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(2013-02-19 - Now)
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Evja The journey had actually been peaceful enough that it wouldn't have disturbed the sleeping Aerith. Arriving to Costa Del Sol, Evja asked quietly around for an inn before taking his Chocobo and Aerith's there as well. A quick word with the innkeeper about getting two rooms and a quiet nudging of Aerith left him carrying her into her room before shaking his head.
Silly him, he trapped the robe around her. Oh well, it'd keep her a proper temperature anyways. Thus, Evja slipped out of her room and closed the door, only to go into the room next door and lay down to sleep. The rooms were what one would expect out of a beach resort area - a bit more lavish, and expensive, than necessary. Still, comfy beds were comfy. Given how used to sleeping in his cloak he had gotten, and how half asleep he was when he got there, Evja wound up sleeping with his shirt and veil off. The room was fairly hot and technology... well, he didn't know what an Airconditioner was. He'd only recently learned of TV! The door was unlocked though, the Viera propped against a layer of pillows with his head tilted down, asleep.
Aerith When the flower girl next awoke, she found herself in unfamiliar territory. Yet at the same time as she checked her surroundings, she noticed familiar things... the bed she slept in was more plush than one's standard fare... there was a working, mako-powered lamp, a television, she could see ports for networking near one of the tables...

Aerith sighed as she sat up from her bed. She'd landed herself in Shinra territory. Again. And like before, she'd had no choice in the matter, Costa del Sol was probably the closest airship port to their previous location for--

Wait, what's this?

She ran a hand along the cloak that had the unique symbol of a Judge stitched on the back of it, and upon realizing how she'd gotten here, felt around for the turban. She found it moments later just behind her pillow. Looking at the hat made her smile. "You did all that for me, huh?"

Aerith pulled the cloak from her and gathered it, folded it as neatly as possible, and placed the turban right on top of it before heading over to what she assumed was Evja's room. He'd done her a grace, now it was time to return the favor. She didn't know how yet, but she could at least start by thanking him.
Evja As mentioned, Evja's door was unlocked, even if it was shut. He was inside, asleep at the moment. The inn didn't seem all that packed at this time of day, mostly because it's a tourist place and everyone was out having fun at this point.
Aerith Closed door... know what, it's not polite to just barge in! So Aerith knocked. "Evja, it's me. Aerith. I'm here with your things, is this a bad time?" She waited for a response of some sort, her features placid and her stance relaxed.
Evja "Mmph?"
He might not ever truly be thankful she didn't, but it's a good thing she didn't. Otherwise there would have been a panicked squeak and attempt to cover himself. Sure, it was only his chest, and he /was/ a guy... but that's just it! He doesn't want others to find it out! But someone did knock. Evja stood up and stretched, yawned, only to realize he didn't have a shirt on. A quick scramble to find it, and his veil, and Evja finally makes it to the door to open it. "Ah, you are awake. I hope you are not upset I brought you to your room? I have no way to prove it, but I can assure you nothing funny happened."
Aerith Aerith giggled. "Oh come on, you don't have to prove anything to me." She peered into his room. "Looks like you had a nice nap... mind if I come in?" She presented his garments to him. "I bring you gifts... that of course, you gave to me in the first place. Doesn't matter, I'm giving them back." She smiled.
Evja Evja stared quietly a moment before nodding and stepping aside to let her enter the room. He did stretch out a hand to take the offered garments before shutting the door. "Yes, I think I needed a good nap, even if I could sleep a bit more. It is not often I get to rest on something this plush. My constant bouts with fighting do leave me rather stiff at times."
Inside the room was a plush chair, as well as the bed. He moved to sit where she didn't, turning to face towards her.
Aerith "Thanks." Aerith passed the cloak and turban over, then took a seat in the all-too-nice chair. If she ever got the chance, she'd come back here and stay for a few more days. Duty called elsewhere, though. "This your first time in Costa?" It certainly seemed as such.
Evja "Yes, it is." The answer was simple enogugh, and direct.
With a yawn, Evja lays back and looks up at the ceiling, "It reminds me of Bodhum. Only there it is always night. I would assume it is not the first time for you, though, given you know where we are?"
Aerith Aerith nodded. Not like she'd reveal everything about this place to him of course, he didn't need to know about all that. "It's a resort town called Costa Del Sol. A lot of people come here yearly for their vacations." She looked toward one of the hotel windows. "Of course this is my first time here too, but I know about it from a friend of mine." She smiled fondly at that. "Said he always wanted to come here."
Evja That's the second time she's mentioned a friend of hers. Were they the same friend? A different one?
Should he even ask?
"I suppose my aspirations for travel were never that great. At least, not really. I had my clan before becoming a Judge, and since I have traveled a good bit anyways. Maybe I am lucky. I mostly wanted out as a child rather than to anywhere in specific."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Well you really should stay here a bit. I mean I know you have places to go to, but once in a while it's nice to be in a place that's tailored to just relax." She settled back into the seat. "Kinda hot in here though..." She looked around and eventually found the control unit for the air conditioning. "Let me work on making it a bit more comfy." She headed over and adjusted the temperature, and in less than ten seconds, the air came on "There, better?"
Evja "..."
"What did you... just do?" Standing up, the Viera wanders over besides Aerith to stand there and stare at the Air Conditioner. A source of continual blizzard magic or something? "Machines amaze me sometimes. I mean, sure, Jylland has airships now, but..."
Aerith Aerith peered over at him and smiled. "There's a series of fans in the air ducts that are linked to a central unit somewhere in this room. This thing here?" She taps the console. "It controls what happens when those fans turn on. All I have to do is adjust it when it's too hot or cold, and the rest takes care of itself."
Evja "Huh. One learns new things every day." A part of him looked as if he thought about touching it himself, but the hand he had extended is instead pulled back and Evja turns to walk back to the bed. "Very good, very good."
Aerith Well that's better, isn't it? Cool room, good company, all they needed now was some food and they'd be fine. She'd worry about that part when she headed back to Goug, but... she wasn't so sure about the Judge. "Hey, you hungry much? I could see what they have to eat here. What do you prefer?"
Evja "I would ask you withold giggling, but I am quite fond of carrots. Would you know if this place serves such? If not, anything would be just as well." Patting around the bed to the nightstand, Evja grabs a gilpouch and pulls out a bit of gil before turning to walk to Aerith. "Here. Since you were sweet enough to offer, I should at least pay for such, yes? There is enough here to get us both something."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Hey, that'd be great. And sure, I'll see what they have in store..." With that, she called up room service and ordered two of their best salads, neither of which she added anything else to. Well, a bit of dressing on hers, but the idea is still there. She hung up after ordering two bottles of water with that and turned toward Evja. "They'll be here in half an hour, tops." She headed back to the chair and sat. "So tell me about where you're from!"
Evja "..."
Evja waited for her to get off the phone before saying, "You are a sneaky one, you know that? I had expected you to leave to get such. ... now I feel silly, knowing this place has so many technological ammenities."
Aerith Aerith giggled and stood. "If I were really that sneaky I'd have brought something with me." She headed over to the bed and rubbed one of Evja's ears. "You know, I really like spending time with you. You're easy to speak to."
Evja Blink.
Blink. Blink.
Well, this one was more like Rinoa than he had first thought. In fact, more than he had thought, period. One of Evja's eyes closed in response to the touch, nose crinkling up a bit, but seeming to somewhat enjoy it either way. "I suppose that is a good thing, though I do try and be easy to talk to. Do you not find it easy to associate with others? Or is there something I am... not observing?"
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "Let's say that I'm unique, that's all. There aren't too many who I can relate to, even though I try to get along with as many people as I can." She moved away and headed back to the chair. "I listen to and remember as many stories as I can, because it helps me understand others and myself better. Is that wierd?"
Evja "A pity, that. And I could not declare anything weird after all. I am curious, though. You asked several times about Pixi. Are the two of you good friends? Or do you simply ask because we are both Viera?"
Evja's attention had followed her as she moved back to her seat, watching her for a response as if studying her non-verbal manners and habits, trying to understand /her/.
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "You could call us friends, or you could call us teacher and student, or you could call us just a Viera and a very quirky girl. But I can tell you this: She told me things that she probably wouldn't have told me anyone else. She gave me a special gift that I carry with me this very day. And she started teaching me how to stand on my own two feet, along with others." Aerith smiled. "So calling her a friend would be the simplest way to put it. I don't like putting things that simple, but everyone else can if they want."
Evja "I shall respect what you feel. I have no need to describe the relationship between you two in any context, I was simply curious. Thank you for letting me know, however." Though it does leave him wondering, as he has been... just who is this girl? It seems like a such a small world sometimes outside, despite it being combined of so many worlds.
"By teaching you... do you mean how to defend yourself?"
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Yeah, exactly." She stood, stretched out her right hand, and after a few moments of focus, a sphere of green light appeared. She closed her fist around it, and in a blink, a six foot long staff made of the whitest bark one had ever seen appeared in her hand. "Nice, isn't it?"
Evja "Yes, it is. It... reminds me of something from the Targ Woods. I was unaware she knew how to fight with a staff though. Mm... I, personally, use spears and my personal Judge Sword." Reaching out his hand, Evja grabs into the air and a large translucent sword appears. "Though it is more ceremonial than anything. I tend to use my spears for actual fights and this for tricks."
Aerith Aerith planted one end of the staff onto the carpet. "I'm not going to go into the details of what all this can do, but suffice it to say it was carved from a branch of one of the elder trees in that same woods you're talking about." She ran a hand along the staff, polished to a sheen. "I carry it with me just about everywhere." She released the staff, and it vanished in a cloud of pale green motes of light.
Evja That got a nod of him. "Of course." He probably wouldn't say everything about himself either if no need of it came up. Nothing so fancy for him and his weapon though. He simply dropped it and it vanished. "Are you going to be within Traverse Town in the next few days? My next two Hades Cup matches are upcoming."
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "Maybe. I'll stop by if I can, got a few things i need to take care of in Goug. But I'll certainly come see you before then." That was, if the bar hadn't collapsed while she was gone!
Evja "Of course, of course. I would not want to get in the way of things you have t-" knock knock. Seems Room Service got there early. "Ah, I imagine that would be the food."
Aerith Aerith grinned and headed for the door, only to retrieve the salads, pay the bill as well as leave a tip, and present one of them to Evja. "Told them to give this one extra carrots. Hope it's enough!"
Evja "Ah, bless you girl. Had I any interest in humes, a marriage proposal soon would come." Basically - he's so happy with the situation he could marry her. Happily taking the salad with extra carrots, Evja pokes at it with a fork and begins to rather hungrily take bites from it. Despite having a veil on, he's still managing, skilled enough at leaning his head forward so it drapes out of the way enough to take a bite, while also knowing how much food he can have on a fork before he hits the veil.
Something that comes with practice.
Aerith Aerith chuckled and sat down with her own salad, watching him eat with some amusement. Obviously he didn't want to show her his whole face, and she was okay with that for the time being. His eyes were far more interesting anyway, but she wasn't really on him like that either. "So where are you going after leaving here?"
Evja "Likely to Fluorgis, then Traverse. I only stepped out of Traverse because I felt I should help with the Shard Hunt. Though if I can get some confirmation that my matches are not yet arrived... I am unsure, truly." Munch crunch mmm...
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment. "Flourgis, huh... I've never been that far on this continent before." Matter of fact, that trip to Aghrabah for the shard was her first time there, too. "What's that like? Surely you've been there for a while now, right?"
Evja "Well, until recently, I thought the city was lost. You see, I was born in Fluorgis many years ago. Then I left and many years later came back. But then the shadows came and... well, I only recently was able to return to Fluorgis. It is quite pretty I think, and there is a large Aerodome now. It is on the edge of a desert, so a bit dry, but... that cannot be helped. Hopefully all the monster attacks will fade soon."
Pause... think... Evja stabs a forkfull of carrot-laced salad and holds it up, "Would you like some carrot?"
Aerith Flowergirl headed over and, instead of taking the fork, closed her mouth on the food and pulled it off. "Tasty," she said as she finished it off before heading back to her own bowl of salad. "Yeah, Midgar ended up in a place I didn't expect it either..." She frowned. "...And I was there when the Heartless took everything, right in the middle of it with everyone else."
Evja It didn't take Evja long to finish off his salad, though he did leave one last bite speared on his fork in case Aerith decided she wanted another. "I must admit... this Midgar, I have never heard of it. Could you tell me of it?"
Aerith Well, he did tell her all about where he came from. She had to return the favor. "Midgar... isn't what it used to be." She glanced out the window, past the shores, past even the version of the city now posted in the caverns of Goug. "It was a city of lights, a triumph of technology and industry. Every piece of technology you see came from there." She took in a breath. "There's a dirty side, literally underneath it. Or rather there used to be. The city that used to be Midgar rested on top of a big plate, and it essentially blocked any sunlight from heading down into the lower districts. Anyone that could make their way up there either tried to make a living on their own, or worked for the ShinRa Electric Power Company... who at that point had their own standing army, police forces, and special operations."

She sighed. "That part hasn't changed... but the city in the sky is gone, thanks to the Heartless. They had to rebuild in the caverns of a place that was once called Goug. They're still rebuilding... and they're still at war with an island nation called Wutai."
Evja Evja says, "Similar to the other random things. In testing out swings and such with M&F in the meeting room, there was little to no indication of it at all."

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