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(2013-02-18 - Now)
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Zeke Actually when you're somewhere that's always dark time, at least if you stay theree for longer than a couple weeks, tends to not hold much meaning. There's always something going on, some scuffle, some bit of bribery. Fortunately for Zeke this meant there was always somewhere to eat open. Business here had been concluded and he was waiting for his crew to sober up before shipping out again. Well there was the fact he wanted to wait for Ariel since the lass had been enthusiastic about hitching a lift but if it came down to it he'd leave her here and make apologies later. Then again what could an extra day hurt?

Zeke lounged, feet proped on a secnd chair, watching the crowd at large wander to and fro. A still moment to calm is mind before life got interesting again. Stillness brought peace. Then again so did having enough munny to cover your expenses even if this next job went sour. He was happy.
Faruja Senra Faruja, for his part, is less waiting to sober up and more trying to well as occasionally fixing that sober problem. After being dashed by demonic blood, and having his very own zealotous soul physically burn his back in an attempt to get rid of the taint, the rat is definitely looking worse for wear as he strides into the Wildkat's outdoor seating area. He's dressed in the usual green robes, but missing the slight bulk of armor, though he retains his usual weapon. Traverse Town is dangerous after all!

"Ahh, dear Captain Fawkes, Lord grant you blessings and calm seas! I trust thy difficulties aboard have been...alleviated by now?" The rat, after receiving the letter, had swiftly gone about twisting his Inquisitor's ear to have them replaced. Hopefully it worked.

A tail sweeps a third chair. "If I may join you?"
Dominique Destine
Traverse Town was a city known to stay in the dark, even when it was day. The people here went about there lives it would seem as if all things were wonderful.

However within the cafe, someone goes to walk outside wearing a pair of shades up in her red hair that is pulled back into a pony-tail. A purse dangling off one arm, and a yellow outfit that became a short skirt with a pair of knee high high-heel, leather boots.

As she walks out, those green eyes are examining her purse, where she is heading right toward Faruja in her lack of paying attention.
Zeke Zeke saluted with his mug and removed his feet from the second chair so he could get a beter look at the Nezu inquisitor. "Things have improved greatly. Have to say the new swabs are, compared to the dregs I'd been getting, positively refreshing. They ask questions, seem interested, and actually know how to observe without getting in th'middle o'what yer dooin." He grinned wide and his voice was enthusiastic. "They even were polite to m'crew. All of 'em," This presumably ment the less than 'normal' ones such as Frank the Cyclopse or Miri the Werewolf, the gaggle of Imps nobody could rightly keep the names straight on, and so forth in addition to the 'traditional' races of Men and Other.

"Just a wee trip to shake thigns out make sure my good cheer is justified. Trivial matters." Really what was ordered was a delivery, no shelling a city or 'go here and kill this' a genuine delivery. Something his statd skillset on joining covered!

"I am so encouraged I am going to allow passengers on this voyage. Specifically the lady Ariel. She seems interested, it isn't too much an imposition... and" He leaned towards Faruja, "It'll give metime to help winkle out wha be so strange 'bout the lass. There's a mystery there. One i intend on teasing apart."

Dominique herself? Zeke notices the redhead. More importantly he notices the subtle predatory way she holds herself. Definately a dangerous customer. Fortunately even though most of his guns were back 'board ship he always had a couple flintlocks 'pon his person as well as his sword. All covered more or less by his coat... though someone with eyes for it could probably tell he had some sort of weapon on his person.
Faruja Senra Faruja, uncharacteristically, doesn't notice the woman approach. This likely has something to do with the pain herbs he's been taking, supplemented with a round or two at the local tavern. Zeke might have noticed a slight wobble to the Templar's step. No, as she approaches, the rat is all smiles at the news Zeke imparts.

"/Excellent/! 'Twould have been a true shame to have the Church's good name soiled by...certain unenlightened individuals whom have yet to cope with the reality these new worlds place before them." Faruja may just have been /more/ angry about the whole indicent than Zeke. Indeed, human/non-human relations are a topic that's cost the rat his home.

"Do tell me if there are any more problems. You shall be glad to know the /former/ Inquisitorial agents have been properly punished." A few days flogging straightened them out. The Inquisition doesn't like screwups.

Smirk! The rat's tail waggles a bit. "Mystery, mmm? Take care to not delve too deep. Too oft a female's secrets are great and terrible to behold, of any race, humans included. I wish thee the Lord's wisdom in the task. Do say hello, hmm? The poor girl seems so...lost."

Wince. The rat's back chooses now to act up, and the rat turns away to stretch and generally try to limber up. This brings him right into a collision course with a yellow-wearing woman! Should Dominique not move, there may just be an embarrassing clash of rat and not-Gargoyle.
Dominique Destine
The red head almost bumps right into Faruja. "Oh!" She says taking a quick step back, examining his odd features for a moment there with her green eyes. She then glances over at Zeke at last, before back to Faruja. "I am sorry. I should have paid more attention to where I am going."

She then places a hand on her hip, before looking at the two of them once more. Her accent sounded french really. "By chance, have either of you seen a, mm, ticket?"
Zeke Zeke tilted his head this way then that at Faruja's behavior. It wasn't like the inquisitor to be so visibly inebreated. This troubled him to the point of distraction. ERgo when the near-miss happened he wasn't paying much attention until the lady asked about a ticket." He gave a quick glance around just ot make sure it wans't something that'd just fallen. "Nah lass. Nah." Thick accent, possibly english, possibly scottish... Definately carribean. "Sorry but no tickets here I'm afraid." His posture was easy and voice calm. "What be this ticket for lass?"
Faruja Senra Somehow, the woman's accent reminds Faruja of one of the actors in Lindblum. The idea further cements itself for a moment at the mention of a ticket. Straightening his robes, he steps back, and offers a (slightly wobbly) bow.

"Quite alright, M'Lady, the fault lies entirely with myself. 'Tis as though I had lost track of my very ears!" he proclaims lightly, with a smile.

A glance about with the rat's one eye, even as Zeke does the same. He offers a nod to Dominique. "Nor I, M'Lady, hardly have I seen a ticket about. Mean ye to go to the theater? When was the last time that it 'twas upon thy person?" Really, the rat doesn't have much better to do, so may as well lend a claw.
Dominique Destine
Dominique looks over to Zeke. She studies him for a moment with those predatory green eyes. She then peers right at his eyes, before hmming softly. "It was a ticket for the train." She sighs softly. "I was hoping to catch a trip there for a week, just to see another view of an area."

The red head turns to look at Faruja, before seeming still unsure how to handle the idea of a rat-man. "Thank you.." She says softly, staring at him for a moment before finding herself continuing. "It was on my person before I went into the store."

The red head then shakes her head, pushing back a loose piece of hair behind her ear that seems to have gotten free. "Ca la vie. I will just perhaps have to purchase a new one." She then studies them both once more, before hmming gently. "You two would not perhaps be adventures, no?"
Faruja Senra Ahh, stares. Faruja's own look is one well used to such looks, long-suffering and tolerant. So too does he know what it means, given how many times he's been an oddity to humans.

"My kind are known as nezumi, M'Lady. Judging by thy gaze, am I to assume you have not laid eye upon one such as myself?" The Templar punctuates it with a smile, feeling uncannily like prey being stared down. Thankfully this rat has teeth as well.

A tilt of the head, and the rat dismisses the matter as the woman seems content to let the thing go. Her words quite nicely have his ears folding back in slight embarrassment. "Ahh, but the herbs of healing make my very manners fly as a chick from its nest. Temple Knight Faruja Senra of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados, at your service, honored Lady. My companion is the honorable Merchant Captain Ezekiel Fawkes. Lord bless you, M'Lady."

A chuckle, and the rat starts to shake his head. "Why, M'Lady...ahhh." He pauses, reconsidering. That tail of his sways slightly, one ear tilting at an odd angle expressively. "I suppose I am. 'Tis something of a 'side job', I am in association with an adventuring group based out of Fluorgis, known as the Shard Seekers."
Dominique Destine
"No, I fear I have not. Mm. Nezumi," She says softly trying to repeat it the way he said it the best she can with her accent. "Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, sir Senra. My name is Dominique Destine." She bows her head a little. "I ask because I have a business that requires strong individuals or just purchasing of random trinkets." She then reaches into her purse and pulls out a card.

"I have my own personal shop out in what many here know as The Old Kingdoms world. Lovely place, if you have yet to step foot there." Dominique then gives him a warm smile, before she also lays another card on the table for Zeke. "Perhaps either of you may be interested in such work or selling of random items you may find, hm?"
Faruja Senra Faruja taps his chin thoughtfully, nodding to the name. "Well met, Lady Destine. Tell me more of what thy business entails. I may be able to place you in contact with the leader of the Shard Seekers, should thy ventures prove of an adventurous note and...helpful to the community. Most 'trinkets' I find within the scope of my duties are sacred ones, and therefore quite unsellable. /However/. Should you come across any artifacts of Ajoran origins, the Church may well be willing to pay you for their safe deliver into righteous hands, or even for the location."

The card is taken, and pocketed. He makes a mental note to look into the woman. "Ahh, yes. 'Tis a place I have been meaning to visit. Beautiful indeed, so I here tell, and a most pious nation lies within."
Dominique Destine
Dominique mms softly. "Normally, I do not sell items to individuals, but rather buy the items from them, however if I do happen across such artifacts, I will be more then happy to contact you on it." She then smiles gently. "After all, it be a shame to anger a holy man, no?"

"But I am always willing to give those willing work." She then yawns and covers her mouth. There was a minor wince of annoyance on her face, but it quickly is masked away. "Well, if you two do excuse me. I should be heading to see about that ticket, then a place to stay. I do hope you have a pleasant stay and," She looks at Faruja, then to Zeke. "Do come by and visit, hm?"

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