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(2013-02-07 - Now)
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CADUCEUS CADUCEUS was once again in district 2, treating more people injured from heartless attacks. He held his disk over a man's side and slowly his injury subsides in a circuit like pattern before it finally heals over. He would then pat the man's shoulder. Even though he asks for no munny, the man still gives him some out of gratitude which the medic accepts before moving to a part of the sidewalk by an alley to sit and rest, taking a breath before putting his datadisk back along his back.
Deelel The MCP is no longer hiding whom he is, the black guard have set up shop as the Datapoint Security. She's not seen much of CADUCEUS, so she's gouhg to seek up the older program as she finally has found him and calls out. "Greetings program! Hey wait up!"
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS turns when someone calls out program and he stands back up and would gesture for her to follow him into the alley with the Mural. "Tis a Dark Day indeed, the MCP now ruling two worlds now." He says as he would sigh a bit and looks to the direction which datapoint Security was at. "I wonder how long he will wait till he tries to force the entire town into the games." He wonders outloud.
Deelel Deelel says "he's not won the election yet but well there's the llama and I don't think he's going to win." She grimces "I run into prehaps one user able of understanding of what is going on here. We'll be seen as raving or insane. Not to mention from what little information, MCP is behvaing far less ... badly than most user Officals do."
CADUCEUS "He is in a new land where his power is not as powerful as the grid. I am willing to wager he probably is no stronger then TRON or this LEXUS you told me of. Besides, by putting on a more...benevolent face to this public it allows him to put those like you me and TRON in a worse light." CADUCEUS says as he glances about.
Deelel Deelel says "I know we have to wait for him to make an error before we do something. It's the only way we'll be made villains otherwise. Come on we need to get out I not been to the beach, did you know water's actually /harmless/ in this world we could swim in it like the users do."
CADUCEUS "Water isn't completely harmless. Cant breathe it or you will drown. Thanks to my medical training I am aware of the user world, atleast in terms of medicine." CADUCEUS says as he gets the rod from along his side, holding it as the Lightcycle rezzes about him.
Deelel Deelel says "I used to think touching it would kill me like the sea of simulation either way come on lts go!" She rezzed her own cycle and away she goes.

This scene contained 8 poses. The players who were present were: Deelel, CADUCEUS