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(2013-02-09 - 2013-02-20)
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Sora Fluorogis has seen some...

Bad things. And some good things! But lately, mostly bad. First, the Shards Seekers HQ gets a little damaged, and the next, a hoarde of cockatrice and a very large Crushatrice nearly destroy the city. (And squish the spikey haired Sora underneath her crush...atriceness.)

Sora does, however, wander around, helping out here and there wehere he can. Rumors of a brown-haired boy with a keyblade are awash, as well... but Sora can't do much to stop -those-. Instead he just works just as hard normally.

Because Sora.
Riku The rumors drew Riku out here. Occasionally they would flare up again over the months but he had paid less and less attention to them as they each proved to be false.

This last batch was done out of no more than a desire to get out to the desert city and wander the semi-familiar streets. The city was a troubled one, with a root to it's problems too deep for any one group of adventurers to root out, but it was still the city of fountains and a pleasant enough place to take a walk.

Riku wanders with a hand behind his head, raking one hand over his hair and digging a piece of jerky from the satchel over his shoulder, taking a bite from the salty meat as he contently meanders with no company but his thoughts.
Sora Not that far ahead of Riku, stora stops to talk to a merchant. Since Huey, Dewey, and Louie haven't set up shop around here yet, he bargains to get a health potion or two, sticking them into his bag o' inventory easily. It's not hard to HEAR Sora...

He never really understood the concept of 'quiet'.

That done, Sora takes off down a nearby alleyway...
Riku Riku has never understood the concept of enjoying a surprise.

He doesn't actually /like/ surprises because you are walking along down an alleyway and something bad always happens. Surprises are usually bad. You accidently kick over a bowl of stew and get chased by Scary Armor the Lesser. %R You fall out of a tree.

You get told by a living suit of armor that-- Thankfully that dark and bitter thought is sheared cleanly off by the power of Sora. How you may ask?

Ah. By the power of Sora colliding at speed with him as they race down a nearby alleyway, shooting the air from his lungs as his brain abruptly locks up before he can even summon a weapon to hand. He thumps backwards onto his hands, blinking several times. Reize?

No. -- Much worse. Hallucination? Possibly. Although it hit pretty hard for a phantom.
Sora "Sora!" Kairi chides. "Hasn't anyone ever taught you to look where you're going?"

Sora and Riku meet up in a unlikely situation, both of them running into each other - Riku being built heavier than Sora's gangly self, he sends the younger boy reeling and back onto his butt on the ground in front of Riku.

"I looked!" He protests, then blinks. Kairi's not here to scold him for that anymore, but there's something much more interesting in front of him. Sora's blue eyes widen.

"No way!"
Riku "No way." Riku responds in kind, eyebrows raising up to nearly his hairline as he tries to vain to place the sudden appearance of Sora into a category he can understand. When he gets down the entire list to (Actual Sora) --the reason is labeled neatly. 'Because Sora' --and is usually enough reason for anyone.

Riku laughs softly but it comes out as a grit teeth growl as the impulse to strangle his younger friend fights with his growing happiness to see them, tinged, right at the back of his mind-- with a little bit of shame, and some guilt-- and most of that completely lost in the conflict between Hug and Throttle. Neither actually wins, in the manner of all light and darkness contests with Riku.

So he just continues to stand there, poleaxed until he starts to laugh very.. very softly. "Sora?"
Sora "Riku?"

Sora seems just as surprised. He's been looking for Riku - and Kairi- for so long, that it was starting to feel like a dream, or something. Maybe they were just memories he made up. Yet, here stands Riku, slightly changed - somewhat, mostly in clothing.


Sora then glomp-hugs him - because in the fight whether to hug or throttle someone, hugging always wins with Sora. Unless it's Kairi. Then it's sheer embarassment.

(Because Sora.)
Riku Yep. It's confirmed. Actual Sora.

Riku gets bowled over again by Sora and the laugher gets knocked out of him. He grabs for Sora, putting an arm around him and attempting to bear down on the young boy's head with knuckles. "You /IDIOT/" he cries in absolute teeth gnashing frustration. "You absolute-- no holds barred, jello-brained excuse for--" Riku shakes his head and loses the train of thought because there is not enough <goosehonk> to shroud the appropriate expletatives.

The relief is so intense it is nearly painful, like an ice cream headache coming on suddenly and all at once. "Okay. Okay-- /now/ you are going to tell me where you have been or I am going to put you through a wall." Riku smirks at Sora. "I might do that anyways."
Sora "What?!" Sora cries, before they grapple for a seconds, Sora flailing around comically as Riku promptly noogies Sora. "You're the idiot, all I did was ..." His voice falters, a frown crossing his face.

"Did was check on the raft! Then a bunch of stuff happened and I ended up in Traverse Town and since then I've been wandering around EVERYWHERE trying to find you and Kairi!"

"And no way are you putting me through a wall." Sora's challenge ability appears! "I'll put you through one first."
Riku "And a bunch of /stuff/ happened." Riku mocks with open scorn, he laughs as he pushes Sora away and allows him to get up. He does so himself. "And a bunch of--" and he can't get through that sentence for the laughing. "Oh man. Right. You can certainly try, Sora. See how far you get." Riku smirks, crossing his arms as he leans on the alleyway wall. "Well. Nevermind I guess. It's not important."

Riku takes in a deep sigh, murmuring. "the raft.." to himself faintly.
Sora "Yeah, the raft..."

"Mom was making dinner, but I saw this big storm come up, so I decided to check up on it and make sure everything was okay. But the islands were... besotted with the shadows." Sora looks uneasily at Riku, now, his brow furrowed.

"I - got a ... keyblade, it's called, and I used that to fight, and then I guess I fell asleep or got knocked unconcious and I woke up in Traverse Town. Since then I've met lots of people, like the Shard Seekers, and their friends, and other people."

"I've been trying to just find you two..."

Sora tilts his head, wrapping his fingers together as he puts his hands behind his head, in an unconcious gesture.
Riku Riku leans against the wall, looking away from Sora at the far wall.

He reached up a hand, kneading the muscles in his neck as the guilt smash him upside the head with a mace.

"Well. One out of two isn't bad I guess.." he smirks lopsidedly at Sora, teasing. "All things considered."
Sora "Yeah, it's not that bad..."

"I mean, I know Kairi can fend for herself, but sheesh! There's so much around here that can really hurt someone, I'm just worried. I mean, I think the last place I saw her was in the Secret Place, before -- door... to the Other Worlds opened, but she sort of blew away in the wind, so..."

"Sometimes I wonder if that was just a hallucination."

Sora shrugs, while for some reason, his hearts hurts just a little more than normal.

"You've not found her yet either though, right?"
Riku "Maybe. You don't keep anything important up there, so a few knocks to the head I can certainly see you surviving."Riku smiles sadly and rubs the bridge of his nose.

"Right-- you met Reize already. I heard something about that. I'm surprised the universe didn't collapse. HAve you already see them or did you just come into town?"

This scene contained 14 poses. The players who were present were: Riku, Sora