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Funhouse of Nightmare - Group Side
(2013-02-11 - 2013-02-12)
A mysterious funhouse has shown up and those who explored it never came out. Now, adventurers are tasked to find the missing people.
Silhouette Shadow It's Costa Del Sol, the great place where the sun and the great skies are given. Wonderful to chill in, awesome to relax in. However, this may not be the time to relax, given that there is a strangely large funhouse set in. The strange place had been in for a couple of days now, people who explored it had been missing.

For the Shard Seekers, one amongst them of the missing is their hapless leader, who decided to explore the place, but no one has heard from him.

People who frequent the beach have not explored it due to the increased presence of the Heartless.

Could this funhouse have such dark secrets?
Katyna Katyna had been quite curious to check out the funhouse herself, although she was less concerned about being a 'hero' and saving lives, than she was of finding 'pretty shinies', and other exciting adventures within the funhouse...

Naturally, funhouses have always been one of her favorite points of interest at circuses, and this is no different..


That darned Reize has got himself in trouble, again! At the very least, she owed him for the last time he saved her life, and her promise to Lord Seith, not to mention her budding friendship with the rather clueless boy...*sigh* oh well, here goes nothing!

Dressed in her lighter tunic attire so she can better enjoy the warm, tropical weather, Kat steps towards the funhouse, determined to explore it!
Minerva Minerva had heard of the funhouse and come to look into just what was going on here, so she was coming along with Katyna to help out. Now Reize was in trouble, this wasn't totally a new thing but one would be a total jerk not to help him out. SO here she is as she comes up on the funhous,e and looks ove rto her companion for a moment. "We best not split up within this place, Katyna."
Lily Lily's already up near the Funhouse's entrance, casting a light on into it from the cobalt blue gem on her forehead. She's leeeaning in towards said entrance, almost across the threshold, and her tense body language suggests that at any moment she might just up and barrel in to find Reize!

It's never good when he goes off on his own, but he keeps doing it for some reason!
Kim Possible There's a strange funhouse that's seeming less fun and more strange. Things don't seem right, so who do you call? You call Kim Possible, although if she's not home, you can beep her instead!

Nevertheless, Kim arrives quickly and stops as she stares in awe at the funhouse. "This is definitely uncool for an amusement park. Whatever's going on here, I don't like it one bit!"
Sora Sora's been hanging around the Seekers long enough to know that if Reize goes missing, there's problems. Therefore, the Keyblade Wielder shows up in Costa De Sol witohut any problems, scratching his head - at least he's not a lion cub today. Really, /really/. That was getting problematic.

"Ehhh, Lily, wait up!"
Silhouette Shadow There it is, the strange fun house that looms. Its outward exterior appears rather colorful and inviting. Those who can see the funhouse will see the candy-striped look of white and red. Clown images and balloons are everywhere...

And yet..

The wind becomes fierce as they become a mere gust. Those heavy winds whisk the area, whipping the flappy 'gate' open, beckoning the newcomers to enter.
Katyna Katyna glances around at the others gathered. She smiles and nods to Minerva as she joins her. "Alright, sounds like a good idea. Everybody, keep close! These funhouses are notorious for splitting people up and keeping them confused. We're stronger as a team, gottit?"

Yipes, since when did she become leader? Probably when Reize went missing! She glances over at Lily and smiles and nods to her. "Heh, figured you'd be here. Dun' worry, we'll find Reize.." And then there's Sora, a boy she's never met..Although the keyblade he wields is..Very familiar. Wasn't..Wasn't that what the Lingering Will down in the heart of Manhattan wielded..? But that rusty pile of armour was so empty and about to give up. Not like this boy. Hmm..Should be interesting!

She smiles and nods at him, although she has to try hard to tear her gaze away from his keyblade. "Hi! You a friend of Reize's too?" Of course he is, everybody is. As for Kim, she just grins and nods. "Heh, I think this funhouse looks like mega fun..Cant wait to check it out! No doubt, Reize just got himself lost..Again!"

She peers towards the entrance to the funhouse, shivering a bit at the sudden gust of wind. But rather than fear, all she seems to feel is exhiliration and excitement. "Alright, this'll be fun! Let's go!" And she boldly steps into the funhouse..
Kim Possible "Fun? You think it's fun?" Kim lowers her eyes half-way. "You're weird, you know that?" But that emotion lasts only a moment as Kim cracks her knuckles and looks to the others. "OK, here's the sitch: We gotta check this place out and find out whatever's going on. No need to be afraid, it's all just for fun." Of course, Kim doesn't know how wrong she might be...
Lily When the baleful wind comes, Lily adjusts her simple slip-on robe - one which, by now, boasts a considerable amount of stitches and patches that barely stand out, as they're just as white. Such is the amount of messes she's dealt with while wearing it. The entrance is treated to a bold face of childish determination... brave and.. well it would be fierce if her face was any good at ferocity. It's not. SO it comes off more as endearingly angry puffed cheeks.

Then she looks over a shoulder... and goes promptly wide-eyed at the degree of others who've come at, somehow, the same time. Color her startled enough to gape in surprise! "Ah... Sora!"

Well that amazed face quickly shifts to relieved. "... There's so many people... you're all coming to?"
Minerva Minerva is keeping with her friend and looks over at those who have come Sora gets a nod, she's eyeing the young man over for a moment before giving him a nod. He should be able to take care of himself from the looks of it. "Yes, we have no idea what is happening within this place, and Reize shant be left to swing in the wind. It not be right." The Keyeblade does get a notice from her strange weapon she wonders though what it can do. She looks at Kim and nods "We need to be on our guard I would not be suprised if there were yet more foul magicks about this place. Also my name is Minerva I'm with VALKYRIE." She looks over Lily for a moment but Minerva and grins a bit. "We are indeed."
Sora "We're all coming to help, yes." Sora confirms. "Hello, Minerva, I'm Sora." He gives a friendly nod to Katyna and everyone else, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, I'm Reize's friend. Or at least close enough to be worried! He can get ... lost, a little, but..."

He shrugs. "Stay close."
Kim Possible "Name's Kim Possible," Kim says to Minerva. Then she looks to Sora and says, "You sure you wanna stick together? It might be better if we split up, we could search more of this place quickly." Apparently, she's not that fazed by this place very much.
Silhouette Shadow 0~ 0Funhouse of Nightmares 0~

The exterior seems rather inviting, but the inside is is a place shrouded with darkness. The lights are rather dim and the area itself is spacious. There is a path ahead that leads a long way.

On each side of the path is a mirror. Those mirrors are reflecting over the people that cross through. Many of them, in fact, seem normal.
Katyna Kat just smiles and nods to Lily. "Of course...Reize is my friend too, and if he's in trouble, which he undoubtedly is, then VALKYRIE will help, too!" She chirps a little too cheerily as she pats Minerva's back, pausing only briefly to introduce herself to those she doesn't know. "Aah, nice to meet you, Sora, Kim my name's Katyna!" She nods to Kim as well, then looks back at Sora again, "So, are you guys Shard Seekers too? Wow, Reize sure has a lot of followers.."

She scratches her head, pondering as Kim suggests they split up. "Well, we COULD cover more ground that way..But, just this once, I think it's better if we stick close. I mean, fun houses arent' like normal places. They're confusing and crazy enough as it is. We dont wanna get spun around so fast we end up accidently stabbing each other instead of the enemy, y'know?" And then there are the mirrors, trademark of a fun house! Katyna grins as she peers into the mirrors, twirling around. "Ooh, I always loved the mirrors!" she tilts her head, trying to catch her reflection in different angles. Usually funhouse mirrors are distorted, although these ones seem pretty..Normal..For now..Bah. What's the fun in that?
Minerva Minerva makes note of Kim's name and away they go into the house. She's supcious she's on her guard and sye's eying the mirrors. She almost wonders if nothing will happen becuase whatever is behind this? Could be aware they are hunting it. Or it just means things will get worse.

"These must cost a fortune..."
Lily "Nnmmh... alright. I'm right behind you, Sora." She nods over a shoulder at Katyna... rather emphatically. "Shard Seekers! I'm part of them... and Reize is always getting in trouble. I need to watch him more closely..."

She steps inside, casting a light from her forehead jewel in an attempt to chase away the shadows and follow the path... while looking about at all of the mirrors and stretching out her senses for anything magical or odd...
Kim Possible "I guess you're right, this place isn't the kinda place you wanna get lost in," Kim replies to Katyna. "Honestly, I think we should all just stick together in case something happens." She looks at the mirrors and pauses as she looks at one of them. "Hey, what happened to my hair?" She says, before realizing it's just a crazy mirror and chuckles.
Sora "That's what I was thinking." Sora says to Kim. "It's easier if we all stick together; we don't want to find Reize and then lose one of us, would we? That'd be awful!" Sora continues moving with the group, though, cautiously. No saying what'll happen here.
Silhouette Shadow There is something strange about the place. As they pass through the mirrors, the area seems rather innocent enough to where they do not do anything strange. Well, strange than the usual funhouse mirrors.

Except when each pass by a particular mirror.

This mirror shows a dark reflection of each one of them...

In particular, there is a dark mirrored image of Lily.

"Welcome to my world."

...Yet, nothing happens.

Except for the fact that the 'entrance' disappears. Once that entrance is gone, it only leads to the path ahead.

No mirrors break. Nothing..

However, those mirrors...

...reveal the look of horror of people. Many of them are the adventurers from Fluorgis while others are people that came to the beach.
Katyna Kat smirks, "Hah, just mirrors! I'll bet all those people.....Got lost..." She frowns, slowing down as she passes a rather..Dark reflection of herself. When she peers through the mirror, it is a certain dark knight that peers back. She shivers, backing up, shaking her head. "no way..." She murmurs as she sees the image pointing to her heart. "Ugh, just trickery! Ignore those mirrors! They're just trying to confuse us!"

Kat quickly hurries on, anxious to get to the end of this fun house. And then, she ses the horrified looks of many of the missing people. "Ooh, what is this? Are they..Trapped within the mirrors or something? Hey..Reize! Reeizzze!! Are you in here? Hey!"

Slowly, Kat pulls out her sword, and it flames to life. If it gets dark in here, at least she has a way to get out of here..She doesn't notice the entrance vanish in her determination to find their way out of here. Kat does pause at one mirror though, knocking at it, "Hello? Can you hear me in there?"
Lily Lily steps AWAY from the mirror that bears her reflected and wrong self, dressed in black and... what is WITH that expression?! The girl in white backpedals and--

... And trips over the fabric of her own outfit. With a squeal of alarm she goes tumbling backwards in Sora's direction, arms flailing.
Minerva Minerva pause as she looks at a dark image of herself she stares at her twin, it's like a flip side. She stare at her dark twin and takes a step back trying to sense if there's any actuyal darkness power at work here she might not sense anything but it doesn't hurt she just seems to be a bit put off at her twin. "I don't like this. We are being mocked..."
Kim Possible Kim suddenly does a double-take as she sees the evil image of herself. Then she shakes her head. "OK, this is totally uncool. We need to, like, get out of here right now!" She's not panicking, despite her wording. She just is getting impatient with what she's seeing. "Someone's trying to scare us, but we're not gonna let it get to us!"
Sora "Lily!"

Sora ends up with a arm-ful of girl. "Lily, are you okay?" He asks, bracing himself in his shoes to make sure they both don't go over. "Well, I see this is how it's going to be." He finally notes, looking in one of the mirrors with a somewhat grim expression,.
Silhouette Shadow All of the adventurers that have been trapped are here. If they could only scream, they would. Of those adventurers, Reize is nowhere to be found. No, there is no sign of the boy. However, in his stead, there are the mirrors everywhere..

Onward ahead, there is a simple hallway.

However, it looks like an arena.

0Tell me.... Are your hearts strong enough to withstand this area...?

There are a few clown-hat wearing Shadows emerging... Those cute looking heartless have their feelers move about, trying to find the source of those hearts.

0Join those who fell here...
Minerva Being mocked ment whatever behind this was very confident about what was going on here. She's staresd at her twin for a moment longer, before moving on as they enter the arena her eyes narrow as she replies to whatever is speaking or communicating with them.

"Like your kind to hide behind the mindless and the souless! Come, I shall deal with you as all those who'd seerve the aims of the shadow lords."
Katyna Katyna pauses, glancing around at everyone. "Huh, is everyone okay? Lily?" But it seems Sora's got her. She smirks at Kim and Minerva next, and nods. "Heh, that's telling 'em, I'm not gonna get scared of a little illusion.." Even if her own reflection is a bit more real than the others, as far as she knows. But...Right now, she's just Katyna, not Ember.

She grips her flaming sword more tightly as she carries onward, sighing, "Huh, they dont seem to be able to hear us, and no Reize in sight, but..." Amber eyes narrow as she focuses upon the shadowy figures up ahead.

And hesitates..

Truly..WAS her heart strong enough? She was no hero, that much she knew. Even so, Kat was determined to free Reize at least, even if she didnt really care much about the other poor people who stumbled into here.

"Heh...." She laughs as she strides forwards towards the cute little heartless. "Me, afraid? Me weak? I dont think so...Show me what you got!" With that, Katyna crouches into a defensive stance as she waits for the heartless to emerge, cocking her finger at them to entice 'em.
Kim Possible "I can do anything," Kim comments as she heads towards the arena area. "Honestly, if you think I'm afraid, you're wrong!" She doesn't know who's talking to them, but she's not letting them scare her. "If I can handle a three-hour nonstop car trip with my twin brothers, I can handle anything!" She gets into a martial arts stance, with a confident look on her face. "I'm ready when you are!"
Sora Sora makes sure Lily is okay; then he nods to the group. "Don't falter. Everyone's hearts here is strong!" The Keyblade wielder raises his hand, the Kingdom Key shining in it, so he knows that the Heartless can see it. That advice done, he steps forward with Kim and Katyna, squeezing Lilys' hand in reassurance.
Lily "Heartless... HEARTLESS!"

Lily knows that awful presence by instinct now. It's been the source of most of her woes since that first nightmarish awakening in the darkness - her first breaths of life, tortured by their dark claws and teeth.

Lily lets out a noise almost like a hiss, hatred and fear bubbling up, after pulling away from Sora, who receives a nod of acknowledgement.

And her breathing... has gotten strained, and panicked. Reize got lost here? Reize... is nowhere to be seen.. people fell here?! "... it's always the darkness... always... give me back Reize. GIVE ME HIM BACK!"

Her voice may be a piercing shriek, but it's almost drowned out by the pealing thundercrack that results from her magic kicking up in response to these snap bursts of outrage.

Thick bolts of electricity whirl up around her, writhing about in an aura around her that sizzles and ionizes the air.

...Oops. She really doesn't like Heartless.
Silhouette Shadow Those clown-hat wearing Shadows are lurkig towards the group. They spin around, but nearly stumble over. They rise up to their feet, turning their feelers towards the group.

A couple of those Shadows are springing into action, moving to attach itself to some of the members. At least... that is what it would seem to be.

Until they explode into fog. That fog spreads across the area, likely to spread everyone away from each other. Within that very fog....

Stillness is in the air.

0One amongst you escaped my grasps. But that will be taken care of... All of you, however, will join the rest.

This is to leave the group trapped within that very fog. Each of them are separated. However, there are chains rippling from the ground everywhere, seeking to keep the group held up.
Katyna "Haaah!!" Kat gets ready to swing her sword at the heartless..But suddenly they burst into..Fog? "What the...Where'd they go!!" all goes dark and she grits her teeth, nodding to Sora's encouraging words. "Right! We wont fall to the darkness!"

~I hope....~

Suddely chains wrap around her feet and she gets hurled into the air and slammed into a nearby wall. "Aaah! What the...!" She waves her sword around blindly in the fog, attempting to strike at the heartless as a blast of flames erupts from her weapon. "Take that, fiends!"
Minerva Minerva says "Fear not, Sora. We have experiance with such creatures. There is likely a summoner, we fell them and the heartless should faulter."

She looks about at all the heartless she becomes away of the Anguisht hat is effecting Lily. She is not a happy lady from the look on her face. She holds her ground as the incoming heartless are just aassuling her she's on the defence as the chains come and manage to enstare her. She shifts and struggles to break free this may take a moment!
Sora "Nhhhh-!"

Sora exclaims as everything just explodes, sending him reeling into that mist-like darkness again. He's been on his own plenty of times, but he doesn't want to be here any longer than he has to be. With that in mind, he reaches out with the Keyblade, channeling his power.

That being said, by channeling his power, we really mean Sora just throws himself into the fray, because what else do you except from the guy who picked the sword in his Dive to the Heart?
Kim Possible Kim may be ready, but that doesn't mean she can anticipate what the Heartless are thinking. As a result, she's caught way off-guard and finds herself in a bit of a crazy situation as she gets chained and thrown. Even though she's acrobatic and all, she still can't time things properly to avoid landing hard. She lands with an OOF! But then she gets back up.

"OK, now this is totally uncool. Time to show 'em what I can do!" Kim strikes a pose before attempting to launch a series of martial-arts style attacks at the Heartless.
Lily "No."

The word all but resonates from the angered Lily's mouth, fog or no fog she might very well be heard. Who knows?

She huddles up in the fog, and continues screaming angrily for Reize until the chains erupt about her. That's when she blinks, looks down with a startled gasp-- and panics.

"Hyyaaaah!" Even as some of the chains thwack her into the air, the winds come to her air in this place and whirl about her in a thick barrier that keeps her aloft and drifting back.

While her jewel pulses fiercely, she gestures out towards the chains... and unleashes torrents of lightning to arc down and smash themselves at the Chains!
Silhouette Shadow Once Katyna is slammed against the wall, the chains are seeking to tighten around her once and the blast of flames counteract the attempts. Those chains quickly whisk away from the girl. Then they slither over....

However, for Katyna.... Through the fog steps out a familiar person...

"It's been a while.."

Reize? No. It's...

As for Lily hacks away those chains, snapping them away. Soon, Reize emerges from the smoke, looking a tad clueless. "...Buh?" Then, he sees Lily, "Lily!" He holding his and out for her.

Meanwhile, Sora does a good job of getting into the fray of the Heartless chains. Those chains are repelled briefly as he hacks away. However, Riku emerges from the smoke holding out a hand for him to take...

Kim makes her way of fighting against the chains, repeling it back with her martial arts. She will see Ron reaching out for help. "KP!!!!"
As for Minerva... whichever is likely dear for her...

Through those people, however, the chains lift up again, seeking to plant them back onto the air and keep them there. ...The chains even go as far as ensnaring their neck.
Katyna "Ugh!" Kat grits her teeth, trying to break free of the chains..But then they seem to free themselves all on their own. "Guh!" She drops to the ground like a stone and her flaming sword goes flying!

"No!" Quickly, Kat makes a dive for it, scooping it up quickly in her hands. "Phew...Where is everybody? Lily? Mine....rva...?" But it is the familiar figure that emerges from the fog that causes her to hesitate.

"Reize...?" No, that's.....

"Razan? Is it really you?" She lowers her sword as she steps nearer, totally lowering her guard as the chains slash out at her again, hurling her against the wall. "Gah!!"

Again she tries to fend them off with bursts of flame from her sword..
Kim Possible "Ron, is that you?!" Kim asks, attempting to leap towards him, but in doing so leaving herself truly vulnerable once again. She gets hit and is knocked to the ground again. This time, it hurts even worse, and Kim finds herself rubbing her leg before getting up. "That was totally uncool!" Kim says as she looks towards the Heartless again. "I won't let you hurt my friends!" Kim attempts to fly in with a kick and then follow up with a swift punch before stepping back.
Sora "-- Ri-riku? No, it can't be you! Augh!"

Sora has problems with seeing Riku in the darkness, you see. That in mind, he grits his teeth even as he promptly swings his Keyblade out again - but this time, the blade is aimed for himself, as those green and white lights wrap around him.

"I don't trust the darkness!"

But do you accept it, Sora?
Sora "-- Ri-riku? No, it can't be you! Augh!"

Sora has problems with seeing Riku in the darkness, you see. That in mind, he grits his teeth even as he promptly swings his Keyblade out again - but this time, the blade is aimed for himself, as those green and white lights wrap around him.

"I don't trust the darkness!"
Lily "R-Reize...?" Lily's lightning ceases the moment she lays eyes on him. But... it's one thing to trick her eyes. Though she's pacified for a good five seconds of confusion and calms considerably enough that she begins drifting back down towards the ground... hand extended... at about two feet away she recoils away.

No, something's wrong. Something's direly wrong. What is she seeing?

Not like this really helps her. She's close enough.

Soon everything's chains once again. She's smacked again by them and dragged up towards... the ceiling?
"Hgh... no... no..." Both hands grasp at the chain that's trying to choke her, but her fingers are in the way of it... pinning her hands. Not like she needs hands though.

Enormous flares of electricity lash out around her, aiming to scorch the chains and follow them back to the source!
Minerva Minerva is now staing at what looks like Reize she's not sure but she's not about to take this lying down her firsts become covered in both ice and electical currents. She doesn't seem to happy as she stares the thing down or is it people she's not sure but she does however see the source of the chain and she strikes out. There are few dear for Minerva sadly she cast them out or did she? The heart is a funny thing it remebers things the mind and soul sometimes forget. Sometimes all a feeling is it takes she holds as she's feeling the chill down her spine even as she's mid attack. "Brother? No this isn't possible you died like everyone else with Iveliace!" Her brother an armored knight of the Norhtern Sky if anyone is aware of how they look, tis strange no she calls what is clearly a knight brother?
Silhouette Shadow 0I know what is dear to you all...

The smile of Razan is given towards Katyna as sh tries to fend off the chains with her sword. However, they quickly strike at the blade, deflecting the impact of the weapon.

Then, those chains retract from her.

Lily's electrical flare sends the body shuddering, those chains now recoiling back.

Even Minerva is given a smile by her brother. The armored Knight of the Northern Sky glances towards her. Though, the chilly strikes sends the chains recoiling.

Kim manages to strike at the chains once more, but they soon envelop itself back into the darkness. However, she will see the eerie smile on Kim, "...Will you leave your friends behind?"

As for Sora, the keyblade wielder is given a critical eye, "...You..." Those eyes become more ominous as the gaze is given towards that boy. .. The keyblade. "...You should give up that weapon...."

This was actually unexpected.

In fact, the sight of the weapon has the fog fade a bit. That fog had weakened, almost in fright. The fog and the images of the dearest to those hearts completely disappear..

In the center reveals a shadow covered in a dark aura. It's body is curled in a ball, but it's almost the size of a man.

This was unexpected. The Keyblade wielder. That boy. This was definitely not expected. YOU ALL WILL BE CLAIMED!

There is a black wave that spreads across the area, followed by a large beam of energy whisking at the group.
Katyna Katyna gets struck by dark chains and slammed against the wall again. "Ugh! No.....Razan, help me!" She grits her teeth, trying to reach out with her free hand towards Razan. "W-why are you just standing there, help me!"

But he suddenly vanishes from sight. Why? Why did everyone abandon her?! "Noo! Come baacck!!" With a yell, her sword bursts into flames once more, striking down the chains, although they seem to come loose on their own at the same time the fog clears..

"Huh?" She stumbles to the floor, glancing around for the others. "Everyone...What's going on? LOok, over there..." Aha, the shadow in the corner..
Sora Anger - not often there for Sora, but - there's anger, true anger that shows in his blue eyes. "I /will not/!" He answers, his voice strident and loud in the face of the demands, even as the fog dissipates. "I will /not/."

Sora means it, too; he takes the hit and is slammed, the darkness eating away at the bright heart(s) within Sora's self, the heart that gained him the proper use to use the Keyblade. He rolls back to his feet, popping a potion with a grimace.

He then calls down on his Judgement, his speed, and the Kingdom Key, launching himself on the Heartless. Thingy. Whatever it is. Look, you want Donald for names.
Lily Now Lily's really furious. With a yell she gathers her magical might, and focuses it towards defense. The lashing beam doesn't touch her. She simply slaps it away with a yell, causing sparks of light and mana to fizz and sparkle about at the point of conflit.

"Go away. I won't warn you again! Give everyone back and GO AWAY!"
Kim Possible The shadows have done too much for Kim to take. She is forced to retreat away from the general area. "Sorry, I have to get out of here for now..." She says sadly.
Minerva Minerva is being pressed hard, very hard so much she's being forced to not take action seeing the image or prehaps actually her eldest brother like that left Minerva stunned and not in a good way she's got or recover but there's something building in the monk, something terrible that will lead to a burtal harvest for the heartless...
Silhouette Shadow Those flames strike at the departing chains. The abyss is now gone... that fog... left.

Now what is left is that Heartless that looms. Its eyes flicker and it locks over towards the group. The Heartless gives off a sneer, giving a very horrified look at the boy with the keyblade.

As Sora charges, the Judgment is brought down with the impact of the Keyblade against the Heartless. It recoils, giving a shriveled shriek. It turns to see Lily's defiance and bravery, the fleeing/recovering Kim, and the recovering Katyna. The Heartless gives a roar of pain, then it lunges forth a force of magic, seeking to send the group into the air.

0...I will keep the others here.... YOU ALL WILL JOIN THEM!

And then, the key is eyed.

0....And that key shall be ours...
Katyna Katyna grits her teeth, bringing up her sword against the blast of dark magic. "Ugh!" It sends her flying backwards again, although not enough to cause any serious damage. Still she's pretty bruised. Again. "Well dangit, you just dont give up, do you?"

She pauses only long enough to hear of the heartless speak of...The key? Glancing over at Sora and his weapon with a small smirk. "Heh. Keyblade, huh?" Interesting..How'd he get that?

But she'll have to save questions for later! With a war cry, she charges at the heartless once more, slashing and slicing, this time attempting to drain some energy from it.
Sora Sora's heart has always been bright and protective with the power of a keyblade wielder inside of it... not just his, that is. However, he grits his teeth as the dark power washes over him again, sending him staggering as the pain claws at his heart.

Sora does not give up so easily though. Lily is counting on him to get Reize back! Riku is counting on him to help find Kairi, to make their lives the best they can be! So he takes that brightness, and uses it against the Heartless and the shadows.

His shadows glow red as Sora just jumps back into the fray, fires blooming around him with every hit of his blade. Sora's never going to give anyone up, he's never going to let anyone down.
Lily All of this skyward tossing! Lily fights the force that seeks to make her meet the ceiling with far too much vigor, but the strain of magic against magic is itself pretty strenuous-- and if her grunts are any indication, painful.

Power flares and flickers around her, but Lily stretches both hands out... and calls up her frigid damnation ofthis abominable THING.

A wave of cold spreads out, covering the walls in frost and perhaps even condensing some of the fog - if any water's involved, anyways. massive chunks of ice form about her, whirling around like small moons orbiting their parent planet in an ever-more-intricate dance. they smash into one another, filling the air with a sparkling case of diamond dust...

And then a final gesture and yell of disapproval...

The dark figure's going to have a horrible case of the icicles. An enormous bombardment of ice flies down at it, filling the air with the whistling of its passage and bringing with it a deluge of frigid water right behind!
Minerva Minerva has been dragged up into the air or knocke eitehr way she's not doing too well but she's still pretty hacked off she's not sure if it's her bother in truth or a mind trick of this creature. She can use the darkness to some extent and prehaps this isn't the best idea however she stares it down as her first are covere din dark flames.

"I have had enough of you!"

She's up in the air and doesn't seem to care as she starts to fall she's falling right at the thing.

"No what you shall get is the cold grave all those who make use of those beasts! You have been long consumed by the power. She realises this and banishes the night the darkness bleeds away form her and is repalce with a burning white fire and she's just goign to tear though the the heartless with her bear hands.
Silhouette Shadow The Heartless will claim those hearts. The people will not be freed! This funhouse will continue to run on the people! The Heartless witnesses those hearts become determined.

As Katyna charges in, her blade is hacking and slashing across it. Its lifeforce seeps out towards her blade, feeding the edge's hunger.

Minerva manages to strike down the Heartlss with the white fire. It gives off a roar of pain. The frigid cold spel releases the bombardment of ice flailing and stabbing it, followed by the deluge of water. It slams backward, shuddering violent.

And then, Sora jumps up to the Heartless, swinging the flame covered blade across the Heartless.

It all moves in slow motion as it stumbles back. ...It starts shuddering violently in its defeat.

Suddenly, all of the mirrors shatter, letting those who were trapped here free. The people are all on their knees, looking a bit dizzied, but otherwise in good health.

0...You may have defeated me.... but you all are trapped here. Enjoy living in this aby---...

....Suddenly, the place rumbles.

0...?! He couldn't! Did that idiot get past my minion...?! ...N...nooo!
Lily And kbshhhhh! That's a lot of shattered magical glass. Lily hits the ground panting from the exertion of her last spell, but glances about at the freed souls... where, where, oh where in the world is Reize?

".. no way out...?! No, that can't be right. no no no--" Boom.

WHat was that shudder...?
Sora "Yeah, I think... Reize did something, Lily, I'm not seeing him here."

'that idiot' had to be Reize, it just HAD too. Sora knows how that sort of stuff goes. He's the idiot in his trio.
Minerva Minerva watche as they free the various captured people but the thing claims they are trapped here. "DO not paink we will find a way out, it is attempting to break our spirits." Then suddenly clearly Reize did something.
Silhouette Shadow Given how violently the place is shuddering... people MAY want to get out /quickly/.

If that is not enough, mirrors are cracking, everything is coming down pretty hard.
Katyna Katyna blinks as they finish off the shadow, but now the place is shaking. "Wait a minute...Minion? What's he talking about? There's someone else?" And what about Reize? The others are already fleeing, but she sees no Reize. "ReeeizE! Where are you? We cant leave without him!" But where can he be?
Reize Seatlan Finally coming to, the adventurers gather their wits and they look amongst each other. Then, they notice the people that are still out of it. "Everyone! Grab someone who cannot move and get out of here! Move it, move it, move it!" The adventurers grab the tourists and other adventurers that could not move. They are moving to rush out.

Given that the place is a funhouse...

There are trap doors everywhere.

Oh hey, there is one now!

"We gotta get out of here, Shiki!" Reize is emerging from one of the trap doors, but ...pretty much nearly stumbes over, "Ack!"
Shiki Misaki Hey, guess who!?

Where would you be without me, partner? Shiki is here, looking more than a little dishevelled, and there to grab Reize before he falls over. It looks as though she's been involved in some craziness too.

"Wah! I am never trying one of these things again! I'll stick with the school festival types!"

Despite her condemnation of the whole affair, she seems to be full of energy for some reason. In fact, she even gives the group a big smile.

"Come on! Let's motor!"

Mr. Mew is wearing a jester's cap for reasons you'll never understand.
Minerva Minerva moves to help those who can not move themslves it's time to get out and she can at least help one or two. She'll look over at Reize for a moment and do her best to help them all get out. She's suprised by Shiki for a moment and nods to her. "Departing now would be wise."
Lily Apparently Reize cannot move, Lily decides the moment she lays eyes on him. The girl beelines straight for him and, unwittingly, Shiki, and almost trips on her own robes again at one point. She recovers with a few awkward skips and a yelp though, and comes skidding down to a halt near Reize to bend down and help Shiki with Reize. "Ah... I thought he went in alone... Shiki! Is anyone else stuck in this awful place?"

She gives Reize a horrifying GLARE that suggests hellfire and condemnation. "You did it again! ... I'm all sore..."
Reize Seatlan ...Sweatdrop.

"...Wonderlust got the best of me."

t So, Reize is going to carry Lily to make up for it.

"We go!"

And another hand grabs Shiki's hand.
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki may be intertwining her fingers with Reize's.

Yep, she is!

What mysteries happened beyond the range of your vision? YOU'LL ALSO NEVER KNOW.

This scene contained 67 poses. The players who were present were: Reize Seatlan (Aka: Silhouette Shadow), Lily, Shiki Misaki, Katyna, Sora, Minerva, Kim Possible