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(2013-02-14 - 2013-02-17)
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The beach was a beautiful place, so was the trees that lined the area outside of town. Hidden away in the trees, out of sight beyond the sight of recent ground that had been recovered is-- something.

It had a tarp over it, from the looks of it that was trying to make it blend in with the environment, yet when the wind blew just right, it caused an odd distortion of whatever it was hiding. What made this worse, was soon a rather tall neo-saurian stepped out from no-where and seem to start to walk her way down the fresh dirt path.

She had a strange metallic pad in her hand, which was not like anything ever seen before. She thumped it against her palm. Grumbling at it as she walked.
CADUCEUS The whine of a lightcycle can be heard as the vehicle speeds across the beach. How it could drive on sand as good as it could was unknown but it went, the green lines about it glowing brightly as it speeds along, and quickly it moves out of the way of the tall neo-saurian as she seems to have appeared from nowhere. It flips and as it flips, it seems to disintegrate with green light, the pieces forming into a small black and green baton about the side of a dagger and CADUCEUS rolls into the sand barely missing the saurian as he goes to stand up.
The neo-saurian continued to walk, until she heard the odd sound. Her red reptilian eyes glanced up about then, before those slit pupils went to thin lines, "Great scales!" She quickly stepped back and out of the way as the bike nearly crashed into her.

She growled down lowly with a sharp-toothy snarl, before she yelled out loudly at Caduceus with her free hand swing out to the side. "Watch where your going pal! Unless you want your soft-skin hide to be hanging from a light post!"

She crossed her arms over her chest, "..and who by the old Overlords gave you a license anyhow!?" Then the pad beeped and she glanced down at it before staring at a holographic static image. She then snarled at it, before slamming the frame against her palm once more. "Work you blasted thing!"
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS sighs as he goes to stand up. "Well, the license directors didnt cover giant lizard women that appear out of nowhere in the courses." He says as he looks to the device at her arm. "It isnt working because the objects that are aligned too dont exist...your in an alternate reality."
Rage rolled her eyes. "It works, besides I don't you soft-skins even know anything about this tech anyhow. You people can't even fix /my/ ship." She grunts with a soft snarl, before he fiddles with it for a bit.

"And I am not a lizard." She glances up at him. "I am a neo-saurian. Get it right, buddy." Yeah, she was cranky raptor-gal.

Her tail swishes behind her in aggravation as she continues to mess with the device. There was few beeps from it. A few pings. Before she smacked it a few times in her palm, then at last an image flickered up in the air. She gave a big grin, before she started to use her free hand to touch what seemed like a floating keypad in mid air. "See. It works." She then cuts a glance over to Caduceus about then, before looking at whatever-- she was messing with.

"By the way the name is Rage. Galactic Bounty Hunter, well-- I guess /not/ so galactic now."
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS tilts his head as he watches her. "Neo-Saurian...If I may do a quick scan, so I may have a log of your physiology, I can treat you whenever you become injured." He says as he reaches to his back and pulls the disk off of it. "I am the Clinical Assistance Directorial Utilitary Companion with Enhancement Upgrade Systems, but you may call me CADUCEUS if you dont want to say my full name." He says as he waits for her approval or disapproval.
When that name gets said she stops what she is doing. It was rather obvious now she was working with a map of the area, including possible portal connection points? Yeah, interesting tech. Rage stared at him for a moment, an almost blank look on her face, "..who-do-what-bee-huh?" She pauses and shakes her head. " soft-skins are strange lot. Naming yourselves longer then a breath can even handle."

She then hits a button up in the air on display, before the images seems to shimmer back down into the pad, before she collapses the two metal pieces together and then sticks it in a slot on her leg. She was about to say something, before she eye-balls the disc.

"Aaand just what is that?" She points at it with her index claw. "That doesn't exactly look like any scanner I've seen before."
CADUCEUS "Considering you have advanced technology, this will be easier to explain. I am a computer program, designed to aid in the treatment of users, people of flesh and blood, thats why I have these glowing lines. This Disk, is my identity disk, basically everything I know and can do is stored on this disk. Can function as a medical scanner, or as a weapon." He says as green light comes from the flat of the disk, the light hitting her tingles faintly. "As hard as it is to believe, in my world, and unknown to living people, inside the computer, we programs exist and function similar to how our users, our creators, function.
Rage listens to the explanation. She is giving him now a dead-pan look. "Uh huh and I am mallard." She stares at the strange light, giving it a mild wave of her hand. "Well, that is some nice tech you got there over all, but even though I know some things are weird around here and in that other place. I am sorry buddy, but your gonna have to sell me harder that computers got living people walking around in it."

She says taking her hand and using her index and middle finger to make a walking motion on her hand. Oh hey, look at that, she only has 4 fingers!

She then places down her hands, resting them on her hips. "But yeah, sure. Scan away. You will find that my own structure isn't to far removed from you softies. Trust me, I got people here asking me if I am like one of their pet lizards. A cold blood. Cold hearted maybe, but ain't no cold blood."
Deelel Deelel had always kinda been scared yet faciated about the nature of this world. The wild place also inspired her for her function. She did love making art and she always would she'd been up in a tree trying to get closer to some of the native grid bugs and well, she's gone a bit too far a branch starts to give out. Now her being used to how the gird works doesn't quite get the user space warnign signs untill it's too late. With a bit of a digital warble she let out a cry and falls, she falls out of the trees and right on to CAD.
CADUCEUS "Should come to my world. Most of my people under the tyranny of the MCP dont believe in Users so I guess the concept in reverse isnt imposs-" CADUCEUS says before he is landed on by a familiar blue lined woman who lands on him with a groan. As he tries to help her up, a branch had cut CADUCEUS and Rage can see he didnt bleed but rather the injury seemed pixilated, shimmering faintly as he assesses Deelel. "You alright?"
Rage steps back quickly as the sudden falling woman comes down. She glances up and then around. "Glad to know people fall from the skies." She murmurs out in dry sarcasm. Her eyes peer over at the two with their glowing lines. "How nice, ain't you two a pair."

Though she does note Cad's strange 'bleeding', she only raises an eye ridge to it. It was strange, very strange enfact, but to believe there was programs was still a rather hilarious concept. After all, she has a computer on board her ship that is about as dead as the Saurian society.

"And Tyranny huh? Hahaha. Sounds like fun." She gives with a mild laugh, before shaking her head. "But that is the life of some societies, you know. Got those who are to be ruled and others who want to rule. Everyone trying to figure out who the big boy is."

Her eyes then glance at Deelel. "..and she looks fine, beyond maybe needing to learn to fly better." There was a very, very mild smirk. Apparently Rage can be playful!
CADUCEUS "He does more then that, unfortunatly. He either makes you a part of him, or he has you sent to a series of gladiator games to where the loser derezzes, or dies in the human terms. Doubtful even you would conform to being a part of him." He says as he nods. "You are right." He says as he gets his disk and begins scanning Deelel. "Nice to see you out and about, Deelel, though I never thought you were the nature type." He says before he resumes scanning the Saurian.

"Interesting physiology. No I can see you are not cold blooded, but you do possess interesting evolutionary workarounds, similar to human physiology but different in key places." He says as he works, not seeming to notice his own cut at his leg. "Should be able to treat you should you become injured. A shame Identity disks dont exist in the user world, they make treatment alot easier." He says as he would watch her before moving to put the disk back where it was.
Deelel Deelel is dazed and looking a bit confused as she tries to right herself and shake her head several times. "I was fine, I was just trying to get a look at some of the grid buggs err wildlife. I'm fine really nothing hurt." She looks at CADUCEUS for a moment "No he knows USERs exists, he's here in this city." She notes looking at the older basic for a moment. She looks back to Rage and pauses trying to size her up at the moment, "It used to be a free system. Fly..."" She pauses for a second then the joke hits and she starts laughing, it is pretty funny.
CADUCEUS "Deelel, his is a Neo-saurian named Rage. Rage, this is Deelel, a media program from the world I told you about. Deelel, Rage here thinks we are users trying to deceive her with a story that we are computer programs. Maybe you can have better luck then I explaining things. If you will both excuse me, I need to find the baton I lost." CADUCEUS says as he goes about searching.
Rage grunts softly, before crossing her arms over her chest once more. She then uses her index finger to point at the cut on Cad's leg. "You also might wanna take care of yourself doc. Hate for you to get yourself an infection."

The Neo-Saurian then looks over to Deelel. "Nothing is free, honey-child. You learn that real quick even when your doing my line of business. Everything comes with a price. Even your own hide at times." Her tail twitches gently, as one of her large claws taps the ground a bit in thought.

She then gets a beep from the device, before she pulls it out once more, opening it up again before the display comes back up. She hits a button before the holographic display comes back up. The map seems to have updated on its own. She stares at it for a moment, before spinning the diagram around, then rotating it another way, then seeming to make a gesture which zooms it in, before she makes the opposite gesture and it zooms back out.

She then taps another button before there is a beep, then she closes up the device once more. "Now unless you kids need something, I need to go pick up my toy before some little soft-skin thinks its a kick ball."
Deelel Deelel looks at Rage for a moment and just stares. "Free to actually do our functions and actually get commands from our users." She does seem fairly miffed about the Saurian nothing to start a fight over but she is miffed. She looks at Rage again and wonders about the strange alien creature really. She won't hold it against her she's not a human and this isn't like the first time a grid native has been consiered crazy for what they say. She's had a few listen so she's not really that put off. "You better do so, users error can be a fatal thing. Given your the one who knows how to make use of it properly."
Rage raises another eye ridge. "I-- see?" Nah, she doesn't get it. She gives a shrug of her shoulders before shaking her head. "Well, everyone has to follow a commander. After all, someone follows someone, and then there are the few that actually /can/ lead, but even in the end, they follow someone. Kinda the way Society is, unless your a lone hatch."

"And yeah, user error. Haha, man I love some of those terms. Catch ya around!" She places up her hand before she walks on down the rest of the beach way to wherever she is going.
Deelel Deelel watches the strange dinosaur like being, and wonders is this what would have happened had that asteroid not hit earth? Who knows, she's not sure what to think but hey it was an interesting encounter. User space natives were just ... strange sometimes, like really strange. Deelel dusts herself off bids CAD end of line and heads on her way.

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