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(2013-02-15 - 2013-02-15)
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Ariel Ariel has been scraping by, more or less, for the last week, doing odd jobs around the town to cover her hotel stay. Today she is sitting by the fountain, as she has manage to secure two things for herself - a harp, which is a small poor model, but seems to be in good tune - and a small glass bowl. The glass bowl is currently filled with a little munny, which is given to her by passers-by on occasion. Ariel has discovered that this is a much more fun way of paying at the hotel than doing dishes, especially when sailors come by whom she can sing to.
Zeke Speaking of sailors Zeke was out and about. After the parade, deliveries in town, helping his cook load back up and gather more frieght for Traverse he had just shuttered shop for the day and was out for a walk. Granted 'day' was rather subjective here given it's always night-time but one adjusts... or goes crazy. He was trimmed, bathed and had just gotten his coat freshly laundered but there was that hint of the sea still on him.

While walking he spied Ariel panhandling. What the hey right? He dropped coinage in the bowl and sat beside the harp playing lass. "Mind if I sit here miss Ariel?" His voice was soft and he kept a respectful distaince. "Wasn't aware you played."
Ariel "Oh, yes... music was my favorite hobby back home," Ariel says. That's unusually generous of her, since she seems like she doesn't talk much about home. But maybe there's a little sadness there. She's not used to having to entirely fend for herself, with no seabed to return to at night.

There is what appears to be a tropical fish splashing around in the fountain. The fish slides up to look at Zeke, tilting its whole body sideways like, well, like a flounder.
Zeke Zeke looked the fish or and smiled. "Another friend of yours I take it?" He pulled a whisky flask from his coat and took a sip. He was an experianced fisher and the general shape was familiar. However given mature flowner more or less were stuck side on the sea with both eyes on the other he figured this one was either very young, or it was another quirk of Ariel's home.

"I shall speak of a few things. You do not have to answer if you do not like but here is some guesswork I've managed." More coinage in the bowl. Best compensate the girl for her time, espeically given she didn't like speaking of home. "You are from a well to do family. Sheltered somewhat from the riff and roar of the masses. This family is somewhat isolated due to how you seem so... curious about everything. That or ye be from somewhere strange enough to mine eyes that Everything's new. You are, however also well educated and have apparently not wanted for hot food and a bed given how fit and clean you seem." A soft smile. "How close to the mark am I?"
Ariel The fish has a small moment of bravado, and offers Zeke a fin. "Hi! I'm Flounder!"

But then he shrinks back, as if afraid to actually be touched.

Ariel looks momentarily concerned. Then Zeke starts making guesses about her past. She tosses her hair a little, and seems intent on plucking her harp. "...Yes, that's right, I come from a pretty sheltered family. I always wanted to go out, and do fun things, but Daddy would never let me. That's why I'm so happy here."
Zeke Zeke nodded to the little fish. "It's alright little fish. A fisherman I may be, but I've never caught and kept anything that's spoken. Of that I promise you."

Then his attention turned back to Ariel. "I hate to be so crash but did you run looking for adventure at the most opprotune moment, or was somethin chasin ye through? I ask 'cause many folk cross the worlds been forced t'flee hearth and home 'cause of these foul heartless creatures." He dipped a finger in the water and traced the heartless symbol on the ledge. "All manner of shape an size but all wear that emblim 'pon their bodies somewheres. Do ye know of 'these?"
Ariel "That's... what Ariel said, too," says Flounder, looking a LITTLE relieved. "As long as I introduced myself, no body would, um... eat me." He looks terrified at the prospect of actually talking to a real fisherman. He's probably killed dozens of fish! Flounder thinks, not realizing the half of it.

"No," Ariel says. "But I heard about them. I hope that it means my home isn't in danger..." She stops plucking for a moment. "I don't really mean anything bad to happen to my family. I just don't want to go back. If I do see a Heartless, though, I'll learn to fight back."
Zeke Zeke nodded once. "I could offer my crew's services in teachin what we can. All that we'd ask is a song. Your choice of venue as in all honesty I realize the sort of figure i cut might be a bit rougish for your taists m'lady." He doffed his cap politely then. "I know naught of magic, but we do have a few hands that know the basics. Of gun and sword and pike and spear I do know however. Perhaps an arrangement can be made? T'would be sorry of me to not offer to show a lass how to defend herself in these tryin times."

His mind worked on the idea of Ariel coming from somewhere the heartless have yet to touch. Many possibilities ranging fro ma shelter to fall back towards to possibly seeking the nobility of this world to try finding ait for other less fortunate places. Tricky. Not enough information was known.
Ariel "A song?" Ariel seems a little happy at that price, actually. Her eyes glitter when she looks up. "Well that's easy! I'd love to sing for the crew, and if we'll see some interesting islands I'd be happy to come along there too!"

She is maybe a bit naive about the things pirates would be interested in with a pretty girl, but, so it goes. Obviously humans are no where near as bad as her father insisted. "And I know a little about magic."
Zeke Zeke quirked an eyebrow. "Oh really now? THat'd be nice t'see. Might make a few of the louts that are new hires understand you're here purely for music. Not for bein pawed at." Mutter grumble. "I mean I trust most of 'em, and all of my senior staff, but some of these new fellas...." Tch. "Miri will happily throw them overboard if anybody gets too... forward with ye miss Ariel." He offered her a hand. "So in a few days perhaps? Or tomorrow even?"
Ariel "A few days sounds nice. I need to pick up a thing or two from the shop still..." Ariel smiles. "You know, like a change of clothes." She looks a little embarassed, but doesn't seem to be thinking too hard about the 'pawing at her' problem. "I think I'd like to learn the sword, a little. Eric has one of those, she thinks!
Zeke Zeke nodded slow. "Personally I'd suggest a pole-arm dueto your build, but I see no harm in trying many diffrent things." Never know after all. Miri was poor with a blade but excelent wit ha cudule. "But a few days. That would work out well actually time enough to get loaded and do a final check an inspection." Easy manner to him. He seemed relaxed.

"Now then. Any particular songs ye know lass?" He eyed the harp speculatively.
Ariel "Do you like sailing songs?" Ariel asks. "I always hear the men singing them on the docks."

She strums the harp, plucking out a stronger tune than its little frame could almost carry.

"I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue...
And it's hey to the starboard, heave-ho
Brave sailor beware, for a big one's a-brew
In mysterious fathoms below"

She has an eerily nice voice. It's no wonder people pay.
Zeke Zeke laughed. He knew this one and joined in. While he wasn't trained his voice was melodic in it's own way and his foot tapped in rythm. There was a faraway look in his eye. Home be it England or Port Royal. He's always loved the sea, but it wasn't 'home' not in the way it was for Ariel.
Ariel Ariel smiles when she finishes the verse. Ah, so no matter the universe, sailors sing shanties. She has overheard quite a few of those. She nods to Zeke when he joins in.

"I'll sing you a song of the king of the sea
And it's hey to the starboard, heave-ho
The ruler of all of the ocean is he..."

And she stops for a moment, and laughs a little. "So some things aren't different here! Maybe I should try to get far away from the ocean after our training. It would be different to know... what it's like further on land."

She says 'on land' instead of 'in land,' clearly a localized quirk.
Zeke Zeke hrmed soft. "Well trueth be told I've given it a try and it's rahter disagreeable t'me lass." He laughed soft at the pile of munny growing in Ariel's collection bowl. "However Might be a wee bit more agreeable t'you lass."

He dabbled is fingers in the water and looked to see where the fish flopped around to. "An your friends? What of them while ye be so far from water fer them?"
Ariel "That's why I bought the bowl!" Ariel says cheerfully. Right now, there's Munny in it... but of course, Flounder will fit in there too, with some persuasion.

Flounder isn't too far from Zeke, so seeing the fingers, he pipes up again. "If you get a... human house," Flounder says, which is an odd phrasing but he's not sure how else to put it, "you could have a bigger bowl!"

Ariel shrugs.
Zeke Zeke shrugged. "I've had a few friends keep fish. That bowl might work er a little guppy or goldfish, but this guy here? Twice the size at least an a little something so he's not stuck doin nothin. Plus it needs changin daily." He's tried keeping fish fresh in a special tub so they'd be live from a long transport. However that didn't work out so well... and he didn't have the problem of the fish being an actual friend.

"I wager it'd be like trying ot haul a mermaid home." Idle musings. Long story. LONG LONG story.
Ariel Ariel looks up at Zeke with a sudden wide-eyed look.

But, she tries to stay calm. "Do you... have mermaids in your world? Like... in the song." The song does mention them. She skipped that verse.

Flounder looks wide-eyed at this question too. (He certainly wouldn't mind a bigger bowl, but can't really choose his own right now.) "I... I was a guppy once!" he protests, but he's using in the sense of 'baby fish.'
Zeke Zeke shook his head sadly. "We do lass. We do. Right angry creatures that'd try droundin ye given half a chance." Where hsi voice was cheerful now it's rather sad. "An in my view they have plenty right. Tis their home we be intrudin 'pon. T'say nothin of the currs that try makn sport o th'creatures." His tone held it clear at how vile he felt this activity was. And he noted the omitted verse, hince the hitch as he tried catching up. Then again that might've also been due to there being approximately as many song variants as there were ports. "Wish there were some way t'make peace but s'long as the wicked heart of men see these people as somethin t'hunt.... it'll never happen. Jus hope they han't been hunted by the dark creatures that prowl the waters these days. They've had trouble 'nough already."
Ariel Ariel plucks a couple strings at the harp. The idea of people hunting mermaids for sport... it seems to chill her. Or dark creatures in the water... well, she's known her share. Zeke may find her silence a little telling. "Well, I think I'll... be going back to the hotel for a bit, now, it's getting late."

Flounder, not realizing that it's an excuse, looks up and says, "But, it's always late--"

"Late for me," Ariel fills in. She pulls the munny out of the bowl to scoop some water into it.
Zeke Zeke sighed soft, realizing he'd said something to hurt the poor lass. "Not everybody from my home is like that. Just... I wish you well lady Ariel." A soft smile, though sadness was clear on his face. "You still staying with htat elven lass?"
Ariel Ariel nods. "I'm... doing my best to help out, but I'm at the hotel one more night. I guess she was renting out the room to that pirate... friend of yours?" She does not know if Zeke and Jack know one another.
Zeke "Jack? A friend?" Laughter, genuine mirthful laughter from Zeke. "Naw. We're on relatively even terms, but he's a pirate of the most selfish sort. HOwever even though he'd rob ye blind of all yer valuables all while, in particular you lassie, try charmin ye into lettin him have his way with ye there is a sort of code of honor that binds him an he is a friendly sort to swap tales with over a mug of rum." Lots of memories swam thorugh the merchant captain's mind. Times when Sparrow has been friend and enemy... often mere moments after eachother and so twined together it's hard to really genuinely hate the man. "For all his faults though he has his fair qualities but while he will not outright lie he will skirt as far from speaking plain when it suits his fancy."
Ariel Ariel helps Flounder back into the bowl, after making sure there's water in it. Though she'll have to get ocean water for best results, he seems like a pretty resilient (magical?) fish. "I'll try to remember that. Uh, it's a good thing I don't have any valuables right now."

But then she scoops up her pile of munny which makes that comment ridiculous. "See you later!"
Zeke Zeke saluted. "Later lass. A pity to see ya leave," And yet such a pleasure to watch. Hah. "Fair winds and calm seas friend." He got up and jingled his money pouch. Enough on hand to get food for the night and some decent talking companions over a drink. Ariel's rather odd behavior around mer-folk made his mind ponder. There was a connection there. Perhaps they worked with her family. Stranger things have held true so far.

Though strangely enough he might have just given the wayward princess the reason why her father hated the world of men and everything in it.

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