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Boneyard Shuffle
(2013-02-10 - 2013-02-11)
Shard UNLOCK! --- A massive undead mammoth shuffles about and inconviences the party. Guest starring Shenzai, Banzai and Ed. --Welcome to the Pride Lands.
Stormfall Ah. The Land of Dragons (no it's not-- hush you) is a beautiful and now more peaceful place without kung fu animal bandits and their dastardly food stealing ways.

A prize has been acquired in this event and you know what this means, viewers at home.

-- Great shard unlock time go!--

In the possession of the party is a useable item in your inventory. Please drag Sora onto shard and click twice to begin unlocking your new DLC content.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou has brought along--or more accurately, has probably been led by--Ping and Tifa back to the World Shard. Hopefully SOMEONE has been found so they can unlock the thing. Really, it may be a bit much to just assume Sora would show up at this point in time to unlock it. It'd be a bit of a coincidence. It'd be very Disneylike. And okay Sora better be here. You hear me Sora?!?!?!!

But threats aside, Emi has also brought along Ami and Omi to this adventure because obviously this will have nothing to do with animals or the lions or whatever. It's new territory so three Dennous is really the minimum she's comfortable with.

"Here we are." She says eventually. "The Network hopes we have found someone to unlock it...but if not, we can simply use this as an excuse for sight seeing." She bobs her head a few times. Always have a backup plan.
Faruja Senra One Templar Faruja Senra is here with a certain wolf. Why? Well, the rat's Inquisitorial friends had informed him of rumors about a shard being found, which certainly gained the ratling's attention. The rat rather likes Skoll, and so he's simply linked up with his fellow Shard Seeker.

His clothing, thanks to the odd portal magic, has changed to that of Stereotypical Chinese Priest, though the necklace about his neck remains unchanged. Used to it by now, he utterly ignores the odd looks he gets from the various people about.

"And /do/ ask thy dear sister for more of that ointment, if you please, Ser Ulfang. Not only a most excellent huntress, but I find her alchemical skills so very useful to one so...ahh...injury prone as myself."
Sora Sora is very confused as to why he's here, except someone mentioned 'something, shard, worlds, something', and his natural curiosity meant that Sora did sohw up alongside everyone else to help. The Kingdom Key is currently in the otherworld-sort of space that it sort of lounges in, probably talking to the other Keychains, while Sora doesn't need it. Right now, it's all about figuring things out.

Which is probably why Sora looks confused.

Evja Having Tifa as a partner at the Hades Cup often led Evja to being invited along to things where he could be moderately useful. And today it seems the judgebunny decided to make an appearance in some place other than Fluorgis proper, in his new armor none the less. Of course, he had no weapons visible at the moment, simply the whitish silvery armor that looked a lot more functional and less ornate/ceremonial than the typical Jylland judge armor.

Mostly smaller horns and a sturdier build.

That, and his armor seems to have taken a slightly draconic-look to it thanks to something he didn't quite understand, but something about 'Fitting in with other worlds' had been explained to him months ago. "Hopefully there shall be no need to withdraw my weapon today." comes an idle mumble towards Tifa.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hmms as she walks along with Emi and Ping. "Well, its not the first time I see a world being unlocked... but it wasn't really a world either, more like a building, an area. The things just fused together, no need for a keyblade." She knows how to unlock it, but she can't do it herself. So let's hope they do have someone. But its not the first world that gets unlocked either. She wonders what will be hiding in this one...

She looks over to Evja that has been following over as well. She nods "I hope so too, but it was a word lost to darkess, so its likely to be filled with heartless by now.
Zia The prospect of some kind of shard is what drew Zia to this place, having more than a few people out there who knew to let her know if there was any sign of a lead on the Manhattan shards. Of course, the gargress has no idea just what this shard might be part of, and mostly she's just brought here by her own vague curiousity.

Before now, she's mostly been in worlds that left her attire alone, but this one seems to have deemed that she needs to have her hair up done up in braids and her usual clothing changed into that of an oriental looking dress. The gargress is not amused. Her ears are drawn down shyly, drawing closer to the familiar faces. Mouse and wolf are an easy pair for her to cling to for now, since she has /no/ clue what's going on.
Oriane Guado They say that the hills have eyes, but so do the shadowy corners of Chinatown. A hooded and robed figure steps forth from an open portal which promptly closes behind them. The hooded one glances towards where the assembled group of do-gooders so do-gooders are located. It was easy enough to find them because of the immense energy that radiates from the World Shard like a beacon. This world shard has attracted the attention of creatures far and wide, including this particular shadowy figure.
Avira Avira is SUPER excited to see this happen. It's not a shard of Manhattan-somehow, Avira just had a feeling that it wasn't. It could have been the strange effects its presence was having in that cauldron it had been embedded in or maybe it was a part-of-the-world-that-she-came-from thing.

There's a distant look on her face. She's actually wondering where that bandit king guy ended up-probably in prison, where he belongs- "Hey?" she murmurs, leaning over to Ping, whom she knows is a mighty manly Imperial Soldier. "That panda guy didn't...die, did he?"

Spying Skoll, her eyes widen. This is actually the first time she's seen him since he was recovered from Port Island. "Skoll! Hey Skoll."
TRON TRON has slipped back to the Land of Dragons, having heard there was a possibility of unlocking the shard they'd found after fighting the Bandit King.

This time his appearance changes to match what seems to be standard male outfit for the area. In this case, a white kung-fu outfit with blue, semi-glowing belt, wrist-ties, and collar. His Discs are hidden from view under his shirt, though still between his shoulder-blades. His hair has even (somehow) been pulled back in a topknot!

Don't ask him how.

He nods in greeting to those gathering, offering a faint smile to those he recognizes, but stays quietly out of the way. Perhaps seeming a little on-edge, since he really doesn't know /what/ to expect.
Skoll Ulfang Number one rule of a werewolf! Always be in the place people need you to be! Thing is, Skoll just /happens/ to be one such werewolf. Hands in his pockets and walking right in between Zia and Faruja, he looks like he fits in the most here by simple fact that he looks mostly human. A martial artsie tunic and bare feet, Skoll treks through the place along with the two of them. "Uhu, injury prone huh?" Skoll answers Faruja.

"Are you sure you're not just getting hurt and hoping for her to give you a visit?" He asks her. The werewolf's ears then perk up when he suddenly hears his voice called for, and the werewolf turns his head into the direction of... well what do we have here - it's Avira. He draws a hand from his pocket and gives a little 'cool' postured greeting, before drawing his hand back into his pockets.

"Hey 'vira, 'sup?" He smirks at her. "Sorry we haven't been able to talk too much as of late. I've been... wandering here, there, and everywhere - and then between too." The youth makes a beckoning motion with his head not moments after, and then looks to his companion Zia at his side. He had a lot to thank these two girls for. "Here for the next best thing huh?" He asks seemingly nobody in particular - but it's probably aimed at Avira.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr crosses his arms as he waits for the Keyblade weilder to get there, this is his first time seeing THIS one...Mickey was pretty alright in his book. Ang was hired on as part of the muscle, here to beat faces in and take names...and he's all out of paper to write your name down. His armor is more or less unchanged, more ronin in appearance instead of traditional chinese armor, and still weilds a massive mace on his back. Slowly, he pushes himself from the wall and walks towards everyone.

"As much as I like getting paid for standing around, don't we have a job to do? I'd like to get on that, get my money, and luckily you'll be getting whatever you're lookin' for yeah?" he asks.
Emi Dennou Emi doesn't know Sora and thus can't say 'Sora! Unlock time!' or anything. She's probably expecting the mouse king. Orsomething else. Of course, Emi knows a DIRTY SECRET of Skoll's and upon seeing him and Avira chatting each other up, probably reads into it more than is strictly there to read into. She thinks it over a bit but shortly elects that now is not really the time.

She inexplicably wishes Tigger was here. He has such a strange soothing presence, after all, she can't help but think it'd make everything a lot more reliable. Or bouncy. One of the two.

"Hmm--no need for a keyblade? Then perhaps we can simply just ... hope enough, clap our hands perhaps, and maybe that will unlock the world for us."

She has no idea what DID do this for her. She looks to Ang, throwing him a quick nod of respect.

"We expect..." Ami says, "That this will lead us to a new world or perhaps restore part of one, The Network supposes?"

Omi slides up next to Ang and gives him a small nod. Otherwise, she's quiet. She hopes nothing debasing happens in this new world. She's got her pride you know.
Faruja Senra So many familiar faces...and one shifty one! Oriane gets a brief peer, before she's ignored. A bow is given to the group at large by the ratling. "Lord bless, my friends! Mmm. Unfortunately, dear Adjudicator, I find oft when Lady Lockhart and I find ourselves in decently sized groups and attempting to get /anything/ done aside from drinking, it usually bodes ill for our health." The barmaiden gets a small smile, and he rubs his head. "At this rate, I am like to think that my presence is a curse to you, M'Lady."

Ears fold back at Skoll's implication. "H..Hardly! The dear wolfess is indeed excellent company! I merely have a dangerous occupation Ser Ulfang!" Comes his more than a little defensive words. He glances to Zia.

Oh, Zia. Seeing her in that chinese dress, hair done up in braids simply captivates the rat. Little pink hearts float up above his head as he walks along, looking for all the world like a boy with a crush.
Stormfall Stormfall unlocks the broom of Scene Sweeping.

There are rumors. There are whispers. There are guys lining the highway planning to tell shard seeker road maps to unwary travelers. However, in the grant scheme of things there are only two things you can know about shards.

They taste awful, and there is no way to predict what is actually going to happen when they are unlocked. Some say it is like a magical kitchen utensil that whisks you away to a foreign land of intrigue and adventure. Others say it is a hole in the fabric of the universe in which things that should not be seen are within easy reach.

In this case the vaccuum cleaner of the ancestors has chosen this particular location to mop up the dustbunnies of eternity. When the shard is opened by the keyblade, it disappears with the faintest pop of displaced air. This is followed by a distortion, a rippling effect in the surrounding air with a faint whistling hush as air rushes into the widening portal. Brilliant streamers of golden light appear around the party, being drawn into the portal and painting light and color at the far, far end of the portal so that it now appears like a long hallway through which another scene can be dimly seen. The vaccuum is not strong enough actually to pull anyone in just yet, but it's working up to that like the little portal that could.
Evja "Perhaps that is true." A sad truth, but one unavoidable.

Glancing over most of the others here and only recognizing one or two, it's only after Sora finally gets around to actually unlocking the shard in that fantastical manner that the portal appears and he feels the pull towards it. "Well then... I suppose that is our cue."

And with a leap, Evja jumps towards the portal, planning to let it take him where it will.
Emi Dennou Emi nods to Ping. "That's correct." A rabbit judge jumps into the portal and Emi pays it no mind. Since Sora opened it, she says, "Sir Keyblade Knight. Can we go through?"

For all she knows Evja imploded.
Avira "Oh, whew. Well, yes, I saw him change back. I didn't know if the beating we gave him was a bit...too much." Or the beating other people gave him at least. Avira herself had quite a bit of trouble just keeping up with the kung fu master! Good thing everyone else was there or she'd have wound up in a not-so-great place.

Patiently, she waits for the world shard to be unlocked, reaching over to nudge Angantyr when he starts grumbling about time and getting paid. "I haven't put a time component on this, Ang, I'm still gonna pay you the same amount regardless of what time we retrieve this thing."

A faint smile is given in Skoll's direction, though she looks almost sad. Wandering, huh? Felt like he was avoiding her. "You know, the usual. Trying to restore my world. Fighting in the tournament. All kinds of stuff."

Her conversation is rudely interrupted by the portal opened up by the unlocking of the shard. Being a tiny person, she's easily whisked off her feet and sucked into the newly-opened world. "Gah!!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr watches the Keyblade do it's work...there is a portal that was getting hungry.

"...To think the keyblade weilder would be a kid? Seriously.." he sounds more...depressed than annoyed. Kids getting involved in this fight, it wasn't something he liked or thought they should be. "Well, if this worked the-..."

And then Avira flies towards the Portal, like the kid from the ASDF movie, who flew towards the cactus.

You're dead to me.

Angantyr sighs, "That woman, nothing but trouble." he says, and looks towards the others. "Well, no time like the present." he says, and jumps in after Avira.
Zia The white gargoyle isn't as talkative as she might be in other circumstances, her mind already off somewhere as she considers if this 'shard' she's heard about could be from her world or not. More than that, though, she has curiousity about this 'Keyblade Wielder'. Since she hasn't had a great deal of luck tracking down the 'wind' servant of the Gaudium Lords, this is the next best option for dealing with the collar still locked around a certain werewolf's neck. Her blue eyes eye him, making sure that it isn't feeding in too much darkness.

She catches that look from Faruja, and it colors her cheeks easily enough. Ever since he'd given her that ribbon for her tail, she'd felt just a little bit awkward. She never did get that letter he left for her, which is probably a good thing, since it would probably make her flush even more like a schoolgirl. She nearly misses the whole 'opening' of the shard because of the fact that she's distinctly looking away. "Probably best nae te get either of yerselves hurt. Ah cannae believe people think Ah'm a trouble magnet wi' ye two around."

She isn't one of the first to go leaping towards the portal, but the pull of it is enough to have her moving forward. The dress certainly doesn't allow her much room to maneuver. She reaches a talons out towards Faruja and Skoll, who are just as likely to get dragged in with her rather than saving her from whatever fate lies on the other side of the portal.
Sora Oh man, right. Keyblade.

"Uhhh..." Sora hasn't had much training with this stuff yet, /give him time/. However, he instinctively knows that he gets to do something, and takes the two-handed firm stance as he levels the Kingdom Key at the World Shard. Energy swirls, la de da, the emblem of the crown appears under his feet. Really, it's kind of cool to watch once, but after that it's probably boring.

"It should be okay." Sora says, afterwards. "Let's go!" And fearlessly helps... lead the way in, what do you expect.
Oriane Guado The hooded figure, who was merely content with watching at first, now walks up to the newly open portal and unceremoniously jumps in. This worked swimmingly for this person last time when they were whisked away to a terrible hard-mode dungeon. What is the worst that can happen this time?
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head as everyone hops through "Well, I guess we'll know once we get on the other side, nothing's hgonna happen until we do." The bouncing boy that Sora is sure is full of energy, leading the way like that. She'd stop hi, but what's the use? They are all going through anyway.

She takes a careful step through the portal, as if it could end up underwater.

As if that was even possible, right?
Faruja Senra Ahh, dear brave Evja! Jumping forth like she has no fear. Faruja can respect that. With some effort, he manages to focus away from the oh-so-beautiful Zia. Within his Priest Robes, the letter and necklace feel heavy. He'll have to give it to her after all of this!

The ratling would normally wait for, as emi suggested, Sora's input. But Avira is sucked on in!

"Lady Avira!" Comes the rat's understandably worried cry, before he rushes off after her! Unfortunately, still recovering from the effects of Zia-Crushing, he's a little clumsy about it, and may just trip up into Skoll as he too enters the portal!
TRON TRON firmly plants his feet, bracing against the building vaccuum, eyes narrowing as he watches the path open with a golden light appearing around everyone. How... strange.

This has to be normal, if nobody's especially surprised or worried.

As the pull gets stronger and some get pulled in not quite of their own volition, he glances at the others with an amused grin. "Might as well!" And with that, he shifts his weight forwards and jumps into the portal.
Angantyr Vespar "Gargess? That's not a word! STOP MAKING UP WORDS!" Angantyr shouts as he goes through his BOGUS JOURNEY.
Skoll Ulfang "Uhu, you keep telling yourself that, mouse. I think you're really just a glutton for punishment." Not that Skoll really has much to say. In fact, he doesn't have much to say before those hearts of Faruja's keep floating t'wards him, and the werewolf keeps batting them away with his hands like some kind of cat interested in a dangly toy. Only he's not interested, he's just trying to keep them out of his face.

This is Disney. Deal.

Then Sora steps out in the open, and the werewolf follows the whole deal - with the key-twirl and everything. His eyes kind of open, and for some reason he feels like it would be better he not see this. But yet, he does. All of it, from the light, to the opening of that gate. It's amazing in a ways, and it raises so many questions for him. But all of them get held back when Avir atalks about trying to get her world back still.

"I remember, there were festivities regarding your qualification. Just be careful out there." Skoll notes to Avira, smiling at her. He's not been avoiding her in the least really - and there's a good reason that Emi is watching the two of them like hawks right now.

The youth at first doesn't even notice that Zia is glancing at that darned collar - but it seems to be fairly inactive at the moment, and Skoll is in a good enough mood.

And then there's that pull from the portal. He hears his chains jingle, and he quickly grabs for Zia's hand. "Gargess is a word." Skoll mutters to Angantyr, and adds for good measure; "Uneducated lout."

And then the rat goes and trips up against him just as he's moving further forwards... and Zia and Faruja and Skoll all end up into this tumbling ball of...

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa-nananana-na-na... (What's that sound?)

Rolling ball of people that just rolls right into the portal.
Emi Dennou Emi nods firmly as Ping approaches carefully. Well done, Ping, not being crazy or anything, being appropriately cautious while taking a second--

Ping trips on a walk and flies in.

She sighs, shurgs her shoulders, and just jumps into the portal as well along with the others. But she's probabyl gonna be one of the last ones because she's going to wait until everyone stops tripping in to just gingerly jump in herself/themselves.

Ping Ping trusts that Emi and Tifa know what they're doing. He's just along for the ride, so to speak. All this talk of shards and world shards doesn't make a lick of sense to him at all. With no clue what to expect, here, he keeps mostly quiet, so as not to reveal his ignorance on the topic.

Ok, he's going to reveal his ignorance on the topic. "What is a world shard and what is it that we expect to happen, here?"
Ping Ping turns to speak to his horse, petting his ears, "Stay here." The large horse rears up, shaking its head in rebellion and alarm. Ping draws on the reins and whispers soothingly to the concerned beast. "I'll be careful." He gets a bundle of oats down from the horses back and lays them open on the ground. Seeing his old friend satisfied, he looks into this swirl of light and follows after Tifa.

She's a strong female role-model, someone that Ping certainly looks up to. If Tifa can do it, he's got to try, too. He takes a deep breath, his cheeks filling out, and holds it. He steps forward, trips on a rock, and goes tumbling through the portal into another world. "Aeeeiiii!"
Stormfall Desert.

There is a smear of yellowish brown. Cracked and barren sandscapes. Twisted trees, but it becomes darker. Grey, black and bruised blue tones join the portal landscape ad the party falls and falls in a very Alice in Wonderland Motif except without the clocks.

When all is said and done, there is some personal shifting and twisting while the color has swelled to surround everyone before suddenly jarring into tangibility. Solid walls of forbidding stone surround on all sides, pockmarked with caves and billowing great plumes of foul smelling steam up into the overcast sky.

The twisted canyon leads towards a valley, hulking white shapes dominating the landscape, perhaps definable as bone at this distance. Perhaps not. Another winding trail cuts further into the barren expanse of this land populated by barren rock, lichen and mushrooms.

Ahe-hee-hee-hee ..

Well. Maybe not just mushrooms and rocks..
Sora The Boneyards in the Pride Land of Dragons (Sora never claimed to know directions, why do you think it took a crushatrice and Fluorgis to find Riku), has a terribly important and somewhat hilarious effect:

The instant Sora arrives in this land, he takes the shape of a chocolate-brown fur-covered young lion cub, with a keychain around his neck. Sora, after tripping over his paws for a few moments and faceplanting into the dust, asks:

"Why do I have to be a lion CUB? Not even a regular LION, but I have to be the YOUNGER version!?"

Sometimes, Sora's life sucks.

"Where /are/ we...?"

Gee, ask the right questions, Sora.
Maira Maira had TOTALLY come with Avira and the others on this mission. She was totally there at the beginning! At least until she smelled something absolutely delicious and had to go investigate. Since things were so busy and what not with the shard, well, no one would really miss her while she went to buy some baozi.

Maira runs back, one cheek stuffed like a chipmunk, her hands busy trying to find pockets in the cheongsam she's wearing (nifty! Costume change!). "Why are there no pockets!" she complains, holding a hand full of meat buns she doesn't know what to do with.

Quickly she stuffs another bun in her mouth, then runs down to join the others, only to slip on something unseen beneath her feet and begin sliding down a hill, pulled toward....something....what!? Is that a portal!? "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
Avira "I AM NOOOOOOOOOT-" Avira yells indignantly as she vanishes into the light.

Avira lands roughly onto her side, the Spine clattering away from her with a metallic clang against the barren rock. It comes to rest precariously upon the edge of a gaping steam geyser that is currently inert but disappears into the depths of the earth with no discernable bottom.

Rolling over onto her belly, Avira sees that her weapon has escaped her and yelps, scrambling up to her feet and loping after the Spine. The ground rumbles slightly as another geyser elsewhere prepares to erupt and her vaunted weapon teeters a little more. "No no no no no-" Avira reaches out a paw to-

Wait. A paw?

The reach halts mid-air as she looks at what had become of her hand. "WHAT?!" she lifts it up to touch her face awkwardly. It's fuzzy. It has a muzzle. "WHAT?!?!?" The ground rumbles again and in a flash, the jackal that Avira had become lunges forwards and snaps her jaws around the handle of the Spine, yanking it away just in time.

"Dis is no place I rememebrth." Avira says through gritted teeth.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shrugs "Well, here goes nothing." Following the others through the portal, a graceful leap like she can easily do over short distances like that. She can jump much higher than this obviously.

Landing on the other side though comes as a surprise. She doesn't land on 2 feet but rather on four. She blinks, something feeling odd, as she turns her head and sees... the back of a panther!? Ack, she's being attacked!

She turns around on herself, as if she was chasing her own tail for a second, so fast was the movement... but no, she slows down "... Okay, what is this?" She looks toward the others, completly puzzled. She'd scratch her head, but that doesn't work well with paws. In fact, she looks down at her paws. She's a panther, or more precisely, a jaguar, the african type that has a shade of yellow fur with black spots all over. Seems like it fits her too, fast and strong, even if not a lion.

Speaking of Lion, looks like Sora turned into one "Well you're not exactly an adult either, you know."
Zia Somewhere in the moment between being rolled into a giant ball of would-be heroes and landing in the dry, cracked landscape of the boneyard, Zia gets to go through yet another costume change. "Ugh." She lifts her head, shaking it from side to side, only then realizing that hasn't gotten up onto two feet, but onto four. Blink. Looking down, the former gargress peers at... paws. "Ahh! Wha in the bloody hell?!" She stumbles back, likely tripping over a few other unfamiliar forms who are her friends, and then lands on her butt.

White skin has been replaced by white fur, with a fringe of hair hanging down on either side of leonine ears. It takes her a moment to sort her mind out, but at least she's lucky enough to be closer to an adult than Sora. The young lioness version of Zia shakes her fur, looking around with bewildered eyes. "Sorcery." She could accept costume changes, but... species changes?
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr lands...

Not so gracefully on the otherside of the portal, and rolls a bit. Slowly, he pulled himself to his feet and looked around. "Something feels..." He looks down. At his claws. Angantyr was a Solid grey tiger, grey, not black, not orange...grey. Stripes along his body were white, making him look extremely different than what normal people would look like through the portal. He groans, as he looks towards some of the others...

His eyes are red, glowing crimson red, with yellow distorted eyes.

"My eyes look weird don't they?" he asks, grabbing his mace with his jaw. He moves it a bit...okay, he can still somehow use it... not like he would normally use it, but he does have some experience with clawed hands...he can make this work.

He flips his head back, as the mace lands gracefully back on his back and seems to snap into something.

"Seriously though, that is not a word."
Evja Evja, meanwhile, looked to have transformed into some kind of rabbit. A large, extremely tall rabbit. Jackrabbit, actually, if anyone could tell such things. And, of course, he had little to nothing in the way of clothing. Which meant the rabbit, upon managing to scramble to his feet and realize such, darted like mad away and hid behind the closest bones to try and figure out what the heck was going on.
"WHY DO WE LOOK DIFFERENT?!" came the same voice as ever, the practiced soft tone. "AND WHERE ARE OUR ARMOR AND CLOTHING?!"
Oriane Guado The hooded figure who was really Oriane suddenly feels the sensation of falling as she practically trips through the portal. She tries to put her arms out in the natural instinct people do when they fall, but something is amiss. Something is not quite working the way it should. In fact, she might have broken borth her arms and legs as she is very....very....very close to the ground. How unusual as she did not -feel- as if she was in any sort of pain. Just what the heck is going on? Oriane -looks- to see numerous other animals where the others should be. And then there was a chipmunk looked...-delicious-.

This thought was quite troubling, but not as troubling as when a forked tongue slides out of what used to be Oriane's mouth. The sudden realization of what she was dawns on her. She now -coils- back to get a good look at herself. Just wonderful.

When you ask a person, what sort of animal do you think you fancy being? You are sure to get numerous responses of sort of fanciful creatures. Rarely does one say....I want to be a 3 meter long snake. And that is exactly what Oriane is now. She is a long, black snake with unusual green 'feathers' that stem from the snake's head which used to be Oriane's green hair. The feathered snake slithers a few feet before bemoaning, "I already -hate- this place."

The only thing that the Guado can be thankful for is that she didn't take root and become a tree in this realm. Oriane must now look for some way out of this and fa....ooooh was that a rabbit?!
Ping "Aaaeeeeeeiiiiiii!"

It is the sound of a meteor plummetting to the hard-packed ground, a meteor composed of white feathers that burst up from the point of impact like a pillow being burst in a sorority pillow fight. As the feathers settle down, it is revealed that a crane has fallen through the portal into this world.

Dizzy, the slight bird manages to awkwardly regain its feet, rubbing the top of its head with a wing. The bird's eyes blink open wide as it discovers a crest of feathers sprouting from its brow. It has feathers everywhere, in fact, except for its long, slender, bony legs. He looks around frantically, seeing a whole menagerie of animals around him.

In Ping's voice, he calls out, "Oh no! We've all been drugged! It was the Panda's Stew!"
Skoll Ulfang Tumble tumble run forwards halt!

Skoll comes to a skidding halt, pressing all of his hands and feet down onto the ground. The werewolf halts faster than he expects, and is momentarily confused, panting heavily. His ears perk up! Twitch twitch! He quickly turns his head right. "Zia?" All he sees is a couple of animals. "Faruja? Avira!?" Had he lost them!?

Then suddenly, he hears voices. One of them is Avira, clearly freaking out! And there's a jackal, holding /The Spine/ in its maw. "Avira?" He furrows his brow, before realizing just how /low to the ground/ he is. Next is Zia complaining about sorcery. A beautiful white lioness. See! It works if you take their species, potentially cut a bit off, and add 'ess' to it! Lioness. Gargess. Who cares?

"You alright Zia?" Skoll asks, then turns to Angantyr who is claiming that Gargess is not a world. "Then what do YOU call a female Gargoyle?" He asks him, sticking his paw out at him. Paw?!

Skoll realizes that he's changed. He's changed into a small, adorable little Etheopian wolf, fully black with a white throat and underbelly, and a gray mane along his neck. His cute gray ears swivel like antennas as he figures out that everyone has changed. He's also wearing a small black metalic collar with his mickey-mouse chain hanging from the center, dingling and dangling.

And that's when he sees it.

Skoll's eyes go WIDE as he notices that rock in the distance.

His maw opens agape, and then these HUGE RED HEARTS start to float up from Skoll's head.

He's noticed the giant bone.

"Best... bone... ever..." He mumbles, walking forwards - completely entranced and in love with where they have landed.

"BEST PLACE EVER!" Drool... and he darts off to go find the biggest bone here. The fact that he may have a passenger, entirely forgotten.
Emi Dennou Three green hyenas land. Emi is identifiable by her visor, which has fallen (adorably) onto her eye and Omi is noticeable because her combat knife has ended up clenched in her teeth, and Ami is likely identifiable by the fact she is probably the only one actually pleased by this turn of events :D.

"Oh no." Omi says, looking down at herself. "We have become--..." She looks towards Ami. "...Ugh."


Well anyway, Emi starts scratching at her neck with a paw, acclimating quickly or perhaps she just is too deadpan to remark further on it. "The Network notes that this is not especially surprising considering what the world shard soup had done to those bandits." Or she just didn't inform everybody of this because she didn't see why to bother. "Costume changes...they seem to happen from time to time. Do not worry about it. Skoll, be on your guard, The Network suspects that there are creatures watching u--"

Skoll rushes off.

"........" Facepaw.
TRON TRON lands on his front paws at a crouch as the world snaps into focus--

Wait. Paws?

The 'Program' stops cold, realizing he's standing on all fours, then he lifts what he thinks is his left hand--only it's a decently-sized feline paw. He promptly takes a seat, rubbing that paw over the back of his neck only to find his Discs are connected there.

He seems to have taken the form of a leopard with standard coat pattern, though with an atypical coat color. Silver at the base ticking like a chinchilla to dark bluish-grey patterns (the center of the rosettes glimmering reflective light blue), with white underside and whiskers. Brown eyes flicker blue in the pupils, trying to understand what is going on and searching for a contemporary.

Oh. Right. World-jumping. He had a similar reaction when he first entered Manhattan.

"Interesting..." He glances over to the others as they appear, also in animalistic forms. He's purposefully not thinking about /how/ this happened, though.
Angantyr Vespar "You call a Female Gargoyle a Gargoyle. Just like you call a Female Human a Human." Angantyr grunts. "Seriously. Get educated." Angantyr snaps.
Maira Maira falls out of the portal surrounded by meat buns, flailing and trying not to land on anyone--which fails, as she lands on Angantyr. WHO IS A TIGER!?

Maira stands, her eyes wide. "Angantyr you're a---BY HOLY WE ARE ALL ANIMALS!" she exclaims then, looking around.

Maira is a lioness, unsurprisingly, with a fiery coat and large eyes. Her tail swishes with either excitement or irritation. "This is becoming a strange trend..."

"Uh...sorry I'm late by the everyone okay?" she asks, batting at a meat bun with her paw, trying to pick it up with her claws. Food is still important, okay?
Faruja Senra Faruja is a rat. Or more accurately, a mouse. An African Pygmy Mouse to be exact. In his hands, is clutched a little toothpick sized spear about as long as he is. The little ratling's hair is now a patch of fur covering his eye, the other one big and adorable on his little face. Templar Faruja Senra is not amused. He is angry. One might say hopping mad, as he waves his little spear around at the sky.

The little Pygmy-Faru is about to call out to the others, when he notices what he's sitting on. Or, more importantly, /who/. Skoll's skidding has him tumbling along his back and holding for dear life onto the wolf's mane! Something floats over. A heart. Frown. His long, thin pygmy tail droops.

"...I am not a rat." A tiny, squeaky voice comes from Skoll wolf-mane as a tiny little tear escapes a teeny little mouse-eye.

Faruja freezes, horror having the tiny ball of Templar-fuzz shivering. Bone. The wolf wants the bone. Zooom! Some flying Skoll-salive swats into him, Faruja squeaking for dear life, flapping in the wind as Skoll runs.

Stormfall A red streak of lightning flashes across the world, highlighting that yes, this was an actual thing that was happening.

"Hey. Hey.. Hey heyheyheyheyehy" An insistant voice pipes up from a little farther down in the trailhead. "You think we could like-- start a band? We could call it the Monkeyees!" There is a brief silence and then a HAMMERING sound that reverberates around the canyon. There is a whimper of pain.

An insane giggling follows in the wake of the savage violence, followed by blessed silence when there is another canyon echoing 'THUMP' involved. Magic or not, portal schenadigans or malignant chicanry this world operates on one very important principle.

Matted Fur is Murder.

This becomes more evident from the intense feeling of being watched that comes in the wake of the echoing bits of conversation and the subsequent thumpings.
Zia Quickly, Zia sits back on her haunches and pat pats around, letting out a sigh of relief when she still appears to be wearing the crystal around her neck, as well as her other pendant. Not to mention the bandages on her legs, but the rest... well that's all just fur. Hrm. "Oh will ye quit arguin. It doesnae matter wha ye call us." Right now, she doesn't feel very gargoyley, admittedly, squinting her eyes as she look at others, trying to place them by voices.

Skoll gets a long stare. She'd seen him as a wolf before, but not quite like this. When he goes rushing off in search of a bone, though, she can't help but hang her head, ears drooping. "Well, Ah guess he's gettin in touch wi' his animal instincts." She doesn't realize until a moment later that the little shout is Faruja, being dragged off on the wolf's fool errand.

"Oh fer the love of..." Then, she turns, feeling as if someone is watching. The lioness is on her feet, backpeddling as they don't quite move the way she's expecting. She nearly trips over her own feet, and her tail, but backs towards some of the others that remain, particularly the bone-wielding jackal.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr has a Maira on his back.

"...Maira." he says, looking back a bit. "Might not wana be ther-..."

"Huh. Something is up here." he says to everyone. Angantyr takes a few steps forward, trying to get used to the...

And then Skoll just runs away from the group. "Seriously, what a dog that thing is.." he says towards Skoll. Angantyr is a pretty snarky dude, "Lease we don't have to hear about Faram for five minutes." he mutters, glad the Rat is no longer here to drivel on about the glories of the light.

However, as things start happening, Angantyr rolls his back and flips the mace back infront of him. The weapon is easily WAY larger than he is now, and he easily picks it up in his mouth.

"Bringth it on!"
Avira Anyone who looks at the jackal can tell that it's definitely Avira. She has the same scars in about the right places, including two on her back that aren't typically visible due to clothing. Those are odd-they are both circular in shape.

Avira turns her head to the side, sticking the point of the spine down into the dirt so she can release her jaws from around it for a few seconds. "Could we all just stop arguing about semantics for a second and /focus/?" she snaps, clearly irritated not only by the previous exchange, but by her distinct lack of thumbs. "I can't take you anywhere, can I, Angantyr."

Patiently, she takes stock of everyone here, trying to match animal form to the person she knows. TRON she can identify due to his unusual fur color patterns. The jackrabbit...the judge? Avira hasn't really seen Evja without armor so it was hard to say. The crane...that Imperial soldier? Kind of makes sense. Maira is obvious, as is Angantyr since he still has his mace. Then Skoll...yes, that's obviously Skoll, she can tell from the collar.

Skoll come back here!"

Her ears flick around and she catches the tail end of what must've been a very awful joke. Quickly, she picks the Spine back up in her teeth. "We're not alone."
Evja Of course, animal instincts tend to tell prey when they're being watched. Evja's ears stand upright as he does, shivering and not quite knowing wh... that snake was staring at him. Which led to him staring right back at the snake.
Sure, he might not quite know what to do with this form, but damn it if he wasn't going to not be eaten as soon as he got over here.

"Shoo snake."

Not to mention others seemed rather antsy as well, even pulling out... weapons?
How the hell was he supposed to carry it without hands? Maybe time to improvise. Jumping up into the air, Evja kicks one back foot out and snaps a spear out of nowhere, the spear twirling in the air before he kicks it and it impales into the ground, the Jackrabbit landing rather nimbly atop it with a single footpad. "Huh... Well, this should be strange."
Skoll Ulfang Skoll is halted only by the fact that there's a little voice that just won't leave him. It's something like this:

'Squeeker Squeek, Squeek Squeeken'. Actually, no, Skoll can understand what Faruja is shouting about quite fine. And it's the yelling and squeecking that has him finally halting. Both front paws hard to the ground, Skoll causes this massive dust-wall to be kicked up forwards, and then suddenly jumps left and right. "Faruja!?" He doesn't see the mouse. "FARUJA!?" He jumps /wildly/ the other way. Poor mouse has to hold on for dear life!

"Faruja, where are you!?" Jumps to the left. Jumps to the right. Tail! He ends up doing two rounds of chasing his tail before he ends up sitting still on his rear and letting out a quick howl. "Where are you Faruja! I am not a horrible mount! You take that back!" Pause... "And why do you want to /RIDE MY SISTER/!?"

These two are left halfway up the trail. And then Avira calls him back... and he gets up - tail between his rear legs, and slowly wanders back towards Avira. "But Avira... look at that huge bone!"
Maira She's a lion. She's a lion! She's...not the most brawny looking lioness, but she's got some pretty nice teeth, and look at those claws!? Cooooool.

Right. Things are happening and she should maybe be just a little less distracted.

Maira look to Angan, who is about to wield his giant mace in his mouth. Well, alright. She looks around to see that Avira is doing the same thing--Avira!? Avira is...something...but somehow, she knows it is her. "Aviiiraaa!" she says, padding over and head butting her friend affectionately--it seemed like a thing to do.

Only when it is mentioned does she pull herself together and notice that obviously ominous feeling. The lioness blinks several times, the tip of her tale catching fire (of course) in alarm. "So...where....are we?"
TRON TRON hears voices he definitely doesn't recognize, shifting his weight onto three legs as his front right paw reaches back to his Disc out of habit.

Can he actually /use/ it? It must be possible, if Angantyr and Avira still have their weapons. He lowers his paw for now, though.

His muzzle lifts, blackish-red nose sniffing the air as he senses eyes all around them, or at least the strange feeling of being watched. "I don't like this." His body lowers, stalking forwards to perhaps get a better view of the voices and the cause of that thumping sound. Stealthy silver leopard is stealthy!
Sora "I think this is where we stick close together."

No duh, Sora, dear. The Keyblade appears in the air and Sora jumps up neatly to grab it in his mouth, his words now muffled, but still mostly understandable. It gives him something of a cute lisp. "Well, maybe..." He sighs at Skoll. "Ser Faruja, where are you?" He asks, mostly just to verify the poor ra-mouseling- is still within the area. It'd be terrible to lose /him/.

Really. Honestly.
Emi Dennou Emi facepaws with both forepaws this time. Omi's left eye is twitching. Ami is chasing her own tail.

"Trouble is coming, please calm down." Emi groans.
Angantyr Vespar "Hey, you're the one who flew into the portal." Angantyr counters towards Avira.

"..." And then Angan just looses it at the Rat and Skoll. He just falls on the ground, roaring with laughter, the moment of tenseness gone as he just repeatedly laughs.

He pauses after a few moments, looking up towards Skoll and the mouse...and then immediately looses it again.
Skoll Ulfang This is just about when Skoll gives Angantyr the most indignant look he can manage as a cute little wolf, ears all folded down and his brow furrowed... followed by looking at Avira - as if begging her to make him stop making 'that sound'.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks up after a few more moments... and immediately rolls into gut busting laughter again at Skoll's expense.
Zia Stare. Zia just looks on towards the antics of mouse and wolf, shaking her head, unable to keep herself from being amused. It's a tense situation, and certainly something isn't quite right, but... it's really hard not to look at them and laugh, much like Angantyr is doing just now.

When Skoll finally returns, the taller lioness nudges over, lowering her head, "Perhaps a less erratic ride would be more helpful te ye?" She suggests, offering out her own fluff-covered head as a place for the templar turned mouse to grab on to. A Scottish lioness, go figure.
Ping Ping flutters his long wings, his pinnions long and slender like a bundle of daggers worn as sleeves. He manages to get onto his feet and test out those slender, knobby legs of his. Seeing Emi and her entourage, nearby, he goes to regroup with them. He can recognize the pack of hyenas by the little bits of kit they still wear. They might recognize him by the pins that are worn on one of his wings, one of them a Tin Pin "One Grain, Infinite Promise."

He doesn't have his sword, but that beak is wicked long and sharp. "I don't like this..."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart can feel the confusing around her, everyone is getting overwhelmed by the situation, and its no surprise, she's barely standing it herself. "At least its not a frog this time." Silver lining, really.

Her ears flick up when she hears the trembling... "Oh... this is definitely not good." She's not sure what's approaching, when it makes the ground shake, its usually something big. And possible mean. They are in heartless terrioty after all right now. She doesn't need a weapon, she fights bare-... well... pawed.
Oriane Guado Oriane gets busy doing snake things like slithering around on the ground all menacing like and flicking her tongue out to allow her to get a better idea on what's around her. The remark from Evja causes the snake to 'stand' so that she is about a foot up into the air now. "My name issss Lady Oriane and I sugessst that you are polite before I sssstart to think that you like rather tasssssty." The snake says simply before slithering onward. As much as she loves being an overgrown reptile, she was intent on getting back to her normal form as quick as possible before her more animalistic instincts start to take over. Then again, there was a mouse nearby. When -was- the last time Oriane ate?
Faruja Senra Momentum doesn't help a reallly tiny rat-thing. Teeth clamp onto fur as Skoll skids to a stop, the little pygmy-Faru swung about. His eye nearly rolls into the back of the head, little swirly circles rotating above his head. "Eeee....why will the world not cease spinning?"

Leap! Faruja's forced to wake up, and tiny mouselegs spring him into the air! Each wolf-jump has the ratling scrambling and tumbling about, at one point rolling along Skoll's spine before grabbing onto his tail! Clinging to it for dear life, he finally sighs as his new mount sits. Slowly clambering up Skoll's tail, back, then mane, he sits between the wolf's ears, and leans down to stare him in the face.

Point! He thrusts a tiny paw at Skoll.

"I am right here, Ser Ulfang! Lord in heaven, you nearly tossed me aside! Even the youngest and most ill tempered of wyverns ride better than you! 'Twould not be my first choice, however, you shall have to do for now." Yes, Faruja's going to use Skoll as a mount. He's a knight after all.

Pause. He goes quiet for a moment. "Her fur is softer than yours!"

But, then he's back along with the others thanks to Skoll. He offers a tiny pygmy-bow to Sora. "Quite alright, Ser! Mmm?" Glare! He waves his spear at Angantyr. "'Tis not a laughing matter, Mercenary!" He tilts his head up proudly. Hmph!

So does Zia. He sighs, but then...

Grin! Leap! Faruja lands nearly onto the scottish Lioness' head.

"My dear, sweet Lady Zia, I would be /honored/ to have you as my mount this day." Pause. Frown. "My conveyance. Ahem!" He can't help it. He starts to scritch one of Zia's ears before danger sense pick up. The rat clenches his spear, peering about.

Also, there's a snake. Peeer! "May I suggest a ground rule? There shan'e be any eating of each other. Agreed?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr finally stops laughing...finally standing back up trying to calm his laughing down a bit...

And then Faruja threatens him. "BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!"
Emi Dennou "You look pretty delicious." Emi tells Faruja. "I'm not sure we could stop ourselves, The Network adds as their tummy rumbles."

She nods to Ping appreciatively as he approaches. "Lets just stick close. They will have to come out eventually." She licks her face unconciously.
Avira Affectionate headbutts! Avira will do that, especially when Maira successfully identifies her. "Hiiiii." she says, nuzzling Maira back. "I'm not sure where this is. This is a new world that was unlocked from a shard we found."

Much to her surprise, /that voice/ actually works-and on Skoll no less. In retrospect she feels a little...dirty for using it. That thought is brushed away when Angantyr promptly starts cracking up and Skoll makes that adorable face at her. "Hey-!" Avira leans down, nudging the grey tiger with her head, "Knock it off, already!"
Stormfall Bones! So many bones.

These are probably in fact the oldest bones ever as well as the best. There are heaps and piles of them. Little stacks of skulls and gigantic tusks. Gigantic ribcages that jut out from the terrain which is barren rock and pale mushrooms and hyenas.

Stealthy TRON can identify a trio of hyenas who are sitting languishingly on a semi distant platform of stone. One of them boredly pushes a piece of bone back and forth across their paws while the other two are rubbing their heads and growing menacingly at the bored looking one.

Their ears perk at the general sounds of laughing, activity and desperate searches for Faruja. The ground rumbles ominously, little stones shaking on the ground or off the cliff faces.

"You hear that?" "Ah-hee-heeee--AHAEHEHEHeee- hee" "Nobody asked you, Ed." "Yeah.. but ANYBODY who'd be stupid enough to get out here must be worth something." "Yeah. Like an appetizer." "Hee--heeee-hehehehee--" "Yeah. Just what I was thinking. Come on-- let's go meet the meat."

The hyenas disappear from sight, a little later appearing on a small ledge overlooking the canyon. They look down at the group. "Eeeh-- Shenzi.. there's a /lot/ of them." "Hmm. So there is. Hey! You guys are trespassing on our turf. We don't take kindly to trespassers, do we Ed? " "HEEeeeee' eheee hee."
TRON TRON's eyes narrow, ears flattening as he catches sight of a trio of hyenas that are most certainly /not/ part of the Dennou's. Even he can clearly pick up on the group's loud voices echoing through the canyon, and he emits a low hiss as the hyenas get up and move off of their stone platform into the boneyard.

He turns tail and runs back to the group, hackles raised and ears still laid flat against his skull. "Everyone! We've got trouble!"

The hyena trio appears above their heads and the silver leopard snarls, claws extending as he crouches. "Frag. Too late."
Sora Sora looks up at the trio of hyenas, his tail waving back and forth as he watches them carefully. "We're not really trespassers so much as lost." He points out from his grip on the Kingdom Key. "Very, very lost. With that in mind, where are we?"

Sora is trying the diplomacy route first-

Also, his chivalry shows as he walks to the front of the group, placing himself firmly nearby Avira and Maira, his blue eyes glittering as he waits for the hyenas' next move.
Avira "ANG!" Avira growls, annoyed, "Stop laughing already!!!" She looks up to face him and sees that he's actually not laughing anymore. Picking through the natural echos of the canyon, Avira tilts her head upwards and eventually spots the trio of hyenas atop the canyon edge.

"Trouble?" she mumbles, setting the Spine down on the ground again so she can talk. "Only if they don't like us. Let's see..."

She's about to say something when Sora lion cub walks on over and beats her to the punch. Avira lets this slide because he's an adorable lion cub.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr, after a few more moments, and Avira's frowning, stops laughing. He calmly breathes in and out...and then looks to Faruja and Skoll. He chuckles a bit helplessly, but he doesn't roll into laughter again.

Then the three hyena's on high call down to them. Angantyr looks up, staring at them a bit dismissively. "That's nice. We're here to do something and we'll be going." Angantyr switches back into jerkface mode, and moves to pick the mace back up, flipping it back onto his back. "So we're going to find this thing, I don't suggest feelin' froggy, because I'm actually in a good mood." he Quips towards them. "So anyway, I am going back to what we're supposed to be doin' and finding the shard." he says to the rest of them. "You're all welcome to come, I mean, I could use more entertainment along the way." he says specifically to Skoll and Faruja.

"Eh, Ignore them Avira, either they'll attack us or leave us alone. Being interested is only going to make them stay longer then we need."
Evja It's a good thing that Sora actually stepped forward to try talking first. Given Evja was already feeling rather exposed, then heckled by a snake(who was that anyways?), he wasn't especially in a mood to take kindly to some 'wolves' that came up and started giving them trouble.
Just as Evja shifted and was about to use his large backlegs to kick a spear towards the group to try and shoo them away... Sora did his bit and the Jackrabbit sighed. Hopping down, he gave the spear a kick and grabbed it beneath a foreleg, hopping along with his back legs and looking to be rather agitated.
Maira Maira looks toward Angantyr, smiling. Alright, it's probably not the best situation, but seeing him laugh is fairly heartwarming--even if it is at someone's expense....

Maira looks then toward Faruja. Who is adorable. More adorable than usual. "Teehee..."

Maira remains near Avira and Angantyr, tilting her feline head lightly in question as the hyena's approach.

Being Maira, she greets them. "Oh, hello! Sorry to introdude!"
Zia "Ah willnae let anyone eat ye, dear little mouse. Besides, ye wouldnae make much more than a morsel." Compared to a nearly full grown lioness, the little pygmy mouse is downright tiny. Maybe she's speaking a bit too soon, especially as the Hyenas make their apperance. The garg-lion is unable to keep from purring at the scratching of her ear, but the sound gets cut off as she raises her head, tail-swishing towards the sight of the trio. These hyenas are certainly different from anyone in their rag-tag group.

"Great, jus wha we needed. More trouble." She notes, then looks up towards the mouse, even though she can't really see him. "Ah'll try te make yer ride an easy one, Sir mouse, but if it comes te trouble, ye may have a rough ride either way." She keeps her voice low, taking a step forward to join the others as they face off against the trio of hyenas up on the rise.

It's strange to have a cub stand in front of them, but then again, her biggest 'defenders' are a tiny mouse and a bone-obsessed wolf, so maybe having a lion cub be spokesman isn't so strange a thought. Rather than anything helpful, she just glances once at the Dennous, and then back at the hyenas, "Ah think the lassies over there are cuter." Yep.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll keeps giving Angantyr that indignant look, and then tilts his head in towards Zia so she can easily take Faruja, and manages to give her one of those affectionate head-rubbing motions one might expect from a canine. There's a quick thankful gaze towards Avira... ending up in his lulling his tongue out happily. "Sorry Faruja." Skoll seems to have calmed down a little, though he doesn't really know why his 'excitement' is gone so suddenly. Then suddenly he raises his head, and gives Faruja /a look/.

"What fur have you been touching... and how would you know?" Oh, he's giving him the evil-eye alright. The wolf then turns towards those above, and idly wonders what would happen if he'd look into a mirror. Would he transform at all anymore? Probably not - he figures. That's when those voices become more apparent to him, and he quickly turns around and lowers his head close to the ground.

Skoll's tail bristles and the wolf growls, moving out in front of Zia as a show of wanting to protect her. "Can you still cast your magic with those big cute fluffy paws of yours?" Skoll asks... realizing that she's actually bigger than him at this point... and then slowly pads back to just be beside her.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr starts laughing again, not as out of control as before, but it's pretty loud.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks up at the hyenas... and goes flat-eyed. As much as a jaguar can anyway ~_~ "We're... well lost a bit yes." Its not quite the truth, but its not like they know where they are going. And honestly, she doesn't like 'cemetaries', those usually end up being bad in the end. Like ghosts and undeads.

"..." She looks around, and pads her way to the others, whispering a bit "I don't think its smart to stick around here for long, I got a bad feeling about this."
Faruja Senra Rather than jealousy, Faruja can't help but chuckle at the affectionate headbumping between Zia and Skoll. D'aww! He flicks his tail dismissively. "Worry not Ser Ulfang, hardly do I think, were our situations reversed..." Evil eye. The rat shrinks behind one of Zia's ears. Shiver. "The...the tail and ear! 'Twas nothing improper!" Definitely not telling him about the snog. Definitely.

Grrrrr! Stupid mercenary! The rat pointedly ignores the man. Emi helps things along nicely.

Peer. Peeeer. Faruja narrows his eye. "...I assure you, I am in no way tasty or scrumptous. Nor do I particularly go well with tomato sauce, M'Lady Emi. Allow me to buy you dinner after, hmm? Fair trade for not devouring me?" Smile! He turns to Ami, and gives the cutest mouse-eye look he can give while peeking out from behind Zia-lion's ear.

"Besides, hardly would you allow me to be eaten by your sister, would you, dear Lady Ami?" Mouse-eye! You cannot resist the adorable, oh green hyenaess!

Ear-perk. Wow, that laugh is annoying. No. Seriously, make it stop. Faruja glares at the hyenas that aren't Dennous. Dennous are too cute to be annoyed at.

"Keep /that/ up, Mercenary, and you may yet find thy tail in a knot!" Unlike many here, he's quite used to tails. So easy to get tangled up.

But, on to business. Well, after Maira gets a half-smile and cute little hop. He can't resist.

Sora's doing the diplomacy, and Faruja peers about for signs of backup. These sounded like bandits. And rarely did they work alone.

The little pygmy Faru blushes at zia's words. "Then I am in your care, oh brave lioness." Frown. "Mmm. A bad luck charm, I do so oft seem to be. Nay, this shan't go peaceably methinks. Bandits oft work in groups." Returns the rat in an equally low voice.
Ping Crane-Ping hears the snarls and mad giggling of the hyenas overhead and whirls on his talons to look up at them. He stands proud and confident amongst the Dennous, pushing out his feathered chest defiantly. He's stared down worse than a few loopy scavengers.

At Tifa's whisper, he gives an affirmative nod, agreeing whole heartedly. He whispers, "They'll follow us, though, looking for an opportunity to pick one of us off. We need to be careful."
Emi Dennou "Of course not, she is just joking. Don't worry, Faruja, we do not eat mice, The Network promises you that." Ami smiles at him, somehow managing to be cute despite being a 'scavenger animal' as it stands. And generally scruffy. And green. She waves a paw to the other hyenas and only stops when they start getting to ol' threatening territory.

Just leaving is a good plan, Emi reflects, eyeing Faruja and Ang as yet another fight starts up. Ugh. "Can we argue in safer territroy?, The Network requests quite reasonably." She turns back to Ping and adds, "It is possible what we're looking for is here, however..." She looks up to the hyenas and asks, "Have you seen shinies??" She nods to Ping. "They won't see through this subtle communication."
Oriane Guado Oriane Guado is a terrible, poisonous snake. In the 'normal' world, she is a terrible necromancer. In short, she is in no mood for diplomacy. The long, black snake slithers in and out of the pile of the bones. She apparently has developed a liking to cool, shaded places out of seemingly nowhere. Beady snake eyes are soon focused on the hyenas. "Why let them follow? We ssssshould sssstrike now and ssssurprisssse them." Who knows? Maybe Hyenas are tasty.
Angantyr Vespar "Because not everything needs to be beat in with a hammer, you never know when that jerkface is a well known noble, or a king." Angantyr comments towards Oriane, "And aren't you a priestess? Seriously...between you and the rat, I am starting to wonder about the religions in this world." The Dark Tiger says, rolling his eyes. "Anyway, being annoying and stupid isn't a crime needing to be punished...or else I'd be smiting Faruja all day long."
Stormfall "Hey. Well-- well well, what do we have here." Shenzi smiles a great big friendly smile at the lion cub that is Sora. "Say. You guys are lost, are you? Just a wandering band of animals, down on your luck? ." The second hyena snorts. "Yeah! That's great-- hey. Wait. Shenzai-- " they point in the direction of Angantyr and mutters. "He's going. Did we order our food to go?"

"Shut up, stupid. Besides-- you wanna eat something like Ed?" The two hyenas look at Ed, the cackling third, and shudder simultaniously. There is another rumbling sound, with a creaking moan that comes from deeper into the boneyard.

"Anyways." Shenzi smooths back their mane and gives Sora and the group another big smile. The hyena slowly slink down the cliff face, still pretty high up but markedly closer than before.

"Yeah, well hey-- we're more than willing to help you out since we know the territory." All of the three hyenas are grinning at the group, seemingly unperturbed by the more and more frequent earthquakes. "See. You caught us just as we were running out.. so maybe we'll just point you in the right direction."

"Eheeeeeehhhehee--" The insanely giggling hyena points at Emi. This goes on for awhile before the bop. "Stop staring. She's probably not even your type." Then there is tha talk about shinies and Shenzi pffts. "I take it back. You go ahead lover boy." Ed makes goo-goo eyes at Emi and the other two hyenas while Shenzi chuckles and uses a hand to make a hand wobble gesture. "Well. Right(ish) direction -- you looking for something in particular?"
Ping Crane-Ping feels compelled beyond his ability to resist, to preen. He combs his feathers with his beak, even as he speaks covertly with the Dennous. Each feather seems to require unique attention and he strokes each with his long, thin beak. With his face concealed with his wing thusly, he responds to the Dennous' question, "Shinnies? Are we looking for shinnies? What did we come here for anyhow? Is there something here we can use against the Heartless?"
Angantyr Vespar "Nobody listens." Angantyr says towards the others. He stops, turning around as the Hyena's make nice...yeah, nice. He's seen that look before in many a bandit...of course, this is likely to turn into dinner time, staring people he actually gives a damn about (Maira, Avira, and The Legionares) and people who he cares less about. And Faruja.

"What was that?" Angantyr says, turning around with a low growl and looking right towards Shenzai. "I didn't hear you? Maybe you should /speak up/." Angantyr says in her direction, with a tone that is dangerous.

He whispers to Ping, "A shard, a piece of another word." he quips to him. Ping would be alright, he was a man's man. "I things go south like I expect, think you can help head them off?" he asks Ping. The only reliable man here.
Emi Dennou Emi frowns as her intelligence is underestimated, though she can't complain since she clearly just underestimated THEIR intelligence. Or at least Shenzi's intelligence. She may be assuming Ed's intelligence quite correctly. This is the second time in a few days where she had been flirted with in such a manner. She sighs. Why can't these guys be more like Ping? Brave and strong but also polite and not all caught up in certain PRIDE GAMES like she sees those other folks engaging in. She looks towards Faruja and Ang disapprovingly again.

Omi is more angered, resulting in the following conversation. In their heads.

Omi: We outnumber them 3 to 1, lets just beat them up and make them tell us where the shard is. Make it our territory.
Emi: We only SEE 3. There's probably more, or they would not be this confident.
Omi: Tsk, even if the odds were reversed...

The two glower at each other for a moment before she looks at Ping again as he...preens. And goes along with the 'shinies' and... ugh..

She lowers her head, dreadfully embarrassed. How could a HYENA LIKE HER ever hope to--oh okay that's silly she's not actually a hyena. But she doe say, "World shards." to Ping. "I just did not assume they knew what one was and went with 'shinies'."

She says, "...I am not...RGghh..."
Sora Sora /stares/ at the hyenas. The Kingdom Key is still right there in his grip, but finally he nods. He has no reason to trust them, and no reason to distrust, so, his lion tail flickering back and forth, a little wary, he looks at the group. "Stick together."

It's the smartest thing to really be doing here; especially with numbers. However, numbers change... hearts certainly do.
Zia The white lioness returns the nuzzle that passes against her shoulder from the wolf. It's a strange contrast to the way things usually work, with her being the larger, more imposing figure amongst the three of them. For the most part, she doesn't seem to be paying much attention to the banter regarding the wolf's sister. It's not as if she's gotten flowery lovenotes from the mouse or anything that might make her think he felt more about her than just a friendly sort of protectiveness. "Maybe ye two could discuss this another time?" She suggests, eyes still set on the hyenas.

Her other ear, the one Faruja isn't hiding behind, flicks at the question if if she can use her magic or not. "Ah think Ah'd be able te manage. Ah'm more worried aboot some of the others." She isn't about to mention who in particular, but it's likely the one who barely stands taller than her ear. There are few doubts that some of the others here could handle themselves, regardless of what form they are in. The trembling of the ground beneath her feet is more than a little unsettling, though. "Maybe it would be be'ta te talk somewhere where the ground isnae shakin?" She suggests.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't trust those hyenas at all... but what else can they do right now. They might have to fight their way out if they get rowdy, but she can probably manage it.

How is she supposed to kick like this anyway?

"I can probably handle a few of them if it comes to it. Rather not fight in this body though, if we can help it. Maybe we should carefully follow..."
Faruja Senra Shoo! Ami gets a smile from Faruja, looking quite relieved. So too does Emi get a nod as he goes quiet, the hyenas speaking. Snake-Oriane gets a glare! Cowardice!

Angantyr's insult goes ignored for now.

Rumbles and cackling and veeery untrustworthy hyenas asking them to be shown around.

The rat's tail flicks at all of the admonishments, and focuses on those blasted hyenas. "I agree with the Lady Lioness. Mayhap you fine Sers would negotiate our passage where the ground seems less likely to give way and slay the lot of us?"
Avira Avira manages to not look peturbed as the casually talk about eating them (or eating the more bite-sized members of their party, but these are hyenas, they'll eat all of them given the chance). They'd have a hell of a time taking them out unless more of their buddies show up.

"Gotta question, though-" she says up at the approaching hyenas, "What on earth is making all of that shaking?" Clearly they must know since they don't seem bothered by it. See, Avira's a bit more optimistic! She actually thinks these guys won't eat them-especially given their numbers.

Her eyes flick over to Skoll for a moment and she sees him nuzzling the gargoyle-turned-lioness. Avira freezes for a moment, staring before forcing herself to look away, her ears flattened down. "Hrm."
Ping Ping seems quite impressed with the Dennous, as well. In the short time he's know them, they have demonstrated a surprising intelligence, a trait he values in a friend and ally.

"Right, World Shards." His eyes open wider, "You mean we haven't reached the bottom of this rabbit hole, yet?"

And then when Angantyr addresses him, he salutes reflexively, lifting his long slender wing across his brow, "Of course. You can count on me, sir."
Skoll Ulfang Ahh, poor Avira, getting to see Skoll make that simple show of appreciation to Zia - even though he's done the same to her a few times before to show his friendship with her. Skoll actually catches the way Avira freezes and stares at him. He doesn't even known why in that moment, but his tail goes between his legs and his ears fold down. He turns his body towards Avira and tilts his head a little, lowering his head quietly.

He then turns towards Faruja and Zia and nods his head a little in regards to the bickering. "One moment." Skoll then adds, and wanders over to Avira.

Not moments later, he headbutts against Avira and moves 'underneath' her head, his tail coming back up mildly on the way, and then moves forwards along the path by just a few steps in order to get closer to this Sora person - and catching a bit of his scent. He might be important to find at a later time after all. He'd opened that gate and all.
TRON TRON lifts his head as there's another noticeable rumble that shakes the ground under his paws.

He /really/ doesn't like this. Something feels so very off, and he /really/ does not trust those hyenas. Then again, nobody seems to.

Largely ignored by everyone, he slinks around the group and generally makes sure nothing is about to sneak up on them from behind, or something. He's too on-edge to make conversation to the others, and maybe being ignored will work in his favor later.
Evja Ears perk, and Evja turns, glaring towards the crane, "Hey! No rabbit jokes!" Sensitive issue, given he's a rabbit, and dislikes rabbit jokes as a Viera. Not that it /was/ a rabbit joke, but he was overreacting and rather angry and trying to figure out what the heck to do here. "I shall go see what the rumbling is, if I can."
And LEAP, Evja begins jumping high into the air, kicking off of anything he can and looking more like a flea for a bit as he jumps high into the air, looking around to try and spot the source of the rumbling.
Oriane Guado Snakes just get no respect. Oriane, the feathered snake, flicks her tongue out again as she unnaturally moves to glance at the various 'allies' and then back at the person who was being angry towards her for no real reason. If a snake could roll their eyes, this one would have.

When TRON slinks off from the group, Oriane follows. She fought alongside that silver cat before and any company is better than no company. "It sssseemsss you and I think alike. You never can be too careful...." Around snakes, around necromancers, and really around Hyenas.

Oriane also hopes that this rumbling stops. Being a snake while the ground rumbles is traumatic to put things lightly.
Maira Maira is really at a loss here. They are strange creatures, kind of mean looking, but standing around surrounded (mostly) with large predators? Maira will stick by Angantyr and Avira and prepare to light those strange animals on fire if need me. Hmph! And after she greeted them so nicely!

Maira's tail is still twitching, glancing toward Avira in time to see her look away from something. She brings her gaze back. Skoll, nuzzling someone. Oh. Maira leans over to give Avira a light nuzzle. "You just let me know when I should start lighting fires, okay?"
Stormfall Shenzai flinches a little while Banzai cowers and ED hides behind the other two at Angantyr growling, but there is another earthquake and they look bitter and resentful.

"Ahehe.. funny guy." Shenzai snarls at the lion. "Hey yeah-- we'll take you to the good place. Looks like a storms coming. It's time to get you folks out of the open, yeah?"

The hyenas slink along the canyon passageway deeper into the boneyards. As they do so, there are more and more hyenas that show up not only from the surrounding hills but from caves and the trail both behind them and before them. Most of them are shadowy, with yellow eyes peering from their gloomy black coats. "Oh, that? Well-- hehehe. That's kinda the rest we were running out the door. See. We're having some real estate management issues-- " Banzai pffts. "Steam cooked SLOP. Mushroom stew. Leg of mushroom. Mushroom steak." Shenzai nods soberly. "Mm-hmm. so we're going to go one land over and see if we can't rustle up some better grub than the steam-cooked slop we eke off here."

The source of the rumbling becomes more obvious now. Bones are sliding across the graveyard. In small heaps they roll across the ground. In large heaps they drag across it or make great gouges in the terrain or break apart entirely, crumbling to ancient dust. Slowly, a skeletal foot stomps down on the broken turf followed by another as a giant skeletal mammoth begins to claw its way out of the earth, piecing itself together from so many bones. Many of the shadow hyenas swarm around it, a glittering flash of light gleaming from a titanic empty eyesocket. "So uh-- do we look like bandits, Banzai?" Apparantly the hyenas at least heard snatches of some of the conversation. "What's a bandit, Shenzai?" "Well. I want to hope it's a thing that's well fed, because I think it's dinner time, don't you?" "eeeehehhehehehehehehe"

Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks around...something was...

The Hyena's were easily cowed, but then recovered...that was something, they had an upper hand...and..

The massive creature waking up, forming from bones from the graveyard as it started to tower over them. The shadow hyena's starting to come everywhere... Angantyr does not look even remotely afraid. "Is this the best you could do? I have to say, I am a bit disappointed." Angantyr quips to the three. "When I'm finished with'd better not be here." he says, his mace being knocked from it's back again, and grabbing it in his mouth.

"NOW!" he calls towards Ping, and wothout any hesitation, he dives right towards the giant bone monster and it's shadow minions.

Angantyr gives no <GOOSEHONK>s.

The mace can't be weilded the same, but he has a foot on the ground...instead of swinging, he dives in going and speeds far faster than he was normally capable of...aiming to litterally dive through any shadow Hyena's and repeatedly beat at the Bone monster, the mace is highly effective for smashing!
Emi Dennou Emi wonders sometimes if Ang fears anything, the way he just charges ahead immediately after seeing a skeletal mammoth surrounded by an army of hyenas. She supposes, maybe, not. If only they had a necromancer here, that woudl be really helpful, but unfortunately they don't so they can't do much about it on that level, they'll have to fight this the hard way.

"We haven't..." Emi frowns. "But--- This might be easier than we thought..." She noticed that gleam. "Ping..." She looks to him. "Hold on a moment."

She rests a hand on her left wing and points towards the eyesocket. "Can you fly? Either way--you need to get to that eyesocket...this one thinks the shard may be in there, The Network would trust no one more than you for this job. We'll back up Ang."

Ami sinks back as Omi darts forward, lashing out at shadow hyenas with the knife, even as Emi unleashes a wave of electrical power towards them. She'll consider how to strike the skeleton once Ping makes his move.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart lnew this wasn't going to end pretty. She backs up a step, making a menacing 'grrrrrr' sound toward the new opponents. She's a rather sizable jaguar after all, she's bigger than the hyenas, she should be able to intimated a few. At least, she hopes.

But when that fails, those new paws of her are equipped with rather dangerous looking claws. Might as well try them up. She reels a mighty paw and swipes at the nearest group, getting used to this new body carefully at first.
Zia Ever clueless about the reactions to that moment of affection, Zia has far more important things on her mind than worrying about it. At least the others are starting to notice the earthquakes. They're troubling enough that she shifts her paws, giving herself a wider stance. As the unfamiliar bunny jumps with a quite astounding grace, the lioness watches with a hopeful expression. If she still had wings, she'd certainly be up in the air scouting, but this world didn't seem to think that gargoyle and bird went together, at least in her case.

The arrival of more hyenas is unsettling, some instinct that tells her that they are the 'enemy' coming through with the whole lioness form. Even so, she follows along, keeping herself a ways back just incase it turns out to be a trap. In the end, it might not be quite what she expected, but seeing the huge form of the skeletal creature has her ears slicking back. "Courage, lass." She speaks to herself, but her 'rider' might be able to hear it as well.

"Ah dinnae think we'd do well against tha big beast. Ah think we would be be'ta off with the crowd control. Ye feel up te tha, sir knight?" She asks, knowing that he's probably going go have to fight against creatures many times his size. At the very least, it shows she has some faith in the mouse, his courage, and his skills.

For now, though, she slams a paw donw onto the ground, sending a wave of air out towards the nearest of the hyenas, followed by a roar of ice that seeks to freeze a few of them in place and keep the way clear for those moving in to assault the monster.
Ping Ping is about to shoot off into the scrap, following Angantyr's CHARGE! when Emi's hand stays him. He looks back at her, having already learned to heed her staggering intelligence. In a world that makes very little sense to him, the Dennous seem to have their head on straight. He listens intently, nodding at each point, making sure she knows he understands.

Ping looks up into the face of that giant beast and leaps like an arrow into the sky, surprising even himself. "I'm... I'm flying!" The ease at which he cuts through the air brings with it a euphoric of infinite freedom. It reminds him quickly of the freedom the Heartless devour.

Crane-Ping wheels through the air and circles above the big, boney beast. Pressing his pinnions back, he shoots down at the eye of that monster, his talons and beak presented for attack.

"Stay on target. Stay on target..."
Faruja Senra Faruja watches as a massive elephant made of bone rises, and shadow hyenas rise around it. Even as the hyenas cackle and speak amongst themselves, the little ball of pygmy rat shivers atop Zia's head. Not out of fear, but out of rage. He glows, a tiny white ball as he glares out at the massive beast. Angantyr and the Dennous work on their opponents, the ratling roaring...or loudly squeaking...out.

"Oh accursed, befouled beast! Wrench thy soul from this earth and into the Lord embrace! Foul spirits of darkness that chain this once great animal, BE PURGED IN THE LIGHT OF THE LORD! IN THE NAME OF THE SAINT!" Poor Zia, and right when he's on her head too.

Pause. "...Indeed. At my current size, 'twould be foolish. Grrr...blast this form!" He hops a little in irritation, clearly wanting to be leaping into the fray as well! The ratling's glowing, holy wrath is then turned upon some of the hyenas that try to assault the various Dennous and Ping.

Spearthrust! The rat calls down swords of lightning and armor-piercing blades upon the dark hyenas! Thankfully, his Holy Spear skills still work.

"Be brave, dear Lady Zia. We shall triumph. The Lord is on our side!" Ever faithful, the rat's certainly confident.
Sora Sora sighs. Why can't everything just go /right/ for once? However, Sora doesn't even think about it twice - he neatly charges into the fray. A aura of white light flares around him briefly as he casts a pair of magics, the lights swirling around the Keyblade -

And then Sora dives in to strike at the Heartless with it, throwing his small chocolate-covered self against it, because ...

Because, Sora.
Evja The bones were alive?! Of course, by the time Evja had a chance to look back down, the group was already halfway there, which didn't really help. And those damned wolves were probably just gonna let'em all get killed if they could and pick off the remnants.
Somehow, he knew that wasn't going to be a good idea, trusting wolves.

"Alrightt then. Let's do this." Landing finally atop the edge of a cliff, Evja glows faintly, hopping forward quicker and quicker before leaping into the air and letting his spear vanish before a large translucent sword twice as tall as he is appears. With a backwards flip the rabbit kicks it on the pomel, sending the giant sword hurtling down towards the bones, fully planning on weakening it as much as he can.
TRON TRON looks down at the black mamba slithering along next to him. It takes him a moment to place where he'd heard her voice before. She was the sorceress that helped him fight against CHIEF once, back around New Year's if memory serves. He can't, however, seem to recall her name. "Yes, so it seems."

As the hyenas slink ahead of them, the silver leopard ducks into the boneyard and out of sight, his coat blending in with the abundant gray mist and bone around them. The black hyenas with golden eyes are given an especially long stare. They don't seem... natural.

The trap reveals itself, the mammoth skeleton pulling itself together with these Shadow Hyenas gathering around it. TRON crouches, using one front paw to unlock his Disc... only to drop it.

Right. No hands.

He scoops the silver Disc up in his jaws and charges forwards, leaping from ribcage to skull in order to get a better vantage point. He snaps his head sharply, letting his Disc fly at the formulating skeleton, then pounces on the nearest Shadow Hyenas with a snarl, swatting them skywards.
Avira Avira's...well, let's call it a brow now, is furrowed, lost in thought for a few seconds. Another rumble of the ground bothers her just a little bit more and she rolls the Spine a set of teeth back farther into her mouth.

Freaking NO THUMBS.

Skoll taps against her and she lifts her head to look at him, confused as he passes by. No really-she's pretty confused now at the other 'dog.' Her ears turn upward, though, and once he's passed, she pushes onward, walking down the canyon path.

As more and more hyenas join, now Avira's starting to get a little nervous. Even their superior numbers can only help so far, especially when they STOP being superior numbers.

This is to say nothing about the zombie mammoth that rises to contend with them. "This-" she freezes, catching that glimmer in the beast's eye socket. Her heart beats a bit faster. Despite its size, she charges, pleased as she discovers her magic is not out of her reach, though channeling it through her teeth is not exactly pleasant. A trail of blue follows as she dives in close, whipping her head back and forth as she 'attacks' with the Spine.
Maira Well, while Avira didn't actually /say/ it was time to light things on fire, it has become fairly clearly to Maira due to the giant zombie elephant thing....who has the world shard! Oh yes. Fire time.

Maira though, stands back. She raises her head toward the sky and closes her eyes a moment, summoning her magic then sending it plunging forward toward the mammoth in the form of fireball. What else?
Skoll Ulfang "This..." Skoll seems to be thinking something along the lines of Avira's thoughts. "Is a bit much..." He then adds, staring wildly at the massive mamoth that has come up. He quickly glances to Zia and Faruja - and finds that at least Faruja knows his own limits for once. The Dark Hyenas would be the better battle for them... and for himself he believes in this moment.

The little wolf howls and quickly runs forwards at the same hyenas right along with the mouse-and-lion pair (Aslan and Reepicheep?) - and lets out a fell howl. With that howl, a twosome of dark entities gather at either side of him, wolves of pure darkness that dive in for the kill right with him, going for the throat - each attacking a seperate hyena.
Stormfall The shadow hyenas go flying like bowling pins, scattering with an ghostly, echoing cackle and disappearing one after another. The mace is indeed highly effective at smashing.

Ami's knife slices and dices the shadow hyenas, a wave of electrical power sizzling the hoard so that they explode one after enough in a chain effect. Banzai groans. "Uh.. did we order our food with bite?" Shenzai snarls. "Shut up." and the three hyenas creep back away from the group, making themselves scarce.

The shadow hyena cringe back a little from Tifa, and then open their mouths and start to make that distorted hyena cackling noise. They scuttle out of the way of the reaching claws, a real hyena lunging out of the smoky murk of a cave to attempt to land on top of her, biting and tearing with sharp claws.

Zia's roar sends some real hyenas and some of the heartless scattering across the landscape like leaves, many of them freezing in place with silly expressions or with the smile frozen on their predatory features.

Banzai whimpers. "Hey! They know /magic/ -- like-- like the stuff that freaky baboon uses. Hey, that's not fair!" Shenzai grumbles. "Yeah. I call a do-over."

They cringe back against the ground as spears of lightning cause the hyenas and heartless to scatter, many of the real hyenas yelping, their morale broken and fleeing back into the caves. "Hey!" Shenzi shakes a paw at the retreating deserts, flinching as another rain of blinding arrows sweeps the area. "..Wait for us."

The three hyena slink away and then bolt towards the canyons. Only the heartless remain on the attack, more of them spilling over the sides of the dark crags. Sora throws himself against the heartless which turns out to be marvelously more effective than you would think for a lion cub trying to strike a force of malignant chuckling repeatedly until it exploded with a key in their mouth. A heart shimmers in the air for a moment before vanishing in a wave of sparkles.

Evja's sword flies across the terrain, lodging straight in a knee joint that is only half formed and causing the entire thrashing, flailing thing to slowly sink down on one knee while the trunk flails and thrashes. Driven into a frenzy, the undead mammoth stampedes through the boneyard, smashing towards and around heartless and stalwart adventurer alike.

TROn's disc flies into the teeth (or rather the tusks) of the outraged mammoth. Part of the leg bone which is connected to the hip bone collapses. The bone splinters and cracks, part of it collapsing while a shadow hyena was perched to it, sending them tumbling to the ground with a /splat/.

Avira attacks with the massive spine clutched firmly in mouth, ice shredding bits and pieces of the zombie mammoth, making it slow to react and slower to move. As it continues it's rampaged considerably slowed by the use of ice on it's brittle bones and joints, a giant trunk sweeps down to knock her away while a foot raises to smash and smash until there is only Avira based Jelly products.

Slowed as it was, the fireball does much to heat things up. It scorches and shatters bone, the fireball exploding a large chunk of the titan away with the scorching fire.

Unfortunately, more bone seems to clatter and find it's way into the empty places where there should be bone, the mammoth regenerating even as it freezes and is hacked at and exploded by fire. She too gets priority 'stomp stomp stomp' from the flailing undead while shadow hyenas leap on and claw any they can get close to, roaming in packs.

Strength and safety in numbers does not seem to get them anywhere as two, or more likely-- Skoll and his posse can also play the same game. While Ping dives to the attack, swooping down from above with talons bared, knocking several hyenas off the mammoth and chipping part of it away, Skoll's dark wolves rip and tear and discard the heartless like puppets with their animating magics swiftly and savagely cut.

A fell mist covers the area, evaporating slowly as so many heartless dissolve back into their vaporous components. What is more than troublesome is that this area seems to teem with these heartless, and the real hyenas are starting to creep back out of their caves from their brief rout, peering out and gauging whether it would be safe to come out again for a not-so-sneaky surprise attack.
Zia Zia might just be rethinking taking on the mouse at the moment that he starts shouting right next to her ear. As small as he might be, that is still one heck of a mighty sound. She winces, but doesn't actually comment on it, staying in close even as the swords and spears of light rain down around the hyenas. If these really are wild animals, it might be the first time they've ever seen this sort of magic. That doesn't mean that it'll scare them off, though.

The Heartless hyenas are another problem entirely. There are more of them, and as much as her fur-color might make the lioness stand out, it's easy to get lost in the rest of the chaos of the battle going on around them. A swirl of wind sweeps out, launching some hyenas skyward, only to have them crash back down to earth a moment later. Somewhere within the fray, Zia continues to battle against them. With so many other heroes, it isn't too hard for one or two to fade to the backdrop.
Avira Gradually, Avira's magic starts to send this mammoth back to the ice age. Too bad it's taking what seems to be an ice age to cut through it. Getting in this close to something this large while she's like THIS, without armor, makes her very nervous. Growling, she makes one final strike before hopping away, leaping upwards to avoid that swinging trunk. No sooner than she lands, the foot starts to come down onward and Avira sprints foward, taking a huge risk as she runs between its legs.

She pauses underneath its belly for a few seconds before continuing through to the other side, remaining behind it in its blind spot.

Her head lowers and she growls a little more. Brown eyes dart over to Angantyr and her hair bristles. She seems...distracted by something?

Her ears fold down again and a shimmer of magic surrounds her, pre-emptive measures taken in case this new body proves to not be as durable.
Evja Perfect!

At least the Judge Jackrabbit still has his accuracy. Landing atop the back of the undead mammoth heartless, Judge Jackrabbit slides down the collapsing and reforming back and winds up using the bones themselves for transportation as they moved, only to have the thing undoubtedly thrash his way.

Getting dislodged as he avoided the attacks leaves him only one route - to the ground! Of course, that meant the heartless swarms, which he managed to dance around, small size letting him duck under legs, between flailing bodies and occasionally using bones once more to surf the battlefield. That also meant he had a chance to swing out with his lance, spinning atop a bone while attempting to knock several heartless into the mammoth. Several backflips allow Evja to footkick several spears into the front left leg of the elephant, not intending them to damage so much as impale into the bone there long enough for him to use them as leverage and a platform to leap up into the air with, "GET ATOP IT! ATTACK IT FROM ABOVE!" he yells as loud as he can while still maintaining, best he can, an overall feminine voice. Jumping his way nimbly to the top, Evja darts straight up the back before rebounding and leaping high into the air. Three spears appear beneath him, the other three hopefully still lodged there enough for the animals to use them, before he slammed all three right towards the vertebrae beneath the neck.

Yes, Judge Jackrabbit was trying to decapitate the mammoth.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr moves to get closer to the large bone golem thing.

He's surprised to how much faster he is, even as the thing moves to stomp down on him, as if he were just a thing to be trampled underfoot, he jumps back and forth, aiming to try and avoid the monsterous' feet. However, the truck follows, and Angangtyr swings as it crashes down at him. The two forces colliding for a brief moment as he follows through with a swing of his own mace. The two strikes collide for a brief moment, before Angantyr passes by, only the clash of the two powerful strikes is appears to have ended in a stalemate.

Angantyr lands once more, turning around on a dime and dashing back towards the Heartless and their bone master again. He dives in, aiming to viciously strike out where he can, before this time diving towards the right arm of the Bone thing...aiming to try and litterally use the mace to shatter the bones there.
Sora "Keep it up!"

Sora calls this out, except then he eventually gets knocked backwards - while he has a muscular form for a lion cub, he's still smaller than his normal-human form, so he promptly gets knocked around, luckily rolling with it to land on his feet -

- paws -

And kick back with his feet in a swift movement. That done, he whirls around again, backs up a few paces, and then sets a running record for himself as he launches himself straight back into the group of Heartless with a stunning impact that nearly knocks his own keyblade out of his mouth...

... which he's also using to attack.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is only getting used to this body... its pretty fast and strong, but those heartless hyenas are obviously fast and used to their own body, so she'll need to work even harder. She jumps forward, bragging one by the neck with her strong teeth, rawring as she slams it down in the ground, and then grinds it along the rocky floor, finally snapping her neck to throw it away into the other heartless jumping around her. She growls loudly to the others "What's with these heartless, they aren't like anything I've seen up to now." Their surprise attack hit home, making her yelp as she jumps away to recover a bit of ground, moving back toward her allies "This body moves well, but its weird."
Ping Amongst all the battle and chaos, the graceful form of Crane-Ping lands in the orbit of the Mammoth's hollow eye. Reaching in with its long, sharp beak, it prods at the darkness while frantically waving its wings to keep his balance. To the last, Ping grapples with thee. From hell's heart, he stab's at thee.

As he holds on for dear life and prods ever with his beak, he searches the black recesses for the treasure they seek, to pluck it free and fly away.
TRON TRON leaps, twisting in midair to catch his Disc in his jaws, only to get slammed back down to the ground by a flailing mammoth trunk.

Geez, that smarts.

With a low snarl echoing oddly from around the Disc, he rolls back onto all fours. Both his eyes and his coat's rosettes glow an odd bluish-white, tail slashing from side-to-side as he crouches, already searching his next route of attack.

Ah, this may work.

He lunges, bounding over bone and stony rubble, and snaps his Disc into flight once more--though this time, it arcs at the hiding REAL hyenas to keep them back. He then leaps to follow Evja's lead, jaws wide and claws bared to tear apart the bones as fast as they 'regenerate'.
Faruja Senra Whap! A flying bit of bone churned up by the charging bone-Elephant konks the rat on the head. He holds on tight to Zia as she moves about, the Burmecian backing her up with thrusts of spear and the use of his Holy Spear skills.

"Back with ye, foul knaves! Shrink and tremble before the Lord's might!"

More swords of power fall upon the various hyena-heartless, the zealous ratling chanting hymns as he fights.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll keeps running amidst the heartless and the hyenas that come, and keeps his swiveling big wolfie-ears perked as people around him call out things. One of them sticks with him. Someone is calling for others to get atop the Mammoth! But how the heck are they all expected to get on top of that thing? The wolf chomps at a few more heartless as he goes along, and then begins to run up a long ramp - faster and faster, until he reaches the top...

And there, from this vantage point, he watches the immense bravery all these people are showing! Be they bird, or little mouse, or big awesome looking gray tigers! They are all fighting to their hearts' content for the sake of a world that is very likely not even their own! And these Hyenas... these foul heartless are standing in the way of all of that. Little flecks of darkness begin to rise from Skoll, and the ground begins to rumble.

His eyes narrow as he concentrates on something deep within the earth, and deep within his heart... power. He needs to help these folk using his power! Even if it'll exhaust him! The ground continues to rumble and shake, more and more violently. Another mammoth!?

No, this is something else.

One might think that in the scale of size and all, there would be no natural predator to those massive things, and there's not... but Skoll can certainly summon something that will do just fine! The ground begins to crack beneath the massive mammoth, as Skoll draws his head up and lets out a most fell and dark of howls! The clouds further remain dark, not letting the moon behind it peek through.


And with that howl, the cracks beneath the mammoth grow, as suddenly a /massive/ snake maw comes up, trying to bite down on the flanks of the Mammoth, and DRAW IT DOWN to the ground, to crush its legs so that it will have no choice but to let others get on its back. "JUMP ON THE MAMMOTH'S BACK!" Skoll then yells out, nodding his head at Evja... just before he collapses - tired and having spent his energies.
Emi Dennou "Understood, Sora." Emi says even as the elephant chrages forth. Omi is smashed away by the trunk and is sent crashing back into Ami, the two roll across the ground ab it before coming to a stop. Emi trots forward at the opportunity, sending a crackle of electricity across the ground, creating a 'charged' field--

--and then unleashes a crashing wave of electricity down upon the elephant. It's very dangerous and even if they get the world shard, they have no intent on letting it trample over everybody in their attempts to get at it.

Shortly after her assault, she trots over to her Sisters in order to check on them. She can't do any epic hopping just yet. She gets the two up and Ami scatters to duck behind somewhere a bit more safer if she can find it. Omi simply gets ready for round 2.
Maira OW! Maira scampers away from the mammoth, or tries at least. The thing is huge and scary and she's a lion and not exactly use to running on four legs! She ends up punted by the creature, flying forward and scrambling to land on her feet, claws digging into the soil. "Oh dear..." she comments, looking around in time to see Tron get his disc to the face. That probably deserves a healing. She begins to run toward him, tossing her head as way of casting a cure spell.
Stormfall Zia's storm magic rips massive holes into the chaos of the battlefield. The heartless hyenas scatter in droves, then slam into the earth. "Hey. It's raining males." Banzai points out from his sheltered cave. Shenzai swats at him, putting a paw in front of their face. "..hallelujah."

The front spears lodge deeply and soundly, but the spears that Evja lunges down at the neck vertebrae appear to be not quite as strong as the ancient bone. Several shadow hyenas cackle at Evja, snapping at the rabbits legs, yellow eyes glaring as they attempt to chase him off.

Angantyr shatters the right leg of the ancient mammoth, the cracks resonating all the way up and causing the entire construct to sway a moment as it misplaces a step on that fractured foot and the entire construct starts to fall with anyone else beneath it or around it in somewhat of a fix.

In this collapsed state, it still rumbles softly with an echoing hollow noise like an elephant trumpeting as if heard from far away. The heartless in roaming pack step up their offensive while the actual hyenas continue to huddle in their caves, harrassing and harrying with big grins and glowing yellow eyes.

THeir numbers are thinned by Sora, who dives into a pack of heartless that evaporate like mist as the keyblade stuns them in place where they stand stupified. "Hey! Don't just --" Shenzai bellows from the cave, then sighs as another group gets evaporated.

"I think we're going to have to be more picky about our choice in meals." Banzai groans. "Can't we have just one or two-- that mouse? The cub? --Come on.. a little cub sandwich?" Shenzai pushes him towards the entrance. "Yeah, then go and get them." PANG! TRON's disc strikes their shelter, drawing massive sparks and illuminating their huddled forms for a second, causing them to yelp. "Eeeeh.. no." "Thought not."

They huddle away from Tifa, who pummels and bites and claws several more hyena heartless into submission. Meanwhile, there is treasure to be found! In the gigantic eyesocket is a large fist sized lump of yellowish gold crystal.. and a /very/ big shadow hyena guarding it. The heartless snarls at Ping, lunging for her throat as she pokes around. TRON continues to tear and bite at the bones which have the flavor and consistency of ancient dust, splinters flying everywhere.

So while a rain of light arrows and spears and swords of power rain from the skies from Faruja's mousey wrath, the hyenas cower in their caves and the heartless explode in droves, only to be replaced with more that come from geysers or seep up from the earth.

A giant snake explodes from the turf, dragging the entire mamoth construct back and down into the craggy and battle scarred earth, it's splintered limbs flialing and trunk thrashing as it attempts with the futility of the doomed to escape the chasm. Emi unleashes that crashing wave but it seems to break over the ancient undead without effect as it's thrashings and flailing to pull itself free do not intensify or slow.

Although the heartless are not so lucky, and any that are caught in the wave explode almost instantly in plumes of vapor much like the rumbling geysers. Many of which are now much more attack and spewing large quantities of smoke and sulpherous steam into the air.

As the vents open and spew their contents, the shadow hyenas take the offensive while the elephant is downed, attacking in small packs and larger swarms.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is caught by the smoke and Sulpher, causing him to gag and choke...he doesn't have hands to cover and protect his face...which causes him to be caught off guard by The hyena's as they come clawing at him. He swings anyway, catching one unlucky one, before he is caught by two more...but Angantyr is fierce, if nothing else, and throws the two heartless off, even as they take small chunks out of him. His eyes narrow...oh he isn't done yet.

His eyes become even more red for a brief moment. Darkness channels around him, proving himself to be a font of the dark magic once more as he brings the mace down... The dark energy having a focusing point...and after a few moments...

The mace swings, as the Hyena's did not properly attack him enough in time. The mace aims to strike the ground itself, creating an EXPLOSION of dark energy that rips through the entire battlefiled, aiming to call to the darkness already out there. And completely consume it, The battlefield shakes from the sheer power of Angantyr's attack, causing a minor tremor before it subsides.
Avira Backed away, Avira's fortunately well out of range when a rift opens beneath the zombie mammoth and allows a familiar serpent to burst forth and attack their prey. Normally Avira would be pretty pleased to see this, but for some reason, her heart aches just a little to watch. Keeping her shoulders dipped and her legs crouched, she sidles backwards so she's well out of the way. Attacking the mammoth was likely not the best course of action for her.

More importantly, this fight did not seem like a good fight for her. She's cornered, away from the others, by a group of shadow hyenas. Isolated, she cannot even make it over to help poor Maira. A growl escapes her and a vicious scuffle of close combat ensues between Avira and her attackers. She tries to fight them off, but it's mostly ineffective and one of the hyenas manages to get its jaws around her throat.

At that moment Avira absolutely loses it, dropping the Spine and thrashing free. She doesn't even bother with her weapon, snapping back with her teeth like a rabid dog.
Maira The next attack from the giant mammoth sends her reeling, quite literally, and when she hits the ground this time, she does not land on her feet, laying on her side and clearly unconscious.
Sora "Oh, why is it always ..." Sora immediately is ambushed, but with a burst of speed, he launches himself into the air, diving over their heads as he neatly lands on the other side, mauled only by a couple of stragglers. However, he doesn't let this stop him.

Sora is a unstoppable juggerknob. Juggernaut.

There is a moment as red energy swirls around him, before Sora charges into a group of them, small meteors striking as he whirls around, the keychain on the end of his keyblade flying through the air as he does so. He's doing the best he can - he has to protect his friends here!

... well, at least those he knows, and then their friends too!
Evja Suddenly, setupon by Hyenas!
Even Shadow Hyena's were enough to grab the rabbit by the back leg and toss him off of the Elephant Graveyard come to live. Smacking against the wall, he finally rights himself just in time to see some of his companions looking rather haggard. "I have her!" Evja shouts before launching straight towards the fallen Maira, and despite not being as large as a lion, somehow managing to slip under her and start jumping up the craggy walls of the place to try and get her out of the range of the snapping jaws and stamping mammoth.
TRON TRON slashes and gnaws at the neckbone, but really only gets the taste of ancient fossilied bone stuck in his mouth with little to show for it. Clearly, it won't be /that/ easy.

A wave of Shadow Hyenas barrels into him, knocking the silver leopard off of the mammoth even as it gets pulled back down to the ground. He also gets caught in one of those sulfuric vents, to boot--and that hurts! He fights off that wave the best he can, his returning Disc giving him a breather as he catches it with his tail this time.

What, you've never seen a plate being spun on a stick? Yeah, same idea here.

He focuses on the undead monstrosity's skull this time, sending his Disc flying towards the weakened neck-bones with a sharp flick of his tail. He lunges towards one of the mammoth's eye-sockets, aiming to tear apart any Heartless within the best he can, hopefully giving Ping a chance to retrieve the shard without interference.
Emi Dennou Emi grins faintly as Zia uses her ASSIST to do some serious damage. Looks like it's going to be down soon even if her own assault was not so great. Overall: Worth it. Less worth it is when the small packs swarm into her crew. Being 'hyenas' themselves, they're in a disadvantage when fighting a larger group, at least in melee. Omi is clobbered back again--Ami at least manages to avoid the swarm through the power of hiding--she just can't fight animals--and Emi is also clawed across her side.

"Ami...Omi..." Emi wheezes. "Teamwork..." The weaponized form of friendship. She straightens herself up and rests a paw on the ground. The three Dennous unleash electricity from their bodies, each line meeting up in the center culminating in an upward surge of electrical force.

"Ping'll get the shard any minute. ... I hope he doesn't swallow it, The Network realizes a possible flaw in their plan."
Ping To Ping, the hollow eye socket is like a cave, a dark and foreboding cave. Jumping down from the orbit of the eye-socket, the brave Crane ventures inside only to find it inhabited by a spookey, snarling hyena. The creature rips open a huge gash in Ping's wing, the crimson blood staining his perfectly white wings. Ping retaliates, lashing out at the hyena with his sword-like beak, which the creature deftly dodges.

The two stand off, circling one another in that tiny cave. Ping brings his wings together and closes his eyes. "Ancestors..."

"Ping, this is not a good look for you." Mushu comments despite the danger of the situation, having appeared out of hiding behind Ping.

"Mushu, I'm in the middle of something, here..." Ping responds.

"I know! Look out, that thing wants some chicken wings!"

Ping rises up, wings spread high at his sides and one leg lifted up and bent. The Crane Stance.

"He's gonna sweep the leg, Ping!" Mushu calls out with a warning.

As the hyena shoots in for the kill, Ping unleashes the ultime 80's martial arts move, striking the hyena square in the chin and dropping him like a sack of potatoes.

Mushu shoots in to retrieve the shard and deliver it to the Karate Crane.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart finishes up cleaning the rest of the hyenas, apparently scaring lots of them off as she bares fangs. She growls, most of them falling under the attacks. She can't kick but she can apparently move pretty fast like this at least.

She jumps up on top of a rock when most of them are defeated, looking down from her perch to get a better view of what's left. "Did we get all of them you think? There must be more hiding closeby, stay on your toes."
Stormfall The explosions of dark energy rips through the battlefield. The ancient mammoth is caught in the blast and the darkness within it explodes outwards, causing a storm of shards to rocket out in every direction as chunks of it explode with the skull thumping down onto the ground with a tremor and a splat,

Avira's vicious attacks drive off the Heartless, which begin to thin in force concentration under the torrential assault of the heroes. The small meteors raining from the sky seem to be the absolute last straw for the hyenas, who flee so far back into their cave systems as to disappear from the battlefield with an assemblage of whimpers, yelps and the sound of planitive insane giggling coming from deep in the smoking mountains.

Meanwhile TRON provides heroic support from the other eyesocket, the creature flailing and thrashing but relatively pinned down. It focuses on Ping-- LUNGING.. and be soundly thomped in the head and exploding into mist. The 80's action movie has triumphed and it is dispatched quickly and without further fanfare. (Or several relatively decent sequels). The shard is now in the possession of the heroes.

The Emi Teamwork Power Force Surge of energy races across the field, surging upwards and forwards and always twirling as it explodes heartless. Only a few continue to lurk across the surface of the now quiet battlefield. They slink away as best they can-- and the field, and the prize, is left to the victors. The echoing eerie laugh of the hyenas shakes from canyons and geysers that stream ever more smoke into the air.

Perhaps it was not the wisest thing in the world to linger here even in the aftermath.. Not so sneaky surprise attacks are the forte of the cowardly.
Sora Sora lifts his head as it all dissipates, the Kingdom Key disappearing as he lets off a rather impressive roar, not one of anger, but one of the final challenge that comes when Sora has honestly enjoyed a good challenge. That done, he trots around slightly, looking at the crew. "We should get out of here. Now, and fast." He suggests.
Avira Avira limps over and picks up the Spine, then limps over to Maira's prone form. "We should get out of here. Someone grabbed that shiny thing in the mammoth's socket, right?" She nudges Maira, then whines, realizing that she can't even 'carry' her like this.

Angantyr Vespar Angantyr throws the weapon back on his back, and lands near Maira.

He looks towards Evja, and doesn't even flinch, grabbing Maria in his mouth, aiming to flip her onto his back with a simple motion. "I got this." he tells her.

"I second the motion, kid. We got what we're here for, and honestly? This place reeks of /cowardace/." he says pointedly towards the caves. That's right, Hyeena's. He can smell your fear. He nods to Avira, "I got this."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't have thumbs either, so she shares Avira's pain there -.- But she does have mean claws. She pads over to the rest, agreeing totally "Let's move. We can come back later. Right now, I kinda want to get my legs back." She spent years toning them after all ;_;
Emi Dennou "We'll depart once Ping gets the shard." Emi says. "There is no point to leave before we get it out." She looks up and over to Ping--having missed Mushu's work in the chaos but then glances over to see if he got it yet or not!
Ping Ping scoops the shard out of the little dragon's hands with his beak and shoots back into the air with his prize. As the fortress of mammoth bone crumbles and collapses behind him, he soars into the air and looks down at the people on the ground. Hopefully everyone is safe and accounted for. He knows exactly where to go, who to go to that will know what to do with this thing.

Ping looks for Emi and the Dennous and when he spots them, he spirals in a quick corkscrew to the ground, skidding in on the heels of his talons. He drops the shard at Emi's feet and gasps.

"I found this in the eye." Ping prods at it with a talon, "I know you'll know what to do with it!"

He sees that the Dennous are injured and seemingly exhausted. Concerned, he hops around each of them, hoping to make sure none of their injuries are too serious. Should any hyenas get any ideas about setting upon the Dennous, Ping is the man who will fight for their honor. He'll be the hero that they're dreaming of.
Angantyr Vespar "Nice work, Ping. A true warrior." Angantyr says, he's pretty much got Ang's respect, and that's a hard sell right there.
Evja "..."
Evja watches as Angantyr manages to get up to where he was then looks towards Maira as she's carried so simply. "...suit yourself." No reason to fight over carrying someone after all, if she's actually gonna get carried. That simply left him to hop down and see if anyone else appeared to be too badly injured.
TRON TRON leaps out of the skull as it crumbles behind himself and Ping. He takes a moment to find his Disc within all the fossilized bone and puts it back in its proper place at the back of his neck. Definitely can't leave /that/ behind.

He silently bounds over to rejoin the rest of the group as the glow in his eyes and rosettes fades. He's quite eager to get out of here, at this point.
Emi Dennou Ami seems more or less okay, Omi and Emi have taken some serious damage, they're both bleeding from the head and Omi is even limping on one of her paws. Despite this, they aren't crying out in pain or whimpering or complaining about their injuries, they're just doing what they can to minimize the pain wtihout fuss. Emi ducks down and picks up the shard as it's offered to her.

"I knew you could do it." She tells Ping, smiling genuinely, it even lasts more than a few moments. "Thank you, Ping." She bows her head. "We'll thank you properly once we're out of here." It will probably involve the mighty weapon known as 'hug'.

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