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(2013-02-18 - 2013-06-17)
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Angantyr Vespar Angantyr was in Valkyri HQ, he was a...honorary member of the group, because of his ties with both Avira and Maira. They also put him up when he punched his way through Rabanastre on Avira's behalf, and beat the crap out of Gabranth.

The thought makes Ang smile.

However, he steels himself...he needed to concentrate. He focuses inward...closing his eyes as the massive weapon he weilds lays nearby, within arm's length, but not on him. He was also still clad in armor, like always, as he sits cross legged on the floor and focuses...

He is perfectly still, meditating as he clears his mind...learning to steel his mind, as he has his body. Is he still aware of his surroundings? Go ahead and poke the happy fun Ang.
Leida A knock comes at the door, disturbing the tranquil silence of the mostly empty building. Leida's knuckles rap the thick wooden surface, though she hesistates before doing so, still not quite completely comfortable with the decision she has made. But after the events of the last few weeks it has become increasingly clear to her that this is necessary.

She had received mixed reactions upon questioning her friends and allies upon the whereabouts of the moody dark knight. His aggressive attitude and mercenary life has made him both famous and infamous in many places and it didn't take much searching to follow the trail to his current whereabouts.

While she has met Avira and Maira in passing, they've never really been properly introduced so this is the small girl's first time to visit their headquarters in Traverse Town. After announcing her presence, Leida steps back and clasps her hands together to await a response, glancing down at the wooden sword belted to her waist.

The weight was awkward and uncomfortable against the side of her new outfit. No longer clad like a peasant in rags, the princess is wearing a frilly pink skirt trimmed with black ruffles that gives it a very cute girlish appearance and a matching blouse hangs loosely about her torso. While she might look a little more normal now, it's probably not the best sort of attire to wear for what she's come here seeking but her wardrobe isn't exactly overflowing at this point in time.
Angantyr Vespar "Ugh." Angantyr says, standing up...nope this just wasn't going to happen today. He sighs, walking to the door, mace coming with him as he approaches the door. Slowly, he grabs the door, opening it and looking...down?

Huh, there is Leida, in a rather fetching dress...not very good for attire that is going to get hit with swords and blunt objects. He takes a moment to observe her, noticing the sword on her hip. He nods once, and leaves the door open as he walks back to his spot on the floor. Maybe there will be meditation today.

Not likely right away. "What happened?" He says, calmly to her, not accusingly, but a simple question. "You seemed pretty afraid of this idea before, I was afraid I would have to do something to shock you into agreeing."
Leida The princess gives him a weak smile when he glances down at her, quickly bowing to him in her usual fashion, but it fades rather quickly in the face of the brusque greeting she receives. Straight to business then.

Leida shuffles in after him, making sure to close the door behind her. The pair of loafers she is wearing, also matching, are gently removed and set aside by the entryway. Despite being barefoot for the last few months the habitual mannerism didn't take long to return. She follows quietly over to the spot on the floor and takes a seat across from the knight, resting on her knees, going through all the motions of etiquette to try and help soothe her nerves.

Finally, when she sits facing him with no more little things to do to delay the conversation, Leida takes a deep breath and nods. "Yes... I... it seems I was wrong. I thought I could learn to handle the powers that I have been cursed with on my own but... I have not the slightest inclination of wisdom in these matters."

She lowers her head and stares at the floor, her tone filled with melancholy. "Faruja-san was injured while trying to defend me. There was no one around to lend him aid and... and I wanted to help. So... I thought that maybe... since my blood had healing properties... it might work for him too..." Her voice trails off, leaving the obvious outcome of putting corrupted blood into a holy knight's system hanging in the air.

"I must apologize, Vespar-san. I thought you were merely trying to overstate the gravity of my situation so that you might gain some benefit from my dependancy on your training. But it seems... I must beg your aid now so that I do not endanger others with my lack of knowledge."
Angantyr Vespar "It is hard to say if your blood has anything in it special or not, it is, very likely, that Faruja is just a stupid zealot, and chose to immulate himself, than to allow dark healing to aid him. I know his type, he is a fool, and will ultimately throw his life away for a corrupt church that does not care about him in the end." Angantyr says, with a dismissive grunt, "You attempted to use your power for what you thought was right, and he displayed something that you are going to need to learn and understand."

"The light fears the dark. It is that fear that darkens their own heart in the process...they do not understand it...they live in the light, and only the darkest hearts intentially seek out darkness." he comments. "But you and I, we are cursed by it...despite this, we will always be accused by the light...hunted and made to be shamed by what we are. However, I can not tell you how to deal with it, not feel shame. We are what we are, if it is a sin to exist, then it is their problem."

"But, the world is made up of both dark and light. Dark is not inherrantly evil, nor is light intringistly good. Both have their flaws, both are necissary...and we are plagued with darkness as connected to our beings. Faruja thinks that if I were to sit and say a bunch of hail Glabados that I will be cured...the truth is that I was cursed to take the darkness of uncounted paladins."

He lets it sit for a moment, letting her understand just what it is he uses, "You too, have a dark gift...but if you do not learn to control it, it will control you. I don't wish for you to be my minion, I don't want to corrupt you. I do not wish to see a return of what you were before. You can make your own choices...but first you need the ability to make them. This training is not just about using dark is about honing the thing inside you...your mind, and your soul. To steel yourself against the influence..."
Leida Most people's blood doesn't boil and smell like burnt ash but Leida choses not to point that out to him. Whether or not her blood itself was the culprit or, as he suggests, the manner in which others choose to react to what she represents is irrelevant in the big scheme. The fact remains that she is inherently tied to the darkness and that carries with it many risks that normal people do not face.

"It is hard not to feel despair when the very substance of my life is anathema to those you wish to protect," she says when he is done. "Even if it is thus only in their minds. And unlike you, I was not born with my spirit tainted as such. This curse is a burden of my own design and sometimes I wish that the blade that had pierced my heart to seal it away had done the same for me."

Leida exhales softly. "But I know that dwelling upon the past is a waste of time. I have... come to terms with my mistakes. Now I only wish to seek out a way that I might exist without compounding them further."

The girl places her hands on her lap and leans forward, bowing deeply to Angantyr once more. "If you would accept this foolish girl as your student, then I would be honored to face the road that you have set before me. N-no matter the trials, I will face them."
Angantyr Vespar "Enough of that." Angantyr says, "Humble is alright, but it is not going to win against the darkness." he says. "I understand what you are saying, and yeah...alright. It's not an easy path, and it still might destroy you...but better to face the darkness head on, on your terms, then waiting in fear, and eventually hurt your friends...the people you want to protect." he says, with a nod, "It's funny, until recently, I didn't give a crap about protecting others, it was just the money." he says with a slight smile.

"But enough about my story, right now it is you who we need to focus on. Right now, your body and your mind needs to be sharpened. The sword is not necissarily something you need to be good at, it is going to be a focus...a way for your mind to put the lessons I want to teach you into well as strengthen your body."

"The sword is a bladed is a instrument of death, it is not a tool like some think it is. It is used only to kill...and you must remember...the power you have, is a tool of murder. Never think it is anything else but that, remember wrong step, one missed swing..."

"The difference, is that it is double edged, and can easily cut you if you are not careful. The second lesson, is that the darkness is not just about is at times a corruptive force...entropy if you will. It desgrades over you must be ever vigilant. I will come, at seemingly random to strike at you. You must prepare yourself to be attacked at any time...but also not let it overwhelm you. To be nervous all the time will also give the darkness another way to eat at you..."
Leida Leida blinks at the dismissive response to her formal request. Perhaps it was a bit on the overly humble side but manners were always important to her. However, his personality is something she supposes she'll just have to deal with. Maybe it was his training and the constant struggle against internal corruption that has made him so forceful. It might not be so bad to have some of that rub off.

"O-ofcourse." It takes a monumental effort to keep herself from apologizing immediately. She nods to him again and draws the wooden training blade that he had granted her before, resting it on her lap to stare at it for a few moments.

He called it murder but not all killing had to be brutal and pointless. The warriors of her land constantly strove to perfect their minds and bodies and thus pave the way to enlightenment of the soul by immersing themselves in combat for the betterment of society. To find an honorable death was the one true goal of any samurai. Perhaps, if she dared to accept such a role herself, she too could find meaning in her existence despite the terrible power that flowed through her body.

The girl's hands tighten about the weapon. "I understand. I will... be prepared." She doubted that would actually be the case but he wanted her to be bold so she will try and play the role.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr calls things how they are...he's sort of a bitter man in some reguards, perhaps it was just seeing year after year at the stupidity of humanity.

"You managed to make it this far without appolizing once. I'm impressed...there might be hope for you yet." Angantyr nods once, "I won't make you take any vows or anything like that. It's self defeating, I think. I won't make you call me master, or anything silly like that either. All that I ask is that you are prepared at all times. That sword never leaves you, and you must be ready to defend yourself at any moment..."

"We will do normal training as well, physical is only a part of it..." he points at his head, tapping it.

"How knowledgable are you on meditation, Leida? You seem...well educated, noble at least. Well, I'll let you in on a secret too, I am as well, or was rather. Though you certianly have some...odd manorisms that I haven't been able to place. I am guessing the -san, is the same as Mister, and the shoes going off at the door? I don't get that one."
Leida "Oh... my shoes?" She turns to peer at the items in question. "It is tradition. Our homes do not have much in the way of furnishings or decoration. Our floors are made of wood and we sleep on mats laid out upon them. The roads were not paved in my world, so often travelers and workers would get dirty during the day and to bring mud into a person's home would be disrespectful and could also spread disease."

Leida sighs wistfully. "I wish I could convince the others to make a habit of it. Cleaning up after they return from adventuring is quite troublesome sometimes. Oh, but... I am getting distracted."

"You are correct, I am of noble birth. I learned to read and write and spent most of my free time in our library or with scholars learning poetry and history. I have read about meditation too but martial training has never been my calling nor was I suited to the pious life of a priest."

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