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Inn At The End of the World
(2013-02-12 - 2013-02-12)
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Clayton Narshe is a cold place year round, but during blizzard season? Not for the faint of heart. Of course, that doesn't stop adventurers from dropping by, either passing through, looking for work, or hoping to catch a sight of a Moogle or the mythical Yeti. Whatever the case, the town gets just enough traffic to profit from it, but not enough to warrant any fame.
Right now, a blizzard has hit this part of the World, and the Inn is more populated than usual...including more than one interdimensional traveller. Such as John Clayton, hunter, explorer, mercenary. He sits in a chair by the fireplace, a fur overcoat draped on the back with his fur boots, gloves and hat drying by the flames. They're made from monsters he just recently hunted while on expedition at the Veldt. He came here to inquire about the creatures lurking within the mountains. He was told he might as well join a lottery, but this hasn't deterred him from hanging around.
His face partially in shadow, he is eating dinner, meat and bread with a side of water. No brandy tonight.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart found herself lost. Not Reize-Lost, just wrong place. First it was just wandering around, she's been on the continent before. But then a wrong turn, she found herself near a huge mountain. Well, that seems like the wrong direction. But then then the road got closed up behind her when she wanted to head back down, due to the announcement of a snowstorm. She was directed to the closest inn in Narshe, but that was a bit away...

So Clayton's yeti appears through the door to the inn! No actually, its Tifa that got overly snowed on while wearing a fur coat to protect herself from the blizzard. She looks like she's about twice as wide as usual when she steps in, shrugging the snow off her, with a rather deadpan look on her face -.-
Katyna Katyna had travelled far from home, determined to find answers to her many questions. The sudden appearance of the mysterious woman at the church, the cursed glove..And the dreams. They all had her searching for someone who would connect her to her past, a past which she was a little afraid to find out about.

However, if she didn't those dreams would never stop. Her travels eventually brought her here, to Narshe. It's a cold, unrelenting place that does not suit the fire-loving mystic knight one bit..And with the sudden freak snowstorm, Kat finds herself totally boxed in in this crummy little crowded inn..

"Ooh, this sucks big time! Why'd that darned storm have to hit now?" She grumbles as she staggers in, covered in snow which she tries her hardest to shed on the front mat. Fortunately she managed to..'Obtain' a thick red wool coat, hat and scarf to bundle up in. She really doesn't like this weather or the constricting attire however..
Grant Majors The cold really doesn't bother Grant Majors. Ignore that the man is, for all intents and purposes, utterly unprotected; ignore that he is trudging his way through snow in sandals and bare legs and an armored skirt and cloak; ignore that that skirt, cloak, and sandals are his only clothing, besides some strange bandages wrapped around his hands and legs.

What is really unnerving, really weird, about watching Grant Majors walk, is that the cloak seems to be twitching with a life of its own.

Grant has healed extremely well since his fight in the coliseum, which is pretty surprising given it only took place yesterday and he has zero access to white magic. His wounds are still visible, but they're starting to fade; the scars may persist for a long time, but that was alright. He was an old soldier, a former Templar; scars were nothing.

Grant makes his way through the driving snow. Though the cold was nothing to him, the dropping visibility was going to get dangerous, fast. He didn't want to be outside, alone, with dropping visibility; even if he could light the area up, it left him easy prey for anyone who might be a specialist at dealing with the snow.

The presence of an inn is therefore a welcome sight. Grant makes his way through the snow, steadily, uncompromisingly trudging towards it without pause. When he reaches the inn, he opens the door and steps inside; his cloak pushes the door closed behind him., that was probably a trick of the light. He probably used his foot or nudged it with his back.

"...poor winter," observes the shirtless man.
Clayton Clayton looks up as the woman wrapped heavily in fur walks in. He smirks slightly, as the sight does remind him of that which he seeks here in this godforsaken village. "Getting a bit nippy out, isn't it?" he says with a joking smile towards Tifa, and by proxy, Grant and Katyn. He finishes his food and hands the plate back to the serving girl. "I think I'd like a little of your house brew, to warm the bones," he says. His voice is smooth and baritone.

He watches the shirtless Grant with a raised eyebrow. Well, you have to be made of some hardy stuff to survive out there like that.
Katyna "Nippy!?" She makes a face, "You dont say! It's CRAZY out there! I feel like I'm in the northpole! What the heck kinda place is this?" She shivers still, but her eyes widen at the promising sight of a warm and cozy looking fire place.

"Ooh, ooh! Fire!" And she darts towards the welcoming flames, eager to grab a seat before the mob of chilly people behind her can get there first. Finally, when she's plopped down on a comfy arm chair, does she shed all her heavy clothing, revealing the awkward teen underneath. "Phew, thought I'd never get out of all that stuff!!"

She peers towards the door, spotting Tifa whome she grins and waves at. "Heey! You! Uh..." Darn, she's forgotten her name. Ooh, and there's a guy. Without a shirt or boots! "what the heck? Aren't you cold at all? I'm surprised you still have toes!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart slides out of the fur coat with a sigh. A warm one, she's happy to be out of the snow right now. She shakes the snow off the coat, before putting it to hang somewhere to dry out. Its not her coat, she needs to give it back later, she's grateful for the person that lent it to her. Her clothes are not made for winter, clearly.

She lifts an eyebrow at Clayton's remark "Its a blizzard, one of the biggest seen around here in years apparently. They closed up the roads, pretty much stuck here." She waves to Katyna, and blinks as Grant just walks in without any clothes whatsoever "..." Well, nothing seems normal about THIS guy, she's not that surprised after the hades cup fight.
Grant Majors Grant literally doesn't look the least bit cold. There's no sign of frost on his body at all; it's hanging off his cloak, but not the man himself. He shakes his head idly in Katyna's direction, since, well, the question sort of answered itself. He moves inside properly, standing away from the door but also clearly trying not to take up the fire in case people who actually need to keep warm need to...well...keep warm.

"Miss..." Grant replies at Tifa, pausing for a moment to reach through his memory. "Lockhart."

"Not an appropriate place for a challenge, unfortunately." He looks around the room, taking note of Clayton and glancing over Katyna again as he does so, his unnaturally blue eyes doing a rundown of the area.

"Poor timing for a blizzard, too. Visibility's already dropped. No point in travelling like this."
Clayton Besides the fur clothing, Clayton's double-barreled shotgun is clearly visible leaning against his chair. "Well, plenty of room by the fire. It sounds like I'll be staying for longer than expected," Clayton says. "A shame, that. I was hoping to get an early start on my hunting."
Katyna "Thanks!" Kat beams at Clayton. "Hehe, for saving these spots for us! where are y'all headed? I was lookin' for someone before I got caught in this blizzard. I hear there are real Yetis in the mountains though. Can you believe that? Ooh, I'll bet a Yeti fur would make an awesome coat..."

Then The shirtless guy continues to not show any desire to keep warm, and she continues to stare at him. "How...Is that possible? Arent you even the least bit cold? I dont get it!" Darnit, she's gonna figure out this mystery one way or the other!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods a greeting to Grant as she moves toward a seat "Hey, rather not destroy a house no, even if I'm sure you're itching for a one on one. Your fighting style doesn't exactly work in small places." She smirks, and sits down, sighing "Well, guess I'll need to get a room here, might as well relax." She wonders how good the bar is here. Call it competitive spirit.
Grant Majors "No," Grant replies idly. He shrugs calmly, looking back over at the fire. "Is that a problem? Would you prefer if I was?"

He glances over at the shotgun thoughtfully. A hunter. Okay, that makes sense. Explains what HE was doing all the way out here; he was looking for something to kill. Grant didn't really get into hunting that much, but, well, different strokes. He nods offhandedly at Tifa. "No. It isn't."

His spear would probably take the roof off this place by accident. He had no desire to hurt anybody in here anyway; he wasn't that guy. He'd just been stuck on the wrong team. "You did fight well, though. I'm eager to face you alone."
Clayton "Precisely why I am here, miss," Clayton says, now pulling out a wooden pipe and putting tobacco into it. "To hunt the Yeti that's the talk of this land. Should be exciting game, that. Spelunking the caverns here, braving the cold, looking for any trace of your prey before the winds blow it that is fine living." He is brought his beverage, a golden wheat colored liquor, imported from the south. Clayton lets it rest beside his chair as he lights the pipe. "Though I miss the Veldt already. I have a behemoth head that needs to be mounted."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hrms, frowning a bit "I wouldn't think that a behemoth would make a good trophy though, too big, unless you have a huge house I guess." She thinks in terms of usefulness, more than in terms of trophies herself. Why would she want to subject people to the head of a dead monster in her bar anyway.
Katyna Katyna chuckles at Grant, "Nah, just curious how you manage not to get cold. Care to enlighten us?" She arches a brow at Tifa and Grant, "Ooh were you guys facing off in the Hades cup then?" She scratches her head, peering at clayton.

"Heh, hunting a yeti, are you? and what will you do if you find it? Eat it?" She cant argue, she misses the desert and heat herself.

"Hmm, so I wonder how long this storm's supposed to hold out for?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods at Katyna "Yeah, but I think Grant was unlucky and got teamed up with the bad guys. I mean, seriously, Negaduck?" She doesn't hold hatred for lots of people, but that duck humilated her before. Not to hold a grudge, that duck is nothing but trouble. "Grant waited until his teammates were down to take us on.
Grant Majors "Behemoth bone, or a tusk, or a claw. Good tropy, probably a good weapon." Grant didn't think in terms of trophies, but he did know how to improvise pretty well. He shrugs offhandedly at Katyna. "We did. She fought very well. I've seen her fight twice now, and I'm anxious to fight her for real. She's a very impressive woman."

He doesn't comment on the whole hunting yeti thing. That actually sounded like it could be pretty interesting; Grant didn't much care for hunts (killing wild animals wasn't really his deal), but he did like worthy fights, to test his strength. Besides, slaying monsters was a hero's duty; it was just something you had to do, were supposed to do, to make the population feel safer and be safer at night.

"Sounds like fun," Grant observes at Clayton finally, moving a bit closer to the group. His eyes stray back over to Katyna.

"I'm tough."
Clayton "Don't concern yourself about it, it's more of a...male thing," Clayton says to Tifa, smoothly, though his eyes seem mocking for a moment. He flits back to Katyna. "Either stuff it and sell it, or sell the meat and fur. Yeti pelts are fetching top dollar right now...or whatever equivalent currency you prefer."
Katyna Katyna smirks at Gran'ts comment about being tough, "Heh, oh yeah? Still that must've taken a lot of serious training.." She sighs, "I wish I was impervious to the cold like that." She smirks at Tifa then, "Ooh, so who won in the end?" she arches a brow at the mention of Negaduck. Ahh, the unsavory shadow lord. She'll have to meet him some day.

"Hmm, I just wanna see if the stories are true." The girl grins impishly "And if he's as tough as they say, maybe I'll test my skills against it."

As for Tifa's fighting prowess, Kat just nods and smiles, "Yeah, I've seen her in action. She's one tough lady. Dunno how I could fight without my sword.."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles to Katyna "Well, we won. But it twas tough, Grant gave us a scare, he was almost unscratched and we were all hurting pretty badly from the other two. Evja did a great job protecting us, and Quistis offered magical cannon from the back."
Clayton Clayton leans back in his chair, smoking the pipe and blowing a light haze of smoke in front of him. The flickering, crackling embers of the fireplace seems to make his whole body shimmer. He is of slender build even with his usual attire on, but his muscles seem hard and firm, with a tan from days spent in the sunlight. Not to mention a strong chin. He sits listening to the conversation between the two women while also enjoying his beverage, of which it is steadily draining.

"So where do you all hail from?" he finally asks in a relaxed tone.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to Clayton "Well I'm from Goug, but I have a bar in Traverse now. I got a bit lost it seems, snowstorm cut my way back home."

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