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A Morning Of Meetings
(2013-02-18 - 2013-02-21)
More of the students of Alexander Academy appear in a strange new world. Are they the last?
Kamon Lionward For some, this idyllic, beautific day is just one among many. A chill breeze cuts across Cornelia's peaceful countryside, carrying a few perfectly fluffy white clouds through the blue sky and providing an excellent counterpoint to the warm morning sunlight. The village is alive, with people going about their day-to-day business like nothing was amiss. For them, nothing is.

For others, it is the first new morning of the rest of their very strange lives.

Take this fellow for example. To the locals, he's dressed positively outlandishly; his coat is unlike any typical outerwear of theirs, and sneakers are a thing that have yet to be invented here. To the group camped out in and around the local inn, he's a familiar sight, if a ragged one, with his hair a mess with twigs and leaves stuck to him here and there, and with thorns and brambles poking at his sleeves and pant-legs everywhere you care to look. It looks like he's been running through the forest for who knows how long.

To the individual in question -- one Kamon Lionward, who is looking upon the village with a tired eye -- he appears, to himself, to desperately need a shower... which, judging by the approximate tech level of these people, is not going to happen.

Kamon trudges up the main road, left hand hanging loose by his side and right tightly gripping the straps from his backpack and scabbard. He yawns hugely, and then stops in his tracks just long enough to look around and wonder something awfully vital to himself.

"Where the heck am I...?"
Niklas Dragonius "-and so that's when the rock hit me," Niklas Dragonius finishes his story cheerfully, gesturing at the others as they walk. He's like an excited puppy in this brave new world; he stops midway through sentences, jerking his head around left and right to take in the landscape. His exhuberance is infectious; occasionally he just turns around right in the middle of the walk to face the girls and Cid, gesticulating wildly at this and that as he does so. He's enamored, enthralled, loving every detail of this place; every stone elicts a grin and a cheerful waving of his arms. His guitar bounces on his back as he walks.

"Seriously, right here, right here!" Nik taps his forehead, his grin widening a little. "It just plowed into me, I mean this, this was a /huge/ rock! I was pretty sure I was gonna be down for /weeks/, but hey, you know, you gotta keep going with stuff like this. Skill waits for you, but you'll only ever get as good as you push - just like with girls."

Suddenly, Nik is back at Cid's side, his arm draped around Cid's shoulders. "Speaking of girls...we got stranded with some pretty cute ones, huh? Who's your favorite? C'mon, you can tell us! It's just me, a whole bunch of random villagers - hi there, call me! - and uhh...uhhh..."

He pauses.

"Raya and Mara?"

"Oh well, whatever. The point is, you better figure it out fast who you like! Youth is totally a fleeting thing!" Nik hops back out in front of the group, punching at the air as he walks backwards around a corner. "It's a fleeing, fleeting, freeing thing, and you gotta use it while you got it, or you'll end up with a stick up your butt and grey hair all the way down to your-"

Kyra Hyral "Mmmhmm." Kyra vocalizes as she wanders along behind Nik. It's not that she can't keep up or anything! She's just distracted. But not so distracted that she doesn't actually hear what Nik is prattling on about, beyond his wonderful adventures of getting hit with rocks.

It feels like she shouldn't be hearing this conversation! But since she IS...

"/Kyra/." she stresses, her tone gradually growing more annoyed as she doesn't even bother looking up at the Black Belt and Black Mage. Just what has her attention anyway?

Her phone. It's actually a very modest model by Ramuha standards, but light years beyond the technology level of this quaint little country. "By the way, I don't know if you've noticed yet, but it seems like there's actually a network out here. I can't seem to connect to it though, hmm."
Myla Mason Myla Mason had taken her home work very seriously least Mr. Green well? Throw something of a random boss pop quiz at them if they don't get it done. It's best to be on the safe side right. She'd had a feeling there might be a few more stragglers. So he was out she was unaware of the list of girls Nik was going over. "Maybe we need to find the service provider?" She notes to Kyra and seems suprised "I didn't think a place like this would have something like that. Humm we'll need to find the profinder." She grins looking over at Cid for a moment "Hey call me Myla i'm not old like my mother is." She makes a bit of a face. "I have some parts that surived in Swimmers storage compartments if you need anything Kyra."

Nik meanwhile gets a bit of a look before she notes fairly good naturedly "Well we're all on some wild adventure at this point you might as well have fun with it!"
Kamon Lionward Kamon walks with his head lowered, running his left hand through his messy hair in a vain attempt to straighten it out. He keeps the sun out of his eyes in the same manner, and follows his nose to the nearest place he can get any kind of food. He's hoping for a whole cow, but he'd settle for a cheeseburger.

And this is about when Niklas walks backwards around the corner --


Now, here's a fun fact: Kamon's body has a pretty huge amount of iron in it, and it makes him much heavier than he'd otherwise appear. This also most often confers a degree of stability to him when he walks, since he's unconsciously adapted to his own center of gravity just like anyone would. Niklas is a trained martial artist, and has lightning reflexes (and lightning punches), and shouldn't have any problem not losing his footing, either. Neither should do much more than be startled.


Kamon lets out a shout of surprise, walking headfirst into Nik and then promptly tripping over his own two feet. He tumbles into a forward roll and ends up landing flat on his back in the street, his sword and backpack landing next to him. He looks stunned at the sun in the sky, blinking the dazzling light out of his eyes. "Hey -- sorry, I wasn't watching where I was --"

There's a beat, where it takes Kamon a second to recognize exactly who he ran into and who is with him. His eyes widen.

"-- going?"
Niklas Dragonius Kamon is made of metal, and therefore, infinitely more durable than Nik is. He is extremely heavy; this is something that Nik was certainly not counting on as he bumped into the other man by accident He had been expecting, from the initial bump, for it to be an ordinary person, one of the random village people, and therefore to be easy to right himself like a gyroscope before he falls. Even with his guitar on his back, that was no problem for a guy like Nik, who had been trained to stupidly high levels of competence!

Except that it wasn't a normal person; it was Kamon, who stumbles into him, rolls, and knocks Nik forward. In a stunning display of competent incompetence, Nik unslings his guitar and flings it into the air directly above him as he falls, rotating so he can see it; his head smashes into the rock, but honestly, that was fine, a white mage RIGHT THERE. He's way more concerned with his guitar breaking; it's not like he could just buy another one! What was he gonna do, learn to pick up chicks with a *lute*? Pffft, like he had time to learn a lute right now!

So despite the throbbing pain in his head, despite the fact that Kamon just tripped over him - he takes all of a split half-second to shout of 'heyLionward!' - despite all the various factors going on, Nik rolls backwards, rolling along the stone in an impromptu backwards /thing/ that looks neither pleasant nor graceful, until he lands directly under his guitar. His hands come together to catch it, and he exhales as it stops inches above his stomach. What if his body had broken it?

Nik looks up at Kyra and grins. "Looking good, Kyra."

He's gonna pay for that in a second but it's totally worth it. Nik holds up a hand to wave at Kamon. "Also, hi Lionward! So you came through too, huh? Awesome!"

Oh, so he has /no problem/ remembering *guys'* names.
Kyra Hyral "I know, it's so weird? Maybe this is a resort that's a throwback to ancient history? Like those First Age reproduction-ist nerds would do?" she shrugs at Myla.

Being of fairly fragile composition herself, Kyra is certainly not the best choice of human shield. Attempts to hide behind her would illicit a pretty disgusted reaction by the white mage, followed by prompt ejection from her personal space. Cid may have had to be trained out of this behavior either by this or by "positive reinforcement." Anyone standing behind her like that is clearly waiting for some healing, right?

The sound of human colliding against human finally results in Kyra looking up from her phone and she witnesses the spectacular impact between Kamon and Nik. Nik in particular immediately gets his attention for, unlike the other individual involved, he smashes his head against the ground quite harshly. A startled gasp escapes her and Kyra immediately rushes over to kneel beside him...only he just rolls himself away and onto his feet before she can administer any tender, loving care.

"Nik, are you alright? Who did-" she looks over and spots Kamon, her breath catching in her throat. "Y..y..." she doesn't even seem to notice the name discrepency Nik has suddenly identified.

Springing to her feet, she rushes over to the fighter, her boots jingling with each step. With an enthusiastic leap, she THROWS herself at the Odynar teenager and latches on. "You're here!! And alive!!!" Yeah, any injury of Nik? Totally forgotten.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is just talking or the moment then something comes some person comes about the corner, someone she does not expect comes about the corner she then starts to smile but also laugh at how comedic the reunion has become. "Kamon?!" Somehow she's not entirely suprised that he surived but she's so darn happy to see that Lonward is alive. "Good to see another friendly face here." She looks over to Cid. "Don't worry about it, Cid."

Kyra seems to also be catching on and she goes to help Nik should the guy need any sort of help, she's likely got potions hidden away in her outfit somewhere given how she always seems to be carrying supplies of all sorts.

"Well this is making this a better day, I guess Kamon is the catch of the day?"
Kamon Lionward Kamon sits up, rubbing his back with a small wince. He has one eye closed against the sun and another open and scanning the crowd and the ground, scooping up the sword and pack. "Uh -- hey, Niklas, are you okay? How, um --" He's still a bit stunned. Kamon climbs to his feet, brushing himself off. "Jidro, Myla, I'm glad y--"

WHUMP. Kyra hits Kamon like a soft cannonball with the occasional jangling metal bit attached. He releases his parcels out of reflex, bag and weapon hitting the ground, catching her so as to clearly prevent accidental tackle-based injuries. He rocks back slightly, grinning, though a little embarassedly. "Yeah, though some imps tried to fix that," he half-jokes, forcing humor into his tone. Kamon gives Kyra a (gentle) hug, adding, "I'm glad you're here."

"...wherever here is," he finishes after a perhaps too-brief pause. "What happened? One minute I'm in the gym going through forms, and the next everything is getting dark, and then I'm dropped into some forest."
Niklas Dragonius School uniforms are a blessing in disguise. Nik's grin widens a little as he sits up, having (temporarily?!) evaded the wrath of Kyra (and possibly Myla). He stands without too much help from Myla, wobbling for a brief instant as he deals with the throbbing pain in the back of his skull. Oh well. He'd had worse, and his guitar was okay, and THAT was the important thing. He healed from injuries rapidly enough. That was the great thing about the horrible training he's endured - his body had just sort of adapted a freakish healing factor to accomodate the fact that he was constantly under fire. It was a relatively well-known fact thanks to a couple talkative people (some female, some witness to the infamous Naked Justice event) that his entire upper body was covered with scars; speculation about how terrifying his parents were was a common rumor.

So a little head wound was nothing! Rock could never break SPIRIT! And, well, Nik had plenty of that. That and vitality.

"I'm cool, don't worry. I was just talking about getting hit by a boulder this one time while my folks were-...y'know, if I go into it again, I'll just bore the girls, and that wouldn't be fair. Are /you/ okay?"

Nik pauses and wobbles for a moment. "Uhhhhhhh...current running theory from Professor Mr. Greene and Murasame is that it's another world. Personally I'm still guessing time travel, but I guess time travel wouldn't account for a cell phone network, huh...?"
Seloria Delacreaux "Niiiik, NIK, I found out about this place called 'Costa de Sol', evidently it's a beach city, hello Myla, how are you doing today, can we go, please please please, we'll count it as part as our homework, you don't mind, do you, Nik, Kyra, Kamon?"

There is a brief pause.

"KAMON!" Then Seloria joins the Kyra dogpile.
Kyra Hyral Make no mistake, Kyra's pretty familiar with how darn strong and tough Kamon is. Hitting him the wrong way would be a lot like running into an iron wall (as Nik might know)! The fact does little to prevent her from flinging herself at him in an enthusiastic hug-a little too enthusiastic maybe, but given the circumstances, she could hardly be blamed for reacting like this to his presence.

"Corneria." She pulls away to look up at Kamon, "They call this place Coneria."

Nik explains further and Kyra finally turns away, positioning herself so she can look at both Kamon, Nik, and Myla. "Unless we wound up not travelling all that much time. Additionally, I heard from the professor that those black creatures we saw were called Heartless. Apparently he was experimenting with them...?" At that point, her eyes widen a little. Sure, she knew Greene had a reputation for causing disasters while trying to advance his science, but...

"'s possible..." she says quietly, "...that whatever Greene was doing made Chocobo disappear and put us out here?"

Kyra swiftly steps backwards so she's not caught up with Seloria, a brief annoyed look settling upon her face as the summoner vaults past her.
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks at Kamon before saying "Welcome to Corelia.For what it's worth."

Now the question is just what does Kamon happen to like. She doesn't noitce what Nik is up to as she helps him back to his feet. "Well it seems you did all right you did find us Kamon." She looks oer to the other student checking him over. "It seems yto be the case the oceans feel ... different than home. As for the network we'll have to ask around to find a way online and hope out machines operating systems are comptable or ... we may be busy having to patch it. Ourselves."

Kamon meanwhile gets more of her attention, "No I think it had something to do with those things, that appeared just before the world went black..." and there goes Seloira. %R "A beach city that's my kind of town!"
Kamon Lionward "Another world?" Kamon sounds skeptical. "I guess if the Professor thinks so... and Murasame's here, too? Well... familiar faces, right?" He smiles again. He tries to get Murasame to be less of a jerk to everyone. It almost never works. "I think we'd have heard of 'Corneria' if it was time travel, right? I mean --" He points into the distance, at the castle. "-- we would have heard of that, right?"

Kyra pulls away to look up. Kamon, of course, looks down. It isn't terribly uncommon; he's tall and solid, like a lot of Odynar. "So... those were real," he mutters, looking suddenly distressed. He glances between Myla and Kyra and then looks away, lowering his gaze to the ground and furrowing his brow. "Then..."

A second person tackles Kamon. He's ready this time. He blinks a couple times, and then forces a smile. "You made it, too, Miss Delacreaux," he says. He doesn't know her quite as well as he does Kyra, but, well, the few friends he /does/ have, he made pretty easily.
Niklas Dragonius "That's the current guess, anyway. It sounds totally wild, but..." Nik shrugs. He steps to the side gently as Seloria goes sailing past him, a grin on his face. Heh, that had been fun. His grin widens a little at the mention of a beach town and stuff.

"Yeah, sounds like fun!" He offers. Then the Odynar mentions the monsters being real, and Nik just nods, a frown overtaking his previously ridiculously upbeat disposition. He looks down at the ground, his foot kicking out at the stone. "Y-yeah. They were...totally real. I'm pretty sure everybody's gone."

There. Now it was out in the open. Now that he'd said it, he could expel the bad feelings with the same breath, and indeed, he does; they hang in the air, to be replaced by his grin. "But, hey, at least we've got each other, right? Also, dude, Murasame has a magic airship, /unfair/!"
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria hits Kamon like he's a brick wall and she's a tiny summoner. /Wait a second/, he -is- a brick wall, and she -is- a tiny summoner. Let's sum this up with a vague wince. She does let go after a second, giving him a bright grin. "We have homework already, did they tell you?"

Probably. "You can partner Kyra."

She then hugs Myla, and finally gloms onto Nik.
Annia Leradine School : Not opened yet. Classes : Done. Homework : Done.

She checked through her list of 'things to do to remain productive', which is mostly staying on the good side of the teachers, so now she can relax. Which is, mostly being her own pretentious self. But part of the things she likes to do when she can is keep up with her training. You wonder why she seemed so fit?

In the backyard of the inn, where she hopes to be out of sight of people, the girl has moved down to her less-than-proper clothes. She's out of school, no a **** is given anymore.

What is she doing? Dancing. Well, dancing practice, as she's wielding the set of dual daggers, one in each hand, moving to an unheard beat. Its similar to martial arts katas in a way, but mixed up with dancing like this, its very fluid and elegant. Which clashes with the usual image she gives out. Wether its the 'prim and proper' high class or the 'annoying as hell' bully, none of the two seem to fit with this picture.

Makes you wonder how many facets of her personality she really has.
Kyra Hyral "Unfortunately, yes, Murasame is here too." Already flouncing around and perfecting up the place-it was INFURIATING. Though Kyra still wonders if she should have accepted his offer to stay on his airship. But now, with Kamon around, she feels a bit better with her decision and some of the tension she had been holding since her encounter with him yesterday quickly starts to disappear. "He's managed to summon his airship to this place so don't look too surprised when he brings it forth again. He doesn't deserve that...satisfaction."

Her eyes narrow dangerously.

Sadly, she nods, "Professor Mister Greene is also here. He has tasked us all with finding places to stay and a spot to recreate our classroom and a means of staying in touch. I have to wonder, though..." she looks to her phone, then glances over at Myla. "Myla, do you think you'd be able to track to where the network is transmitting from? If there really is a network out there, there also might be some sort of...higher civilization."

'I'm pretty sure everybody's gone.' Nik says. A blank look overcomes her face, unreadable in that she has no idea how to really react to this idea. "...well maybe not everybody. Maybe more people got out that we just haven't met yet."

Speaking of, Kyra spots a practicing dancer. Dancer, with a capital D by the very fact that she is packing a set of daggers. Never underestimate a dancer. "Say, isn't that the girl that was bossing Cid around yesterday?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason nods "He's here and most of us suriving are likely ruining his day." She shrugs "Still we shouldn't poke him wuith hot ionrs though." Still the thought of a beach city has visions of home dancing about the young child of levithan's head. It must be awesomr right? she seems to be in good moods "Our home work is to find out more information on where we are and what happened we got a week on it. Given we didn't all arrive in the same point it is possible...we can't give up hope and yes I think that is her..."
Kamon Lionward To be clear, Kamon is an /iron/ wall, at least in the day-to-day. Rumor has it he doesn't wear armor when he has to do combat finals. Does that mean he's even tougher than he looks, or that he doesn't want it slowing him down?

"Homework? We're --" He blinks owlishly, then looks between Seloria and Kyra. Partners? Sure. "Well... alright. I guess we could go take a look around? Does the inn even take our money?" He reaches into his coat and pulls out a wallet as battered as everything else he owns. He glances inside it, then replaces it. "Not that I've got a lot of that -- but, uh, anyway --"

Anyway, they were real, and everyone is gone. Kamon runs a hand down his face. "I was hoping it was just a bad dream," he mumbles through it. "But... okay. Well... we've got each other. Right. Maybe we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Maybe it's still there, and we got thrown somewhere else. Didn't Professor Mister Greene say something about the X-Zone or the N-Zone or something last semester? Maybe it was just a fiend attack and we've got to find our way back."

Clinging to that scrap of hope, that's him.

Kamon follows Kyra's gaze. "That's... Leradine, right?" Kamon, being one of the most frequently-bullied people in their class despite what he is and can do (or perhaps because of it), doesn't often go out of his way to learn the names of possible tormentors. "How many of us are here?"
Niklas Dragonius To be fair, Nik doesn't wear armor in the combat finals either, but that's because Nik is the kind of guy to hit the monsters enough to make buildings shake. Defense is kind of superfluous in situations like that!

"It's cool, I'm broke too. Me and Kyra were playing music for them last night, they seemed to really dig it, so we've got like.../a/ room. You're gonna have to figure out how to get your own room, though, I'm not sure all five of us are gonna fit in one room. And I'm pretty sure Cid and his girlfriend are sleeping up on Murasame's airship."

Nik rubs the back of his skull curiously. Okay, the swelling was already going down, that was good. He frowns, and shakes his head. "I dunno, dude. Something about that...about that darkness...I don't think it's still out there anymore. Our...our world, I mean."

"Call it a hunch or something...I just..."

Nik gets quiet again. Then Kamon asks how many of them are about, and he grins, his hands sliding behind his head in earnest as he adopts a more relaxed pose. "Oh, man, I have no idea; I think, like, ten of us or so! Me, you, Cid, Kyra, Myla, Leradine, Murasame, Professor Mr. Greene, uh..."

Nik pauses. He frowns, really really hard, /really really really really/ hard. He's clearly very deep in thought over...something. Then he snaps his fingers.


Holy crap, he remembered her name!
Seloria Delacreaux "Y-you remembered --!"

Niklas has used: REMEMBER A GIRLS NAME!
Seloria has fainted!

No, literally, the summoner has stopped mid-word, squeaking, before she takes a seat, a little black whirlwind over her head. She is Confused.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine wasn't trying to attract attention. In fact, she was fine in doing this alone where noone would see.

She keeps with the dancing training, elegant, something that most people wouldn't give her by her usual attitude. The daggers twirl, making arcs of light as they reflect any glow from the backyard, wether its lights, torches or the sky. Stabs and kicks, lovely flourishes, one can't be sure if she's really just dancing or fighting like this.

When she does this, she's in her own little world, her mind is clear. It's the only time that, maybe, one can see the 'real' Annia.
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks at Kamon and nods sage ate him. "It's pretty sensable really all things considered. I know Kamon I think we all did hope it was. I don't think so I'd encounted creturesd made of shadow they had glowing eyes of the sort I not really seen before." She'd seen the eyes of those who could use arcnade magic she even had it to some degree but not like a pure on black mage would and all those creatures were like that.

Then comes a cal out as Seloria name is remebered, she staresd as teh summoner is down and well she seems to be out. "This could be a problem." As for Annia she'll leave the Shivan to her business for now, right?
Niklas Dragonius " probably won't last. I'll probably need to be reminded tomorrow," Nik admits. He was *really* bad with girls' names. Really, really bad.

Also, tremendously distractible. 'Not trying to attract attention' ---> 'dancing while Nik is in the area' ----> inevitable failure at not attracting attention. Granted, Nik didn't much like Annia (he was, after all, that guy who had basically appointed himself Guardian of the Meek, and guys like Jidro and Kamon were Meek, and she was one of the people he...Guardian'd against), but he could still appreciate a great body attached to a good dancer. Nik's hands slide into his pockets, and he moves away from the group for a minute to watch Annia practice, taking a minute to jump from wall to wall to get up onto a better vantage point. He sits down quietly, looking down at her.

Then he shakes his head and drops, landing in the back yard gracefully. He stands up, dusting himself off gently.

"Well, that explains why you look so hot. You're pullin' a little to the left; I'm guessing it's a habit, you probably don't even notice it. Your center of balance is probably a little weighted, so you may have to actively try and correct it. Otherwise, though, pretty good; very flexible." Nik grins, his thumb sticking upwards as he does so. Nik wasn't the kind of guy to like disliking people; he didn't cling to his hatred like some (Murasame). It just...fell off him. You had to work AWFUL damn hard to make Nik's anger stick. It took something truly epic to make him furious.

The last time Nik had gotten really, publically angry, the guy on the receiving end...well, rumor had it he was still sucking down meals through a tube and needed help going to the bathroom. Nik would've been expelled if not for the girl he'd rescued in the process speaking up on his behalf.

It took real crime to truly piss Nik off - real, intentional hurting people, not just schoolyard bullying. Annia hadn't done that yet. So as far as Nik was concerned, she wasn't that bad.

...hell, as far as Nik was concerned, /Murasame/ wasn't that bad.
Kyra Hyral "Homework." Kyra repeats grimly. "Our world might be gone. But he's still assigning us homework." She puts a hand over her heart and...sighs, "...he's such a /dedicated/ teacher, isn't he?" A few seconds are spent with a distant look in her eye-then she shakes her head. "Anyway. Uh. I tried, they don't seem to take our money. In fact, their currency seems to be a very ancient version of our own. Gil, they called it."

Maybe they really did time travel?!

She deflates suddenly, "No x-Zone or N-Zone, but Greene did say there was a Detention Zone. The detention zone."

Nik rattles off the list of people that have been around so far and once again, she looks mildly impressed. "You remembered our names?!" she might die from shock! Or faint into Kamon's arms. Heck, that didn't sound so bad. "-yes, but it's like Nik says, it's not all that hard to make a little money. They said you can hunt monsters for it pretty easily too."

Eventually, after tearing her gaze away from Annia, she nods to Kamon. "That's her. She's a...she was a new student."
Annia Leradine The little dance goes undisturbed even as Nik talks to her. At least for a moment. Then in a flash, testimony to her training, it seems like that little 'pulling to the left' disapears entirely, as a right foot comes straight up, a sidekick at Mik's face, but the lenght of her leg only allows her to reach about 2 inches in front of his nose. She perfectly knows the lenght of her limbs.

"That was on purpose. I actually pull on the right, so been working on correcting my balance by forcing it toward the left."

Her leg retracts, standing on her left leg with perfect balance, while the right leg is folded up. She might not have the 'dragonius perfection', but she seems quite confident of herself.

That uplifted leg comes down, twirling the daggers and sheathing them down into the two scabbards over her rear, crossed in an X. Then she puts her hands on her hips pointedly "What do you want?" Blunt as always.
Kamon Lionward Nik remembers a girl's name. He even pronounces it right. /And/ it basically knocks her out cold! This day is getting crazier and crazier. Maybe it isn't Nik at all. Maybe it's some kind of shapechanging monster masquerading as Nik!

Nah. Too convenient.

Nik runs off. Kamon looks away from the small gap they can actually see the dancer through. He feels like he's seeing something incredibly private, suddenly, and knows exactly how /he/ would feel about it. "Could still be fiends," Kamon lamely insists, looking to Myla. "There were shadow fiends on Odin, sometimes..." Yeah, but rarely; most of them were metal monsters. They were never at a want for raw materials.

"Gil? I saw some gil at a museum on Ramuh, once. Big coins." He holds up a hand with two fingers a distance apart. Half-dollar sized, apparently. "I guess we could do the monster hunting thing..." He sounds doubtful. "...but, uh, does anyone have anything they /do/ take? I haven't eaten since breakfast yesterday, and, well..."

Kamon's stomach growls, resembling a tiger's annoyed snarl.

"...don't want to go to the Detention Zone on an empty stomach," he mumbles.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Well as for food they seem to take soild cash, I managed to get some after dealing with some creatures down by the shore when I was trying to catch some fish to eat it's not much but it should be something." She pauses at the growl. "We need to feed you as for the home world it's not that bad we just need to find out information about where we are really and ... I don't like to think how the Dentention Zone's surived somehow..." She seems in a good enough mood even as she looks over to Annia as she does her thing she leaves Nik to risk the Shivan's annoyance.
Niklas Dragonius Nik doesn't flinch. He's just grinning like a moron, which probably makes it all the more insufferable, though it's clearly not on purpose. His hands remain in his pockets; his stance remains totally casual. That's not just training; he *knows* Annia's not gonna try and splatter him. She's a bully, not a murderer; there's a huge span of difference between those two, and Nik was pretty sure none of his friends were gonna make that leap, not even her.

"So I see. A little overcorrected, then; might wanna try a pole next time! It's really hard to overcorrect on a really small pole, your foot starts to shift and then you fall off and hurt yourself if you're over too far. Like, really small. Like, tiny small."

"Anyway, I was just sayin' hi. Unless you mean what I want /in general/, and in that case, I would say that right at this instant I would definitely like either you, Kyra, or Myla!" Nik nods, crossing his arms, a grin spreading across his face. "Although I guess you are kinda my best friend's fiance, so that's probably off the table."

"Ah well!" Nik slides his hands back behind his head and grins, then moves back towards the group. "If you feel like joinin' us, it's totally cool. Nobody's gonna yell at you or anything."

Then he hops back across the inn in a couple bounces, landing near Myla and Kyra. "So! What are we talking about now?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine shakes her head. Well he is insufferable, but its not like she has any specific reason to *despise* him. There are two kinds of people in her world : those she hate, and those she hates less. Niklas didn't give her any reason to jump to the first category, so he's in the second one. That's about as good as it will be.

"Fat chance there." She answer to the 'you Kyra or Myla' part. She notes he didn't say Seloria. Not that it bothers her, but still.

She walks over to the group, just in time to hear Kamon's stomach growling like a... well... hungry animal, fittingly enough.

"... The inn has food, go order something, put it on my tab." She has money, and while she's a bully, she's not gonna get to hurt people if they are already dead.

There's also a good reason behind everything, isn't there?

She looks to the others "Same for all of you." One of her luggages had her money, so apparently she's good for a while at least." She turns around, heading toward the in, with that oh-so-casual sway of her dancing hips. Something that some people might not miss noticing after all, even if she didn't make any mention of it.
Niklas Dragonius "YOU HAVE REALLY NICE HIPS!" Nik shouts, drawing a few stares from some of the neighboring natives.
Kyra Hyral Grimly, Kyra nods. "Fortunately, our little performance last night did earn us a bit of money. We've mostly been using it to stay at the inn and buying our food, stuff like that. We could get you something to eat, Kamon." Kyra smiles gently.

It should be some solace that this is food that Kyra certainly did not make herself. Yet.

"We were going to get something to eat." she tells Nik once he returns from gaping at Annia. Unexpectedly, Annia joins them both and...offers her tab. "Really? You mean it?, thanks." Yes, even Kyra notices swaying hips like THAT. It's hard not to!
Kyra Hyral For some mysterious reason, Kyra turns bright red. She then leans over and smacks Nik upside the head.
Niklas Dragonius "OW! Hey, it was a compliment!" Nik protests. Great, now he was sore /again/.
Kamon Lionward "Yeah. Focus on figuring out where we are, and then we can think about everything else." Kamon finally picks the sword and his bag up. The keen-eyed will notice that the sword is actually one of the ones provided by the school's athletic department, not a personal weapon like... well, everyone else's gear. It certainly lends credence to the 'in the gym' thing.

Kamon glances to Myla and Kyra, and looks sheepish. "It would be kinda nice --" Then, he looks at Annia a little lopsidedly. Kind of in the, 'did she just say what I think she said' way, as if he needs a second for his brain's apparently gravity-fed thought engine to kick in. "Uh... okay. Thanks." Now he's all /kinds/ of confused.

"Maybe we should...?" He points towards the inn Annia was practicing behind, and sticks his hands in his trademark coat's pockets, hanging his possessions over his shoulder, and starts walking. He tries not to let his stomach drag him along faster.
Annia Leradine After throwing her invationg, the dancer 'swayed' back inside the inn. Her trainig was done, didn't have any reasons to stay outside, and she was hungry too.

She got inside ahead of the others, so she's sitting at a table, legs crossed, leaning a bit over the table as she checks through a booklet. Apparently, she found some info, so she's rechecking her notes. Although, what's weird with the way she writes is that it seems like many languages got jumbled up together, so its hard to read for anyone else.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has accepted Annia's invatation and follows the dancer along heading for the Inn to see about what she might be able to find here. Also just a chance to catch up. She makes her way over to annia after taking a moment to look around. "Hey, got any idea if there's anything good here I not tried much of the local food yet..."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine waves a hand when Myla comes over, motionning her to sit down where she wants "The pastries are good." She points at the basket of them she ordered up before. "But you'e probably more hungry than that, so you could ask for some veal maybe, with pastas." She offers up simply, not quite knowing the menu either.

She takes a pen and writes down in the book a bit, jotting down things for her homework, which is about gathering information on the important people of this world.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "I guess I could." Given where she's from she'd rather have sea food but who knows what the local food it like. "Or maybe they will have seafood. Still at leqast once we eaten we cna try to figure out what's going on." She pulls a tablet out of her pocket a she sits down and goes over the interface of the device. "So this place is just strange it's just so ... old, yet they manage to keep it cleaner than I'd expect."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine reaches over for a bread roll, sticking it between her lips, as she flips through the pages of her book idly. She hmphs a bit first, and then picks the bread from her lips to properly answer "From what information I got, not all cities are like this. This is just one that kept with a medieval style because it suits them, but there are ocean sides, mechanical cities, cities on floating islands, and more." She flips again "Apparently this continent is the least advanced one overall, keeping old traditions of magic and sword using. In a way, it might be the most peaceful."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "True keeping it like this means coperations and such won't keep in slower communications means it takes more for trouble to start up." She notes as she goes to get a roll and try to flag someone down to place her order. "Oceans are good, the ocean here felt ... strange." She admits. She gets one of the bair maids over to her and quickly places an orders. "I see nothing wrong with tradtion though, I can only guess at what the world beyond is like then again? Isn't our homework to find out?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine leans back in her chair, the breadroll stuck between her lips, hands behind her back. The bread disapears bite by bite somehow, without her using her hands, one leg over the other like this, like there's no care in the world. When the bread is gone, she properly answers "That'd be your assignment maybe, mine is handling important people, but I can't do that very well without knowing of the terrain and cities either."

She leans back down over the table, and flips to a page in her book, pulling out a folded paper that has a rough sketch of the world "I couldn't find any maps, but someone made me this, its a rough sketch of this continent."

"We're over here, Cornelia. There's the village of magicians, Mysidia over here, through the swamp. And there a mountain village as Cosmo, and Mullonde here too. But apparently what we need to pay attention to here is Baron. They are a military power in this world, and been on the move alot recently. Their strength is in their airships, the Red Wings. Of course I got no idea of their goals, but the king there is very influencial."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Ah, I see. Well at least Mister Green is trying to keep us busy. It's honestly a good idea. The Detention Zone not withstanding." She waits on her order and listens to her schoolmate on what she has to share. "Humm sounds like we should split up and check all of them out. We should be careful though, we have no idea of the real poltical situation here. Still it be worth a shot to check it out there, at the very lewst it's be a place to gather information."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine nods. She might be a bully normally, but there's no reason to keep people in the dark in ths situation either. There's a difference between pushing around just being a jerk. For school stuff she's exemplary, but for social... no so much.

She points at Baron on the map "We need to go through Baron to get anywhere, the port is there." She flips to the next page "I don't have maps for those, but there are a few more continents. This one is the western continent. There are Central Isles, Northern, Southern and Western." She flips another page "And getting more complicated, there are whole other WORLDS out there outside of this one. This one is called the World of Ruin. Not sure why, doesn't seem like its in ruins at least. But there's a portal in the central Isles that leads to Traverse Town, which is apparently a very busy area since its central to many worlds. I'm thinking that outside of scouting the other continents, Traverse should be a priority.
Rena Laradyne Rena carefully ducks underneath the doorframe, turning slightly sideways in order to let herself into the inn. Her uniform jacket is folded under one arm, a very loose light blue shirt slightly damp as the Shivan looks around the interior.

Her face breaks out into a pleased half smile as she spots some familiar faces, shoulders drawing back a little as she straightens up again. "Junker! -- That was a refreshing jaunt, I'll have to admit. I should have known you would find your way clear, one way or another." she pffts.

"Trust a Levani only as well as your netting will hold them." The silver haired Shivan moves over to where Annia and Myla are sitting.

"Do you mind if I sit in?" she asks Annia politely, shifting her uniform jacket and rewrapping the collapsed mechanical bow inside the folds.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Whole other worlds wait what? World of Ruin? That doesn't leave me too hopefill about things and hummm Traverse Town interesting and I agree we'd need to push to there if it's a travel hub it would be the best place for information gathering and people hunting." The Levitani seems to be trying to focus on what's going on. "So i hope my food is ...." Then someone calls out Juker she grins at the quote.

"Ytou have quite the net."

Myla's not in her normal more Levanish outfit she prefers she' in her uniform her outfit may be drying somewhere at the moment as funny as that might sound. "Good to see you made it."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine waves a hand toward the empty chair, a tad dismissively. Another Shivan huh. That one has a chance of knowing her by reputation from the schools in Shiva, considering she didn't get even a day in Alexander Academy before everything went to Chaos and back. Well, to Cornelia at least.

She also points to the basket of bread rolls, for easy pickings, although there are menus for more elaborate meals. In fact, Myla's waitress finally comes by to pick up the order.

She was exchanging info with fellow schoolmate, since there was noone else around that she could potentially ally with at this point. Not that she wants to make buddies, she's no good with that. She wouldn't admit to it either way.

"Yeah, worlds. As in, totally different places just a few steps away. But they didn't have much more info than that, they just said 'you'll see for yourself' at that point." She sighs and leans back on her chair, putting the book on top of her face "I guess that's about all the info I can get in this backwater village anyway, will have to move out soon." Of course, this is far from being 'backwater', but its medieval alright. Its just underneath the standards she had in Shiva, at least they had electricity and running water.
Rena Laradyne They did have electricity and running water.. in the places where it was still allowed. Rena snorts faintly at the dismissiveness, taking the time to cover one hand with the other and bow to Annia. See? No hostile intent here.

Rena is pretty old school traditional, making several other small gestures before putting her jacket down on the table and taking a seat. "Well. Nobody has keeled over dead as the stones, so the food isn't poisonous to us I am guessing." Rena smiles cheerfully as she takes a roll from the basket, inspecting it with amusement as she teases Myla. "Or are we still testing this theory?"

she listens to the fragments of conversation, frowning slightly as she asks. "Different worlds?" she thinks about it for a moment, rolling the roll inbetween her fingers back and forth. "..Well. We wouldn't have thought it possible that any of our lands were not alone before the great spans. So .. I suppose in a way.. this is simply a step onto a larger cycle."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "This is just getting stranger and stranger Annia. I think we were lucky to surive whatever happned to say the least and I wonder iof we were the first. Still it's not too bad." She mills ove the information. "We should look into getting supplies before we head out at the very least. Nope the food's fine and yes, I still wonder why this place is called the world of ruin, the locals don't seem that suprised to strangers like us. There's been no pitch fork mobs for us."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine takes the book off her face, looking straight up into it like this "Nah, its because of the state the world is in right now. As far as I know, this world wasn't like this before, they were all in seperate places. Every thing just got fused together into a single world, the world of ruin. Like people in this village said they used to be alone on their island. Now there's at least 4 other nations on this continent. The reality changed, people got used to it, there's bigger weirdoes than us around here."

She sets the book down on the table, and then leans on her elbows, hands under her chin "As long as we're not trying to torch the village down, we're not any different than most wanderers around here."
Rena Laradyne "Pitch.. Pitck forks?" Rena frowns slightly as she takes a bite out of the roll, pulling it apart neatly with her fingers and eating it a section at a time. She chews the bland little thing for awhile but decides she needed something in her stomach.

You don't think when you are hungry. She slaps a hand to her breat, looking for the pocket and then digging into her jacket. "Ugh. /Rella./" she snorts the curse under her breath. "It seems I am without my phone again. Pitchforks-- well, I suppose it does not matter what is being pitched as long as it is not us. You are planning to make another journey, I take it?" she takes another roll from the basket, glowering at it and looking around for something to improve the taste. As she does so she listens to Annia.

"Are we sure this is not the world of the spirits? Because there is a ring of familiarity to a story about lands that fused together, and many things which have become the one." Rena frowns slightly, regarding the roll. "I am reasonably certain that this is not what death is like."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "It's an expression." She makes a face as her order arrives some sort of fish in the end with a salad. She digs into it with erelish and is quiet for the moment. "Funny thing about phones, we found a network out here but we can't connect to it." She makes a face "Seems there's someone with the magitek levels to have a datanetwork and a phone network but we hasn't been able to connect to it. We were in the planning stages sides Mr. Greene's going to give us Diablos if we don't get too it."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine shrugs a bit at Rena's question "It could be on the moon for all we really know right now, wouldn't make much a difference in this case, would it?" She shakes her head. Her book seems to contain a ton of notes of various kinds, but its almost impossible to understand, as if every word changed languages. "I heard about phones, but they aren't popular in this place. They are mostly handy for the people travelling, as they managed to make the network cross dimensional, so it doesn't matter if you're here or in Traverse. I would suppose it extends to every other known world."
Rena Laradyne Rena looks disparagingly at the food being served. "Mr Greene as well?" she stands up from the table. "Well. I suppose I ought to root him out. I still have a paper to hand in. It's still valid, though it's deadline is past the end of the world."

She shrugs one massive shoulder. "Not that that matters to him." she stops, curious at Annia's words. She raises a hand and purses her lips. "I'll catch you later Junker. You will have to tell me more about this later. May we meet again soon." she nods politely to Annia, bowing slightly as she grabs up her things and heads for the door.

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