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Correspondence Class
(2013-02-17 - 2013-02-17)
The students of Alexander Academy, and one of their Professors, converge on Cornelia. The end result is hilarity, and well... homework.
Seloria Delacreaux Let's rewind about half an hour ago. Half an hour ago, everyone was wandering Alexander Academy happily, whether it was Seloria reading something, Niklas unbuttoning a girls' blouse, or Jidro fretting. (But Cid always frets.)

Twenty minutes ago, Nik and Cid had been in combat with a pair of imps trying to take off with Nik's guitar. Fifteen minutes ago, Seloria had summoned Sylph, rescued the guitar, and saved the day. Ten minutes ago, they started walking towards the city.

Just now, they've entered the city!

Theoretically, Niklas and Cid are chasing Seloria, who has booked her way down one of the side pathways towards the center of th evilliage, where the beautiful stone fountain likes. "Ohhh~" She chirps, bouncing along gleefully.
Niklas Dragonius Nik is actually really good at keeping up with people despite his staggering levels of laziness. It comes from his ridiculous training-from-hell background; his family's willingness to subject their son to constant, consistent lethal situations was the reason he was so ludicrously strong today. And it was entirely strength, in fact, because Nik was also REALLY REALLY FRAGILE as a result of all that abuse!

Nik vaults over a wall, guitar slung oer his shoulder, and lands somewhere on the other side. "Hey, wait up! Or at least turn around so I can enjoy watching you run in a sweater!" Nik shouts. Cid could, uh...Cid could totally climb that wall, right? He was...he was a strong guy! Right? ...right? ......right?

....okay, well, Cid could totally CATCH UP, is his point. Nik doesn't really have time to appreciate the archaic stone buildings or the people in even more archaic clothes staring at him as he races through the street; he doesn't want to lose one of the only members of his world he knows is here! That would /suck/.

Nik rounds the corner, planting one foot on the fountain and jumping. He jumps onto the next level of the fountain, then the little top bit, temporarily spraying water everywhere! Then he leaps off it, landing somewhere at least vaguely near Seloria with a thud. "Do you always just kinda take off like that?"
Annia Leradine There was another person near the fontain when Nik so 'joyfully' sprayed water everywhere. Her school uniform's vest slung over her shoulder, it looks like she took the time away from the school to get more natural, wearing only a small black top and her pants, which are somewhat baggy at the bottom end of them. She gets splashed of course, and gets up, looking toward the bounding young man "Watch what you're doing, you twit."

The girl has been pretty much lost after the heartless stuff. She was just about to join the academy when everything got deported like that. She wouldn't even know its students from the same school right now, but the vest is marked of the AA blazon.

Great, not just the overly energetic boy, but also the airhead girl, that's going to be a swell day for her.
Rena Laradyne Not a particularly great night.

There had been fighting, which had been reasonably refreshing and oddly nostalgic of some of the seasonal swarms back home. It had been what her mother had termed an abundant environment. There had been that and then she had been smothered by the waves of darkness and.. then it was out here, in a grassland somewhere and this muggy, unpleasant heat. She had gotten used to such discomfort so Rena just picked herself up off the grass.

Rena shifted her lightweight uniform jacket, peeling it off and slinging it over one scarred shoulder as she looked out at the surroundings. No sign of the Academy or anything familiar. She made her way towards the signs of civilization in the hopes that she could find some information. There was a part of her that wanted to freak out and scream and be paralyzed, but that wasn't really going to help her right now, so-- first rule. Always know who you are. Second rule. Always know where you are. Rena checks herself over, runs herself through a short litany of facts and then nods. Let's go see about rule two.
Kyra Hyral A large group of people shuffle by, clearly locals, only some paying passing attention to the group of young people clearly dressed in clothing quite unlike that of their now-lost native world. Perhaps it wasn't so unusual for this place to receive travels and they have become numb to such a thing?

One amongst the crowds, however, appears to be a familiar face to at least Nik. Maybe. Can any girl register as familiar to him? He can't even keep their names straight.

Maybe he would remember Kyra Hyral, his fellow Behemoth class, as she stumbles along numbly with the crowd. She's wearing her favorite white hoodie over her uniform-the one she's doctored up with a haphazardly sewn-on Diablos emblem on the bac. The hood remains down so her red hair shines in the sun.

Her metal, standard-issue number two focusing staff drags along the ground behind her as her arms hang limply at her sides.

"...bluhhh..." Either she's shellshocked or someone just hit her with the zombie status. Neither option is good.
Mister Greene Things you should know about Professor Mister Greene.

The first, before everyone ended up here, he was not present for his last class. He was /mysteriously/ missing, and had been preoccupied lately with another project. He still did his classes, but up until /that point/ he never missed one. Then suddenly he missed a class and the world ended. Shocking, huh?

However, as people enter the city, they find the short professor litterally bent over the stone fountain with his face in the water...water is bubbling, dangerously, as the poor professor is seemingly...completely out of it? His Mecha-Mini Chocobo sits on his back, preening it's robo-feathers, as nothing had happened at all.

"Beep." It warks.

"Damned bird! Get off my back so I can get BLUB!"
Souji Murasame There is a click from the door to the Inn, and several figures exit the building. One of them is a familiar sight to those in Behemoth Class: Souji Murasame, the scourge of those seeking the Valedictorian position, general perfectionist, and stoic cold rich kid. Behind him are several Black Mages bearing the Murasame Family insignia. "The tea is inferior." Souji comments. "But one must make do in the wasteland."

He slowly turns his gaze over the city plaza, his eyes narrowing slightly as he sees the rest of those alive. "Oh. You're alive." He says towards the students, but leaves it at that as he approaches the semi-drowning Mr. Greene. "Professor. I have completed my homework." He produces a bag and drops it next to the man on the edge of the fountain.

He doesn't lift a finger to help the man.
Seloria Delacreaux "Nik, shut up!"

Seloria is outpaced by nikas running - he lands about ten feet away from the fountain, next to Selora, who had stopped to stare at Professor Mister Green. "Yes." She says, puzzled. "I never had a case where I had to wait on people before. I was allowed to explore the ruins of Levitani alone, and to swim the Tenebrous Deeps without fear."

"Uhhhhh, I think - " She gestures at Kyra, but, bracing herself, she goes to nab Greene's Mecha-Mini Chocobo so he can get out of the fountain and breath.

"Oh, great." She mutters to herself at the sight of Souiji.
Niklas Dragonius "Oops, sorry!" Nik calls at Annia as he lands. He skids to a halt as he notices the AA jacket on her shoulder, then pauses, temporarily distracted enough by the appearance of a cute girl he didn't know to stop chasing the *other* cute girl he didn't know. Nik's hand slides onto his hip thoughtfully as he checks her out...and he grins. "Hi! Sorry about that. I don't recognize you, but you're obviously from the school, so...hey! I'm Niklas Dragonius; just call me Nik, huh? Pleasure to meet you!"

Then Kyra stumbles forward, and Nik is AGAIN temporarily distracted from chasing Seloria AND the cute girl he just met by the cute girl he already knows. Nik grins and waves at her as she drags her staff along. "Hey! Now there's another great sweater I'm glad to see." He doesn't remember her /name/, but that's okay, Nik was pretty bad with girls' names. "Are you okay? You're not looking so great...I mean, you /look/ great, just kinda sick, that's all. know when a really cute girl is kinda sick, and you don't wanna say she looks *great* 'cause she looks ill, but she's still hot? Yeah, like that."

Nik snaps his fingers, though he's keeping the fact that he DOESN'T REMEMBER HER NAME as quiet as he can. Because, you know. That would be rude to just /say/ to her. He'd ask somebody later, or maybe she'd volunteer it to Annia! He was thinking /Mary/. Definitely not Linda, though. "Hey, so have you guys seen Lin-"

BLUB. "Professor? Uh, double oops." Nik's hand goes up to scratch the back of his neck. Heeeee just splashed the teacher in his haste to catch up with Seloria, didn't he? He was probably gonna get an earful about that....but hey, he was trying to keep up with a teacher.

And then Souji shows up. Nik smiles and holds up a hand. "Hey, Murasame! Check it out, I think we got sent to the past! It's pretty cool, right? We're time travellers!"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine doesn't seem willing to take excuses. She just asked him to watch it, there won't be a second warning. She didn't know it was the professor either, that had been bubbling next to her for a while. He hadn't asked for help either, mind you, she thought he was just very very.. very VERY thirsty.

But when the word 'professor' comes out, she's almost IMMEDIATELY next to him, helping him out of the water. During that 'ziiiiiiiiiiiiip' she even managed to put her AA vest on, and looks all prim and proper again, like any top student would be. "Are you alright professor? Here, you can use my towel." Appanrently, she even had a towel handy. Might be from the bulky bags she has with her. She hadn't even gotten to the academy, and her maid disapeared SOMEWHERE, so she's not very pleased right now.

But it doesn't show in front of the professor. She might look like an ass kisser, but actually its just cunningly cloaking herself, giving the teachers a perfect image of herself.
Kyra Hyral Nik has one small saving grace. Kyra at least knows him. She knows the sound of his voice and unfortunately for him, she already knows that this man cannot for the life of him remember her name. That doesn't really matter all that much right now, though-in fact, she could care less if Nik was being very Nik rght now.

She slowly turns to look at him, her green eyes wide as she stares at the martial artist. Recognition dawns and the staff falls from her hand, clanging loudly against the ground. "Nik...!" In an instant, she's over next to him. In another instant, she's grabbing him by the collar and pulling him down to her level. And then...!

She shakes him. A lot. "WHAT THE <GOOSEHONK> JUST HAPPENED?!" she blurts out suddenly. After taking a breath, she looks around and gradually begins to recognize some of the other classmates she knows and mildly despises. Why, Professor Mister Green is even here!

Wait, she just swore in front of her favorite teacher. Wait! Swearing around authority is a very rebellious thing to do, that should be okay right?! Well okay by not being okay which means it's okay to Kyra and-

Kyra releases her death grip upon Nik. "Time travel? Really? So this is Galianda of the past?" She might even accept this explanation. History is not the subject she excels in, after all.
Souji Murasame Souji simply shifts his eyes to Nik. "If we've been sent to the past, then you should be able to name the geographical location and point in our world history that this resembles, along with concurrent landmarks." Souji replies. "Surely you can do even that much, Dragonius?"

He expands his piercing, judging gaze to the rest of the students present. "Any of you?"
Mister Greene Professor MISTER Greene is saved from his Chocobo PDA trying to kill him.

"MAVERICK!" he shouts at it, which gives him a Beep back, questioningly. Thanks to the efforts of his students, who were trying to kill him before, except fro Souji who was just watching him die, he is saved. He coughs for a moment, before pointing right at Kyra. "DETENTION!" he says, without even looking directly at her.

Taking the towel from Annia Asskisser, he dries his head off and looks at Niklas for a moment. "That is EXCELLENT deduction, but it is very wrong." he says handing the wet towel back to Annia. "Can I have my PDA back." he holds his hand out to Seloria, meaning the bird, who Beeps again in a wark like fassion.

"Excellent." he says, taking the assignment from Souji, "The rest of you? You have your homework correct? Our world's issues are NO ESCUSE!" he says, crossing his hands.

"The question you should ask is not when, but WHERE we are, and then of course as WHERE is our home. These are important questions that you must ask, and is now your NEW homework assignment. As well as finding us a place to live."
Seloria Delacreaux "Kyra, Nik."

Seloria has names down, not that she's ever actually talked to many of any of these people. "Here you go, Professor Mister Greene." She hands the PDA Mini-Mecha Chocobo back to him once he is more comfortable, comfortable holding him, but willing to pass him right back to the group.

She shrugs at Souji. "I don't know. Get me to a sea though, and I'll be able to figure things out." That done, she switches her green eyes back to Professor Mister GReene.

"Does this mean we just switched to correspondence classes, Professor?"
Niklas Dragonius If it makes you feel better, Kyra, he can recognize body shape and face pretty well! Kyra gets her hands around his collar (heck yeah) and starts shaking him fiercely (booooo), and Nik's head bobbles back and forth like, well, a bobblehead. He shakes his head clear after a moment, holding his hand up to his forehead. "Woah, hey! How should I know what happened-" Shot in the dark, shot in the dark, shot in the dark...K! K, there was a K...uh...and an A!


So close, and yet so far.

Nik grins down at her nonetheless, putting his hands on hers and slooooowwwwwlllyyy removing them from his collar. "I mean, one minute I was under the Big Tree with Linda - speaking of, have you seen her? - messing with her blouse, and then the next, those weird little black things show up, and then me and Cid fall on our faces onto a bunch of grass and stuff. Then this little imp thing shows up and nearly beats Cid up, then we go chase two more of them carrying off my guitar, and then Ami-" he gestures at Seloria "...wait, no...Celine?...shows up and then she runs off and now we're here!"

"So yeah, that about brings everybody up to speed!" Nik observes proudly, putting his hands around Kyra's shoulders.

Then Souji talks, and Nik's proud look breaks apart in an instant. THEN Mister Greene talks, and reinforces Souji, thus reinforcing Nik's belief that teachers are kinda jerks. "W-well...okay, that's a good point, I guess...Cid said it looked like our world in the past, so I just kinda figured. Y'know. That that made sense..."

"But I guess that's a good point."

Nik says absolutely NOTHING about his homework. *Strategically*.
Mister Greene Professor Mister Green is looking right at you Nik. "Homework. No escuses."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine shakes her head at the Professor "I don't have any homework because I was just transfered to Alexander Academy. Today was to be my first day in this school. My name is Annia Leradine." She bows elegantly. Yeah, she's an asskisser alright, but only to the teachers and higher authorities, that's how she was raised, posing as a perfect little angel. "Although I guess this isn't a school anymore now."

She considers "The guard at the entrance said this was Cornelia, but there are no towns marked as Cornelia on Galianda. And this one cleary as a castle, so there's even less possibility of a kingdom called Cornelia that would be unknown to us. Plus, the weather outside would suggest it to be on Odin." Which was an easy guess. There's no huge mountains, its not in the ocean, its not frozen over and its not bathing in heat, nothing that suggests they would be in clouds either.

Actually is there there even a single plate in Galianda that has simple plains and temperate weather?
Kyra Hyral Her eyes narrow and she leans forward, hissing at him, "Kyra."

"What-h-hey, Professor Mister Green, cut me some slack," Kyra whines. "I just saw the whole world get consumed by the impure forces of...something." Kyra wanted to say 'Chaos' but it didn't...feel right. "And besides..." she unzips the front of her hoodie and pulls out a set of slightly crumpled papers. Her homework.

Angrily, she passes it over to Mister Greene, "Just where do you expect me to serve detention now? I saw the classroom get consumed!"

Falling silent, she peers over at Souji, glowering at her fellow Behemoth class. "I feel no storm in the air, so this is certainly not -our- continent, if it is a location in Galianda."
Souji Murasame Souji Murasame cracks that tiny smile. You know, that one that he allows you to see when he knows he's beaten you. "Except, Leradine, the place isn't a hellish iron-studded wasteland constantly besieged by iron-infused nightmare monsters." He shrugs. "Have /all/ of you failed basic logic? We're not on our world anymore, and the Professor has already deduced this, as have I."

He looks back to the Professor. "This city is called Cornelia, as they mentioned before. You can likely get a home in the villiage outside the area, but where our world is will require more... extensive research. I do hope you have an appropriate due date for this assignment." He turns away.

"Personally, I already have my own place handled."
Seloria Delacreaux "Some of us may have failed basic logic, but at least we passed the basic etiquette courses." Seloria says coolly to Souji, her green eyes flashing at him. "Which you seem to have failed epically." She deliberately turns her back on him, her green braids bouncing.

"Kyra, don't threaten Nik, he means well. His brain is still on Linda."

"Hey, where'd Cid go?"
Niklas Dragonius "He was like right behind me before I vaulted over the wall," Nik replies, pointing over his shoulder. "I figured he'd...y'know, be right behind me."

"Yeah, she was pretty cute. I am not averse to this situation, though," Nik replies, grinning at Kyra. "Hi."
Jidro Gerrison "De-*GASP*definitely... *WHEEZE* n-not... our home...*WHEEZE* or time..."

Where has Cid been all of this time?

Let's not forget that Cid is not an athletic persn. In fact, running is the bane of his existence. In fact, there is Cid himself. Unfortuntely, he is getting dragged over towards the group at the fountain by one of the burly villgers. The mage is looking worse for wear. He's sweating profusely, his glasses are fumbled in place(likely from tripping in the midst of his running), and overall...


The burly man laughs, carrying the man over his shoulder, "I think this gent belongs to you all?"

His vision is a bit blurry, but he slowly places the glasses over his eyes.

First, his vision notices a few of the other students. However, his expression tenses at the sight of Souji.

"...Gr-greetings, Mr. Murasame..."

However, at the sight of Annia.


/Cid becomes as pale as a ghost./ His jaw opens wide, wanting to scream, but.. is unable to.
Mister Greene Professor Mister Green takes Kyra's homework, narrowing at the status of it. "It will due." he says, and then looks at Annia. "I SAID N-...oh." he pauses, "Okay, you are escused, because I never assigned it to you! BUT NOW you are mine!" he says, shaking a hand, and putting the Chocobo down on the ground, which runs around him Beeping from time to time. It then stops, and preens itself again.

It is /amazingly/ adorable.

He adjusts his goggles, and nods. "Yes. We are not in our world anymore...our physics MIGHT be changed considerably...and I have no idea if our connections to various things are disrupted! So first of all, everyone test out your magic and to figure out if it all works BEFORE we are attacked by monsters or heartless." he says, placing his goggles back over his eyes.

"The first order of buisness, is to set up a approprate place for a replacement academy! It will need to have classrooms for every subject, and housing for the remaining students. We also need to know WHERE We are...and what is just going on. I know those creatures are named Heartless."

"I was experimenting on them before the world fell, the government was concerned with their appearance.." and so were the Divines, but that is a quiet matter.

"We need information, and you need to explore! Everyone should go out in pairs from here, and explore. If you do not have a partner, or one is not avalible to you.../I/ shall go with you.

"And if you must know, young lady...I still have the powers...of the DETENTION ZONE!"


He looks at Cid. "YOU! Where is your homework?!"
Niklas Dragonius "Hey, there he is!" Nik gestures at Cid. "See? I told you he'd catch up!"

Always look on the bright, side of life! Doot doot, doot doot, doot doot doot doot de doot.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine glares at Souji "How can you be talking about logic when we are in a situation that defies all of it. How exactly do you explain that one moment we're in our world and the next we are here? I simply exposed a possible theory, even if Odin is full of metal it is the only place with a temperate climate that isn't under a glass dome like Shiva or at the base of a giant mountain range." She crosses her arms over her chest pointedly. She's acting all uppity again.

She turns back to the professor though, Asskissing-mode back on since he's still around "I am pleased to be under your tutelage Professor Mister Greene." Is mister his middle name? Rather not ask.

But then, Jidro happens. She blinks for a moment, and then... those green eyes go flat "...Hello Mr Gerrisson, nice to see you again. I am surprised that no monsters snagged you for snacks yet."
Kyra Hyral "I see /your/ priorities are straight." Kyra rolls her eyes at Nik before giving him a gentle shove to push him away. Where were the others, though? Where was Kamon? Surely he had to survive, right? Her eyes grow distant for a few seconds as she thinks.

As much as she loathes Souji, she does, nonetheless, listen to his words. Corneria? Place to stay? In her shellshocked wandering, she hadn't really noticed her surroundings that much.

Then she palms her face a little. "Professor, I-" she pouts, then he threatens her with the DETENTION DIMENSION. Kyra yelps in alarm and zips behind Nik. "But you wouldn't do that to your top science student, right?"

Then Cid arrives and her tension starts to fade a little. Yet another one of her good friends was here. "Cid!" Kyra slips out from behind Nik and scoots over to Jidro, taking both of his hands and looking into his eyes. The glowering of Annia is ignored. "Are you alright?"

HINT: You better answer 'yes' to that, Cid.
Myla Mason It had started as such a good day for Myla, she had been caught up on all her home world, everything was in Mr Green would have even had her latest assignemtn in early. Then? All hell broke lose things of the Darkness, she'd tried to fight but what could she do? There were just too many her and her meahcnial creaion had been over run and the next thing she knew she was in an alien ocean and had washed up in the harbour. It was an ocean, it was conforting but it was not home it felt differnt, Swimmer had surived somehow too and had followed her as she fished herself out of the drink.

Now her dress which is far more suited to that of sailors from her world does not fit in at all, she's got a swimsuit like undergarment, leggings that are partialyl open and could be easily removed by datching straps should she end up in the drink. Goggles are pushed up and her long blue hair which is sperateed into several braids that are beaed at the ends. She's looking out of place as she wanders, it would be easy enough to spot her the streak tatoo on her face is known to be used by some natives of the Levianitna contient as a sign of being fisherment or prehaps even pirates. She's just looking really distract and lost right now.
Niklas Dragonius "My bag didn't come through, sir. Homework's gone. World ate it. I'll get it to you tomorrow." Nik flows seamlessly, then holds up Kyra's hand. And Seloria's. "Partners! There's an odd number, so this is way easier than disrupting your experiment, sir!"

Nik's grin is /huge/. Souji shuts it down again, though, because Souji's a jerk. "What do you mean you've already got a place handled? How? It's not like we've got any money for here, do we?" He starts checking his pockets all of a sudden, as Kyra slips over to Cid. Holy crap, did he have money? That would rock! It's not like he had any money in the other world (on him), though...
Souji Murasame "Spare the rod and spoil the child. And believe me, Delacreaux, you are acting like a child." Souji replies.

Annia takes her shot, which Souji simply shrugs regarding. "I explain it because those creatures of shadow consumed our world. I watched them do it." Souji says. "I had a different vantage point than the lot of you." He gestures to Annia. "I know you should be used to this now, but there's nothing wrong in you being wrong. Just accept it, learn, and move on."

He turns away, listening as Jidro appears. "Gerrison. You're alive." He pauses for a moment. "You are fortunate. Your father is still alive and well."

Nik's query gets a response. "I think you misunderstand what I mean." He turns to the black mages behind him, who have been basically background decoration so far, and nods. "Begin."

The mages form into a triangle, raising their hands and incanting. There is an explosion of light as a magical circle forms around them, magical power gathering as runic rings are etched into the air. There is a thundercrack as the sun is blotted out, Souji's eyes glinting in the sudden darkness as the stormclouds gather thickly. Lightning surge s through the clouds, a familiar feeling to the Ramuha present, but the others... perhaps not so much.

"When I said I had arranged for a place..." Souji says, moments before a lance of light pierces into the sky, punching into the clouds. The mages have vanished, apparently consumed in the light... The clouds begin to funnel, thunder and lightning rolling and crackling as a massive shape begins to appear in the clouds. Sleek black steel, lit in a multitude of places with tiny ports Lightning arcs along the ourside of the construct, the rounded shapes creating graceful arches... And yet somehow ominous, as if a terrible force waited to be unleashed. Swept railings border a main deck that looks down upon the area, A huge, ornate sail rises from the graft, shining not with the white of sailcloth but with the bright cyan of an energy grid, lightning lashing off of it constantly to collection rods anchored to the sides of the craft, feeding back into the ship. A hissing thrum fills the air, the massive ship made manifest. Upon the side, in neon, is the Murasame Family insignia, along with the name in Ramuhan lettering:


"I meant a place for those who are worthy of it." Souji finishes, pushing his glasses up and reflecting the neon light above with a faint smile.
Niklas Dragonius "Awww, /man/, why don't *I* have a magic space airship?" Nik mutters to himself as he finds no money in his pockets.
Souji Murasame "One would think the answer to that question is obvious." Souji responds, folding his arms behind himself.
Mister Greene "Because you are a unattentive student and are lazy!" Professor Mister Green says, looking at the Airship.

"Second rate." he says, fixing his goggles, "But it is nothing against you or your family, you just did not have ME build it! Hahahahahaha!" he says, laughing for a moment.

"Well, I guess YOUR accomidations are taken care of, Murasame. You have your assignment, go." he says, inwardly frowning...a vantage point, was it? Wasn't, one member of the family did not taint the rest of them...but a dark cloud passed his features for a brief moment.

"The rest of you, you have an assignment! We will meet back here in a week! We also need a way to communicate, in case something bad happens!"
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria's hand gets nabbed by Nik, even as he attempts to get a three-person party going. Kyra is smart enough to flee to Cid, even as Seloria starts seeking out, say, Kamon, to hide behind.

"Can I change lab partners, Professor Mister Greene?"

To Souji, "You never felt the sand beneath your feet, the wind in your hair. You've never had the freedom to be yourself, Murasame, so I forgive you for considering my freedom of self and excitement as 'childish'." Her voice is droll, not sharp, just sort of... ironic.

She then frowns at Nik for a few seconds. She then blinks. To communicate?
Jidro Gerrison Immediately, the young wizard extends his hand out, procuring the assigned homewok out for the teacher. He is pretty much dead.

Leviathan, why? Why did it have to be running? Also, why Annia, of all people? Jidro looks up towards the woman, giving a very her a faint smile. "...It is good to see you too, Ms. Leradine."

As for Kyra, who shows worry for his condition, offers her a faint smile, "Yes. I am fine, Ms. Hyral. It is good to see you again." He adds, "Many of you all. It seems that--..."

The burly man looks finished doing his good deed for the day, and then he hands the frail looking mage over towards Annia. Why? Well, the man figured that since the two seem to know each other REALLY well, she can handle things.

Words cannot describe the fear that overtakes Cid.

However, what calms him is hearing the status of his father. "He is? That's splendid!" He looks relieved. However, not completely. His younger siblings, mother, and two maids. They were important people to him as well. He furrows his eyebrows.

Suddenly, more of the black mages are behind Souji. The young heir of the Gerrison family squints. Then, the eyes drift to feel the essence of the magical prowess. "...Eh?!"

As the light strikes the hevens, the clouds reveal a massive place of steel. His jaw gapes, staring up and above.

"Fascinating construction.... how long did this project take?"
Mister Greene "No." The Professor says, immediately to Seloria. He is a mean little tyrant.
Jidro Gerrison There is also a grumble, "...Nik, you do need to stop forgetting your homework at our study session.." And with that, Cid procures Nik's homework for Mr. Greene.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine lifts a nose on Souji's little display of self-importance. Ironic, since she never thought of herself as any lower than him either. Maybe its jealousy, maybe she really doesn't care. Maybe she's just waiting on the right occasion to one-up Souji.

Anyway, she turns toward the professor "Professor Mister Greene, if I may, while we could find a suitable building for the school, that of course would only be temporary. My father is a known architect, I would like to seek assistance by use of his fame into procuring a terrain and having a building built." Of course, she forgot for a moment, in her own self-importance, that her father's name would mean nothing around here, baring a small miracle.

Either way, there's going to be something that needs to be done soon.
Kyra Hyral Kyra's hand squeeze Jidro's for a few seconds. It's a little TOO hard a squeeze no less, which would no doubt make the fragile black mage feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, for his sake, he admits that he's 'fine' and she lets his hands go. "Good." she breathes a sigh of relief. "I am happy that this is the case. Please stay safe, Cid."

Once released, she turns to PROFESSOR Mister Green and frowns, considering his new assignments. Not exactly in the subjects she knew and loved, no, but- "Yes, Professor. You /know/ I won't let /you/ down."

Souji quickly grabs her attention, as he is wont to do in her race for academic superiority. By the looks of it, several of his black mage 'servants' have made the crossover with him. More than enough to...

Kyra sighs. She's seen the Ame-no-Torifune before, though it wasn't she who had the honor of boarding it years ago. "Then, I suppose, you're only referring to yourself and your cronies as those worthy of residing aboard your airship." She snorts, turning away.
Annia Leradine Meanwhile, Jidro is dumped next to her. Sure, she knows him. Doesn't mean she likes it. She looks at Jidro, who becomes fascinated with Souji's display "You can always go bunk with him if you're that fascinated."

"Well, Lass, that would be great! But you have forgotten TWO important things."

"First, only we know of your father. The rest of this new world, will not...nor will they care. They will have their OWN nobles and OWN important people. Including Heros and guardians. Second, where IS your father?"

He frowns, "I hate to be the one to say this...but it is very possible we are the only survivors. Until we can figure out what is going on, this is fact." he...sounds sympathetic to her, and pats her on the shoulder, "I'm sorry." he says, and...he sounds like he really means it.

"So you have a different assignment. You will find out and catalog all of the important people and society and stuff of this new land. All of it."
Niklas Dragonius Yessssssssss double victory, everything's coming up Niklas! Homework AND girl on the team, possibly two! Okay, so maybe he didn't have a badass magic space airship made out of wizard powers, but he had other important things that Souji definitely didn't. Like /being a nice person/. That was definitely something Souji didn't have.

Also, a sweet guitar. /Also/, a ridiculously ripped body! At least, Nik was pretty sure Souji didn't have a ridiculously ripped body or a sweet guitar. Souji might be able to BUY a sweet guitar (or magic up a sweet guitar), but he wouldn't be able to play it as well as Nik could. Plus, he couldn't write stirring, awesome songs that came from the heart!

You needed a heart first to do that.

...Nik really isn't the sort of person to waste time worrying about the downsides of things, not when he could be enjoying the upsides. Two cute girls on his team, /and/ his homework was there, /and/ Cid was okay and not dying of asthma or whatever! That was what was important, not the...the other junk.

"Oh, uh, actually, Cid and I tried some stuff earlier. He did some magic at an Imp and it worked great, and...Shelly," one of these days he'll get it right, "did some summoning magic!"

He points up. "Also there's that airship right there that he just summoned. I think our stuff's probably working okay."
Myla Mason Myla Mason hears a voice, one she'd not think she'd hear again. She was almost happy to hear someone she knew then she realised whom it was, oh you had to be kidding of all the people to surive it would be Souji Murasame. She doesn't seem to happy but it could be worse better someone she knows and if he surived the4re could be others right? She calls out as she heads Professor Greene.

"Wait?! Souji!? Professor Mister Greene?! Hey it's Myla Mason!" She dashes over just cathing up with the group and hot on her heels is her mechanical dog, who sauntes over to Jidro and barks a few times at him he seems happy to see the black mage for some reason. She was another Student in Behemoth thought s Souji might know she was her family was not from a major hourse or anything but commoners who hit it big.

"....Cid?! Nik? Kyra?! Jidro!"

Okay thigns were starting to look up a great deal there were more people she knew.
Seloria Delacreaux "SELORIA." Seloria practically yells into Nik's ear. Not angrily, just more of the 'repeat herself enough and loudly enough and it'll stick."
Myla Mason Myla Mason hears a voice, one she'd not think she'd hear again. She was almost happy to hear someone she knew then she realised whom it was, oh you had to be kidding of all the people to surive it would be Souji Murasame. She doesn't seem to happy but it could be worse better someone she knows and if he surived the4re could be others right? She calls out as she heads Professor Greene.

"Wait?! Souji!? Professor Mister Greene?! Hey it's Myla Mason!" She dashes over just cathing up with the group and hot on her heels is her mechanical dog, who sauntes over to Jidro and barks a few times at him he seems happy to see the black mage for some reason. She was another Student in Behemoth thought s Souji might know she was her family was not from a major hourse or anything but commoners who hit it big.

"....Cid?! Nik? Kyra?! "

Okay thigns were starting to look up a great deal there were more people she knew.
Niklas Dragonius "Jeez, sorry!" Nik rubs his ear.

"Se-lo-ri-a." Nik repeats to himself, looking down at her. "Se-lo-ri-a. Se-lo-ri-a. Se-lo-ri-a."

It may take her a minute to realize he's not staring at her face.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria sighs, and rummages in her purse briefly, withdrawing a small sign on cardboard.

It reads: 'my eyes are up here' with an arrow pointing upwards, to Seloria's sweetly smiling face.
Souji Murasame "I do not require your forgiveness or pity. Save it for those who actually need it, such as Dragonius or Lionward." Souji says, simply. He turns to Jidro. "It is our family's craft. Even should the worlds shatter, the Ame-no-Torfune will carry us onward... Gerrison. When you are done familiarizing yourself with the area, feel free to signal to the ship for pickup. Your father will be happy to see you." He pauses. "Also, we will need you for a turn in the maintenance system." Oh.

Souji shakes his head at Leradine, but doesn't call her on her mistake. It'll be more appropriate to let that one just blow up in her own face... And then Mister Greene handles it for him. Good enough. "If you want to find an appropriate place, you're going to need to look for one, purchase one, or seize one. Good luck with any of those."

Souji doesn't need any of those things. He has money. And power. And a goddamn airship. Also, the ability to actually get things done. Souji flicks his eyes towards Myla. The perceptive might see his glasses highlight as Myra's picture appears with other information. With a slight frown, he dismisses the information and doesn't even respond to her.

There is a glance from Souji as Kyra comments on the arrangements of the ship. "You can come with us if you like." Souji says. "You will be comfortable and we will ensure your safety. Also, the tea is prepared properly." This is important, damn it!
Jidro Gerrison *SQUEEZE*

Cid feels pretty uncomfortable. Inwardly, he is afraid of what is likely to come next. In fact...

In his mind, he is imagining Kyra with the slasher smile and a syringe, liquid squirting ominously as her eyes light up.


However, when she relents after she is relieved, Cid is rubbing his forehead. The (former) student council president onsiders the ordeal that everyone is in as well as the rise of Souji's fortress. Those thoughts end when a familiar voice comes up and the mecanical dog saunters up towards him.


"Ah, Swimmer!" The magician kneels down to pet the dog, "Good to see you, I see that you're well and alive..." And then his eyes lift up to see Myla. His expression, now regaining composure, is able to address her. "Good afternoon, Ms Mason. It is good to see that you made it." The smile is given towards her.

Then, Gerrison speaks to him. The eyes all shut. In the end, Cid is well aware of his responsibilities. In the end, his family has a responsibility to the Murasame line. When he lifts his head up, Cid's expression becomes more business-like. "Understood, Mr. Murasame. I will be there soon."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine considers that. Well, even if her parents were dead, it wouldn't change much to the situation. Sure, she'd be a little sad, but she didn't see them much to start with either. She nods though "... I hadn't thought about that... I am sorry." Well, this is certainly a bit more shaking than just sitting on the side of a fountain, or meeting up with her 'bethroathed' in this place.

She looks back up "Alright Professor, I shall conduct a bit of investigation to get the information." She has heard there are maps of this world around. Right now though, she's thinking of finding a room for the night. There's an inn nearby, so she's not stuck outside at least.

She turns to Jidro, and asks of her sweetest voice "Oh Jidro~ I have ALL of these HEAVY luggage to carry, would you PLEASE help me with them?" The way she accentuates certain words, surely means nothing good there. Even the eyelash batting, and the more dangerous, slight 'grin' on her lips that only can see from that angle. But he got invited on the airship too, even though he doesn't have to go. She wasn't invited, and she probably wouldn't go anyway. She rather not owe anything to that uppitty classmate. She turns toward her luggage and the inn.
Niklas Dragonius Nik looks up a her face. "I know! They're pretty. Your eyes, I mean! I just don't remember girls by their faces." That brings up all kinds of problems, Nik. But that's okay; he just resumes his cheerful grin and turns back around, only to frown at Souji.

"Hey, man, I don't need your pity; I'm right where I wanna be right now! This is great!" Nik throws his arms wide and twirls a bit, staring up at the sky.

"Look at that awesome blue sky! That great green grass! Those mountains, those /trees/! In the *wild*! Can you believe this? And look at all the cute girls - not just Se-lo-ri-a and Kyra and Ann and Myla-" He only remembered because she said her name out loud seconds ago, "-but all these local girls in the crazy dresses! And the crazy clothes, and the crazy stones, and the fountain....I mean, this place is /wild/! This is the most awesome thing ever! Not thirty minutes ago I was pretty sure I was going to have to marry some chick I've never met and turn into an insufferable hardass like Murasame, and then /this/ happens, and now..."

Nik laughs. It's a delighted laugh, the laugh of a man who has seen his whole future change form for the absolutely better. "Now I'm probably never even gonna meet the chick my parents picked out for my status or whatever! Nobody here cares what my last name is, man! Nobody here cares who my parents are, or about the Divine Fist, or any of that stuff! I've got a guitar, I've got my clothes, and...and damn, man, I've got a whole world to explore! A whole new /world/ of hot girls to meet, a whole new world to write about and sing about!"

His grin just widens a little. The people who had been there for more than a month probably knew that gri; that was Nik's famous enthusiasm, the enthusiasm that generally meant he was gonna do something that swept up a whole bunch of people in something really really crazy. He drapes one arm over Seloria, and gestures at Kyra. "C'mon, partners! We're on an *adventure* now, huh? Let's go see what this crazy world has to offer, and let those guys hang out on their ship drinking tea and talking about how awesome stuff nobody cares about is."
Kyra Hyral Cosmo knows that Kyra does enjoy a properly prepared cup of tea.

Poor Seloria. She runs into the same problem she has had with Nik many, many times before. Save for the forgetting-her-name part, she'd learned to deal with the leering and flirting and touching. All she can really offer on behalf of the Black Belt's behavior right now is a tired sigh, "You learn to ignore it after a while."

Then Nik manages to surprise her moments later by actually remembering her name. She might just up and die from shock! Her icy facade returns for a few moments when Souji speaks up.

She turns to him, gazing at him evenly for a long moment before slowly folding her arms. "I must admit, I am surprised that the likes of you is giving me this offer. But..." her eyes narrow, "...if our world is really gone and...we're all that we have..."

There is a long, tense moment of silence. Is she actually going to acquiesce to staying with her academic rival and grand jerk Souji Murasame?

"...I still think it would be a bad idea to be in your company." Kyra finally says.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria puts the sign away.

"So I've learned in the past two months that I've been at the academy." Seloria says in a quietly smooth voice, closing the clasp on her purse, which was the only thing that made it to their new world with her.

"Thank you, Kyra. It will be a pleasure having you in our company."

Then, she tilts her head up, rising onto her tiptoes to whisper into Niks' ear.
Souji Murasame There is a faint change in Souji's expression. A hardening. Another degree of coldness at the rejection. "I see. That is of course your decision." He gives a slight bow to Kyra. "My regards." He straightens, and turns away, managing to not roll his eyes at Dragonius finding ANOTHER REASON to slack off and chase women. air builds around him, gusts rising and tugging at his clothing, before he simply jumps upwards....

And he keeps going, rising high into the sky as he heads towards the airship through simply telling the wind to carry him there.
Jidro Gerrison Wince.

Annia's voice. It is that deceptively sweet voice of hers that calls out towads him. And she is getting him to do it as her whipping slave. Heavy bags. All of the heavy bags. She wants HIM, the physicallly inept mage, to carry them. His eyes drift over to see that dangerous grin on her face.

"Yy---yes, Ms. Leradine. I don't mind it at all."

. o O ( Oh Leviathan, aid me. Just... anything. Why her. Just.. why?! )

However, seeing Nik's optimism at play brings a smile. There is that growth of jealousy in his eyes. Niklas is free, not having to care about his last name and he is in an environment that no one has to. The young man has great freedom. He does not have any needs or anything holding him back.

Niklas is a man who can move forward.

Jidro, however, is a young man trapped within his realm of expectations. Deep down, part of him wants to join Niklas on this great adventure. He is actually /afraid/ of the monsters that lurk, but he does want to continue to walk with his friend.

He considers, "...Mr. Murasame. Perhaps they could use an eye to assist in surveying the world in further detail for you?" He considers, "While the airship gives us a bird's eyes view, we don't know too much---" And it looks like that Souji is already going up.
%t SIGH! ...Time to carry Annia's bags.

He physically wilts and slumps over.
Annia Leradine Fortunatly for Jidro, she was exagerating about the bags. She had to carry them herself up to here, since her maid disapeared, so they aren't THAT heavy, but clearly she found an occasion to nto have to carry all of them either.

Think of it as gaining points with Annia, even if it won't amount to much, and still in the negative, that doesn't matter.

Also, the inn isn't that far. She picks up some of her bags, as well, leaving the luggage (which is on wheel) for Jidro to handle.

Maybe she's not that terrible.

"Maybe I should get a room on the last floor, for better view." And no elevators in this world probably.

Then again, maybe she is a little evil.
Souji Murasame Jidro has an out, any time he wants. An out that takes him, of course, to meet with his father and spend several hours helping maintain the ritual that keeps the Ame-no-Torifune on this plane of existence.
Myla Mason Myla Mason doesm't expect a reply but she gives Souji a look for a moment longer before she carries on. There are other people to talk to. She's in a good mood though she's not alone at all.

Swimmer is a happy robo dog as he gets attention. The mecha dog now seems pleased at the attention and itas down. "I got lucky I guess. Any idea what those things were?" She smiles back honesly her spirits rising by the moment. Being not alone is an amazing thing to her and she seems to be moving on her way trying to just be social. she looks over at Nik and falls in she'll let whoever goes with this group. "Come on ... and your right we might as well make the best of it I got some money on my still." Swimmers storage bins were useful for that she never used a backpack because of them. "So an adventure huh? I'm totally in!"
Niklas Dragonius Nik remembers Kyra's name because she said it not like five minutes ago, don't give him THAT much credit.

Nik's grin widens as Souji leaves. Yes, now LITERALLY EVERYTHING IS COMING UP NIKLAS. EVERYTHING. He gets to hang out with two cute girls (one of whom has delivered a very interesting surprise to him) and explore the most awesome thing ever, and be COMPLETELY FREE of all the bullcrap responsibilities he didn't care about to begin with. Cid's situation does have him scratching the back of his neck for a moment awkwardly, though.

One of his buddies was in trouble. That generally meant it was time for Nik to spring into action, because that was what he did best - spring into action. Nik releases Seloria (a little unwillingly, she's cute) and moves over to Cid, grabbing the smaller man around the shoulders and shaking him roundly, a huge grin spreading across his face. "You could totally just magic those bags, y'know. I mean, you can do float spells, right? Those are a thing, aren't they? Probably make the bags way easier to lift. Or...I mean, I can help you, if you wanna."

For all his promiscuity, for all his dense, bull-headedness, Nik was not stupid. Nik was, in fact, incredibly cunning; he was incredibly good at finding ways to avoid work, and he was incredibly good at finding ways to avoid fights, and he was incredibly good at knowing when his friends needed him. This was one of those times. He could see it in his buddy's face.

His kindness got him in a lot of trouble, but Nik would get in trouble every single time if it meant keeping his friends out of it. It was his best trait, and the reason people stayed near him, and the reason girls didn't just slap him or treat him like a jackass - because for all his so-called faults (faults he embraced whole-heartedly), he was *kind*.

"If you wanna come hang out with us, me and Kyra were muttering to each other about maybe playing a set for the inn and seeing if we can get a room for a gig. You could probably do some pretty cool stuff with your magic for our show, y'know, once you get your girlfriend all squared away? Think about it, huh?"

Then Nik smacks him on the back (LIGHTLY) and heads back over to Kyra and Seloria. "OK! So, hey! Se-lo-ri-a. Do you play any instruments or anything?"
Kyra Hyral "...that is correct." she says cooly, seeming oddly un-Kyra-like for a few seconds. Very controlled, very...polite. "Please take care, Murasame." For a few moments, she wonders whether or not this was the best course of action. He could have kept her safe, he said.

While there was no doubt this was the case, what would be demanded of /her/ in return? Jidro, of course, would work. And her? For a brief moment, she thinks of Tira.

Her own gaze hardens.

Reaching down, she pulls up her large messenger bag to her. "We need to find a place to stay. Hopefully a place where we can recharge." Shame that Souji was good at lightning magic too whereas Kyra knew none. And there was no way she'd let Nik God-fist punch her laptops battery into a recharged state.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria watches Souji.

"Don't forget that the winds you count on I can call upon the goddess that makes them herself." Seloria murmurs, utterly sweetly. Oh, yeah. She doesn't like him, and her favorite summon is -Sylph-. This is going to be hilarious.

She then looks at Kyra and Nik, nodding. "I think that's a inn-type place. We can probably get rooms there; it'll be cheaper if we try to share, or if you and I share at the least, Kyra."

She then adds on, "I sing and dance. That's about it."
Niklas Dragonius "I am completely down to share the room with both of you and I swear that I will absolutely not do anything untoward without your permission," Nik adds hurriedly.
Jidro Gerrison Understanding his task, Jidro knows that he will be required to help maintain the ritual that keeps the Ame-no-Torifune in existence. There is a great understanding that the Murasame heir is difficult to deal with, but it's one of those things that has to be pushed through.

Nik, as always, comes to his rescue. When his friend comes to grab the man by the shoulders, Cid is shuddering from the shake. "Gah!" He sweatdrops, then he laughs a bit, "...I suppose I could use one of my cantrips." For some reason, he can see that Annia would likely give him a thrashing later if he used his magic to cheat.

And of course, Nik's offering to join them puts a smile on his face. "...I'd love t---OFGH!" That light smack on the back catches him off-guard, but he quickly recover and composes himself. And then, there is a bit of a twitch. Girlfriend?!

His mouth gapes slightly.

However, he offers to Kyra, "Well, Kyra, if you need to have your battery recharged, I can handle that." He is a mage, after all. Not only that, Cid knows /CONTROL/.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine was a few steps ahead of Jidro when he got stopped by Nik. She stops, and turns around, moving over to the two guys "... I am not his girlfriend." She says on a oh-so-unpleasnt tone of voice there. "Our parents arranged a marriage in the near future, and sent me to the same school as him because of that, and that's why I'm here."

And with that, with gives a stomp on Jidro's foot "Luggage." She says pointedly. Its like she's treating him like a butler or a slave, but really its because there's noone else to ask for around here. She wouldn't admit it, but he ends up being the only one she would trust around here. And that's not a good scale to work from it seems.

Once her luggage is moved up, she doesn't want him to hang around anyway. He might look into her things after all! Such a poor opinion of people she doesn't know.
Niklas Dragonius Oh hell no. Annia steps on Jidro's foot, and Nik's face immediately changes. The happy, cheerful, cool grin evaporates in an instant, and the look on his face is absolutely terrifying given the happy-go-lucky look he had a minute ago. His eyes are narrowed, his lips set in a thin line, his brow furrowed close into a very sharp-looking V-shape. He straightens, his entire stance shifting in an instant as his hands slide into his pockets. It's aggressively casual, but there's definitely something /aggressive/ about it, and Nik moves next to Jidro, holding out his hand between Annia and Cid.

"If you push my buddy around again, we're gonna have some trouble."

What luck! The girls get to see BOTH of Nik's redeeming features in the span of ten minutes flat - his kindness, /and/ his willingness to stand up for his friends when they're in trouble!

"If he wants to carry your bags, he can. But I don't care who you are - I don't care if you're his fiance, Siren, Raiden, King Odin, or freaking Chaos himself - /nobody/ pushes my buddy around when I'm right here."

And then that stormy look is gone, and he holds up a finger and grins. "So that's your warning, okay? Don't make me mad, yeah? You've got a pretty sweet body and I don't really like fighting girls anyway. I never know where it's okay to hit, it's all awkward and stuff." He throws his hands open and spins back to the girls he is actually okay with, wandering back over to them. "Hey, sorry you guys had to see that. Thanks Cid; I knew we could count on you!"
Myla Mason Myla Mason is pretty excited really an adventure that has got her mind of what has happened. "Maybe but we shouldn't waste our strangth we have no idea what this world like right." She can ive with such a dist5raction she's going to follow Nik at this point, she's got no reason not to at this point. "huymm I could likely help any magitek support you need, so i'm in Nik."

She pauses as Nik just seems to change for a moment, and makes some mental notes about her classmate. "So what are we standing about here for?"
Kyra Hyral "...if you actually keep that promise, sure, I'll share a room with you." Kyra says rather bluntly, unbothered by Nik's womanizing ways. He would be womanizing at /her/ at his own risk, after all. "I promise, in turn, not to experiment on you while you sleep~"

She purposefully does not elaborate, letting Nik's own mind extrapolate whatever dirtiness or pain he might from her statements.

"Oh? You think you can do that? That would be fantastic. I don't feel any storms around here for /miles/." She digs in her bag and pulls out a small antenna that has a thin cable attached to the end, which ends in a male USB plug. "Good thing I always keep this on me! Just hit this with one of your spells and you'll recharge my batteries in no time."

Already her mood is starting to brighten up! She puts her small lightning rod away just as a small..confrontation begins between the new girl and Nik. "He means it." Kyra chimes in, then claps her hands together, "But if either of you get hurt, I will certainly take the opportunity to practice."
Seloria Delacreaux "If you keep it, I don't mind, Nik, but if you don't, I'll help Kyra." Seloria warns him, letting his brain further extrapolate whatever he wants from her statements.

She then looks sad. "I miss the sea." She mutters; the Levitani rubbing her temple.
Jidro Gerrison Wince.

Annia finally reveals the relationship that he has with her. She is his fiancee, thanks to both parents. Why did they do this again? The young wizard is mentally lamenting his fate, resigning to the fact that Leviathan is laughing at his suffering. Leviathan is just curled up within the heavens(or deep sea form of heavens), laughing and laughing.

And the stomp on the foot comes.


"Gaaaahhhh!" He whimpers and he quickly grabs the luggage. As always, the push-over of a wizard cowers before Annia. But then, Nik moves next to him and quickly steps in between herself and him.

His eyes widen, looking at his friend, who is defending his case. Inwardly, Cid is smiling. He knows that Nik is a true friend. If there is one blessing that Leviathan has provided him, was a true friend like Niklas.

However, he is feeling awkward and he will have to act to dissuade the situation, "...It's alright. ...Once I take the bags up, we should be ready to get ready for our adventure." Then, he turns to add towards Kyra, "It'll take quite a bit, as I need to tune my magic to give a lowered output of electricity. We don't want to overload your laptop."

And the moment Kyra makes a comment about practicing, his expression pales. "...It... it would be best if this remains peaceful." He remembers the last time he accepted Kyra's assistance. It involves lots of girlish screams and sobbing.
Annia Leradine Honestly she has no advice to receive from an underclass like Nik. No, she doesn't really know him, or his family, but honestly she doesn't care, and if he's in the same class as she is, that still puts him lower than her. No wonder she has no friends, really.

"He hasn't complained and said no, has he? And I didn't hurt him." Yeah, her logic is simple, but that's how she is. Maybe one day someone will make her see the light, right now she's just a self served b****.

Just be glad she hasn't found reasons to turn it toward the other people here yet.

She moves to the inn with Jidro in tow "This is hardly peaceful, its chaotic, we don't know where we are or where we're going yet." Couldn't it have been just a normal transfer student day, not a whole TRANSFER SCHOOL in a new world without school to transfer into? She would lament, but that's unlike her, despite her uppity manners.

She gets herself a room, and then she releases Jidro without a thanks. She might be here for a few days, but she still has to handle the assignment she was given too.
Niklas Dragonius Nik almost tells her that if Cid comes to complain to him even once - even one time - that she'd be spitting insults out through a feeding tube. He almost does, and the girls he's standing with can see his hands tighten, and the muscles under the surface straining, pushing veins upwards along his hands. He's fighting himself hard right now for Cid's sake. Cid wants it to be peaceful, and if he lashed out, it'd just get taken out on Cid. So he shakes his head and smiles.

"Yeah, I guess he hasn't. Don't make him, okay? He deserves way better than that. He's a great guy." Nik's hands slide into his pockets to hide the bulge of his veins, the straining of knuckles against skin.

"Hey, that's great. So we're gonna have Myla's help, too. That's great, we'll be able to put on a great show, huh? Great."

He sure is repeating 'great' a bunch.

Then he grins, and releases the anger with a breath, and it's gone. He laughs. "Hey, c'mon! If there's anything I am, it's totally honest. If I say I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do something, and I said I wasn't gonna, so I won't! You know you can trust me! No matter how tempting it might be," he adds, "Because you are both /really/ hot."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria sighs, rubbing her temple gently as she steps up behind Nik and surprise-hugs him as he gets really mad. She then rests her head on his shoulder, breifly. "Be calm,." She murmurs, mostly for his ears, before stepping away, her green eyes glittering.

"Now come on, let's go get a room, or start walking. Or should we wait for Cid?"
Jidro Gerrison Life continues on as normal. Jidro's life is a pain. Annia is a pain of a fiancee.


Nevertheless, his life is spare when he releases him. Of course, it is without a thanks. Typical.

As Cid is released, he finally moves to join with the others.

Alas, Ms. Cloud, he will never be able to confess to you now.

Annia Leradine Annia Leradine meanwhile stays in her room for some quiet time. She never thought she'd see Jidro here of all people. Well she was supposed to join him in the academy, but still. This is definitely a different situation altogether. Basically, feeling that he's the only one around she can count on for now.
Souji Murasame High above Cornelia, upon the bridge of the Ame-no-Torifune, Souji sips from a delicate teacup. He looks down upon the people of the city who look out at the spectacle of the ship. He looks down upon the castle nearby, with its guards at the ready should the unusual appearance prove to be harmful. It certainly doesn't LOOK like the Friendship Boat.

He looks up into the distance, across the rolling hills and the waterways in the distance. He considers it, while he glances over to the robed man next to him. "I will speak with them. Send the agents out to make the necessary arrangements. There is no more time to waste here."

The robed man smiles thinly, nodding and withdrawing. As he does so, the Ame-no-Torifune begins to smoothly roll forward, riding the cresting stormclouds like waves, the clouds dissipating in its wake as it rapidly begins to move into the distance.

This scene contained 74 poses. The players who were present were: Niklas Dragonius, Jidro Gerrison, Seloria Delacreaux, Mister Greene, Annia Leradine, Rena Laradyne, Myla Mason, Kyra Hyral, Souji Murasame