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(2013-02-09 - Now)
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Rosemarie Rosemarie has set up a rather nice shop in District 1. The prime real-estate was, of course, already taken, so she's been relegated to a out-of-the-way corner in the west side of the district. Even so, she's managed to make it work. The store-front is covered with bright, decorative paints that are eye-catching without being disgustingly so. Glowing baubles filled with an unknown alchemical substance dot the front giving it colorful lightning to help contrast the paint. Provided it's not too cold, the door is usually left open during store hours. More welcoming that way.

The inside of the store is equally appealing, if even more cluttered. Various potions, alchemical ingredients, and other knick-kacks line the shelves--all neatly organized and conveniently labelled and sorted by function and price. If you have trouble finding anything there is typically someone--usually Madame Rosemarie herself--tending to customers to help you out.
Faruja Senra The rumors of a shop selling 'miraculous transformations' and 'changes offates' certainly gets the attention of certain members with the Glabados Church. With Faruja being in the area recovering from another battle with the local church's catacombs, it falls to the young nezumi to investigate. Thus, the bandaged ratling strides through District 1 of Traverse Town on his way to the little shop of one 'Mama Rosemarie'. Beside him walks a much taller human, dressed similarly to the burmecian, though wearing bronze rather than golden armor. Once they arrive at the storefront, the pair stop to look it over.

"Well, Ser Senra, 'least it ain't all black and covered in skulls." Quips the squire. Faruja smirks, then flicks his tail to a spot by the entrance.

"Should anything unfortunate transpire, ensure the proprieteress is captured." He whispers to the Squire, who throws a salute. In goes the Burmecian.

Notably, there's no weapons upon the Templar today. In theory, he's here to talk, and wouldn't want to be /too/ threatening. A single red eye gazes along various potions and knickknacks, making a show of scanning the wares.

"Lord bless, and hail to ye!" Faruja will finally call out when either a staff assistant or the elf herself makes her way over.
Rosemarie Rosemarie does much of the shop-work herself. It does, after all, cost money to pay employees and running a shop with familiars has typically been out of the question. And so, when the discint clal of a customer echoes throughout the shop, it's Rose herself who emerges from behind a curtain toward the back of the store.

The (dark) elf is dressed well today--not that this is unusual--in a long, well-tailored dress. She's sporting an assortment of jewelry, most of which is decorative but a few pieces of which seem to have a sort of fantastic sparkle to them. She makes her way over to the counter, her hips swaying a bit as she walks.

"Hail, sir knight," she says, cheerily enough. "What brings you to my humble shop today? Is there somethin' that I can help you with?" Rosemarie smiles widely.
Faruja Senra Turning about, the small ratling stalks his way over after putting down a potion he'd been examining. Fire resistance potion, in fact.

That single red eye appraises the dark elfess, head slightly tilted, before he offers her a bow.

"Indeed so, M'Lady...Rosemary, I presume? Allow me to introduce myself. Temple Knight Faruja Senra of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados. Well met." Straightening, the rat forces himself to not return the rather infectious smile, instead keeping his muzzle as impassive as he can. It might be a losing fight against grandmotherly charm, though.

"I come on behalf of Inquisitor Sarah Diamonde. Unfortunately, she could not come here personally due to other engagements. Are you familiar with the Holy Church, M'Lady? I would inquire about certain aspects of your business if you would spare the time."
Rosemarie "Not terribly, I'm afraid. I'm rather new to the area, sugarplum." Rosemarie curtsies, slightly, when Faruja introduces himself. "Rosemar-ie," she gently corrects, emphasizing the last syllable. "It's a pleasure to make your aquaintance, sir. I hope I've done nothing wrong. What can I help you'ns with?"
Ariel Ariel has seen a very interesting range and assortment of non-human persons on her short stay in Traverse Town. Though she hasn't yet tried to hop a boat to some other world, she's also shown no remorse for leaving her own, really. She got herself some regular clothes, and spent a night at the Hotel just to have a roof over her head, but she had to help in the kitchen to make that happen. They are blessedly used to refugees, and though she had some amusing confusion with certain objects in the kitchen, she's emerged mostly unscathed.

Today she's decided to explore the shopping district of the town. The storefronts, with all their 'gadgets and gizmos' are an irresistable draw for her. She's looking around just a little giddily, trying hold back the urge to just pin her face against the windows.

There is a crab hiding in the bow in her hair.
Faruja Senra 'Sugarplum' has the rat raising a fuzzy brow. That's a new one on him. His muzzle quirks into a half-smile before he turns away to compose himself. When he turns back around to face the woman, he's holding a piece of paper. One of Rosemarie's own fliers!

"Ahh, my apologies. Lady Rosemarie then." The rat corrects himself. A suspicious eye alternatively roams the woman and her somewhat captivating jewelry, and the shop itself.

"No matter. We are servants of the Heavenly Father, Faram, creator of all life and the Holy Prophet Saint Ajora Glabados. 'Tis our divinely given duty to protect the innocent and Faithful from the ravages of the Darkness and Abyssal beings that so seem to infest every corner of the many worlds that remain. As well as to seek out the users of magics drawn from such fell sources." Explains the Templar, pacing lightly as he does so.

Stopping, he turns on his gauntleted toe-claws to face the dark elfess properly. The question of wrongdoing is ignored for now.

"'Miraculous transformations'. 'Changes of fates'. 'Happily ever afters'. Quite the range of services. Do forgive me if I seem a touch suspicious. However, such bespeaks of great power, or some clever ploy on the behalf of an unscrupulous business owners. Such tales of deception touch naught upon Church ears. Bluntly, M'Lady, from whence does thy power come, and to what ends is it employed?"

Outside, the human Squire watches Ariel walking about giddily. Tilting his head, the handsome young knight-to-be calls out. "Miss? alright there?" He's right outside the door to Rosemarie's shop, seemingly guarding the entrance.
Rosemarie Rosemarie does not seem offput by the knight's questions. If anything, she comes across as being happy to answer his questions. That broad smile doesn't go away, at least not yet.

"Well yes, sugarplum," Rosemarie says pleasantly, tapping her ringed fingers on her counter. She leans slightly against it. "There might be a slight bit of hyperbole, but I assure you I've never had a contract fulfilled yet that didn't leave the customer satisfied, I tell you what." Rosemarie pauses briefly, poking at a potion bottle on her counter that's a little out of alignment with the others. She nudges it back into place. "Now as for where it comes from, sug, regrettably I'm not too familiar with y'all's church or y'all's home. I've heard bits and pieces, mind, but the real, meaty detail has escaped me. Do y'all have magic where you come from? There's plenty where I'm from, if you know where to look, and I brought a lot of it with me here."

There's something about the way Rose says 'meaty' that's a little odd. But she's smiling! It's easy to not notice that. "So to really answer your question, it comes from me. I know a good many charms and alchemical recipes to do a great many things--" Rose smiles a little broader, "but all of that isn't all that useful without a little cleverness. That's why I do consultation, too. It really only takes a little bit of magic to do a great many things--the trick is just where to apply it."
Ariel Ariel tilts her head at the knight. Does she seem... not-allright? "Oh, of course, I'm doing fine, thank you!" Rosemarie's shop looks... very intriguing from the outside. She supposes she'll try to go in. She's pretty sure that she can go in, anyway. "Um, if it's all right...?" She walks around the squire and toward the inside.
Faruja Senra The Squire bows. "Of course, Miss." He says, before going back to guarding.
Zeke Zeke hrmed thoughtfully at the goings on, not sure whether he should have spoken sooner but given Faruja's... enthusiasm it seemed like a good idea to try taking attention off the poor lady at the counter. "Well seems t'me that now might be a good time for some educating, or prhaps over a bite to eat somewhere friendlylike yea?" Ariel /might/ recognize the man's gait as someone accustomed to boats and the roll of the ocean. She would most decidedly recognize the smell of sea spray and ocean on him. "S'cuse me love." He moved past the redhead careful as he could. "However I would like a little something for a few fellows that have.... made rather loud and irrifutable claims of passage 'board my ship that sadly have constitutions that disagree with ocean travel." To be blunter than he'd like Zeke was forced to carry a couple inquisitorial minders on ship and neither of 'em were able to keep theri stomachs about 'em.

"Enough doses for about a month I think. How much would htat put me back miss?"
Rosemarie Rosemarie is about to respond to Faruja further when suddenly she's got another customer! She bows courteously and turns her attention to Zeke. "If you'll excuse for a moment, sir knight." Rose smiles pleasantly at Zeke. She doesn't seem to bothered by his swagger, although the reasoning becomes clear as to why.

"Oh," Rose says, "that's necessarily what I /specialize/ in, but I'm certain I can whip something up. That many doses will take me until tomorrow, if that's alright, Mister...?"

Rosemarie starts doing some calculations in her head. After a moment she fishes a scrap of parchment out from under the counter and a quill, scribbling some details onto it. "For a month that should be--about forty-five." She slides the parchment over the counter to show her calculations. There's also a spot for a signature. "That seem fair, sug?"
Ariel Ariel walks into the store, rattling the door a bit. As she does, she catches the smell of ocean, and the gait of a sailor, as a man walks past her. Actually, that man looks like a pirate! She supresses an involuntary shiver when he steps further in. Daddy warned her about pirates. Then again, he also warned her about humans in general, and, so far, they aren't so bad.

Sebastian does not have such a measured reaction. He leaps practically out of his shell, and clatters up onto a shelf of potions to hide. The jump knocks a vial over, and Ariel holds out her hands to catch it. She manages, but looks embarassed as she tries to put it carefully back. "Hey, take it easy," she says, to, apparently, the shelf.
Faruja Senra A pleasant, smiling recipient of the Inquisition's attention, even by a lowly agent like Faruja, is certainly unusual. Then again, the woman's already admitted her ignorance on such matters. By now, he can't help but smile a little bit, more of his usual warmth towards other peeking through.

A small nod is given to Rosemarie, tail swishing as he explains. "Both my homeworld, Gaea, and Ivalice have an ample supply of magic. Indeed, 'tis the Lord's own gift, to heal and combat that which would threaten us and those too weak to defend themselves." That odd way she says meaty earns her a tilt of an ear in pause, before he's back to pacing lightly and explaining.

"Most magics, in formal study, are divided into schools by function; Black Magic, the school of elemental destruction. White Magic, that of healing and protection. Blue Magic, of harnessing the powers of magical beasts. Summon magic, that of calling forth the Lord's servant-spirits, the Espers. To name but a few. I myself know something of White Magery."

Her explaination has the ratling stopping once more. "Artful application of power. That, dear Mage, is something that yet eludes many great people. Indeed, 'twould do myself well to learn more of such subtlety." A smirk and self-depricating chuckle comes to him.

"Yet, I fear I do not fully understand. From within, you say? Mages of my world call upon their inner reserves of power, gifted to them by the Great Father, in order to perform their works. Yours is much the same?" Further questions the ratling.

"Of course, dear Lady. Attend to thy customers."

Ear-perk. It's Zeke! A half-bow to Rosemarie, and then a full one towards Zeke. There's no disguising his warmth here, the young Templar's taken a shining to the merchant captain. "My, my, my! Lord bless you, 'tis as though I am utterly blind this day to not see you there, good Captain! Far too long, Ser." Crossing his chest, he then quiets to let the pair do their transactions, though his ear never ceases tilting towards Rosemarie.

Wince. Ariel handily catches a vial knocked over by the crap. A small chuckle escapes the rat, soon stifled beneath a clawed hand.

"Oh my. Your companion, M'Lady, is quite the energetic one I see." Ariel will receive a crossing motion just as zeke did, the necklace about his chest bearing the symbol he traces. "Temple Knight Faruja Senra of the Holy Church, at your service."
Zeke Zeke tipped his hat to Rosemarie and sat a sheet of paper on the counter. "Ezekiel Fawkes ma'am. If you need anything shipped. Well. Reasonable rates are m'thing." Then and only then did he turn to FAruja and tip his hat. "Sir Faruja. Pleasent tidings I trust." Then he was gone again. Oh and there was a small pile of munny on the counter.
Rosemarie Rosemarie does not seem off-put by this method of doing business. She collects the coin left on the counter and quickly counts through it before wrapping it up with the order and sticking it into a drawer. Her attention quickly goes to her other potential customer.

"Hello there, miss! Something Madame Rosemarie can help you with, darlin'?"
Rosemarie Rosemarie was also careful to listen to Faruja's explanation carefully, nodding as appropriate even despite the interruption of a customer. "It takes a careful touch," she smiles, in regards to the self-depreciating joke. "Yes. From within. Despite how I look, sir knight, I've had many years to put together quite a bit of knowledge with some of my more natural talents."
Ariel Ariel looks at the rat-person quite curiously. But she did overhear what he was saying. She's not as familiar with religion as she is magic, but she doesn't want to pretend ignorance to anything a human is supposed to know. She isn't sure how to make the cross symbol, but it doesn't seem to be a standard human greeting. Maybe it's a standard rat greeting! She tries to mimic it. "Nice to..." She moves her hand wrong, but it's close. " you. I'm Ariel."

Sebastian is trying to hide, but he's shaking a little, and this makes the whole shelf rattle. Crab: located. Ariel looks at the shelf for a second, and then decides to do something defiant. "And that's my friend Sebastian."

Sebastian tucks all the way into his shell.

"He's shy," Ariel says.

She gets out of the way when the pirate walks out. Well, that's good. She wonders if he lives here or not; she can't help but watching carefully as he goes back onto the street.

She looks over at Rosemarie, and looks at her up and down. "Hello! This must be your store, then! So, are you a witch?"

Ariel would not make a very good Inquisitor.
Rosemarie "That's right, sweetheart," Rosemarie says to Ariel, having watched her attempts to match Faruja's greeting. "You and your friend are welcome to browse, though please be careful with merchandise on the shelves. Sometimes they tilt a little bit." She frowns slightly at the witch comment.

"In some places," Rosemarie adds, trying to wipe away any displeasure form her face. "I find it to be a dreadful term. Some people throw it around so awfully! I prefer alchemist. Or enchantress."

Rosemarie considers something for a moment, and as if on cue, there's the distinctive whistle of a tea kettle. "Oh, I've been terribly rude! I didn't even offer you tea. If you'd like some too, Ms. Ariel--or you too, Sebastian. I'll go fetch it." And so, Rose slips further into the shop.
Faruja Senra Zeke gets another bow as the captain walks out. "Do give the crew my regards! 'Tis high time I treat them to a round. Go with Faram, Ser Captain!"

And careful wasn't exactly something Faruja was good at! He so often tends towards the 'break things' end of the spectrum.

Should Ariel allow it, the Burmecian will slowly re-trace the cross for her benefit. She even gets a smile, like some sort of tutor rather than a knight!

"The pleasure is all mine, I assure you, dear Lady Ariel. And that of your stalwart companion as well!" His tail flicks and sways in amusement as he briefly watches the trembling crab.

But, to business! A hand goes to his chest. "Hardly shall I be so rude as to inquire of a Lady her age. I shall simply take thy word for it. Mmm, I am unfamiliar with your species. Natural talent? Mayhap it would be possible for a demonstration of your particular brand of magic? Should it prove...acceptable, 'twould be well within consideration of compensation for thy time. And indeed, should all be above board and free of any Heretical taint, mayhap even see use should your magery prove useful to the Church."

Blink. Faruja simply /stares/ at Ariel as she outright asks the question he's been sent here to investigate. He seems a touch in awe.
Emi Dennou Emi Love Shopping.

Three (3) Dennous have come to the area though one (Emi) seems to be carting around a cart. The cart seems to be advertising SEA SALT ICE CREAM for 60 cents a pop, 50 cents--by the by--if you buy two with their special Valentine's Couple Discount ^_-. So it seems that Emi is less shopping and more sharing, but the other two, one who seems to have bandaged up her face a bit, and the other--recognizable to Faruja as Ami DEnnou--are making their way through the district and end up passing by Rosemarie's Magical Assistance Store. They've been here before, of course, and Emi looks towards it. She's too much of a hard worker to properly abandon her work but she doesnt want to not be involved in the INvestigation Team here. So she steps forward and grabs Umi by the arm and shoves her over to the cart.

"Taking over for the moment. This one is doing detective work with Ami."

"Aye aye..." Bandaged Dennou says before yelling about ice cream.

The other two step inside, looking about. Ami smiles at Faruja and waves a hand over to him only to notice--

--IS THAT A CRAB??? She rushes over, eyes sparkling.
Faruja Senra Earperk. Tea!? That brings a smile to the rat's muzzle. His kind were rather known for their love of the beverage. "Nay, the dear Lady Rosemarie has the right of it. A very /dangerous/ term to bandy about, Lady Ariel. Please, carefully, carefully my dear."

A slow nod. "Well then, alchemy and enchanting, hmm? Very potent. Much good has been done with both. As has there been much evil. Skills that are holy, yet as with anything else, can be turned to Darkness."

Smile! Suddenly, in come the Dennous! With ice cream! The bandaged one gets a frown from the Holy Dragoon. He bows to the pair, Ami in particular getting a smile. "Ahh, Lord bless sweet Ladies Dennou! Fare thyselves well?" While he certainly chuckles as Ami rushes over to the crab, the ratling flicks his tail meaningfully in the bandaged woman's direction outside as he turns to Emi.

"Mayhap my skills may be of service for thy kinswoman?"
Ariel Ariel isn't sure what an alchemist is but is sure she can figure it out later. It's at least some kind of witch, it seems.

She nods as she gets the cross traced at her again by Faruja, and tries to trace it back. She gets it right this time. As Rosemarie steps out, she says, "Tea would be nice - thank you!" This is the second time she's had tea and it seems very good.

She starts looking at all the different potions and objects behind her. A few of them look sort of questionable. She walks by the shelf and stares into a vial.

Suddenly, some big eyes to move into the vial, and blink at her. She jumps back...

But it's just Sebastian, who jumps back when she jumps back. Then, Ami comes in and notices him, which causes him to jump back the other way a bit more violently. Ariel quickly runs up and puts her hand on the shelf, as several more stoppered potions threaten to tumble down. She holds them steady there... then snags Sebastian into her hand. "Oh, knock it off." With her free hand, she waves at Ami. "Hi!"
Faruja Senra Faruja does toss a slight frown back towards the 'kitchen' area of the shop. "Mmm. And what, mayhap, would define witchery in thy world, oh Lady Alchemist?" he mutters.
Emi Dennou Ami quickly moves her hands to help steady those potions alongside Ariel. The last thing they want to do is to damage anything in this shop right now. Or have that nice looking girl be responsible for any damages or, ESPECIALLY, that poor crab be responsible for damages. She slowly lowers her hands once she's sure everything is stable. She looks towards Ariel and nods to her. She bites at her lip briefly before stammering out, "I-is he...your friend?" She looks towards Sebastian, then up to Ariel. "I've only seen pictures of crabs before, The Network explains."

The what now? Well, Emi focuses on Faruja, nodding to him, and says, "mmhmm. The Network simply wished to 'check out' this shop. Window shoppers, you could say." Pause. "...Unless window shoppers is only if you never go inside?" She frowns. "The Network isn't sure, but we are looking not buying, in explanation."
Jack Sparrow
A small window opens in an empty space in one of the shelves, around what looked mysteriously like a piece of ornamental framework. A face appears in it, ill-kept and suspicious. The eyes in it go left, then right, then ahead as they slowly focus on the shop outside.

"Psssst," Captain Jack Sparrow stage-whispers. "Have they gone yet?"

His attention then comes to rest mostly on Ariel despite the presence of Faruja nearby, who one would perhaps think more typically remarkable.
Faruja Senra Faruja seems rather delighted as Ariel gets it right! "Worry not, M'Lady, thrice was it before I properly learned the gesture." Compliments the knight.

Another worried glance back towards the Bandaged Dennou, then the rat focuses again to Emi. "Mmm. I do believe the term may be applied both when one merely peers within, or when one observes without making purchase. Should you and yours require medical attention, do seek me out, hmm?" A pause. "Know you anything of Lady Rosemarie's establishment, mayhap?"

Always good to get a Detective's thoughts on the shop. The rat doesn't seem to notice any faces peering in just yet.
Ariel "That's okay," Ariel says to Ami. "He's mostly--"

She ALMOST SAYS 'only seen pictures of humans.'

Then she remembers, she is totally human! So that would be silly. "...just shy around strangers."

Ariel lifts both hands up to her face, and stares at Sebastian. "Sebastian--"

He shakes his head violently.

"You're going to have to--"

He continues to do that.

"- say hello."

There's a small, silent stare-off.

Then Ariel slumps a little. "Well, nice to meet you, The Network. I'm Ariel!" And then, she hands Sebastian to Ami, which is not the outcome he wanted at all.

Just then... a picture comes to life! She looks over and stares at it. Her blue eyes blink a few confused times at Captain Jack.
Jack Sparrow
Fractionally more of Captain Jack's head presses out of the frame, which mostly means he's probably gotten his head stuck.

His eyes roll around the room again, his mouth showing a sign of some dismay, before he tries to 'psssst' again, asking afterwards, "My dear girl, I hate to intrude but it is a matter of terrible importance. Is there anyone out in that street with a nice bright red coat on, perhaps a hat like a balance scale, hey?"

He continues, on a more general note, "And is that callipygious landlady preparing breakfast? I was told, assured in the most serious terms, that the price included hot breakfast."

He looks back out again, searchingly. Mostly at things, but with brief looks at Emi (puzzled) and Sebastian (accusing; he knows what he did). He seems to be thinking while doing this, but what fruits this thought will bear are not immediately clear.
Emi Dennou The crab is handed off to Ami who is probably the happiest Ami ever though this usually happens when she's given the care of a small animal, usually for a few seconds before they start biting. Ami is not an Elmyra, however, she just seems to have bad luck. Still, she tries to hold Sebastian carefully and 'pet' him on the shell lightly with an index finger.

Emi looks towards Faruja. "You should buy her some ice cream." She looks to ARiel, and then back to Faruja. "It is fifty cents if you use the couples discount."

She smiles faintly and rubs the back of her neck lightly. "As for this establishment, mm, it's a sort of 'wishes come true' establishment. We have met the proprieter, she's a sort of 'elfy grandmother'."

She thinks about that and then--pauses.

Stage whispering?

She looks towards Captain JAck Sparrow. Will he still be there when she looks?!
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou adds something to Sparrow once she spots him, "Hello there, this one is called Emi. We are the Network. Hello, the Network introduces itself (redundantly)."
Jack Sparrow
"A pleasure to meet you," Jack says, eyes focusing with some effort on Emi proper. "Now, my dear imp, could you go and investigate the prospect of some fashion of fast-breaking services, hey? There's a penny in it for you."

(There is no penny)
Emi Dennou "Certainly," Emi interrupts pose order again in order to hold out a hand expectantly.
Ariel Ariel takes this new task with the utmost of seriousness. She walks over to the door, opens it just slightly, and peers out. She doesn't see anyone. She also doesn't know what callipygious means. It sounds great, though.

Meanwhile, Ariel's dutiful behavior has left Sebastian to his own devices in the hands of a totally strange human. Or at least someone who he assumes is a human. He shakes a little when she pets him. But she apparently does not mean harm, so he eventually goes frozen still.

"I think it's okay," says Ariel, looking back at Jack. She also then thinks about the implication of 'wishes come true.' But she already got one wish! Of course, she has another.
Faruja Senra Emi's words finally call attention to one Captain Jack Sparrow for the ratling, who seems to be sticking his head through a window and into a picture frame. Faruja doesn't quite know what to make of this, and so simply peers for a moment before placing a hand to an ear. A few mutterings into his linkshell, and the Squire outside has dutifully reported to him. "My deepest apologies to intrude, however, the good Squire agrees with the Lady's assessment. Ahh...mayhap entering into the shop would be more comfortable for you, unless you desire to avoid the attention of the dear Lady Rosemarie? I shan't imagine a picture frame to be comfortable, Ser."

A smile, and then a nod. "I think I shall do one better, M'Lady." A bow, and he briefly steps out. "Do inform the Lady Rosemarie that I shall return shortly, if you'd be so kind!"

Thus, he steps over to the Bandaged Dennou's cart. "Well met, M'Lady! Mayhap you would allow this humble Templar to buy a touch of your icecream? Five, to be precise. One for thyself. Temple Knight Faruja Senra, M'Lady. One of the Dennou siblings, I presume?" The rat's nice, he'll pay full price, and even give a tip to Bandaged Dennou.
Jack Sparrow
Ariel's words take much of the tension out of the piratical face in the picture-frame. After that, Jack smiles at Faruja. There's a significant amount of gold in it. "Oh, not at all, my dear rat, I've quite /enjoyed/ her attention. It's not her I'm concerned about."

Jack considers the hand offered to him. His head pulls out of the shadowy nook as he vanishes from sight.

An arm in a whiteish sleeve with the signs of some tattoos and scars comes out, and reaches out at awkward, clumsy angles coming nowhere near Emi's offered hand, and finally opts to raise up one finger, before sliding back into the hole. The little door is closed as well, and then there are several wooden THUMPS of varying intensity.

A few seconds later he strolls out, still visibly adjusting his neck with both hands on either side of his head. Periodically his spine pops. "Ahhhh!" Jack says, before sliding one arm before himself and bowing in a courtly manner. "Well, my dear ladies, imps, Welshmen and crabs!"

He pauses, visibly taken out of his introductory demeanor as he frowns to the window. He raises his hands, and makes one reach slightly forwards, wiggling towards Faruja approximately as he slowly frowns at the window. "It's Thursday, isn't it?"
Ariel Ariel isn't sure, about Thursday. "I don't... know," she confesses, one of the few times someone will get that sentence out of her honestly. She overhears Faruja's comment about ice cream, remembering that she has a free one coming also. But this also reminds her that she needs some munny to do much of use in this world. She tries to curtsey at Jack's greeting, because she saw it in a picture once, but it really does look a little clumsy.

Sebastian realized he was also among the greeted, but is not sure why a pirate would greet him. It's certainly suspicious.
Emi Dennou Emi lowers her hand after the mysterious homeless(?) man pulls his hand back. It wasn't exactly a major price of coin that was beingp roffered, but she supposes she shouldn't be surprised. Sighing lightly, she stuffs both her hands in her pocket and says, "Mm."

Ami looks down to Sebastian, then up to Ariel. "This one thinks she's making him nervous, the Network wonders if you want him back?" She doesn't want to make Sebastian FROZEN IN TERORR HE IS FINISHED for that matter.

The bandaged Dennou is pretty much outside. She says, "Certainly, my good friend!" Umi says, gathering up the ice cream. She isn't going to protest getting paid full price, she hands off the ice creams.

"It's Saturday." Emi says.
Faruja Senra Smile. Faruja cradles the ice creams in his arms, leaving one with Umi. "Much obliged! Do give the rest of thy siblings my regards, hmm? And the TDA as well. It pleases me to see you in good health. Lord bless, sweet Lady Dennou." A bow, and then he's off towards the building again, ice creams in hand.

Stepping back in, the Burmecian first offers Emi an ice cream. "Here we are, M'Lady Emi. My treat." Then, he's off to Ami with similar offers of ice cream! "Lady Ami, eat of thy own labors!"

Finally, he returns himself to Ariel and the wayward Pirate Captain. "Lady Ariel, here you are. Quite delicious, or so others would believe." As for that last ice cream?"

A clawed, gauntleted hand offers the final one over to Jack. "Mayhap not the best of meals for fast breaking, however, hardly could I allow a gentleman to go without."
Ariel Ariel takes Sebastian when he is offered. She smiles at Ami, looking a little embarassed. "I think he and I are going to have to talk in private?" This is more a demand for Sebastian than a statement for Ami, but, so it goes. She puts the crab on her shoulder, but not before giving him a cold, glaring look.

Then, ice creams are offered! She takes the confection from Faruja, and examines it for a moment. She touches it, first, gently, with a finger. It's cold! It IS for eating, isn't it? She tries a small nibble.
Rosemarie Rosemarie (finally) slips back out of the kitchen, carefully balancing a tray stacked with teacakes, teacups, a kettle, and a sugarbowl. She bumps the door lightly with her hip (the impact of which seems to be anything but light) and moves back into the storefront. "Oh! There you are, Captain Sparrow. I certainly didn't think these folks quite matched the description you gave me, but I thought it best not to give you away just in case. Glad to see you've decided to join us!" Her attention goes to the Dennous.

"And Ms. Emi! I don't believe I've met your other friend. Is this young lady one of the folks y'all took some food back for? I hope you've been well?"

Rosemarie pauses for a moment. "Well with this many potential customers, maybe it'd be best to move back to the meeting room for a bit so you all can have a seat." She looks back at Jack. "And don't worry hon, you'll get your breakfast in just a bit if you'd like. I hope you're not spoiling it with that wonderful confectionery there."
Jack Sparrow
"Saturday," Jack says with dawning horror. He gives the Emi a slightly apologetic look. "Then I am afraid I may be in arrears, my good imp, and you shall have to put that debt in your ledgers. Never let it be said that -"

He takes an ice cream when offered, giving it a dubious look. After this he puts it in his mouth. Some dribbles onto his whiskers. He bites, winces momentarily, but declares after pulling it back, "Well this isn't terrible, sort of a yoghurt, isn't it. AHEM!"

The smile comes back as does the flourish of the hand. "That Captain Jack Sparrow did not, in time, give full payment of all debts."

When the building rattles mid ice cream bite, Jack turns around, eyes widened in surprise for a moment. After swallowing, he lets out a laugh, stepping forwards with his arms still spread. "My dear Rosemarie! Ha ha! What is this thing anyway?" He stops short to look at it dubiously before waggling it towards the redhaired woman and the Welshman (i.e. Faruja). "Tastes like salt, actually."
Ariel Ariel makes a note of this new pirate's name. Captain Sparrow. He does seem to be a pirate also! But not such a bad person.

She nibbles more on the ice cream.. "It... is a little salty, isn't it?" She's used to salt (from the ocean).

She then decides, since she already asked Rosemarie something bold, she will ask something else bold. "So, you mix potions here. What kind do you sell? Do you need any help?"
Emi Dennou "...Alright." Emi says after a few moments of thought. It's just a penny, but by god--she's going to be keeping her eye open on that. Yes sir. She's going to be asking for that penny till the end of time if need be.

Ami nods to ARiel, going rather quiet at that, but she smiles at ARiel. "Thank you anyway." She says before ducking down a bit and walking over to Faruja to collect her ice cream. She takes in a low breath and then nods at him a few times before finding a nice cupboard to hide behind.

Today was a good day, made more money by stopping in here, she thinks.

"You don't you?" She pauses. "Other friend? The Network inquires for specifics. This one is fine."
Faruja Senra Faruja quirks a brow upon Rosemarie's return. Does this woman know /everyone/? It's rather impressive, actually. He has to flick and move his tail to retain balance, lest the power of the Witch-woman's hip-bump cause him to lose his footing. Hopefully no potions fall!

"Mayhap that would be for the best, M'Lady Rosemarie." Faruja agrees. He discretely wets his muzzle's lips. Tea!

Said Welshman(Welshrat?) can't help but smile a bit towards Jack. What an odd yet charming individual. "Something of a local confection, I do believe. Not quite to my palette however."

"Temple Knight Faruja Senra, of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados, good Captain. Well met." Comes the quick introduction, followed by a bow, to Jack now that names and introductions are in the air. Formal, this one.

There's Faruja's good deed today. Hopefully no one becomes hyper, or breakfasts are spoiled! He'll follow after Rosemarie, should she head on back, holding the door for the various Ladies and gent.
Rosemarie Rosemarie looks over the ice cream as Jack waves it around. "It's a little like a yogurt, hon. It's some kind of mix of cream and milk and some flavoring--I haven't really looked into it because there's something about a 'secret recipe' and 'copyright'." And we all know Scrooge is not a duck to be trifled with when it comes to such things.

"Help? Well, Miss Ariel, I haven't thought about it. Do you have experience with potions? Or maybe you're just trying to get settled here? I'd be glad to help a fellow wanderer."

Rosemarie seems a little perplexed by the Dennous, but pays it no mind. "The one with you today. She's not the same young lady from when you met with us before. I think her name was...Umi? Yes." Rosemarie moves toward the door. "Come along, it'll be more comfortable in here. I actually have chairs for y'all."
Jack Sparrow
Jack regards Faruja for the moment as Rosemarie has some business, it seems, with Ariel; he eats his ice cream during the introduction, before asking with deliberate curiosity, "So you've taken the third degree then?" A shifty glance to the side, but they're all women anyway.

He extends his hand out to deliver a strangely-gripped handshake for a moment, finishing off the ice cream afterwards. "I haven't heard of that saint. Spanish, perhaps? I was in a Spanish convent once."
Ariel "I know a little about potions," Ariel says. She smiles at Rosemarie. "You're a wanderer too! So you came to this world and set up a shop? It's really nice." She's more than happy to wander back and sit, since she was invited. She's almost skipping, holding her ice creme. These days have just been the most exciting days.
Emi Dennou Dennous continue to be Dennous. Ice cream won't change their viewpoints on the universe. Umi stays outside because, well, someone has to sell the ice cream. Ami and Emi remain inside, as ever.

"Mm..." She says after a moment. "Yes, this one is Ami." She nods over to Ami. "The Network clarifies that this one is Emi." She pointsa thumb to herself. "But the other one that previously referred to and unmet is Ami, The Network adds confusingly."

Umi continues to sell popsicles while Emi conducts her investigation. That's sort of the same as having Emi behind the cart. She bites the ice cream that someone else bought for her.

Adorableness is excellent for commercialism.
Faruja Senra The hand is taken, and shaken with a bit of care. Gauntlets and sharp claws can make for bad things, after all! ", Ser?" A tilt of the head, and even a slight blush creeps into his features as he glances at the women. For a moment, he looks utterly mortified, before sighing. "Thankfully, good Captain, such a vow is mostly reserved for certain members of the Priesthood. Suffice it to say, that hardly would my Order be particularly popular nor be as filled with Templaric families were such a requirement." Seems like the two are on /very/ different tracks. His mind springs to a certain Gargess in white, and a blue-and-black wolfess.

"Though mayhap 'twould leave me with far less to worry over in night's embrace."

Faruja's quick to press a holy Ajoran text over to Jack, perhaps a bit forcefully. "I should think not! The Holy Saint's land of birth was in the world of Ivalice. Few seem to be familiar with Saint Ajora. The son of the Lord himself! Though I hear he is known by other names, and...well, there is a rather interesting theological point in this, however I leave such debates to wisened scholars. 'Jesus', I believe is the more well known name?"

A tilt of the head. "Please, take no offense good Captain, however you've not the look of one from a convent about you? May...I inquire as to how that came about?"

Cue door opening rat!

Ear perk. Faruja knows the Dennous, and that explaination starts to give him a headache. Always good for adorable, /and/ confusion, the Network.
Jack Sparrow
When he's offered a tract, Jack takes it and starts flipping through it, placing the ice cream's stick firmly between his teeth for something to do while learning about the love of Ajora. He flips through some pages, momentarily dismayed at an engraving of the hanging - then turning to the next page to get to the tidal waves. "Oh, I know this one," he says.

He tucks the booklet into his hip pocket, before saying with another gold-glinting grin, "You might say it was a sort of... a mercantile relationship, if you savvy, I would bring things and we would make exchanges." A pause. "For things that they couldn't live without, nor get themselves, if you follow me."
Rosemarie Rosemarie does not seem to terribly confused by the Dennou explanation. Perhaps she just hides it well. "Ah, nice to meet you, Ami." Yes, certainly confusing. Then again Rosemarie is guilty of involving herself in a great many strange things. Her attention goes back to Ariel--who seems to be the most interested in Rosemarie's services, or at least the most in need of help.

"Well that's certainly a good start, honey," Rosemarie says with a smile. "The compliment about the shop certainly helps too!" The dark elf laughs, politely, then adds, "Though I think it's a rather humble start. I had to rebuild quite a bit from scratch. I'm really just getting started again. I've been doing this type of business for a while elsewhere."

"So are you new here?" she asks, "you seem to still be getting used to things. It can be a little overwhelmin' sometimes, what with all that's goin' on in these parts."
Ariel Ariel is trying to pretend she understands what is going on with Ami and Emi. Maybe it's a human thing. So she knits her brows, and nods, very seriously. Finally she comes to a conclusion. "Oh, you're sisters! I have sisters too."

Whatever Jack is mentioning about the convent, it's also quite interesting. When she gets into the back room she listens quite intently to this business. She wonders whatever service could that possibly be? (Sebastian has some ideas and all of them are bad.)

Finally she smiles at Rosemarie. "I AM new! I got here just the other night. Though... it seems to be always night, here," she adds with a little sadness, "and I ...miss, seeing the sun." Honestly, she never saw it much. What she means it she would like to see it, but she can't very well say that exactly.
Emi Dennou Emi blinks at Ariel. "Oh--yes..." She smiles at her. "That's correct. You have sisters. There are six of us, The Network explains vaguely. How many sisters do you have?" She pauses. "Are they here?" She looks around and then towards Jack Sparrow. She frowns faintly. He doesn't look like a sister, so he's probably not the sotr of person ARiel is talking about. They don't look related at all. In fact, they are probably so far from being related that they might be anti-siblings.

She rubs the back of her nekc. "Our sisters are... Ami, Emi--that is us--Umi--who is outside--and Imi and Omi, who are nonpresent. We picked names for optimal confusion, The Network jokes."

Are they really joking? It's pretty confusing after all.
Faruja Senra Faruja slowly smiles. "Even men and women of the cloth have their needs. Mayhap, then, dear Captain thy services may have benefitted the Lord's servants well by allowing them to..." No glares or general chiding, the rat at least understanding that much of the pirate. Instead, he pokes about for vocabulary.

"Ease their troubles, that they may better turn their minds and souls to the divine. Coin well earned, no doubt."

With that, he's off towards the back, though the mention of Jack being somewhat familiar with his own religion has him positively /grinning/. "A pious man, I see! Lord bless you, 'tis most refreshing!" And relieving. It's rather hard being almost constantly surrounded by heathens, whether he likes them or not.

The Templar nods towards Ariel. "'Tis most disconcerting, indeed, for night to persist so." Burmecia's eternal rain may have made the place generally darkish, but at least the sun occasionally showed itself in the few times it /didn't/ rain.

As for the good Dennous? Faruja smirks. "I find the names fitting, myself." Easily confused names for women that people can easily confuse their identities!
Jack Sparrow
Jack frowns after Faruja has stepped away, putting together what he was saying, exactly. He gives the nearest stray Dennou a puzzled look. "Wait, do you think he meant that I was -"
Rosemarie "It's a odd little pecularity of this place," Rosemarie nods, sipping her own tea. She puts a downright excessive amount of sugar in it. "Of course, once we've got you settled you can travel around a little bit. There are plenty of other places you can get to from here with much sunnier locales, sweetheart."

Rosemarie's long ears perk up when there's a sudden change in the atmosphere. She sniffs the air a little and frowns. "Excuse me a moment, hon."

"Welcome!" she says to Kaydin, "A friends of yours, sir knight?" she asks the Burmecian. "I typically prefer that customers use the door, but if there's something I can do for you, do let me know."
Ariel "Six," Ariel says, but does not go into details like naming them. It might give away more than she would like. "They are... not here. They're back home in my world," she says, and sounds almost haughty - it doesn't appear that she misses them. She shrugs.

She's finding herself a seat in the offered back room, so she misses Kaydin coming in while she does this. She's still trying to figure out how to sit properly in a skirt (though being a princess it comes somewhat naturally).
Emi Dennou Emi tilts her head. She seems confused by what he is asking about. They're not from Medievaltopia so sometimes Faruja can be a bit hard to understand--as in what he's actually saying when he's sort of dancing around the vocabulary. She glances at Kaydin coming out of a random portal of evil and says, "Please be careful of where you put your portals of evil." Honestly they're in a store full of magic shit.

"OF course," Emi adds. "I left out Shida for the purposes of the joke. She is our last sister."

She thinks baout Jack's question and, after a moment, adds, "Yes, The Network volunteers recklessly and possibly lying but possibly not."

Six sisters. Ariel has SIX sisters? That's one more! Well, if you don't count the dead Dennous. "...You have a big family." She adds, missing the haughtiness perhaps because she seemed so nice before! "Do you have a direct connection to their brains too?"
Jack Sparrow
Jack frowns, he frowns big in fact; this seems to trouble his entire self image, fleetingly. Fortunately for him, fell darkness appears and a man appears in it, sliding forwards into the shop. This presents an adequate distraction.

Jack Sparrow takes the ice cream stick out of his mouth, looking at the back of the moving Kaydin with astonishment. He shares a glance with that nearby Dennou.

He steps forwards, one careful, silent pace. Then another. The shadowy wisps of Kaydin's scarf is reached for, but Jack seems to think better of this, pulling his hand back before coming into contact with such shadowy cloth. Instead he reaches into his pocket... and pulls out that holy tract given to him just now!

He waggles it at Emi, raising his eyebrows knowingly, and then reaches forwards /very/ carefully to, extremely gingerly, prod Kaydin in the shoulder.
Faruja Senra Faruja misses the exchange between Jack and Emi, as his very shadow becomes a portal! Leaping back, claws flexing reflexively, he very nearly bumps into a shelf. Kaydin. Already, the rat is glaring and squeak-snarling. Not that Kaydin's on the 'kill on sight' list, thanks to certain actions, but surprising a zealot is never a good idea.

"/YOU/!" Hi Kadyin. Nice to see you.

Ear-perk. Friend. Friend!? Rosemarie's words just have him snarling all the more. "Perish the thought! Hardly do I claim comraderie with those whom so closely straddle the line of Heresy! What brings you here Dark Kni..."

Any more righteous talk is utterly halted, however, as Jack simply taps Kaydin on the shoulder with the holy book. This leaves him utterly speechless from the display of (to him) utter piety and recklessness. Very nearly does the Burmecian throw a salute to the man. The Captain would make a good Templar, in the rat's estimation.
Faruja Senra One might note the increasingly bright light around the Holy Knight. Anyone keen on magic, might notice the lovely burning nature of Faruja's light.
Kaydin "Hi Faruja. Been keeping well?" Kaydin asks as if this was simply a social call and when the mouse goes off on Rosemarie, he chuckles. "Officially he isnt a friend but we tolerate each other enough to work together when we need to." He explains before he looks to the person who tapped his shoulder with the tract and how careful he was being.

"Expecting me to go into a raging explosion of growls and snarls? Thats him." He says, gesturing to the mouse.
Zeke Well as it turned out Zeke wasn't quite done with his business at Rosemarie's. Well he must have had more business there since he was headed back. There was no hurry to his step. No urgency to his pace. Just a man come back to tie up a few things. A man with LOTS of flintlocks draped 'round his neck like jewelry. "Ah miss Rosemarie have ye a minute or five?" Zeke started speaking before having a good look 'round. No the guns weren't obvious unless you knew how to look for concealed weapons, but then agai na bundle of guns even under a coat is a hard thing ot conceal.
Ariel A direct what? Ariel's eyes open wide. "Huh? No..." She squints at Emi. "You have a direct connection to your sister's brains?" That's pretty confusing. Though she does manage, in that moment, to finish her ice cream. She almost looks puzzled that there's a stick left behind, but concludes the stick is not for eating.
Emi Dennou Emi glances to the right. "..." She glances to the left. "..." She looks over to Sebastian and gives him a look over as well. And then she turns to Ami, who is still hiding behind a cupboard. It's a bit busy in here for her right now, the fact that Kaydin THE WORST EVIL IN THE WORLD is present only makes matters worse. She says, "M...aybe." She looks to the floor. "...Six normal sisters..." She lets out a low whistle. That's pretty impressive.

"This one is a d--" Jack is waggling something at her. She looks at it, then up to Jack in alarum, then adds, "Ah..." They aren't very pious, honestly they're surprised Faruja doesn't call them witches after being named after 'Legion'. Again, the power of adorable nature. It costs like 5 points at chargen, it's that powerful.

"We're sorry for the trouble. What was your name again? The Network inquires." She adds, looking back to Ariel. She snaps her fingers once.

Umi, still bandaged, walks right on in and says, "Hello Dark Knight of SUPER EVIL. Would you like to buy some sea salt ice cream? One bar, for one dollar! Quite a deal huh?? The Network is impressed with this mighty offer themselves."

She practically aims to shove the ice cream in Kaydin's hands.
Rosemarie "How curious!" Rosemarie says to the Dennous. That does explain the Network a little bit, she supposes. Unfortunately, she also must suppose that there might be a fight brewing across the shop. She sets her teacup back down on its saucer and steps over toward Kaydin and Faruja, who both seem a little on edge.

"Gentlemen please," Rose says, keeping that kind, sweet tone. "If y'all are going to have a tussle I'm gonna have to ask you to do so outside. I won't have any violence in my shop." Rosemarie folds her hands in front of her. "Otherwise I'd love to have y'all both around here. It's always pleasant to see new customers."

Her attention turns to Zeke. "Speakin' of. May I help you hun? You seem like you're in quite a hurry. I'm sure I can spare a few."
Faruja Senra Oh, Lord help him. The Dark Knight is being /polite/. That seems to infuriate the ratling even further, whom is soon chewing on his gauntlet to get his rage out. It's cathartic.

Siiiigh. When he's done nomming on metal, he finally casts a nod to Kaydin. "The Lord yet allows me to draw breath. Harm hath not befallen you, then, overmuch?" 'Working together' has the Burmecian snorting ill-temperedly. At least he doesn't try to deny it.

Then there's a Dennou trying to sell a dark knight ice cream. Blast it, the rat turns that look of someone witnessing adorable. Yup, the Dennou's power of cute quite simply wards off any mention of her collective name. He figures any Witchery is on the part of the ones who created them, anyway!

A shake of the head, and Rosemarie finally gets the ratling back down to something approaching calm. "Quite, quite. My apologies, M'Lady. This...'gentleman' and I have a somewhat unpleasant history. Worry not, I shan't bring violence into thy home without due cause."
Jack Sparrow
"The thought did occur to me," Jack says after Kaydin does not erupt into holy flame at the touch of the pamphlet. He draws himself upright (and pockets the holy scripture) in one hand as he looks fractionally up to the huge dark knight, saying as he does, "Now now, peace among Welshmen, especially when we are in our lovely hostess's home, hm?"


He looks visibly relieved when Zeke appears. "By all the seven seas, if it isn't Ezekiel Fawkes," he says, before reaching up to clasp a hand on the man's shoulder for a moment and thrust the other out for a handshake. "This is an astonishment and a quarter, I wouldn't say. Here, these Emi Umi Ami imps," he continues, gesturing at the various Dennous... sort of... around, "you should pick them up if you've still a ship. Though perhaps," a canting of the head, "Perhaps you have no Shepherd to guide you, eh??"

He then turns around. "Gentlemen! This is Zeke, I've sailed with him a time or three, and I imagine he's here to see our most gorgeous and adored hostess'shospitality in peace and sanctitude." Faruja seems to be setting down, and so Jack invites himself further inwards, taking a seat on a couch and propping his boots up on a table and leaning backwards, having placed himself near to Rosemarie. "Now how's about that hot breakfast, love?"

Then his eyes rest on Ariel at last. "And you, my fair red-tressed maid, I fear I have been remiss! You did me quite a service, and I," hat goes off, over his heart, "am in your debt, though I fear the repayment may be some time away. May I have the pleasure of your name?"
Kaydin When the icecream is shoved into his hands he takes it and pulls out some coins, putting them into Umi's bandaged hands. The money was Gil and would amount to a dollar. "Thank you." He says as he approaches the ones sitting down. He then offers the icecream to Ariel. "A gift. And as you can tell, no chance to poison it." He says as he offers it to her.
Zeke Zeke peered at the Sisters legion and smiles warmly. "Ahh you lot." His gaze lingered briefly at Umi and tsked soft. "Think I saw one or two of you when Gilgamesh got.... troubled by that mist business. I hope you're recovering from whatever latest misadventure you've run into lass." Soft voice, kind words and a warm tone.

Then Rosemarie spoke. "Aye no lass I apologize for earlier but I just have a nose about the sort of business some of my crew gets into when on shore and... sad to say a few can't hold their drink that well. So they're cooling themselves for the night. Not much more i can do save for make sure they have the worst hangovers ever. Maybe then after a few days of headach and grief they'll remember to lay off." His head shook sadly ashe surveyed the rest of the shop. "As for you lot." Voice grew harsh as he turned his attention to the potential/probable/already happening fight. "Faruja... Sir Knight. One would think you'd be able to mind manners better." His head tilted as a soft chuckle bubbled in his throat. "Speakin of... a word with you perhaps later? I'm havin a bit of trouble with a few ah... mutual aquaintinces of ours that've been causing grief aboard ship. I dunno what your betters teach as proceedure but I'll not hav them tryin to make sport of anythin following my ship unless they're tryin to kill us."

Wait what? Where'd that come from? Zeke slowly approached Faruja. His hands were open and clearly visible. "I'll save specifics fer later but I dunna care what the church says about merfolk. Its their ocean too and-"

Hand Clamp. He turned and just STARED at Sparrow. That face. He... kenw that face.

"Sparrow?" Disbelief was the emotion of the moment. "Ah thought hte sea swallowed you years ago man." He clasped the pirate's shoulder. "Still the same rouge as always. Strange place t'find ye but By the Oceans and all that's in 'em I'm glad t'see ya!" The feeling was genuine. As rougish loutish and foul breathed as Sparrow was... the man had a knack for the outright Impossible an
Kaydin When the icecream is shoved into his hands he takes it and pulls out some coins, putting them into Umi's bandaged hands. The money was Gil and would amount to a dollar. "Thank you." He says as he approaches the ones sitting down. He then offers the icecream to Ariel. "A gift. And as you can tell, no chance to poison it." He says as he offers it to her.

"Not as much as you think. I am a traitor to my country, my country having orders to kill me on sight, everyone assumes I am still in league with them so I am pretty much hunted down by both the great noble heroes of light and the evil villians of Darkness. Other then that, life has been peachy." He says to the mouse.
Ariel Ariel and Sebastian sort of frown in the same exact way. Is six normal sisters so strange? Ariel wonders if she shouldn't have mentioned her sisters to Emi, but surely it couldn't hurt. Don't some humans have sisters too?

Emi asks about her name again. She folds her hands, and starts to politely reply. "It's Ar--"

"Ariel." (Ah-ree-elle) - this voice seems to be coming from her shoulder, where her crab companion is crawling around and points a stern claw at Jack, just because he had the nerve to ask. He at least seems to be getting a little bolder now. "And if the like of you pirates think you'll be taking advantage-" (advahntage) "of the prin--"

And at this point Ariel grabs him around the mouth. Kaydin offers her an ice cream, and she smiles at it. "...Oh, I just HAD one! But thank you. It IS Ariel," she explains again to Jack, holding Sebastian by one hand. "Hm, very nice to meet you."
Zeke Impossible and by the Gods he was just so <gooshonk> Likeable. "My friends, Faruja. Ladies. Legion... this is Jack Sparrow. Rouge of Rouges. Coursair. Pirate. All manner of foul and unmentchenabe thing but whatever else. He is one of the best men of the sea I've had the pleasure of meeting.... and I'd say he's only been branded pirate due ot a wee technicality. A disagreement with the 'lord' Cutler... Same fella that threatened to make me swing if I went thorugh the portal." Babling? Yes. Still. Happy babbling.
Emi Dennou Umi pockets the change and then departs with an index finger raised to Zeke. She comes back with like three sea salt ice creams in her hand. "Would you like another one for a dollar, sir knight?"

She puts the other dollar in change into the bin. She looks over to Zeke and says, "How about you, epic pirate of the seven seas with skill and pizazz and possibly got trounced a bit by Gilgamesh but that's okay, these things happen. The point is, is that we will sell you ice cream."

Emi looks over Umi and nods once.

"--Sixty cents, two for fifty each of course."

Emi's and Ami's eyes widen tremendously as the crab starts talking, this more or less gets all their attention while Umi politely ignores it in favor of selling ice cream. Ice cream, it's wonderful and delicious. You should by them.

"Ah-Ree-Elle..." Emi says. "Your crab friend... just ...talked?" Pause. "...That is interesting." By laws of cartoon logic, Emi doesn't realize that he was about to say 'princess' or 'prinny' or 'prince'. She just makes a ??? expression on her face.

Ami rushes over and looks down at the crab. "I am Ami, hello, what is your name?"

She is in complete wonderment. She's met talking bipedal animals before but not talking crabs. O_O.
Rosemarie Rose's attention moves around the room as it's needed. She nods agreeably as Zeke explains himself, and seems even more pleased that Faruja and Kaydin are actually going to be civil. In fact, there seems to be a little bit of a glimmer in her eyes when he talks about his situation a bit more.

"On the run, then? That's very unfortunate," Rosemarie tsks, "I can only hope that you are undeserving of such a dreadful reputation, sir." Rose moves about a little, straightening some potions on a side shelf. "But of course, if it's not a new story to me, no sir. I've dealt with many a wandering soul, forsaken by his homeland and wrongfully accused. You could say I have a speciality with that sort of contract. Perhaps at a slightly less busy time, if we discuss the nature of your...predicament--I might be able to offer a temporary solution as you work to resolve your problems."

Her attention goes back to the captain. "Oh, right. Sorry hun, let me get something on the cooker."
Faruja Senra And then Zeke lays into him! The rat deserves it, and he has the decency to frown in consideration. "Mayhap my temper gets the better of me." The rat finally admits, bowing /slightly/ towards Kaydin. It's about all he can really do without risking his own neck.

Earperk. "...Making sport, you say?" Scowl! Claws flex again.

"...Quite. We shall indeed. My apologies for any trouble that may have visited you. This shall be sorted /personally/." Oh yes, someone's definitely angry again. Poor Rosemarie's going to have scratches on her floor from the way those toe-claws are moving.

"Merfolk?" Comes the confused voice of the rat, anger somewhat diminished. He's never heard of such things, nor of any Church laws! Definitely worthy of investigation.

"Mmm. A difficult situation indeed. However, mayhap putting thy blade to a proper cause would at least alleviate the concerns of these so-called 'noble heroes of light'." Faruja adds to Kaydin, before glancing to the pair of Captains. Blink. Huh. He manages to miss talking crabs.

"How unfortunate. To be so branded a thief? Know you well, that the Church's arms are open to those wrongly accused, should such become necessary. The Lord forgives all sins." A glance to Zeke. Smile.

"And yourself as well."

Faruja sits, though is certain to pull out chairs for the Dennous should they allow it before seating himself. The exchange from Rosemarie and Kaydin doesn't go unnoticed.

"Tell me, Lady Rosemarie, mayhap a display of thy talents would be in order once the good Captain Sparrow has a meal, hmm?" The Templar reiterates, trying to draw himself back to the purpose of his visit.
Jack Sparrow
Jack gives the crab a long accusing look. Sebastian knows what he did.

He smiles toothsomely again, saying to Ariel with a redonning of his hat, "Indeed, most wonderful. From your friend there, I suppose you're not without sea-legs yourself!"

Heedless of the intense irony of these words, he answers Zeke. "Aye, but it's hardly the first time I've been swallowed, nor the last I've been spat up." His tone gets a bit less jolly, or at least not /just/ jolly, "I don't suppose you've had much news of late, hm? Anything out of Port Royal? Or has the sea taken it back yet?"

He then looks at Kaydin with no particular expression on his face. "So you've gone for a pirate, have you? Or your nearest functional equivalency-ness. I can't blame you in the slightest, my laddo."

He folds his hands behind his head then, though he does aside to Zeke as other people speak up and pass conversation, "I wouldn't mind a display of talents myself, eh, Mr. Fawkes?"
Ariel Ariel is still holding Sebastian around the mouth. So he can't answer Ami very well. Instead, he points to her with one claw, though it's quite forcefully.

"His name's Sebastian," Ariel answers, trying to hold him back. It's not too hard, because of his size.

Ariel looks at Rosemarie. "I hope it's not too forward, but I need a way to make a little munny-" she figured out this was the right word - "because there are some things I need. I heard you can make munny from ...Heartless--" (she is not sure about this yet) "but if there's any way I can help for you please let me know. And the same with you gentlemen--" Here, she looks at the pirates, and though Sebastian is held around by the neck it now appears as if he's having an epileptic crab fit of some sort.

Faruja says 'merfolk,' which makes Ariel start. Wait, who was talking about THAT? Certainly not her. Zeke was, wasn't he? She looks at him again, and then at Jack. "I... yes, I know my way around a boat." She pauses. "But... I should probably see myself out for right now. I think we have a thing to sort out!"
Zeke the crab talking got Zeke's attention. As in it made him stare directly at the poor critter. "Ah hello there." He smiled to the crab. "Seen plenty of you 'round... never one that speaks though. Hm. Kinda makes me regret lunch. Ah well..." Shrug. He'd heard the cut off word and had a guess or five. "Ah... Ariel then." He looked from Crab to Lady and bowed slightly, doffing his cap in the process. "My ship and crew are at your disposal til such time we have ot set sail again. Strange town in dark times and I'm sure you'll want help adjusting." Pause before he turned to Umi. "Icecream sounds quite lovely dear lass." He smiled warm to the legion Lady. "I do hope Gilgamesh is himself again. Fearsome warrior true, but more important to me he's a loveable goof I'd sorely miss if he's lost to us." True enough words. That Oddball was someone he sorely hoped to see again on friendly terms.

He fished out coin and put several large fat gold coins belonging to several nations on the counter. "Given I'd wager Captain Sparrow here is several days broke I'll pay his meal. A favor repaid for kindness shown past." If one considered letting his crew sail away with only half his cargo gone instead of all of it a kindness. "Sadly Cutler has the place under martial law. And this portal nearby... nobody goes in or out without his say so. Fah!" He waved a hand dismissivly. "I don't care what he brands me. I'm from a family of fishers. Everyone that matters knows I'm no pirate. Personally I say the man's finally shown his true colors and is in league with these... Heartless creatures. I dunna have proof of it. Haven't been back since." There was a hitch to his joviality as he remembered the night his ship was put to the torch. "Do plan on making a trip at some point, but only after i clear a few other obligations."
Kaydin "I can walk you out Ariel, proving that I am not as evil as others claim for me to be." Kaydin says as he would look to Faruja. "Faruja, the fact you stick so good to your ideals has made me like you, despite our different ways to achieving the same goals." He says as he is sincerely complimenting the rat then looks to Rosemarie. "My country has become evil, for power and I refused to serve them and let them kill innocent and helpless people."
Jack Sparrow
Jack tips his hat silently at Zeke's generosity. When Ariel takes her leave, he just goes ahead and takes it off again. "Of course, madam. As I am not yet fully recovered from my own ventures..."

He trails off at Kaydin's words. "I feel as if he reminds me of someone but I can't say who," he muses then, stroking his beard with one hand.
Rosemarie Rosemarie glances at Faruja, then at Jack. "Oh, y'all are making me flustered, putting me on the spot like this. Give me a moment, since Ms. Ariel is on her way out." She turns her attention to the redhead, moving over to gently put her arm around her shoulder as they walk toward the door. She bumps up against Ariel's hip, but this seems to be entirely unintentional. "Do come back soon, dear. I'll be glad to have some more help around the shop. I'm sure we can work out a reasonable payment too. Lodging as well, if you need it, hmm? We'll have you set in no time!"

And with Ariel on her way out, Rose's attention goes back to Kaydin. She looks horrified, though it's subdued. She is, after all, a proper lady. "That's awful! Well, do let me know if there's anything that I might help with. It's only right that someone in such dire straits get help from out of love and charity. Of course I have to make ends meet, but I reckon that I'm always fair with someone in need of my help."

"Now," Rosemarie says, rubbing her hands together. "I'll need a little time to get ready, so if y'all will just sit tight I'll come up with a proper demonstration..."
Faruja Senra The start from Ariel has the rat turning to her, head slightly tilted. "Quite alright, M'Lady?" One ear waggles slightly.

Kaydin's words seem to strike Faruja physically, the rat's jaw working as he stares with surprise at the man. Indeed, for all of his baggage towards Kaydin and Dark Knights in general, he looks touched.

"...Without ideals, my life would have no meaning, Ser Kaydin. Go with the Lord."

Ariel gets a bow as she heads out, the rat rubbing his chin. "Curious woman. Though hardly am I one to speak of oddities."

The Templar's face is grim as he listens in about this 'Cutler.' Clearing his throat, Zeke gets a meaningful look. "You suspect this man of Witchcraft? Should such evidence surface, the Lady Inquisitor would be most interested. As would I. They say that a Heretic's noose is oft tied by their own tongues."

Then, he looks back to Rosemarie, and nods. "Take thy time." Faruja can be patient when he wants to be.

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