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Idle Moments
(2013-02-16 - 2013-02-16)
Paperwork is the bane of all things.
Riku Riku ran through the small list of notes he had accumulated, frowning down at the list and rubbing the back of his neck. "How the heck am I going to even GET some of these?" he shakes his head, having never actually thought about what came after he was actually accepted. He hadn't expected it. Riku finds himself sitting on the window ledge, folding up the papers and putting them in a pocket. Living in a big city was always different. It had been harder in Manhattan, in Traverse Town, Luca, wherever he was still trying to wrap his mind around the concept of so many people you would never know them all.

He would need to think of a good reason to go search for anybody he knew. He knew of half a dozen really /bad/ reasons, some of which were almost Sora quality in their lack of anything approaching common sense but he was going stir crazy just shut away as he had kept himself in these rooms. Eventually, he had to decide to either portal out of here or go find something to do and a reason for him to do it. Riku summoned a small ball of blue flame, staring into the depths of the cerulean fire tinged at the edges with black. The teenager raised his hand to his face, blowing out the flame as you would a candle, a faint trickle of dark vapor rising from his fingers as he flexes them and lets his hand fall listlessly back to his side.

Riku takes one of the papers out of his jacket. Well. He was supposed to report. It was just not time sensitive-- so, he supposes that he could twist the meaning to mean 'right now' as well as anything else. He had a bad feeling about going outside right now-- that sort of 4th wall ripple effect of a Maid Cafe somewhere, and the silliness thereof.
Judge Magister Gabranth /should/ be resting. He should /not/ be working. Then again, doesn't sitting at a desk, tapping a pick constitute as resting? It wasn't like he was /actually/ moving around. He didn't even have his armor on! Well, he had it up on the manikin in his office, so it was near him encase he did need it.

Instead he was in his normal v collared like tunic-shirt and a pair of his leather pants. His eyes staring at the paper-work in front of him as if he could burn it ablaze if he stared at it long enough. There was several letters on the other side of the neat desk. The ink well on the other side, and over all, the desk was-- rather empty.

Actually the office was rather sparse really. Beyond the nice big bay window, the manikin, the desk, with a few chairs in front, and something off to the side with a door shut closed. There wasn't much here.

Gabranth slowly took the pin tip and dropped the pin back into the wall, before he leaned back in the chair, rubbing his arm lightly that had a bandage around it. It looked rather fresh, no noticeable blood, beyond maybe a small sign.
Riku Riku looks at the paper, looks at the directions again and manages to not end up in Lower Archades in a Reize-like fashion only through an act of will and several surripitous reorientations.

He stuffs the note into his back pocket, slapping a hand over one arm several times and turning from the door to walk down the corridor until he found a window to look out at. The view was so absorbing as he tried to watch everything at once that the knot of nervous tension loosened and jerked free after a few minutes of idle staring.

Only when he was relaxed enough to feel like he could handle this does he wander back down the corridor and knock on the Judge Magister's office door. "Your honor?" he inquires from outside, at once sort of hoping there was nobody there and at the same time not wanting to stand here looking foolish and talking to an empty office. Riku frowns at himself and his aggrivating nervousness, shoving it away as he grits his teeth and growls very slowly.
Gabranth glanced up as the door knocked. He stared there at it for a moment before he spoke up with a calm voice, "Come in!"

The Judge Magister didn't seem upset at the coming of guests, actually he rested his arms on his desk, keeping the bandaged arm behind the other, as if trying to keep it out of view or protect it.
Riku Riku opens the door, inclining his head towards Gabranth as he slips inside and closes the door. His eyebrows raise very slightly as he flicks from the armor stand to the chairs to Gabranth and the desk. He takes everything in silently in the space of a few sounds before returning his eyes to the judge magister.

"I got a summons paper that said I should report here. I figured your honor, it might was well be now." he doesn't remark that he was going a little stir crazy but it was almost a good feeling. A nervous quasi-excitement that was clean even if it was unfocused. Perhaps he should dread these people just a little (or maybe-- more than a little) because he was really not sure what to expect, but he was fresh out of dread. He had expended it all elsewhere.
The Judge Magister stared at Riku for a moment as he stepped inside. Those blue eyes studying the youth with his well military blonde cropped hair. He took a bit of a nod, before he motioned for Riku to sit. "Aye, there was indeed a summons sent."

Once Riku sat or didn't seat, Gabranth then leans back in his chair once more before pulling open a drawer, and then removing a slip from it. He then placed it on the desk, before sliding it over to Riku. "I have not read this, as it was not for my eyes. However his majesty wished for you to have it."

The Judge Of Ambition studied Riku for a moment. "..and once you get yourself a suit of armor, I will have some tasks for you to carry out. I hope at least, you have spoken with the Imperial Judge who handles these matters?" He asks tilting his head to the side.

"He can hand out some odd tasks, but many of them are traditional tasks. Tests of strength, wit, cunning, and many other attributes in an individual." Gabranth grumbles. He hates talking sometimes, but in times like these, he had too. How did he get himself - oh right, he put himself in this place. Why? He wasn't even sure. Just--- something about the young adult.

He then stares at Riku for a long moment. "..also I have heard you take interest in both what Zargabaath and I do? Is this correct?"
Riku Riku raises an eyebrow every time that the Judge of Ambition studies him, the youth studying them with an equal intensity and the raised eyebrow as if to say 'Seriously?' every so often to a mental thought that he doesn't voice.

Riku doesn't sit but he does take the slip of paper from the desk, growling very softly in annoyance when Gabranth gets to the Imperial Judge part. He tries /very/ hard not to roll his eyes. He succeeds, but his mouth tastes faintly coppery from biting into the inside of his cheek hard enough to keep from doing so.

Riku looks around the office again, rubbing the back of his neck as he lets quiet fall after the Judge Magister has finished speaking. "Well. It might-- uh, take me awhile but I'll do what I can." he pauses for a little longer and then nods. "Yes. That is correct. your-- do you say this at the end of every sentence? " he says this with a tone of considerable exasperation.

Riku closes his eyes briefly and groans as if to say 'Right. You actually said that out loud' and grunts faintly as he grits his teeth and bears through it. "That's correct. I've only had a little time to study but so far.." he pauses and continues with chagrin. "I am trying to think before I jump-- and not succeeding all too often."
Gabranth almost chuckles. /Almost/ cracks a smile, thought it was quickly brought back in. Way to go Riku, you keep almost breaking Gabranth's serious face. The Judge Magister shakes his head gently. "We even at times address one another as Your Honor, unless we speak to a lower ranked Judge, then we tend to just say sir or call them by their name. Even I still address Judge Magister Zargabaath at times just by his name.. and at times.. by his full title."

He shrugs his shoulders lightly. "It depends on whom you speak with and perhaps the relationship between the individuals. Normally, yes, it is best to just get in the habit of saying Your Honor, unless you know that Judge well enough, then in say-- like this type of environment, it may not matter at all."

"I would help you with your tasks you have been given, but that would ruin the experience, don't you think?" Gabranth asks raising a brow. "Though do understand, once you are ready, both of us Judge Magisters will give you tasks-- perhaps even before you are ready. By the end of all the trials, you though can only decide on one to stay under."

The Judge Magister then silently opens another drawer staring down at something, there was an almost soft 'tsk' that almost escapes his lips by whatever he looks at before he closes it once more. "If you do require any further reading materials for study, let me know."
Riku Riku nods, listening in silence to the explaination and then grinning. "Yeah. It's not really a problem anyways, your honor." he rocks back on his heels and then forwards again, determining to just be honest. It hadn't hurt him quite yet to do so.

"I've been sitting around for too long. This will at least give me something to do that isn't liable to hurt anybody but me." he pauses then nods. "I understand though. I hope.. " he frowns slightly and then shrugs. "I hope to have made a decision before then."

Riku looks at Gabranth, studying him and quirking a brow very slightly at something but not saying anything, smirking to himself with self-directed amusement. "Oh-- I'm probably neck deep in books, your honor. I'll ask for some more when I come up for air."
Gabranth almost smirks, yet again, it is gone just as quick. He lightly shakes his head softly, keeping whatever thoughts to himself it would seem. "Oh, I am sure you will be bruised, cut, and cursing by the end of it all." He almost sound amused.

The Judge Magister glanced out toward the massive bay window to the side of his office. His blue eyes staring out, almost as if he was looking longing to get out himself. "She is a beautiful city, is she not?"
Riku "I have no idea." Riku says with a positively flat expression, nothing showing on his face except earnest naivity (Which almost comes across a little too thick) he looks at the bay window for a few long moments.

He doesn't look at Gabranth as he slaps the top of one fist with his hand very slowly and softly continues. "And I really haven't had any time to really take a look." he shrugs one shoulder. "I keep getting turned around." he smirks at this, eyes going a little hollow and distant. "It's a very.. very big place."
Gabranth mms softly and nods gently. "Aye, that she is. Very large, with one area below and this section above. Her growth came from harsh times, but she survived and she continues to survive strong."

The Judge Magister looks down at his desk. "You should go explore the city proper. Go have some.. fun." He says softly, before placing down a sack on the desk. "You will find thirty-five thousand gil inside. It is your monthly allowance. Spend it how you see fit or save it." The Judge of Ambition shrugs before he leans back in the chair once more. Though he does seem to do a mild wincing.

"..and I do know how it feels to be overwhelmed by this city." Gabranth says softly as he looks out the window once more. "..but that was some time ago." He then looks to Riku. "Consider it an adventure of many and many more to come even after that." Was he trying to change subjects quickly?

"You are free to go when you wish, Riku." Gabranth then says simply as he glances down to the ground, then to the desk once more. Staring at the paperwork he needed to finish.
Riku Riku knows a dismissal when he hears one but he lingers in the office for another handful of awkward moments. He has a calculating expression as if he is trying to figure something out but not quite managing whatever calculation he is pressing his mind towards.

Riku opens his mouth to say something and the wisely closes it with a faint click. He nods slowly, saying quietly. "Thank you, your honor. I will try." he lets out the faintest hint of a sign, inclining his head to Gabranth as he leaves the judge Magister's office.
The Judge Magister watching Riku as he starts to head out. Blue eyes narrow as his brows furrow. There was something the youth was holding back, wasn't he? The question was should be pry or should he let the youth move along.

Gabranth sighed softly as he rubbed his forehead before he spoke gently. The bandage easy to see on the forearm thanks to him rubbing his forehead. "Riku." He says calmly. "Is there---" However before he could finish the youth had already stepped out of the room and the door was shut.

Gabranth rested his head back gently, before staring up at the ceiling. " was I back then.." He whispers softly to himself.

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