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(2013-02-17 - 2013-04-29)
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Katyna Katyna had been travelling a lot lately. It helped that she could at least access the corridors of darkness most of the time - it was one of the few useful spells that Lord Fessner had taught her before her disappearance. She had openned a corridor in a dark, abandonned alleyway somewhere, stepping out into Archades.

Some rumours had led her to this place, some faint clue that suggested she might find the priestess she searched for here, but..Archades is such a large city..She pauses in a large crowd of people, staring around helplessly, feeling hopelessly..Lost. Where on earth to start?
Riku It seems that anywhere seems like the same option as here. Beyond the abandoned alleyway is a number of paved courtyards stretching out and around and upwards. Flying cars zoom through the air in the sky above.

People, many of them in different kinds of armor, move through the stairways, archways and streets with the air of singular purpose. The clothing here is very fine and the small entourages denoting nobles and other people of high status.

Coming down one of the stairways from another part of the city is a familiar face. Riku looks back and forth over the streets, ignoring the looks he was getting from the populace as he looks back and forth with the idle lack of expectation of someone who is in no hurry to get anywhere in particular.
Katyna Wow, flying cars! How awesome is that!? Katyna runs to the railing of one of the courtyards, peering over the edge at the cars that whiz by. "Oooh.." She gasps, "If I could catch one of those, but..Where do I start? Where are you, Felicia?"

She sighs, wrapping her cloak around herself. Somehow, her regular attire seemed not too outrageous here in an Ivalice that shared something in common with her own world, namely knights.

Glancing around at the crowds, she searches for an inn or bar, a place where information is easily gathered..Wait, who's that familiar face?

She blinks, "Riku?" and starts to follow after him..
Riku Riku continues down the avenue looking back and forth as if looking for someone. He rubs the back of his neck muttering."Where does anybody find /anything/ in this city? Pfft." the teenager lets out a vaguely annoyed noise before turning around, scanning the crowd then the surrounding buildings as he tries to reorient himself.
Katyna Indeed, where DOES someone find something in this city? Katyna continues to run through the crowds towards him, although the place is so darned crowded, that she nearly misses him.

"Heey, outta the way! Phew!" Finally, there he is again. "Heey! Hold...Up..." She pauses a moment to take a breath as she waves and shouts to get his attention. "Riku..Hey!"
Riku Riku raises his eyebrows in surprise, laughing softly as he recognizes a familiar face in the ground. "Eh? Oh-- Hey!" he starts making his way through the crowd as well, taking his time and not hurrying. He stuffs several papers he was carrying into a pocket of his jacket.

"What are you doing out here, Katyna?" he snorts faintly, crossing his arms and looking faintly annoyed. "Not an errand for your boss, I hope."
Katyna Katyna flashes Riku a familiar, careless grin as she tries to catch her breath. "Hah! Fancy meeting you here! Do you know this city well? It's so huge! I'm so lost! But..." She pouts, shaking her head. "Boss, huh? Y'mean...Seith? Heh.." A quick shake of the head in the negative suggests that she is not.

"Nah, I'm actually here on personal business. And..Maybe I can help Hati, too. I'm actually searching for someone, It's..Ahh..A long story. So much stuff has happened!" Of course Kat just loves her long stories, doesn't she? But at the moment, she's still too out of breath to delve into it..Yet!

"How about you? Just enjoying the scenery?" She smirks as she nods towards the flying cars. "Wow,what an awesome city.."
Riku "Yeah. It's an amazing place, isn't it? I don't think I'll ever really get used to big cities like this." Riku takes a look around as a flying car whistles overhead, tracking it with his eyes and then trailing across the buildings and lush greenery back to Katyna.

"Yeah. It has been awhile hasn't it? --Well. Maybe we can help eachother find who we are looking for and you can tell me about what brings you out here?" he looks around again. "I have a general idea of where things are."
Katyna Kat nods. "Maybe...Do you know your way around here? I guess, I shoulda grabbed a map, but, I dont even know where to find one!" She smirks, "How 'bout we move someplace quieter first? There's so much I have to tell you..You wouldn't believe all the crazy stuff I've experienced recently." There's the usual impish smile on her face, but a strange, almost haunted look in her eyes that she tries hard to cover up.

"C'mon, there's a quiet place over there in that alley..Who you looking for?"
Riku Riku looks around and then nods. "Alright. Let's find somewhere quieter.." and he moves through the crowd towards that alley. He sits down on a bench not too far into the alleyway, some wooden slats cutting off the far edge and mostly it goes unnoticed.

The teenager looks back and forth curiously, leaning against the wall of the alley. "There's a merchant somewhere around here, but I can always get to them later." he gestures for Katyna to sit nearby.

"So this is a story I have to hear. It doesn't involve any more kidnappings, does it?"
Katyna Kat nods, heading into the alley. "Look, there's a ladder up there, we can reach to rooftop. Should be easier to find our way from there!" She starts to head towards the ladder, pausing only briefly at the mention of merchant. "Ahh, we'll get to 'em later. Let's figure out where we are first, c'mon!"

Once she reaches the top, she waits for him to join her before sitting down on the edge. "Ooh, look at that..I think we shouldn't have too much trouble finding a pub or an inn from up here. They should probably be full of useful information..."

She pauses only briefly when he asks if her story involves a kidnapping, "Heey, I dont do that anymore! At least..No lately. Actually, I've been hanging out with VALkYRIE a lot lately. I know, I'm supposed to be spying on them, since they're officially declared themselves enemies of the Shadow Lords, but.."

Kat sighs, "I guess, it's been harder to see them as the enemy lately. Lately, I've come to respect Avira and Maira a great deal, even if Avira does have pretty bad taste in guys.." She makes a face, clearly referring to her preference for Skoll and Angantyr. Ick!

"But anyways, we've been doing a lot of stuff lately. Most notably, we cleared out the Traverse Church of a giant heartless zombie thing that was disturbing the peace of the dead. Riku..I saw Sir Kasrillen's ghost! It was only briefly, but I saw him. He told Maira to watch over me and guide me. What a strange thing to say, huh? but..." she sighs,

"I was thinking a lot about what you said last time, about making Kasrillen proud? I...Dont want to be a monster. I may not be a hero, but I dont want to hurt people just so I can become stronger. Of course, something else happened, in the catacombs there a little while later, that really shook me up.."

This scene contained 11 poses. The players who were present were: Riku, Katyna