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(2013-02-08 - 2013-04-29)
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Emi Dennou Emi Dennou has recently dragged Omi back to the TDA building, she has recently got EXPLODED somewhat--really mostly hit by the shockwave--but it was a big enough one that she needed some help getting back. She didn't want to stick around in Fluorgis any more than she could have avoided. Right now, Omi is resting in the second floor and Emi is just coming back down to the second, wiping blood off her hands with a towel. That is Omi's blood!

It's been a rough time lately, actually, as it pertains to obtaining injuries in violent situations. Maybe, Emi reflects, it's a good time to take a break from heroics. Even if this latest misadventure was rather unplanned.

She is approaching the ultimate snack machine. The Sea Salt Ice Cream cooler.
Riku Riku again finds himself drawn to the places he has seen before, to the places that are familiar to him, even if they are new surroundings filled with old. He wanders into Cloud Nine, rubbing at the arms of his jacket as he steps inside.

He sees Emi and reconsiders this trip, a look of annoyance and confusion flickering past him as he never actually seems to be able to place Emi and her other. sisters? Other selves? He's not able to place them very well. They seemed nice enough from one angle, but also extremely.. extremeley..

He notices the towel, looks up at Emi and then decides not to worry about it. He'd dealt with people worse than axe murderers before, now he was just playing the home game. Maybe. it was always the nice ones. "..hello."
Emi Dennou Emi tilts her head at Riku as he wanders inside. She doesn't saya anything for a while. Indeed, she's a bit uncertain herself. Confused? Probably. Though she doesn't usually not very expressive, but for a moment--yes--she does seem a touch confused. Eventually she smiles and says, "Welcome to Cloud Nine, The Network is happy you dropped by." She looks down at the towel, up at Riku, down at the towel, then up at Riku.

"...Do not worry, this is Omi's blood."

She hesitates and then adds quietly, "er, that is to say... It is Omi's blood, but it is because we took her back to the TDA building after there was an explosion. The Network explains, hopefully?"

She pauses for a moment and then scuffs her foot across the ground, a perfect show of awkwardness. And then she says flat out, "...This one apologizes for being strange." Well, not really, but it's a nice gesture. She likes being a little strange.
Riku Riku takes this all in with an bemused expression somewhat like one he has worn before when Emi or one of the others is talking. This time he knows enough to wait to get to the other end of the run on sentence before trying to make sense of anything.

What he does discover, is that this is a public venue, and there seems to be no reason at all why he shouldn't feel amused and a little bit charmed by the clumsy if earnest gesture. "Is that ice cream?" he gestures to the cooler.

"Do you mind if I have some too? I'm sorry--" he says with similar sincerity. "I'm not sure which one you are. Except probably not the one on the towel." He takes a few more steps into the room and sits down on a stool
Emi Dennou They certainly talk strange. They have been told by Max to not lie and only engage in half truths--but it is difficult. They feel there are some things that they just have to lie about--otherwise some folks get weirded out or confused--even more so than normal. In a sense, it could be said that the different 'personas' that each member of Legion uses could be called deceit. Certainly one way of looking at it. You could also say they are just segmented aspects of one overarching personality. In short, they speak slowly--as if having each sentence gone through committee--with the editorial notes included.

"It is 'Sea Salt Ice Cream'." Emi says. "This one does not mind if you have some. It is apparently rather popular." Some of the Legions have tried it, Emi has not yet. She is a touch skeptical despite the data she received on the matter. Sea Salt does not make her think 'delicious', typically speaking, but Scrooge McDuck is truly an entrepeneur. Good business sense. Emi is unaware of Scrooge's moneybin but she would love the idea if she knew about it. A giant bin! With all your stuff inside! Okay Emi is kind of greedy but she doesn't need a whole giant bin, maybe a small room, packed with little trinkets and items...

"Pigtails mean Emi," Emi grins briefly. "Well usually, The Network corrects noting that sometimes we change hairstyles anyway even though they are meant to be to help identify ourselves to others."

She pops open the cooler for Riku, stepping aside a bit so he can grab one.

Riku seems to be doing just fine. Emi is quietly relieved. Last time--made her a touch nervous.
Riku "It tastes better than it sounds." Riku assures her although he's not quite sure why he is doing the assuring. He looks around at the inside of Cloud Nine, leaning back against the counter after snagging one of them from the cooler.

He frowns a little bit, looking at the ice cream speculatively and then sighs slightly at some internal thought, opening up the wrapper and biting into the off blue colored ice cream without delay.

"Well. I'll keep that in mind. You'll have to be patient with me, Emi. I am a person who tends to make mistakes, apparantly." he smiles at her with some measure of chagrin, rubbing the back of his head and taking another small bite out of the ice crema.
Emi Dennou Emi examines Riku's face, as if to see if it'll turn blue or something. Because if it turns blue, well, that'd convince her to not eat sea salt ice cream. As Riku's face fails to do anything hilarious, she takes one out of the cooler herself. This is science*.

*Note, waiting a few seconds to see if there are adverse effects to a product before deciding it is safe is actually very bad science, please do not use this rationale for science. Emi Dennou is not actually a scientist but rather is someone from a home that had people say things like 'For Science!' a lot. As such, Emi's vision of Science is perhaps a touch inaccurate.

Pulling off the wrapper she says, "Oh no--it's not a problem. We did not always have names."


Omi: Ponytails are the wave of the future.
Ami: Two is too many, one is superior.

Emi pinches the bridge of her nose, massaging it faintly. Pigtails are superior. Why won't they understand? Sure, nothing is WRONG with their respective hairstyles but--

"We'd be...well, this one would be happy to try and explain ourselves, if you wanted--that is to say, talk about ourselves, if you were curious." She takes an experimental bite of the ice cream.

"---It does taste better than it sounds." Emi is in awe. How can this be?! Error!!
Riku Perhaps it is best that Riku cannot hear what is going on in any headspace channel but his own.

Of this, heads are asploded from.

No Rikus have been harmed in the making of this scene. He takes another bite, biting down lightly on the stick and raking a hand lightly through his hair before turning back towards Emi. "Well." he asks himself a very well deserved 'do I really want to know' before knowing sagely to himself and tipping off the edge of the cliff. "

I'm always interested in a story if you are willing to share it."
Emi Dennou Maybe he doesn't.

Emi is told to do this through story which is a bit different than simple anunciation of facts one after the other. She holds off on taking another bite of ice cream. Ironically while DEnnous may be hard for Riku to comprehend, the same is actually true the other way around. Dennous have met people they could understand readily, but Riku has been a study of contrats. He's been annoyed and bemused, controlling heartless--and something of a savior--though perhaps Emi puts more faith in being rescued from water than Riku might put in having done that.

"This one is not very good at stories. However...There used to be eighteen--" She pauses, is that really a good spot?

"Well, in truth, at the time the idea of 'eighteen' would have been alien to us. The Network only recently considered a paradoxical existence of being 'the same but different' to be a viable concept to utilize in our every day existence. From our understanding, our lives--by the standards of those that live in Traverse Town, and many other locales--would have been considered brutal, unfair, and short. We did not see it that way. And in a sense, we still do not. We always had each other. And that made it difficult to worry. This one supposes that sounds a bit...sappy...and apologizes if it is a frustrating statement."

"Nevertheless," She continues, after taking another bite. "When our world fell and we came to Traverse Town, we were introduced to concepts we did not understand and, some of them, we still do not understand--we apologize for slow learning. The first concept was finding purpose for ourselves. This was difficult for us, as we always had a purpose in our existence before. This one supposes if we had learned anything, we learned that sometimes something that seems painful at first is actually quite useful. Like--shots. Have you ever had 'shots'? This one does not know much about your world, but they protect you from disease. This one must imagine that at a time the idea of a 'shot' must have been thought of as insane, because you are doing something painful and 'pain' is typically nature's way of telling us something is bad. Nevertheless, nature is not perfect. That 'pain' saves lives."

As if realizing she has gotten a bit off track, she shakes her head and lowers the ice cream to add, "Being freed from our world was akin to receiving a shot. We found jobs, small ones, and--they were fun." She smiles softly at her ice cream. "Work--it's fun. This one has heard complaints of work before, but this one does not understand. I like making money, Riku."

She takes another bite, closing her eyes as she swallows. "Not everyone is as lucky as we are. That is why we work with the TDA. We hope we can be their luck though, of course, we have much to learn before we can do this competently. Does this..." She looks over to Riku finally, having avoided looking too directly at him for some time. "...explain us somewhat, The Network inquires."
Riku Riku is able to thread concepts together much easier when it's presented to him as a story. This is the one of the only reasons he survived Will Sherman. (Protip: Never spend three months in a boat with a terminally confused immortal. It messes with your head.)

So despite several sidelines of thought, he actually seems to understand Emi more than he has before.

He lets her talk and doesn't interrupt, finishing off his ice cream and cleaning off his fingers as he continues to listen. "Yes, Emi. That did explain considerably better than the bits and pieces I've picked up." he thinks about it and then continues. "Some of the bits are very familiar, and some of them are frustrating-- but it's a story worth hearing. Thank you for telling it." he smiles at her.

"Well. TDA types always seem to find eachother, one way or another. I suppose that's a good thing although sorry if I wonder if the sap pours out of the walls when you are all in the same place at once."
Emi Dennou Emi will try very hard to not get into situations where she is trapped on a boat by herself with Will for three months. Or, really, anybody for that matter. It is not as bad as not having a boat, but Emi is not fond of situations that improve her likelihood of drowning.

Emi is happy with being what she is but is concerned about forming attachments, ie: that she wouldn't be able to because of the aforementioned 'really being okay with being weird'. As such, she's relieved when Riku does say that explains things better. She did sort of skim on the specifics of her 'life' in her old world but she has good reasons for skipping around those specifics?

"Well," Emi admits. "We try to keep sap to practical, pancake worthy levels." She smiles again. She has a natural deadpan delivery when it comes to telling jokes but tends to be a bit too proud of herself when she manages to tell a joke.

With her free hand, she reaches out to Riku. "For instance, we have discovered that friendship is potent, but respect is more elusive. We hope to find a nice balance of the two, with you." She pauses before admitting, "Well, this one in particular. Thank you again."

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