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(2013-02-15 - 2013-02-22)
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Faruja Senra Having finally recovered from his little mishap involving a Witch and explosives, Faruja is once more on the job. Rumors of the disturbance within the Southern Continent quickly reached the ears of the Church. Given it's likely location, so close to Lindblum, the rat seems perfect for the job given the relationship between the mechanical city and his own kind. Rather than flying today, he's taken to riding a chocobo, a loaner from an acquaintance he knew back home. A slightly runty little bird, it makes up for it in its energy.

The Templar shivers, eye gazing about as he rides. The Mist, though his kind are certainly used to it, can effect just about anyone. Forcing himself to withdraw claws from his weapon, he keeps a sharp eye out as he makes his way towards the Petrified Forest.

Deep breaths, one, two. "Lord grant me serenity and strength."
Evja The Mist Plains were actually rather quiet today. Even though they were normally somewhat quiet, sometimesthings could be seen in the distance. Outlined shapes of monsters, animals, etc. The closer they got towards the woods, though, the thicker the mist got. Not all at once of course, it was a gradual thing. But even so, it was getting thicker. And on the air, something dangerous could be smelled.


Not a lot of it, though. At least, closeby. Something had been killed recently, nearby too. In the distance a lump on the ground could be made out, the lump being a rather mauled monster corpse. And beside the corpse of the fallen dragon was what appeared to be someones bloody clothes.
Hati The wolf always seems to have her own reasons for being there at the most unusual moments. Time and again, she'd seemed to /know/ when VALKYRI was about to head out on some adventure or another. Hati hadn't shown up all the time, but the regularity of it is a bit eerie. It's enough to make someone wonder if she had eyes on the place. This, of course, isn't a VALKYRI operation, so it might seem strange for her to appear out of nowhere. Yet, there she is none the less. She offers no explinations for her presence on the road. One minute, it is just Faruja and his chocobo, the next... there is a girl in a leather trenchcoat walking a few steps behind. The sound of her foosteps even seems to come out of nowhere.

Creepy girl.

"You know it's dangerous to go wandering into the mist alone." Her voice, out of the silence, is probably enough to startle some. Although it's easy to somehow imagine some greater voice going: 'It's dangerous to go alone, take this' and handing a chibi wolf over. Da-da-na-naaaaaaa! Anyyyways, Hati falls into step, easily keeping up at a run with the Templar's mount, although having a predator near by probably is not helping the chocobo stay calm.

Sniff, sniff. Hati's nose lifts, "Do you smell that?" She asks, mismatched eyes looking in the direction of the scent. Blood is a familiar one for her nose, but it makes her lip curl none the less. "That way." She points, even before the lump of mauled beast comes into view.
Faruja Senra Faruja nearly jumps out of his fur as Hati seemingly materializes out of nowhere. There's a spearpoint leveled at her, the Burmecian squeaking aloud, before he sighs. All of the military-drilled paranoia evaporates as he recognizes the wolfess. "Oh, Lord in Heaven, Hati! 'Tis enough to slay a body, sneaking upon me thusly!"

Shudder. He's somehow glad he managed to /not/ make an enemy out of her. She could've killed him in his sleep! Nevermind if she started making use of poisons.

A stray thought of holding a tiny Hati in his hands has the ratling chuckling slightly, before he clears his throat. "Then I shall be most grateful for thy...calm, little one...presence. I fear foul works have been wrought in the area as of late." The rat strokes the head of the chocobo, whom definitely seems nervous at Hati's presence.

Sniff. "Blood." Faruja confirms, nodding as he spots the lump. Dismounting, the rat moves to inspect the clothing. "A dragon...mayhap this poor fellow and beast met their untimely ends by the same creature..."
Evja The clothing might actually be familiar to the both of them, given Hati would have seen Evja in it last they spoke, and Faruja... well, had seen the cloak times before. It was Evja's Judiciers Cloak, a large white, now blood-stained cloak. But despite that, it didn't look damaged, simply bloody, other than the ties that kept it on literally being /ripped/ like it was pulled off rather forcefully.
Leading off from the sight, as well as a chunk of the dragon missing, was a set of bloody footprints. Sharp nails or claws had ripped into the ground, however, a rather frenzied look overall. The dragon looks to have met a fate at the hands of something almost bestial.

There was something watching, though, and who knows how the Chocobo, or the two here, might respond to that creepy feeling of something glaring from somewhere. The plains were mostly open, though, save where those tracks lead. Which was a small cave in the distance, the opening barely visible as a blur.
Hati This isn't the first time that the mouse has leveled his spear at her, and it likely won't be the last. She actually smirks, nudging the blade aside with one clawed finger as if it were something of little real worry to her. "You wouldn't have gotten within an inch of me unless I wanted you to." She replies back in that dark voice she sometimes has, carrying that hint of threat that lingers on fanged teeth. He had gotten quite a bit 'closer' than that, but right now, she just watches him move the spear away. "It's nice to see you, too." She muses with a roll of those mismatched eyes.

She shoots a glare at the chocobo, a predator's look that suggests that such a creature would make a nice snack, but figuring that it belongs to Faruja... well, maybe she wouldn't dine on kentucky fried 'chicken'. Her head turns away from the creature when they come upon that corpse, lowering her head towards the ground to sniff. He'd probably never seen her do the whole 'tracker' thing before, but she examines the ground closely, then looks to the remains. "A hunter after my own heart." She smirks, clawed fingers touching a bloody footprint, trying to fee how fresh it might be.

The cloak is certainly familiar, as is the scent that goes with it. However, she lets him confirm it. Plucking up the garment, the wolf tosses it towards him. "This look like it belongs to someone you know?" Clearly, she recognises it, herself, but another set of eyes, or another keen nose might be needed. "Whatever it is that attacked this thing is still out there. I can feel it." Her tail twitches, "Like a prickle at the back of my neck." Squinting towards the cave in the distance, she takes a few steps, crouching again to double check her sences. "This way." She seems content to leave the dead thing for other predators.
Faruja Senra The Templar snorts, lowering the spear before playfully reaching out with a tail. Should she not move, she'll get a rub to the ears briefly.

"A true shadow and wraith you are, dear Hati! I shall endeavor to not force thy blade, that I may sleep at night without fear of it!" Returns the rat, smiling.

A look of horror dawns on Faruja's face as he realizes just /whom/ the cloak belongs to. Yet, it's undamaged. The rat's jaw sets. "Mmm." He lets Hati track away, no doubt much better at that sort of thing. He, after all, tends to be the muscle of his occupation.

"The Lady Adjudicator Evja. A strong Viera, however...a dragon...claws marks. Could /she/ have done this?" Faruja sounds a bit skeptical, before he shakes his head.

The Templar turns, following slightly behind Hati as she leads the way. That spear of his sits on his shoulder. "Let us find the truth of this. I fear for her. 'Tis...unlike what little I know of the Judge." To the cave they go!
Evja The cave was actually a bit further away than one might have expected. The mist was warping the visual distance a bit. But, still, the cave was just that. In the side of a small hill, it looks like some place a monster had burrowed out a long long time ago and had since been used by various monsters.
Or in the case of the moment...

A Viera.

Evja was sitting in the back of the shallow cave with a hunk of dragon leg next to him. No fire, no signs of habitation, nothing other than the Viera and the scent of what /was/ the dragon, and the obvious blood. He was awake and sitting there, staring out at those approaching, but hadn't made any signs to move yet, or signs of acting. But there was something wrong.
Hati might notice it more than Faruja if only because it would likely be similar to a werewolf who had lost control of themselves. Still, into the darkness of the shallow cave was Evja, alive.
Hati Just in the process of moving to keep pace, the ear only gets touched faintly by the passing of his tail, enough to make it flick a couple of times. As they get closer, that strange feeling prickles at her, "Maybe best to leave the bird back a ways." If there is something dangerous in the cave, then they probably don't want to risk the chocobo flying into a panic. She slows her own approach, but her hands don't reach for those daggers, not yet. "I don't smell anyone else."

Her own night-vision capable eyes spot the Viera in shades of black and white, ears drawn back, "But something's wrong." She warns, looking at Faruja as if letting the Templar make the decision here. This was his friend, so it's up to him to make that call.
Faruja Senra A low whistle to the bird has it stopping in its tracks, the Burmecian smartly putting away his spear as the person within the cave becomes apparent. Sniff. Dead dragon, and blood, and Evja. The ratling looks at Evja, searching for signs of recognition.

Caution creeps in, the fur on his neck rising. A nod to Hati, and he whispers to her. "Should anything happen, attempt to restrain her. Or flee, if you must."

Two hand are held before him, the ratling slowly starting to walk towards the cave. "Lady Evja. What is going on?" he calls out gently, trying to sound as warm as he can.
Evja "..."

Evja stared out at them silently before a low growl came. It wasn't an animal growl so much something rather feral. Then in a flash, Evja vanished. Must still have those Faerie Shoes on that he told Faruja about a long time ago. Because in that split second he vanished, he reappeared in front of them, now fully visible even with the mist around the area.
The Viera looked quite dissheveled. Blood was caked on him as well as his clothes being out of order and crooked and... well, Faruja might finally get a chance to pick up tells that Evja isn't quite female. Like the fact his veil was missing and his face was completely exposed, eyes /red/, unnaturally so, mist seeping out of them. Not to mention overall he just seemed lost.

It was only for a second, though, as he disappeared again as soon as he appeared before the sound of a footstep behind the two of them and the Viera lashed out bodily at the two, a series of taloned kicks towards both of them. Bunny was lost to the mist, a problem of his heritage, if either knew of such.
Hati Restraining someone isn't exactly Hati's idea of a proper hunt, but in this case, it's probably better than pummeling the poor Viera into submission. The growl draws her own feral eyes into narrow slits, echoing her own challenge in return. This is no mist-driven frenzy on her end, but an urge to rise to the fight. Crouching, she snarls low, flashing white fangs into the dim half-light of the cave. One hand is used to draw a small rune on the ground, one that flashes up with a hint of strange dark flame beneath her and the Templar. Thus far, he hadn't complained about her use of dark magic on him, and even if it's source might not be holy, it still comes with that surge of speed.

"Look out!" She warns, too late to avoid the attack, herself, but close enough to unsheath her blades, working for a counter that never materializes. Instead, the hard kicks send one of her daggers flying into the dark, leaving her with only one still clutched in her hand. "You're quick, but not quick enough." She warns, growling again as her ears slick back.

"Let's see how well you do with a little darkness to slow you down." The dagger is thrust down into the dirt, sinking in a few inches. From where it touches the earth, tendrils start to lash up, reaching to try to catch onto the bunny. Wherever they do, they weaken, slow, and seem to draw out some life force in the process.
Faruja Senra By now Faruja's seen enough of Hati to realize her intent, if not her magic, seems decent enough. Besides, after a conversation with Skoll, Faruja's more than willing to believe her darkness is inherent just like her brother's. Or maybe he simply realizes it'd be a pointless argument.

Besides, he needs every bit of speed he can get right now. The surprise of the Viera's true gender is nothing against just how lost the poor bunny looks. If only he knew a bit more about his kind! In a flash, the Viera's behind him, and claws rake across his back leaving slashed armor and bleeding wounds. With mist-borne strength, his armor is as nothing against them! Crying out, the rat ducks, trying to simply ram his shoulder into Evja and tackle him to the ground. With any luck, wrestling will ensure, as Hati uses her dark tendrils to attempt to keep the good bunny down.
Evja The Viera was supernaturally quick and limber, and it was proven quite simply. When Faruja came in - the attack did hit, but probably not in the expected way. It connected with the Viera's chest and he fell down indeed, however there was one thing Faruja hadn't taken into account. Evja's legs. With a swift kick as he fell, what would normally jump /Evja/ high into the air was instead used to send the rat flying, from right between his legs.
Evja's legs were /strong/, and when those tentacles came courtesy of Hati, all it took was a kick on the ground with his other foot to flip him over backwards like a rolling ball before flickering in and out of sight a few yards away. Once again that growl came before JudgeBunny went after just Hati - or at least that's what it would seem. A full-frontal attack, no flicker tricks until just as he got close, he vanished and appeared behind, then vanished again and reappeared where he was originally with a backflip, attemping to vault Hati right beneath the chin with both heels before lunging towards where Faruja had gone to try and return the favor - a frenzy-laden grapple.
Hati Seeing the dark force come to no avail, Hati wrenches her dagger back up from the ground. She really would rather not go toe to toe with the bunny, especially knowing just how sharp her claws, fangs, and daggers are. "You know, I'm not terribly good at this catch but not hurt thing." She notes to the mouse, looking over at him just in time to see him take one hard in the codpiece. Wince.

Her first response is a growl, one that gets cut off as the blow from Evja's kick. The blow catches her on the chin, but the wolf is already moving backwards as part of the motion, backflipping to land in a crouch. There is an ache there, but she quickly snaps her jaw, forcing it back into alignment. "I've had just about enough." With the bunny launching off after Faruja again, Hati reaches out and swipes with her blade at those retreating legs. It isn't a blow meant to actually hit with the knife, but with the wave of darkness that follows it.
Faruja Senra "'Tis always the most difficult, to subdue rather than slay!" The rat agrees, Faruja frowning. He doesn't get to say much more so, as a leg comes up. His eye goes wide as he realizes just /where/ it's headed.

Whack! No. Our fuzzy hero does not get away from the leg coming his way. Armor may not help the heart stay sharp, but it least keeps the rat in child-conceiving status. Thud! Tumble tumble, settle! Faruja sobs and squeaks and whimpers pathetically, curled up into a ball as he nurses his new injury, eye very nearly rolled into the back of his head. While technically in one piece, someone's going to need an ice pack after all of this is over.

Then the bunny scrambles atop him, a furious bout of grappling occuring. At first, he can hardly fight back, but the Templar finally pulls himself out of masculine-injury related pain. Practically growling, and under the Mist-strengthened power of the bunny, he's forced to do only what he can.

Faruja's muzzle opens, and then snaps down upon Evja's arm in an attempt to hold him still!

"Damnit...Evja! Be CALM lest we must hurt thee!"
Evja That unnatural speed once again aids Evja in avoiding the attacks from Hati, ears twitching upright when it's made and rolling to the side only to kick the ground and avoid them entirely. Of course, by this point, he managed to get atop Faruja and straddle the rat, both arms flailing and doing damage. It's only when he's bitten into that Evja howls out in pain before doing something that might surprise the two who were trying to rescue him.
Slamming out with his free hand, he wraps it around Faruja's neck and while still bitten onto, kicks one foot, vanishing with both himself and Faruja. The two appear a moment later in the air and CRASH, Faruja became Comet Rat. Poor thing was taking a beat.

But with the proximity, he might notice that Evja almost appeared to be crying at this point, despite the mist-laden 'rage' on his face. Despite it all, he knew what was happening. And couldn't stop it, almost like some supernatural 'Berserk' had been set upon him. Leaping away and landing, Evja stood up and looked around as if he honestly planned on escaping before backing away slowly towards the wild. He wasn't attacking at the moment, but if they planned to incapacitate him now rather than let him run off...
They had better do /something/.

Not to mention he was starting to faintly glow, the Mist swirling around him as if he was somehow either channeling it, or being controlled by it - or some combination of both or neither. The Mist was influencing him somehow though.
Hati Seeing Faruja being manhandled like some armored rag-doll is enough to send a tremble through the wolf-girl. She'd resisted up until now, but it seems like there is nothing else for it. Her dagger clatters to the ground, followed by her jacket. It all happens in a matter of a few seconds, her hand drawing up a small metal compact, the mirror inside catching the reflection of her own eye, causing it to glow, then her form to tremble, and then the girl is no more.

In her place is a six foot tall mountain of wolf, big enough to take up a significant amount of the space that Evja might have otherwise used to escape. Muscle ripples beneath fur as a deep growl echos from the beast's chest. It might be hard to imagine that the smaller girl could turn into such a monster, but this beast has the same mismatched eyes.

Without so much as a thought to the consequences, she leaps for the rabbit, trying to grab for Evja with those massive paws. If caught, the bunny might soon find themselves thrown down towards the ground, hard, only to be set upon by a large, heavy wolf ready to snap at any attempt to escape.
Faruja Senra Despite being yanked away, surprise in the rat's features, the rat peers into the eyes of the Judge. He knows. He /knows/ what's happening. The ground rushes up. Wham!

Coughing, the rat tries to not black out from the hard hit. Ratmeteor is painful.

Ow ow ow. The rat manages to get to his feet. Hati becomes a full-on werewolf. Nodding, the rat draws his spear. "Hati! We must be...rough. I fear she..he shall be lost if we do not do our utmost! 'Tis as though he's gone mad."

Faruja concentrates, body glowing even as Hait claws and pummels. Then, the ratling charges, the blunt of his spear aimed for the bunny's chest! Legs, arms, and even head will get a good holy-infused smacking. Clearly, he's trying to pummel the bunny into submission now.
Faruja Senra Then, pummeling complete, the ratling would end his gambit! By attempting to grab Evja's legs, and lift them from the ground! His eye falls upon those shoes, the source of his jumps. "Nay, dear Judge, ye shan't be moving now."
Evja The sudden tackle from Hati did a number to knock the breath right out of the bunny. Not to mention he seemed quite frightened. And rightfully so, there's a hulking werewolf atop him! He struggled and whined and tried his best to get loose, but couldn't. Only thing he could do was kick away! Or her, actually! He went to do such only for...



That strike from Faruja knocked any breath out of Evja he had left and before he could respond his legs were grabbed and kept from doing such. So, really... he's pretty stuck at this point unless something happens, despite struggling as hard as he can.
Hati The wolf's snarling muzzle is held down close towards the Viera's face, blowing hot breath. At the very least, one can be thankful that Hati uses good dental hygene, because otherwise, ew, doggy breath. Her own muscles tense against the struggling, insensed judge. "You didn't happen to bring some rope, did you?" She growls in the deep rumble that is her wolf-voice, turning her head slightly to get a view on what Faruja is doing behind her. "If not, there's a tube of powder in what's left of my clothes. That should help."

Wait, is she talking about the poison that she bought back in Traverse Town? Dun dun dun.... come on you knew that would come up somewhere...
Faruja Senra With the Judge at least /somewhat/ calmed down, or at least not clawing them, the rat frowns. Even his tail is wrapped about the legs of the struggling Viera, desperately trying to keep ahold of the strong male. Claws scratch against ground as he tries to keep hold.

" rope is back at Headquarters. 'Twas not upon my mind to bring restraints."

'Powder'. At that, the ratling scowls in Hati's direction, muzzle opening as if to rebuke her. Then, it shuts. /Sigh/. "I...suppose there is little choice. Dear Lady Adjudicator, my deepest apologies." Unwrapping his tail, he yanks over that coat that Hati always wears, hopefully bringing the tube along with it.

"How should it be administered?" Pause. Sigh. Well, at least he can trust Hati that it won't do any lasting damage! Still, the rat looks very unhappy about this turn of events.
Evja Evja struggles still, though it may be obvious his struggling likely isn't even his choice at this point, given it's rather hopeless and he's still trying physically like a raging behemoth.
Hati The wolf is too intent on keeping the upper body of Evja motionless to really notice too much of the scowl on the mouse's features, but when she turns back, her ears flick slightly, eyes narrowing. "Is this really the time not to trust me?" Her lip curls, flashing those white teeth. "Just a pinch of it in the nose should be enough. Try not to breathe it in yourself." She shifts, ready to move her large rear paws over Evja's legs should the Templar actually choose to follow her instructions. Hati lifts her own head away, making sure that there is a clean path.

The powder isn't quite in the same container that she had first gotten it, which suggests that she must have done something to it. Then again, with her strange skill with such things, it might do anything.
Faruja Senra "'Tis not a matter of trust, you have earned that thrice over! 'Tis a matter of princi...nevermind, it does not matter! Greater good." Faruja fires back, ears folding.

The Burmecian lets Hati take over pinning down the Viera, as he smartly wraps part of his hood over his muzzle and nose. Taking in a pinch of the powder, he puts it in the Judge's nose.

"There there, breathe in! No more struggling. We shall find you some safe place while we figure out just what is going on."
Evja Especially with the heavy, labored breathing and struggling, he was unable /not/ to breathe it in. Especially since the mist rage had him too out of it to think of holding his breath. It wouldn't take long before the struggling actually ceased, though, even though the effects of whatever were causing the rage were still there. He just couldn't move, other than straining with his head like he could free himself somehow and fingers twitching here and there. Otherwise, limp as a doll.
Hati Blowing air out of her nose to make sure she hasn't ingested any of the powder, herself, Hati releases the rabbit's hands, slowly rising to her feet. "We need to hurry. That won't last long." Reaching out, the wolf plucks the vial from the mouse's hand, closing it up carefully. Without much fanfair, she gathers up what salvagable remains of her clothes there are, which is mostly her jacket and boots, bundling them up under one arm. "Here, if you can carry these, I'll take care of our insensed friend there."

At a little over six feet tall, herself, in this lupine form, it makes a little more sense for her to be the one carrying the bunny. Crouching down, Hati hefts up Evja into her hands, making sure that her mouth is kept reasonably away from the wolf's arm or chest. "If you bite me, so help me I'll shove a sock in your mouth. And it'll be a dirty one." She growls. It's a mild threat at best.
Faruja Senra Taking the offered clothes, the ratling nods, sighing in relief. "Quite. I shall call Arista." The image of Hati being chewed on by the Judge almost has him chuckling, as the rat moves outside, shaking his head.

"Lindblum, I think, or its plateau should suffice. Anywhere but this blasted cave." As they exit, the rat whistles, and a shadow falls. The large form of the wyvern Arista makes herself known as she lands, snorting. Upon her back is a pack full of various things, one rather important one the rat soon mentions.

"Should it be necessary, feel free to avail thyself of extra robes, Hati." Must protect the Lady's modesty! Leaping up, he'll pack away the clothes, before reaching down to help get Evja up on the wyvern. This inevitably involves scolding Arista for being generally unhelpful.
Evja Well, he was /trying/ to bite as best he could, but given Hati'd taken precautious, he couldn't manage it.
Evja Indeed, though, the longer they took him out of direct mist, or really, out of the thickest parts of the Mist, the calmer he would get, even if he still looked a bit out of it for the moment.
Hati This is the first time that the wolf has actually seen the Wyvern who is partnered with Faruja. She had heard about it in passing, when he had mentioned his sister having that knack for working with the beasts, but seeing it is another matter entirely. Her head tilts, watching the creature with a curious expression, but then after Faruja had clambered up, she walks forward to hand over her burden.

Normally, she might have asked if the Wyvern could carry so many people, but something tells her that it would be bad idea, especially with the Templar already scolding his mount. She does claim a set of robes, though, "One moment." Letting Faruja get the Judge settled, Hati walks a few steps away, looking into that tiny compact again. Unless someone was looking her way, it would be easy to miss the transformation back into a human. At the very least, in this form, she'd be significantly lighter a burden.

Robes wrapped around her, the wolf returns, taking a hand-up onto the back of the Wyvern. Needless to say, she's not about to ride side-saddle for modesty sake, and just tries to get herself into some position where she can hang on. If Arista decides to take off too quickly, it might just be Faruja that she latches on to. Poor mouse, he might just have a half-naked girl pressed up against his back, with only that thin robe between them. Mwaahah.
Faruja Senra The wyvern hisses words in draconic as Faruja gets our poor bunny nice and strapped in with some ropes, not unlike cargo. Poor Judge, but the rat's not taking chances here. This leaves plenty of room for another passenger as Hati changes back.

"No! NO! We are /not/ having rabbit stew tonight, and certainly the Lady Adjudicator resents the implication!" Faruja yells back, smartly bonking the wyvern on the head. He doesn't turn back, both far too polite to watch a woman dressing, and having his claws full of wyvern-wrangling duties.

/Just/ as Hati is lifted up behind Faruja, Arista gives a roar. Flapping her wings, she thrusts herself into the air, forcing our poor heroine to latch onto the nearest thing for support! This just happens to be the Templar. Soft. Light robes. The rat's tail is wrapped about Hati's stomach should she not object, for safety reasons. Such closeness almost immediately makes the rat come to the realization that she's both in human form, /and/ having not much more than that robe on.

White is tinged with red in every conceivable spot with fur or flesh, the male even feeling quite a bit warmer as he flushes. The tip of his tail, oddly enough, wags in that universal happy way. For all that he's embarrassed, Hati sure is comfortable. Cough. His tail certainly /doesn't/ adjust to get her a touch closer.

"Ahhh...Hati, hang tight upon me. 'Twould...not desire you to fall!" That's totally the reason he's squirming a touch. Off our trio goes to Lindblum!
Evja The higher they get out of the mist, it becomes more obvious if it wasn't already that it was the mist poisoning Evja. It drains out of him like water from a sponge, though there was no real way to /squeeze it out/ as it were. Though he does eventually just pass out, a combination of the powder forcing him to be still and having been raging for who knows how long. Maybe a day or two, really.
Hati It's only by some small miracle that Hati doesn't show her surprise at the sudden takeoff. Being a wolf, she isn't /quite/ used to being off the ground. Without having to be asked, her hands grasp around the Templar's chest, pulling herself against his armored back as she clings on for dear life. Luckily, perhaps, that he can't see the bit of color on her own cheeks that has nothing to do with being dragged up into the cold air. "I'm not really used to flying!" she calls out, voice rising over the wind. It pulls her hair back away from her face, but luckily the wolf is mostly shielded by a mouse-back.

Pending that the Wyvern doesn't start doing loop-de-loops or something, Hati would eventually relax a little, going so far as to peek out over the side to get a view of the land below them. One can't fault her curiousity, or her bravery when it comes to such things, but figuring this might be a once in a lifetime chance to see the world from up here, she isn't going to let it past without a peek. "You've never introduced me to your companion." She's probably not talking about the passed out Evja, and more likely speaking of the great beast that they're riding on.

Even so, Hati does look back to check on the Viera. "I've never seen the mist do that to someone. Have you?" It isn't a long trip back to the city, thankfully.
Faruja Senra For all of his nervousness around women, once they're up in the air and flying properly, the dragoon's in his element. He grins widely, happily, between having someone he's come to care for as a friend at his back as well as feeling the freedom of the open skies.

"Bask in the sensation, dear Hati! 'Tis like no other! Freedom! Absolute freedom M'Lady! Up here, 'tis only the Lord's eyes upon us all. Mayhap I would wish it under better circumstances, however, 'tis one I am glad to finally share with you. What say you? Shall we do this again when we may be more...acrobatic in our maneuvers?" That single eye lights up as he strains to look back at Hati, but utterly fails given their proximity.

Luckily, though Arist looks as though she's about to do something devious, the rat once again bonks her on the head. "I /know/ that look! Be good and I may give you a wyvern treat when we land." Arista perks up at that, and settles. The ground below wooshes by in a blurr, the large draconian being speedy as she catches downdrafts and updrafts to stay aloft.

"Unfortunately, Arista does not much like desert areas such as Fluorgis where we so oft meet. Dries the scales. Lady Hati, meet Lady Arista, friend, and near enough sibling. Raised her from a hatchling myself, along with my sister. Never a finer war wyvern to be found!" The wyvern hisses out a few more words, leaving Faruja shaking his head.

"Never did break the attitude, however."

Earperk. "I once saw a man driven mad by Mist. A Linder. However...'twas not like that. The soldier had been under extreme duress. The mist seems to amplify negative emotions. To go berserk so..." He shudders. Terrifying.
Hati "You know, I'm actually far more used to keeping my feet on the g-ground." Is that a little catch in the wolf's voice? Nah, couldn't be. "My mother used to say that if wolves were meant to fly, we would have been given wings." This had probably been to some childhood question about how she could catch the 'White Wolf' if her prey was always elusive like the moon. True wolves surely could never chase the sun or the moon in the sky, since they were bound to the ground below.

As they fly, though, some of the rat's enthusiasm is infectious, and she hesitantly reaches out a hand towards a passing cloud. The wind ruffles back a robe, leaving her arm bare as it goes through. When the hand is drawn back, she boggles at it in wonder. "It's wet." It might take Hati a while to be comfortable with such heights, but at least she doesn't seem too frightened as some others might be.
5rNot one to shrink back from any challenge, the wolf smirks, "Of course. But if you think you can scare me, you've got another thing coming." Then again, she returns to holding on quite tightly, not willing to risk falling off. "It's nice to meet you, Lady Arista." Unlike with other creatures where she might do her usual posturing and agressiveness that comes with being a wolf, the Wyvern is clearly an intelligent beast, as much as either of them, and not one to be trifled with. While Faruja might try to dicipline her, it isn't Hati's place to do more than treat her 'ride' with respect. "My thanks for the lift."

As they leave the Mist behind, Hati shrugs. Her own understanding of such things is limited. "I've never had much experience with it. We never really came near this part of the world before the fall." Looking back at the form of Evja, Hati squints her eyes, "Hopefully the effect will fade." And hopefully the Viera isn't about to throw them in chains for assault.
Faruja Senra Earperk. Faruja notes that slight catch, and can't help but smile a bit wider. The tip of his tail waggles, perhaps even tickling the poor wolfess. "Fear naught! You fly atop the greatest flier in the world! Whatever her attitude, Arista shan't allow you to fall. Enjoy thy new set of wings, oh sweet wolf. Shall I call thee an angel-wolf now?" Teases the Templar lightly. Showing a touch of vulnerability, and not one borne of hurt, is endearing to the rat coming from such a strong wolfess.

Chuckling as Hati touches a cloud, the rat nods. "An old trick back in the army, if one passes through enough clouds, one can refill their flasks with water. Lingering is unwise, however; 'tis where storms brew. More than one foolish wyvern and rider hath been struck from the skies by lightning."

A loud snort, not unlike Faruja's own, exits the nostrils of Arista at the thanks. Hissing draconians words filter back, and from the look on Faruja's face, they're not flattering. He sighs. "I do believe I shall be washing thy mouth out with soap this eve, Arista! /Manners/!" Pause. He considers.

The rat's voice drops, conspiratorially to the wyvern. "...Fine, I concede. Her tail /is/ better."

A small sigh. "She...ahem, /he/ shall live. The Lady Adjudicator is strong. From the looks of things, removing him from the mist seems to cease his struggles. Let us get him to an inn to rest." Despite the gender, he still hasn't switched terms. Seems it's stuck. The ratling tries to not think too hard regarding the implications there!

Soon enough, the wyvern touches ground a ways out of Lindblum's main gate.
Faruja Senra Something occurs to him, however, as they're assisting the bunny down in his knocked out state. "Ahh, Lady Hati, I do not desire to impose...however, where doth thy lay thy head at night? Forgive the question, however, 'twould be wonderful to visit you when time permits. Learn more of you, and the like." Cough. Does the rat sound slightly nervous?
Hati With a little wiggle, the wolf pushes his tail down a bit so that it doesn't tickle quite so much, quickly re-grasping at his side after the task is done. "Oh, I have no doubts on her flying skills. Just... need to get used to it." Until then, the mouse is clung to, not that he probably minds it. She blows out a breath of air, sounding like a canine huff, not about to accept such silly words. "Your companion is the angel. Perhaps she would be a bit more obliging if you were to speak to her more nicely." Uh oh, wolf is on the Wyvern's side. Watch out.

She misses some of the interplay between the two of them, though, still doing those quick little peeks over the Wyvern's side. It's almost as if she's testing her own courage. "The powder will wear off soon enough. It's diluted down so it's mostly harmless. Unless you decide to take a great breath of it. I suspect that the Judge will be free of it's effects by the time we land." The wolf really hasn't explained what goes into the powder, or how she came about it, but thankfully, it doesn't seem to be poison, at least not directly.

Hati doesn't seem to refer to either notation of gender when it comes to the Viera. Perhaps it's just that she isn't about to judge which, or perhaps because she chooses to acknowledge people for who they are rather than what bits lie between their legs. Ignorant of any past experiences between these two, she wouldn't be able to say much on his realization.

As they come in to land, she doesn't release her grip until things steady themselves. Then, she's quick to sling her leg over, hopping down without help to land in a crouch. "My thanks for the lift, Lady Arista. I hope you'll oblige me again sometime." And the wolf goes so far as to /bow/ to the Wyvern. Strange how she acts far more politely towards the beast then she usually does to other humans. Maybe the wolf simply acknowledges the power in other creatures not to dissimilar from herself.

As she helps to unload Evja, Hati is caught by the question. "There are woods North of the Dwarven woodlands, in an unclaimed part of the lands of Phantasia. Ask the locals for the place that no one goes for fear of it being haunted. That's the place." She muses, with a smirk. If she's being truthful, it's a strange place to call 'home'. If she's lying, well... it's just one of those extra hints of mystery the wolf adds to herself.
Faruja Senra The Templar pouts lightly. "Ahh, but if you only knew what she was saying!" The rat responds, not at all minding the clinging. He even sighs a bit. Yup, this is nice. Comfy wolf-woman.

A brow rises at the explaination. "Do...I truly desire to know what exactly you had planned in the first place with such powder? Nothing nefarious I trust? Not going to kidnap any Burmecians in the middle of the night?" There's a light tease here, but he's certainly curious.

Arista actually dips her snout. This wolf has gotten on her good side after siding against her father! As the rat turns about, he gets a light swat with her tail, sending him tumbling as the large lizard snickers. "Graah! Horrible, Arista!" He rubs his rear lightly, wincing from his previous bruising thanks to a certain Viera.

A nod. "Then next it shall be I that sneaks int...oh whom am I kidding, you shall no doubt hear my arrival leagues away. I look forward to seeing it."

Then, time to pick up a Viera.

"Shall we get our friend to better surroundings?" Hopefully with her help, they'll get the viera to a nice bed in a hotel to wake up.
Hati The wolf-girl glances once at the Wyvern, then back to Faruja with ony a shrug of her shoulders. Whatever is being said between the two of them, she doesn't seem particularly bothered either way. As she gathers her things from the back of the Wyvern, Hati shoves the container of powder back deep into a pocket. "If you're asking if I had nefarious plans to drug and take advantage of certain attractive male Burmecians..." She trails off, giving him a raised-eyebrow. "No, it wasn't on my to-do-list." She muses with a smirk.

Bundling her coat and her daggers and the rest of her remaining gear together, she ties the bundle off with the leather straps of her dagger-sheaths, and then slings the whole bundle over one shoulder. "I trade with some hunters in Fluorgis. I tip their arrows so they can bring down prey better, and they give me meat." She explains, her expression impassive. "It's good for those times when I'm too hurt to hunt for a few days. And it comes in handy at times. Hard to make, though."

That said, she moves over to heft up Evja beneath the arms, motioning Faruja to the legs. What a strange looking group. A Templar knight and a girl wearing just a robe, carrying a passed out Viera into a hotel room. You can imagine the rumors.
Faruja Senra Slowly, ears fold, the insides burning. Despite the context of the conversation, the rat looks both embarrassed and pleased. "Ahh...excellent to know that I shan't find myself unable to move thanks to said concoction. 'Twould hardly be any attractive Burmecians here. Merely beautiful wolfesses." Counters the rat. A stray thought seems to strike him, and he only grows more bashful.

Head tilting, the rat ponders it...and shivers. "Effective, certainly. Oh, and I fear some of our own Hunters would be quite interested in such." Snort. Clearly the rat doesn't think too highly of Heretic Hunters who aren't of the knightly persuasion. Effective or not.

And so the rat once again has some Viera legs. At least there's no worries about those shoes this time as he assists in carrying them into a hotel room. This, of course, gets a few odd looks. The Templar yells to the proprietor. "Cease thy gawking, the Lady is wounded and suffering from fatigue! Three nights, and extra to keep thy lips sealed Ser!" With that? The rat kicks the door closed. Time to deposit a Viera on the bed, and check for wounds. Thankfully he has a rag amongst his things.

"At the very least get some of this blood off the poor wretch. And some decent clothing that is not torn about."

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