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(2013-02-16 - 2013-02-22)
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Leida The brightness of Traverse's first district is somewhat overwhelming for those not accustomed to living here. The combination of dozens of streetlamps, neon signs of all sorts and sizes, homestead windows, and pale celestial overcast all mesh together into a sort of brilliant haze that illuminates the entire area as if in mockery of the lack of sunlight.

Leida cannot help but squint as she slowly works her way down the dark cobbled street that serves as the town's main thoroughfare. The corruption that has taken hold in her eyes serves the girl well in the poorly lit shadows of the world, a reflection of the dark domain from which their power stems. However, down directly under the radiant incandescence of the various shops and houses that line the street, she finds herself almost blinded by their glow.

This, ofcourse, does not pair well with her natural clumsiness. Several times the girl bumps into people or trips over slight uneven bumps in the stone-brick road, doing a rather good job of bungling her attempts to remain small and unnoticed which does little to aid her already dark mood. At one point a figure comes to help her up after taking a particularly nasty spill but the normally polite young girl merely shrugs it off and keeps walking.

This funk persists for several hours after she first arrives, running through the darkness of the portal connecting the World of Ruin near Fluorgis to this hub of dimensional activity. It wasn't that she particularly felt safer here or less likely to be found should anyone come after her; it was just the only other place she'd ever been.

Eventually, Leida's wanderings bring her full circuit around the entire town and she finds herself standing once more amidst the lumenous billboards proclaiming various wares. Despite her insistence on feeling terrible after nearly killing Faruja with her foolish attempts to be helpful, the princess cannot help but be slightly curious as she comes upon the local clothing outlet.

Many times now people have commented on her choice of attire, though it was more a matter of what was available rather than some strange desire to wear oversized men's clothing. But after several weeks working with the Seekers she had some expendable cash on hand. Perhaps now was the time to acquire some respectable garments.
Emi Dennou Emi hasn't been shopping for several hours. But the first indication of Dennou presence is when Imi darts up behind Leida and attempts to hug-grapple her from behind. She says, "Le i da Chan!" with a break between each syllable, just like that! "The Network is pleased to find you in the Commercial District. The Network has been shopping, The Network clarifies, but has yet to find appropriate clothes, The Network further clarifies even as it clarifies further on top of that they are surprised to find you present." Her eyes sparkle. "The Network inquires whether you are here to find maid clothes...for maids?"

Emi walks up along behind Imi quietly.
Leida Leida's usual girlish shriek and jumpy reaction to being surprise attacked are noticably absent though she does intake a sharp breath upon feeling arms encircle her from behind, almost certain that someone has finally come after her to make her answer for her crime. However unintentional it might have been, she had done something very dangerous - again. There weren't any excuses she could give this time.

But instead of a gruff voice of authority and steely hands, she finds herself encircled by a familiar hug and an upbeat greeting. The princess sags back against Imi as the realization hits her, exhaling softly. "Oh... h-hello, Imi-chan."

Leida rubs the back of her arm sheepishly, glancing off to the side where the clothing shop sits with several varieties of garments on display in the windows. "Well... I-I do not know. I was thinking... maybe, I should find something appropriate to wear..."
Emi Dennou Imi and Emi--did they even notice ZE CRIME? Well, it was obviously an accident so they aren't thinking much of it.

"Reeeally?" Imi asks, eyes sparkling. "Then our aims our similar...Though The Network doesn't actually have any issue with their clothing but does note there are advantages to having a variety of outfit besides only multiple copies of the same outfit." She nods firmly and places a flower in Leida's hair just like all of a sudden, no immediate context.

"There we go," Imi says, looking over to Emi. "Will you be joining us?"

Emi nods a few times. They do have to hurry though, they have later obligations.

"There are /boutiques/--but you must know more about this than ourselves, The Network supposes?"
Leida A hand goes up to gently brush the flower as it slides into her dark raven locks, a look of pleasant surprise on her face which shortly after turns into a faint smile. Sometimes all it takes is a little gesture.

At their mention of shops, however, Leida merely gives the twin a blank stare. "Um... well, actually... I have never been to a store like this before. All of my outfits were hand-tailored in the castle..."
Emi Dennou "mM...Well alright." Imi says thoughtfully after a few moments. "Then girls take initiative, The Network settles grabbing Leida's arm." She grabs Leida's arm and pulls her--one way or another--towards the nearest clothing shop, a place called Traverse Tailor. This is more a general clothing store than something explicitely for fashion, but there's a lot of stuff for the ladies there just the same. And even teens, yes sir. Lots of stuff with zippers too on top of that, very fashionable all the same.

"Here we are... What are your sizes?, The Network wonders as she takes some options..." She starts pulling various clothes off the wrack, mostly upper garments for the time being, nice fluffy type stuff, very girly. Emi meanwhile lurks behind, glancing about before taking a professional black skirt off and holding it up to her waist. She pinkens faintly but then quickly puts it back.

"Hmm--what would look good on Leida-Chan, probably just about anything, this makes it difficult, mm? The Network contemplates." Imi continues.
Leida Leida puts up no fuss when she is escorted over to the store. Her dark mood has already begun to evaporate as something else rises up to fill her attention in the form of dozens of clothing racks. Shirts, skirts, and everything in between adorns the shop's walls and shelves and she can't help but let out a soft impressed noise.

"I have never seen so many..."

Her eyes wander around for a few moments while Imi begins to dig through the selections. "M-my sizes...? I do not know." She peers down at the growing pile of frilly garments curiously, though she doesn't comment until Imi speaks up again. "Um... well... all I have ever really worn are kimonos. Maybe... you should pick, Imi-chan."
Emi Dennou "Hmm..." Imi says, thinking this over. "...Well, I wouldn't say I'm a tailor or anything..." She thinks it over--and then nods to herself. "Alright, this one understands. Stay here a moment with Emi..." And then she darts off--

--for a few minutes. In this timeframe Emi looks over to Leida.

And looks at her.

And then she says, "We hope this is helping." She looks over to the pile of clothes, and then over to Leida, and then she says, "Are you coming to the maid cafe?"

Imi comes back with a tape measurer and walks on over to Leida. "Here we go, this one has received instructions, please hold still Leida-Chan, we will get...fitting clothes!" She gives Leida a big thumbs up. "The Network is always willing to provide assistance." Though couldn't she have gotten the tailor to actually help out here?? Well maybe she just wants to do it herself so she...knows? Mysterious.

She ducks down and gets to work.
Leida Leida returns Emi's look with an innocent stare, tilting her head at the other girl in confusion until she speaks up. "Oh... ofcourse, Emi-chan! I am very grateful for your assistance," she says with a quick bow. At the mention of the cafe, she smiles again and nods. "Yes. Ivo-san insisted that I attend. He seemed very excited for some reason. In truth, I am not sure what it is I can do to help but I am always willing to lend my aid where it is needed."

Imi's return causes her to turn back towards the other girl, blinking at the hand gesture. That meant everything was good, she thinks? She holds her arms up and does her best to not fidget as her measurements are taken, having experienced this before.
Emi Dennou "Oh did he?" Emi says as neutrally as ever, though there's a bit of an upward twitch on her lips.

"Still..." Imi considers, looking over Leida... NEither of them are quite sure how helping with a maid cafe is, really,something akin to lending aid, she's pretty sure the purpose of this is so Ivo can see girls in maid outfits. Oh well.

Imi snaps the tape measurer shut and leafs through some of the clothes they've picked out before and then, ultimately, lifting up a light pink skirt with some blackhighlights and holding it across leida's waist. There's some little black frills along the bottom as well. She offers this to Leida, and then pulls out a pink and black striped blouse, offering it to Leida. "How's this? It's very pinky! But I think it works well on you. The pink exemplifies your cuteness, while the black indicates your mysterious...mystery, The Network BSes readily."
Leida Ivo's intentions being anything but pure? Say it's not so! Leida has the utmost faith that the ever dependable co-founder of their merry little band has only thoughts for making the best of their little charity event. A maid's job is to serve, at least, that's what she heard.

The girl watches quietly as her rather slender measurements are taken, the faint hint of a blush on her cheeks. It's not so much that she's embarrassed by the company but having a number put on your figure is kind of worrisome. Not that she has anything to worry about in the weight department.

With that out of the way, Imi's selection of clothing is peered at curiously as she digs through the previously selected options until coming upon a match pair of cute garments. Leida tilts her head to the side as she accepts the skirt and blouse, holding them up against her body like she saw the Dennous doing earlier. She tries to envision herself with them on, smiling at Imi's descriptive reasons for their selection.

"I... I think I like them," she offers after several moments of staring at herself. Pink was certainly an acceptable color and black matches just about everything. Infact, for some strange reason, the addition of black fabric in the garments makes her like them more. How odd.
Emi Dennou Imi may just be interested in that number, it's a great mystery. Why does Leida like black? IS IT BECAUSE HER HEART IS THE DARKEST NIGHT PERSONIFIED? It's a mystery?? But Imi laughs lightly into her hand as Leida holds up the clothes, all a smiles. Leida really is cute. "Well if you like them you better try them on. It's not just about the measurements after all, you should see if they look good on you, This One suggests."

Emi looks on over as well. "Mm.... The Network notices, Imi...that you are getting better at normal behavior."

"O..oh..." Imi goes quiet for a few moments and then laughs again. "...That's a strange thing to say, Sister. Especially out loud." She glances over to her for a few moments before looking back to Leida. "Well then!" She says. "Lets get to a changing room. You keep looking at clothes, okay, Emi? The Network insists." She'll lead Leida on to one, in fact!
Leida MAYBE SHE JUST REALLY LIKES BLACK OKAY, STOP BEING PARANOID. Leida's measurements are quite slim, perhaps even envy-inducingly so should the Dennou's be concerned about such things. However, such slightness of frame does not come without cost and the small girl is noticably lacking in the area that tends to be the first to draw the eye of potential suitors. Comparisons with an ironing board are not misplaced here.

The princess glances back at her friend, blinking. "O-oh... I can put them on now?" She follows behind Imi after draping the garments over her arms and steps into the small room set aside for such things. Normally, there would merely be an elaborate body-screen for protecting her modesty when she was getting dressed in the presence of others so having complete privacy is a welcome change.

There is some soft shuffling and fumbling around from within for a minute as she swaps into the pink and black two piece outfit and then spends some time peering at herself in the mirror. It's an odd look after spending so long in full body gowns and old plain shirts but not necessarily a bad one. However, she's no expert on fashion in this world so she goes out to face the twins to get their opinnions.

"Um... well, here it is," she offers softly as she steps out.
Emi Dennou Emi continues to give Imi nonplussed looks as Imi clasps her hands together, eyes sparkling. Playing dress up?? Is fun apparently. Imi is not an expert of fashion either, she just thought this would be a good combination?? And as Leida steps outside, she is rewarded for her sort of dilligence!

"Incredible, you look good! This is the Network's solid opinion."

"We still have to pick out clothes for ourselves." Emi says simply, tilting her head sideways as she examines dat skirt.

Imi claps her hands together. "Very fashionable. A good start!"
Leida Leida clasps her hands together at her waist and wiggles her shoulders back and forth cutely at the praise. This is the first time she's ever had anything resembling a friend around her own age and the enjoyment she gets out of something as simple as shopping for clothes with another person to interact with is magnified by Imi's cheerful presence.

"T-thank you, Imi-chan. I am not sure I deserve such a word as incredible but I must admit I find myself quite taken by these garments. Your assistance is most appreciated." She beams a bright smile at the two sisters, obviously quite pleased. At Emi's comment, her head turns to regard the choice of skirts, parroting Imi's opinion as she has no sense of what kind might look good or not. "Ah... yes, it's very pretty."
Emi Dennou "Of course... The Network does not have much money but if it's a little outside your range we could..." Imi begins but Emi grabs her by the cheek and smiles over to Leida, interrupting Imi. "If you would be so kind, could you help pick something out for us as well? Imi can provide you with the tape measurer if you prefer. The Network is a bit shy about just picking something for themselves with no external input." She bows her head. "If that is alright, The Network inquires?"

Imi goes, "AHhhhh..." As he cheek is tugged on. @_@
Leida "O-oh..." Uh oh, looks like she's going to have to offer an actual opinion. Leida worries her hands together for a moment. Well, it wouldn't be fair for her to let them do a favor for her without offering the same in return. Even if they end up not liking whatever passes for fashion sense in that strange mind of hers, she can at least say she tried.

"Ofcourse, Emi-chan, I would love to help." The fact that she hasn't the foggiest idea of what they might prefer to wear dawns on her a little too late.

The princess taps her chin thoughtfully. Well, let's review. Imi is very energetic and likes flowers. She also wears her hair long and loose whereas the others seem to prefer some sort of hair ornamentation or style. Leida turns and begins to wander through the isles of clothes, occasionally pausing when she sees something interesting.

Eventually, however, she wanders back with her selection. The first thing she holds up is a baggy red and black double shirt. A longsleeved black undershirt with a cherry red t-shirt on top of that. Some floral artwork lines one side of the shirt, extending down the sleeve and flank in an asymetrical pattern. The other is a pleated skirt of the schoolgirl uniform variety, solid black to match the top's off color.

"Um... how do you like this, Imi-chan?"
Emi Dennou Imi looks on over to the outfit tat Leida ultimately picks through. It's a double shirt, a bit schoolgirly which is, of course, maybe a little nuts because they don't go to school. FOR NOW. Imi nods a few times, tapping her chin lightly across the cheek, and then she grins. "Well... This one is no expert, is ... cute, maybe? Perhaps? What do you think?" She looks over to Emi.

Emi shrugs her shoulders, she's the sort of person who would put on whatever, but then--perhaps--this is not the attitude that would draw the attention of Ping, Manliest of All Men.

"Hmm..." She says. "...Yes, that seems reasonable." She says. "It is good, right?" She looks over to Leida, as if for confirmation?
Leida The mixed reactions she gets from the two Dennous makes Leida's shoulders sink a little but she tries to be receptive to their critique. Picking out clothes may just not be one of her skills.

She waits until they finish debating among themselves before glancing back down at the garments in her hands. The pleated skirt she thought was rather fetching, it reminded her of the hakama that samurai and priests wore in her world. "Well... I thought so..." she offers, already considering new options.

"Um... maybe... something with more bows? Bows are still cute here, right?"
Emi Dennou It's more that they don't really know what would be seen as 'cute'. It's easy to act like you do when it's dealing with someone else, but they're a bit more self concious when it involves ... ... themselves. They are not so empathic that they are realizing how they are coming off, however, until Leida actually starts to get self concious herself.

"Oh no!" Imi says, wagging a hand from side to side. "We're just not never went clothes shopping--well, alright, we have, but that time we were just picking whatever fit."

She taps her chin lightly. "WE have not considered what would be physically appealing for ourselves. You look good in just aobut anything, not us though." Imi laughs nervously.
Leida Leida blinks at the sudden hand-waving. The revelation that the Legion has about as much experience clothes shopping as she herself does, which is to say basically zero, is something of a relief. She blushes at the praise and gives a playful giggle born from genuine amusement at their situation. "Ehehe, it seems we are both taking stabs in the dark then."

Setting the clothes down, the princess turns towards the nearby rack and starts to browse again. "You should not sell yourself short, either, Imi-chan! I am sure you would look wonderful no matter what..." Her cheeks color up again at this statement. While the upbeat flower-girl's previous bold behavior may have been the result of an improper approach to social interaction, she's clearly left an impact on the easily impressionable young princess.

Suddenly very self-conscious, Leida buries herself in the act of sorting through various outfits. She quickly comes across as less bold but still eye-catching white dress with several frills and ribbons that make it look very feminine but not childish. This she takes out along with another; a far more daring pink tube top and black mini-skirt that makes her color up even more at the thought of wearing such a thing. Or perhaps seeing Imi wear it.

She holds them both up and turns back to the Dennous for inspection. "U-um... do either of these look good to you?"
Emi Dennou "Aww, that's sweet of you." Imi says, taking the original outfit. She pauses and then hands it off to Emi once she's being offered a second one. "Certainly, I will try it." She bobs her head a few times and then heads off to the changing room. Emi follows. It's not like they haven't seen each other in their underwear before. Or worse. Hell, they could just look at themselves. Honestly, though, they don't have much body shyness as is since frankly plenty of people have seen them in the tubes they were created in so who really cares?

They come back out with the outfits on. It probably is, in fact, very cute.

"How is this...?" Imi put on the miniskirt combo. She spins around. Emi just stands there.

"Mm." Emi nods once. "...They fit well. Thank you, Leida-Chan."
Leida The girl's serpentine eyes widen visibly as the two sisters return, especially at Imi's choice of attire. She hadn't actually expected her to wear that! Perhaps she has picked upon Leida's less than subtle signs of being abit taken by the energetic and sometimes extremely bold clone. Or maybe she's just less self conscious than the princess. Not a high standard to beat, really.

An appreciative sigh escapes her lips before she realizes it and when she does Leida quickly tries to cover it up with words. "A-ah...! You look... very cute, Imi-chan!" That came out a bit louder and more forceful than she intended. Her gaze shifts to the other Dennou swiftly. "Y-you too, Emi-chan. I think they suit you."

A sudden thought occurs to her, however. "Oh... but... what about the others? Should we pick something for them as well?"
Emi Dennou Imi is rather bold, if a bit of a stepford smiler. But she is not a stepford wife and as such is not ultra conservative. She does get a bit of pink in her cheeks, though, which suggests that in a sense this sort of thing really is new to her even if she acts like it isn't. Really, there's a lot of things Imi acts super confident in despite having no more experience than any other of the sisters. Perhaps this speaks to her character even if Imi's character is a well guarded secret. "Aww, well if you think so I will definitely have to wear it often ... but not too often, I don't want them to get old any time soon, heh heh..." Imi chuckles to herself.

Emi bows her head. "Thank you, The Network is happy to try new things, notably even in the 'clothing' department, please excuse our inexperience."

She straightens and quirks her head a bit. "Mm... They would be upset if we did not," Emi is generally pretty money concious but thanks to the Fluorgis affairs--and retroactive clan rates--she is actually fairly steady as far as funds come for the moment. She even did some overtime with Scrooge. She does not have stable income, but she can splurge for a bit and, really, one of the things Emi would like to do is get everyone a diverse wardrobe. It's one more step to being people of this world or, more accurately, a network of this world.

"Of course, we will have to get their input remotely, but we can try it on for them, we have the same bodies, after all."
Leida "Oh... that is true. It must be convenient having the same size," Leida posits curiously. She had many many siblings herself, being the tenth child, but none of them were ever quite as waifish as she is at this age so hand-me-downs were rather rare. Plus the fact that they hated her tended to put a damper on the whole sharing thing.

"Do not worry Emi-chan. Other than fancy kimonos I am not very well versed in clothing myself."

A finger goes to her chin as she considers how to approach the issue of finding outfits for the other girls. At best she's already picked three ensembles for them to sort out which leaves three more. However, she's only meet the other sisters in passing a few times and isn't really sure what they'd like. Guess it's time to start grabbing stuff at random!

Leida dives back into the racks and starts to shuffle around. Pretty much everything she finds here is interesting to her but this time she looks for some variety. After a couple minutes she returns with her first pick which she holds up proudly for their inspection, starting to have fun with this.

A three-piece business dress in dark blue is presented. She has seen similar outfits worn by women in some of the Manhattanitte-heavy areas of Traverse. It gives off a more professional impression than the other outfits. Perhaps one of the more serious-minded Dennous might appreciate it?
Emi Dennou This is a pretty obvious pick, it seems. Even Emi admits, "...Omi would like this." Imi nods as well. Over the Network, everybody but Omi immediately agrees that Omi would probably like this option. It is so instant that Omi actually ends up complaining, what--you think she can't enjoy casual wear?? But by the end even she admits it's a good call.

Emi will accept the suit. "This one will try it on for her as well. Thank you for your help so far, Leida-Chan." She bobs her head once more, starting to head for the changing room.

Imi smiles. "Seems like you're having fun, huh?" This fills her with a certain kind of joy, but aside from a small smile, she remains as mysterious as ever. The way she says it, seems to infuse it with meaning. she was beating herself up earlier but now she seems to be in a good mood. It makes her happy.
Leida Having her enjoyment pointed out to her doesn't diminish it at all for Leida. She merely gives a bright smile back at the two of them and nods in return. "Yes... while I am not sure that my choices are the best, perhaps it is like an adventure of sorts?"

Now that she's on a roll, the princess throws herself into the search with an unusal level of energy, perhaps spurred on by the prospect of making a closer connection with some of the Legion sisters she doesn't get to interact with all that often. All thoughts of self-chastisement seem to have been forgotten at this point in any case.

Clattering and rumaging noises can be heard as she shuffles about and Imi is able to keep track of her path around the store by the shifting of hangers on the racks. It almost looks like she's just randomly peering through the contents of each one, waiting for something to catch her eye, which isn't too far from the truth.

Eventually she surfaces again, stepping through a cluster of coats nearby as if emerging from the wilderness with another choice catch. This time she presents a matched pair of pieces. The top is a white shirt tied at the midriff with a light blue denim vest while the bottom is a pair of pre-faded cut-off denim shorts. Very hip and slightly cowgirl-ish. Having never seen denim before, it immediately caught her attention.
Emi Dennou "Is there truly a best choice when it comes to clothes? The Network is starting to suspect that, perhaps, it is a bit like food and variety is the spice? .. Or I suppose hunger is as well, though that could be interpreted as a lack of clothing options." Imi nods to herself philisophically. She feels a bit bad, she just had to pick one outfit for Leida. Well, okay, not especially bad. Seeing what Leida picks is highly entertaining.

Emi steps out in a business suit. She looks as nonplussed as ever, her serious expression almost making the outfit comical in its stereotypicalness.

"I'm going to have to try this one on then." Imi says, chuckling. "It's a bit like a relay, isn't it?" She pats Leida on the head lightly, with fondness, before stepping on in again.

" is, this one supposes and thanks for the assistance once more." Though really seeing Leida have fun, perhaps they are getting a bit greedy? Well Emi doesn't mind.
Leida The princess does not seem to mind the disparity in work load placed on her in this exchange. She's used to being the person who gets all the chores and even though she knows her friends aren't using her in such a callous manner the fact that she is the one doing all the 'hard' work is met with no complaints. Once she got into the spirit of it, shopping was actually quite fun.

"Oh, it looks good on you Emi-chan. I'm sure whoever wears it will look just as... mm... reliable! Yes, that's what it looks like." Leida nods her head in agreement with her own assessment, giggling sheepishly when her head is given a friendly pat. She's looking foward to seeing this latest outfit as well.

But, still one more go go! Gathering up her creativity for one more pass, she vanishes into the jungle of dresses and pantsuits. It takes her a little longer to come back this time, giving Imi plenty of time to change. When she does so it is with her final selection for the evening.

A low-cut open-shoulder shirt sporting long sleeves and a thick horizontal stripe pattern in sea-green and black is held up in one hand. The sleeves flare at the cuff into a bell-shape with some ruffly bits that give them a sort of retro look. To go with this Leida has chosen a pair of narrow black slacks that look like they'd probably be close to skin tight all the way down to the calves where they also flare out into bell-bottoms. It was the strange poofy ends that ultimately decided this choice for Leida.
Emi Dennou "Why is it..." Emi wonders aloud, glancing behind her. "...That Imi is getting all the revealing clothing...?" She takes the next set from Leida. "Professional, you say...? Mm... well," She considers. She likes to think of herself as professional, but really the only person besides herself who seems to care much about that is Omi who, sometimes, Emi suspects would be a lot better at her role. Imi steps out again in the new outfit before Emi can go back and change. "Mm? Was I hearing something just now?"

Emi snags the pants and shirt. "You know very well what was asked. The Network is not sure why you sometimes pretend we do not all know the same things." She tilts her head and then admits, "...Of course, we do actually know, this is just a manner of exasperation we are showing." She nods once more to Leida "This should be good for all of us. Thank you again. Is there anything else you want here, Leida-Chan?"
Leida Is there some master plan behind Leida's choice of attire and who tries on what? Nah, must be coincidence. The princess looks sheepish at the implications, however, she doesn't say anything in defense of this question. Looking down at her feet, she holds the outfit out when Emi reaches for it. "U-um... yes, professional..."

Leida's attention is drawn abruptly to the prior outfit which is now adorning Imi's body. Though not terribly revealing it is certainly more so than the outfits Emi has tried on thus far and accentuates her curves nicely which further enhances the girl's blush. "N-no... I... ah... think I am all done shopping for now, Imi-chan."

And it's true. Going through so many new forms of fashion has left her rather tuckered out, not to mention she hasn't slept since the day before. Her fatigue seems to come crashing down all at once and she instinctively stifles a deep yawn. "Thank you," she offers in return and bows to them both. "I think I should go get a room now..."

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