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(2013-02-08 - 2013-04-06)
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Katyna It seems that Katyna is getting beaten up a lot lately. Was it her knack for getting into trouble, her insatiable curiosity or just her irritating personality that had people lining up to try and kill her? Whatever the reason, it sure wasn't very flattering, or comforting to know that someone else was out to get her...

Since the fisaco in the church, she had retreated back to VALKYRIE headquarters to recuperate. It seems that she had not visited her 'other' home in a long time, almost as if she feared retribution. Or maybe it no longer felt like home.

Whatever the case, she is here in the ancient house that serves as VALKYRIE hq, snoozing on a large plush sofa, trying to recover from her many wounds after one of the church priestesses (who was so not Sister Felicia) had tended to her wounds.

Although Kat seems to be in deep sleep, her dreams are disturbing and fitful as always, and she occasionally cries out in her sleep, her forehead and palms sweaty, her hands clenched into tense fists. If she keeps this up, she might just reopen some of those recent wounds of hers..
Faruja Senra Faruja, though somewhat wounded himself, is certainly well enough to tend to Katyna. He's been rather troubled about the events of last night. Not to mention he never found Hati! The rat's tail swishes as he sits beside the sleeping Katyna, how own skills occasionally applied during her healing.

Her cries rouse the rat from his own thoughts. Walking over to her, he kneels, a hand gently reaching out to grab one of her own.

"Shhh! calm Lady Redsvaren. It shall be alright. Shhh." He whispers to her soothingly.
Katyna She feels the hand grabbing her, and a voice calling out to her in the darkness. The voice is familiar, but it could be a trap! Glancing behind her, she continues to run down the darkenned alleyway, running AWAY from the other voice, and towards Faruja's voice.

"Far....U...ja...? Where...?" The other voice gets nearer, that horrible honey sweet laughter, and then a blast of fiery energy explodes around her, tearing her to bits, burning her up...

"YEOW!!! It hurts! IT hurts!!" Her amber eyes suddenly fly open, jumping off the couch and falling with a painful crash onto the floor.

"Owwwwww!!!! Darnit!!"
Faruja Senra Whump! Faruja winces as Katyna hits the ground. "Hold still." The Templar says, looking her over, and applying a pair of Cures. Making sure she's mostly in one piece, the rat will try to lift her back up onto the couch.

"There we are. It seemed thy dreams were hardly pleasant. How are you feeling? Any pains?" Standing, the rat goes to fetch a glass of water for the woman.

"Here, drink if you please."
Katyna "Ow...." She groans, rubbing her head, although Faruja's timely cure spells, do help to ease the pain almost instantly. He lifts her back onto the couch, and she smiles faintly at him. "Thanks, Faru. I guess..I really owe you for saving my life back there.."

She sighs, hanging her head. "It seems all I dream is nightmares recently, ever since Ri...Err, someone did something to me and..Er..." She scratches her head and flushes, not really wanting to reveal her connections with Riku..Or what he did to her. Afterall, she did ask for a 'demonstration'.

Instead, Kat shivers, pushing the glass of water away. "Gah, could I have some hot..Tea instead? Just a little achy all over, but mostly I just feel kinda cold.." She pouts. "I..I dunno what's wrong with me. I saw that woman, sister Felicia in my dreams. For a long time I heard her voice, trying to chase me down, but I didnt' realize who it was until I met her..And why does she look so much like me? And how come I dreamed of the deaths of all those people? Was it...Was it really me who killed them all? I'm so..Confused..."

Kat sighs again, curling up on the sofa, trying to get warm in seems.
Faruja Senra Faruja smiles a bit towards the downed Knightess, nodding. "I would hardly be worthy of my title if I were to allow a brave comrade such as yourself to perish if I can help the matter." Not to mention the fact she's somehow connected to all of those murders, if only through the Priestess at best. The rat doesn't really believe she'd murder people in attempts at thievery. It doesn't seem Kat's style.

The ratling is a proper Burmecian, and tea is close at hand. Pouring her a cup, along with a pinch of sugar, he'll offer it over. Lemon flavored.

"There you are. Careful. Scald naught thy tongue."

Sitting back down, the rat crosses his legs. "All questions I would much like to have answered. Murder of temple guardians is a crime most foul, and the church in town is near enough an Ajoran one as far as these things go." And with luck, soon to be theirs fully.

"Hardly can I say whether or not it was by your hand which they fell. You use a sword of fire, do you not? Suspicious. Yet, the object that controls and manipulates had yet to touch thy body. Whatever the case, if the hand that slew these guards be thy own, I do not think 'twas done willingly."

A small shake of the head. "No. To be frank, my suspicion lies with that Priestess. It smells of deception. She is most likely our culprit, either in the doing and subsequent framing of thyself, or in somehow coercing you into striking down the guardians." A wave of his tail dismissively.

"All conjecture, of course. From all appearances, you are telling the truth. I shall believe you, until such evidence proves otherwise." Pausing, the rat gives the woman a stern look.

"Should you leave town, however, I would suggest notifying me of your destination until this matter has been resolved. To avoid any improper appearances." Wouldn't want it to look like she's running away!
Katyna Katyna looks relieved when Faruja makes her tea, and she leans forward, taking it gratefully. "Thanks!" She smiles, relaxing back against the sofa as she slowly sips on it. Dont wanna burn her self like she usually does, afterall! Once the warm liquid seeps down her throat and warms her stomach, she stops shivering as she stares into the hot mug.

"Hmmm...I dunno, maybe you're right, maybe she DID control me, but then, doesnt that make me responsible still?" She shivers, shaking her head, "Ugh...We need..Evidence. a proper case. What if the murders continue? What if I can't stop myself? I need to know for sure if it's really me, or someone else. I wonder..Y'know, that detective agency? I wonder if they could help?"

As for the priestess, Kat nods slowly, "Yeah! She was super strange..And..Why'd she look like me? I dont..Recall having any sisters, unless my parents never told me. I wonder if there is a way to find out more about her? She was kinda creepy. Ooh! Maybe we can find info about her at the church."

She pouts, "I wonder if she told anything about me to the priests at the church though? Guh, this is soooo frustrating!" Kat clenches her fists in frustration, "But y'know, I never did find the body of that thief when me and gesandte went wandering around there before...I mean..Okay, I'm guilty of trying to steal treasure, but...Ooh, that's the other thing! There was a ghostly knight in the treasury who wouldn't let you leave with even a single coin from the treasury, but..He used non lethal force to force me to drop the coins."

She grins sheepishly at that. "I wonder how Felicia got around that ghost, unless she is some sorta necromancer? Maybe she has taken tons of holy relics! Aah, this is scary!"
Faruja Senra "Quite. We are in agreement, starting with those within the church itself would be wise. This entire ordeal reeks of Heresy, the place has been trouble since the start. It bodes ill." Sigh. He shakes his head, pouring himself some tea. Sip.

One ear perks. "A ghostly knight, you say? Mmm. I do wonder...mayhap we could inquire with the spirit directly? Should Lady Maira be willing to lend her, ahh, 'talents' to the job..." The rat trails off suggestively. The woman /can/ see ghosts.

The rat's jaw sets. "More and more, I begin to doubt whether this 'thief' exists or not."
Katyna Katyna nods. "Do..Do you think I should stay away from the church for a bit, at least until we can figure out what's going on in there? I'll bet it holds answers, but I dunno if I should go waltzing in there right now."

She nods and grins, "Heh, this spirit was one that I could actually see, so I guess he must have some..Unique abilities beyond your average, invisible spirit. But, I wonder if something happened to him, or if Felicia used some sort of magic to get around him. You cant kill a spirit so easily. But maybe she has a way of sneaking past him?" Kat nods, "Yeah, we SHOULD search for him again. He'll only appear if you try to make a run wih some of his treasure. Oh yeah, but maybe Maira can find him when he doesn't wanna be found."

She shrugs again, "Hmm, well Felicia never mentionned it at the time, but when I went down there with Ges, we found the dead body of a thief, with the treasure still in his hands. And burn marks on his body. It was definitely a set up. At the time I was scared and just wanted to get out of there, but when we returned, he was nowhere to be found. I guess if it WAS Felicia, she didnt want to just leave the evidence hanging around..."
Faruja Senra The rat rubs his chin, nodding. "Yes. We would not wish conclusions to be formed prematurely." Or any guardians decide to try to run her through!

"Then the TDA and myself, mayhap Maira as well shall have to investigate in your stead. Not that you need to be up and about, with those wounds of yours!" Faruja fusses, tail poking at her nose.

Snort! "Let us employ Lady Maira. It shan't do to steal from a church in order to solve a mystery." Peeer! Katyna finally gets a brief glare at this point. No stealing, 'tis Heresy!

"Mmm. Evidence mounts. Our dear Priestess seems to be up to something. But why? What gain is there in killing these guardians? Mayhap only for the treasure?"
Katyna "Aww..." She pouts, "What am I supposed to do in the meantime? Sitting around here, knitting mittens? I'm really fine, honestly..I mean, I get beaten up on a daily basis, pretty much. So it's nothing I can't handle!"

She grins a bit sheepishly at this point, sweatdropping when Faruja admonishes her about stealing. "Oh...Eheheh...That..Well, see..I..Err it's a bad habit, see? I was an orphan,and I needed to steal to survive, so...And, I saw all this treasure just laying around, like, what a waste when it could be put to better use! I mean, it was just sitting there in the open, going, 'Take me!!" y'know?"

She shrugs, "Hmm, I guess she killed 'em, either to frame me, or to stop them from seeing her take the treasure herself. But what I wanna know is why'd she try to frame me? What did she have against me anyway? I may be a thief, but I'm no killer. I cant imagine I stole something from her ages ago and she wants revenge. But moreso, we need to run a background check on her. Hey Faru, where can I find the TDA? Do you know any of 'em personally?"
Faruja Senra "Mayhap you could join Maira in knitting. I hear tell that she is quite talented at it." Faruja grins, tilting an ear slightly as he jokes.

"One more day, at least, please. In all seriousness, why not read some?" The Templar deposits a book. Perhaps predictably, it's the holy text of the Ajorans.

The Templar's nose rises. "While that is all well and good, and indeed to steal for sustainance is forgivable, to do so from the dead is a dire crime. It belongs to the dead, and should stay that way. 'Tis as spitting upon their graves!"

Faruja tilts his head thoughtfully. "I do believe they have an office here in Traverse now, within the Hotel if I am not mistaken. I have...certain deelings with them though I cannot claim to know any of them overwell aside from the Ladies Dennou. Indeed, we must know all that we can of this so-called 'Sister'."
Katyna Katyna nods and smirks, "Heh, knitting by the fire. That SO doesn't suit me. But I guess I could give it a try, afterall it couldn't hurt now, could it?" she makes a face though, when he gives her the holy book, glancing at it doubtly, "Well boo, that doesn't look terribly exciting! I dont suppose there are any good stories in it, huh?"

Although she does take it curiously, "Y'know, you remind me a lot of Kasrillen, he tried hard to get me to adopt the Ajoran ways too. I guess he might have succeeded too, if he hadn't died at the hand of the heartless when they attacked our village. I..I suppose it was a 'miracle' that I survived."

She grimaces at this point as she realizes just how close she is coming to saying the truth. "But what about you? Is that how you came to join the church, because they saved you or something? I think you mentionned something like that before, but..I dont think you're from Ivalice, are you? I mean, I've never seen..Giant rats before.."

She nods however when he supplies info about TDA. "Thanks! I also have some personal business with them." Although it's not something she'd reveal to anyone..
Faruja Senra "Then, mayhap I shall trouble you to knit me a tailsock for these cold nights!" Faruja teases, chuckling. Really, the woman's attitude is rather endearing.

"Ahh, so many! Saint Ajora upon the well, his many pilgrimages, the creation of Ivalice...M'Lady, 'tis hardly lacking for excitement!" Comes the rat's enthusiastic words, though he may be a slight bit biased.

The Templar crosses his chest at the man's memory. No doubt, somewhere within Mullonde's burial grounds is a headstone commemorating him. Or so Faruja can hope.

He doesn't pry into her personal business, instead focusing on Kasrillen. "A miracle indeed, and by the sacrifice of your dear friend if I understand the tale correctly. You were his Squire, then?" Really, he didn't know all that much about the woman.

"Indeed.../nezumi/, please, Katyna." The 'rat' bit has him frowning, looking briefly irritated. She might hear him mutter something about humans.

"'Twas not long after the attack upon my home city in Gaea. I was with my squad when the attack fell, attempting to evacuate a few civilians. We ran afoul of a squad of Alexandrians, Heartless, and Demon Mages. The humans were dealt with swiftly enough, but the others...good people died to protect those civilians. And myself." Frowning at that, he shivers as old memories seek to overwhelm him. Clenching his clawed hand, he doesn't succumb.

"After the Demon decided to light me ablaze, my consciousness left me. When I next awoke, the Lady Inquisitor was seeing to my wounds. Were it not for Sarah, I would be dead. Honor demanded I repay that debt. I knew a miracle as well. 'Twas fate."
Katyna "Hmm, actually, I DID find his body finally, in the church's columbarium. Except, there was a precious gold armlet that was placed in his honor, and it was missing. That's how I came across the treasure room..And the ghost, and the thief. I was initially looking for that stolen treasure. Never found it, mind you."

She shrugs and sighs, but when Faruja asks if she is was a squire, she just shrugs and chuckles a bit nervously. "eh...I may not have been totally honest with you. I ah..Never went to Gariland academy. I was just a poor orphan. And it was expensive. I know Kasrillen promised to help fund me, but he never got the chance before he..." Kat doesn't finish that sentence as she looks away.

"Of course he DID give me private lessons, but he said, before he enrolls me, I gotta stop stealing. I guess I never quite kicked the habit. I suppose he must be ashamed of me..." Is Faru ashamed of her too now, perhaps?

"Nezumi, huh?" she grins and nods, "alright, sorry 'bout that. So..You're from..Err..Burmecia or something wasnt it? the place is vaguely familiar.."

Kat frowns softly, falling silent as he tells his story. "Damn, that's harsh! I hope you can avenge your comrades, some day soon. But I guess the church was really there for you then.." She chuckles, "Guess we both got the church in common, huh? but..I dunno if I'll ever be..Pious enough, to be accepted into their fold.."
Faruja Senra The ratling frowns, giving Katyna a long glare, eventually followed by a sigh. "Then Lord bless him for the attempt. Mayhap, then, this whole event shall teach you the error of thy ways?" Another hard stare from the Templar. His tail waggles menacingly at the woman.

"Mayhap so, mayhap not. Should you feel that way, then work to atone. You are skilled. Put those skills to good use, towards deeds that would bring the good Ser pride."

A small smirk comes to the rat's muzzle, tail curling about his ankles as he sips his tea.

"Yes, quite. No doubt lost in darkness...though it shall not remain so. It shall not be allowed, we shall reclaim our homeland." Answers faruja on his home.

Standing, the rat walks over to put a hand on Katyna's shoulder.

"Are you entirely so sure? Understandably, you may be wary of them given this...recent incident, however 'tis the duty of a Priest to guide others towards faith. Faith can be grown, Katyna. And I should very much like to see that sparked within you."
Katyna Katyna shrinks a bit at the glare, smiling sheepishly at him. "Heey..I'm sorry..Really! I just..Eh, wanted to sound more impressive by making it seem like I was a true knight, and not just a fake, but.." Well, she WAS still a true knight, Lord Fessner, himself a knight, HAD in fact knighted her. Of course she was knighted as a dark knight and agent of the Shadow Lords, but...

She laughs nervously atthe irony. If Faru knew who she really was, what would he think of her? "eh, I dunno...I think..Sometimes I..Have these thoughts, like..I dunno.." She shrugs, "I guess, when I was younger, and I saw all these people falling and dying to protect me, people I cared about..People whom I wasn't strong enough to save or help..I got to thinking, maybe it's just not worth protecting others. Maybe it's only worth protecting yourself."

"Being strong enough so that others dont have to die trying to protect you. But..Now I'm all alone, and Kinda angry at Faram for not protecting me. but then I'm angry at myself for not being strong enogh to protect myself.."
Faruja Senra Faruja listens to her story and thoughts silently, nodding at key points. He sips his tea as he thinks on her situation. Poor girl.

"With age and work comes strength. While I can understand why you would come to believe so, but such thoughts are false. Were all to believe such, the world would be naught but darkness and death. True strength comes from banding together with others, sharing strengths where others have weaknesses, and allowing others to shield yourself when faced with thy own. Any form of strength is a tool, to be used for the good of innocents."

A shake of the head. "You are not alone. You've Valkyri, if I am to judge it. Cast naught blame upon the Lord, nor yourself. Cast it upon the demons that took thy loved ones! /They/ are the ones you must direct thy strength against, for they threaten the lives of loved ones uncountable."
Katyna Katyna smiles softly at Faruja, nodding slowly. "Thanks, Faruja. I suppose I was surprised that VALKYRI came to my rescue, they were so determined to remove the glove, without killing me in the process. I seriously thought they would try and kill me..I thought they wouldn't believe me, given my thieving ways. In the past of course!"

She grins impishly at that. But, it'd do no good to let Faru know that she was still very much a thief, even if only a bit less than in the past. "I know, I'm just a kid. I'm just sixteen years old, but..I've seen some strong 'kids' around, just look at Riku for ins......" Oh noo, let's not go there. Even if she respects him as an ally at the very least, she's sure he is a soft spot for all those goody good 'heroes'.

Kat bites her lip, laughing nervously, "Eheheh, maybe he's a bad example, but...I just wish I were an adult now, that I was stronger than I am now! Still..." She sighs, "I wonder if I can really depend on VALKYRI. I wonder if I should. Aren't you a weak person if you have to rely on the strength of others to help you? Afterall, that's how I lost those I cared about in the past.."
Faruja Senra A shake of the head. "Hardly would they think you capable of outright murder, nor myself. You have shown yourself to be of good character, minus your...proclivities toward certain illicit activities." 'All in the past' has the rat glaring slightly.

"...We shall see." Nope, /that/ he doesn't quite believe.

Riku. The mere name has him snarling. "A murderous /WITCH/ is not 'strong'! Should be swinging upon a gallows for his crimes..." Comes the Burmecian's outburst, claws raking a nearby table. Traitorous wretch.

Looking meaningfully at Katyna, the rat crosses his legs as he calms. "Continue to train, to fight, to improve. You shall grow stronger. To /rely/ solely on one's comrades can be a weakness. One must possess both personal strength, and strength as a part of a group to truly be strong. For a well-coordinated squad can crush the strongest of single fighters. If one is strong within a group, then one is supporting, not relying upon their fellows."
Katyna Katyna smiles at Faru's confidence in her. "Thanks, Faru! it makes me feel a bit better.." She cant help but chuckle nervously when he questions her 'certain illicit activities', however. "Heh, I guess old habits die hard, eh? But...I'm trying to live up to Kasrillen's expectations!" Of course she was also trying to make Fessner proud too...So confusing!

Then he speaks with such anger towards Riku's name that Katyna actually flinches at such strong words. Is that how most people felt about the boy? She..She felt somehow sorry for him, at least he seemed to be very hurt by his own actions somehow.

"Hmmm. What would you do if you found him again? He's..Just a kid afterall.." not much younger than Kat in face.

Another smile and nods, "Yes, I'll continue to train and grow stronger! Although, now that Kasrillen's gone, I need to find someone strong enough to train me to be a powerful knight!" She glances curiously at Faru as she says that, wondering if he might be the knight she is looking for..Although seeing how much he hates Riku, how would he feel, knowing that Kat was the Ember Knight? Darn, this is confusing..
Faruja Senra "You shall bring pride to his memory in time. As you say, you are young. Plenty of time, Katyna. Plenty of time."

The rat notes the flinch, but doesn't mention it. His tail flicks violently behind him. "Simple: my duty. He is a threat to all worlds so long as he yet breathes. One cannot allow such threats to live. There are far too many foul fiends willing to plunge the worlds into Darkness and death. Scum. 'Kids' do not slay cities, Katyna. He became an adult as soon as a single person died."

Smile. "If it 'twould be of any help, I would be happy to spar with you when you are healed. Our arts are rather...removed, but it shall not hurt I do not think."

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