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Hades Cup: Team DLC vs Team Two Men and a Manchild
(2013-02-11 - 2013-02-13)
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Sanel Trumpets sound off! The crowd cheer!

Within this distinctively large arena, the place appears to be a huge square coliseum. Large granite colmns mark the place. It leads to the large round area surrounded by more columns with no cielings. This path is where the fighters are to meet and do battle.

People continue to cheer, awaiting for the fighters to come out.

The announcer of the bout is holding his mic, "Ladies.... annnnnd gentlemennnn! We shall soon begin the match! Iiiiiin this corner...."

It pans over towards Team DLC.

"Teeeaaaammm DLC!!!!"

The crowd cheer.

"A.....nnnnd in this corner.... Team Two Men and a Chiii-" Pause. Whisper. "Oh!" Ahem. "Sorry... Two Men and a MANCHILD!"
Deelel She's been in places like this before, but it was anothe time, another place. A very alien world, and a very differnet nature to the games there.

SARK had been without compassion, mercy of empathy for any of those trapped in the nightmars of the disk wars, light cycle battles or other games. She doesn't like to think about those fights but the nature of this tournament brings it back. Those who didn't make it, those she was forced to derezz to stay alive. Here it is something different it is a tounrment but one of skill and strength not blood sport for a monster and his master. She'd always loved the games before they'd become twisted death matches and this was a chance to engage in such.

Not only that the price was for a world shard that could be used to restore Manhattan from the darkness. The thought that many of the users there nd even the basics on th systems within could be restored? Was more than enough to make her play Hades' game so here she is entering waving to the crowd as she goes.
Faruja Senra Faruja follows beside Deelel, the rat looking far less enthusiastic about the crowd. Clad in full battle dress, the rat looks grim, still quite torqued that he's been forced into this whole competition by the prize. Rather than wave, the rat crosses his chest, kneeling to pray briefly.

The ratling then turns to regard where their opponents would appear, lips pursed for a moment. "This entire event is a farce. Forcing those whom would rather work side by side to draw blade upon one another in this Heretical bloodplay...disgusting. Not enough water in Burmecia's torrential season to cleanse myself of the filth it leaves." Snarl. Someone's not in a good mood; a pity after his time with Zia!

A shake of the head. "At least 'tis like to be an honorable battle."
Percival Who convinced him to do this?

An even better question, who made these teams? Tom was a no show and he had no idea what to expect from the chi-Oh excuse me, Manchild; that was his partner.

Before he could even consider these questions. Another popped into his mind. 'THAT' was the name of his team? Who came up with it?

After a while the only conclusion he could arrive at was that this was all some sick joke of Hades. A worthy enough excuse though he found himself horrified at the prospect of facing against Sir Senra in the first match. When he was a youth when he might have glorified in such a competition, he now despised the thought of baring naked steel against anyone in a battle that was not for real. His mind wandered to thoughts of his past, happier times, but he put those aside almost immediately. Reminiscence in the midst of a battle that was not for real could lead to disastrous results. His tail lashed thick gouges in the dirt to mark his anxiety. His wings at their full span furl around his form, as he finds his way to the arena floor. Upon his knees he unhooks his Baldric, and places the tip of his sheathed weapon in the dirt. His taloned hands hook about it as he begins a quick, and quiet prayer. "Oh Lord, forget not thine servant in his trials, I pray that thy will be done in all things, both great and small. Let me always be worthy of thee, let me not forget thee in the good times nor bad..." He continues to mouth the words of the prayer for a time, before rising from the display of piety.

Turning to Sanel, he regards him with an appraising eye for a time, before speaking. "Let us fight well, and honorably. Neither are our enemies, and I would not treat them as such to entertain the whims of a mad spirit." He refused to refer to Hades as a god, after all.

And then his visage sweeps over the remainder of the arena, and his competition. "Ser Senra. I had hoped that this would never come to pass, even in the spirit of friendly competition. While I commend you for championing the cause of my world, I cannot forfeit to you, no matter how much it pains me to take up arms against you."
Sanel Percival may likely have to display the patience of a saint with his partner. A young boy, not even at five foot, is busy trying to climb the larger creature. While Percival is trying to regard his partner, Sanel is busy trying to climb up against his arm to touch his wing.

A hand reaches up, trying to touch that wing.

...Is that a bit of drool coming from the side of his mouth?

"Pretty wing~"

And the announcer shouts, "Readdddyyyy.... FIGHT!"

Reach reach....


Sanel turns his head to regard the area, and then his focus moves towards....


While Faruja and Percival give their share of comments from each other...


"Sanel wanna wrasle Snow Mouse King..."

...Uh oh.
Deelel Deelel has heard of gargyoles existing, she's run into one once but that hass been the extent of her contact with them. She looks Percy over for a moment as she reaches for her disk as she gets prepared for the fight. "This should be good, the games on now let's see what you can do users."

She's going to have fun with this a whole lot of fun. Though she'd give the older basics who run the IO towers a bsod at her fighting in a game like this against users of all things.

She doesn't make a move to attack no she's preparing herself and running several little commands as she starts to move preparing..
Faruja Senra Up above in the stands, there's a group of Burmecian women. They all cheer and generally swoon over the scarred warrior, waving little Faruja flags. Even a few flowers are tossed down! Despite all the feelings in him at being faced with these two, he can't help but blush at all the attention. Blast it, he's not used to this kind of thing!

Normally, Faruja would be regarding the piety of the gargoyle with his usual respect. Right now, however, his gaze is firmly on Sanel. The person before him is a boy, no matter his strength. It's not the cold hearted killer that wiped out a village the rat had come to know, and taught him a lesson he'd never forget: Heretics die. A Templar cannot befriend him. In his heart, he knows it's true, yet...something about the way they died, in ice and terror, still bothers him. It should have been clean strikes, and instant death by beheadings or hangings. Not that blood soaked battlefield he saw. Seemingly distracted for a moment, he turns away from Sanel, gaze still oddly infuriated and horrified.

"Nor would I expect anything less, Ser Percival. Nay. To forfeit, even in /this/ unholy competition? 'Twould besmirch both of our Orders." Pausing, he smirks slightly, his bad mood from earlier softening.

"However...'twould be untruthful to say that I have not been curious to test your skills myself." Any more is cut off. Sanel speaks, in that innocent tone. Well, sort of innocent, anyway.

"My, my, my." He'd planned on using his normal spear. It's replaced to his back. An incantation, and a far larger one is yanked out from a white swirl of a reversed Warp. A poleaxe, it's clearly designed to bisect things. He'd almost cut an airship in half with it, during the events of Fluorgis' attack. Today, he seems intent on using it against Sanel...or more accurately, the person Sanel had once been. Not so much for the Heretics that died, but for the dishonor he feels the Church suffered at such a method of execution.

"It seems another would have me face them for now. Sanel. Forgive me. However, I must face you with all that I am." The poor boy no doubt wouldn't understand. But Faruja knows what he has to do. Claws dig into the dirt, as he swings back the great poleaxe. Then, the ratling charges Sanel, a glowing overhand blow aimed for the boy.

"En garde!"
Percival And then the Gargoyle is poked, prodded, and climbed upon by his partner. He opened his mouth several times to admonish him about his appalling lack of dignity, but he the words never left him. It was like being angry at a hatchling, he just couldn't be upset with him. His wings however did always find their way just out of reach of Sanel. At Sanel's 'challenge' towards Faruja though, he does blurt out. "At least afford him the respect he is due! Ser Senra, my apologies." He couldn't get himself out of a Squire's mindset, being servile to a Knight was just in his nature.

And then comes the attack. His dented shield was looped around his right arm, the blade that Zia had gifted him found its way out of his scabbard in an instant, gripped by his left. After Faruja's initial attack, he wanted nothing more than to respond, but he found that he could not. The boy was thus engaged and it would be disgraceful for him to gang up on the Knight while the two of them still stood. Instead he slowly finds himself circling the arena, regarding the 'program' with a sort of quiet appraisal. He didn't know what to make of Deelel. Was she like Legion? What sort of strategy would she use? Not wanting to find out if she would attack him at a distance, he continued to circle in cautiously to close the gap, taking in her measure the whole time. His wings flexed in anticipation of her attack, while holding his sword casually in a low guard.
Deelel Deelel is sizing percy up at this point. "He could have just kept the shard to himself. He strikes me as a very bored long lived entity. So we give him some enterainment and someone gets the shard. I can live with this most of the teams are after the same goal, right?" She turns her attention to the winnged humanoid and is ready with the disk in her hand, a moment later the disk was thrown at Percy, it seems to miss. It was planned as it will bounce off the arena wall and come right back at him.

"this is going to be fun!"
Sanel Sanel cannot help but to look over at Percival with a clueless look on his face. Respect? The boy cants his head to the side, then he looks over towards Faruja, who is taking out his weapon--or rather replacing it--- with a larger, more deadly weapon.

The boy tilts his head with curiosity, "Oooh..." Sanel is rather curious over the weapon in question.

However, that curiosity would be felt.

"Sanel will play with Snow Mouse King!" And then, Sanel prepares for Faruja's charge. When the templar charges at the young boy, Sanel waits.. and waits...

---SQUIRREL!-- Or rather, Sanel could not help but stare at Percival in awe as he gives off that presence of valor.

That overhand blow is coming down at the child as he lunges towards Faruja. Sinking into his skin, the hungry blade of the pole-axe digs into the child's back. A shriek exclaims from Sanel before the boy shifts his body over to plant Faruja's head onto the ground. How?


Sanel wraps both of his arms around Faruja's ribs, and plants him onto the ground. Then, Sanel moves to roll over and twist his arm.

"Snow Mouse King say uncle!"

...Hopefully Faruja can get out of a submission hold.
Faruja Senra Faruja's blade finds purchase, though unfortunately in the back. The Templar hesitates for one brief moment. While certainly not intentional, it's something he generally avoids. Still, there's no time for apologies. There's fighting to be had. At the impact, the crowd goes wild, some of the more bloodthirsty burmecian women cheering him on.

COUNTER! Faruja is most definitely a thing that exists in the universe, as is his weapon. Thus, the Burmecian is most certainly suplexable. With so much strength, the rat could hardly pull away, and is lifted up! Weapon and rat both are slammed into the ground, enough to leave his neck at a disturbing angle. Thankfully Burmecian necks are flexible enough to not simply snap.

Quite stunned for a moment, the ratling is easily rolled on top of. It's his term to scream, as his arm is wrenched up and against his back in a wrestling move!

"Oh my! Look at this! Will the brave Templar tap out?" Comes the voice of the announcer high above. Much to the dismay of some who remember his first qualifying event, the rat doesnt give up. What /does/ give, however, is his arm. A loud snapping sound can be heard as the bone breaks, the ratling screaming once more.

Gritting his teeth, pushing through the pain, he very simply tries to headbutt the boy off of him! Should the move be successful, he'll follow it up with a full powered dragoon kick to the stomach, hopefully sending him flying.
Percival His eyes follow the disk, and the feint is somehow registered in Percival's mind as he spins around to intercept the ricochet with his shield. The disk rebounding away from it. Still the force of the impact jarred his arm and he had to appreciate the power the program put into it. This wouldn't be an easy match.

"Mayhaps, Madame." Why wasn't he having fun, though? Instead he was worried, no not just worried, but terrified of what the outcome of the battle might be. "Have at you!" Before Deelel could respond with another attack, he charged at her at full speed with a roar, upon reaching her he drops down low and attempts to slam the edge of his shield into her form. Carrying the momentum from the swing of his offhand he placed both hands around the pommel of the blade and swung it about to attempt to buffet her with the flat of the blade in an upward swing.

He was holding back, as he had no idea what sort of damage physical force would cause to a computer program. Everything was calculated in a manner which would be strictly non-lethal to living creatures in the hope that the same rules would apply to her.
Sanel After trying to pin Faruja down, Sanel narrows his eye and he moves to twist tighter. However, the older mouse man manages to knock Sanel across the face with a headbutt, "Eeek!" And then, the incoming foot from the mouse gives off the cracked rib before he is sent flying across the air.

"Oof!" Sanel rolls along the ground, twitching before he flops on the surface. As Sanel is trying to pull himself up, frowning. "Nnghh..." Rubbing his head, Sanel staggers around and he moves his eyes towards Faruja.


Sanel leaps towards Faruja once more, this time, seeking to close the distance between himself and Faruja for a special reason. Sanel is sliding underneath the burmecian, then he springs himself up and reaches a hand over towards his sholder. ...Should Faruja not avoid the touch, Sanel is going to encase the mouse in ice.

Deelel Deelel is not too suprised Percival deals with her opening move however she notice he is using a melee wepon rather than the ranged hand held weapons a lot of users at least from the world she knows perfer. She has caught he disk just a moment before as the blade comes in and she'll move intercept each hit with her disk and she now tries to force the otehr back by launching her disk a bit more forcefully the edge however isn't armed or it's at least set in tournament mode rather than lethal. Still it's going to hit pretty darn hard on inpact.
Faruja Senra Normally, Faruja would try to capitalize on his opponents being knocked down. Unfortunately, the rat's be de-weaponed due to his now broken arm, which hangs at his side limply. Barely does he have time for an incantation as Sanel charges him, the boy's speed and strength awe-inspiring. Yanking out a cane-like short-spear, the rat thrusts it at his opponent before trying to leap away. Sanel's hand grazes the rat's shoulder as he puts distance between them. Thanks to his quick leap, not all of him is encased, but his broken arm is now a frozen wreck. Jump easily wrecked thanks to the added wait, he doesn't bother to correct, thrusting spear at the boy before landing hard. Oomph!

Armor won't help the heart stay sharp! Shellburst Stab!

Down comes the powerful energy crescent of Shellburst Stab, seeking to pierce through Sanel's defenses and blow him into the air.
Faruja Senra Some of the ice shatters, the rat gasping on the ground, limb frozen and broken. Once more, he thrusts his spear, body glowing. He /glares/. Not at the boy Sanel is. But at the Hound he once was. Gasping, the rat calls out. "'s duty must be unpleasant...mayhap even bloody...let this be a lesson. Always...ALWAYS must things be done properly and with honor! HOLY EXPLOSION!" Light rains down as Faruja vents his wrath, leaving craters where it falls, body glowing.
Percival And so it did. Hit hard that is. He lost his footing, and found himself groping about on the ground to gain purchase. One of his taloned hands kept him from falling entirely, as he swung about suddenly in an attempt to make a blind, lucky strike at Deelel's leg. After the fact, he charges right through her position, using a single forceful flap of his wings to gain the momentum to carry him forward. It was a one two punch as he passed by, his shield flashing forward to try to ram into her followed by his blade's pommel arcing into a single punctuated blow against her form.
Sanel Fortunately for Faruja, he managed to get away from Sanel in time to keep himself from being a frozen wreck. Even moreso, he managed to take the boy out with a good thrust of the spear that lands right against the boy's shoulder. "Aiiiie!"

As the stab pierces through Sanel's defenses, the boy winces and he is knocked into the sky.

However, along the way, Sanel is definitely seeking to pull Faruja along the air with him. As the explosion is released....

It all becomes encased with ice before shuddering to the ground, shattering like fragments.

How the boy can freeze the entire heatwave like that...? To be determined.

A hand reaches to snag Faruja with him. "We flllllyyyyyyy!!!" It's a cold grip.

And then... Sanel will hug onto Faruja and drop on the ground with him. "Hehehhehehehehe~"
Deelel Deelel is hit this time but she's suprisingly durable all things consider till she felt normal enough to the impacts from Percy. It's strange btu she might not even know the reasons for it. She's only starting to grasp how the grid and the users world are deeply connected to eacother. Still she's hit and tkes a moment to recover from the attack. She'll drop low and attempt tp kick PErcy and knock him down for a moment hopefully giving her a chance to recover.

"Faruja hang in there!"
Faruja Senra Faruja's eye goes wide as he witnesses the very wrath of the heavens itself being frozen, and falling. Thus, the poor ratling's utterly open, only realizing he's been yanked into the air by that cold grip belatedly. Uh oh. This is bad!

"S...Sanel! 'Tis not the sort of flying I typically find myself enjoying! When one flies, they generally keep going upwaaaaards!" More advice, though less nasty this time. Also, he's being hugged. Painfully. Now he knows what being a plushie in the arms of a child feels like.

Thud! Cue a third crater, with the rat inside. Knocked unconscious for a handful of seconds, he lets out groans of pain on the ground.

Slowly, he comes to. Pieces of armor are shattered around him. His spear is a good foot away, another weapon yanked away unintentionally by the young boy. What does he do, potentially still in sanel's arms, hugged like a toy and generally bein' wrassled?

His tail flicks out, and grabs a shard of his armor. The rat attempts to stab the armor shard into Sanel's leg!

Faruja smirks. "I...cannot lose here! I shall fight with all that I have! There is far too much worth in this!"
Percival What in the name of the almighty was that thud? Percival didn't really have time to spare a glance in their direction. He just had to have faith that Faruja hadn't trounced the boy too thoroughly. Or at least that was the outcome he foresaw in his head. Oh well, if the Knight came nipping at his heels soon enough he also had faith that he'd be doing so honorably. That would at least give him time to prepare for a two on one. After passing over Deelel, he manages to deflect most of the force of her kick with his shield before hitting the ground running. Making his way for the edge of the arena, he climbs up the side of it, before kicking off of it. Honing in on Deelel, he continues to circ....OH DEAR GOD, WHAT WAS THE BOY DOING TO SER SENRA?

He was so shocked that he nearly lost focus on his flight towards Deelel. Still, he managed to regain enough concentration to raise his shield strike at her with the sword, before he banks around, and this time, going for broke, doesn't raise his shield, but instead grasps the sword with both hands, and strikes at her as he glides by.
Deelel Deelel is prehaps a bit distracted by what the boy is doing to Faruja this actually costs her she doesn't even have time to do mucha botu the incoming attack against her. Oh this is not fun she's clipped by th weapon and hits the ground fiarly hard as she lost her balance. "What in the name of the Users is ... that one doing?" She shakes her head and needs to get her mind off it she looks up at Percy is flying, oh she'll have none of that as her disk is now in play as she is taking a shot for his wing enough tohopfully throw him off balance and send him down.

"If that's how you want to game..."
Sanel Sanel believes in the art of wrestling. He likes getting up close and physical. Unfortnately for Faruja, it may not be good for his health wth the playful young boy.

With Sanel seeking to wrestle Faruja down, the rat manages to stab the shard onto Sanel's leg.

"Bad Snow Mouse King! Bad!" Sanel's leg is stabbed, and it's hurt, but Sanel slams a hand down towards Faruja's muzzle to reprimand him. So, Sanel is frowning heavily at the mouse.

Sanel is reaching for Faruja's leg. Should the boy get his hands on that leg...

Faruja will find himself slammed from side to side.

"Bad." Slam. "Mouse." Slam. "Bad." Slam. "Mouse." Slam. "Bad." Slam. "Mouse." Slam.
Faruja Senra Whack! Faruja's head impacts the ground from the 'light' muzzle smack. Squeaking in pain, he simply shivers as he's picked up! Wham! wham! Wham! He's tossed around like a rag doll, dust and sounds of general pain coming from the rat each time. Even the Burmecian's eye is spinning as he's slammed about!

Reaching deep, mid-slam, the rat stops himself with his one good arm. Reaching out, he'll try to grab hold of Sanel's hair, then pull himself closer! More specifically, his face closer.

The rat's jaws open. NOM! Time to find out if Hounds are tasty.

Should the resulting bite cause Sanel to let go, the rat will leap into the air, body shining. Falling to the ground, he'll try to land a powerful kick to the head!

"If thy desire unarmed combat, so be it, Ser Sanel! Those were my /teeth/ on the ground!"
Percival And so the Gargoyle is unceremoniously dumped upon the ground, his jousting run cut short by a disk coming uncomfortably close to maiming his wings. And so he lands, hard. And doesn't move. And doesn't move. Perhaps he has the wind knocked out of him. Perhaps he's in awe of Sanel slamming Faruja from side to side. Who could say? Either way, it is some time before he finally rises to his feet, each breath deeper and more ragged than the last. He looks at Deelel, his vision blurring, and yet he still manages to lift his shield. His sword lay off to the side, forgotten. Perhaps he just couldn't locate it. Or maybe he just didn't feel he needed it any longer.
Deelel Deelel is stalking up towards Percy, if this was life ot death the basic would likely be fighting a lot more meanly but Percy is a user and he's not well? An glitched out jerk. So she's actully going to give him time to recover as she meanwhile prepares herself for the fight which seems to be far from over.
Sanel *CHOMP!*


"Kyaaaaaaaa!!!" Sanel yelps and releases Faruja as he bites down on the boy. hn, the boy is given a powerful kick towards the ground, sending him on his stomach. "Oof!" The boy sniffles, and then he just starts sobbing. And unfortunately, when a little boy is breaking into sobs, a temper tantrum is to likely come next.

First, Sanel bites back.

...Next, well, Faruja will likely be a mousecicle soon as Sanel is likely going to freeze him in place
Faruja Senra Somehow, for all this was meant to be an honor duel, Faruja feels like a jerk. A sobbing Sanel has him frowning, hands out. "I...I...oh Lord in heaven, are you alright Sanel? My, my...carried away, let me have a loo...ahhh!"

Leap! Faruja is forced to dodge, leaping up and kicking off of the block of ice that was just where he was. Almost a mousesicle!

Landing safely, he sighs, and ponders what to do. Now that the boy's crying, could he really attack him? No. Not really. Which leaves him at quite the dillemma. What to do?

Crack. Crack crack. That big column of ice starts to shatter where Faruja full-on Dragoon kicked it to save himself. Teeter. Fall!

Down goes the ice column, headed right for Sanel's noggin!
Maintain control. Discipline. Always discipline.

You can't afford to slip, not again. His vision of Deelel blurred, then merged back together. Then seperated. Two of her again.

He couldn't afford to fail. And yet this was a friendly competition, wasn't it? He wasn't angry. Or at least, he tried to tell himself that.

'Compose yourself.' Its what he told himself, and yet he found he couldn't. He began to recite a prayer. Prayers were always calming for him.

"Oh Lord, in this my hour of need, be with me..."

He seemed calm. He was calm. He looked at peace. And then he gave Deelel a glance and that serenity shattered just as suddenly as it had washed over him.

Its hard to say what about that one look at her caused it, but his eyes began to glow white with anger. A low animal snarl escapes his lips as he drops down to all fours. That snarl became a berserk howl as he rushed forward towards her. He pounces, and doesn't stop once he catches her, if he catches her that is, and continues his charge onward, he careens towards Faruja and Sanel. Its hard to say what kept him from attacking Sanel at all, soon he'd be raining down blow upon blow, talon, foot, tail, fang upon both Faruja and Deelel at once, presuming they are caught up in his rampage. There appeared to be nothing rational about his attack. Nothing calculated. The onslaught was based purely upon instinct, and nothing more.
Sanel CONK!

Sanel is now going out like a light. This leaves Sanel to collapse from the impact of the ice column.

Now, Sanel is left to dream of mice.
Faruja Senra Somehow, Faruja is glad that he didn't have to finish off Sanel personally. Moral quandry avoided! Several cheers, and offers of courtship and/or less polite things come from the Burmecian women in the crowd as their hero triumphs! But then a wall of claws and muscle comes at him and his partner!

The rat has been very tolerant of many of the Squire's actions. This, however? To go utterly berserk, and nearly forget friend or foe? /That/ is what truly upsets the Burmecian. A scowl shows on his muzzle as the Templar narrows his eye at the onrushing Percival.

"Squire." His voice is calm, even coldly so, that of a teacher too professional to show their anger. A shake of the head, the rat seemingly heedless of the powerful 'beast' before him. And to Faruja, that's exactly what the Squire's been reduced to.

Flipt! The Burmecian flicks off his robes in one deft movement, despite his broken arm. Green robes curl about his leg. He doesn't move. He doesn't seek to defend. Claws and teeth snap and slash, breaking holy armor further, ripping into flesh and fur. Clenching his jaw, and pressing his clawed toes into the ground, he stands shoulder-to-body with Percival. Shoved back by the great being's strength, welts where his claws rip up the arena floor can be seen. Eventually, the two stop, strength equalized. For being so small, so too is the Templar strong.

"To fall is no disgrace. HOWEVER! Allow this to be a lesson to you, oh unworthy Squire." The 'disgraced' Squire needs to be corrected. Flipt. Up comes his robes with a flick of the wrist. It wraps about the Gargoyle's neck! Jaws snap, nabbing the other end. Powerful legs leap into the air, taking Percival with the dragoon! As they peak, he snarls into Percival's ears.

"To lose discipline, to go berserk, to strike without knowing friend from foe...'tis the worst betrayal imaginable. Humiliation and death before such WEAKNESS! LEARN THY PLACE, KNAVE!"

Tail flicking, the rat sends himself and his opponent into a spin as they begin to fall, Percival held on by the thin robes. When they're close to the ground, the blurr of white, gold, and green loses most of it's white as Faruja lets go, sending robes and Percival slamming down into the ground!
Deelel Deelel is suprised by the Gargyole's attack, but not totally he can fly, she knows it's a possiblity he could do something like this. She does tespect him as a fighter he's proven to be a challenge but she's not derezzed yet and cycles in the gaming pits had taught her how to surive she's actually able to intercept a number of his blows with her own disk the thing actually /holds out/ against hte full assault but now it's time to get serious as Faruja makes his move the other knight. Well Percy's a knight in training but close enough.

"Getting glitched out like that only gets you Derezzed."

She then follos the other up launching a disk strike, she catches it on the rebound, laumnches it again and then voes in for a strike to the side of Percy's head.
Percival Were he rational, he'd be cowed, shamed, embarassed, mortified. Any of those adjectives. He'd likely be upon his knees begging for either forgiveness, or for Faruja to take his unworthy life.

He was none of those things.

As the robe folds around his neck, he snaps his jaws forward towards Faruja's arm, and then he finds himself being released at a velocity that would cause much discomfort if he lands.

Unfortunately for Faruja, he had wings. Which once opened to their full wingspan caused his descent to briefly be arrested. A meaty paw found its way around Faruja's slender ankle, and then suddenly Faruja found himself as the victim of being body slammed upon the arena floor.

As Deelel's disk is aimed at Percival, he instinctively catches it, and then begins to use it as a bludgeon upon Faruja's form, pounding it against him repeatedly as he continues his onslaught.
Faruja Senra Frown. Blasted wings! Just his luck. Faruja chuckles lightly, bitterly, as Percival's rage continues. "Tenacious, I shall give thee that much. Nay. Not yet. To fall to ye, as you are now?"

That disc comes towards him, slamming into his chest, sending him flying back into the arena walls! Just before he impacts it, the rat throws up a Protect spell, coming off far less worse for wear. But he's clearly winded, brought to his knees. "...No. Deleel! Finish him!"

Concentrating, the Burmecian begins to heal the pair of himself and the Program!
Deelel Deelel is pretty darn hard up but Faruj's healing magic seems to work on her pretty well all things considered. She's at least considered alive by the forces that empore the world.. She's feeling a bit better she's tgot a bit more energy but well she just cna't stop Percival whose basically gone feral on them both.

"Damn they are just glitched!" That's a pretty harsh word coming from a basic when all things are said and done but she needs to prepare sos he takes a moment longer to back off and recover.
Percival Just as the words of the healing spell leave Faruja's lips, Percival is already upon him. The improvised bludgeon that is the disc is already crashing down upon his barrier.

Why was he only attacking Faruja now? Wasn't it his fight against Deelel that caused him to lose his temper?

There were no answers in those eyes filled with white hot rage. With a howl of bestial fury he continues to crash it down upon him again, and again, and again. More often missing than not, before he aims a backhand with his free hand towards the Burmecian's jaw.
Faruja Senra Blows rain hard into the ratling, no longer even able to protect himself. Every strike of disc upon Burmecian has bones cracking and blood coating the thing that holds Deelel's soul. Down comes that clawed hand of the larger gargoyles, slamming his face into the ground with a dull thud. For a moment, he doesn't move, briefly taken unconscious again.

Twitching, just before the announcer starts counting, the rat slowly drags himself to his feet. Gasping with blood dripping down his muzzle, he snarls out his displeasure. Choking, he spits up blood, well aware of the internal damage all of those blows did to his body. There's little armor left on him, most of it broken away, only bandages and bruised white fur visible stained with his own blood.

With all of his strength, the ratling quite simply lays a punch into the jaw of the great gargoyle warrior, nearly breaking his hand in the process. Wincing from the pain, he leaps overhead. Pulling out his spear he'd yet to use, his body once again glows, as he plummets to the earth! Will he skewer the poor, feral gargoyle!?
Deelel Deelel isn't out of the game just yet, not by a long shot stil as the boys just get up at it all close and personal. She's going to hit the brezker squire from the side and she's learned a bit of handed to hand since her stint over in the land of dragon she's going to plain out round house kick Percy now then fall back.
Percival Skewer him? Well yes. That'd likely work. His spear would be a fantastic idea. Except its a polearm. And polearms have one very distinct weakness to those trained to know it. Once you slip inside their guard, the closer you get to where the wielder is gripping it, the less force they're able to muster. Its not clear whether or not Percival's prior training was showing within his rage, however he leapt up inside Faruja's guard, and a taloned hand gripped right upon Faruja's hand. He snarls right in Faruja's face, flecks of spittle drizzling him. And then an elbow is launched right into his gut, and another reversal as Percival attempts to slam him right back into the arena floor.

Oddly enough Deelel's attack is basically ignored, other than a general swat in her direction that is wide, and misses instantly.
Faruja Senra Faruja has been a polearm user long enough to know just what happens when an opponent sneaks into your guard. At that point, your weapon is less than useless. Dropping it as though it were aflame, the rat reaches out with his good hand. A hard elbow impacts the Burmecian's gut, spit in his face. Gasping, lifted off of the ground, he nevertheless /squeezes/ at Percival's throat.

"I...have had quite enough...of thy CONDUCT this day!"

What does a Knight do to a Squire who's being unruly? Why, they smack them upside the head! Swat! A hard slap is driven towards Percival's jaw.

"/That/ is for spitting in the face of a knight. Now then."

Winding up, the rat unleashes a hard uppercut! "/That/ is for breaking discipline!"

A hop, and a sharp-clawed foot heads for Percival's chest!

"And /this/ is for your lack of attention to honorable arena duelling ettiquette!"
Deelel Deelel is still is coming after Percy she's seen this has gone beyond a normal friendly match, this has just got out of control. "Enough of this, this isn't SARK's death games. What is wrong with you! A uncontrolled warrior is little more than a grid bug!"

She follows up Faruja's own move with another disk throw iming to catch Percy off guard while he's dealing with Faruja.
Percival Percival dodges one slap, then bats aside the uppercut. But upon the kick, he snatches Faruja's foot out of midair. And then he just stands there for a time with him dangling upside down, regarding him as an animal would prey that he's toying with.

Then Deelel's attack comes, staggering him forward.

Growling, he viciously kicks upwards into the Burmecian's chest in an attempt to send him flying.
Deelel Deelel is not yet out of the game yet, but Faruja may be and her foe is in such a state he may damn well derezz her. Users are fighteningly durable things and she's not sure about the state of her body in this world to want to chance to find out if she's still pixils or something more akin to the natives. So shs moves in she slides in trying to trip Percival and then launch a quick shot with her disk before she's back on her feet.

"Look at your self!"
Faruja Senra Wham! Faruja is kicked straight into the wall by Percival's vicious kick. Wham! As his vision swims before him, he does the only thing he can. An Ivalician fan favorite.

Chuck! A rock is thrown, with all of the anger and vindictiveness of a person who's about to go unconscious. Konk! Out goes the lights of the Knight.
Percival Percival turns to face Deelel suddenly as Faruja collapses, his expression if anything, softening as the hardened, bestial visage fades away by inches. In fact the glow fades from his eyes for a brief moment as if signifying the end of his mindless rage.

And then she trips him.

On his back, the glow returns, as the Gargoyle begins to do something akin to hyperventilating. And then he's back on all fours, rushing her, roaring in fury as he pounces with both of his fists put together in a sort of hammerfist, he slams it down upon what would be the equivalent of her collarbone, were she not a program. And then his onslaught continues as he tries to knock her down, and just claws her repeatedly.
Deelel Deelel gets Percy down, he's still attacking Faruja and this is beyond game or even an arena. This is pretty much insane, and she's not about to die, any sense of play is gone from Deelel's actions. Her movments beecome a bit more machine like as she shifts toavoid his attacks. She's just going to kick him in the head at this point. She's not sure what's she made out of in this world given well she's not been hurt and yet she's processed user food. So she doesn't plan to find out if she bleeds or pixils. Back to the mastery of hte art of Ti Quon Leap, boot to the head.
Percival The blow stuns Percival briefly, sending him reeling. He definitely wasn't the same as before when fighting Deelel. His movements were more clumsy, less vicious. The glancing blow sends him to the dirt.

Covered with wounds, by all rights he shouldn't be getting up, and yet he does, with a tail sweep sent straight at Deelel's feet.
Sanel ....Rolling over along the floor, Sanel sniffles, grasping over towards Faruja's neck to ensnare him into a hug. Sniffle. Sniffle. ..SQUEEZE!

Faruja is now Sanel's pillow.
Faruja Senra Suddenly, there are huggles. With little stars floating above the rat, he's yoinked by Sanel, suddenly a ratpillow. Despite his painful, horrible injuries, he manages to mumble in his sleep.

" comfy...zzz...Rub my back again Hati...zzz...Name's not George Hati."
Deelel Deelel is now just attempting to not fall prey to PErcivals wild stte he's clearly not out of it but there isn't much left. Deelel flips backwards lands in a crouch and launches her disk again in an attempt to keep Prcival off balance, while she plans out her next move she's got a plan but it will take a moment to set up.
Percival And thus does Percival simply charge forward, in an attempt to knock her over, and then he initiates his most complex plan ever.

Well maybe not that complex, given that he's just flailing wildly at her on the ground.
Deelel Deelel has percy coming at her he's clearly lost it, he's not thinking he's fighting like a grid bug just out to destroy kill and maim and she attemps to fend him off she uses her disk to parry a lot of the blows but the blows are just so jaring it's flat out hurting her even when she parries them. She's forced back again and now has one thing in mind. She wants to live and isn't about to die here, too much is riding on her, she's still got much to fix and she half expect Percy will flat out kill her at this point. She launges her self at him and with suprising force will atempt to slam Percy to the ground and slam her disk with brutal force into him.

"End of Line."
Percival And Percival simply topples over, by this point, her attack truly was overkill. He was already covered with more wounds than he could possibly withstand and remain in the fight. His rage leaves him so suddenly that it seemed as if it had never been there in the first place. At first there is some sort of haze in his eyes, followed by a glimmer of recognition. A feeling of dread washes over him as he realizes what he has done, he slowly curls up into a sort of fetal position. His wings covering his face as if to hide his shame. Unconsciousness would be a blessing for him right now. And that's probably why it doesn't come.
Deelel Deelel sees that Percy has finally stopped she stops any further attaks and staggers to her feet, it was a brutal fight. She walks a bit away and flops top the ground resting on her hands legs out and just kinda staring at Percy and oddly she's breathing pretty heavily too it's over. Damn what was that user on, it was insane...

This scene contained 54 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Deelel, Sanel, Percival