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Reactor Story
(2013-02-12 - 2013-02-20)
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Emperor Kuzco Welcome to the Land of Dragons! Kuzco has managed to drag Sammy here, shashaying all the way. Well, as much as a llama can shashay! But shashay Kuzco does! Wearing this silly little arab headpiece that looks entire out of place, and holding a little barrel of drink with a cocktail umbrella in it. "I am telling you, they told me it was right here. Big thing. When I told him you were with this ShinRa thing and showed the photo, he said there was no mistake." Kuzco continues his gait across the desert, approaching the massive wall of China.

One particular section seems a bit out of place - in a rather remote section of the desert. There's lights hanging off of the giant wall - and it is probably a surprise that they are not used to light some neon-sign with Kuzco's name on it. "See! Here it is!" Soon enough, they're standing right at the bottom of the wall, in front of a set of massive metalic doors. "It's in here!" He's not checked it out. "I am sure of it." No he's not.
Sammy Colt Why for the love of Reno was Sammy even following this clod? Well: Two reasons, one, the llama was gullible and two, the llama was REALLY gullible. Obviously if the 'great emperor' actually found a generator that would appease the needs for ShinRa, it would only make sense for him to want to show it off to the guy who called him out on it.

However, as Sammy's attitude shows, he's not entirely sure on Kuzco's sanity. They've been walking in the desert for a while and even though the llama may be drinking, Sammy hasn't touched a single drop of food or water since they arrived - something his body was more than happy to remind him.

When the two arrive to the doors, Sammy's mind is more going over what he's going to have when he gets back to base, rather than the silly llama's quest. The nasal-sounding emperor honks something at Sammy who snaps awake from his food day-dream.

"Uh? Hunh? Oh? In here? Yeah. Sure. Lead on, Llama." He states, posing as uninterested as he could so that he could get a rise out of the false emperor.
Emperor Kuzco The Emperor gives Sammy a leery look! How dare this guy /not listen to him/! To not pay attention is a grave sin against the Emperor! Ugh, this world is such a pain! Why won't people recognize their rightful emperor!? Oh well, nothing to do about it now. The Llama turns his head to the giant doors and slams his both hooves against the metal doors.

Klonk. Nothing happens.

The llama starts pushing, hard. His feet rapidly stepping in place. Within moments, he starts pushing his shoulder against the door. "Why... you stupid door..." He mutters and walks back a few steps, and then rapidly rams into the thing with his head! BONK! CLANK! And the llama falls backwards onto his rear...

Followed by the door slightly opening 'outwards'. Poor llama has been trying to push, never thought to pull.

Little birdies tweet and chirp around his head, while sammy is given a small look inside... and might just as well step in.
Sammy Colt The llama goes down as Sammy checks his fingernails. "Stupid llama." The turk says silently before the creaking door makes his eyes raise in disbelief. Somehow the silly thing's hard head must've knocked a latch open or something. There's a pause as Sammy mentally decides not to try headbutting the llama in the near future.

Peering inside, Sammy grabs the llama by his stubby little tail and drags him in through the doors. It takes three drag motions, but when they've cleared the threshold, he releases 'the emperor's' tail and turns to examine the room. There's a moment of revelation, followed immediatly by Sammy facepalming.

This was one of THEIR OWN reactors. Why had he not realized it earlier? "Ugh! You silly llama! This isn't this!" He exclaims, pulling out the picture of the Xanatos reactor and showing up-close to Kuzco's face. "This is a Mako reactor!" He exclaims before turning around and placing a hand on his chin in thought.
Emperor Kuzco The Llama gets dragged into the place and continues to make little sounds until Sammy finally sticks that picture into his face. "Wha, wuh? Mummy?" Kuzco mutters, before shaking his head rapidly and staring at the massive reactor. Then he looks at the picture... back to the reactor. "It looks a bit different..." Kuzco points out.

The more important thing for Sammy is however, WHY is there a Mako Reactor here!? This is actually not something that had been discovered before? Which Mako reactor was this? Was this one of the ones that had gone missing when Midgar had been lost in favor of Goug!? The green glow truly does look eery. But the more important thing to ask is...

What is this Mako Reactor syphoning for power?
Sammy Colt And that's why Sammy was pondering. There wasn't supposed to be a reactor in this world. No one had authorized it and by the sheer SIZE of it, this thing was definitely not a one night setup. Peering about, it looks as though this reactor uses the same console commands. Pulling forth his datapad, Sammy begins to attempt to access various protocols of the reactor as he tries to make heads or tails of WHY this is here.

"Who told you about this place?" He asks loudly as he tries to bring up the serial number, power output and power source information .
Emperor Kuzco Kuzco slowly gets up, grabs the little barrel of drink, and slurps loudly on the thing. Where'd he get sunglasses from. "One of my minions of course! I have connections in all kinds of places!" Kuzco tells Sammy. "I can't be expected to remember their names. I'm an Emperor! I have people for that." The Llama answers him.

The machine takes Sammy's commands just fine in the meantime. It's apparently been here for months now, running without anyone touching it. Just chugging along since Midgard fell apart. It has a huuuuuge error log around the time of the fall of Midgar, followed by these weird symbols that indicate bad encoding of some sorts, and then... well... it's doing its stuff again.
Sammy Colt This makes no sense to the Turk. "'One of your minions' that you don't know their name?" the little Turk replies as he begins to check the error logs, scrolling through errors that don't make a lick of sense. There's a pause as Sammy lowers the datapad, looks at the elevator and raises it again, activating the shaft as he walks forward, the command to open the doors initiating immediatly.

"Comeon, we're going to take a closer look." He says rather forcefully to the emperor.
Emperor Kuzco "E... ehhh? Closer look?" The llama takes a weary look around. "But it's all atmospheric lighting and green... that can't be good." Still, he follows Kuzco as if driven by a law of physics and logic nobody could ever decypher. That of a cartoon - perhaps? He ends up standing in the lift with Sammy, looking around with these wild eyes, and then looks at the inside of the doors.

"Please tell me there's not a lever." His ears curve down as he says this.
Sammy Colt "A lever?" Sammy asks confused as he holds a large square box with three colour-coded buttons. "Of course not. What do you think we are? Prehistoric?" He asks before pressing the large RED button that sends the elevator descending at a speed that one could only describe as HOLYSWEETMERCIFULCRAP.

Sammy remains perfectly calm, still and otherwise unphased by the sudden descent and the entire drop only lasts about ten seconds anyway. No reason for anyone to panic while the wooshing noises of the metallic framework make for an atmospheric scare while the green light is interrupted in sequence by the noise as they descend at a break-neck pace.
Emperor Kuzco "Oh, goo~WHAAAA!" As the elevator suddenly descends, Kuzco is actually lifted off of his feet as the Elevator descends far down into the earth, further and further down until finally comes to a halt - where the llama gets squished to the floor of the elevator with all of his legs wide out across the elevator. "I... hate... elevators..." He mutters, before scrambling up to his feet.

It seems they've reached the bottom of the reactor - the rods go down into the ground, but where one might expect a green glow normally, there's just sand and dirt. There's simply no way of knowing what this machine is sucking up without doing some serious digging. However, there's a different kind of problem here. Heartless. A series of shadows turn their heads as the two get to the bottom of the elevator, and Kuzco has this automatic reaction of attempting to jump up into Sammy's arms.

There's a LOT of heartless... they might need an actual /crew/ in order to clear this place.
Sammy Colt Heartless? Well, that's easy enough Sammy just has to - And now there's a panicing llama in his arms. Normally, Sammy would just initiate some fail safes, but the goofy llama just costed him his datapad, which goes sliding directly passed some of the heartless in the room.

For convieniance sake, one of them actually picks it up and begins gnawing on the side of it. "Stop panicking! We need to keep calm!" Sammy exclaims as the llama panics, causing the Turk to lose balance and begin stumbling about the elevator, which of course, causes the control to being dangling about the elevator, which is swinging in the exact opposite way the two stumble.

"Hit the green button!" Sammy exclaims
Emperor Kuzco Kuzco is freaking out, trying to climb further up on Sammy's head. After all, he doesn't have a HAMMAH with him. "Green button? Green button!?" The llama looks around with this frightened look on his face. "Button... button..." He kicks his rear leg out at the panel, slamming into the green button! And immediately, the elevator closes up and shoots right back upstairs!
Sammy Colt Sadly, Sammy had not assumed to appropriate ShinRa elevator ascension position, so naturally, the balance of the Turk is completely off-kilter. Plus, you know, one panicking llama in his arms. The sudden burst upwards is enough to cause Sammy to drop to the ground, immediatly followed by the llama ONTOP of him, which is met with simply a muffled OOMPH noise.
Emperor Kuzco Poor Sammy has a llama rear in his face for a while, until finally the elevator comes to a hard stop at the top and the llama is sent flying into the ceiling of the thing... and remains to hang there - a hoove on every edge of the elevator.
Sammy Colt Nothing better to sour one's mood than a face full of llama-butt. The elevator's rapid ascent is stopped just as quickly as it had started and finally, the llama's rear is removed from Sammy's personal space. Luckily for Kuzco, Sammy's body simply remains on the floor instead of taking off like the four-legged emperor's.

The turk gives a cough as red tufts of fur clear themselves from his lungs and with a pained grown, he rolls over and begins the process of getting to his feet, all the while grumbling and dusting himself off.

One he is standing, the young turk gives himself a sniff and pulls away from his suit. "Ugh! It'll take weeks to air that out." He states, obviously not liking the llama sceneted clothing he was now stuck wearing.

With the crisis contained beneath them, Sammy seems to have calmed down. The young man looks up at the cieling-propped Kuzco and he gives the llama the once over.

"You okay?" He asks, reaching out and grabbing the elevator's swinging button panel firmly and preventing it from swaying anymore.
Emperor Kuzco The Llama remains pinned to the ceiling for a while and cranes his long neck down a little. He's shaking, clearly a bit freaked out. "That were a lot of heartless." Kuzco decides to state the obvious, and waits for Sammy to grab that button and prevent it from swaying. Of course, he's getting annoyed with the clear disregard for his high llama-ness and the statement of stink... but he's too freaked out to make a deal out of it.

Of course, he ends up dropping himself onto Sammy in order to make for a safe landing, before wandering out of the elevator; having succesfully broken his fall or not. "Well then, it seems you - my servant - will have some work to do. Getting rid of those heartless from my empire won't be an easy task. And seeing as I lost the election and spent my budget on giving out Hammahs... I cannot give you any assistance in the matter of course."
Sammy Colt Sammy did in fact, break Kuzco's fall. Not by choice, mind you. As the llama struts his way out of the elevator, a rather vexed Sammy picks himself up off the floor and dusts himself off again as the mightiest of frail llamas declares him a servant and that he will fix the problem.

Usually, Sammy would say something, but getting this nuisance out of here was priority. If they could reclaim this place, then it could potentially rig up enough power for the project.

"Yes!" Sammy says with a forced smile as he zips ahead of Kuzco and opens the door, giving the emperor-llama a bow. "Don't you worry, I'll get those heartless all cleared out and contact you /right/ away so that you can come and see it for yourself." The former, he was planning on, the latter... not so much.

"Leave it to me, Mr. Emperor-llama. Don't you fret!" He says again, waiting for the jack-llama to get through the doors so he could seal them until a plan could be conceived.
Emperor Kuzco "Good, good!" The llama answers Sammy, grinning and swaying his head a little before pattering on his four legs and turning around. "You make sure you do that." He sticks one of his hooves out towards Sammy. "But don't you worry about showing this place again. I know where it is now. I can wander in here any time I want." It's part of his empire after all!

The Llama then wanders right on out towards the door. "I don't fret! I llama!" Kuzco then calls out, opening the door and leaving the place for Sammy to 'deal with' as he pleases.
Sammy Colt As Kuzco leaves, Sammy presses an item to his ear, the little blue light coming to life as the connection is established. "This is Agent Colt. We have a situation." He says calmly as he steps out, closing the doors behind him.

This scene contained 20 poses. The players who were present were: Sammy Colt, Emperor Kuzco