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(2013-02-19 - 2013-02-24)
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Ariel It's been a few days since Ariel wandered toward Rosemarie's shop. Or at least, a few days by how Traverse Town reckons time, which is harder to gauge. But she hasn't forgotten that she asked for a little work here. She's still got a few things she needs to get for herself before she feels she's a proper adventurer in these strange new worlds. And what little munny she's been able to pull together singing in the front of the Hotel so far covers a room there and not much else. It's a little weird having to scavenge for things, but it seems to be the normal state for people who wash up here, as she, literally, did.

She enters the shop and peers inside, not knowing if anyone will be working. It seems to be open at least! She doesn't seem to have anyone with her.
Rosemarie Rosemarie is, in fact, working today. She is working most days at some point or another unless she is out of the shop helping with a contract. Conveniently, on a further inspection, Ariel may notice a schedule posted on the door (the present one has started to fall off) that lists what days Rosemarie will be out. When she is out she tries to have Dameon or Annabelle watching the shop in her absence, but they too have duties to attend.

Regardless, Rosemarie is presently seated at the counter and is writing something. More accurately she is quietly dictating to a quill pen, which is doing the writing, since no one is in the shop until Ariel's entry jingles the bell.

"Oh hello there, sweetheart. Ariel, isn't it? Good to see you again! How's Traverse Town been treatin' y'all?"
Ariel Ariel is about to answer this question, but finds herself mezmerized by the self-writing pen for a moment or two. Of course a pen is not a uniquely human artifact, but the ones she's seen always use squid ink and don't have those feathers, so it takes her a moment to recognize it. Of course, it must be writing itself because Rosemarie is a witch, but it's still a really neat thing.

She looks up away from it with a sudden blink of blue eyes. "Oh! It's been great. I even went out to see a parade. And I'm hoping to get more traveling in soon. How are things in your shop?"
Rosemarie "They're very well," Rosemarie looks around a bit. "But a bit slow today, I'm afraid." Rosemarie smiles a bit more. "But it's an off day. We've been sellin' quite a bit, even if people are a little shakey on what I mean by consultations."

Rosemarie sets her pen aside. "Oh, good to know you're settlin' in. Have you had any luck finding work?"
Aurora Aurora has been wandering for quite some time now, mostly alone save for her animal friends, without her beloved Prince Philip, or any contact with her friends, family, or people. Some of that time has been spent in Traverse town; much of it has been spent moving from place to place, constantly away, away from the heartless. Fortunately, her dress is still clean (magic helps), her corset is not on too terribly tight, and there are always animals willing to be of assistance. Though, truth be told, some more practical assistance would be welcome as well.

Which is what has caused her to notice the out of the way corner shop in the west side of District 1. The name seems promising enough, at least - and, followed by two chipmunks and a songbird, Aurora enters into the shop. "Excuse me please, but are you open for business?" she asks with a curtsey as moves through the door.
CADUCEUS The highpitch whine of a lightcycle is heard as CADUCEUS rides about the town and stops at the shop. As he gets off the bike, the bike seems to deconstruct into green light and form into a black baton with green edgings and a large satchel. He puts the satchel along his shoulder and the baton sticks to his leg as he walks into the shop behind the woman with the animals about her.

Sight of Ariel causes the program to smile. "Miss Ariel. I apologize for seeming to vanish the other day but I found some clothing which should fit you and provite comfort and safety from various temperatures." He says as he approaches the red head.
Ariel "I sing a bit," Ariel says. "And play some instruments. That pirate, Zeke, says he might take me along on his boat, but... um..." But Flounder and Sebastian are of course pretty skeptical of such an obvious fish-killer. Ariel doesn't have to answer this right away, though, because someone else walks in, ringing the front bell. Ariel backs away from the counter a bit to give Aurora some space. Wow, she looks pretty.

She smiles at CADUCEUS. "Oh, it's all right! So good to see you again!" Ariel is wearing a dress, which she seems to have acquired somewhere, but because she loves things she nearly dives for the new present.
Rosemarie "Oh yes, certainly miss!" Rosemarie says, waving to the newcomer. And then another guest comes in, apparently one who knows Ariel. Rosemarie waves to CADUCEUS as well. "Oh, and you have a friend. Nice to meet y'all, I'm Rosemarie, the proprietor of this shop. Is there anything I can help y'all with?"

Her attention goes back to Ariel. "He seems like a nice fella. I've got some business with him to tie up, after which he may be deliverin' some goods on my behalf."
Aurora Aurora takes a moment to admire the proprietress' fashion sense, before glancing between Ariel and CADUCEUS, giving each a brief curtsey in turn. "Thank you kindly. I do apologize for the intrusion to your business, but this is a magical assistance and consulting shop?" She pauses a moment. "Pardon me, let me introduce myself. I don't wish to be rude. I am Princess Aurora. Might you be able to assist me in finding a missing person?"
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS would open the satchel and pulls out a small device, one of the special telephones which allow interdimensional communication. "This is called a telephone. This specific type allows for instant communication throughout the different worlds. You open it up and put this part." He says to the listening part of the device. "To your ear and talk. I have set this one up with +a voice command function and my number on it so if you need me at any time, you simply need to say call CADUCEUS." He instructs as he closes the phone and hands it to her.

He then pulls out a jacket for her. "To protect you from the cold of the worlds and to give you pockets to put things in." He says helpfully.
Ariel "Oh, well, that's good to hear," Ariel says to Rosemarie. Because... as long as a witch vouches for him, right? Well that's probably not what Sebastian would say. "I can probably help him with that. He wants to train me in swordfighting. It sounds like fun."

CADUCEUS hands her a thing. It's one of the talkamaboxes, like she saw Emi with! She breaks out into a wide smile upon seeing it, and snags it out of his hand. He tells her that it's not called a talkamabox after all. That was just her guess.

She pokes at it for a moment, pushing a few buttons. "Oh, it's a Telling Fone? Thank you!" But then another object is handed to her, and she grins at that one instead. She immediately starts putting on the jacket, even though it doesn't match her dress. "I suppose I should give you something in return."
Rosemarie "Certainly," Rosemarie says pleasantly. "I'd be glad to help you try and find something," Rosemarie says, totally neglecting the fact that the Twilight Detective Agency would be better for this sort of thing. She almost certainly won't subcontract them to do it if an agreement is reached. "Though I prefer to arrange a contract first and foremost, and then go from there. I'd be glad to sit down and talk a little about it. Would you like some tea?"
Aurora Aurora tilts her head towards Rosemarie.. "I would, thank you ever so much." she replies. "Though a contract would have to depend on the results of a talk. If you will pardon me one moment, I will have my friends wait outside." She then turns about, bends over, and talks to the three little animals following her around. "If you would wait outside my dears, I would appreciate it." And then, the two squirrels and the songbird actually do turn around and go back outside.

Turning around, she smiles. "Thank you. Where might I sit?"
CADUCEUS "No Miss Ariel. I require nothing but a promise you will not decieve me, that is all." CADUCEUS says as he would then pull out a dagger. "I dont know if you are skilled with weapons or not but this should be useful for more then combat, like cutting rope and plants." He says as he hands the sheathed weapon to her before show some changes of clothes in the satchel which he gives to her.
Ariel A contract! A little random gust of irony floats over Ariel's head. She looks over as Aurora's animal friends leave. She didn't notice them before. Maybe she and Aurora have something in common. She takes another look at Aurora, and, her mouth gapes a little as she notices her tiara. Oh, she must be a foreign princess! Or a queen! It's enough to completely make Ariel forget she's also a princess (being that she's a boring mermaid princess it probably doesn't count).

She snaps her head away, hiding behind her hair a bit and hoping Aurora won't think she's staring.

Fortunately there's more items to look at. Ariel looks through all of them, with great care. She puts the dagger down carefully before giving CADUCEUS a big hug. "Oh, thank you! This will really help a lot. I'll help you out any time I can."
Rosemarie Rose nods agreeably. "Oh of course! I never ask someone to just sign away on a contract without negotiation and a full understanding of what is being exchanged." She seems to mean it. "Normally I prefer to do negotiations in my office upstairs," Rose says, hopping up from her seat. "But I'd hate to leave guests unattended while Dameon and Annalee are out. Maybe the dining room would be best. You've been there before, Ariel, would you mind showing her Highness and your friend to the dining room from before? I'll go put some tea on."

And so, Rose steps back toward the kitchen, the door to which is right behind her counter, conveniently. "Y'all feel free to set anywhere," Rosemarie calls back, "just leave the big chair at the end free."
Deelel Deelel's been out making more art somewhere in town likely on a small job for some merchant or another she was happy enough to get a comission. She didn't need mucha as a human did to get by but money would help for things still. If not it could always help someone else. Either way she's just heading about her business when she notices CADUCEUS taling to some other people and the blue haired basic sneaks on in to see what's going on.


She seeems chipper though she's got a bit of a digital warble to her voice.
Aurora "I would much rather prefer to think of them as a friendly discussion, at first." Aurora says with a smile. She does a lot of smiling. "But as you prefer."

Auroras gaze then turns towards Ariel. If she noticing the staring, she doesn't seem to mind, giving a bright and wide smile. "I'm afraid we have not met before. I'm Aurora. Its a pleasure to meet you." She gives a proper formal curtsey, holding her skirt away from her with both hands, and bending her knees out, rather then forward. "You would be Ariel then?"
Ariel "Yes. Nice to meet you." Ariel returns the curtsey. It's a little clumsy. She gestures toward the back room. Then she picks up the bag she was given, because she does not want to misplace any new treasure, and then starts to lead the way as Rose instructed.

Back in the dining room she has a seat, though not in the largest chair. She at least sits in a very polite way.
Rosemarie Rosemarie calls back from the kitchen, "Oh of course honey! Pardon me if I'm a little eager to get some things negotiated. It's been a while since someone wanted something a little more complicated than a potion or two. Any customer of mine is like family!"

Rosemarie takes a few moments to slip back in, carrying a platter with a tea kettle and teacakes which she sets on the middle of the table. She makes sure everyone is properly served before she takes a seat.
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS nods to Aurora. "I am the Clinical Assistance Directorial Utilitary Companion with Enhancement Upgrade Systems but you may call me CADUCEUS." He says calmly as he would between the women.
Zeke Perhaps it was strange Zeke hasn't left for sea yet. Then again he had a... sour... expression on his face that only improved slightly on seeing familiar and perhaps friendly faces. He muttered something about weasley gutted scum and worse invictives besides. Yet here he was and he had fished, no puns intended pleased, a bag that clinked and clattered with munny out of his coat. Apparently he was here to buy something. HOwever he looked less eager to shop when he saw Rosemarie had sat down for tea. "Room for one more miss?" His voice was soft. Tea sounded rather lovely actually, might cheer his mood away from soured business relations. "Though perhaps I should ask what's been brewed as seems rather self centred of me to assume it'll be black with something to cut the bitter from it."
Aurora Aurora curtsies in the direction of CAUDUCEUS. "Thank you, Caduceus." she replies. "That is a very impressive title. I am Princess Aurora, of the Enchanted Dominion. I must admit, I have not seen such an outfit as yours before. It is very interesting." As Ariel leaves, Aurora then follows after her and the others into the dining room. She also takes a seat, and also avoids the largest chair, sitting down politely in one of the others and smoothing out her dress properly once she does so.

"That is understandable then. Oh, and teacakes as well. Thank you for going to the trouble. Really, I don't wish to be a bother."
Ariel Ariel doesn't want to interrupt the important contract negotiations, so she starts playing again with the phone. It has buttons! She has no idea what they do, but since CADUCEUS figured she might not, she doesn't seem so embarassed about it, as if it's something all humans are supposed to know.

She accidentally activates the ringtone, and it BRRRRRINNNGS so loudly she drops it into a teacup, startled.

Zeke walks in at about that moment. "Oh! Hi!"
Deelel Deelel looks over Ariel for a brief moment looking the redheaded woman over for a second. " She's a bit on the uncertain side she only reall knows CAD out of the whole group. "You might want to use CAD for short it's easier for people to remeber I find." She looks over to Aurora and grins a little bit. "I'm Deelel, we're from the same place don't mind him he's a bit set in hsi ways."
Zeke Zeke looked at the dropped phone curiously, but he didn't know much of the device's function either save he's seen hundreds of people with the bloody things next to their heads. He shrugged at the faux pas and smiled warmly to the girl in spite of his mood. Just something about her really that made him happy... and it wasn't entirely her looks. Go figure.

Then to Deelel he grinned wider. "How goes the painting Miss Deelel?" Nevermind he only knew the lady in passing and wasn't sure how he felt of her story, but she seemed close enough to human... OK fine she was probably closer than most of his crew but she thought, reasoned, had emotions and dreams. Human enough in his books. "Last shipment of paints I'd got in had so little breaage i actually have surplus. If you're interested I can give you a deep discount. Just... need to offload it before we cast off 'gain. Can't have product takin up m'hold that can't find a buyer."
Rosemarie "It's no bother," Rosemarie says, "I do enjoy having guests." She looks over at Ariel when she drops the phone. "Oh! Are you alright, dear? Here," she pulls out a handkerchief and passes it across the table to Ariel. It practically floats over. And then Zeke pokes his head in.

"Ah, Captain. It's good to see you as well. Sit down, sit down! Have some tea--if you'd rather coffee than can be remedied in just a moment." Rosemarie moves around in her seat, looking to go fetch the coffee too before she settles in properly.

"It seems like whenever I have someone drop in before long I've got a house-full!"
Aurora Aurora jumps a bit at the ringtone - she is from a magical version of the 14th century after all - but has been around the World of Ruin and Traverse Town enough that it doesn't startle her very badly; people have those annoying things in there ears all the time. "Ah, I see!" she replies to Deelel. "And where are you from?"

Turning towards Rosemarie, Aurora takes a sip of tea, and a small, delicate bite of a teacake. "Very good, thank you." she says politely - making sure all delicatcies and niceties are out of the way, first. "As I mentioned when first I came into your shop, your grace, I am trying to find something. Or more specifically, a place, and some people. Its a bit of a long story, one that, I am afraid, is all too common now-adays, with so many worlds falling to the Heartless, but I am convinced that it is has some value in the telling, and it will explain what I am trying to find quite well. Would you mind if I sing it?"
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS chuckles. "The title is a mouthful but yes, call me whatever makes you comfortable." He says as he simply watches the goings on quietly...almost like a machine.
Ariel Ariel nods, taking the kerchief. She figures out she means for her to wipe off the wet phone with it. She hopes it still works! She shakes it by her ear a little... then decides she should stop messing with it, and puts it - carefully - down. "Thank you. By the way, I... I wanted to bring up," Ariel says, looking at Rosemarie, "renting a room. Just so I have a place to keep my things!"

She looks up when Aurora mentions singing something. That should be really nice; anyone who loves singing is a friend! She folds her hands as if prepared to be a good listener.
Zeke Zeke laughed goodnaturedly to Rosemarie. "Tea's quite fine by me ma'am." The purse strings untwisted and he started counting coin. "So long as it isn't an imposition mind." There was a hint of a bow after his words before his attention focused elsewhere amongst the group.

Then Aurora's Story. Well OK Aurora's summation of Story. She was lost and seperated and wanted help getting back what she's missing, which seemed to be both People and Home. When she asked if she could Sing her story he, well... all trace of gloom faded. Sure it would be a sad song, a tradgety of epic proportions but some of the best bards made their way in making even doomed battles and lost causes the stuff that could hold an audiance with baited breath and leave them all feeling a part of the sad tale. "I for one would love to hear this story of yours lass if you're wanting ot share."
Deelel Deelel says "It's gong well and paints humm paints I see. Prehaps I might be interested actually." She notes she's honestly intereted prehaps that money will go to use sooner than she expected it would. "I'm fine thank you." the basics notes. "Err a place known as the the Grid." She keeps it simple no need to confuse the lady who seems to be from a world without computers from the looks of it. "It's very different from here." She notes as she listens. "It sadly is, no I'd not mind I love music." She seems happy about this she is a media program after all.
Rosemarie "I would certainly not object, your Highness," Rose calls, pouring Zeke a cup of tea. "I do adore music, and if that is how you'd prefer to tell it please do. It's a shame Annalee has been so busy lately..." Rosemarie makes a very brief, sour expression. "But please, go right ahead."

Rosemarie looks to Ariel, then to Zeke when she mentions renting a room. "I'd be glad to rent you one of the spares, dear. I think we can come up with a reasonable rate once the Princess has finished her tale."
Aurora Aurora folds her hands together for a moment, holding her head high in excellent regal pose, and clears her throat. She is silent a moment. She then clears her throat again.

She then launches into a Disney Musical Number.

You've all seen them. You all know what they are. It starts off fairly simple; with Princess Aurora singing, in her chair, of her birth - of how happy her parents, the King and Queen, were that, at long last, a daughter was born. Of the blessings of the three good faeries; the first of beauty, the second of song. Of the dark faerie, Malefecient - intruding and cursing her to die. Of the blessing of the last faerie giving her a hope, a resistance to Malefecient's magic. The story of sleeping beauty.

She sings it. Not every little detail of the movie, but the general picture of it. Of being raised as a peasant girl by the faeries; of befriending animals in the woods, of being called back to the Kingdom on her birthday and pricking her finger. She tells it all.

Over the course of the song, at some point, she gets up and begins to dance. Somewhere along the line one of the windows open, and songbirds begin to sing. One bird in one window, but soon enough - all the windows are open, and there is a veriable symphony of birds singing, providing a musical background to her song. Squirrels, mice, and other cute animals, pouring through the windows, provide emphasis with cute little animal mock battles, when necessary - some cute animals representing the faeries, others Maleficient. They all dance.

It continues into the tragic portions; Maleficient trying to curse Prince Philip to only awaken Aurora in his old age; of the faeries intervening. Of the utter defeat and ruin of Maleficient. (Aurora's song - and the bird's music - reaches a crescendo here) - of the marriage, the peace that came after.

It ends on a sad note; with Maleficient, having been banished, returning, now master of the Heartless, to destroy the entire world, except the castle. Of Aurora being separated from the castle; her husband, and her parents, and of seeking them out, lost in the World of Ruin.

At the end of the song, the animals depart and shut the windows behind themselves.
Zeke Ah the Bard Sings. No... wiat that's a Princess. One who's life was cursed all for something as petty as a percived slight. Zeke's head shook sadly as he dabbed his eyes dry wit ha shirtsleeve. This tough guy. Twentyish year old who'd braved the north atlantic and Carribean seas since he was barely old enough to walk and all it took was a pretty voice and a sad story to get the water works flowing?

Actually it was far more than that. It was... a giant production number. Zeke found himself pulled in. All thoughts of what had brought him here, or eve nthe cup of tea he'd been holding were all cast aside. This was a magic all it's own.

til it wasn't and then Zeke was left swaying as his mind tried to wrap around that last bit. This... Maleficent using the heartless? It wanted to stick but for some reason practical matters just slid off his mind. "That was... wonderful and aweful. A sad and hard tale but your.... delivery." How in the Seven Seas had she managed that?
Ariel Ariel has switched to using the napkin to dry her eyes after the sad end to the musical number. She wants to get up and help Aurora out... though she's not sure how. Everything is so overwhelming. But she has a stronger understanding now of the Heartless than she did before.

She holds back the urge to applaud the musicianship of the song. "I'm sorry. I'm sure we can find a way to find your world again..."
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS watches it all with a stoic reaction, not seeming at all affected by the singing or the animals and the story. When it finished, the Medic seems to snap out of whatever stupor he was in and seems to focus on the datadisk on his back, pulling it off and seeming to deal with glowing green holograms in it.
Rosemarie Rosemarie pulls another handkerchief from somewhere and is dabbing at her eyes before the music number concludes. "Such a touching story, your Highness," Rosemarie says, quietly wiping her eyes. "I assure you I'll do everything I can to help you locate it. I'll have to confer a little with some associates of mine, of course, but to think that there could be other people out there that's suffered that sort of tragedy! Surely we can do something about it!"

Rosemarie either means it or she's working on her Emmy. Either way it's pretty convincing.
Deelel Deelel pauses her eyes narrow at she realises whom the woman is sining about it's clear she knows the. The basic keeps her cool she nods a little bit and while the song was haunting she looks the princess. "I know of whom you sung of, she has been a menace in the worlds here she was likely one of the ones behind the recent destruction of Manhattan."
Aurora Aurora sits back down in the chair and folds her hands together in a polite and proper fashion. "Oh, thank you." she replies meekly and humbly. She truly doesn't consider the song anything special. "I just do miss my husband, and my family - and whatever remains of my people, surely I owe it to them to help them however I can. There are so many depending on me, and it seems, at times, as if there is so little I can do, it is a bit overwhelming. Even if any of you should hear any rumors of them, it would be considered joyful news." A bit of a frown crosses her pretty face, however. "Malefecient is less joyful news, of course."
Ariel Ariel doesn't want to, but she's thinking a little bit about her own home. She hopes it's okay. And she hopes she'll see Eric again.

She sips from tea rather quietly to avoid accidentally blurting out something stupid.
Zeke Zeke cleared his throat. "Princess. I do not know what good it may do in the long run, but in finding your home. For this task my ship and my crew are at your disposal." He meant it too. It wans't just because she was a retty face either. He's seen plenty of worlds fall, and while Manhatten seemed to get a lot of attention because of it's technology or it's high population or it's whatever... there are more worlds than these that have fallen into darkness, including his own.

"speaking of such matters Miss Rosemarie there are matters i wish to speak with you over at a latter time when you arne't as busy as you are now. Little bit of research that I fear is beyond me an I rather Faruja's church not get tangled as all they do most days is bicker over this or that course of action it seems." That or go on about heretics that need to burn rather than help out in more sincere ways that need not invoke the flaming sword. S'why he liked his new hirelings. They were more interested in humanitarian work than fire and brimstone preaching. Sure they both could fight and he was glad for that, but he was a simple merchant, not a soldier. Well not by choice anyway. "However that is for another day." He dropped a few coins in front of Rosemarie. "For the drink ma'am." He bowed slightly to Aurora. "Princess." And nodded to Ariel, "Miss Ariel."

And with that he was gone.
Aurora Aurora wipes her lips, stands up, pushes the chair back in, and gives another curtsy. "Thank you all for your kind words, hospitality, and aide. I must be going now. Thank you oh so very much." And with that, she heads back out of the shop.
Deelel Deelel looks as the other s depart and realises it's time for her to go. She's got work to do herslef and with MCP incharge here she need to lay down plans she needs to get ready. It will get bad here, it's only a matter of time...

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