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(2013-02-12 - 2013-02-12)
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Maira Sneaky, plotting Maira! Hey, sometimes a best friend has to do these things. Poor Avira was really struggling with the choice she knew she needed to make, and it seemed that a little time with Mercade would help her make a decision quicker. As it would seem Mercade is apparently shy (she can relate) and maybe needs a little bit of encouragement.

Besides, she hasn't seen Mercade in a while! She'll make tea!

Having gotten his contact info, she'd let him know she'd like it if he could meet her at Valk HQ at a time she knew most everyone else would be out. Thus, she is bustling around the kitchen trying to make tea--and using her fire magic to boil the water because it is just so much quicker that way.

Wait, wrong script.

Mercade saunters up to the door of VALKYRI HQ, and knocks on the door. Once he's in, the Detective looks around, rubbing his chin for a moment. "I think this is the first time I've been here." He comments offhandedly, looking over to Maira. "So, you mentioned you wanted to see me?" He asks. "What's up?"
Maira Maira leads Mercade in and pours him a cup of tea, smiling widely. "Hey Mercade! I haven't seen you in a I made some tea, hopefully its good," she comments.

She looks around then, looking surprised. "Really? You've never been in here? Huh..."

Well, before they get down to business, Maira gets herself a cup of tea as well. "Ah...well, it's...kind of awkward I guess but...I wanted to talk to you about Avira," she says, settling down at the table across from him.
Mercade Alexander Mercade takes the cup of tea, a slightly bewildered expression on his face, but he smiles. "Sure!" He takes a sip, and nods. "That's pretty good!" He doesn't drink tea very often. Maybe he should do it more!

"Well, you know..." Mercade soert of gestures. "With your reputation and name, it kind of feels like there's a 'No Boys Allowed' sign on the door sometimes. Alo, I never really had the chance to come by. Things have been, well. Busy."

He looks to one side, lost in thought for a moment. The mention of Avira startles him, causing him to blink and look up in mild surprise. "Avira? Is she all right? Tell me she didn't do anything else crazy."
Maira The young fire mage looks quite pleased that the tea is good! Hard to burn water, after all.

"Heh, well, not really, you know we actually have Tron here and he's a guy, and Angantyr and Skoll stayed here for a bit," she replies, then mentally facepalms. Oh, that was helpful information that is not at all complicated, nope nope.

"Oh! No no Avira is fine! I mean, we're usually in some kind of trouble but I think that's just part of the business, heh...I just mean that...well, okay. She is a little troubled, and I hoped I might be able to help her out by talking to you," she begins, gathering her courage and searching for the right words. "Avira likes you, you know, and...and I know you like her. I heard there is a holiday coming up from your world...what was it called, Valerian day? No that's an herb--Valentines! That's it. I think, you should ask Avira out for Valentines," she says, squaring her shoulder and summoning her most stubborn look, less he put up a fight!
Mercade Alexander Oh.

It's one of those discussions.

Mercade continues sipping his tea as Maira explains the situation. The knowledge that Skoll and Angantyr, both known... uh... rivals? If anything can really be a real rivalry where Avira is concerned. His expression shows that he's less than impressed at the information, but he keeps it pleasant enough.

At the request, though, he sets the teacup down and nods. "I see. So it's that kind of a trouble." He doesn't immediately answer Maira, thinking for a minute. "Have you talked to Avira about this? What does she think?"
Maira Maira sees no reason not to be honest! "Avira is waiting for you to make a move," she replies, with confidence. Really, Avira had pretty much said so.

"I don't want be a busy body, but...I want the decision to be easier for her to make, and I don't want to see her get hurt or--really I don't want to see any of you get hurt either."
Mercade Alexander "How ironic." Mercade says. "She's waiting for me, and I was... waiting for her, I guess." He slumps slightly. "I do have feelings for her. But Avira... She's a very independant woman. I didn't want to push her or feel like I was trying to manipulate her into anything, because... Well, I didn't want to risk losing her friendship."

He sighs. "Maybe I'm just being a coward."
Maira Maira frowns gently, shaking her head. "Heh...its really hard. I thought maybe it might help if you knew that she wanted you to--though oh goodness don't tell her I did this!" she replies, laughing nervously.

Maira looks down at her tea thoughtfully. "I don't think Avira is the type to ever let a friendship be lost. Its complicated, but you have to just go for it, see if it is right. If it isn't, you can go back to just being friends...right?" she says. She hopes she doesn't sound as unsure as she thinks she does. This is not suppose to be advice to Maira time!
Mercade Alexander "This is so classic." Mercade says, reaching over and picking up the tea and taking a longer drink from it. "The concerned friend trying to solve her best friend's relationship issues. You should hear how much teasing me and Avira get in the TDA." It's basically constant. "All right... I'll go ahead and ask her. I guess... I don't have anything to lose."

He pauses. "What about you? Do you have your eyes set on anyone?"
Maira Maira giggles a little, nodding. "Good! Heh...she's my best friend...she's my first friend, besides Uist. I really just want to see her not having to worry so much about this anymore. She's got enough to worry about."

Maira takes a sip of tea at just the wrong moment, and promptly chokes on it as Mercade turns the tables on her. Coughing, she waves her hands around to try to let him know she's not dying, a little tea in the lungs. Woops!

She supposes its a fair question for pulling him in and embarrassing him like this, but she isn't sure how to answer. "Uh...well...ah..." she begins, her face growing redder by the moment. "Maybe...its...complicated.'
Mercade Alexander For a moment, Mercade starts as she chokes, but when she waves, Mercade leans back. Paydirt. "More complicated than meddling in Avira's love life? I think not." Mercade smiles, smelling blood in the water and turning it back on Maira. "So come on, spill it. Who's the lucky sap?"
Maira Maira looks rather ashamed of herself, boiled lobster red and staring very intently at the table. "Well...Avira could probably tell you there was something with Ivo, but...I think...I don't think he's serious about me," she sighs, remembering seeing him with Raiya and hearing what Katyna had said about him. He /is/ a terrible flirt. "I like him but...but only if he's willing to only like me, too. I have self-respect," she says with a sad smile.

"The other...the complicated...ugh, I like Angantyr," she says, then slaps her hand over her mouth. She has never said that out loud before! Now, she looks fairly terrified.
Mercade Alexander Mercade wasn't going to accept it being just Ivo anyway. The guy is too flaky with women to even be considered a serious choice. Maira didn't seem like that kind of girl. "Well then..." He says...

And then she blurts out Angantyr's name. Mercade blinks, and then understanding dawns on his face. "Ok, I see. You're encouraging me to go out with Avira so that we make it official, leaving you and Angantry free to hook up. I see how it is." He says, teasing. "And then everyone lives happily ever after, except Skoll who's left out looking for someone who's okay with being treated like a dog."
Maira Though he is teasing, Maira looks quite seriously upset. "No! No no no! If Avira chooses Angan I won't ever say anything. I might never say anything anyway," she admits, looking absolutely mortified. "It isn't like it would make any difference--he doesn't feel that way about me I'm sure. know I would never do anything to hurt Avira, right?"
Mercade Alexander "Neither would I, Maira." Mercade points out. "But sometimes things happen even if we never meant to do so." He shrugs, then. "But don't worry too much about it. Maybe everything will work out that way. I know you're just trying to help."
Maira Maira nods, her eyes filling with tears. "Do you think I should tell her? I haven't only because I don't want it to influence her decision...but I also don't want to be keeping anything from her. I was just sort of...hoping it would go away," she admits with a sigh. At least she doesn't say what she thinks next, cause that would be super awkward!
Mercade Alexander Oh god, she's about to cry. She's going to cry. Mercade frowns at himself. He's terrible. He reaches out to try to console her. "I don't know what to say here. I mean, if you tell her ahead of time, it might influence her. If you tell her after, she..." He shakes his head. "No... I think, Maira... Just like you said, Avira isn't the kind of person to let friendships go. Just be honest with her, whenever you choose to talk to her."
Maira Maira reaches up to wipe at her eyes, feeling very silly. This has obviously been troubling her a great deal. "Y-yeah. She might know. I don't think I'm very good at hiding what I'm feeling, heh..."

Maira takes a deep breath, trying to shake off the melancholy. "Well thanks for coming Mercade. You are a good guy. However things turn'll be alright," she says, summoning a smile. "I'm rooting for you--and not just because of--that thing."

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