the computer in the lobby.

"Hmmmmn, now where was I? Oh yeah!!" she clears her throat as she steps up to the desk, assuming the guy sitting there to be some sorta secretary. "Excuse me? Hi there! I'd like to talk to someone about a potential case!"
Mercade Alexander The Detective looks up as the door opens, and he looks over the person who enters the room. He watches her as she immediately goes for the dartboard. Mercade doesn't comment when she begins dancing. He's about to speak when she reaches for the tophat, but Katyna stops, and Mercade is sitting here watching here with a quirked eyebrow and a moderately amused expression.

"Hello there." He smiles. "I'm Mercade Alexander, detective of the Twilight Detective Agency, and the guy who keeps things coordinated here. You said you wanted to talk about a case?" He gestures to the chair opposite. "How about you introduce yourself and tell me what the problem is?"
Katyna Katyna nods and smiles. "Hi! Nice to meet you, Mercade! My name is Katyna!" She pauses, wondering if he knows the name from VALKYRIE. Were they even that popular yet, or was it just Avira who seemed to know everyone?

Ahem, at any rate! She takes a seat in front of the desk, suddenly taking on a more serious expression it seems. "Well, I'm actually searching for someone, a woman by the name of Priestess Felicia Rouger. I checked with Traverse Town church where she worked for a number of years, before she suddenly..Err..Vanished one day.."

Katyna seems a bit..Evasive as she explains that last part, but doesn't bother to expand on it. "But, I think this woman's trying to kill me or something! She tried to frame me with the murder of a number of people in the church, then planted a cursed gauntlet on me..Like as in literally on my hand, which forced me to attack my friends!"

Well that's just half the story, but Katyna's been talking so fast that she needs to pause to take a breather.
Mercade Alexander Mercade pulls out some fresh paper and a pencil, and begins writing quickly as Katina speaks. His shorthand form seems almost unintelligible to people unversed in the set of terms Mercade uses, but he seems to be keeping up. "All right, so this woman vanished from the Traverse Town Church, then framed you and planed a cursed item on you to make you attack people. Got it."

Mercade looks up, tapping the pencil against his lip for a moment. "All right. I'm going to need some more information on this. What does this person look like? How did she vanish? What kind of exhibited abilities and tendencies does this person have?" He gestures to Katyna. "What kind of relationship did this person have with you?"
Katyna Katyna sweatdrops. "Erp..It's kinda..Well I dunno exactly how she vanished. One moment, she was leading us into the church catacombs, trying to show us where this supposed mystery thief kept stealing treasure and killing people. Next thing I know, the lights went out, I had blood on my hands along with that gauntlet..And then she was nowhere to be found!"

As for how she looks. Kat sighs. "Ehh...Well here's the freaky part..She looked a lot like me except she had long red hair. Here's a photo I took from the church!" And she hands over a picture of Sister Felicia. "Umm, she's a priestess, so I guess she's got some kinda holy powers? Who knows? I think she caused the lights to go out, and I wonder if she cursed that gauntlet? Ooh, but there's something else too..."

Kat hesitates a moment however, if uncertain if she should say this, but. "Umm, ever since meeting her, I've been having strange dreams, like I could see all those people who were murdered. I..I'm a bit scared. What if *I* killed those people? But I've never killed a person in my life! That's why I need to find her to clear my name! But more than that, I wonder if she has some sort of power over dreams? Ooh, also...."

Kat's talking so fast here, she has to pause to catch her breath again. "Ooh, that's the thing, I've no idea who she is or what her relationship is to me. I need to find out more about her like, a background check, yknow? The church seemed to have very limited info on her. Apparently she's pretty mysterious there too..." Of course, most of that info she had received from a friend on her behalf, since she was wary of returning to the church herself.
Mercade Alexander Mercade picks up the picture and studies it for a moment. "Hmmm.... Mind if I keep this?" He puts it down with the notes, and jots some more things down. "Strange dreams, a vanishing woman, a cursed gauntlet... And you have no idea what her deal is." Mercade frowns to himself for a moment. "All right. I'll go ahead and look into the problem for you. Maybe we can track her down and find a way to help you with this."

He levels a stare at Katyna, watching her intently. "Are you sure this is everything you know? That there's nothing else you wanted to say about the situation?" IT seems like Mercade is trying to prompt for something. Does he think there's more there? What could it be?
Katyna Kat nods. "Go ahead! I dont really need it. I could never forget those creepy eyes, like lookin' though a mirror!!" She frowns and nods, "Yeah, it's pretty creepy stuff. I'm sure she has a bone to pick wih me, but I dunno what, or why!" She nods and smiles, "Thanks, appreciate it!" Though pauses when he asks her something else. "Hmmmm? Err...Nothing I can think of!" nervous laughter.
Mercade Alexander There is a long pause as Mercade considers everything he's been given. "All right. I will look into this and keep in touch with you as I gain more information. Fair enough?" Mercade says. "We'll discuss payment later, once I've figured out what the scope of this case will be." All too often a little 'innocent' request has been sending Mercade on ridiculous trips lately. "If you need to get in touch with us or have more information, call us on the Ma Belle or drop by. We're basically always open."
Katyna Katyna nods. "Alright! I...Hope it wont be too expensive!" heh, although given how potentially dangerous it might be, who knows for sure. She nods again, "Alright, I'll keep in touch. Ooh, and here's my number too!" She writes it down on a piece of paper, handing it over to Mercade.

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