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What to Do About The Weeds?
(2013-02-07 - 2013-02-07)
In the Shard Seeker garden, Lily is growing concerned with Reize over the garden and she asks the garden.
Reize Seatlan It's another day at the Shard Seekers HQ. A bit of time has passed since the Shard Seekers have been dealing with an adventure or two that resulted in all of them needing to be in the tender care of Lenn and Faruja.

After recovering, Reize opted to make his way to the garden. He is busy sitting on the patio, his back press over along the ledge. His hand flicks out a tarot, looking over toward the architechture of the strange city on the card.

All what he could hear is that music.

His expression is currently downcast, staring at the tarot while thumbing along the others.
Lily As usual, Lily's been busy Gardening. After recovering from being Crushatriced, that is. Truth be told she's still pretty sore, no matter how much healing magic she applied to the bruised muscles and broken bones, but it's hard to tell that as she kneels down in the gardens, carefully extracting weeds and transporting them over to the designated weed corner. It is really not a nice-looking corner and is starting to be as packed as... well... the ground ain't visible, and if this continues it may start encroaching on the growing space.

"I wish the weeds did something useful so they wouldn't be weeds, I'm not sure what to do about them..." She's heard mumbling to herself, running a finger along her cheek thoughtfully.
Reize Seatlan "...We may want to get rid of those."

Reize decides to put away his tarot back to the deck, then the deck slides onto the pouch. After placing his equipment into the pouch, Reize flops off of the patio and he starts walking over towards Lily and the collective weed. He blinks, turning over towards the weed as the ground loses visibility.

He starts to sweatdrop, "Weeds aren't exactly useful, I'm afraid..." He kneels down next to the young girl, placing a hand over towards her shoulder. "..I heard you and Leida had to deal with a situation here." He winces, "Sorry that I wasn't here to help out."
Lily "Mmmhm. I'm getting really angry, it's like everyone in the world wants to ruin life in Fluorgis. This big angry bird dropped in on everyone and tried squashing anything who got near and brought a whole family with it!" Lily grumps out, waving her arms wildly in matching gesticulation-- perhaps to try and give a picture of the thing's size.

"... I don't get why the weds are here. Why do they have to grow where they're not wanted? ... but the way Ivo explained it to me, they're plants just the same. Just as alive... so it seeems mean to just get rid of them..."
Reize Seatlan Looking over towards Lily, Reize offers her a bemused look. Sure, she is pretty angry about the situation and the thing did try to destroy Fluorgis, but... if the way that she is describing the massive bird is enough to get a chuckle out of him.

He listens to the imaginative ways that the girl describes it all, "So it was that big?" He grins, "That's amazing! Glad you guys manage to drive 'em away!"

Though, Reize looks his head over towards the weeds, "Some simply exist to destroy, I guess." He frowns at the weeds, "I don't know." Reize kneels over nearby Lily. A smile is given towards Lily, "....Well, if they continue to grow around the place, we're going to lose the garden's growth."
Lily "Mmmmrf... I know. It's running out of room. I don't think there is an easy answer either." Lily reaches over to grab Reize's hand - rather tightly in fact, perhaps so he can't sneak off!

But she looks his way, smiling a little. "There's still some time though!"
Reize Seatlan "Probably not, but.... I don't know." Reize adds towards Lily, "Usually, we remove the weed in the village." He frowns slightly. "...I don't know. If they remain, they would take way the soil."

A glance is given towards the girl and he blinks when she grabs his hand. Kneeling beside her, Reize offers a smile before and rests a hand over to her shoulder.

"...Still time, yeah."

He shuts his eyes, thinking it over. "We should set out to travel at some point. ...It's been a while since we've done exploring."
Lily "Eheehe... that sounds like it could be fun if it's not TOO far. All those monsters..." Wow, this is a lot different from her usual responses to that...

"Remove the weeds... remove the weeds... but where do you put them?"
Reize Seatlan "Hahahaha." Reize laughs and grins at Lily. It is good that she is giving him such a response, "This is different than your usual response. Ordinarily, you don't like traveling too far." He smiles, "...As of now, I can't afford to travel too far fro here myself. ...Not until the problem here and Cleyra are solved." Pause. "Then I'll likely depart."

She gives a wince, realizing that she may not lke the answer to the weeds situaton, "...We usually put them in a pile after we take the weeds out. We'd toss them out somewhere, if not burn them."
Lily "... because things keep coming to Fluorgis." Lily answers quickly. "... staying here doesn't help anything. More things keep coming. The darkness, or that stupid bird! ... maybe looking around a little will bring us answers."

... true to form too, she does indeed wince, her face scrunching up in distaste at the thought. "...Oh..."
Reize Seatlan Reize's hand grips against Lily's hand. He looks at her closely while making sure that he completely faces her. "...Perhaps. However, we don't have any leads on what could be causing this mess." He sigh, "But, I suppose doing some exploration to get to the bottom of it will do us some good."

And then, she scrunches her face.

"...I figured you wouldn't like that." He smiles faintly, "I am not certain what you want to do in the end but.." Reize adds, "It will continue to grow and you'll have to decide what do you want to do with them."
Lily "... urgh..." LIly's shoulders slump more and more the longer she thinks about the implications. Enough on that, it seems. She squeezes Reize's hand HARD and raises it up in front of her, turning fully to face him.

"Anything that can stop this danger... if it's out there, we have to find it! This can't keep happening."
Reize Seatlan Gah! Reize cannot help but yelp the moment that Lily holds onto his hand. Reize looks over towards the young girl, then he smiles while she finally directs herself to face him completely. He looks pretty serene, especially in contrast to Lily's look.

"Yeah. We'll begin traveling through the desert in a couple of days." He starts to rise up, his hand now lifting upto try to bring Lily up with him. "...Let's head on in. I think we've bothered the weeds here long enough with our presence."
Lily "Ugh, desert.." Lily grumbles reluctantly, but follows along. "The sand gets everywhere and it's so dry. I liked the forest better, but Fluorgis is home now." She hops in behind Reize, grinning a little at his comments. Yup, she is learning and getting a bit more emotional.

"Is anyone else coming? We'll need to bring a lot of water... it's hard to use water out there."
Reize Seatlan Home.

Reize, honestly, misses the forest. It is one reason why he'll depart once the opportunity arises. The Shard Seeker leader is furrowing his eyebrows at the mention of the place being home. Nevertheless, a smile grows.

tIt is their home. It was their union.

"I am sure we'll have others with us. For now, we're still recovering." He laughs sheepishly.
Lily "Mrg... no kidding. That bird... broke me." Odd choice of words, and Lily winces as they come out, but right afterwrds she simply sighs. "So many things in the world like this I don't understand... pain. I don't understand. Why do people need to suffer all the time...? Maybe I'm the one who's strange though..."
Reize Seatlan There is something about the way that Lily is speaking. Reize can't help but ask, "...You haven't been hanging with Priel, have you?" This may actually explain the one day she snatched him up once.

"Who knows?" Reize faces Lily with a shrug, "I can't say that I have the answers to that."

"...Let's just worry about stopping it." He grins at Lily.

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