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(2013-02-13 - 2013-02-14)
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Hati After recent events in the catacombs beneath Traverse Town, Hati had found herself once more adrift. She'd fought back the darkness before, but it seems a harder task when it isn't your own. It seems to be under control for the moment, with the wolf dressed in a hoodie with little else but a layer of bandages beneath it, a few of them visible over the zipper. It might be easy to mistake her for some human girl, but her ears and tail tell a different story, as do the knives visibly strapped to her back.

There are all sorts in this part of Traverse Town. Merchants are drawn by the hotel, ready to sell wares from any number of worlds to unwary travelers. There are a few who have actual real goods, but there are a decent number there trying to earn a quick buck off of people who don't know any better. Disregarding these, Hati steps along the street, stopping at a vendor who appears to be a hunter of sorts. He has an array of furs, neatly trimmed and ready for sale, but she seems interested in other things.

"I'm looking for something like this." She holds out a flower with a vaguely purple tint to the petals. For anyone with a decent hunter's sense, or some knowledge of apothecary lore, they might recognize it as a sort of poison. The hunter looks up and down the street, and then reaches for some other items that he clearly doesn't sell to regular clients. From the bag, he produces a small tin filled with a powder. The wolf leans in and sniffs it once, quickly, then nods her head before exchanging a reasonable sum of munny in exchange.

The whole think looks quite shady, really. Nothing illegal, mind you, but certainly enough to draw the eye from those who might be wary of such things. Most just look the other way, not wanting to get involved. There is a bit more conversation, and the girl purchases a few other odds and ends, including some claws, some other herbs, and a bit of meat which the vendor neatly wraps up for her.
Evja That bout in the coliseum had been rather brutal on the Viera. That spear had knocked a hole in his new armor, though thankfully it hadn't done any worse than that other than to his side - which had healed since through white magic aid. However, because of that, he had to get it repaired. And the place where he took it just so happened to be within this market. Or, rather, somewhat close to it, anyways.
So walking back from the armory led Evja to pass by all of the wares being sold. Sniffing at the air as if curious about the foods and smells, he went to a more 'normal' booth that had vegetables and picked up a bundle of extremely large, extremely thick carrots.


Yes, he /was/ drooling, even if it was hidden behind his veil. Quickly paying for them, Evja turned and trotted off to take a seat, pulling out one of the carrots and staring at it like it was a holy grail.
Hati For all that Hati's travels had taken her to a great many places, it wasn't until recently that she got to truly explore some aspects of these connected worlds without a task driving her forward. So, as much as she may have seen Viera in passing, this is probably the first time she's had the opportunity to actually approach one. Wolfish by nature, she turns, nose twitching, taking in the long ears. Certainly, she has hunted rabbits before, but this is like no rabbit she'd ever seen. Of course, sometimes the more elusive the prey, sweetier the catch.

Tucking the tin of powder into one pocket, and the little package of other 'goodies' into herr bag, the wolf-girl does what she always does when she is interested in something. She sticks her nose into it. You'd thinks he'd have learned by now that such behavior is likely to get your muzzle smacked, but most people don't dissuade her. "You look like you've never seen one that big before." There is a slight hint of innuendo in her voice as she chuckles wryly, stepping over to take a seat next to Evja without so much as asking for permission.

Her nose twitches visibly, though, taking in scents around her, ears twitching to follow some of the sound. If the smell tells her anything, she doesn't give it away visibly. Most of the girl's scars are hidden by her hair, which shadows the right side of her face, but clearly one eye does not match the other. "I haven't seen many of your kind before, at least not out here, anyways. I'm not familiar with what they're called." Clearly, she is some sort of predator, with sharp fangs that show slightly when she speaks.
Evja Just as the crossdressed Viera reached up to loosen the veil over his face enough to take a bite, a girl speaks, and his nose crinkles a bit as he looks over towards her. Not actually looking far enough back to notice the weapons or the likes so much as looking to her face and briefly her attire, nothing gets said for a moment before a simple enough reply.
"Right? It is simply so big!"
Hard to say if the Viera was being honest as far as the reply went, or was playing into it. Though when he added after taking a bite out of it and nearly purring, voice soft and pointedly attempting to maintain the female tone, "I am sure-- chew -- in your line of work, you come across various carrot sizes, though?" it might become obvious he, too, was teasing her right back.
Hati With a chuckle, the wolf shakes her head, watching as the rabbit takes that bite. "Not so often as I'd like." She admits, a smirk playing up on her lips. "Though, if those are the sort of 'carrots' you're looking for, I'm sure I could point you at a few likely places, not that I frequent them myself." She seems honest enough as she says this, reaching into her bag and plucking out a small mortar and pestle. She reclaims the small package of herbs that she'd gotten from the vendor, selecting a few and crushing them up with her claw-tipped fingers. It's something to keep herself occupied with as she talks.

"What brings you to the city?" It's an innocent enough question, figuring that no one was really 'from' Traverse Town. They all came here from some place or another. Figuring it might loosten lips if she offered some information, herself, the wolf muses, "I'm here to check on a friend, and to buy some ingredients. I have a..." She stumbles on the word, not quite sure what to use, "Aquaintence, who has a bad tendency to get himself into bad situations involving fire." She smirks, taking the pestil to the herbs, starting to grind them together. "Apparently he's gone through an entire bottle of salve in fairly short order. So I've got to work on a new batch."
Evja Oh? Did she not come from that building? Evja turned a bit further to glance at Hati, then towards the building with the big red door and traffic in and out, then Hati again before looking at her more closely. "Ah... my apologies. I thought you were one of the girls who I imagined work out of that building behind us. How much more obvious can you get. A shame, truly, with so many young walking around that they have the audacity to flag such services here within this city so openly." Seems somebunny has the wrong impression of the establishment in the town of night with a big red door.
"I am... actually here to win the Hades Cup. At the moment I am waiting on my armor to be repaired properly after the last match I participated in that my team won."
A pause, then Evja offers over a carrot "Carrot? I am much afraid it shant sate your aforementioned lack, but it might do to quell your hunger." another pause, "Unless you prefer meat, which I cannot offer as I have none to." Whereas some may have much embarrassment from such comments being related, Evja doesn't seem so in the least. In fact, he seems casually uncaring about it, almost as if he finds such things amusing as well.
Hati This time, Hati laughs outright, enough so that she has to set down her tools. It's a joyous sound though, and one rare enough to her lips these days. "Me? You thought I was..." She motions at the hotel, and then laughs again. "No." Reaching back, Hati draws out one of her daggers, letting the curved blade catch the light wickedly. "I'm not really one to sit back and let others take what they want from me." The dagger gets tucked back again, clicking back into place with an easy familiarity. "Besides, I can't think of many men interested in someone like me." She lifts the bangs from the side of her face, showing the long scars that mark down her forehead and cheek. From the lines that mark her neck, they likely go on further beneath that.

She doesn't seem offended by it, though, perhaps because it is such an outlandish sort of thought. "That." Pointing a claw towards the door. "Is the local hotel. Why they chose to color the door that... is beyond me." She admits with a smirk, "But trust me, there's nothing of the sort going on there. It's downright boring most of the time, and maybe a little of that would liven up the place." With the mistake now corrected, Hati shakes her head, plucking back up the pestil and rotating it quickly between her fingers with some measure of dexterity.

"Hmm. My ... aquaintence, is fighting in the tournament as well. I'm afraid that he'll be the one I favor with my support, alas." She'd gotten to watch some bits of the tournament, but perhaps there were reasons to attend some later matches. There would be strong combatants there which she could later test her strength against. "I'll pass on the carrots. They're a side dish, not a main course." With a flash of her fangs, "I've heard rabbit is pretty tasty, though. I wonder how tasty your kind are..." Her voice has that hint of subtle innuendo with it, or perhaps it's a threat, but she doesn't /really/ look like she's going to try to eat the Viera.
Evja Huh... so her friend was in the tournament?
And had a propensity for burns?

"You would not happen to be talking about an overly pious mouseman by the name of Faruja would you? And I am afraid the only taste of rabbit you would be getting from me would be my fist did you try. I appreciate the sentiment, though, that I am likely tasty."
Though if she knew Faruja... chances are she wouldn't take a bite out of him.
Hati "That would be the one." Hati notes with a nod of her head, her bangs flopping back over the scarred side of her face. Mostly, she seems to use the green eye as a dominant one, maybe because of the damage to the other. It's hard to tell. "He has a bad tendency to get himself into trouble, but the tournament will be a good chance to see him fight." With another of those wry smirks, she muses, "I keep meaning to challenge him, to test his strength, but there is rarely a day when he isn't wounded from some other battle." Her hands finish grinding the herbs, and without saying much on what she's doing, the wolf-girl pours the contents into a small vial that she plucks from her belt.

"Oh? A threat?" She laughs then, narrowing her eyes. "Maybe you'd like to challenge me then? I was just hoping to offer you a compliment, but you prefer to be enemies, I'm sure I can oblige you." The wolf doesn't get to her feet, or even growl, so there is a fair chance that she isn't too upset about the prospect of violence. In fact, she might even be looking forward to it after having felt quite useless in the last battle she'd been involved in. "My ... apologies, if I came off wrongly." She states in a slow voice, although it still has that hard edge to it. "Or perhaps you're not used to someone showing an interest? I'd imagine with the way your kind look, that it wouldn't be that uncommon."
Evja "If... you desire such, I do not mind. At least as far as combat goes. I am used to being hit on, or approached by drunk types who think a hand passing across my clothed tail and sweet words shall win them a trip somewhere quiet, but... it is not something I am used to, being called tasty." Evja reaches up with a hand to hold it out to Hati, palm up. "Though given you know Faruja and haven't eaten him yet, I suppose I can trust you. If you are that curious for a taste, feel free. No biting, though."
"Mayhaps we might can even frighten him a bit. Given he yet knows us both, both of us ask him to meet us to speak, then have him walk in upon us fighting." That brings a chuckle to the Viera, seemingly one who was fond of teasing. "That may be a bit too much for him, though. He seems to have trouble talking with womenfolk, so perhaps I should simply tease him about you - what did you say your name was, if you did? I am Evja, Judge Magister Errant of Jylland."
Hati "No, I haven't eaten him, not yet anyways. Although his lips are quite delicious." The wolf chuckles, licking her own in memory of that stolen kiss. He certainly hadn't been expecting it, but it had been the only one she had ever forced upon him... but he had kissed her back. "Alas, the templar has higher aspirations than someone like me." She shrugs, as if this fact hadn't hurt her. In truth, it still ached bitterly - that attempt to open up just how fragile her heart is underneath everything. "You'll have to forgive my teasing, then. It wasn't meant to harm. You're attractive, so it's no wonder you would garner such attention, but anyone who touches someone without their consent, deserves what they get in kind."

When that hand is offered out, Hati looks at it, the canine interest drawing her nose forward. She has never been shy about open touch. Rather than anything too lurid, though, she simply draws her tongue over one finger, then hrms appraisingly before drawing her head back. "Hati. No great titles to note, I'm afraid. I am what I am." She raises her hands, as if to motion to 'all' of her. She is no longer a Shadow Lord minion, not truly, but she belongs to no one. "That is half of the fun with him, though. He flusters so easily. Alas, it makes me feel bad when I know his affections lean elsewhere."
Evja Evja shivers a bit at the lick, but when it wasn't taken advantage of, he simply pulls back his hand and goes back to eating one of those large carrots contently. "Aspirations... I think we may be speaking of the wrong rat. I admit I do not know him as well as you might, I do not know for certain... but aspirations? As flustered as he gets, I cannot imagine he truly aspires towards any woman. I kissed him atop the head in thanks and he nearly fainted. I can only imagine what was going through his mind, or where his mind was, during that long trip to Fluorgis when I rode behind him atop that dragon of his."
The memory gets a laugh out of her. Actually, Evja was almost quite sure where his mind had been, but no reason to say such things openly when he still wasn't sure who the girl was. "And for what it is worth, I am not upset at the teasing. All is fair after all, and I mistook you for a nightwalker given where we are in proximity to the hotel." There was still that suspicious tone in his voice, not quite certain she wasn't, and that it wasn't just what he thought they were. He wouldn't put it past Faruja to be the type to have secret pleasures like such. It's always the religious ones.
Hati The shiver is enough to draw a wry grin from the wolf-girl. She did enjoy the prospect of teasing, especially when it came to someone who didn't seem to take it seriously. It's a far cry from the way it felt when she actually did care about the person she's teasing, and it carried with it just that much more uncertainty, too. "I'm pretty sure we're speaking of the same one. I walked in on him once, penning up some flowery love letter to that gargoyle that lives with the Shard Seekers. Something about... a 'radiant angel'." The wolf rolls her eyes, clearly finding such flowery words more than a little silly. Then again, no one had ever written her love notes, so she is, perhaps, a bit biased.

"Trust me, he is pretty set on his desires. I know. I asked." So clearly, this werewolf had some interest in the Burmecian, but her own affections had been turned down. Even so, she's still going out of her way to craft him a tonic for his burns, so perhaps it was at least amiable. She does chuckle to herself, though, "I'm fairly certain I know where his mind was, too. Poor mouse. I wonder if he needed a cold shower afterwards."

She takes a small bit of cloth and cleans out the mortar and pestle, then decides to share a bit more, since she had no real title to call her own. "But no, I'm no 'nightwalker'. I've been called a lot of things, but I can't say that's one of them. Mostly, right now I tag along with VALKYRI when I think an adventure of theirs is worthwhile. Sometimes I catch work as a thief or bodyguard." It's hard to imagine this short girl as a bodyguard, but perhaps she has some other skills beneath it. "The only 'services' I offer beyond that is to mix a few potions, or scry the location of some person or another."
Evja "Huh..."

Well, y'learn something new every day. But, Faruja did seem the type to go a courtin' proper. Still, the Viera wasn't lacking in the ways of perception. Though neither was he overly astute to these things. Instead, he simply took a moment to watch her work before leaning over, once she finished speaking, and acting like he was about to do something only to shift a bit and stand.

"I should probably check on my armor. We have sat here talking about carrots and womanizers for a bit and we have only barely met after all. Though I would offer my condolences. Perhaps I can buy you a proper meal sometime to get your mind off his... gargoyle? Aren't those the statues that hang upon the ledges of Churches? He's fallen for a stone statue?"

"...I suppose it takes all types. Maybe it takes stone to get his rocks off?"
Hati Seeing the Viera suddenly stand, the wolf's ears tip up, looking in their direction. She doesn't ask as for the reason of the sudden need to depart. As curious as she might be, there is a time and a place for it, and showing /too/ much interest is just as bad as showing none. "No reason offer condolences. I'm used to being kept waiting, so it probably won't matter if it's by him or someone else." The comment is a strange one, as if there were some deeper meaning there. Perhaps, it is a promise to elaborate on that story at some other time. "But I certainly wouldn't mind taking you up on the offer of a meal and perhaps getting to know you better."

The amusing image of Faruja on bended knee, professing his love to a statue enters her mind, but Hati just laughs, running a hand through her hair. "They're some sort of creature from Manhattan, from what I've heard. I guess they look like the stone statues that you see on buildings, but they're flesh and blood." She seems quite amuesed by the idea that that is how the mouse might get his 'rocks off', and it does help lighten some of her own feelings on the issue. "Then again, I suppose that's a better choice than a werewolf, either way."
Evja Pondering a moment about something and looking like he might simply wander off, Evja finally leans down to place a hand upon her shoulder and lean in to press a kiss to Hati's lips, even with the veil over his own. And pending she didn't hit him or push him away, he planned to let the cloth-covered kiss last several long moments before pulling back and saying, "Not quite a proper taste, but close enough."
"After all..." he held up the licked finger, "You got to have one. Come to my next match at the Coliseum and if I am not too injured, I shall see about that meal?"
Sometimes, it was simply fun to be flirty with others. Though as the thought crossed his mind, Evja gave a small sigh at it, falling back to the same thought as ever. 'It would be nice if that was not all it ever was.' Not that he had any interest in something not a Viera, but still, it did help his mood, even if the cloth hid the light smile upon his face.
Hati The wolf had fully expected the Viera to just leave as they had said, although her mismatched eyes do linger for a time. When Evja leans in towards her, the girl doesn't pull back. Instead, she just closes her eyes and accepts the kiss as it is brought to her lips. There is warmth behind it, the reaction of someone who craves that sort of attention, even if it is from a teasing source. When it ends, the girl's eyes blink open again, looking up, her lips curling into a smirk. "It's only fair." She laughs once.

That said, she nods her head, tucking the last of her things away again into her pouch. She had some work to do to process that salve for Faruja. Of course, that still leaves whatever task she needed that poison for. Hopefully that's not for the mouse.

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