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(2013-02-16 - Now)
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Avira Neverland.

This is a place spoke of in legends and whispers. For all of those who have been exploring the newly reformed worlds, it is a location that rarely shows up in any travel logs and upon maps. However, with the way the worlds have been connected, even it cannot remain hidden or untouched for very long. At one point it could have been considered the land mass equivalent to a unicorn. Pure and attractive to those who have pure hearts of their own.

Save for the pirates at least. Perhaps Captain Hook himself could be blamed for the "leakiness" of Neverland. Corridors of darkness and portals opened up to here, some of which had managed to be recorded in the copious notes that mappers have been taking over the past few months. Rumors followed the Heartless that came here for where Heartless spread, usually something of value could be found.

It is for this reason that Avira, along with her best friend Maira, has chosen to set foot in this place. The moment she does, she is presented with an odd feeling of serenity that she just couldn't explain. It's a moment before she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a crude map-a treasure map, in fact, drawn up in the old style that perfectly embodies a treasure map, with a giant X marks the spot and everything.

"Something about this place feels very nostalgic." she remarks.
Maira Maira is happy to be taking this trip, just the two of them. Some quality best friend time! To Neverland!

Upon arrival, Maira lets out a happy sigh and just starts to dance, twirling to and fro and humming to herself. "Oooh I hope we get to explore! This is a beautiful place and I want to see more..." she sings, grabbing Avira by the hand and attempting to give her a twirl.

Maira had a good night's sleep last night. She'd been too exhausted even to dream. Thus, she is in a fine mood.

"Treasure, we've off to find some treasure!"
Grant Majors Heartless are a problem for every world. That means they're the kind of thing for a hero to go investigate and kill, and Grant Majors is absolutely certain that he's a hero. With the recent outbreaks all leading back to Neverland, Grant has had no choice but to follow up on it. So, he slung his spear over his shoulder, pulled on his cloak, and headed through one of the portals known to lead to Neverland at random. This was probably not a good idea, but Grant really wasn't the sort of person to sit and wonder if something was a good idea while people were being hurt; he was a man of action, a man of going out and getting things /solved/, a man who made sure that if anyone was going to shed blood it was going to be the man who was damn near invulnerable instead of the weak and defenseless.

Grant is spat out of the portal rather unceremoniously into Neverland; his cloak immediately snaps out, cushioning his fall, lashing out with tendrils of cloth that spike into the ground and slowly lower him comfortably onto his sandals. Grant takes a moment to look around.

There was a certain discomfort to the place, like a rose-tinted filter laid over his eyes. It reminded him of his childhood, but not of his childhood exactly - of a better childhood, of a childhood not spent training himself for his inevitable service to Ajora. It reminded him of a childhood with ball games and treasure maps, of a childhood with less seriousness and more play, of a childhood...

But most importantly, it reminded him of what he'd lost, and that made him angry.

Grant shakes his head, sending his white hair flying. He had more important things to do than reminisce about his life. The sound of someone singing and moving through the forest immediately gets his attention; the ex-Templar frowns and begins walking towards the sound, his cloak parting the trees and plants in front of him, gently turning them aside or slicing through them (depending on what the situation called for).

Grant is...not quiet.
Avira With her map in one hand, Maira takes Avira by her other and twirls her around. While it was no unusual thing to see Maira in a good mood, this seemed like an even better mood beyond what she's seen her as lately! Of course, lately she's noticed that Maira has been spending a large amount of time worrying about her relationships with other men in her life. Clearly not at the moment, though. It's a good thing too.

Avira also did not want to think about relationship complexities right now. Especially as she hears Max asking a question or two about their 'lovely prisoner.' Bah! But beyond all of that, Maira was singing! This is something Avira's only witnessed once before.

"That's right~" she singsongs, passing their map over to Maira to hold. "I hereby deem you the official navigator! You shall take us to where we need to go. To adventure!" This felt infectuous, even for someone of her age.

But suddenly, Avira hears noises in the underbrush, caused by a passing former templar. Avira gasps and steps in front of her fire mage friend, her left hand on the hilt of the Spine, her right upon Maira. "Something is out there." she whispers before falling silent, listening with her ears very carefully. Honed via training in the wilderness, she had long since learned how to identify creatures by their gait and noise. It only takes her a few seconds to realize that the creature lurking out there was MAN. Fairly large. Likely male. "There's someone else out there. An adult by the sound of it." she whispers, then motions for Maira to follow.

Sneaking mission is GO.
Maira Maira should sing more, she has a lovely voice.

While not everything was solved, something has changed for Maira. She's going to let herself be happy today.

Maira takes the map, giggling softly as she does another spin, her eyes drawn down to a map. Maira is probably a poor choice for a navigator, but luckily, she has Uist, who is superb at finding things.

Come the rustling in the bushes, Maira turns toward it, not reacting immediately in alarm as Avira does. "Are you sure Avira? I think it sounds like a bunny. Maybe it's a really /big/ bunny!" she says, then follows after Avira, trying to be sneaky--and hoping its a giant bunny, which she promptly imagines riding swiftly through Neverland for some reason.
Grant Majors It is very definitely not a bunny. Neither a big bunny, nor a female bunny, nor a male bunny. It is very definitely a human being; by the sounds of it, he's picking up his pace, and he's not terribly hampered by the woods around him. His footfalls echo through the surroundings as he runs; he is not supernaturally quiet, nor is he the normal kind of quiet. His cloak slices through wood and leaf and thorn and bramble of its own free will, and his spear is just big enough to hammer his way through trees without trouble. It helps that Grant is tremendously strong; anything his spear and his cape don't take care of, he just smashes his way through.

It's probably not unlike being chased by a two-legged rhino.
Avira Avira slowly shakes her head, "No." she whispers, "I can tell from the sounds. He's going on two legs..heavy footfalls, male-sounding pattern..." She creeps closer. "Sounds like he might be armed and cutting through the brush." Another step closer, "And he's...."

Her eyes widen and she jerks backwards, "Coming this way!" It's definitely not Garland, Avira's already written him off. Garland wouldn't give her THIS obvious a warning if he had showed up to teach another "lesson." The giant monstrosity had his own issues to deal with at the moment anyway.

"I bet it's one of those pirates! I bet he came on land and is trying to chase us!" Avira withdraws the Spine. "Well I refuse to be chased! ...besides, it just sounds like one of them. Unless there are more creeping up for an ambush." But Avira didn't hear any. Pirates were nothing like ninja, after all, so she'd be able to hear others moving about them. "Here he comes, Maira. Get ready!"
Maira Well, Maira isn't a hunter like Avira. She's more inclined to just call out and see how it is. Even though Avira is sure it isn't a giant bunny, Maira holds out in hope until she can see for herself. " can tell so much just from sound!" she says to Avira, obviously impressed!

In order to put Avira at ease, Maira summons a small flame, ready to defend herself--though fire in a forest is likely a /bad/ idea.

"HELLO!" she calls. "PLEASE DON'T RUN US OVER!" she continues, then gives Avira a smile and a shrug.

Note: don't try to take Maira hunting. She'll just end up trying to talk to the animals and probably want to adopt them all. Warriors with spears may also be adoptable.

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