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(2013-02-14 - Now)
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Megavolt At a local video game store in Traverse Town, various gamers peruse the aisles here for various amusements and diversions. It's here that the infamous Megavolt, revolutionary of electronic life, has chosen to struck, to end the barbaric practice of selling machines to entertain humans.

"I SAID UNHAND ME GOOD SIR!" comes a shout from outside the video game store, before someone comes flying through the entrance, smashing into a display case and falling over. Megavolt steps into the store, his fingers sparking, and points at the man behind the counter. "You! YOU! YOOOOU! Purveyor of electronic slaves, modern day plantation owner, tyrant to all! I am MEGAVOLT, and today, YOU PURVEY YOUR INSIDIOUS WARES NO MORE!"

This scene contained 1 poses. The players who were present were: Megavolt.