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(2013-02-15 - 2013-03-22)
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Baigan The chase is on.

Assiduous investigation and comparison of scattered eyewitness accounts at last exposed a possible culprit behind the malignant shadows overhanging Fluorgis, and none too soon. The oppressive malaise which has fallen over this once-lively desert city has grown worse despite the valiant struggles of so many to beat back its dark tide, and while time and again the symptoms have been dealt with -- Heartless, monsters, structural failures -- the cause had been unclear. But reports indicated that a suspicious hooded figure has been seen atop tall buildings in the city, corresponding to moments in which the darkness gathered thickly and dangers emerged. Yet the only clue left behind at each scene revealed little, though always the same: a dull black obsidian ring.

At last the hooded figure was trailed back to a furtive hiding location, but before a trap could be sprung, the suspect attempted to flee unnoticed, apparently aware that the jig was up. All pretense of subtlety gone, the city of Fluorgis put out the alert, and a desperate hunt began. The suspect's efforts to shake pursuit were futile, and moments before he or she was spotted rushing into the Fluorgis Airship Port, forcing a lockdown of all air traffic.

When the heroes arrive on the scene, either in hot pursuit or having been informed of the suspect's new location, they'll see that the once-bustling aerodrome's sad state is symbolic of what has happened to the City of Fountains as a whole. Most of the smaller airships are grounded, unable to safely pass through the monster-ridden shadows above, and the lights have been dimmed to save power; the rationing of energy and water have fostered rumors that the Fire Crystal, upon which Fluorgis relies to survive and thrive in these hostile climes, is somehow being affected by the darkness, leading to further fear and consternation. But now, at last, there is a lead. For the sake of the people's hopes here, this suspect cannot be allowed to escape.

But where are they? Eeriely empty and silent, the dome, ringed by hangers like the spokes of a wheel, has been vacated -- and long ago lost its buzz of activity in any case -- the desks at which booking agents worked left unmanned, some paperwork still strewn about. The airships line the surrounding hangers like the husks of great dead insects, still, behind which anyone could be lurking...
Reize Seatlan "After him!"

Those words were exclaimed by the leader of the Shard Seekers, Reize. With the shadows looming over the city, the boy had been one of those that had been trying to investigate what happened to their home. With the culrpit finally made known, the boy gathered the Shard Seekers in pursuit.

"Leida, ready your arrows, Lily, block his path! We cannot let him escape!"

However, their chase leads them into the darkened airport. The boy's eyes widen. "..It's dark." He reaches to his side, retracting a torchwood and he lights it ablaze.

With the small fire roaring, Reize is using it for light.

"... We've come too far. We cannot let him escape!"
Faruja Senra Gathering a few eyewitness accounts is trivial for one Inquisitor Sarah Diamonde. Visiting the city to check on the works of the various guardians and priests of the Glabadosian Church that have come to help the beleagered city in its time of need, she'd linked up with Faruja fairly swiftly. Some exchange of information, and a /very/ timely leap to a rooftop by Faruja, and the chase is on! Leaving the Inquisitor to handle things with the holy men and women, Faruja is a leaping blurr after the hooded figure.

Making his way into the airport, the ratling swiftly spies Reize and company, spear slowing white as he holds it before him. A swift nod is given to the others. "Reize, Ladies." Greets the rat, before he's back to peering about with his spear-flashlight, all professionalism and business today given whom they're after. Magic is handy.

"Craven coward, come out and face the Lord's children with honor..." Snarls the rat quietly, taking up a defensive position alongside Reize. He /does/ seem the sturdiest of the group.
Emi Dennou There is a mystery here. The investigation has yet to reveal names, but an individual has been noted present at various locales where these mysterious assaults upon Fluorgis happened. And a ring at each location. Emi has, naturally, informed the TDA about this but they might not be able to get here in time--being situated in Traverse Town--she has in fact been hoping to talk out a plan with the TDA to capture this man before he got away, but as it turns out even as she's lying in wait, the suspect takes off! Emi sends off a quick few messages on her CELLPHONE even as she gives chase. The game... IS AFOOT!

It's hard to tell where initially the target is heading, but it soon becomes apparent enough. She sends an update via cellphone (or Dennous). "The airship not-a-graveyard...!" Emi remarks to herself. "Is he going to use one to escape...?" But surely not everyone could fly an airship--can the mysterious holder of the Obsidian Ring(s)?

She slows down upon entering the airship port. She looks around around, keeping her eyes open. If he gets a ship off the ground--or worse has another exit--they could lose the suspect, and any hope of finding answers, forever.

Reize is here too, she tells herself--and indeed, Imi has come along with the Seekers, allowing for some coordination between the two. Emi takes another route. Everybody in the same place is a poor trap, she tries to step around, intending to use herself--and whomever has come along with her--to provide a 'pincer' search so as to close off any possible escape. She does wish everybody would stop yelling out their positions, though.
Information had indeed made its way to the Judge Magisters as they were checking in with the shipments being made here. Once such information had been confirmed, the Judge Magisters were always quick to not only go after the trouble maker, but make sure that their last orders were to be followed.

They were here to aid this city by orders of the Senate of Archades and by his Emperor's wishes.

The dark armored Judge Magister moves quickly through the streets and for once, one may actually see this judge actually /running/. As Gabranth was on the hunt for the suspect and would not be lead off quickly, however his steps have to quickly slow down at times with sharp turns or people that may get in the way that he was able to avoid with ease.

Yet when they entered the Aerodome, things became very different matter. A closed space with docked Airships was always a dangerous place to go chasing someone into. So here, Gabranth stands outside, watching with those blue eyes starting to turn amber gold. Waiting for Zargabaath, who was far more a master of airships; along with docks. For now the Judge Magister waits like a patient hound. His cape barely moving in the wind and his eyes watching the entrance for any further movement.
Tifa Lockhart 0A FEW MOMENTS AGO

Tifa has come to Fluorgis once again! This time, she was here for some community service. The tall red chocobo that she rides is lugging around a small cart, a hand-painted sign written 'Seventh Heaven @ Home', probably just some attempt to say that she's bringing the drinks to you instead of people going to the bar. And with the state of things in Fluorgis, its a good service, she's making godd business. People are thirsty, and in need of things to dull themselves to the constant heartless invasions, hypnotic frogs or man eating vegetation...

Yeah, this city is a treasure trove of problems, so why not try to give them a bit of a smile while she's here at least.

And that's when she crosses Reize's team, and Premium Heart does what any chcoobo would do.

Chase after that moving clump of gyshal! ^o^

Which is reize's hair.

So Here's a Tifa trying to get control over her chocobo as it speeds after Reize toward the port "AAAACCCCCKKKK!"


Tifa rubs her rear a bit as she walks into the dark place. Apparently ejected from her chocobo after it lost sight of Reize. Tifa didn't though, so she moves after the others, grumbling a bit. She's going to make Reize get a new hair color, when she gets a chance.

She wasn't here to play heroes though, so she doesn't know what's going on. "... Uhm, so, wassup?" Awkward attempt at getting up to speed, engage.
Margaux Fleury The Death Corps has seen better days. Their numbers have dwindled, their leaders absent, and their remaining members hunted by opportunistic members of the nobility who would like nothing more than to see the order wiped out. But, the survivors of the Corps will not be wiped out easily. One such survivor, Marguerite de Fleury, now seeks new allies and prospective sympathizers in the city of Fluorgis. Unfortunately, it seems that Fluorgis has their own set of dire problems.

The current desperate investigation may just be the 'in' that Margaux needs to begin diplomatic negotiations with the city itself. Failing that, the once dancer will be satisfied in at least assisting in protecting the innocents of the city from forces beyond their control.

The sudden patter of numerous people running through the airship port rouses Margaux's attention. The blue hooded and cloaked figure steps out from an alleyway to witness a most curious menagerie of individuals dash past her. Apparently, they all know something that she does not. The fencer shrugs her shoulders and joins in the chase, the hood of her cloak falling back as she sprints to catch up with the others.
Deelel Deelel was back in Fluorgis, if he wasn't in Traverse Town she was hanging out this way, more and more. Given MCP had won the election she was becomng uncomfortable to say the least. So here she was back in town but more things are going just well bad here this has left the basic pretty concerned. When the trouble started she'd been at the HQ for the shard seekers working on something. A moment later she's teating up the ground behind Reize, Lily and Leida.

"I'll attempt to cut them off, if I can."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath was part of the original group attempting to catch the strange cloaked figure. But when the subject bolted and the alert was raised throughout Flurgois, he has stayed hot on the mystery man's tail ever since.

It certainly helps that the mysterious person eventually gets driven to the Airship Docks, a location he is quite familiar with.

He slows upon approaching the Aerodome itself, letting Reize and his group enter first without stopping them. "So he is within." A low, displeased rumble matches his vocal tone, apparently knowing there are still airships within. Perhaps even one of his own Valfarres. "Let us enter another way. We shall seal his escape accordingly." He motions for the other Judges to follow him, moving away from Reize's group and heading towards another entrance.

Meanwhile, the Judge of Reason's Arcadian airships -- the 12th Imperial Fleet -- have settled into a circular formation surrounding the dark clouds above Flurgois. They are not close enough to be affected by the darkness, but they are prepared to deal with whatever attempts to escape past them. Occassional firepower could be seen lancing across the skies if a monster gets too close to the aerial barricade, but it is sporadic at best.
Raine Arland Having arrived in Fluorgis earlier, Raine found that things were not quite what he was expecting from the city. Not too long after, news of some sort of 'culprit' spread throughout and soon nearly everything was put on lockdown. How was a guy supposed to get some rest and relaxation like this?

"This has got to be a joke..." He mumbled, his arms crossed as he walked through the city. There was no discernible weapon to be seen on him, but he walked with a certain poise that suggested he wasn't defenseless. In his head, a voice not his own echoed 'Go to where the action is then. Assist with the matter. The sooner it's over, the sooner you can 'relax', no?'. Raine sighed and rolled his eyes. "...Sounds like trouble."

Despite saying that however, he set off towards the Airship Port and the Aerodrome. He took his time getting there however and was likely the last on the scene. The darkened state of the Aerodrome was...rather telling of the situation as a whole. And he didn't actually know a whole lot. All the Dark Enforcer cared for at this point was for the city to return to normal. And the fastest way for that to happen was for this craziness to cease.

"Kinda dark." He commented off handedly, looking left and right impassively. His left eye, which seemed to be a pure red, offsetting his much more normal green one, began to glow as he stepped into the darkness. 'Oh yeah? It's dark? Well, no sht sherlock!' The voice in his head snarked at him, causing Raine to frown in utter annoyance. "Do me a favor. Shut the hell up."

He could see others ahead now. Probably here to assist as well. May as well join them. And so he set off to approach, bringing up the rear.
Palom Darkness seems to be encroaching on the world everywhere! It is practically the duty of those with power and skill like Palom to fight them off! Mysidia's in pretty good shape, with its mages... right now, this Fluorgis place is in danger! And this is a chance to strike a major blow for the light! By blowing up a shadow behind the shadows!

Look. Bad guy is here. Palom is here to blow up bad guy! Palom doesn't like to make things too complex. Following people into the airport, he spies Reize and Faruja, and waves to them. "Hey! You guys here to stop Mr. Shadowy Cloak guy too?" He takes up a position beside Faruja, the trusty white magic rat guy! "Yeah!" He echoes, raising a fist. "Come out an' face us! The Genius of Mysidia is here to make you pay for your crimes!" he has commited crimes right? If not it still sounded dramatic!
Leida The soft patter of bare feet echoes through the dusty streets as the young princess struggles to maintain the breakneck pace required to keep stride with her agile guardian. The faint hints of movement catch her eyes in the distance as the object of their pursuit darts in and out of sight around street corners and through alleyways, leading them a merry chase as half the city seems to come to life at once to join the hunt. The mad dash eventually carries them to the airship port.

Leida staggers to a halt as the rest of her group pauses to gather their bearings. Her hands come to rest on her knees and she breathes heavily, clearly not in shape enough for such intense running. But she couldn't complain about the necessity of it. If this hooded figure was related to the steady dwindling livelihood of the city then they had to be apprehended.

As she often was the one who did the daily shopping and local errands for the Seekers, the princess had her finger on the pulse of the city through the sheer amount of gossip that came her way whilest wandering the markets. Rumors and stories traveled like wildfire through a place like Fluorgis, all one had to do was listen. Things are bad and getting worse.

Leida glances over at the templar when he encounters their group, giving him a polite bow after a few moments when she has regained some composure. However, she decides the gesture will have to suffice for now given the circumstances. Unslinging the great bow from her shoulders, the princess draws forth an arrow and nocks it, though she hangs back for the moment to look around.

Unlike the others, her corrupted eyes needed no light or adjustment to the lack of power in the facility. She takes in the abandoned desks and scattered remnants of paperwork, as well as the many docked ships lining the various gates. "They could be hiding anywhere..." she whispers.
Evja "Right."

That's the echoy sound of Evja, a Jylland Judge, accompanying the Archadian ones. He'd taken a slightly different route to the Aerodome, weaving in and out of the alleys that he knew better than the others just in case said figure dipped down into them to try and escape. Of course, finding nothing there, he emerged at the airport at almost the same time as Zargabaath had, in time to hear what he said. "I shall get atop and see if I cannot spot him from above."
And that's just where Evja goes after hopping swiftly along various things, leaping up and up until he gets atop only to make his way towards an opening and squat down to study the inside as best he can. All the while hoping he doesn't get swarmed by any beasts that are looking for a target.
Lily Lily's all but flying behind Reize. The wind carries her swiftly forward towards the docks along with the Shard Seeker leader. It's the only way she can keep up, but she's started speeding up sfast enough that ripples of mist form bow shock in front of her from her filmy mystical aura that shows her use of magic. Riding an airstream of her own making she practically skiis over the ground, propelled at great speed without having to use her legs much!

Which is good, because she's so very prone to tripping when she does.

"With this many people he won't go anywhere! We're going to do it! We'll save Fluorgis!"

Brimming with determination, she all but takes off a foot higher, zipping for the docks and aiming to track down and intercept this mysterious troublemaker!
Baigan In the unsettling dimness of the abandoned aerodrome, as his pursuers behind to spread out about the premises, a hooded figure huddles behind a small airship shrouded in a cloth tarp.

"This is bad, Boss," a nasal voice stage-whispers.

"Shut up," the hooded figure hisses back.

"But Boss--"

"I order you to shut up!" the figure snaps under his breath. "If you talk, you'll transform, and you remember what happened the last time you transformed. How am I supposed to wear a ring when my hands keep turning into snakes! Do you know how hard it is to see a black ring on the ground when I'm skulking around in the middle of the night? Well, do you?"

"No," is the sulky reply after a lingering silence.


"We offered to help, Captain," a more sophisticated voice offers. The three voices speak quietly, but Evja's keen ears and high position will allow him to eventually pick up on some of this dialogue. "If you had just allowed us to taste the ground so as to fully utilize our senses--"

"I will not tolerate the licking of gifts from His Majesty!" Furtively peering out from behind the hull of a ship and then lurching back, the hooded figure sighs in exasperation. "But it appears we will have to make use of our trump card in any case. Archadian judges... we can't afford to be identified. Hmph!"

No doubt on the verge of being discovered in any case, the hooded figure leaps resoundingly atop of the small airship, revealing himself, and wrests the cloth from it. The model is unfamiliar, and certainly nothing by any of the nearby kingdoms, but it appears to be a fighter or reconnaissance ship with room for only a couple people, and its sleek build and large turbines suggest an emphasis on speed. Still shrouded in cloak and hood, the figure shouts out, just in case anyone hasn't already seen him. "Fools!" a pompous male voice cries. "Your futile struggles are at an end! This city is finished, and you all with it! This Obsidian Signet shall mark your ruin!"

Outstretching his gloved hand, in his open palm is revealed a black ring much like those discovered throughout the city -- but this once pulses with a sickly miasma, seems to tremble with gathered dark power. Raising his hand up toward the dome above, the hooded figure clenches his fist, and a plume of black mist-like energy bursts forth, a veritable torrent of darkness which begins to colaesce into Heartless after Heartless, splitting bloblike until the floating creatures take on colors, the red becoming wreathed in flame, the blue crackling with ice, and many others taking on varied elemental powers. Seemingly at once, the Airship Port is invaded by a profusion of small but dangerous airborne enemies!

"Haaa ha ha ha ha!" Laughing mercilessly, the figure leans down toward the cockpit of the mini-airship he stands upon. "You're too late to change your fate," he gloats. "The groundwork has already been laid for your demise! Now," he mutters to himself, "with the help of Sir Glayffe's upgrades..." The little airship revs to life, big turbines whirring, and begins to lift off the ground -- before there's an odd popping sound, the sound of grinding gears, and it begins to sag to one side, wobbling in the air, refusing to rise any higher.


A small explosion near the cockpit causes the figure to throw up his arms and blows back his hood, revealing the stunned and now sooty face of one Cornelius Baigan, Vanguard of Baron. He stares vacantly at nothing for a moment, before deadpanning. "Yes, well," he begins awkwardly, seeming to have lost his pace. "That is to say... ha ha ha, I was hungry anyway! Sssssnacktiiiime!"

Tearing free from his now-useless disguise, Baigan assumes his giant snake-armed form, balancing himself precariously on the sort-of-operational mini-airship as sorcerous color-coded Heartless float about him, and three maws laugh in unison, the nasal gold-fanged snakearm with a savage joy, the monocle-wearing snakearm somewhat dutifully, and Baigan himself a little hysterically.
The Judge of Ambition gave a nod to the other Judge Magister before watching the other Judge head for the roof top. He quickly goes to follow Zargabaath, letting the older Judge Magister take the lead this time. This was his turf, he knew better.

When they arrive inside the Airport, he moves about carefully. There was a gently clank of metal on metal, as the sword sheaths gently tapped against the armor platting on his legs firmly held by straps to the black leather pants.

His amber eyes now fully in color gaze around, until the hooded figure stands up and proclaims the fact he wont be defeated and that this city would fall. This causes the Judge of Ambition to draw out his Highway Star Saber and then when the darkness is summoned; he pulls out the chaos blade.

There was a low rumble in protest, but no words were spoke. Yet when the Airship the cloaked figure was about to take, suddenly fails, he only glances for a moment to Zargabaath before he just shakes his head. "..Fool." He murmurs out.

Soon though, Gabranth leaps up, landing up ontop of one of the Airships, before running across them, then using his dark magic to volt him up to a catwalk above in order to get around the Heartless, before leaping down and landing right behind Baigan. Both swords still drawn and he points the Highway Star Saber at the snake man, "This city is under the protection of Archades Empire along with her allies! You are cease all operations at once!" He bellows out, the helm only amplifying that British accent. "Failure to comply will lead to far worse things then this!"

It would seem a 'warning' shot was not the Judge Magister's style. At least not after what Baigan had done. Soon the Judge of Ambition raced forward, slashing out his Highway Star Saber in attempt to give his own version of a 'warning' slice.
Reize Seatlan "Oi! Tifa! Faruja!" Reize turns to face the girl and the mouse, and then he brightens, "I'm glad you're here! We found the culprit! However, he is somewhere in this area! He cannot have gone far!" With the judges not too far from the group, Reize watches the route that they take, and then he looks over towards Emi as she takes a different route.

A boomerang is drawn while the other remains on his side due to the torch at hand. "With the Judges sealing any chance of his escape, this gives us more time to try to find him."

His eyes catch Palom entering, a look of horror briefly flushes his features. "...Yeah, just don't blow up this place area, alright?" Reize is not too trusting on the younger kid's ability to control his magic, considering the damage he caused in Traverse Town.

Suddenly, the culprit reveals himself.

"Wh--what?!" Reize's eyes turn towards the direction of the hooded figure, "There! Everyone, there he is!" Reize narrows his eyes and he charges ahead. Fueled by indignant anger, Reize charges ahead. But when the culprit unveils the strange looking airship, Reize blinks, "...Eh?!"

The use of the ring has /created/ Heartless, "...WHAT?!" Reize gives a roar of anger, now twisting the torch in his hand as the other boomerang takes a guarded position. He sweeps his leg out and he shifts his stance. The situation escalates as the ship stars to roar to life. The explosion causes him to wince, and then he looks up at Baigan. "Who are you?! Why are you here?!" Then, his teeth grits.

Reize snaps, "I will beat the answers out of you!"

The boy charges forward, "Lily, Leida! Clear the way for me!" The boy is springing along the smaller ship, using it to close the distance from Baigan and himself as he thrusts forward. He knows the Heartless will get in his way, but he'll depend on them to clear the way for him.

Reize bolts towards Baigan like a comet, aiming to deliver a spinning kick towards his head.

Faruja Senra Faruja can't help but smile briefly upon seeing good, reliable Judge Magister Zargabaath. The man had fought in defense of the Faithful, and certainly earned some brownie points there. A nod to the Judge Magister, as well as his equally Judge Magister-like companion, and the pair leave to presumably cover the other exits. Good plan.

Leida gets a swift half-bow, and the Judge Bunny goes up top. Saves the rat the role, and he has to cover the squishy members of his party anyway.

Palom arrives, and calls out rather loudly. While perhaps not the smartest move, it certainly brings a smile to Faruja's muzzle, if a grim one. If /only/ the culprit would so easily just walk out!

"Caution, Young Master. These ships are the key to the economy of Fluorgis. Resort to flame only upon last resort." He warns, not scolding the boy for the outburst. The rat has half a mine to go through the usual 'come out Heretic or we slay you all' routine.

And then the culprit causes such to be utterly unnecessary! Even before the rat can condemn the man, the airship he's on begins to break down. The whole thing is /just/ timely enough to cut off his first round of pious raging. Instead, he just smirks. At least until the ensuing snake-arms, and Heartless. /That/ has the Burmecian's tail whipping about and his spear pointed at the man.

"Cornelius Baigan of Baron, I presume? Nay, nay...WITCH Baigan! And Witch I name thee truly, for proof of thy Heresy lies plain before us! 'Twould be in thy best interest to make thy peace with the Lord, for no earthly title shall prevent thy punishment for thy crimes within this city, nor the gross violations of Heavenly laws! Cast thyself before us, lest we see to thy punishment summarily!" Yells out the ratling, before thrusting his spear. A duo of energy blades will fall, seeking out the conveyance upon which Baigan rides!

A nod to Reize. "Be on thy guard, Ser Seatlan, for this wretch is obviously corrupt heart and body!" Faruja warns, before the boy's off and charging.

An ear perks to the Judge Magister's warning as well. They'll have to fight over whom gets Baigan later. Or maybe even share, who knows. Certainly he can survive /two/ torture sessions from Inquisitors and Imperial Agents alike!
Evja "..."

Evja stared from his perch and listened, lifting his helm a tiny bit to hear just a bit more. Though when the darkness began to pour out and the figure made himself known, Evja did the next best thing to try and ensure the man wouldn't be leaving. The Viera took not one, or even two, but three leaps into the air before summoning two large crystally-silver lances and slammed down like a Comet from the Heavens, quite literally attempting to harpoon the spears into one of the wings and with any luck, snap the damned thing off.

Not to mention the Judge using his entire weight to slam towards the part of the ship Baigan was standing on. He wasn't sure how stable it was, but it might serve to unbalance Baigan against the incoming attack.
Those Heartless were going to be an issue, though, and Evja knew it. Magic was his weakness. Pray Zargabaath took to using those magic cards of his again to offer some amount of protection.
Lily Don't ask Lily to make sense of half of the events going on. She looks about confusedly, taking in events as they occur... but her attention's focused squarely on this... revealed troublemaker. And it goes very sour as the Heartless show up. She swoops in with Reize and Leida, and... magical power floods out from her.

The howling winds, the raging flames, these powers reach out to Reize and Leida both to fill them with greater zeal in defense of the city while Lily herself barrels at the small mage Heartless, readying her magic!
Kaydin Kaydin enters the area, having heard someone similar to Baigan had come here. He pulls his hood off, revealng his face as he draws closer, gripping the sword as he approaches Baigan.

"CAPTAIN CORNELIUS BAIGAN!" He yells as he watches the snakelike man intensely. He aims his sword at the man. "You have let yourself be twisted by the darkness and corruption." He says as he just walks closer to the oncoming battle, glancing about at the various figures, from his side it looks simply like everyone is an enemy to him but he just focuses on Baigan for now.
Palom "Does anybody else hear voices?" Palom asks, as mysterious shadows keep talking. And then... heartless appear everywhere! "Look out!" The young mage raises his staff, chucking fireballs like fireworks amongst the cloud of monsters in the sky! And then... The snake-armed man appears! "You! You're one of those monsters that works for Baron! I'm not gonna let you hurt another city!" Palom turns and focuses his magic, trying to sicken and weaken the man from Baron!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't need to be told much, when she sees Baigan doing his little evil speech there... She has a 'yeeeech' face, watching the snake-armed general. That certainly doesn't seem like pleasant company. Even less the heartless floating around him. So if he can summon those, he's definitely bad news. "What is the deal with that black ring, you think?" Nothing good no doubt, but if she has to knock the ring off Baigan to turn the situation around, she certainly ins't against it.

She's not too keen on the little sorceror heartless though :/ Mind you, she's not keen on the snakearms either, but at least she can punch those. Those heartless will probably try to fry her before she can get close, and she doesn't like that!

"Let's do it then!" She displays a bit of acrobatics, leaping up, making a skillful 'wall jump' as she reaches for some of the overhead catwalks that undoubtly serve for the airship maintenance. From there she vaults over the railing, using this as a new jumping point as she launches herself toward the airship, slightly from above Baigan, and then crashing down toward him leg first into a strong kick. If he dodges, she might just crash through the floor of the airship, so its a win-win. Really.
Raine Arland Frown.

"And I thought you were crazy." Raine mumbled to himself, his arms still crossed. In his head a scoff was heard as the voice replied. 'Are you comparing me to this whackjob? I'm insulted.' Raine rolled his eyes soon after and sighed. "Yeah, I'm sure you are."

With that said, he held his hands out in front of him close together, causing a bloody substance to form. Grasping it with one hand, his other hand move to the side, spreading the substance with began to glow a harsh red. And finally, it calmed down, forming into an obsidian blade blade with glowing lines of red pulsating throughout.

With his trusty weapon formed, Raine swung it downwards at his side, testing the weight out casually. "Alright. Let's get this party started, huh?" A small smirk formed on his face then as he angled the sword at his side, both hands grasping the handle. 'That was corny.' Was all the voice in his head had to say, causing the boy's mood to dampen. "...Didn't I say to shut the hell up?"

Oh well!

A swing of the sword caused a flow of bloody red energy to fly out at the heartless, whirling into a crescent shaped projectile. Once the attack was in range, Raine held his weapon back, grinning lightly as he then added. "Ignition." From there, the shockwave abruptly exploded, dramatically increasing the range of the attack to cover more of the heartless.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath slips into the Aerodome and walks carefully through abandoned docks, walking alongside his fellow Judge Magister. He remains unarmed for the time being, fully focused on finding the target of the chase.

Only for a hooded figure to leap on top of a covered airship, ripping the covering free and revealing a design Zargabaath is unfamiliar with. Then the hooded figure summons small floating Heartless, elemental aspects tinging their forms.

Oh no. By the Dynast-King, no. This will not stand.

He is briefly distracted when the airship attempts to take off and fails with an impressive explosion from the cockpit, wincing faintly. The poor airship... no, no time to pity the technology now.

He stands back for a moment, raising his arm as a card appears between his fingers. "For now, this shall have to do." It disappears in a flash of light, the rays of which alight upon all three Judges, and Zargabaath unsheathes his swords from underneath his cape. If nothing else, he will ensure no Heartless escape this place.
Emi Dennou "This city is not finished," Emi says. "As long as--"

And then she proceeds to say heroic things for about 4 seconds before stopping herself since really she isn't the sort of person to give speeches, it's just that this fellow was so dramatic she felt compelled to. So she just cuts herself off. Don't worry that her heroic dialogue wasn't actually noted here, it was nothing special since Emi is not very good at this sort of thing.

Emi braces herself for the mysterious figure's mysterious assault when KABLOOIE--everything just got a whole lot less mysterious.

"Baigan?" She says. Does this mean Mr. Snaggletooth is a part of this too? Such betrayal! Well okay, she's just going to have to deal. She's not sure she can handle the MIGHTY POWER of Baigan, however.


Emi misses Baigan.
Emi misses Baigan.
Emi misses Baigan.
Emi misses Baigan.
Emi misses Baigan.


Wait did Faruja call him a witch? She thought witches were ladies? He'd probably be a Warlock or something. Well, she better not fret it--she actually doesn't care that much, but it's just a curious thing that drew her attention. Needless to say this makes her 'pincer plan' pretty pointless.

"Baigan..." She says, a bit stunned. "Well... alright then...!" She swings back a hand and then flings it forward, sending a wave of electrical sparks for Baigan because, well, she has to actually hit him eventually, right? She'll figure out the Heartless in a moment.

"Why were you doing this...?" Emi asks. "Were you after the Crystal, The Network inquires."
Deelel Deelel is not a happy basic and sees well the source of the problem is clearly Baigan he was part of teh seige of Manhattan if she wasn't mistaken and if not his forces were certainly there that being Baron had had a hand in it. She'd already heard tell of one of Baron's mages attemping to consume part of the Ifia tree for summoning Lich, whatever they are doing here she fully intended to stop them.

"Lily just focus and support those you can!"

The basic calls out as she joins the other shard seekers in going after Baigan and she's more than happy to help. There's enough people on snake man that she's going oto focus on the fodder and away she goes disk in hand and she rapirldy throws it into the heartless tanks attemping to keep them off blance this is just an opener for a much larger chain of attacks, from the looks of it.
Margaux Fleury The appearance of Judge Magisters and a Judge from the war-mongering nation of Archades causes Margaux to flinch. The revolutionary is intrinsically wary of those authority figures who wield such unchecked power, but it seems that they were on the same side in this conflict. These were indeed strange times they now lived in.

And the mastermind behind this whole debacle is revealed to be none other than Cornelius Baigan of Baron who was just another crony from yet another war-mongering nation that was not Archades. Margaux gently pushes her royal blue cloak aside to reveal her sheathed weapon. The slender blade with a majestic phoenix engraved on its hand guard slides out from its sheath and into its owner's hand in short order. She then begins to bounce back and forth as if to keep in time with some unheard music in the air. Now ready, Margaux springs into action. The dancer uses her agility and uncommon speed to quickly climb her way up some scaffolds and then LEAP onto the airship in which Baigan is located. To ease her landing, she tumbles into a roll before kipping up onto her feet with rapier in hand.

Oh dear, it appears as if she has leaped into a crowd of Heartless minions. This could end quite poorly for her. Thankfully she did see that there were others nearby including Kaydin who she had met before. Greetings will have to be put aside for now as this Heartless horde must be dealt with first. Keeping in step with the pounding rhythm in her head, Margaux raises her rapier and awaits for the first Heartless to come at her.

Let their deadly dance begin!
Leida Leida's eyes search painstakingly through the various shadows and alcoves that she can see from her position at the entrance of the port, finding little but the darkness filling the area. However, before any of them can make a move deeper into the facility to search properly the culprit, perhaps aware that his capture was nigh, chose to reveal himself in dramatic fashion.

The princess gasps audibly at the sight of the serpentine creature astride the airship. "Is... is he an oni?" It was her first time seeing such a creature, though the books of lore in her world had often mentioned that evil spirits could take on whatever form they wished. More likely this was merely another form of monster found in this dark amalgamation of worlds. Whatever the case, his control, or atleast willingness to call forth, the Heartless labeled him an enemy.

The grip on the arrow in her hand tightened as Reize declared his intent, giving her little time to prepare or even acknowledge his call for assitance. Taking a deep breath, the girl lifted her bow swiftly, going through the motions of taking aim and drawing back the deadly projectile. Her countenance takes on a focused serious look, completely unnatural on the timid princess' soft features, as she focuses on the floating elemental Heartless.

A sharp twang announces the first projectile unleashed as Reize dives head-first into danger, as usual, tearing through the dark dome of the airship port with a streak of darkness trailing in its wake, even as Lily's magical power surges up around her.
Baigan Baigan snarls at his adversaries as the Heartless about him begin to spread out, the listing airship upon which he perches at least buoying him off the ground and leaving more room for his minions to advance. His unblinking eyes narrow and he looks, as much as his twisted serpentine features can show emotion, frustrated as Judge Gabranth lands behind him and announces his warning. "Tsssk," he clicks his forked tongue. "To think that I would face Archadesss here. Doesss your nation not know opportunity? Why assssisst Fluorgiss when you might exploit itss weaknessss? There is no helping foolsss!" So sayeth the man-monster surfing the crippled airship. Baigan bats aside Gabranth's blade with one scaled snakearm, in this case Sir Snaggletooth, Esq., whose monocle goes flying off from the impact.

"Ssstupid boy!" Baigan lifts his other snakearm toward Reize, and before the hapless protagonist's kick can connect, he's intercepted by a shattering explosion as the obnoxious Snakesuation pops like a balloon, if balloons were bombs. As Baigan sneers, the snakearm he's destroyed already begins to regenerate, the Snakesuation looking rather dazed as he grows back, somehow still with that distinctive gold fang. "You could not fathom our gloriousss planss if you tried! Kneel and sssubmit to the almighty will of /Baron/!" In case anyone hadn't figured it out yet.

A witch? Well, he does float, at least with the help of airships. Baigan hisses in irritation and huddles behind his own scaly hide as Faruja's lightning of judgment rains down, Baigan's own considerable size ironically protecting his means of conveyance. Yet as Baigan recoils defensively from Faruja, he does not see Evja streaking down, to /slam/ with devastating force against the airship, rending an entire turbine off with a horrible screech of metal. "Whoooaaaaa noooooooooooo," is Baigan's oh so villanous cry as the airship now begins to turn in circles, its imbalance causing it travel in an elliptical loop. "Evasssive maneuversss!" Nobody's going to believe this was part of your plan, Baigan.

It is then that Kaydin shouts, and Baigan looks up from his predicament, unblinking eyes widening. "Sssir... Sssir Kaydin?" he asks. There's a moment of silence before: "You've come to assssisst me in my moment of peril! I knew you could never betray us! HAIL BARON!" So maybe he didn't actually hear what Kaydin said. He certainly seems happy to announce to everyone that Kaydin is his ally, in any case.

The Heartless swarm in to take the brunt of Palom's fire, and Baigan grunts as Tifa's kick slams against his shoulder, briefly driving him to one scaled knee before he shakes off the damage, hissing viciously. As Raine's shockwave tears asunder several of the floating Heartless, Emi's lightning lances in, and Baigan, a little more overwhelmed than he would like to admit, flinches back against the stinging sparks. "Hmph, that pessky girl..." The snake-man's eyes narrow, before he begins to cackle again. "Your inquiresss are ass futile as your ressisstance to Baron's might! You sshall die never knowing of our perfect plan!"

"That's right! It's a brilliant plan, Boss!" the Snakesuation exclaims. "I especially like how once the Crystal is temporarily disabled, Fluorgis will be left powerless, and nothing will be able to stop Baron from--"


"Ssir Ssnaggletooth!" Baigan exclaims without missing a beat, ignoring the smoking stump of his arm where the Snakesuation was moments before. "Finisssh that girl once and for all!"

"But Captain," says the remaining snakearm in a gentlemanly tone, glancing around in search of his lost monocle, "surely there are greater threats than a mere--"


As Baigan regenerates his thoroughly chastised snakearms once again, the Heartless go to work, retaliating against the heroes with bolts of lightning, orbs of darkness, and bursts of icicles. Deelel's disc glances off of a hastily raised magical shield, as does Leida's arrow, revealing that these Heartless appear to have some advanced defensive capabilities. At last, with a shout of fury, Baigan begins laying about with his poor brutalized snakearms, blowing them up in the general vicinity of his surrounding foes, attempting to hurl them into the air and toss them back to the ground, and sinking in his fangs whenever he can to leech their essence, as his damaged airship trundles around in a small circle, weaving him between the heroes. Needless to say, the Snakesuation and Sir Snaggletooth are quite overworked.
The Judge Magister raises up his arm to block the incoming blow, however the sheer force, knocks him off his feet and slamming him into one of the rafters above. The loud clang was obvious and the rafter was dinted from it.

However the Judge of Ambition repositions himself by stepping on a dark run for a moment, before leaping over to another rafter. He doesn't answer the snake-man's question. He doesn't have too. Beyond what he then says simply. "Very well then."

Gabranth then leaps off, before coming down with both of his swords for Baigan once more. Then once he lands, he spins around and attempts to slam down his Chaos Blade once more on the snake man to make sure he gets slammed into the earth, before he comes around again with the faster, lighter Highway Star Saber.
Reize Seatlan Kaydin is here. Wait, what? Reize's eyes quickly shoot a glance towards Kaydin. This causes the young boy to tense, that distrust lingering. Given the last time that he worked with the man, the boy was abruptly backstabbed long ago.

The howling winds and the roaring flames engulf the boy, imbuing him with great power and increased speed. The Shard Seeker leader blurs for just a mere second before he races towards Baigan with that aimed kick.

Suddenly, the explosion from the Snakesuation strikes him. That combustion abruptly knocks the boy from his course, sending him to join the ground rather harshly, "Ooff!" He groans, wincing as he hugs his arms. He turns his head over towards the snake man.


It all slowly comes back to him. Something that Kaydin said so long ago rings in his mind as he suffers the pain.

~ "All Baron is trying to do is to gain the crystals so that we may be able to defend our borders better from the heartless." ~

"'re trying to steal the crystal... aren't you...?" Reize is slowly staggering to his feet, looking over to see he others closeby.

"I won't let you!"

As those fangs seek to take the boy into the air, the young man manages to hold onto the snake arm. However, as the fangs open up to sink into him, "ACK!" He leans his head away, trying to avoid being in that threat range.

Instead, the boy reaches for a stick from his pouch to stick it into the mouth of the serpent.

With his torch at hand...

Reize takes out the weapon, winds it over. And then the young man tosses it downward, letting the flames descend to hopefully set Baigan on fire while he's wrestling with the snake arm. "Whooooaaaaa!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart isn't sure she understand what the snakeman is talking about, and even less the snakearms. She's thoroughly confused as the General explodes his own arms, as she flips backward on top of the airship, out of range of the fire it produces through it. "So you are from Baron, even more reason to kick you out of here, Baron has enough fangs everywhere already!" Almost as bad as Shinra, really.

She snake bites are easily evaded, kneeing one of the snakeheads under the chin to make it close that gaping out with force, and then roundkicking that head into the other one's path, so the poisonouns fangs end up closing on its kin's neck. She doesn't want to stick close enough to see what else it cna do right now, instead she slides underneath the assault, grabbing Baigan's feet, and lifting him up mightily... but not very high, all she wanted was enough leverage to SLAM him back down on the airship's deck. She CAN use him as a club to destroy the airship, right?
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath grimaces as his helm is struck by an orb of darkness, staggering him for a moment and leaving him open to the elemental attacks that follow. Icicles pierce through leather armor, drawing blood, and a bolt of lightning sends him to one knee as static electricity sparks across his armor panels.

He surges back to his feet, ignoring injury and occassional sparks, crossing his swords in front of himself. "So be it."

He charges at the Heartless themselves, blades flashing in the light of magicks and metal striking metal as they uncross in their midst. He spins as a whirling dervish--one slicing with poisonous intent, the other seeking to hamper any of those 'floating mages' it touches.
Evja Success! Just as Evja stood up, though, he wound up falling backwards to avoid a bite from the snake-armed man as well as having to jump straight up into the air after tumbling a moment to try and get out of the way of the explosion. "Tch... what a pain." Evja had /no/ idea what the heck this fellow could do, or would do, or was doing, but in the end, it could be worse. Taking a few kicking jumps away off the eliptical airship, Evja lands on another and looks around to take stock of things.
Still a ton of Heartless. Thankfully there were lots here taking care of things. However, one thing no one else seemed to be doing, from what he could tell, was disabling the airship. If it continued to spin out of control like this, the damned thing could spin out and damage other airships!

Taking a running leap and a series of jumps off of various things, Evja ascends again only to dive once more. This time, though, he holds onto two more spears he pulls out of nowhere, attempting to disable the other side of the airship. He'd leave the Heartless to the others - for now, he was dealing with the airship. Gabranth and the others could handle the
Palom Palom is battered by the magical attacks of the heartless -- even his defenses can only withstand so much! "You... hiding behind your monsters... You won't take another crystal!" Palom begins gathering powers, and then hears the snake-man shout about another ally -- Palom's gaze follows Baigan's, to see--

"YOU!" The boy's face fills with rage. "Isn't one town enough?! This crystal isn't yours... and you're not going to hurt any more 'Star fire, come forth and deliver your judgement! Fi-RAGA!' The last couple of syllables are a shout -- Glowing red sparks fly out of his staff, first held out to his side, to sweep them across Baigan and his horde... and then as he approaches Kaydin, he stops and thrusts the staff forward, shotgunning several of the sparks at the dark knight! "Taste the revenge of Mysidia!" He's pissed!

As for the spell, well... You know in sci-fi anime, when there's that huge cloud of approaching missiles, and someone sweeps a beam across it, and then a moment later there's a chain of explosions rushing from one side to the other? It's like that, without the missiles and the beam -- just a cascade of fiery blasts!
Leida The glinting tip of the arrow unleashed by the princess crashes loudly into the magical barrier of the Heartless as they rise to challenge the assembled heroes on Baigan's behalf, the projectile shattering into useless shards of wood that rain down onto the floor below. An exhaggerated look of annoyance crosses Leida's face at this, her teeth gritting as she glares darkly up at the floating creatures.

Her hand darts down to the quiver hanging crosswise against the small of her back, drawing forth another arrow but before she can put it to the bow string the explosions of the mutated commander's body parts draw her attention off track and knock her out of the combat trance. The girl stares up at the wildly careening airship, wincing as Reize's usual lack of forethought gets him a face full of snakey doom. But what really suprises her is the hissing dialogue that passes between each of the arms and their owner.

"T-they can talk?!"

Did that mean each of the arms were seperate creatures, each fused together by some strange magic, or was he like a hydra or an ogre? Leida's natural curiosity towards myth and lore snatches up her attention for several seconds and it is only the sudden explosion of crackling electrical magic that snaps her back to the more pressing threat.

A shrill scream escapes the girl as she attempts to throw herself aside, managing only to add more momentum to the thunderous impact as it tosses her through the air. She lands roughly several feet away, pressing a hand over the black singed section of her side. Despite the pain of the wound, she manages to shake off the debilitating shock as her corrupted body reacts of its own accord to mend the seared flesh.

Having no desire to make herself an easy target, Leida quickly scrambles to her feet and snatches up her body once more, looking around to find some manner of obstacle to provide cover for her frail form. Her eyes settle on a nearby stack of crates not yet taken to the market and she takes off at a dead run, quickly ducking behind them as she once more draws back her towering bow. This time the girl allows herself the necessary preparation to get a good bead on the floating devils, arrow drawn back and held level with her cheek as she waits for the right moment to strike.
Faruja Senra A figure leaps along scaffolding and then airships to meet the heartless. Faruja's single eye spies the phoenix symbol, and takes in the general look of the woman. Slowly, a smile comes to his muzzle. " of Ser Folles'?" The rat mumbles to himself as he watches her in action briefly. She seems skilled! He makes a mental note to talk to her if she survives.

Baigan lets loose with some /very/ useful information. From the sounds of things, Baron's intent on attacking Fluorgis! Not that it really surprises the rat. They're aligned with Alexandria after all.

"I see that you refuse! Then prepare to...SQUEAK!" Snake arms smack and generally knock around the small ratling, getting him nice and bitten and generally tossed around. Then lighting crashes down upon poor Leida!

Quickly rushing to her side, and seeing the Corpse Brigadette being smacked around, he's quick to offer both healing. "Lady Leida, behind me if you will, or near enough that thy arrows fly true. Lady Lily, the same!" Clearly he intends to protect the girls. Then Leida finds herself cover behind some crates. He nods, letting the young woman choose rat or crates as desired.

An ear perks. Kaydin. "Which is it, Dark Knight? Make thy allegiances known! Friend or foe, I shan't see any ambiguity here!" Still, at least he's not rampaging against the the man instantly! There's killing and healing to do, after all.

Tifa makes to use Baigan as a club to destroy an airship. This brings a /grin/ to Faruja's muzzle. "And upon the rocks of perdition shall the back of the Witch be broken! Or mayhap in this case, the airship."
Faruja Senra Wince. Sigh. "Be /careful/ Young Master! Set naught the merchant ships aflame!"
Emi Dennou There's a lot of folks here, surely not even the mighty (Cornelius) Baigan can handle all the forces arrayed against him. Then again, he has Infinite Snake Arm Explosion Works and it's this that detonates off on Emi and sends her flying back several yards. She zigged when she should have zagged. She is dizzied when she lands too, little Cronus fairies dancing around her head which is as adorable as it is disturbing.

She rubs at her forehead and gestures vaguely at Imi, who points a finger at herself in a confuzzled manner, and then Emi squints her eyes tight and falls back over. She observes the tiniest mage unleashing fireballs everywhere. And on Kaydin too for that matter despite apparently him being against Baigan.She'll have to be careful in case she has to subdue Palom too.

" were going to take over the city with the Crystal weakened...and then take the Crystal for Baron." She's unsure what's weirder, that Baigan came up with this plan or--okay that's actually the weirdest part. "...This one commends your strategy. That was a good plan. Unfortunately for Baron, the plan has failed. And now it is time to make an arrest."

After all, now that his identity is confirmed, actually fighting him has little purpose beyond that part. Well and payback, but that's not really Emi's style.

Managing to get up after another attempt at standing--Emi jogs towards Faruja and Lily, trying to get in range of Faruja's healing auras. She swings both hands up and unleashes--yes!--more electricity, trying to draw some strength back into herself while she's at it!

"Yes," Emi agrees with Faruja. "And please do not assault temporary allies." Well she thinks they are anyway.
Deelel Deelel is seeing all of the heartless swarm, there's a glitch of a lot of the things and they just keep comming. While her friends deal with Baigen she's just dog piled and it's prety bad she seems to vanish unde the dark tide for the momen she's being well just pummpeld bt the things and it's leaving her pretty darn dazed the basic fights to get free but isn't taking any hostile action as t the moment as he tries to back up and run a fw command lines to hopefully give her another chance but she's been hurt pretty badly from that intial assault.
Lily "So much yelling and posturing..." Lily swings about, nimbling putting herself behind cover of some shipping craters where the Heartless will have a harder time seeing her, maybe, while she listens and plans and gathers her focus.

When Lily pokes out from behind the crates, it's to stretch her hands out. Tendrils of magic float out towards Reize and Deelel... carrying an infusion of vitality, the raw stuff of life. As that light touches them they'll feel it - their stamina returning!

Then she hops atop the crate, cups both hands to her mouth and yells to ensure she can be heard!

Margaux Fleury Margaux de Fleury is ill-equipped to handle this flying magical menace as she lacks both an easy way to physically get to them and magical defenses of any sort to defend herself with. This proves to be quite the counter against the dancer as she takes a conjured icicle to the chest. The deadly ice shatters against Margaux's coat of plates that protects her, but the sheer impact of the attack knocks her down onto the deck of the airship.

Miraculously, she keeps hold of her rapier through this and once more kips up onto her feet. It is now that she acknowledges the observation and timely assistance by Faruja. "Messire, my thanks to you and good luck to you in this battle," Margaux first salutes the Templar mouse with her rapier before spinning in a pirouette that ends in her staging an elaborate bow towards Faruja. "And please leave Messire Kaydin alone. I believe him to be just and not at all like the foes in front of us now."

Simply, the show must go on no matter what stumble a dancer makes and Margaux is prepared to do just that. Margaux breathes deeply and then extends a leg out to her side in preparation. Her leg is drawn slowly in front of her as her dance begins. In slow, measured movements, the dancer advances on the nearest cluster of Heartless before letting her dance break out into a much more erratic series of dance moves. The woman's bright blue cloak flaps through the air as she moves, bringing a sudden injection of color onto the deady battlefield as she dances. Finally, the distance now closed, Margaux drops back into a half crouch before springing up through the air towards one of the Heartless with the pointy end of her rapier leading the way.
Kaydin "I truely wish I could help you, Captain Baigan, but I cannot. In our quest to defend our borders we have become those forces that we fear will attack us. How many people have we let become heartless when Manhattan fall? How many innocent people are here now you are willing to kill? When will it end?" Kaydin asks sadly as he watches the being. His body radiates darkness for a moment as he focuses his strength. "I cannot attack you Captain but I wont let these heartless run rampant." He says as he would begin to go towards them now. Atleast he would until he saw the fires come and he tries to dodge it only to be blasted back. "Great, another whiny magic user from Mysidia." He says sounding annoyed as he would spin the chain which connects his sword, to strike several heartless. "Hit me again Mage and I will hit back." He warns.
Baigan Baigan's now somewhat ridiculous little airship continues to limp in circles, puttering about to bring him in range of whatever fools dare defy the almighty etcetera etcetera, and serves as a kind of double-edged sword: what puts his enemies in range of Baigan's attacks correspondingly puts Baigan in range of their attacks, forcing him to fight a battle on innumerable fronts. The Heartless about him unleash magical blasts heedlessly, to the detriment of the environment around them; lightning bolts leave smoldering marks on the floor, tables and desks frost over, and stray fireballs veer dangerously close to parked airships before dissipating. While Baigan is the culprit here, his Heartless minions, summoned by the Obsidian Ring, are more likely to do lasting damage to the Aerodrome unless they are quickly stopped!

Baigan flinches as his already-overworked snake arms take Gabranth's punishing slashes on their ever-regenerating scales. The Judge of Ambition seems to have little interest in further conversation, but Baigan's consternation is evident. "Baron and Archadia need not be enemiesss!" he hisses. He didn't want it to come to this -- Lord Golbez was insistent that none know of their involvement, given how Rabanastre and Fluorgis are neighbors -- but now that the worst has happened, he has to try to make the most of it. "With our unified might, we could bring order to thisss chaotic world, full of rabble and brigandss! What is one vagrant city worth? The Crystal ssshould be ourss, sso that all rebellious elements might be ssilenced!" He spreads his snakearms. "Baron sseeks only the Crystal, not conquessst of this land! If Archadia wishes to spread its dominion beyond Rabanasstre... it sseemss to me our goalss are in line!" Baigan's slitted eyes glitter, certain that the Judge Magisters will see reason.

Unlike certain boy adventurers! "Hrrghh, get away already!" Baigan snaps impatiently as Reize leaps in again, the Snakesuation snapping out to knock Baigan's smaller assailant away, maw opening wide in an attempt to snare Reize. Instead, the Snakesuation gets a mouthful of torch, and promptly begins to wail, beating himself against the ground in a futile attempt to put out the flames. Baigan, wincing -- feeling all of this pain -- eventually sighs and, seemingly out of pity, detonates the Snakesuation yet again and puts him out of his misery. How many times can Baigan do that!? It's a neat trick, but it can't stop Tifa from kicking poor Sir Snaggletooth out of the way and seizing the towering snake-monster bodily. "What--!?" Baigan may be big, but he's already in a precarious position as it is, and being rather unbalanced, Tifa is able to slam him down on his own airship, causing the control panel to crumple under his weight. Alarms wail as the systems begin to spark, and Baigan, digging his face out of the wood and metal, looks warily down at what remains of his battered transport. "Perhapsss," he murmurs to himself, "I sshould hassten my retreat..."

But he may not have the chance. As Judge Zargabaath cuts a mighty swath through the ranks of the floating Heartless, rending them asunder and leaving mere poofs of shadow in his wake, Baigan espies Judge Evja descending once again, now fearful of the bunny-eared lancer. "Curssse you--!" Reaching out with poor Sir Snaggletooth, Baigan attempts to intercept Evja with a precise detonation, but he is a moment too slow, and as Evja once again slams cripplingly against the airship, Baigan stumbles from the impact, jarring his aim and causing the explosion to only graze his foe. This time, Evja doesn't tear out the whole turbine, but it begins to spark wildly and make choppy noises, the whole floating thing beginning to tremble forbiddingly. Can snakes look worried? Because Baigan is starting to look kind of worried.

Maybe that's why he answers Emi, a little distractedly. "Well, in all fairnessss, it was mossstly Lord Golbez's plan, but some of the detailsss were left up to-- argghh!" He spasms as Emi's electricity arcs down, but seems to have been shocked back to his senses, and shakes off his worries with a snarl.

It is a shame that Heartless are not well-equipped to appreciate the glory that is Margaux's deadly dance. For all the beauty of her elegant movements, the fencer's poised strikes are fled by the floating Heartless, which summon magical shields to aid them in deflecting her aggressive strike, but her assault thoroughly distracts them from attacks raining in from other sources: Palom's magic -- though it does not reach Baigan himself -- and Kaydin's attacks hit home. Kaydin's words are wise and thoughtful, as well, indicative of his change of heart, and Baigan turns-- only to see Palom attacking him. "Fight well, Sssir Kaydin!" Baigan exclaims. Yeah, Baigan definitely didn't hear him again.

Though, in fairness, Baigan is a little preoccupied flailing about as wildly as he can with his visibly exhausted snake arms, who don't really seem able to do much right now other than let Baigan bash them against anyone in the vicinity, trying to knock people away from his now barely-functional means of escape. The Heartless, meanwhile, seem to be switching to fire, and little plumes of flame rain from above, turning the battlefield into a warzone!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart was still holding to Baigan's feet when the snakes counter-attacked, sending several of those nasty bites her way. "If you want to leave, I'll help you find the way out!" And by out, she means off the airship. And by off the airship, she means where everyone is right now. Don't think Baigan will get out of this one that easily, nope.

Grabbing the last snakearm as it attacks her, squeezing it firmly around the neck eve as it lodges its fangs into her arm "Bite me all you want, you're just giving me more openings." Holding on that arm, she kicks Baigan up, and then roundkicks him down toward the others. And before he can get back up, she goes for a a dropping knee to his throat, going for vital points. Everyone needs to breath after all, that should knock some air out of him at least.
Faruja Senra Poor Emi, not getting into healing aura range in time! Worry not, though: there's plenty where that came from, judging from the fact that he instantly starts throwing about more curing spells with rapid incantations, tail pointing at those he marks out. Seems the Templar's gone into 'heal your allies and soak damage like a proper Holy Knight' mode. It also gives him a good moment to survey the battlefield.

"May the Saint grant you strength, Emi Dennou, that thy weapon's aim be unfaultering and its power unyielding before those whom would summon the Heartless!" Comes encouraging, magically infused words to the Network.

Capable, /and/ polite. Faruja returns the Brigader's salute with a Templaric one. "The holy Saint shall guide us through, if we but have /FAITH/ oh brave Dame! Hold HIM within thy heart, and though the body may fall, dishonor never shall touch thy soul!" Comes his pious, heartfelt encouragements, playing the battlefield morale officer. He's no natural leader of men like Wiegraf, but he can at least stirr hearts when it comes down to it.

Emi gets a nod, only adding to the words of the others. "Quite. Thy actions this day are a testament to thy spirit, oh Knight Kaydin! Mayhap with such deeds, thy country may yet be redeemed! Let us all lay blade to these wretches and Abominations against the Lord!"

Snort! The rat turns to the pair of Judge Magisters. "Honorable Judge Magisters of Arcadia, do not allow this Heretic wretch to draw thy nation into their schemes! For to do so would be to throw away /all/ notions of piety before Holy Faram, and to give into TEMPTATION AND SIN! Let us strike this Heretic, for the good of all of Fluorgis!" More encouragements even as he heals, his words having some amount of magical, strengthening effects even if his words themselves don't inspire.

A snakearm whistles his way, only to be neatly battered away with the end of his spear. Seeing the plumes of fire raining down, the Burmecian does his best Neo impression. Time seems to slow as Faruja defies gravity in his leap towards the Oni-hime, literally throwing his body over her in an attempt to protect her from the flames. "Doth wounds touch thy body, M'Lady?" Faruja gasps out amidst squeaks of pain. Burning fur can be smelled on the air, the rat trembling as his most hated element assaults him. Again.
Judge Magister Gabranth quick steps around as the snakes arms are flailed out in attempts to strike him. Those amber eyes starting to glow more brightly in the shadows of helm where they are almost obvious actually. "I believe you mistaken me with the Judge Of Reason." He states flatly.

The Judge Magister then quickly parries around one of the snake blows, before doing a quick strike. "The Archades Empire does not step so low as Baron has stepped. Your actions here speak poorly on Baron and when warned that this area was under our protection, you continue your attack."

There was sudden a blast of darkness, before Gabranth reaches out his hand, as if trying to use the sudden dark energy around them to actually pull Baigan off the ground. Trying to chock him slowly if it got a hold of him. There was nothing there, at least it didn't look that way beyond the dark fog that was gathering.

"Your words are lies. Just as forked as your tongue. Conversation is over." Gabranth says coldly before that dark fog suddenly sparks with dark electricity, before it suddenly forms shards of darkness that spear across and around Baigan, attempting to pierce right into him and explode on impact; and if that chock hold did get him, it releases just as the shards fire.

It was some time after this a wave of holy magic moves in and the Judge Magister glances over in the direction of the mystic art. Giving only a minor nod as he starts to reposition himself for another attack on the Baron's lackey snake-man.
Reize Seatlan There are a couple of things that Reize really has to worry about.

#1: Baigan's snake-fangs trying to bite his faceoff.
#2: Palom's potentially performing fatricide on /allies/ fighting on the ship.

The explosion of flames catches the boy's attention, causing him to panic. "Ooooooiii! Watch where you are casting!!" He snaps. Even Lily has gotten better about her use of magic going everywhere. What makes the situation less painful, however, is Lily's use of magic. The healing aura touches him, slowly ebbing the pain from the initial explosion and mentally refreshes him.

There is relief, however, when the flames ignite to the snake head. It comes toa surprise as it explodes once more. "Gah!" The boy looks over to the judges who Baigan is trying to appeal to. "..Huh...?" Conquest...?

No. Not going to listen to Baigan.

However, the boy is still planning to deal with his target. Once Baigan's snake-head strikes out to bite onto the boy and knock him away, Reize instead charges into the range of Baigan and he lunges out a diving kick. "SKY RAIDER!"

Then, Reize withdraws the other boomerang. Now dual-wielding his boomerangs, Reize pushes forward to charge ahead.

"I won't leave! You, however..." Reize takes the more aggressive approach. While Tifa moves in to kick him up, Reize lunges forward with his boomerangs at his back; both of the weapons swing across to give resounding thwacks at his back.

And when Tifa moves towards dishing the roundhouse kicks, Reize is striking with the same motion from behind the snake man.


While Tifa goes for the throat, Reize bolts off of the ground and whirls towards Baigan with two spinning kicks.

Evja This foe was curiouser and curiouser!

Exploding snake arms! Talking snake hands! ... was he trying to convince the Judges to betray Jylland? Faruja, naturally, gets a speech shouted towards Zargabaath and Gabranth, as if they would actually side with Baron. "For a man of the cloth, Senra, you have little faith in those who aid!"
Evja's voice echoes loudly through the area, almost chidingly, before moving to stand beside where Gabranth and Zargabaath were, pulling out /two more spears/, the other four still lodged within the aircraft, pointing them towards Baigan. "I, Evja, Judge Magister Errant of Jylland stand beside them in full faith of their intentions!" And with that said, Evja charges after Baigan, wherever he wound up.
Using his arm as something for the snakes to take hold of, Evja reels his other arm back and attempts to ram it straight through Baigan(or at least jab him good) and use it to flip the man right over the Judge and attempt to slam him right down onto the floor beneath them.

Lily "There's mean NATIONS now?!" Lily sounds absolutely flabbergasted at the answers she's getting. Nations are supposed to be good places, right? Safe from the Heartless and the darkness and the beasties out there? ... With all that out there, why fight each other?

She frowns. Frowns deeply... but shakes her head quickly to snap out of it-- just in time, too.

Because here comes the fire. "Faruja, look out!" Fire? Fire Lily can deal with. She hurls herself out in front of it, arms outstretched, and from her hands... light spreads out into a shimmering cerulean-white barrier. Much of the attack's force is ablated, fires not only stuffed but... seeming to come unraveled. The magic fueling the spell itself is being ripped from the flames. The orange-red blaze that engulfs Lily - who still ends up subjected to a mighty painful blaze-- starts turning blue.

Though, for a few moments, she's heard yelling in agony amidst it, the blue flames swirl around her, ripped apart into a swirling accretion disk of dust-sized glints of light. Her aura strengthens considerably, raging outwards, and the two other elements that had been missing earlier join in. Where wisps of flame meet swirling winds, streams of dust and cold mists intertwine with them... and all four are swiftly subsumed into the faintly pulsing, shimmering barrier. Lily's preparing for something, but what?

Seems she is getting much better at controlling her magic.

"Sock him hard, Reize! We don't want them here!"

Faruja, bless the ratladin, will enjoy the benefits of proximity to her aura... the power of the earth infuses his body, meshed with the calm focus of flowing water!
Palom Palom is stunned as if by a slap. "You... you killed innocent people and you call me a /whiny mage/?! Do you know who I /am/?!" The little boy puts a hand on his hip. "I am Palom, The Genius of Mysidia! The future Sage! And /I/" he holds his hand to his chest, "am going to teach /you/" he points at Kaydin, "A lesson!"

Fire rains down from the heartless! Palom just fires a spray of ice upwards to counter it, with an annoyed /I am _busy_ here/ look on his face.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath ducks his helm and pulls his cape tightly around himself, the thick leathery material protecting his body from the fireballs. Unfortunately it does not do much good, the fire falling upon him and burning him about the helm and shoulders.

Not good. If this fire keeps up, the airships could catch fire themselves... and that /really/ won't be good.

He uncoils from his defensive stance and rises, blades rising to the ready. "Do not fear, Templar Faruja. Our orders are clear and absolute." He barely hears Gabranth's statement to Bergan confirming his own stance, and smiles beneath his helm as Judge Evja--a Judge not of Archades, mind--speaks in their defense. "We are here in defense of Flugoris, and thus shall we fight until threats are negated!"

His swords blaze in holy light as he uses nearby crates as a springboard, lunging towards the floating Heartless mages. He spins in mid-air, trying to catch as many of the Heartless as possible while siphoning their strength to replenish his own.
Gabranth Gabranth then cuts a glance over to Evja as he continues to move, "Thank you for your trust, your honor."
Margaux Fleury Margaux's dance had seemingly little effect on the Heartless in front of her. It -was- quite hard to dance in knee-high leather boots and a coat of plates. But the idea of wearing even less in a fight like this is not a very comforting thought for the dancer. Her rapier cannot seem to penetrate through the magical shield of her foes and she ends up falling back down to the ground in quite a hurry. In a display of catlike grace, Margaux lands on her feet and purpsefully rolls forward to take the shock out of her landing.

This results in her being almost next to Kaydin. "Messire Kaydin, 'ave you come to save the day again?" Margaux proposes with a wink before her eyes dart up towards the incoming fireballs. Uh oh! Her rapier is sheathed and the dancer immediately launches into a series of back handsprings that transiton into a multitude of back step outs that causes her to flashdance her way out of harm's way.

Safe for now, Margaux glances back over to where Faruja is doing the good work of the faith. She politely nods her head towards him in appeciation for his effort before raising two gloved her hands above her head. It was time for her next dance. Her movements begin slow as she once again careens through the battlefield gracefully. And then, her tempo speeds up as her dancing increases with more and more speed. In a blink of the eye, Margaux de Fleury has closed the distance with the Heartless and has drawn her rapier once more. Margaux moves her left leg behind her and then brings it forth into a slow, full body spin now. This pattern continues on with her speeding up and then slowing down in alternating fashion.

Should her hypnotizing dance be successful, Margaux with skewer any approaching Heartless with her blade mercilessly
Emi Dennou So it was Golbez's plan! Emi knows not Golbez but he's clearly a dire mastermind, constantly plotting and scheming to assure Baron's dominion across the World of Ruin! Even now, he is likely hatching a new vile scheme!


Golbez plays chopsticks on his organ.


Emi takes a moment to catch a breather. Faruja lends her a hand with magical words and, well, healing magic which is--technically speaking--a lot more beneficial. She breathes out. This is not really how Faruja usually talks, maybe it's part of his role, to be bombastic and encourage his allies. Thinking of it like that, she manages to smile faintly.

Which is shortly wiped off her face by a flailing snake arm. She sends a quick signal to Imi, swinging up her rifle and remaining crouched, firing at the airship itself. It's falling apart, yeah, but it's not a lot of damage in of itself, it's just to try and hamper Baigan's escape even further, even if it's just by a little bit.

"Surrender." She tells Baigan. "If not for yourself, for Mr. Snaggletooth."

Imi meanwhile has been given instructions. She's not typically a frontliner, but she charges ahead with a mighty shovel, leaps into the air, and attempts to super ultimate combo strike Baigan upside the head with her shovel! PERHAPS SHE WANTS TO KNOCK HIS PROPELLER HELMET OFF!

"Hi there! This one is Imi, The Network apologizes for shovel inconveniences!"
Deelel Deelel is paying somewhat attentio to Baigan and his rants but she's not focusing too hard on it. Baron as a whole is glitched they are as power hungry a the MCP but shockingly with out a lot of the class he seems to have. MCP was at least efficent and not wasteful far as Deelel was concerned. If anything the Archadian empire's rejection of working with baron was points in that coutnry's favour even if they had a reputation of being agressive. They were smart enough to not play with fire and get burned from an outside view like hers.

Deelel isn't really sure what to do with Kaydin she just keep her distance as the Heartless have come she makes use of her disk to block and control the enemie attacks she's paid attention to tron and realised there's a whols warm she shifts waces and otherwise either deflects or keeps the enemy the heck out of her way. She then turns about and just brings about everything she had against the heardles she's without mercy for them. She'll go for the head, limbs, things she's not do to another basic or anyone else. These things are not people they are things that hunger to consume people. All they do is eat and spread she's not about to let them carry on as they please.

"Could someone please cast mute on Baigan!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart says, "I just kneed him in the throat, does that count as a Mute?"
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra says, "Make it thrice, Lady Lockhart! One can never be certain with these tricky knaves!"
Leida As her attention returns to the battle, so too does the unnatural focus that grips the princess in situations such as this when her life or that of her comrades is on the line. She concentrates on the motions of her body, positioning herself with the utmost care for the precision of the kata so much so that it almost achieves ritutalist levels. The usual stammering shy demeanor melts away as she inhales deeply, leaving only cold determination and the piercing intensity of her glare leveled upon the distant darting forms that pollute the air.

The grinding sound of tension touches her ears as the great bow is lifted up over her head and then slowly lowered, the bowstring going taut as Leida's slender arms somehow manage to bend the stout arch of wood to their will. An arrow easily the length of her entire arm slides softly against the worn surface as it is drawn back until the shaft sits level with her cheek. Her body becomes statuesque for several seconds, time seeming to dilate for a few long moments as the demon's gaze focuses on its target.

And then the time comes. Several of the Heartless flitting about align, their evasive movements bringing them into a single row comparative to the small girl's position. She lets loose her arrow and the projectile explodes into motion with a sharp twang. Dark fire engulfs the deadly missile and as it streaks through the air, Leida speaks outloud. "Lend me your aid!"

With a brilliant flare of neon green light, twin arcane fireballs erupt to life in a binary orbit about the missile. Though none but herself can hear the voices of the lond-dead spirits, their cries of annoyance echo through the port to reach her ears.

'Wha--this is a pretty rude way to wake someone up, kitteeen!'

'I-I say, couldn't you have planned aheeead?!'

The blazing orbs of eldritch fire peel off at the last second and begin to ricochet about the floating mass of Heartless, swirling this way and that as they unleash their dark curses upon the enemies of their master.

Meanwhile, the moment her arrow is loosed, Leida finds herself being tackled by a flying rat! Faruja's timely intervention only narrowly avoids getting his own flesh penetrated by the corrupted missile but he accomplishes his goal of absorbing the raging flames as he come crashing down on top of the princess. Clearly confused, she blinks back up at him for a moment, back to her old self thanks to the sudden distraction of burning fur.

"A-ah! Faruja-san! Are you alright?!"
Kaydin Kaydin notices the fire coming down and when Palom makes his declaration. "Okay so your the biggest whiny mage of Mysidia." He says as he pulls the chain back and holds his sword at ready as he watches Palom. "Either way, future sage, we got bigger targets, so try and kill me another time."
Baigan "Oh, actually, that would be great," the harried Baigan replies to Tifa, his attention split amongst his many assailants. "Ssspying wass never really my forte to begin whHRRKK--" Getting kneed in the throat is also not his forte. Joke's on you, Tifa, Baigan has three mouths!

"I'd like to see /your/ openings, baby!" supplies the Snakesuation.

Okay, no, joke's on him.

"Tsssk! All you Judges look alike to me in any case!" Baigan snaps at Gabranth once he gets his breath back. To think these fools would fail to fall on their knees in gratitude when mighty Baron negotiates! That's the only stooping that Baron does. But it looks like Tifa isn't the only one who wants to take Baigan's breath away. He gurgles, slitted eyes bulging, as Gabranth's dark magic takes effect, and shards of darkness tear against his scaly hide, sending Baigan staggering, teetering and nearly falling off his perch. Even worse, the Judge's attack lowers Baigan's defenses, and Reize's diving kick slams against the side of Baigan's big stupid head. "Nyggaaahh!" Several more spinning kicks smack into him, and Baigan flails in fury, but his snakearms can't seem to see straight at this point from all the punishment they've taken (mostly from Baigan).

But the worst is when that pesky Evja lunges in and lands another devastating blow. This time, there's no hope for the snake-man, completely discombobulated from the endless assault. He roars in pain and rage as his scaly shoulder is speared through, and flipped over, his massive weight drives down /into/ the half-destroyed airship beneath him. With a deafening explosion, the vehicle is torn asunder, and Baigan plunges right through it, sending shrapnel spraying everywhere, his bulk embedding in the floor. It looks like his means of escape is gone for good, now!

As Zargabaath leaps to obliterate any Heartless which dare approach, and Margaux's more rapid dance and flitting rapier pierces through the Heartless before they can raise their shields to defend, many others occupied by Deelel's constant movement and attacks or damaged by Leida's orbs of eldritch fire, Baigan rears back to his feet, enraged, abandoning all strategy. "Cursssse you aaaall!" he howls, his route back to Baron obviously blocked. The Darkness which floods his veins precludes surrender. With a surge of fury, he shakes off Emi and Imi's coordinated assault -- with the airship destroyed, her rifle shots glance off his scales instead, and he swats aside the inconvenient shovel -- and becomes a blur of sinister serpentine viciousness. "SSSLAY THEM ALL!" he demands off his own arms.

"Boss, we're tired!" the Snakesuation protests.

"Perhaps after a brisk constitutional," Sir Snaggletooth suggests.

"Ssslaaaaaay theeeeem," Baigan snarls, as his arms wail as they are stretch to flail at all the foes about him, "aaaaaaaall!" The remaining Heartless, their numbers less than half what they once were, gather to him, rising above so that they might rain magic down upon the others, trying to stay out of reach while Baigan's unrelenting fury commands the ground.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath grabs one of the floating Heartless and vaults himself towards the ceiling, barely managing to grab hold of a support beam as more spells pound into his armor. Ice shatters against metal, wind tugs at leather, and darkness seeks a chink to darken one's heart.

He swings himself onto the beam and crouches, balancing himself accordingly. "That is quite enough out of you." The Judge of Reason stalks along the beam, swords losing their holy edge but not the sharp intent behind them. "Now. FALL."

He leaps off of the beam, angling towards the Heartless gathering around their beleagered summoner. He lashes out with his swords once more, not caring if he strikes merely Heartless or catches Baigan in the process. If nothing else, at least he could drive down these annoying Heartless for the others to destroy.
Faruja Senra A light squeak of pain exits the rat's muzzle, slowly getting up after being set ablaze. Lily's timely intervention of standing before him and absorbing said fire certainly helps. "Oh, Lord bless you, Lady Lily!" Comes a slightly trembling voice, as his phobic fear eeks away. Indeed, merely being near the young girl has him feeling stronger. Nodding swiftly to Leida, he casts her a smile. "'Twould require much more than such paultry flames to extinguish my life, Lady Leida. Hold fast, for the battle is not yet won!" The ratling stands firm, doing his best to guard the pair.

A single red eye first stares back at Evja. Judge Zargabaath's words so many moons ago before the battle in Manhattan echoes back within his head. Arcadia and Alexandria have always striked him as far too similar. "...Say such words again, with corpse-ash upon thy footclaws and thy abode in flames wrought by mortal hands." The rat mumbles. But, to his knowledge, they weren't Heretics.

A small salute to the Judge Magister of Reason. "As always, thy words bring my heart to ease! Then the Church stands beside thee, and my spear as well! In the name of the Saint, Holy Faram, and all homes lost beneath Heretical boots, I cast thee DOWN wretch!"

Seeing Baigan be thrown into the exploding airship has the rat feeling quite good about how things are going, at least before magic is rained down upon the two women. Dropping his spear, he snatches them up, shielding them bodily once again. By the time the rain of magic and general attacks from the snakey-Baigan are done, the rat's back is a horrific mess of burns, wounds, and blood. In other words, it's an average day for the Burmecian as of late.

Falling to a knee, the ratling gasps, barely able to move. All he can do is throw his spear at the twin threats of Baigan and the heartless. Glowing with holy energy, the thing will quite simply explode when it nears them.
Tifa Lockhart It would seem that being a point blank range with a knee in the snakeman's throat is one of the worse possible places to be when the snakes unleash their venomous fury. It cuts through lots of skins.

The snake wanted to see an opening from the barmaid, they just tore her a new one D: And not in the sense they would like either.

Adrenaline is mostly what keeps the barmaid from cumbling, her eyes losing focus because of the poison starting to affect her. She grrs, shaking her head free as she moves back to her feet, being thrown off by the attack, her back against some railing behind her. "How about I make YOU a new opening?" That's when her fist charges up with her ki energy.

And then she launches in, a foot against the railing. But its not her right fist that comes in contact. Its her left arm, elbowing the nearest snake arm up, using her lightning quick movements to slip into the opening, and grabbing the snakearm, stretching and making a move parent to a judo toss, lifting a leg to flip the general up and over, just enough momentum to grab him and slam him down again into the ground. While the monster-man is down, her left fist strikes straight down, hoping to punch a hole straight into his chest, and then follow it up with the right fist, releasing the explosive of her limit break right INSIDE of him. Let's see him breathe with that hole now.
The Head Judge Magister narrows his eyes at Baigan as he yells how all the Judges look alike. How wrong he was. They were very different, though this fellow was starting to strike up to be a fool. "I tire of this." He growls lowly.

As Baigan suddenly unleashes his snake-y rage, the Judge of Ambition charges right in when the Chaos blade at ready. One of the arms tear into the leathery section of his shoulder, biting down into his body, yet the dark energy starting to seep out from the Judge Magister doesn't make it easy for the poison to take hold.

Another strike is quickly parried away by the Highway Star, as the snake arm finds itself biting into the very blunt side of the short sword. Yet the other arm gets another blow in, tearing into a part of his lower armor that wasn't protecting by metal, yet by leather once more. Blood gently was drawn from the arm, dripping gently onto the ground.

Gabranth then took a few steps back before he snarled at Baigan. Those gold eyes now glowing straight out of the helm as the dark mystical energy fogged around Gabranth's feet. He then crossed his blades together as the dark mystical energy started to rise, creating a rune behind him. The rune started to spin slowly before it started to speed up. Dark electricity zapped out from the rune, as Gabranth continued to keep his blades crossed.

His voice was stern, an almost snarl behind it. "Baron was a fool to attack a land under our protection." The swords were slowly uncrossed, gently extending out, as the rune soon started to create a dark shadow over the area between him and Baigan. It was the only warning people may have had to get out of the way; but this time. This time he had the strength to focus this attack. "You saw our ships." The Judge Magister then chuckled softly. It was a extremely dark chuckle. "Yet you continued your scheme." His eyes narrowed behind the helm. His voice then went flat, cold, precise. "Now be judged."

Then with a roar, he slashed out the blades in the air. The rune seal breaking behind him, before it blasted unholy energy forward, almost attempt to freeze time between him and Baigan. Then the Judge Magister rushed forward with unnatural speed as the screams and cries of a thousand voices echoed out from the vortex. The blades swung around in a fury of blows. Before he spun around and then slammed his heavy leather boot for the chest section of Baigan yelling loudly. "BEGONE!" and with the kick the dark energy shattered in dark purple light that exploded out like shattering glass.
Lily Heeeeere comes more magical rain. Lily takes shelter behind Faruja with a yelp, but the sheer buildup of power she's maintaining is not slowing down one bit. A roaring, burning aura's surrounding the girl formed of pure mana. It shimmers, pulses, and blazes quite unevenly, roiling and churning with thick currents forming and swirling around in it, and cerulean arcs of light splashing out from it to lash at the ground.

The aura thins only because it begins to expand several feet higher and wider... at the same time...

"Go away, Baron."

A new source of light illuminates the docks. Where before there was empty air between the participants of this battle, now tiny motes of light glint. Those with any grasp of magical senses would feel all the ambient mana being gripped on at once... and then massively TUGGED.

The lights swirl in towards Lily in a matter of seconds, quickly stabilizing into a second... much larger accretion disk of burning light.

The girl smiles.

It's not a pleasant smile. It's an ANGRY smile, triumphant with victory. "GO HOME AND LEAVE US ALONE!"

And maybe a tad cocky. odd for her!

All at once, the rotating swarm of coaelscing magic's sucked into a single point between her palms. Hardly the size of a grain of sand, it gleams like something of the night sky...


Those without the sense to shut their eyes or look away may be momentarily blinded as a wall of solid white encompasses EVERYTHING, pure energy erupting with phenomenal force. Lily's engulfed, merely a silhouette within the expanding dome of white that spreads from her and disperses. The ground just around her's completely molten - it's a good thing she's somehow managing to hover OVER it. Massive streams of light blast every which way straight at heartless, and those who evade the initial flares of mana must instead contend with the tsunami-like force of the remaining wave before it completely disperses.

Miraculously, none of Lily's allies will be outright harmed by the magical attack, but the resulting BOOM and lightshow is deafening and blinding.
Evja Success!


Evja goes flying through the air and smacks a dent into a nearby airship, Thankfully the armor takes the shrapnel and scatters it, too strong for simple shrapnel to pierce, but the impact /did/ do quite a bit of damage. Not to mention it twisted an arm in a rather wrenching fashion.

Sliding off the airship, Evja grumbles in pain before joining in the fray try and deal with the remaining Heartless. Whereas before he had been dealing with Baigan... well, Baigan had attention being paid to him at the moment. Evja's six spears vanished, four that were in the airship impaled and two that had fallen to the ground when he got knocked away, and he grabbed two again before leaping into the air and jamming them towards a Heartless, quickly bouncing off a nearby airship with a quick flicker in and out of sight thanks to his Faerie Shoes and repeating this Ad Nauseum until he found himself without targets, or knocked out of the sky.
Emi Dennou "Deflected the shovel...The Network is shocked." Imi says as she stumbles back, bracing her shovel before her. Of course, Baigan has his own counterattack, lashing out with shovels. BUT DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE AID A SPADE CAN PROVIDE! Spinning the shovel in front of her like a bo, Imi deflects the various snake strikes, batting them away with the shovel.

Lily calls them 'Mean Nations', Emi thinks, that's kind of adorable. She wants to go over and give Lily a pat on the shoulder right now. But that will have to wait. "Lily." She says. "...Lily, be careful of the...the airships, Lily." Okay no super massive stream of doom light. It's so blinding she can't actually tell the collateral.

"Emi, The Network requests help!" Imi says as a snake bites off the handle of her shovel.

Emi nods and then spins on a heal, reaching into a pocket, and withdrawing a coin into her hand. She looks not towards Baigan, but to Snakesuation (Snaggletooth is still cool). She flicks the coin in the air and says, "Open wide!"

And she flings the coin forward in a sudden hefty burst of electromagnetic force, the coin reaching supersonic speeds as it blasts forward for Snaggletooth's mouth, electricity fanning out around it in bursts of high voltage!
Deelel Deelel loks at the heartless as they rain decution down upn her and the others, while she keeps them busy she's not really doing much damage, she does however set up her allies to just rip into the heartless she's not in a postion to too much damage but she keeps going for wha's left of the heartless to clean house.

"They are really getting on my nerves." Does she even have them she doesn't know but she's picking up user speak pretty fast.
Palom "/Whiny/?!" Palom fumes. "We'll see who's whiny!" He steps back, holding his hand forward. His robes, cape and braid begin to billow in nonexistant wind as he channels his magical might to bend the physical world to his will.

0'Darkness beyond twilight, deeper than the blackest void... Inscribe power that decays the world into the very air, and with it, burn away the enemy who stands before me!'

Palom's eyes suddenly glow brightly, and there's a feeling of great magic gathering around Kaydin...

0'Face the ultimate spell of Mysidia!0FLARE!'

There is the briefest blue flash in the air around Kaydin and the ground under his feet, as both are ripped apart by Palom's magic and their energy used to fuel an explosion as bright as the sun! Palom has braced himself, by now used to the shockwave that washes over him and the blast of hot air that sets his cape and braid fluttering behind him in the harsh light of the blast...

And then the heartless chill and freeze him with magic and he feels suddenly sick. "Rgh... Can't you see I'm /busy/?! Stop getting in my way!" He glares at them and points his staff up at them, and the sky too is filled with a blast of immense magic power, lighting up the battlefield like a second sun! ...Again. A second second sun.
Margaux Fleury Margaux de Fleury finally found her rhythm. The Heartless ensnared by her dance are dispatched one by one. However, a dancer's work is never quite done as there seems to be plenty more Heartless that need to be dispatched.

Perhaps it was time for the encore?

The dancer looks around at the state of her allies and then towards her enemies. It was time for the encore.

The Blade Dancer takes her rapier up in her left hand and adopts a semi-crouching fencing position with her right hand being placed at her side for balance. Her blue eues quickly move from foe to foe as she decides on her route through her foes. And then, she finalizes her planned routine in her mind. All that was left was the execution. Margaux shifts her weight to her back foot and then quickly explodes forward towards the closest Heartless. Her speed is uncanny as she weaves through the numerous Heartless, stabbing and swinging her rapier as she proceeds to her planned destination. Those witnessing it will be hard-pressed to keep their eyes on the dancer for long as she continues to acrobatically bob and weave her way through the Heartless horde.

It was hard for Margaux to keep concentrated on her blade walking with so many other things going on. Palom was attacking Messire Kaydin and Faruja looked pretty beaten up himself. Tsk tsk. She surely hopes that the Templar survives this fight as well as Kaydin. It would be sad to win but to have those who assisted her perish in this fight. Unforunately, there is little for Margaux to do at the moment.
Reize Seatlan There is successful purchase in his strike against Baigan. The dive kick, the assault from the others is wearing don on Baigan. This is frustrting the man who is trying to invade their home.

Their home.

It is then that Baigan's arms wail around. Those fangs tear towards the boy's path. Racing his way, the boy's eyes widen, "...Buh?!" As those serpentine fangs race his way, they sail and burl over his way.


Those fangs pierce against the young boy, "Gaaaahhhhh!" Both eyes widen, the youth is flying acorss the air and he lands off of the airship. "Nggghhhhh..."

Reize is not in good health.

He is in pain. Very bad pain. His eyes lift up towards Baigan with a growl. His eyes fall shut. To make mtters more painful? Uhh... Oh hey, Palom is casting. "Everyone clear the way, now!" The boy quickly spins around and dives for cover. Between this and Lily's explosion, Reize is wondering how much collateral damage could Fluorgis withstand.

"This is our home."

Their home is in danger.

Reize's fist tightens as he lifts his gaze towards the sky. His resolve manifests as he lifts to the ship. His eyes drift towards his friends. All to them that continue to fight. There have been many people that have stepped in to the time of Fluorgis's need.

It's good to have allies.

"...Just as everyone has said, Baigan."

A tarot is drawn in his hand. 0It is then that the ever mysterious pendant gleams. Magic is gathering around the boy, drawing upon the area around him.

As the tarot lights ablaze, Reize is gathering more of the power around him and he brings the tarot over to the air. With the essence spiraling in his grasp. The boy tightens his fist.

0That pendant gives off a light as bright as the sun. It is picking off of another presence. Lily's crystal will likely light up.

"Flickering flame, burn."

The tarot shatters.


Three flaming orbs ignite around him. They spiral around the boy. When they join together, they spiral around each other and mix into one fireball. But as it races towards Baigan....


Though the power of Reize's will, that 'fireball' shapes itself into a thin arrow.


What was once fireball, an orb of destruction, has been focused and channeled to a precisioned arrow of strong force. It's target... Baigan.
Leida Despite the words of reassurance given, Leida's concern for the well-being of her ally is etched into her youthful features quite plainly. She climbs to her feet after a moment, taking a moment to gather her wits as the battle crescendos towards the climax. The nameless souls brought forth at her command continue to dart about admist the Heartless but their efforts to actually harm them are akin to young kittens trying to be ferocious at looming predators and they bounce about harmlessly while spouting their mixed crude and sophisticated but equally nonsensical banter.

The princess, meanwhile, is distracted watching Baigan's rather impressive last stand amid the deaththroes of his personal escape craft. She winces empathically at the damage those flailing monstrous limbs of his deliver, subconsciously holding her side where the previous magical assault still oozes thick black blood.

Thus distracted, Leida fails to notice that the Heartless have not yet been reduced to a nonthreatening level and they continue to harry the back lines of the battle with magical destruction. Faruja's swift intervention once more saves her from her own foolish lack of focus, sacrificing his own safety to ensure that the wicked spells do not reach them.

Eyes going wide, she reaches up to catch him as he falls, struggling with the weight of his armored body. Her distress is magnified upon seeing the ruin of Faruja's back and she chews her lower lip in worry, glacing about for a source of aid to render to him. Lily, however, is too busy unleashing doom upon everything in sight and no one else that she knows is nearby.

With little choice left, Leida sucks in a deep breath and takes a gamble. "Faruja-san... f-forgive me if this feels less than pleasant!" Bringing her blood-stained hand up, she rubs the tainted ichor across his wounds, praying to all the gods and spirits that it does the same for him that it does for her.
Kaydin Kaydin tries to evade the attacks but in the end, heartless combined with treachous mysidia magic has blasted Kaydin badly. Every ounce of him wanted to just go home and go back to sleep, or maybe try and kill the runt, but if he did then all the others would be on him. So he wondered if anyone will notice him missing.
Faruja Senra Faruja is almost dead weight in Leida's arms, good thing he's very small for his kind, and light besides! Thus, she's mostly going to be struggling under plate mail, which /is/ decidedly heavy. That last attack took everything out of the rat, wincing as Lily's great power flashes over the area. He doesn't care about his own, horrifically painful injuries. All that matters is Fluorgis being safe.

"....Lady...Leida?" The rat mumbles deliriously. Then, she applies the blood.

Faruja's eye goes wide. His muzzle opens, the Templar screaming wordlessly as Leida's blood is slathered on his wound. That tainted ichor goes to work immediately, seeping in, trying to both heal and corrupt the Templar's body.

Faith is a weapon indeed, and it turns upon that which would corrupt. White fire erupts from Faruja's back, the very Light within his own soul raging as it seeks to obliterate the corruption introduced. The dark ichor glows red hot as it's burnt away by the very fires of the Templar's soul, and it scours the flesh corrupted. Once again, the smell of burning flesh arises as his own soul cures the illness, at the cost of even more of the rat's own health. Down the rat goes, still lightly aflame with white, purging fire. At least, from the looks of things, his own wounds are being cauterized in the process.
Raine Arland MEANWHILE.

"Sheesh, look at them go. Did we even really need to help?" Raine mumbled to himself, standing far back, leaning against a wall and watching the epic battle play out. His arms were crossed and his sword was stabbed into the ground next to him.

'Wow, this was a massive waste of time. We could've just sat back and let the heroes here do all the dirty work all along!'

This caused him to frown in irritation. "Well if I recall, /you're/ the genius who told me to go and help out because it would have been faster."

A laugh echoed through the boy's mind then and the voice replied. 'And you're the one who listened. So who's the real <GOOSEHONK> here?'

Baigan It was over the moment Baigan's airship was destroyed.

Still he unleashed his wrath upon his gathered foes, having at last lost himself to the Darkness, his monstrous blood demanding blood sacrifice. Amidst the wreckage of his ship and his plans, the once-noble Vanguard of Baron lays about with his fanged arms, their wounds no longer regenerating, their unblinking eyes glazed over with a milky haze. Yet he cannot fell his determined adversaries, no matter how grievously he strikes them, and the assault that is turned on him overpowers him utterly. Sharp swords, empowered spears, fists punching holes in his hide... the Heartless above are showered with magical might and run through with spears.

Baigan, thoroughly Judged, sinks onto one knee, body trembling with the mere effort of remaining conscious. "F... for the glory... of Baron..." he hisses, rearing up, unable to stand but still planning one last furious attack, raising a snake arm in preparation-- until a simple coin strikes against it, and Baigan has time only glance up in confusion before a torrent of lightning passes through him, leaving him smoking and still where he is. As Flare magic echoes in the background, overtaking the remaining scattered Heartless and shaking the hulls of the surrounding parked airships, the glass in the Aerodrome above cracking from the sheer power of the magic being unleashed here, and Margaux's brilliant blade dance finishes off the last of the shadowy foes, Baigan is as still as a statue, paralyzed.

With the last of his strength, his eyes swivel, drawn by an intense brightness, like a tunnel of light which perhaps some part of him imagines promises salvation, some manner of escape.

"Ssso... bright..."

The arrow of fire pierces him, passing through. His very form seems to waver, and then to glow, heating up like the sun. And then the boundaries of his body begin to burn away, slowly disintegrating, until left in a ragged heap on the ground is Baigan in his human form, unconscious and alone.
Reize Seatlan Reize is beaten. So is everyone else. THe boy is glancing towards the goup that are currently in the vicnity of the area. He looks at those who have banded together. It's reassuring to know that the people have gotten together.

"Is everyone alright..?"

And then, the boy looks over to see Faruja and the interaction between him and Leida's healing.


"Faruja!" The boy yelps, running over and slides in nearby before dropping to a knee. "Faruja!"
Judge Magister Gabranth stands there as the light glows and it seems Baigan slowly returns to his human state. Gabranth slowly sheaths his swords. His eyes slowly dimming of their gold light as they slowly return back to their blue color in the shadows of the ornate helm. His breathing was a bit ragged and his left arm slowly just feel to his side. Blood gently starting to easily be seen against the black leather.

Yet whatever pain he may be feeling, he was ignoring. Better or for ill.

His attention turns over to Evja. His eyes study the Clan Judge before he walks over and slightly beside him. His body standing one way to the other Judges as he speaks with a hushed voice. "..We are glad to be of assistance. The Baron snake is for you and those of this city to do with as you see fit." He cants his head. Looking at the damage caused here before he starts to walk on.

He does past by the Church knight, noting the smell of burning and shakes his head. There was little he could do for Faruja in his current state. In that hidden current state he was not showing beyond the fact his gate was a tad bit off. He steps up to Zargabaath and gives a gentle nod, before he continues his way out.
Palom When the light fades, Kaydin is gone. "Hmph!" That showed /him/, thinks Palom. Revenge feels strangely unsatisfying. Although, the thought that the dark knight will never hurt anyone again gives him something to be proud of. The young mage turns back to consider the main fight. Heartless destroyed, and Baigan of Baron fallen unconscious. Palom walks over to give him a kick in the side. "That's what you get for stealing crystals!" He looks around at the others. "So what do we do with him now?" He /could/ finish the job, but... exploding an unconscious man seems wrong somehow.

Also something is happening with Faruja. "Faruja! What are you doing to him?!" the young mage rushes over!
Leida Leida's own reaction to the sudden gout of holy flame is far less stoic. She shrieks as the white conflagration rises up to purge the corruption of her blood, engulfing her hand upon his back in the same instant. Reactionary instincts kick in and she yanks the hand away as if the templar's wounds were the surface of a hot stove, letting his heavy body clatter to the floor in the process.

Dark acrid smoke rises in heavy thick fumes from the princess' hand. The skin is blackened and burnt, almost cauterized like the surface of Faruja's back except her own tainted vitality is already seeking to repair the damage. Black blood bubbles and oozes from the weeping cracks of her ruined flesh and the girl takes several steps back, her eyes screwing shut in pain and regret as others rush over to aid him.

"I-I am sorry! I did not... I was only...!"
Margaux Fleury And voila!

Margaux's blade dance finishes just as the glass above her shatters to add an extra flare to the dancer's end pose from her final lunge through one of those damnable Heartless. The fencer sheathes her rapier deftly before offering a grandiose bow since her dance is complete.

But was anyone watching?

The dancer stands up straight now and looks around. "Messire Kaydin?" The Dark Knight was nowhere to be seen. "Messire Zealot?" And Faruja seems to be wait...that smoking, burned, lump of the ground must be him. Alas, it seems this artist will continue to go unnoticed for the time being.

With a flourish of her bright blue cloak, Margaux waltzes on over to the fallen mouse and the dark mage nearby. She knows not who Leida is nor how to really care for Faruja's wounds. Margaux reaches up for the clasp of her cloak and undoes the device. Gently, she takes her cloak and attempts to lay the cloak over the burned body of the person who had assisted her so greatly in battle. It may not be much in the ways of helping him, but she will atleast let Faruja keep some of his dignity so passerbys will not gawk at his wounds until real medical help comes. Margaux dips her head in a silent prayer before looking around at those nearby.

"Where is the nearest 'ospital?" Not the most eloquent thing to say in this situation. However, it seems the practical thing to ask. She will leave the dealing of justice towards Baigan and Leida to someone more capable of judging guilt or God. Whoever acts first, really.
Emi Dennou Emi lowers her hand and then approaches Baigan. She looks around afor a moment and then withdraws from a pocket, a recent purchase: A pair of handcuffs. But then she looks down at Baigan. He's in human form, but he can just turn his arms into explosive snakes? So maybe using this on his arms isn't a good thing. She looks down instead and then, with a nod to herself, crouches down, intending to link the cuffs around his ankles instead.

She straightens up and says. "Case complete."

She looks over her shoulder. "WIthout Baigan stirring up trouble, hopefluly Fluorgis will turn to normal soon. The Network thanks the Shard SEekers for their help...and remands this man to your custody. With this, Reize..." She turns towards him in particular.

"With this there is no way they could deny you proper clanship. With this, our debt to the Shard Seekers for their hospitality and their assistance in saving us is repaid. Now nothing needs to weigh down our bonds." She smiles suddenly. "Thank you for your perseverence."
Faruja Senra Faruja is little more than a slumped, partially burning figure as the others rush over to him. At least he's still breathing, but his face is one of utter agony even in his unconsciousness. Within his dreams, Burmecia burns once more.

The cloak that soon coats his body may as well be a Faram-send, as the touch of cloth seems to extinguish the flames. A shudder, and the rat drifts to a far less painful sleep. It seems that Margaux has done her good deed for the day. r
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath lands on the ground, whirling around to aim blades at Baigan in preparation for counter-attacks... Only to see Baigan collapsed on the ground, completely human and completely out cold.

It was tempting, so very tempting, to kill the Baronite and be done with it. But that would be overstepping authority plus cold-blooded murder.

He steps back, sheathing his blades under his cloak and glancing around uneasily. Fires have to be put out, damage has to be calculated... He catches a glimmer of red on the side of Gabranth's armor. Oh dear. Yes, allies need to be tended to as well.

He gives Gabranth an understanding nod in response as the Judge of Ambition leaves first. He watches the others for a time gathering around poor Faruja, then turns his helm to Evja. "Judge Errant, deal with Baigan as you see fit. I will send assistance as soon as I am able."

And with a swish of his cape, he follows Gabranth out at a much faster walk than his comrade. Faruja is in good hands, and there is little he can do for the Templar--but for his fellow Judge Magister, he can at least ensure the Judge of Ambition can make it to a proper medical facility in one piece.
Reize Seatlan First, Palom is given a glance over, "I don't know!" Then, he looks over towards Faruja and then Leida, "Leida, get in contact with Lenn. We need to get to the headquarters fast!"

And the arrival of a stranger draws his attention, mostly because of the question. "We have a healer on standby at our headquarters." Reize is moving to pick Faruja up.

His attention is focused towards Emi, givng her a smile. "Thank you, Emi. You helped us a lot." The debt is repaid and all. The cloaked covered Faruja will be taken to the HQ fast.
Deelel Deelel sees Palom starting to cast, the user is not even prehaps a fourth of the way compiled and still he could likely take down a Recongiser on his /own/ that was something rather fersom when she thought about it so when the flares come she's get to cover, when it fades she pokes her head out form where she was hiding and looks left then right seeing it's safe she'll follow the other Seekers back to the HQ to help where she can.
Lily Lily drops to her knees after unleashing that spell, panting. It is a great deal of time before she's ready to stand again, but she does. Woozily. just in time to witness the torment Leida's attempts to heal Faruja result in.

Lily claps both hands over her mouth to stifle a gasp of horror... and promptly charges for the Paladin and Leida!

... charges...


And stumbles over her own robes.

CRASH-THUMP. Face-down near the paladin with a faint whimper.
Leida Leida doesn't bother arguing, despite the fact that her own injuries are still smoldering. But she has no one to blame for that except herself. How stupid. Ofcourse no decent person would react to her vile blood favorably. The command to fetch help is more than welcome; she just wants to be anywhere but here right now.

Turning away, she tucks the injured hand against her chest and dashes back into the city to warn Lenn of the eminant arrival of the wounded templar. By the time they arrive, she herself is no longer in the building, having vanished into the city once more.
Margaux Fleury The now cloakless Margaux nods her head towards Reize when he comes to Faruja's side and explains where he will be taken. That was good enough for her. "Please ensure that the messire recovers," implores the woman lightly before watching Lily fall arse over elbows down onto the ground. She nearly places her face into the palm of her left hand, but plays it off by merely taking a moment to wipe some sweat from off her brow. "Are you alright?" The red-headed fencer asks as she crouches near the fallen girl.

The departing Judges get a look, but the Death Corps member was not about to start another fight against such odds. So they only get an icy glare from the revolutionary. And speaking of the Death Corps, she really did not get anywhere in crafting goodwill for their cause. All Margaux might have done was incur the wrath of yet another nation against their order and nearby get killed as a result. Oh well, it could be worse. Faruja's slumped body get a small look when that thought crosses her mind.
Raine Arland "....And now they're dropping like flies." Raine commented lightly, watching Faruja's minor crisis as well as how tuckered out everyone else was looking in general. After a bit of thought a sheepish spile found it's way to his face.

"Heroism is tough work, huh?" His left eye glowed a bit and the voice in his head responded in kind. 'It's too much work. So don't be a hero. Ever.' Words of wisdom from the centuries old, talking demonic sword. Rain just nodded and pat the pommel of his sword, causing it to sink into the ground as if it were never even there.

And then he turned and walked out of the aerodome, arms crossed behind his head all casual like.

"I could use a slice chocolate cheesecake right about now."

'You <GOOSEHONK>ing fairy boy. We've got waves to make and you want CAKE...!?' The voice in his mind echoed in exasperation.

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