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(2013-02-10 - 2013-02-10)
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Emi Dennou The Cloud Nine isn't especially busy today, but Emi of Legion has come down to the first floor and is buying, for the second time, a sea salt ice cream for herself. She is starting to worry it's getting to be an addiction. This will be the last one for a while, she tells herself, okay maybe for a week? Yeah, last one of the week. Today. Hour? Okay she'll figure out that part later, as long as she only gets one for the moment. She puts in some money and draws out a bar, sitting down in one of the corners--she is hoping to take some time to think about her various investigations and to keep tab on her finances, even going so far as to take a scrap of paper with some numbers on it and add some more numbers onto it, subtracting and adding. It's a bit of work.
Emi Dennou Emi works on her numbers for a bit before pausing and looking over towards Ping--whom she has just now noticed. She looks down and notices...pins? She vaguely recalls seeing such things before. Maybe she could ask Ping about them. Tin pins would be excellent use for electromagnetic assault, if nothing else, and it's game she'd probably be fair at cheating at too for that matter, though she better not--Max would probably get upset--it's hard to be sure when it's okay to cheat and when you have to play fair for the moment.

She stands herself up after finishing some addition and approaches Ping.

"Ping..? Do you have a moment, The Network inquires having intended to speak with you for some time (not so secretly)?"
Emi Dennou "Yes, this one believes the first time was on that Shinra boat, then we also met later when we retrieved that world shard, The Network summarizes as she warns of the dangers of eating ice cream too quickly belatedly." She has not of course informed Ping of the dangers of drinking a cold slushie too quickly and may be assuming the warrior knows all about it already.

"We actually live in the top two floors of this building." She points upward. "The Network is a member of the Twilight Detective Agency and resides above this pub." She lowers her hand. "...So it may be assumed it's a bit strange we did not meet her earlier as it would have been considerably more likely, The Network supposes it is a matter of timing." She nods slowly, her eyes remainning blank but a small smile playing on her lips. "This one is Emi, wearing pigtails for ease of identification. Pleased to meet you in appropriate circumstances."
Ping Ping opens his eyes wide at the explanations, warnings, and summaries delivered by the matter-of-fact girl. He wouldn't have expected such a vocabulary from someone appearing so young. What is clear, however, is that this Emi understands a lot of things about this world and worlds, which is a stark contrast to Ping's own understanding.

He rubs at his temple lightly, as the memory of that freeze lingers, "Thank you, Emi. I'm Ping..." His voice drops in volume a little, "but of course you already knew that... I met someone else from this detective agency." He pats his armor, looking for something, and when his hand reaches his sash there is a cricket there holding up a business card. Pings fingers touch against it and he smiles, "Ahh, here it is." The cricket bounds back into hiding. "A Mr. Mercade?"

"Anyhow, it's good that we meet. I have a feeling we're going to be bumping into each other again in the future... and you seem to at least have an idea about what's going on."
Ping Ping is already relaxing at the bar, enjoying one of these sea-salt ice cream bars that seems to be such a fad, recently. Instead of doing useful things like balancing his check book or reviewing mysterious evidence, Ping is sorting a few of his Tin Pin Slammers, as if mulling over a potential trade.
Ping Ping has got a mouthful of ice cream when Emi approaches and his eyebrows lift at her greeting. He hurries to gulp down his mouthful, "Oh yes, of course!" Then his eyes cross for a moment as he experiences a Brain Freeze from eating the ice cream too fast.

Ping looks up at Emi with one eye closed as he waits for the moment of pain to pass and returns to normal. "Yes, of course. Please. It seems like we've been running into each other in the strangest places." He remembers hearing her name called out during the altercation with the bandits. "It's Emi, right? Or Umi? Or Omi?" He blushes, "Sorry if I'm not pronouncing it right..."
Emi Dennou "His first name is Mercade--so typically it would be 'Mr. Alexander'. I imagine he is just fine with Mercade, however, The Network could have probably just started with that point." Emi certainly has a roundabout way of getting to the point, trying to be both indirect and direct at the same time. Emi looks 15--maybe 16--but in truth is younger than that...and yet acts older than her actual age? So it's a bit of a ping pong situation when it comes to her respective 'ages'.

Nevertheless, she takes a bite into her ice cream as Ping fenagles with the card. She couldn't resist any longer. She should have never tried it.

"That seems likely." She realizes she's getting distracted from the real purpose of her visitation--well okay the other purpose of her visitation--and that is to ask about Tin Pin. "Perhaps next misadventure we can work in a more coordinated manner." She smiles briefly and adds, "Those are...Tin Pins, correct? Could you tell me a little bit about them?"
Ping Ping nods his head as Emi speaks, completely at a loss of what to make of her. There are many curious people in this little town and he has been so overwhelmed by all the amazing diversity. He does smile broadly at the question of Tin Pin, thankful for a topic he has some understanding about.

"That's right, they're called Tin Pins. They're these little collectable pins that have all this beautiful art on them. One of the brands, "Dragon Couture," really reminds me of home... so I've been collecting them. There is a game you can play with them, too, knocking them around like marbles. It's a... light-hearted distraction from all the tragedies taking place all around..." He takes a deep breath and lets out a soft sigh.
Emi Dennou Emi places a hand on Ping's shoulder. "There will always be tragedy." She tells him. "Don't let them bog you down too much, The Network advises. You may have just helped save a world from Darkness, after all, and have likely saved more people than you even know. It is something to be proud of, The Network imagines recklessly."

She smiles. "Not that distractions are an inappropriate method to dealing with troubles, however." The Network knows a fair bit about tragedy and maybe their way of dealing with it is to focus on the positive. "Do you have any extras? We can pay some money for them, if that is desired. The Network is interested in learning how to play this game and collecting them." She pauses and then adds, "Well, really, this one is having something of a hoarding vice in her nature."

She shakes her head. "There will likely be a venture to that shard, soon, would you like to accompany us as well?"
Ping Ping lifts his head and smiles gently at the touch on his shoulder, looking up at the young girl. It is a strange feeling, such a young person offering such wisdom. Still, there is comfort in that wisdom and he nods his head.

He rises and takes up the sword leaning against the bar and tucks it in at his side. At his other side, there is a small little cricket, wiping his eyes, emotional from the touching pep-talk.

"Let's go. They may need us."
Emi Dennou Emi nods to the cricket quietly before murmuring to him. "Sorry if you can talk and have just been keeping quiet." It doesn't pay to assume that a cricket can't speak. "Nice to meet you too, The Network apologizes for the belated proper introduction."

Ping's a nice fellah, she thinks, but this time--yes, Omi would be a good option for this next adventure. She sends a mental call out and then adds, "Certainly, a Sister will meet us there. We can talk more later."


Yeah maybe Omi wasn't the best choice. (It's the best choice for me ka ha ha ha)
Ping Ping trusts that Emi and Tifa know what they're doing. He's just along for the ride, so to speak. All this talk of shards and world shards doesn't make a lick of sense to him at all. With no clue what to expect, here, he keeps mostly quiet, so as not to reveal his ignorance on the topic.

Ok, he's going to reveal his ignorance on the topic. "What is a world shard and what is it that we expect to happen, here?"
Ping Ping smiles, seeing Avira, nearby. "Oh no, he didn't die. He was changed back into a man after his couldron was broke. I suppose he's in the magistrate's custody, now."

He walks in next to her as the rest of the folks discuss new worlds and shards of worlds. Hearing Emi's description of possible events, his eyebrows rise up.

"A whole other world?"
Ping Ping turns to speak to his horse, petting his ears, "Stay here." The large horse rears up, shaking its head in rebellion and alarm. Ping draws on the reins and whispers soothingly to the concerned beast. "I'll be careful." He gets a bundle of oats down from the horses back and lays them open on the ground. Seeing his old friend satisfied, he looks into this swirl of light and follows after Tifa.

She's a strong female role-model, someone that Ping certainly looks up to. If Tifa can do it, he's got to try, too. He takes a deep breath, his cheeks filling out, and holds it. He steps forward, trips on a rock, and goes tumbling through the portal into another world. "Aeeeiiii!"

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