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Funhouse of Nightmare - Reize Side
(2013-02-16 - 2013-03-02)
This is Reize's side of the story and what happened from prior the group exporing the funhouse and within the remaining duration.
Reize Seatlan 0MUCH EARLIER

Reize was reported missing. No one really knows how he disapeared. However, he left a note to the Shard Seekers about that he was going to investigate the disappearance of the people and left without taking anyone with him.


The arrival into the funhouse of terror was quite a trip. Although it looked rather inviting, Reize knew of the dangers that he would likely face, but it did not prepare him for the encounter with the presence of the certain Heartless.

The Silhouette Shadow

It greeted the boy, preparing to introduce him to the world that he would live in: The mirrors of captivity. It was through his own personal bad luck that saved him from an even worse fate.


Reize found himself within a crystallized section of the funhouse. It was like a basement of this mysterious place. Mirrors were all over the place, giving that playful, yet haunting feel.

"...Guh... I think I lost that thing." He winces, rubbing the back of his head, "...I better find my way out of here..." And then he slams a fist into his palm, "And stop it once and for all." However, there are trap doors everywhere.

Shiki may likely find herself within one of those trap doors.
Shiki Misaki I am going
To murder you, Seatlan.

One of these days, Shiki Misaki, or someone, hopefully, will engrave upon Reize's soul the folly of 'going out on your own like a dipstick and getting in trouble and making us all have a fit'. It won't be today, and it won't be tomorrow, but maybe some time.

Shiki doesn't know he's gone after the mirrors she found earlier in Fluorgis. She doesn't know she's currently alive, either. She also doesn't know why she had a dream a couple nights ago involving fighting her own shadow and stepping around some stained glass platforms.

But what she does know is

So off she goes, stomping through ... this place, which is a haunted house? Fun house? We had one of those at a school festival once. This one has a bigger budget, though. She's stomping her feet and wringing her fists.

So she'll probably go through a trap door any... second...

*stamp stamp stamp STAMP CLACK* "FASGSHFAGHDG"
Now. Mr. Mew looks down the hole, shrugs, and leaps in after her.
Reize Seatlan Reize had issues with the place for little while. In his dventure, he managed to encounter various creaures, including an aundance of Heartless. The encounter left him pretty tired. However, what caught his attention before being on his path to proceed with his trip along the fun-filled labyrinth, is the presence of a person that falls right in front of him.



Blink. Blink.

"Shiki?! How did you get here?"
Shiki Misaki On the plus side, Reize going ahead of Shiki means he's always there to break her fall.

Shiki is sprawled all over Reize, in the ISO standard position, and Mr. Mew lands subsequently on top of her hat. The secret purpose for its existence, revealed!

Also, Shiki's kinda @.@ right now.

"Uuuh... well, I got on a boat, and then I walked a bit, and then I stamped my foot just then and hey! There I was!"

Her hat falls off.
Reize Seatlan Guh.

Unfortunately, Reize is always there to break falls. That generally means part of him gets broken at the process. Nevertheless, the young adventurer looks over at Shiki with a thoughtful look. Because of that, he sighs briefly before he slowly peels off of her and gives her a smile.

Picking up her hat, one hand extends it for her to take while the other offers her hand to get up.

A faint smile forms, "You guys followed me..." He considers, "... Are the others arriving as well?"

Nevertheless, he explains the situation, "I encountered the person responsible for taking the other adventurers, but.. he almost had me until I fell into a trap floor."
Shiki Misaki "Um."

Don't make it obvious you ran off by yourself, don't make it obvious you ran off by yourself.

"I don't know, I kinda went here by myself."

Mr. Mew just covers his face with his hand.

Shiki stands up with Reize's help and puts her hat back on, adjusting her hair and making sure she's not broken any fingers. Legs are kind of wobbly.

"It's all to do with those mirrors that showed up in Fluorgis, isn't it?" she says, rolling her fists against one another. "We'd better be careful not to be split up if it starts to get misty..."
Reize Seatlan ...

That faint smile is no longer contained, instead becoming af full-fledged frown. A sigh is given for a few moments. Howevr, he finally relents and he has a smile on his face. "... So we are alike in a way, though... it's my fault." He wanted to just adventure on his own, but in the end, it is likely that someone will travel with him.

Nevertheless, Reize looks over at Shiki, "Eh?!" He furrows his eyebrows, "..I suppose so." The young adventurer begins to walk along the hallway. "Let's go, we'll find our way out and stop the guy at the process!"

The hallway is a clear path. However, mirrors are everywhere. Look to the left, mirror. Look to the right, mirror. Many of them distorts the appearance of those who passby; big faces, big nose, big arms... Yet, some mirrors are more special than others.
Shiki Misaki "I blame my lack of sleep. I've been having these weird thoughts lately," Shiki says with a shrug. But she closes her eyes and smiles a little, because if Reize frowns then Shiki must smile. "Do you mean you're rubbing off on me?"

She puts her hands behind her back and strolls along. She's faced images of herself a couple of times in the last few days, and she's slowly getting used to seeing strange things in her image.

But since it's been a couple of days since they talked, and she's not really looking at herself, something's been bugging her.
"Ne, Reize. I heard a rumor going around in Fluorgis a few days ago..."
Reize Seatlan The area remains lit, negating any requirement of having to get a torch out. Though, it does not make the place less eerie. Some would argue that it is more eerie with the lack of Heartless or anything about.

Reize turns his head over towards Shiki.

"Rumors? What kind of rumors? The ones that I've heard about were the disappearance of the people leading to here." He walks along the path, "..That's why I came." He shuts his eyes, "Many our friends are here."

There is one mirror that stands out. Although it looks similar to the other mirrors that are flushed with the hallway, the key difference is the content.

If Shiki was to face the mirror...

.. She'd see her real self.
Shiki Misaki Lots of friends, and lots of innocent people. Shiki is of the opinion that no news is good news: the sooner they get to the core of this maze and find what needs to be done to crack the glass open, the better, and the less they find on the way the less chance there will be of being whittled down by degrees.

Mr. Mew is a lot more perturbed by his own reflection. Why, some of them make him look like he's extremely stretched out! Like some sort of really longcat.

"...there was one about you," she says, although her voice reflects no change in emotion. "People saying you were going to bail out of the Shard Seekers or something crazy like that."

Also, here's a mirror reflection of... herself. Her real self. A mirror into the soul, perhaps? "Huh. Third time's the charm."
Reize Seatlan It is about a couple of steps until Reize stops moving. Shiki mentioned about something, a rumor abut him leaving. "...Hahah, so it spreaded." His eyes narrow, looking around. Reize shuts his eyes, listening to it all.

This gives Reize plenty of time o reflect. Given the fact that he tried to go off on his own, but as intercepted, he knew that he would not be able to travel alone for a long time.

He is about to say something in regards to his departure until Shiki finally halts to see the reflection of herself.


The boy turns towards the mirror, then he look over towards himself. He looks about the same, but when he sees the side of Shiki, he see a definitely different girl. Black-haired, plain, no one really special. ...However, that familiarity.

The boy mentally recalls the picture of the gil and the form of Shiki.

Shiki Misaki Shiki sticks her hands in her pockets and checks herself. Pretty much the same old Shiki, yep.

Then, Reize steps into the picture. She glances over to him for a second, and then the other shoe drops.


Shiki almost leaps onto one foot as she realises! This is the first time Reize has ever seen... well, her! Uh, isn't it? She thinks so, anyway! I mean, like, aside from on a cell phone!

Of course, the reflection perfectly mirrors her freakout, and Shiki looks at herself, then Reize, then Mr. Mew, then Reize again.

Mr. Mew HAS NO REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR. Oh, wait, no, he was just off to one side.

"...uh," Shiki fumbles.
Reize Seatlan So, Reize glances towards Shii, tilting his head over at her as she freaks out. Yeah, it is definitely Shiki. Reize brightens a bit, but then he places a hand over towards her shoulder reassuringly.

"...So, that is a bit of truth out in the open." Pause. "...Though, I suppose I should note that the rumors at the time... we true." He falls silent.

"... I grew unhappy having Fluorgis as a home when I wanted to be an explorer.." He shuts his eyes, glancing towards the mirror. He isn't looking at Shiki herself, but the mirror image of Shiki, the true Shiki.

"...So, I decided that I would depart to explore the world on my own again. I would had returned..."

He shakes his head, "...I just needed to be a real explorer." Truth be told, he had not been able to set off on is own. It was cut short when he encountered Lily, and then others got involved.
Shiki Misaki Shiki listens to what Reize has to say.

She wants to say something, she really does. She wants to say 'I see' or 'I can empathise' or something, but she... doesn't, really find it in herself.

Her mind instead swirls with emotions and questions. Most of all, the fact that she feels like she's the last person to know. She's been busting Noise in the city for weeks, partnering up with whoever was around and able to swing a sword at the time. For the Shiki Misaki who keenly felt the disconnect between herself and her friends, even though it had only been for a short while since Fluorgis came under siege, the idea that he...

She looks away for a minute, looking not at the herself in the mirror, but just back off at the other weird mirrors in the corridoor.

"Reize," she asks. "When your world disappeared because of the Heartless, how did it go, anyway?"
Reize Seatlan "... I don't know."

Reize looks towards Shiki, "I found myself in a strange place. It was a dark place with nothing around. As I continued to explore, I didn't see anyone. The only way that I managed to find my way through the darkness was a voice that called out to me. It whispered for me to continue on my path. ...Then it told me to hold onto the pendant."

His eyes turn towards the mirrored Shiki, who is facing the other mirrors.

"In the end, I never got to see my world get taken. Since that moment that I fell down the waterfall, I was already disconnected from my own world."
Shiki Misaki "It's strange..."

The brow of her hat covers Shiki's eyes for a minute, a gesture copied as the glare on her reflection's glasses makes the lenses opaque. She remembers, at the edge of her mind, Lily describing something strangely similar.

"After we beat the Game Master Higashizawa, I thought I was supposed to go back to the realground, but I ended up in Shibuya just in time to see the Noise and the Heartless tearing it apart. They were breaking apart buildings and knocking people down, and the ground collapsed underneath me. I was so scared."

"Except I didn't start to feel relaxed again- like I had found a new home- when we settled down in Fluorgis. I think... I think I got over that before then."

"Do you know when it happened, Reize?"
Reize Seatlan ...

Reize lowers his head, thinking it over. Reize looks at her as she begins explaining about her situation in Shibuya. She had to watch her home get torn apart and taken away. Reize was distant from all of it. He never got to see it. He didn't know that feeling until Manhattan.

When Shiki asks him if he knows when it happened that she finally got over her fears and was able to relax.

...Reize shakes his head at Shiki, "...No... Not really."
Shiki Misaki Shiki blushes.

" was when I started travelling with you."

"I knew I could trust you from the day I met you, Reize. And... you accepted me right away, without asking any questions. No matter what I told you, even though we came across so many dangerous things..."

"And I got scared when you left... when you got hurt... whenever I have to chase you down like this. Because... to me... wherever you are, it feels like home."

"That's why I like you, Reize."
Reize Seatlan Moments pass as Shiki notes of when she felt safe when she stated traveling with hm. The boy lifts his head up, gazing to her whle she tells her tale. His eyes eyes drift to focus between her and the mirrored image. After all, the real Shiki is here. The young adventurer listens her pouring her heart.

...And the admittance of he fears when he left, got hurt, and times where she has to chase him. The words of Lily's anger ring in his mind. He has integrated with so many people that...

...He can no longer think of his own dreams.


The boy takes a step forward, leaning over to meet face to face with Lily. His hand moves over towards her cheek, cupping it close before he closes in. His lips press forward, now connecting with the young lady's lips.
Shiki Misaki Shiki's never kissed a boy before.

Not even Neku, not even in school, not even on valentine's day or her birthday or anything. And she'd never even dreamed of something like this before. It wouldn't have seemed right.

For the boy and the girl in the mirror, this couldn't be a more perfect moment. On the other side, Shiki couldn't care. Swirling emotions, dreams, questions and concerns don't mean anything to her right now: just the lips of the noble boy she's fallen for.
Reize Seatlan It's a long kiss that lasts a couple of seconds. However, those seconds feels like minutes and those moments are nice. The young boy allows the kiss to linger for several moments, before he ends up pulling the kiss away.

His gaze lingers toward Shiki after kiss is given. His gaze falls toward the mirror to see the real Shiki's reaction. The young boy forms a smile, then he look at Shiki.

"I like you too, Shiki."

"...Let's get get through this." He pauses, "We'll get your body back. And we'll help you win the the game." He smiles at Shiki, "What do you say, Partner?"

He cannot forget, they are here for a reason. They have to get their friends back!
Shiki Misaki "And we will save our friends. We'll save Fluorgis. And we'll find the shards of the lost worlds."

As was the words she said in her dream to fight away the darkness. Shiki grabs Reize's hand and crosses their forearms, reaffirming that heroic promise. The fact that the two of them in the mirror are doing the same makes it twice as nice.

And so the two set off again, into the hall of mirrors to discover the mirrors' master.
Reize Seatlan Reize smiles at Shiki's reaffirmation of their goal. That is it, isn't it? Save their frends, save Fluorgis, and find the lost shards. Together. It will probably be a long time before the boy will move to the path of traveling solo. Nevertheless, he has his friends. That itself is important.

That is why Reize moves onward.

When Shiki takes his hand and crosses their forearms, he allows her to take the lead on them departing the mirrors.

As the two begin to depart to the main room...

No one is in the area.

0I figured you would come here. You were lucky to escape me once, boy. However, my minion shall rid of you easily... And it will bring me your light...

That is when the pendant shines.

Unfortunately, that light is likely to attract the Heartless.
Shiki Misaki Onward to victory!

Well, victory might be a little difficult if there's nothing there to be victorious against. Shiki was all hyped up now! She shakes a fist, Mr. Mew mimicking her action on a smaller scale. "Hey!"

"Why don't you come out here and show yourself, you creeper? You've caused us a lot of problems and we want our friends back! What, are you scared you're outnumbered?"

Poor choice of words!

"...OK, maybe he's not outnumbered after all!"

Shiki grabs her player pin. "Alright, guess it's pact time!"
Reize Seatlan "Pact time..." Reize grins at Shiki.

It is soon that a black mist spreads around the main hall. The mirror form themselves intoa dome-like pattern, completely surrounding the place. Mirrors are all around the two.

This dome arena has a single creature emerged. It's an egg-shaped creature with yellow-beady eyes. A blue jester hat with bells are attached while the Heartless emblem appears on its tummy.

Popping into view, it sticks out its tongue at the two and splits into two. After splitting, both roll along the mirrors. When they move into the mirrors, they emerge from two different mirrors, flipping around.

Stars, moons, and other odd shapes are flying everywhere, including a toy mallet.

"Whoaaaa!" Reize yelps.
Shiki Misaki We're surrounded, apparently! If these mirrors are shattered, could it harm the people inside? Shiki doesn't want to be the one to try finding out.

Of course, when you're in a funhouse, you're definitely going to find some weird characters like these harlequins. There's only two of them so far, but are more of them going to start leaping out of the reflections? If they do, they could be limitless! Unless...

"What are these projections?" Shiki grumps.

"Hey, Reize, look out!" she says. "Uh... what if this is like a planetarium? Do you think something's projecting it?"
Reize Seatlan Reize is already diving across the ground, keeping both of his boomerangs armed. The boy turns his head towards Shiki, "Who knows?!" He frowns, eyeing the mirrors that they are emerging from. His eyes do see various people trapped in some of the ones that they are not emerging out of.

"Shiki, if we can time it right, we can hopefully knock them out of the mirror before they enter the other one."

The two continue to flip around, tossing out stars and other wied shapes. And then, the two stop together, juggling a few objects. Blades, fireballs, orbs of darkness. The juggled objects are hurled towards the two.
Shiki Misaki Mf. Don't overthink it, Shiki. Focus on the enemy in front of you rather than the people: you won't do any good if you get beaten up and trapped. And just because these are small it doesn't mean they're small fries.

A few more thoughts race through Shiki's mind as she tries to figure out if there's a trick to fighting these two. "Timing, huh?"

Time to move. Fortunately Shiki's good at dodging, and if she can't dodge, she can fend off things with her lance psych at a distance. So that's what she intends to do when the first round of attacks go- doesn't look like there's anything special to them.

"OK," she says. "Let's watch their movements and synchronise ours!"
Reize Seatlan "Okay! Let's do this!"

As the two begin to move, Reize is already launging forward, working on timing the strike right.

tIt is when they land that Reize slides forward to knock at one of them...

...However, Reize doesn't hit one of them. Instead, what he ends up striking as the mist quickly swoops around him and leaves is a large gift-wrapped box.


Suddenly, a flaming pie is shot out of the box towards him and Shiki.
Shiki Misaki "Re-ize!"

Shiki pouts. And then eeks! She can't deflect that with a spear! Instead she snatches up The Eyes Have It and tries to freeze it. Is freezing better, or being set on fire?

Mr. Mew stands next to Reize and literally mirrors his stance, by way of explanation.

"I mean like this!" she says, standing opposite him and trying to put herself such that each of them are squaring off against each of the harlequins.

"Use the player pin," she says, her voice becoming a little quieter. "Open up... synchronise your wavelength with mine. Your soul."
Reize Seatlan Reize manages to duck the pie.

"Hah! No sweat!" However, something is burning. Sniff sniff. "Uh, Shiki, you smell that?"


"GAAAHHH!" Reize is flailing around, arms swung all around as he flails and moves about. After calmness instils, Reize whimpers and pats his hair. Of course, as Mr. Mew mirrors his stance, Reize blinks. "Buh?"

While Shiki remains on the opposite of him, the boy is set up to where both of them have an individual Heartless.

He sucks in a breath, then he draws upon her Player Pin, unifying with Shiki.

The Harlequins of Darkness bounce around, trying to rejoin with one another. However, with the two between them, the connection that the two have are cut short.

Squiggly anger sign.

The two rush forward, seeking to bump the two out of their way.
Shiki Misaki Reize certainly was lucky to escape. Burned up all of his luck there, most likely! The boy gets it measured out in very small amounts and he spends it all at once, then when he gets hot explosive death thrown at him he's all paid out. Terrible.

Oh my god, it's because of the black cat! MR MEW IS TO BLAME FOR REIZE'S LUCK.

Such things are what Shiki doesn't think about as Reize ends up slightly on fire. She tries to bat it out with her hat, in a comical moment.

And then we're serious again. Very serious, in fact.

Stabilize your soul; synch with one another. Resonate with one another by working together. Hanekoma gave Shiki one of these pins to work with Neku... did he ever expect that it'd be used so much more by his partner?

Take a breath... and we achieve fusion.

The best attack is a good counterattack! Use the enemy's momentum against them and strike as they move forward! Shiki and Reize can move as mirror images of one another and keep them pinned down!
Reize Seatlan
While the two attempt to charge at Reize and Shiki, their synchronized tactic keeps the at bay. They know what they need to do: Keep them from being together. Reize and Shiki manage to bat them apart from each other bit by bit. And the...

Reize sees the opening through the mirror. It has no one inside.

"Shiki!" Reize beams.

Let's knock them into the mirror.

The boy launches forward to strike the other towards the mirror.

The result of the joint maneuver leaves a mirror above them spitting out that Harlequin of Darkness. It lands with a harsh thud in front of them. It looks a little bigger, but it is also dizzy and disoriented.
Shiki Misaki Imagine that split-screen effect here; Reize on one side, Shiki on the other!

"Ready?" "Let's fly!"

With the enemy staggered it's the perfect time to strike. And of course, Mr. Mew's gonna get in on the action: jumbo-sized! Everybody gets to ride the cat(sans bus) who goes flying with a massive psychokinetic punch- and a combined sword strike and Lance Lunge to finish it off! Our hearts together make an incredible power!

Can we vanquish the Heartless and shut this mysterious voice up?
Reize Seatlan As Mr. Mew becomes the giant stuffed cat, he launches forward through the combined efforts of Reize and Shiki. The disoriented Heartless is trying to recover itself. When it finally comes to...

It sees the flying stuffed cat pressed its way.

That combined effort pierces it.

And the Heartless smashes against on of the mirrors. It's body shudders and fizzles out as the mirrors all shatter.


Reize beams, "We did it!"

....This, however, triggers something. There is a violent vibration that shudders the entire funhouse.

0What...?! Impossible... /You..../!

Slowly, the place begins to experience a cave-in as debris from the area drops from the ceiling.
Shiki Misaki "Oh no!"

Shiki grabs onto Reize's elbow as the shaking begins. She looks frightened as the mirrors fall down in pieces all around them.

"The people!" she shouts. "What happened to everyone inside the mirrors?"

"Ooooiiii!" she calls out into the darkness, looking around frantically. "Is anyone there? Answer me! Are you okay?!"
Reize Seatlan "Not sure! But we better move! We may find some people the way we came in!" The boy makes his way up towards the stairs.

"Come on!"

...And thus, the path that they take leads them through the trapdoor. They encounter their comrades, who had dealt with the Silhouette Shadow itself and even freed many of the trapped adventurers.

And it is the combined efforts that brought down the Funhouse of Nightmares.
Shiki Misaki And nobody will ever know why Reize and Shiki were holding hands so tightly when they met up.

Well, they could read this log, I guess.

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