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(2013-02-19 - 2013-02-19)
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Aerith Aerith's chocobo, finally under her control, headed to the nearest place to board an airship. The satisfaction of finally helping with a world shard mixed with the desire to keep going with the story though, and she slowed the bird's pace to play the whole thing back in her head...

It was strange at first, but it started getting interesting. She'd been able to put her experience telling stories to children to good use, and wanted to keep that up... only when the shard was taken and Serafina happened to make that little sideways ending, she wanted to smack someone on the back of the head. It was just getting to the good part, too! The flower girl shook her head, unable to blame Will's hasty retreat.

It was his home. And she understood the need to do anything to get it back. All too well, in fact...
Evja Evja, finally, left the palace. It was about ten to fifteen minutes after the rest, though. Walking slowly along on his Chocobo, he actually felt quite a lot better about things. He did his part, played by the rules, and as far as he knew all was well. Even if he wasn't quite sure what to think of the others.
Still, it gave him peace of mind, so all was well for the Viera, eyes closed faintly as he let his Chocobo wander. The Chocobo did pick up a pace when it saw another Chocobo in the distance, running at a sprint to close the distance.
Aerith The sound of another approaching bird made the flower girl turn her head, only to find the Viera from earlier in the distance. Ah, there he was! She figured he'd leave sooner or later, and now here he was. Aerith stopped her bird and gave it an about-face to greet him. "So you're in one piece! Good to know."
Evja "Hm?"
Evja raised his head, opening his eyes only to see that girl. She seemed familiar, despite having been there with them. "I was beginning to think none cared. Grabbing the shard and fleeing like a pack of thieves." Despite the phrasing, his tone wasn't that harsh. At least towards her. She hadn't done anything wrong so much as just kind of got out.
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "Considering that those were live weapons and any sort of failure here would have meant the loss of that piece of Manhattan, I can understand his actions." She shrugged. "I don't necessarily condone them, since we were so close to actually winning, but I undersand them. What I don't understand is you..." She tilted her head to one side. "...Why'd you stay?"
Evja "Because..." Evja said simply as he pulled his Chocobo up next to Aerith's, looking towards her, "It was right. Those creatures... fairies, sprites, whatever you wish to call them, they weren't bad creatures. They had set out a challenge, and... we accepted. I accepted. And in the end, because I stayed, I was able to come to an agreement with them in order to help them."
Aerith Aerith paused to take that in, and then smiled. "You... remind me of someone. An old man, wise. Good in a fight, strong sense of justice. Knows what's right and what's not." She glanced at his cloak. "Wasn't there something on the back of that? Could I see?"
Evja That confused the Viera, nodding. "There is, yes. It's the symbol of a Jylland Judge." Evja turned at that to show his back, an ornate red symbol that looked almost like a scale mixed with some Magic Rune. "You flatter me, though. Some times one simply has to do things for others, not for themselves. No one was even thinking about them, so... kind of falls on me, right?"
Aerith Aerith nodded. "That explains that... The man I was talking about was named Zargabaath. Maybe you've heard of him, he's a judge as well." She turned and started making her way toward civilization again, hopefully with him in tow. "Those ears... you're a Viera, right? I know one of those too, her name's Pixi."
Evja The chocobo gets a little tap with a foot, trotting up to walk alongside Aerith's as the conversation continues. "Yes, on both accounts. His Honor Zargabaath is a Judge Magister of Archadia, whereas I am Judge Magister Errant Evja of Jylland. And... does everyone know Pixi? It amazes me how many know that Viera. Mmph, even if I have not seen her for some time. Yes, I am a Viera. I am simply a bit... well, not as formly as others." It's the one thing Evja will willingly lie about, his gender, but it's more a matter of him having to.
"You are...?"
Aerith Cue beatific flower girl smile here. "Aerith Gainsborough. And trust me, with how the worlds are all connected now, it's becoming a smaller and smaller place as you go along. The reason for that is that no matter where you are, all life is connected." She turns to face forward again. "One thing always leads to another, and a single action can affect every string tied to you."
Evja "Indeed." Stretching and popping his back, Evja adds, "Those sprites... I had hoped to give them a better purpose in life than simply living out here hoping for someone to come by and entertain them. Sadly I found out they cannot leave that castle. Perhaps one day if I find the one who made the castle for them that can change. I had hoped they would be able to go to other worlds, travel and entertain others and through it find happiness themselves. They seemed so... amazed they could tell a story and act it out too. Such a simple thing."
"It's as if none have ever taken the time to just talk to them." If anything, he seemed rather sad about that, the Viera looking at the back of his Chocobo's head.
Aerith Aerith frowned momentarily. That'd been nagging her... maybe he knew something. "Did you find out who made the thing?"
Evja Evja shook his head, "No, I did not. I was only told that it was a woman. I plan on returning every now and then, searching for an answer. Perhaps one day."
Aerith Aerith scratched the back of her head. So someone made this place for a reason, maybe to protect the world shard... or, if her guess was right, hide it. If this was a game no one could pass, it'd be the perfect place to cover an important part of a world. Maybe they'd have won, but... who knew how long it'd take? "It might not have been the best solution, but I think Will might have done us all a favor." She smiled. "You might not see it that way now, but considering how many times others have failed..."
Evja "So that is the thiefs name? No, I do not see it that way and I shant ever, because it does not matter. He did not even attempt to work it out, to ask them for it, to barter, to explain. He simply took it and ran. That is theft, no matter what he stole or why. The law is the Law, right is right, and wrong... is wrong."
Seems this Viera had a hardline stance on such. "It is not my duty to police the world, however, but I will not let that stop me from living a just life and upholding my oaths and principles. Just because that rat decided to steal it does not mean I have to be party to it."
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "If only so many were as beholden to their oaths. But just remember... oaths can be a barrier as much as a bulwark." She turned her gaze toward him. "This isn't an attempt to tell you how to live your life, but consider this... A friend of mine was following the rules of a nation that conquered, killed, and enslaved. He did it because of his oaths and his promises. But at the same time, the very rules he followed meant he had to participate in those very same acts." She looked ahead again. "The nation used his honor and pride against him for their own gain. Eventually he had to choose... just like you'll have to choose." She took in a breath. "Do you follow your oaths and your rules to keep the peace... or do you do what's just and right, when those rules no longer make sense?"
Evja That caused Evja to sigh, before he said simply, "I cannot and will not break the law knowingly. I will not live a day of my life with that regret placed upon me. If there ever comes a time I would have to choose... I do not know, but I will not falter in my beliefs. It is what keeps me going, gives me purpose and life and makes me happy. It may bind me, but I am happily bound by the Chains of Law."
Aerith Aerith smiled, and it was a bittersweet thing. "You're a sweetie, you know that? I don't want someone else's rules to decide for you whether to be good or not. If the laws are good, and I hope they stay that way, you're fine. But when they turn into a tool of oppression..." She sighed. "...Then you're lost."
Evja "You should not misunderstand the role of Jylland Judges. We do not enforce the law. We simply do not break it. If it is against the law to wield a sword, we would not stop someone from wielding a sword, nor would we wield one. The only time a Jylland Judge goes to apprehend someone is when they are attempting to corrupt the Judges Order, or the Laws of Nature itself within Jylland. Outside of Jylland, I am free to act as I see fit, though I still choose not to break the laws of the lands where I go."
Her phrasing confused him, however. "A... sweetie? Whatever do you mean?" Evja turned his head to look towards her.
Aerith Aerith turned her head for a moment. "So... you police the police. Or something." She shrugged. "Works for me." She giggled. "It means you're gracious and kind. You have a good heart, and you shouldn't let anyone change that."
Evja Evja laughs at that, "Perhaps. Still, let me explain what a Jylland Judge does. In the land of Jylland, there are laws placed upon the land itself through magic. This was a system created centuries ago in an attempt to force peace on a war-torn land. It worked in a different manner until the Clans rebelled against the Judges, and eventually the current median was reached. Now, the Judges simply adjudicate Clans that agree to uphold the laws in engagements, as well as protect the integrity of the order of Judges and prevent those who would seek to abuse the natural laws of the land to their own twisted reasons. For example... in my life, there have been... perhaps five instances where the Judges have acted to apprehend someone, or a group of beings. Two of them recently... when there was a clan who quite literally sought a way to make themselves invulnerable in combat by twisting the laws of the land to their favor. We are... protectors. Those who follow the laws in Adjudicated clans are granted benefits, including protection from a mortal blow while in an Adjudicated match, so long as all in their clan uphold the law."
Aerith She blinked for a moment. "Now that's something else, isn't it?" It almost reminded her of a referee, if one could call it that. "Sounds like a pretty important job, but I don't envy you for it." Aerith turned to face ahead again. "I don't think I could do such a thing, though I'm a sort of protector as well." She waved that topic off. "We're not here to talk about me, though. You said you'd met Pixi once?"
Evja "Ah... yes, I did say that did I not."
He didn't wish to lie about it, but he couldn't exactly say the truth. "She found me one afterwhile when I was injured after the Hydras attack on the coliseum. She helped me get a piece of my armor off that was cutting into me and get me somewhere I could heal. Past that, though, we did not have much time to talk. Why do you ask?"
Aerith Aerith smiled. "Just want to know more about you. I'm always interested in other people." She turned to gaze at him again. "Everyone has some kind of special thing about them, don't you think?" Aerith faced forward again, ran a hand along her forehead. "Wish it weren't so hot out here, though. How much farther, do you think?"
Evja "It will be a while yet. ... Here." Reaching up, Evja slips off the turban-like cap from atop his head and his robe, offering it over. "It should help keep the temperature off you. It might not look it, but it will not make you hotter, and will in fact cool you down. You could even take a nap atop your Chocobo if you wish, I will be awake for a spell yet on the way back to the town."
Evja Beneath his outfit, it might be obvious that despite the female clothing... indeed, as the Viera said, 'she' isn't all that formly. Definitely no bust like Pixi has. Barely discernable as a female at all. But, of course, all Viera are female~(right?)

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