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(2013-02-09 - 2013-02-10)
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TRON Upon returning to Traverse Town after helping take down the Bandit King in the Land of Dragons, TRON quickly realizes that he stands out like a sore thumb in his armor. He had delayed buying a new User 'casual' outfit to replace the one CHIEF and his Grid Tank had destroyed, mainly because he was too leery of the Black Guards about.

But, really, it's a rather 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' situation--either he continues walking around announcing the fact he's a Program, or he hides behind (a very good set of) armor that makes him stand out anyways.

So, after making a brief visit to VALKYRI headquarters to drop off his armor and meet back up with Avira, he heads towards District Two. Though not as many stores there as compared to District One, he did see a small clothing store that might have the type of clothing he's looking for. Avira could have more options in mind as well.

He is wearing his black Program unisuit, all circuitry lines offline for the time being. That should help keep attention away, at least for a while.
LANCER What to know who ISN'T being circumspect?

That guy over there.

And somewhere a backup is groaning because LANCER is not paying attention to his surroundings and is engrossed in the pastime of what he has come to term 'shop diving' in which the program randomly wanders into shops along the district streets, looks around curiously for awhile, and usually leaves with another bag full of stuff.

He also happens to be wearing an absolutely obnoxious hawaiian shirt (which may actually be from Hawaii, who knows) that speaks even louder than the armored black bodysuit. The circuity lines are offline for one reason or another. Possibly because LANCER is more than loud enough with his shopping bags full of stuff, cheery demeanor and hawaiian shirt and baggy pants.

He rests the shopping materials on the counter, leaning against it as he peers around the clothing store. Oddly enough he looks somewhat suited to the hunt, and would actually fit into the whole conglomeration if he was anybody other than who he was. As such-- he just sticks out all over the place, and doesn't seem to care all that much either.
Avira Since last night, Avira had been nursing quite a few bruises after fending off the Panda Bandit King. The wounds had been been a small price to pay for the world shard they had discovered in turn. It wasn't one of the Manhattan shards, but it was still a very exciting discovery!

Avira catches up with TRON at the VALKYRI headquarters, following a brief exchange over their linkshell about clothing. She actually seems to be looking forward to this, not only because she won't be the one paying this time, but because it's actually kind of fun dressing up a guy.

Though the circuit patterns on his suit might not be glowing, skin-tight body suits no doubt get quite a few looks. Avira tends to ignore them thanks to her time spent as a mutate, which would also often get stares.
So it had been sometime since anyone had seen the wildcard military program known as CHIEF. Last people saw of him was during the election, where he brought a very big toy to come play. Needless to say this toy was destroyed, he was arrested, and taken back with the Black Guard.

The only person who had an idea of maybe what was going on was TRON, but even then, it had been some time since TRON and MCP had worked together in order to try and fix the loop error in CHIEF.

Though it would seem for the moment the Datapoint Security may have found a means to keep CHIEF in check; yet how long this would work was /hard/ to say. The last attempt only lasted a few days. Maybe this one could last longer?

As LANCER went from store to store, CHIEF was not to far behind. Though he didn't enter the stores. Unlike everyone hiding their circuit lines, CHIEF was not. He just didn't find the point in it really, yet he was doing his normal habit that a particular someone would have smacked him upside the head for. Puffing on his Cigar.

This also served as a great excuse to stay outside while LANCER shopped.

Though it would seem for now the Military Program was actually rather collected. He didn't have his weapons on him, and the only part about him that was different was the red visor that was over his eyes and wrapping around. It pretty much was covering his whole field of vision for whatever the reason.

Sadly he was a known trouble maker, and this was giving him anywhere between dirty looks, to cautious step arounds, and soft whispers. Yeah. He knows what he did, and he still finds these people disgusting; but it was nice to once walk around with out a perhaps twitchy trigger finger.

Not like he had the 'weapons' to actually do any harm, right?
Deelel Deelel has been quite pleased with how things had turned out, Deelel didn't have much in the way of user related clothing. She had her normal outit,her normal unisuit and like a swimsuit thanks to Tifa's help. Otherwise she had nothing and honestly she needed to change that if only to make herself stand out less if she neded to. Also it was an art form, user fashion was an always changing thing where basics? They hadf the fashion talent of a null unit all things considered. She just happened to be out shopping herself. So here she is being all well? trying to just shop as she enters the store unaware of who just might be inside. She makes no effort to hide herself and her circut line tattoos on her exposed arm are always a give away.
TRON TRON ignores the occassional stares the best he can. Sure, it's a little embarrassing to get that kind of attention simply by existing, but what can you do?

Well, he's on his way to get an outfit, so there is that.

"Do you have any ideas in mind, Avira?" He asks as they walk, scanning the windows as they walk. "I only intended to replace the outfit that was destroyed, but I've noticed that humans seem to have specific clothing for specific events. Would that be nessisary?"

As they get closer to the store he had in mind, TRON suddenly stops dead in his tracks in surprise as he stares at a 'person' leaning against the wall. Well, this is unexpected. "CHIEF?" He tilts his head faintly as he walks up to the military Program. "They decided to let you out?" The red visor is noted with a curious glint in his eyes, but he doesn't draw attention to it.

For now, those inside the establishment are not noticed just yet. Though that Hawaiian shirt almost seems to glow in the dark...
LANCER "You're missing out, guy." LANCER teases CHIEF as he passes by the entrance with his load of random and various things tucked in a plastic bag underneath his arm. He sees Deelel and Avira but only glancingly. "I think it's a thing. Nobody has a set 'mode' and so they patchwork something together. Like--- this and, hey, that over-- whoa." LANCER looks chagrined as he spots TRON and then pointedly pretends that he had not. He picks up a pair of high heeled shoes and whistles. "Man. These would /so/ compromise your internal balance center." he thinks about it, and a seriously evil smile stretches across his face.

LANCER actually cackles as he glances towards CHIEF, coughing to clear his throat (ostensibly) and putting the shoes back on the shelf innocently enough.

And yes. They are not only day-glo pinapples. They are also glow in the dark. At no part of the semi-dark, semi-light twilight of Traverse Town will this shirt be NOT loud.
Avira "Well, you know what they say... 'Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man'." Avira smirks, "But for practicality and expense's sake we should probably refrain from decking you out in business suits. A good pair of jeans and a button-down shirt isn't out of the question, though." She looks over at him again, "Maybe with a loose tie. I can't name any formal events you'll have to attend anytime soon so special clothing probably isn't something we'll have to worry about."

TRON stops abruptly, but Avira keeps walking for a few steps before noticing. Then he speaks the name of the nearby individual who is so obviously a Program. Not just any Program, though, "THAT is CHIEF?" Already her hand is sliding to her hip where her weapon remains-yes, even for a shopping trip, Avira takes the Spine with her. Heartless could attack at any time! Woe unto her when the day comes when she's ambushed in the bathtub though.

Then some guy in the loudest of Hawaiian shirts comes strolling out to chat with him. Avira's eyes narrow as she recognizes that this person too has a bodysuit like TRON. His familarity with CHIEF likely meant that he was also a Program.

Deelel's also here. AVIRA IS OUTNUMBERED!
The military program was staring off into the distance, or at least seemed that way as TRON walked over. His eyes were already looking at him as he said his name. Data inquiry detail was overlaying his normal visual parameters. Any attempt on his code base requesting for target lock, was being shoved away by the lack of visual given to even be found.

There was someone there, yet far as his sensors were concerned, there was no one there. It was a very odd perception of reality really.

The sound was the only reason his sensors knew a target was there, but with no visual data to determine with, there was no lock. So far, it seem the visor was working as attended.

"TRON." CHIEF said calmly as he turned his head to look at the other program. The cigar just resting on his lips. Then as LANCER speaks up from inside, which CHIEF can hear him well enough, he just glances in that direction, before moving the cigar to the other side before huffing out a bit of smoke.

"You can try to put her in those, but you know where that heel would be going if you did! Cause I am not glitching doing it!" he then grunts gently. "..I don't even know why your so fascinated by all that fragging pile of wasted resources."

This is about when he notices Deelel and soon realizes as he looks back at TRON that there is a very odd visual not to far behind him. It was the way most users looked to him really. Odd looking. Not really clear, not really anything he could make out well. More data scrambling really to keep him in line.

"..and yes.. they have let me out.. for now." He rumbles softly, before reaching up to pull out the cigar before tapping the ash off to the side. He then looks over to Avira. Staring at her. "Hello User." He say very, very calmly, before placing the cigar back in his mouth and just gives her a wicked smile. Yet, it was a sane wicked smile. It was-- very odd of him.
Deelel Deelel is just looking over some of the clothing she one hears TRON's voice. Next she hears him say CHIEF and that gets a heck of a look on Deelel's face one that will be priceless should someone get an image of it.She then hears whom TRON is talking to and it's CHIEF, how did he get out? He hadn't escaped in all likelyhood so prehaps Well she now shuffles he way over AVIRA and TRON if only out of some urge for safety in numbers, or prehaps she's just being social.

"Greetings programs, and user!"

She's putting on a chipper face but damn it's CHIEF who knows what could happen.
TRON TRON casts a dubious look at LANCER at his antics, who seems slightly familiar despite the User clothing masking exactly why. The look could also be one directed more towards his choice of shirtwear than LANCER himself. One may never know.

"Indeed, though I do not think he is out to cause trouble. Get a breath of fresh air, perhaps." He makes a brief hand-motion to Avira as he speaks, requesting for her to relax. TRON does /not/ want to give CHIEF a reason to act like his old self, finding his relative calm quite refreshing.

He turns his full attention back to CHIEF. "I see. I take it they are treating you well?" He still has misgivings about leaving CHIEF in the MCP's custody, but he really had no choice. Though at the back-and-forth between CHIEF and LANCER, he only tilts his head faintly. 'Her'? To whom would they be referring to?

He cants his gaze to Deelel as she approaches from within the store, offering her a warm smile in greetings. "Ah, Deelel, it's good to see you well. I didn't expect to meet you here as well."
LANCER LANCER makes a gesture of a wide circle, pointing at CHIEF. (Which may or may not be a ZZ top thing. LANCER is like that) "Please proceed to the not decking, ma'am. I hmm--" he turns to point to another area of the store.

"I saw some really wicked jeans over that way.. so uh--I would hate to give you the brush off so quickly after this first meeting, but uh-- don't poke the happy fun ball. How about your name instead?"

He grins charmingly at Avira like a enthusiastic puppy, wincing at CHIEF's response and nodding "Good point. Yeah-- but I was thinking.--umm hmm. hmm hmm. "

And apparantly whatever else he was going to say gets hummed instead of said. He tchs, saying something under his breath with a flicker of temper befure LANCER grins but waves away the idea. "Greetings program! Here. I bequeath to you this hat."

He takes a greenish sunhat off of a rack and offers it to Deelel. This may be a gesture of friendship. It could also be LANCER messing with another basic. The black guard is ALSO very much like that.
Avira CHIEF was someone that Avira knew through sheer reputation. Never having previously actually tangled with the Program, she had seen the aftermath and heard that he was dangerous and crazy. She had also heard of his apprehending at the hands of Sargon. To see him out like this...did it meant he was "fixed?" Or was it part of some plot from the candidate for mayor? Maybe this other program in the Hawaiian shirt was keeping him in line?

CHIEF offers his own explanation. Sounds like he's on probation? Then a random thought occurs to her-hey, CHIEF was smoking. Programs could smoke? "...hello." she says cautiously to the military program, staring him in the eye in spite of that wicked smile of his. Sane or not, that smile of his still gave her the creeps, though she would definitely not give him the satisfaction of knowing that it did.

She sees the motioning from TRON and she lets her hand fall back into a neutral position away from her weapon. "Hello Deelel." Avira offers, tearing her gaze away from CHIEF. "Eheheh, please, just call me Avira." She offers hastily, partially at Deelel and partially at LANCER. Anything to de-emphasize her human condition around the previously insane military program could only help.

She claps her hands together. "So he says this place has jeans-" one arm loops around one of TRON's, ready to tug him into the store, "We should probably check that out."
CHIEF's gaze only meets Deelel again, before he looks where he knows Avira is. Its like his sensors are trying everything in their power to lock onto her. Yet, that wasn't going to happen. The visor wasn't letting him do that, Dave.

He does give LANCER a raised eyebrow as he rambles on about whatever he was rambling on about. Then the hmms. "You gonna spit out that statement or sing-song it?" There may have been a minor playful grin, before he looks back at Avira once more, he breaths in from the cigar, before huffing some to the side. He is acting like he is just /trying/ to see her.

"Avira.." He says slowly, before he bites down on the cigar once more. "Nice name."

He then glances over to TRON. "Well enough considering the circumstances. Though they are not always happy fun times, if you know what I mean."

He then watches as LANCER tries to give Deelel the hat and shakes his head. "Deelel," He says calmly. "This is LANCER. He is a wise-crack and the Datapoint's clown." Yes, he knew what those terms were. Joys of being where he came from.
Deelel Deelel says "I needed to pick up a few things between my suit and one other article of clothing I really needed to expand a little." She's realised sometimes she should blend in better or might need the option to do so then suddenly LANCER is there offering her a hat, it could be friendship, it could be a prank. Prehaps it is both, either way she accepts it and looks the head gear over for a moment. She will even put it on her head and looks about for some sort of mirror to see how it looks upon her.

"Good to see you Avira."

When she's addressed by CHIEF she'll be polite, he is behaving there are no tanks, no explosives about, no need to prevoke the happy fun CHIEF. "Hello to you as well CHIEF."

As LANCER confirmed beyond a doubt to be another basic. Prehaps this is why Avira seems a bit off? She's prehaps unconfotable realising she's the only human in this social grouping? She doesn't voice this but she'll try to put her at ease a least a little more.

"So LANCER? Security job with DPS?" She admittly was suprised to see Black Guard off duty mingling out in human populated areas of the city. Clearly MCP had found some troops who could take the riggors of user space.
TRON TRON gives LANCER another look, this one a bit more piercing, as CHIEF identifies him. Datapoint... that means Black Guard. "It's good to finally place a face to the name." Though his voice is carefully neutral, it's not exactly warm or friendly either. He has his own issues to get through when it comes to Black Guards.

He nods to CHIEF. "Indeed, but at least you are doing better than when we last met. I am... glad for that."

TRON raises an eyebrow at Avira as she loops an arm around his elbow, then he gets tugged towards the store's entrance. "Ah, excuse me. It seems I'm losing track of time." He inclines his head to CHIEF. "Until next we meet, then." And with that, he's pulled into the store proper--though Avira would find he's not resisting her lead at all.
LANCER "Nice to meet you Avira." LANCER says as he tries on a very large snowhat with oversized muffler. "Probably musical. Definitely definitely musical." he grins and rubs the back of his head.

He looks slightly abstracted as if he were thinking of something else, coughing slightly to himself as he tries to focus. "Yes. I work with DPS. We've.. picked up a contract to do security out and about Traverse Town." He nods politely to TRON, smiling with some chagrin as he acknowledges. Hmm-- yep. This is awkward. Oh well.

And which that acknowledgement, seems to completely forget that he cares one way or another. "Hey. That hat is very agreeable with your current arrangement Deelel. ..what were you looking for again?"
Avira This wouldn't feel so awkward being the only non-program here if it weren't for CHIEF being around. At least he seemed stable and not-rampage-y right now. When it came to setting him off again, Avira did not want to be the one responsible! Therefore, distance!

That and there was just something about the way CHIEF was looking at her...or /trying/ to look at her? All that head-waving and squinting. It was really weird. What did programs see when they looked at humans anyway? She'd have to bring this up with TRON later.

She will give TRON that moment to express to CHIEF that he's glad he's doing better before "dragging" him off. Though she quickly realizes that she doesn't have to do much of the dragging. "Is this as awkward for me as it is for you?" she says, keeping her voice low. "What's up with that look you were giving that other guy? The LANCER fellow?"

A little louder: "Hawaiian shirts like that are off the table, TRON, just gonna put that right up front."
CHIEF watches as Avira moves TRON along into the store. This only causes him to move the cigar to the other side. "How sweet." Is all he has to retort to on this before he reaches over to Deelel as she places on the cap and raises up his hand, then bops the ballcap's rim to push it down over her eyes.

He then looks over at LANCER, he was about to retort something, when his mouth opens. Then it closes gently. He wasn't about to finish his thought on this. It probably was something that may get him in trouble.

Though CHIEF does start to look around. He looks around, then his gaze slowly moves upward. He is staring at something far off in the distance. Something that perhaps caught his eye. He then hrms gently before he takes the cigar out of his mouth and then puts it out with a simple rub against his shoulder panel. You think that would /burn/, but it seems that cigar is much part of him as his codex.

He then looks over to LANCER once more. "I also don't think TRON likes you none, though it seems my reputation has yet to be lost on these people." That was actually perhaps the most concerning thought. He has done a ton of damage to this town. He would not put it past a user to take advantage of this situation and seek their revenge on him.

That would /also/ be bad.

Then Avira remarked on LANCER's shirt and he rolled his eyes. Thankfully yes, his eyes were visible behind the red visor shade. Which at least let people know where he may be looking at any given time. "I think she likes your taste in clothing, LANCER. Maybe you should start a modeling business." It was another playful jab. Nothing serious in those words at all which was marked with the laughter. It was actually a /sane/ laugh! Though there was a 'hint' of something wanting out, but it was still suppressed.

He then reaches a arm out and places it around Deelel, grinning at her. "So why don't you join us, hmm? You can give LANCER some company on his little shop runs here and there." He motions glancing over at LANCER. "Who knows, he may feel charitable enough to buy you some stuff."
TRON TRON smirks slightly, though he still looks very disturbed. "Don't worry about that, Avira. My default form is apparently eye-catching enough as it is."

He ducks behind a shelving unit to get himself out of line-of-sight of the doors, as if something had caught his attention. This may or may not pull Avira with him, but it may at least pull his arm free from her grasp. He rests his back against the wall and covers his face with one black-gloved hand, a faint glow emanating from his eyes. Apparently 'awkward' isn't quite the correct term to use, though it's not quite clear if TRON is actually just being defensive or momentarily scared.

"Datapoint Security is what the Black Guards call themselves here in Traverse Town, remember?" He rumbles to Avira, referring to their conversation the last time they went shopping. His voice is even, but there's just a small indication that he's shaken. "LANCER is a Program under the command of Master Control--SARGON."

He seems to recover his wits quickly enough and busies himself looking over the shelves he'd ducked behind. Maybe there /might/ be something here after all. "So." His voice is back to normal volume, conversational with no sign whatsoever of his distress just moments ago. "I take it you have an outfit in mind, Avira?"
LANCER "You wound me, madam!" LANCER calls over his shoulder towards Avira and proceeds to pull up the collar of his egregious offense on common decency and good taste and inspect it casually from the little shell buttons to the sleeves and hem.

He shifts the bag full of stuff to the other hand. "Excuse my friend here. He's insane, and not in the endearing and charming way that I am. He is insane to think that I would not indulge myself in adding a new party to my shop diving group, should you be of a mind. I think it is called 'retail therapy'"

LANCER scans the store, noting Avira and TRON's position.. and their actions from time to time. He frowns slightly, head tilting to one side. He shakes his head, moving across the store to ruffle through ridiculous looking scarves.
Avira "It's okay to wear something like that at the beach, though." Only then does it REALLY hit Avira that fashion is not exactly a thing to Programs. Of course, she should have realized this earlier!

The scarred woman pulls her arm away from TRON as he slips behind a row of shelving. Being as short as she is, she doesn't really need to duck down as much to conceal herself behind the shelves. His own ducking and subsequent glowing draws a frown of concern from Avira. Her eyes widen just a little. "...that's right, you did say that last time." she remembers, "So I guess he's acting like CHIEF's parole officer. he going to cause you any trouble?"

Avira straightens just a little so she can peek over the shelves at LANCER and Deelel. She doesn't duck back down as TRON shifts next to her to pretend to be super interested in the rows of t-shirts behind them. "I did! Jeans, to start with. They're very comfortable, pretty normal. Hard to see glowing things through."

In case TRON ever has to, well, glow for a few seconds.
Deelel Deelel has a sunhat and well prehaps it could be useful, user did seem to take damage from too high levels of sunlight from what she had seen, LANCER also gives her a fairly inteesting answer to her question. "The city has proven to be interesting, from what I have it must be a challenging job." She's being polite making small talk and prehaps trying to get a feel for the Blackguardsman. This is really the first time she's had a chance to ever really /talk/ to one. She watches AVIRA drag TRON off and ponders following the pair in a moment but it would be rude to break off. CHIEF also is being quite calm about /everything/ today it's quite strange.

Suddeny CHEIF does something rather mind breaking to he the next thing she knows she's got an arm about her as she's dragged along wiyh CHIEF she's almost got this quite help me look on her face but it vanishes quickly enough. Someone save her!
CHIEF does indeed keep his arm around Deelel as she doesn't seem to move away, or even fight. She just gets dragged along and oddly enough /this/ time CHIEF actually follows LANCER into the store.

Just /what/ was this about anyhow?

CHIEF snorts at LANCER. "I think you would buy any female program whatever if you could get away with it. How much munny did the MCP give you anyhow?!" Seriously, there was a ton of charging going on in these stores. There had to be a limit right?

Though as he keeps Deelel near he glances over at her, before he looks away. He is kinda glad someone else isn't here or this could look /really/ bad right now. It could be taken the wrong way, couldn't it? Would she even understand that? Yeah, she probably would...

CHIEF snaps his thoughts back together, before he shoves Deelel gently toward LANCER. "I am going to look at something. If you two excuse me." Wait what?

The military program then starts to move around the store on his own. He notes where the users are, what he can make of them and inhales the air deeply. His foot steps were a bit loud on the ground. He really didn't want to be in here, but he had been avoiding testing the system deeply. It was in a this that...

He pauses in step as he glances up, just pausing there before he frowns softly. Yeah, he lost it in a shop like this one. If she didn't.. he could have..

CHIEF shakes his head again, before he walks over to one of the clothing wracks. His finger tracing along the fabrics very softly. He was actually getting a few look from some people as he moved through the store. Once more people giving him a wide berth, whispers being spoken. He was still ignoring them. "LANCER," He calls over to him. "... you been around her longer.. what is her favorite color?" Huh?

As for TRON and Avira, there is some nice distance between them. Nothing to worry about. Nope.
Deelel Deelel is dragged along in CHIEF wild ride? Wait no this is CHIEF's disturbingly tame and calm seeming ride. That might be worse who knows what is going on here as she's hauled along she looks over at CHIEF she's about to say something when she is shocef right into LANCER. AWay she goes a bit suprised confused and now into :ANCER she goes. "erer wait what!? Oh I'm sorry!" She doens't want to get a black guard cheesed with her, right now. It would be a bad thing indeed!
TRON TRON picks up a t-shirt that seems to have long-sleeves and a collar sewn on, as if it is two shirts in one. It's a nice deep-blue shirt with an almost silver collar and long-sleeves, the material not particularly heavy. Not that TRON notices things like that--he'd probably be able to walk around Dalmasca with a parka if he didn't know better. "I hope not, but let's not give him a reason."

TRON ignores LANCER moving around the store and the occasional glances in their direction, though he's keeping tabs on the DPS Program all the same. Kinda hard not to with that shirt, anyways. It's an annoyance, though, because he doesn't want word to reach the MCP about his wardrobe. Walking around incognito as a User was the original intent of having clothing, in his mind.

"Yes, the last pair of pants I owned muffled lights surprisingly well." TRON tucks the shirt under one arm, glancing around to note where everything has been laid out. He ignores CHIEF's presence, classifying him as a non-issue comparatively speaking, but notes the 'her' again.

Poor Deelel, though. There isn't much he can do, though, as neither LANCER nor CHIEF are acutally /doing/ anything. He makes a brief head-cant at her, silently indicating she's welcome to join them if she needs to make a tactical retreat.
LANCER LANCER stops examining the zebra print ribbon scarf he had in his hands,looking up to peer speculatively at Deelel than at CHIEF. "I dunno. Maybe you should ask first."

The blackguard hovers around the store and is about as un-cheesed as it is possible to get as he gently pries her away and steps away to give the basic some space. He holds up his hands in a 'nothing up my sleeves' gesture.

He hmms, looking through the racks of clothing. "Uuh. #527483, I think.. " he waves a hand in a 'I don't know' gesture. "Something like that. Or-- you know. There's always 31312e, but then that goes with anything."
CADUCEUS The sound of a lightcycle humming as a green one seems to pull up, The Bike derezzes infront of the store to reveal CADUCEUS not holding a rod but something smaller, a black little thing with green outlines and glow.
Avira Things like weight and perhaps even temperature didn't seem to effect programs in the real world, Avira had noticed. TRON really could walk around with a set of full plate on...though that would interfere with access to the identity disc on his back, as they had discovered earlier.

"Hmm..." Avira looks at the shirt that TRON's picked up, "That's actually pretty nice too. The high collar...yes, we'll definitely need some things with high collars." It'll at least mask that part of the bodysuit a bit that goes up the back of his neck. "Jeans are some thick material. Well, well-made jeans are."

Conversely, Avira does NOT ignore the CHIEF's presence, noting that he's actually entered the store now. She tries to keep an eye on him subtly, again trying to not give him the satisfaction of him knowing his presence unnerves her.

Avira grabs a similar long-sleeved shirt, though this one is colored red as opposed to blue. "Try this one too. You'll probably want get more than one while we're here today. So you have some back-ups, y'know?" Passing him the shirt, Avira circles around TRON, looking at his legs and waist in a way that would make a human uncomfortable. "Do you remember what your pants size was?"
Deelel Deelel is yest at their mercy for LANCER and CHIEF are doing nothing wrong, she'll try to break away and make a tactical retreat if she has an opening. Right now she does not know what to do but it seems LANCER has a point about a few bits of the cltohing. She's kinda hovering there a bit lost at this point wanting to figure out ho to slink away over to her friends.
CHIEF glances over the cloths before him at LANCER as he gave off the hex color code of what this mystery girl may like. "..Thanks." He rumbles softly, still looking over stuff. He pulls out a dress at first, he looks at it, and then just puts it right back.

His eyes glance over the store, looking. Looking. Looking. He was actually getting a minor headache now, which he head to shake his head. The red visor flickering for a moment. Such a process was probably a bit to close to his own looping code.

Though the sound of the light cycle catches his attention. He glances in that direction to notice CADUCEUS before he pauses and stares for a moment. "...I haven't seen him in awhile." He notices the baton and tilts his head. "..Nor have I seen that since.." he doesn't really finish that thought process.

He then takes notice of it before he catches something else. A piece of jewelry actually. He had seen humans buy these before. Not something a program would have much interest, but users use these as part of their own customs. He wondered if...
CHIEF slowly looks away from it before shaking his head no to himself. That wouldn't do either. Just needed to find something simple. Simple was best.

He keeps walking around, looking. There was almost a moment of urgency in his step for some reason. There had to be /something/ here. A dress would not do. He figured she wasn't the dress type, but what if she was? He scratched the side of his face in thought. That wonderful scruffy sound thanks to that perma-shadow on his face. He grumbles and then just reaches out for one of the dresses. It matched the first color LANCER addressed, it was long, had a slit on the side. She could probably wear her body suit under it easily. No sleeves though. Maybe she would like this? He didn't exactly have much choice.

Soon CHIEF glanced over to spot TRON and Avira once more. There was a grunt, before he raised an eye brow noticeable over the red visor. Just what /was/ she doing around TRON like that anyhow? Some kinda user leg scan trick? He would never understand users.

Then he started to make his way back to LANCER. "Getting her this. She will either punch me.. most likely punch me.. but whatever." He then tosses it toward him with simple ease. He then looks over at Deelel, then back to LANCER.
TRON TRON hesitates briefly at seeing the color, but accepts the shirt despite his misgivings. After all, who would think TRON would be wearing /red/, of all colors? "True. I would hate to go through this all over again."

He stands still, letting Avira circle around him and evaluate him from the waist down. Not that there's much to evaluate, since he isn't human and all. "I... am not sure, unless..." He pauses for a moment, then rattles off a simple set of letters and numbers he had seen in the tag. It does, in fact, sound similar to the format of male jean sizes.

CHIEF's near-frantic pacing and searching around the store gets a concerned glance from the Security Program. It seems CHIEF still has matters under control, but it doesn't alleviate TRON's concerns. Though it seems this 'her' being referred to is someone CHIEF holds dear.

He knows the feeling.

He hears the sound of a lightcycle rolling up and derezzing, briefly canting his gaze that way to identify who had arrived. "Ah, that looks like CADUCEUS. A military medical Program," he clarifies for Avira's benefit, privately glad for the distraction. He doesn't need reminders of what he's lost any more than he already has.
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS walks into the store as he approaches TRON. "TRON. I have something I need to show you, something I have designed." He says as he would bring the baton up for tron to see. "I was tinkering with the rod. I believe I have found a way to make it incredibly more useful.
LANCER "Well. Who can say. Who can say." LANCER turns away to ruffle through clothing, and oh-- it seems since he's not paying attention it would be pretty easy to slip around him towards the other part of the store. He can't be doing that intentionally. Or it might be a trap.

"Yep. And I will archive that file and treasure it always." the blackguard grins, nodding to Deelel in parting before he heads over towards the counter with the giant fluffy snow hat and a long sleeved red polo shirt in tow towards the cash register.

The woman, who had pretty much been following the whole business with the minor fascination of a train wreck, he starts to chat with amiably as he pays for the items.
Avira That shirt's a completely innocent color choice! Avira has no idea of the program colors of the grid. Nor is she particularily thinking of Star Trek at the moment and the dangers of putting anyone in a red shirt in that universe. "Exactly. I wind up going through gear all the time so I always buy extra when I can." TRON may have noticed a few extra shields and breastplates stashed in the VALKYRI basement. Poor Avira's armor gets destroyed all the time.

"That's exactly what I need!" Avira chirps, mentally kicking herself for not just asking him that sooner. "I'll be right back."

Turning away, she looks over at CHIEF just as he seems to be picking out a slinky dress.

Avira doubletakes at this. Wait, what? Why is he looking, so is THAT how they got CHIEF to calm down? They found lady program? (That or they got him to take up an interest in cross-dressing.) Quickly Avira looks away before he catches onto her staring.

"Oh is that who that is? I've seen him a few times before." Avira offers on the subject of CADUCEUS before she heads off elsewhere into the store where all the jeans are kept.
CHIEF will let LANCER handle payment on the dress. He doesn't have any way of handling it anyhow, outside of just, you know, walking out with it and that may get him in trouble. Though he does wonder if any of these users would dare stop him.

With the way they look at him and such. He did another sweep of the area visually. The data came up as always, causing users to seem odd, any signatures past objects, really getting thrown off, and just screwing still with his perception.

He shook his head, resting his hand up to his forehead. He closed his eyes for a moment, inhaling deeply before he spoke up to LANCER, "LANCER. Heading outside. Need air." He really didn't want to screw up the visor like he did the helm; but he did admit being around so many users was starting to really push things.

He knew that. He was sure so did LANCER and their mystery guest somewhere.

He gives a mock salute to Deelel on passing back outside and then rubs his forehead gently as he steps out, taking the cigar and lighting it once more. He then leaned against the store front, puffing on the cigar, and just staring up at the sky. Traverse Town reminded him so much of home sometimes. Just the little things.

He removed the cigar from his lips and huffed out a smoke ring, staring up into it, before he closed his eyes. Grimacing a little to himself on whatever passing thoughts were going through. "Oh well.. at least it was fun for a time..."
Deelel Deelel now becomes aware of CADUCEUS arrival a moment later and thankfully she's not quite so in CHIEF's radar at this point lucky for her she might be able to slip away soon. Meanwhile TRON and Avira are doing their things with the clothing. Maybe she could ask Avira for help once she slipped away. She seems to not want to press on whomever LANCER and CHIEF are talking about. She sees he's on his way and now she has her chance. "There's a few other items I need to look at!" She is however keeping the hat, as why the heck not! She'll slink over heading for Avira and Tron, thankfully while she could make her own sneaking music she choses not to do so. Still just who were CHIEF and LANCER buying for?
TRON TRON lets Avira handle searching for jeans while he resumes looking at shirts--especially turtlenecks and button-up long-sleeved shirts with collars. He trusts Avira to not grab something crazy, like pants with holes in them or chains all over the place. That'd just look silly.

He notes CHIEF retreating to the outside and catalogs it for later. CHIEF has definitely gotten better at not going 'boom', certainly improving drastically since they first met at the Wildkat Cafe a few months ago. He still gets this feeling, though... "Ah, LANCER?" He calls over to the User-clothed Program at the check-out desk, adding a gunmetal grayish-blue turtleneck to the other chosen shirts. "Is CHIEF alright?"

CADUCEUS walks up to him with a rod in hand, though the design is not one he's ever seen before. "Really now?" He regards the rod more closely, almost scanning it to get more data by sight. His voice drops to quiet levels to continue the conversation. "What have you discovered?"
CHIEF outside huffs a bit more from his cigar. Thinking to himself, before he hears someone yell over at him. He cants his gaze in that direction. Trouble it would seem. Angry user. He tsks softly and puts out his cigar. As he starts to move down to head for the alley, he hears another one yell.

"I was wondering when this would start." He muttered to himself, before he started to quick foot it and then burst right into a dead run. Angry mob mentality. Sometimes is when you needed to exit stage right! At least into the nearest alley way and just get out of sight before things got crazy.

At least he had a nice map hud to follow...
LANCER LANCER turns to face TRON and for once the aura of cheerfulness has dimmed considerably. He smiles in somewhat of a grim fashion that lightens, becomes something like guilt, then something like frustration for a few flickering moments in which his eyes glow slightly brighter and the circuits flicker red for a moment.

He takes in a breath and grins at TRON, looking properly chastised for some reason as he looks towards CHIEF and then back at TRON. "He'll be alright." he jerks a thumb back at CHIEF. "We've got to let him out of the box for air sometimes, or he starts to pine. You don't want to see that. Really you don't."

LANCER puts the bag over his shoulder, saluting to TRON. "Catch you later?" he puts so much /irony/ in this tone that the unspoken 'probably not' hangs in the air as he turns with a wave towards Deelel and Avira and leaves the store.
Avira TRON will not be getting a replica of Skoll's pants, no. He's getting regular loose-fitting men's jeans. Their color falls on the darker side of denim without actually being black, perhaps to blend in better with the bodysuit beneath. Avira also grabs a second pair that is black dyed denim, though otherwise an exact duplicate of the first pair.

Deelel would be better off sneaking over to Avira right now since TRON's about to speak up with LANCER. "Got yourself free I see." she murmurs to the media program, peeking up to see CHIEF exiting the building. She can't help but feel a little bit of relief when he does.

The relief is short lived when she hears yelling outside. "...oh dear." she pauses, waiting to hear explosions. But...there's nothing.
Deelel Deelel is now making her way over to TRON, Avira and CADUCEUS she's thankful to have slipped away from CHIEF and LANCER. SO here she is and she seems to quite happy about that. "Yes, I have I was hoping to ask you for some help with some purcahses of my own." Then comes CAD and TRON with a new rod? She pauses looking at the new rod that CAD has made.

"What have you made there CADUCEUS?"
CADUCEUS "I have developed the rod to act as multiple functions now." He says as he pushes a button and then the rod seems to stretch, forming into a staff which he holds out for them to see. He then pushes the rod back to it's baton shape and pushes another button to form a blade of energy at the other end forming a sword. He then retracts the blade, holding the baton and forming grappling claws at the other half and launches it and grabbing the air before coming back and forming a baton again. "So far however I can only design this for myself and still quite experimental." He says calmly
TRON TRON watches LANCER leave without saying another word to the Program, his expression stony. Yelling outside about 'that crazy Program' causes the Security Program to shift his stance faintly, but the only sound that follows from the outside is a lot of running feet. No gunfire, no explosions.

Thank goodness for small favors.

Then CADUCEUS begins his demonstration. The look of amazement on TRON's face is priceless as he watches. He'd never even considered that a single rod could hold data on multiple objects and create them accordingly. "That... Wow." He chuckles softly, rubbing the back of his head with one hand. "CADUCEUS, if that is merely experimental, that is a remarkable start." He certainly couldn't do anything like that.
CADUCEUS "The time spent in the games, modifying my own programming to heal programs as well as users has given me a bit of a tinkering hobby. This is still quite experimental, The device has not been field tested completely yet but it should give me a chance to fight without putting the identity disk in danger.
Deelel Deelel raised an eyebrow surpised at CADUCEUS creation this does catch her intrest as she sees LANCER is gone she does relax a bit herseld but CHIEF may still be around after all. She's clearly nearly suprised at TRON is. "I not seen anything like that CADUCEUS I'm ... impressed."
Avira Avira's still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Tanks. Airstrikes. Whatever happens when the program intends to cause trouble throughout the town. But there's nothing. Gradually, Avira begins to relax again. "...whew."

"Of course, Deelel, what were you looking at?" Avira slings both pairs of jeans over one arm and heads back to pass these to TRON.
TRON TRON takes the jeans from Avira as she passes by, evaluating them and nodding in satisfaction. He nods to her with a smile, letting Deelel take his place on the wardrobe help, and he motions for CADUCEUS to follow him as he heads to a shoe section, grabbing a package of socks on the way by.

"I look forwards to what you'll continue to come up with, CADUCEUS." He seems to relax incrementally as more time passes with no further Black Guard activity. "It would be nice to only need one baton to create whatever tool we would need."

He selects a pair of tennis-shoes and takes a seat to try them on. "So is that all you've been up to lately? Or is there more to tell?"
CADUCEUS "Between that and my duties healing the injured, havent had much time." CADUCEUS says as he looks about. "The sight of the black guards here has made me a little more paranoid then normal and keeping to myself. My apologies for not coming to aid in things."
Deelel Deelel says "Just for some casual clothing tht would let me blend in better here if I needed to." True basics tended to have one outfit and that was it maybe two if they were some type of fashion freak. She'll let the guys wander off to do their thing.
Avira Avira splits off again from Tron to go elsewhere in the store. For this interested in following, she seems to head for the section that has a few men's dress shirts. Far few, thouh, are offered and fater Avira picks over the selection for a few moments, she gives up and leaves the section.

Eventually, she wanders back over to TRON to watch him, mostly out of curiosity.
TRON TRON shakes his head as he finishes lacing up the footwear. "No, I completely understand your concern. I too have become far more cautious than I'd like to admit." He stands up, testing how the shoes feel and how they affect his ability to move. There's nothing especially noteable about the tennis shoes themselves, though.

CADUCEUS would probably notice that TRON has a noticeable fragmented gash in his side. A souvenir from the Bandit King, in truth.

He retakes his seat and slips off his shoes, returning them to their box. "I appreciate any and all help you are able to give, CADUCEUS, no matter how small it seems."
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS would pull his disk out and moves it over TRON's side, green glow beginning to come from the disk as he begins to tend to the security program's gash. "A souvenir?" He asks as he then glances about.
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS would pull his disk out and moves it over TRON's side, green glow beginning to come from the disk as he begins to tend to the security program's gash. "A souvenir?" He asks as he then glances about. "Truth be told TRON I want to help completely."
TRON TRON lifts his arm, letting CADUCEUS scan the gash and initiate the repair protocols without interference. "You could say that, yes. I thought Potions would take care of it, but the healing effect seems to be... randomized... when used on Programs. I had almost forgotten it was there."

He sighs softly, reaching out and placing one hand on CADUCEUS' shoulder. "I know you do, and if you are able to do more I will gladly accept it. But don't marginalize what you are already capable of. Helping those who need it most, giving us better tools, even simply staying informed."

He slings his chosen cluster of clothing over one arm, nudging the box of shoes on top. That seems to be about it? "The fact I know you've got my back is the greatest help of all." He cants his gaze to Avira and Deelel with a lopsided smile, indicating the statement applies to them as well.
CADUCEUS "I wasnt designed for combat but basic military programs are programmed with basic unarmed combat and the years in the games has made me become more capable of combat then most." CADUCEUS says as he heals the gash. "Here in the user world, things are always off for us. still, atleast we are able of functioning out here." He says calmly.
Deelel Deelel is now just wnadering looking for clothes but finds herself wandering back to the other two programs. She frowns for a moment. "I found it can help but our state here has been strange to stay the least." Shr tilts her head. "We're just forunate they work at all honestly. She does indeed catch what Tron's saying with a grin. "It's nice to not be alone in this anymore."
Avira "It's what we do at VALKYRI. Rule number three and all." Avira pipes up with a grin. That grin fades just slightly as she starts to wonder. Did she tell him those rules in the first place back when they agreed to help each other? Avira doesn't think so and upon further reflection, figures he doesn't really need to be told. He already followed them anyway.

Her smile becomes a more gentle one. "I know I'm not a Program but I can help where I can, no?"
TRON TRON chuckles a bit, waiting for the medical Program to finish his work. "Of course, Avira. Without your help, I'd be quite lost myself!" He slowly gets up, doing his best not to undo CADUCEUS' work, as a thoughtful expression crosses his face. "Yes, we've all had to adapt... but thank our Users the last thing any of us are is alone."

He inhales deeply, grabbing a belt from a nearby rack and nodding in satisfaction. Yes, that should be everything now. "I think I'm going to need a storage unit for all this." His brow wrinkles slightly. "What is it called, again? A 'closet'? Or is it a 'dresser'? Ah well."

He also slips two pairs of sunglasses into the pile as he heads for the counter to pay for the items. One he plans to replace the lenses and make into replacement 'glasses'. The other... well, he'll see.
Deelel Deelel says "Your help means a lot, Avira. You can help quite a bit really. Also It's either cloest or dresser. I think one's built into a buildings the design the other's like a small datapacket."

She eyes the shades for a moment and thinks for a moment before turning her attention again to CADUCEUS "If your going to work on things like that we need to get you a work shop of some sort. I know some places that might have hardware even if it s bit...clunky. Cid's is generally a good place. Not the best but he won't try to glitch you on sales."
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS nods a he would just look to Deelel. "I am not a professional engineer and this is more akin to programming then engineering." He says as he would put the baton on his leg. "If you both need me for anything, call me and I will come immediatly."

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