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(2013-02-07 - 2013-02-10)
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Zia Over the past week or so, Zia has been spending more time in Traverse Town than she had previously. At first, it had been to watch over Skoll, but after he left, she had her own business to attend to. The gargress needed information, so she'd tracked down the wizard Merlin, and then left with more questions than answers. It didn't help that her dreams were troubling her, too. At least, if she stayed in this town without true day and night, she could stay up more, ask more questions, and try to figure out just what is going on.

So far, she hasn't been succeeding in that task. Tonight, the gargress finds herself up on the clocktower, looking down at the world below as she often had back in Manhattan. While she'd come a long way towards socializing with others, there were still times that she prefered her solitude. Her tail swishes behind her, the wind blowing her hair back. She's not actually looking for anyone - lost in her own thoughts, but it wouldn't be hard for someone to see her from above.
Deidra Deidra has been sleeping up on the clocktower or on top of the TDA's new home. However she liked flying and the clock towere was one of the best places to go so here she is coming in for a landing on the towere not quite aware that Zia is here. She'd heard the other of her kind come in for a landing and for once not utterly screw it up.
Zia The white gargress twitches one ear towards the sound of wings above, lifting her head. The moonlight catches against her pale hair, sweeping it across her form as she watches the shadow of another gargoyle come in for landing. It's been a bit since she's spent any time with another of her kind, not since the last time that she'd run into Deidra during the search for the Shards of Manhattan. Her form is familiar enough, though. Head tilting, Zia calls out a greeting, "G'evening, lass."

She stands up, balancing on the edge of the clocktower balcony, walking with uncanny grace along the edge as she approaches. "How fairs your clan?" Her clan, of course, would be those detectives. At least, Zia considered them to be as close to the other gargoyle's family as she might have. She, herself, was still only a fringe member of the Shard Seekers. Enough so that most didn't talk to her regularly, or even really acknowledge the evening protection she offered. That is probably why no one has noticed her missing from her post.
Deidra Deidra is suprised to see another up here, some times she does run into other Gargyoles up here but it's not that common of an event. She seems suprised. "Oh hey, evening Zia. It's been ... hard on everyone but we're still hunting for shards for the city. It's at leat kept everyone focus. Didn't think I'd find anyone else up here tonight. I'm happily proven wrong. Have you been doing all right?
Zia The fact that so many others were working hard to restore Manhattan makes her feel a little pang in her chest. She hadn't had much in the way of skills to toss towards the battles that Hades was hosting, but perhaps she'd find some other way to lend a hand. "At least ye and yers have tha new place. It's nice te have a place te call home." For now, The Shard Seeker's HQ is the closest thing she has to one. It just doesn't feel quite the same as that small abandoned building that she'd made her own for her years in Manhattan.

"Been spendin more time here as of late." She admits, "Well, nae here exactly, but around Traverse Town." Hopping down from the railing and onto the platform below, Zia tilts her head. "Nae been doin so well, admittedly." There is a shrug beneath her wings. "Apparently yer friends have some fool theory tha Ah'm a Princess of Heart. Already had some young male bendin his knee at me 'n offerin me his sword 'n his services." She rolls her eyes, shaking her head from side to side. "Then there's the bloody nonsense with Skoll, too. It's all a mess."
Deidra Deidra had been fairing a lot better mentally since she fell ion with the TDA. "It is, the roofs' even had our kind taken into mind given there's a few others aside from myself who frequent the place. Though I had to threaten Tom when he joked about bench pressing me while I was asleep." She makes a face. "Tom's ... special to say the least. I heard about the theroy he wasn't sure if it might be me but I doubt it. So your taling about Percy I take it? Good guy really though I'm not sure where this Princess of the heart thing is honestly going. As for Skoll? No idea on that I have been mostly doing resarch on things, lately."
Zia The prospect of being turned into training equipment while asleep draws a raised brow from the gargress, "Tha's one way of puttin it." There were a few of those 'special' individuals that she'd run into, like that strange boy from that had tried to put bugs around the Shard Seeker's HQ. Luckily, she didn't have to deal with that on a regular basis, though. "At least ye know yer safe, though. It's more than others can say." Leaning back against one of the supports, Zia taps her taloned foot on the ground, considering the whole Princess of Heart thing.

"Seems like they dinnae really know who they're lookin fer, and are jus graspin at straws. Sooner or later, they'll have people thinkin any lass from Manhattan might be some sorta Princess." The gargress shakes her head, "Ah dinnae think Ah'm who they're lookin fer either, but go try te tell the young knight tha." The smirk written on her features only lasts a moment further, then her ears shift down a little and the pale female sighs to herself.

"As fer Skoll, well..." That's an entirely different story. "Apparently those 'Lords' he was servin decided tha bein close te Avira 'n me was breakin their control. Got this collar on im tha's feedin in darkness. Right now, seems the only way te free 'im from it is te find tha mouse tha fought in Manhattan, or someone like 'im.... or pick a fight wi a creature tha Ah cannae beat alone." She rubs at her head. "Like Ah said, it's a mess."

Turning her attention back to Deidra, the girl tilts her head, "Wha'cha been reasearchin?"
Deidra Deidra shift her body aout finging a spot to sit down and let herself. Her tail swirches about a little bit for a moment. "Well what can you do, the city over there has been hit a lot by the heartless honestly. He's pretty head strong not that it's a bad thing really right? He's a decent guy all things considered, he's just lost his entire fa... clan to the darkness. Feeding on the darkness tends to not end well with people. So finding King Mickey that could be hard I not seen him since her spirited us all way to safety." She frowns.

"Just some stuff for Will, with trying to keep his problem under control. We got some help from a thrid party but have had to do some favours for them. Namely recover a few things."
Zia "Oh, dinnae get me wrong. The young knight is a sweet lad, but he certainly comes from a different place than where Ah did." Zia folds her arms over her chest. "He was tellin me aboot how his clan 'n the other one tha lives in London. Hundreds of gargoyles, if Ah take him at his words." Her eyes look skyward, but the gargress seems uncertain. "And every one of them lost. Ah wonder how many of us are even left." Her eyes look down towards Deidra, then, offering her a companionable sort of smile. "Besides, bein headstrong kinda goes with the territory. If Ah were te try te name all of the stubborn folk Ah've encountered in recent months, Ah'd run out of talons."

The fact that no one had seen King Micky recently doesn't seem to help matters. She didn't know of any other Keyblade wielders, so maybe that route is a lost cause. "Then maybe Ah'll need te see if Ah cannae find a few brave souls willing te get the Gaudium Lords pissed at them." This might be a harder task than not, since a lot of people did try to avoid irking the 'bad guys'.

"His problem?" The gargress asks. "Ye mean the thing tha blasted us down in the Labyrinth?" No, she's still not a happy camper about that. "Seems like there isnae anyone willin te help anyone else wi'out adding a price. But wha' aboot ye, lass. The humans treatin ye well?"
Deidra Deidra says "Honestly given the price wa to recover an item that shouldn't be in the hands of the first or second race?" She shurgs "We just had to go diving into Monstro of all things. I never seen a whale like that. "Who knows honestly I'm honstly worried about getting by's something to think about with the rest of world gone due to a bunch of power hungry maniacs." She makes a face, "We need to find the source of the heartless and stop it. Otherwise it just won't stop." She sighs for a moment "Who knows just becareful be dealing with people who can play around wirth the darkness like that. "Yes that problem. It's going well other than tom being an idiot but that seems to just be his nature. I'm just honestly happy to not be alone. I think had I remained on my own i'd have eventually lost it."
Zia "Monstro?" Apparently, Zia has never heard of such a thing. "Is tha a place?" She asks, head tilting quizzically. Even so, the idea that there were artifiacts out there that could be a danger in the hands of humans or gargoyles... well, it wouldn't be the first time. "These worlds seem te be filled with all sortsa artifacts 'n items of power. Guess Ah cannae imagine what sorta thing would help with wha'ever ails yer friend." The experience in the Labyrinth may not have been Will's fault, but it came in a sequence of events that lead to the loss of her world, and her safety, so it still is hard for the gargress to let it go.

"The problem is, there are other things out there jus as bad as the Heartless." She had seen the power of those 'weaker' servants of the Gaudium Lords, and that had been a hard enough battle. Her wings still bore slight discolorations from where the burns had peirced through her wings-webbing. "There's so much darkness out there." She glances over at the other gargress, shaking her head, "It isnae like Skoll chose this path for himself. They've been makin him do thigns, usin his strength. It isnae right." She'd been used once, and that still irritates her.

"Ah am glad tha ye managed te find good people. Ah'm still tryin te find tha fer m'self. A few friends here 'n there, but... it takes time." She's getting the hang of this 'trust' thing, but she still doesn't have the scope of 'friends' that others have.
Deidra Deidra says "It's a huge whale that can swallow entire ships, several actually. The item was in it's belly it also had a heartless infection which we took care of it was pretty strange all things considered. I know there are, but they are the formote on eveyrone's mind at the moment." She thinks for a moment "We're looking for a way to improve the seal so it can't errode like that again."

Dei had not seen the lords or their servants so she knos quite little about them sadly. "There are things out there things stranger than primates who like to find ways about not being able to fly, that's for sure. Well it's good your not alone and ya, you been on your own a long time. It's hard to get over that..."
Zia Going into the belly of a giant whale seems... like a whale of a tale. Yet, with all the strangeness going on, it seems just par for the course. "Well, Ah suppose it was a good thing either way, then. A giant Heartless whale would be the last thing we need these days." They'd probably attach ships to it and turn it into some sort of blimp or something. The Heartless were strange like that. "If ye find any leads, ye know tha Ah'm more than willin te lend a claw te anythin that'd help save our world." She doesn't know if it is even possible, but sometimes you have to hold on to hope.

Still leaning back against the support, her tail twitches, "It's nae so bad now'a days. Startin te feel a little strange sometimes, though. Ye ever have it where a male startste pay ye a bit too much attention and ye arenae really sure what te make of it?" She rubs at the back of her neck sheepishly. Zia has never really had any female friends, and Deidra is probably one of the few she can talk to about something like this. She is a gargoyle, afterall, so perhaps she'd gotten some attention from Percy, or possibly from some of her detectives or something.
Deidra Deidra says "Aye, it's just an angry whale now not a heartless one. We got the hearless out and I shall your likely better at magic than I am. The TDA has a number of people who are actually. It's kind of feels like I'm a kid playing with a loaded gun and not knowing what it is. I have been cautious since my inital discovery of my abilith I talked to Isaac a bit and he's hel;ping me somewhat he's even manated to put his own spell book on a tablet of all things."
Zia The prospect of magic draws a small shrug from the gargress. "Ah've always had a talent with it, usually just sensin the way tha the winds will come." It had been a strange skill as a child. "M'da had a real gift wi' it, but he gave it up fer m'mum 'n the rest of us. Rather have a family then power. Clan is the most important thing. Kinda the old gargoyle way." Zia explains, reaching a hand up to tinker with the small amulet she wears that contains those two shards of bone.

"Ah know a bit aboot book magic, though. If yer interested. Usually dinnae tamper wi' it too much, but there's some clever spells ye might like." It's an offer that she leaves out on the table, looking slightly interested in hearing about her training, "Ah've been tryin te get be'ta wi' actual combat, but Ah'm really nae suited for it. Ah end up hurtin m'self more than Ah hurt the training dummies back at headquarters." With a rueful smirk, Zia shakes her head. "Think Ah need te figure out how te fight m'own way. Jus' nae sure wherete start."
Deidra Deidra says "I guess I just cautious with it honestly. Given how badly I screwed up when I first attempted anything. I th ink I can get that. Not that giving up power for a family is a bad thing however. I will talk to you about it when you get a chance I can't do much without a focus I'm afraid really." She frowns inwardly for a moment.

"Just be cautious and one thing I learned avoid dealing with the third race if at all possible."
Zia "Aye." Zia nods, her long ears tucking down slightly. "Ah've had m'own bad experiences wi' magic gone wrong. Ones Ah wouldnae wante repeat." Her eyes show concern, and understanding. "But the only way we can learn from our mistakes is te get up 'n try again." Not that she had particularly toyed with that kind of magic much in recent years, but she wasn't quite so afraid of it as she had been just after Valen's death.

With a chuckle, Zia steps forward to the edge of the balcony, leaning on the railing, "Cannae say Ah've had much experience wi' the third race. Heard stories, mind ye, but nae anythin more than tha. Ah'm guessin ye ran afoul'a them at some point, 'n now yer a bit gunshy'a the whole thing?"
Deidra Deidra says "I have had far too much to be honest. It's to the point I carry cold iron on me." She notes her tail britsling at some memory or another of her encounters with them. "Whatever you do never ever get them angry with you." She kinds get quiet at the mention about the third race and what happened she frowns. "It's not a thing I enjoy remebering, I really don't..."
Zia For a time, Zia is quiet as she looks out over the city. Her own past has been coming back to haunt her recently, creeping up on her in ways she never thought possible. So, when Deidra notes that she doesn't really want to take that trip down memory lane, the pale gargress offers her an understanding nod. "Ah'm sorry then. Ah never meant te remind ye of anythin painful te ye." Her tail tucks down around her ankles.

She walks over towards the other gargoyle after that, settling in next to her in a companionable fashion. "If it's any consolation, ye arenae the only one who has had bad experiences wi' magic. But if ye have the power in ye, it's somethin ye should use te the best of yer ability." She notes, remembering the fight in the Labyrinth, "So tha no one can threaten ye or those ye carea bout again."
Deidra It comes down to fear, fear of being rejected and shut out if her origins became known. She sighs a little bit more she does owe Zia the truth but how does she looks off into spce for a lpng moment as she' thinking "I know I was just wreckless. It was how I found out I could use magic in the first place. Look Zia..." She looks at her friend for a very long moment. "I keep dodging the truth don't I ..."
Zia In many ways, Zia is just doesn't realize how much her presence and the conversation might bring that fear into Deidra. So, when the girl speaks her name, the pale gargress' eyes turn towards her, cocking her head to the side curiously. "Ah'm nae sure wha ye mean, lass." Confusion draws her brows inward, her tail-tip twitching. Right now, she just looks a bit blank, unsure what is going on.
Deidra Deidra takes a deep breath. "All right I'll tell you but I'm not sure if you'll want anything to do with me again once I do." She frowns tail sagging noticably something's really eating at her. "All right I'll tell you but as I said you may not want anything to do with me after. I was foolish, I was young, I thought magic was a joke, a myth."

"I was doing rearch fot something and had found the tome I use now. I thought it was hilatious I'd been rearching all night and when I chanted out one of the spells as a worked summoning a member of the third race." She'll let that part sink in.
Zia The fact that whatever secret this girl holds causes her so much distress isn't lost on Zia, who just continues to look on with a worried expression. "Lass, there isnae much ye could do tha would make me nae consider ye a friend..." Oh, there's certainly a few things, but they all have to do with dark acts that she just doesn't see the other gargress as being capable of. Even with that said, she listens, ears at half-mast as she tries to fathom what sort of thing could leave the girl so worried.

"Ah'm sure the Fae ye summoned was nae a happy camper aboot tha." She accepts that at face value, but clearly doesn't see where this is going yet.
Deidra Deidra says, "I was stunned I never thoguht such things we real." She looks at Zia. "I bluted out the first thing in my head was they could not be real." She frowns now as it's too late to turn back now. "Before I go on you recall how I didn't know how to fly? There's a good reason for that, I wasn't born a gargyole. After my outburst, he just looked at me said something about how would I deal with something that didn't exit. I'm not sure how to descibe what came next but pain beyond anything you likely have epxeirance my body was changed, bones broke and freofmr organc changed the fair folk remade me and made me feel every bit og it before destroying the page that summoned them and vanished leaving me behind...I didn't know what to do, I was scared terrifed and just ran off into the night. SO ... I was born a human I was stupid foolish girl and I paid the price for it." She's now cringing it's clear she's realised why long ago there's not many Gargyoles in existance and that has just eaten away at her.
Zia For a long time, Zia is quiet as she considers the story that Deidra plays out before her. It certainly explained a few things - like not knowing how to fly, or not knowing some gargoyle customs. She had thought the girl had gotten injured somehow, perhaps had some sort of amnesia, but something never did feel quite right. The silence drags on, with the pale gargoyle's eyes looking out towards the skyline of Traverse Town.

"Yer... a human." She finally states this slowly, as if coming to accept it. Oddly enough, the gargress doesn't get to her feet, or move away from her. Those blue eyes just turn from the skyline back to Deidra, nodding once. For all her fear of humanity, Zia can't really blame this girl for how she was born. If circumstances had been different - if she had known that night on the rooftops, she probably would have drawn back. Now... things had changed, perhaps not nearly as much as a human into a gargoyle, but still significantly.

"Do ye hate us fer wha ye've become?" She asks, ears drawing downward. It seems like such a strange question, but it seems as if the white gargoyle is more concerned with if this girl she has come to consider a friend is mad at her and her kind somehow because of all this.
Deidra Deidra seems to be cringing he's not expecting a postive response she doesn't think she deserves one. She's not going to run though and she looks over at Zia for a moment looking at Zia but there's no out burst of hate, no sign of Zia running away and she relaxes ever so slightly. "I was human. Not anymore and no why would I hate your people. No Gargyole did this to me, I did this to myself by being arrogant and cocky. If anything those Gargyoles I have met have been kind to me, like your self. I'd not had anyone to walk to in weeks when we first met. I was starting to lose it from being's more. It's the revelation that hit me why Gargyoles are so rare. If one takes human nature into account...I don't know I just started to feel safe again I was afraid I'd be rejected. I just couldn't ... lie to you anymore."
Zia Over the past months, Zia had come to realize that appearances can often be deceiving. People were often able to look like one thing while being something else entirely. "Deidra." The white gargoyle isn't known for using names very often, and usually when she does, it's for some greater purpose. Reaching out a hand, Zia moves to lay it on the other girl's shoulder. "Ye werenae the one tha drove our kind te this. Nor did ye have anythin te do with those tha hurt me 'n m'clan. Ah cannae hold ye responsible for things tha others did." She tries to offer a small smile, unsure exactly what to say. What would it be like to be trapped in a body that wasn't your own?

"Ah would be a fool te turn away a friend jus fer wha ye were born as, lass." That hesitation remains, though, "Though, Ah havete admit tha Ah wouldnae have been so friendly te ye if Ah'd known before. Tha's my mistake, though, nae any of yers." A soft laugh is followed by a shake of her head. "Ye'll have to forgive me. Ah've been alone a long time, 'n learnin te let others in, especially humans, it's a long road."
Deidra Deidra suprised at Zia using her name for a moment looks over as she feels the other setting a hand on her shoulder it's honstly comforting. "I know, it's just a lot to take in. Just the horror of realising we were not alone and we shoved your people away. I'm just glad you havne't rejected me and nothing to forgive at all. Your trying and making progress right? Still I have to say if only from the people I met I don't hate being like this, it's just been a lot to take in. Not to mention have several extra aptendages I wasn't used to." She flicks her tail a little bit.
Zia "If Ah can learn te accept humans as they are, wi' everything Ah've been through, then Ah think there's hope for the rest of the humans from our world." She chuckles to herself, running a hand through the fringes of her hair. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Zia can almost hear a whisper like something from a dream. A long journey. Trying to dismiss the feeling, she reaches a hand out, moving to pull the other girl into a one-armed hug. "Well, ye make a fine gargress if ye ask me." She shrugs one shoulder, "Ye get used te it after a while." With a smirk, she leans her head back, looking up at the sky." Ye know what really takes gettin used te?" She motions up at the sky. "Tha... an entire sky, but nae ours."
Deidra Deidra seems to be fariing a little bit better now she's told the truth to someone rather than keeping it all inside. She's pulled into the huge and is a bit suprised but doesn't sight it at all. "I guess I do and yes there is that. Being able to fly on my own power is wonderful." She looks up at the night sky. "Least there's words where what one is are less of an issue now. I'm not sure though if i'm ready to tell anyone else the truth. It might distract from the efforts towards manhattan."
Zia "Well, Ah dinnae think it would be so bad as ye expect, lass." Zia replies with a shake of her head. "Among some of our kind, ye certainly would need te take caution, but... the clan that red-skinned lad came from has lived along side humans for centries. Ah doubt they'd turn ye away." With another slow breath, the white gargress muses, "Ah was so afraid te show anyone our weakness, tha Ah hid it fer quite some time. It was a big relief te me te be able te trust others wi tha secret." Her hand comes down to touch the pendant at her throat. There were still many who didn't know how she'd avoided that 'curse' of their kind, but now it seems like it doesn't matter that much. 'Ye jus wait until some dashing young gargoyle comes te try to sweep ye off yer feet. Then Ah'm sure ye willnae want te say a word." She's teasing, companionably, her tail swaying slightly at her side.
Deidra Deidra says "No the clock towere clan are pretty open. Burned by humans yes but not hating them, given the concern they show for the victems of Dr. Savariasus mad science it makes my fears seem rather silly honestly. Secrects can eat you alive if it goes on long enough." She laughs. "I'm not even sure how I'd handle that right now, I'm still just trying to get everything sorted out but who knows. Only an idiot throws away a good thing to fall into their lap." She humms for a moment "Still one other thing, sleeping as a gargyole for the first time. I had no idea what /was/ going on. I heard about sleeping like a rock but I wasn't expecting it to be litteral."
Zia While Zia hadn't actually met any of the 'Clocktower' clan, herself, at least not in more than a passing fashion, she can't say much for them. Obviously, they knew of some human or another to be able to have called the Police Station their home. "Sevarius." The name has that distant bit of memory to it. Avira had mentioned it when she had become that strange creature. The gargress never did figure out how she managed to change back into a human afterwards. "The scientist. The one who tried te make humans inte creatures like us." With a nod, she seems to accept the other gargoyle's words. "It doesnae ma'ta wha someone looks like. Ye can change the outside, but the inside always stays the same."

She'd seen people change. She had seen humans turn into beasts and back again, and werewolves turn from one form to another. "It's always be'ta te look at it as wha ye gained rather than wha ye lost. Though... Ah can imagine how hard it'd be if ye had family back home. Maybe they'd be more apt te believe things now, though. The people from Manhattan are startin te realize tha there is more te the world than them."

The prospect of stone sleep brings a chuckle from Zia, "Aye? Bit of a scary thing, huh?" She muses, plucking at that crystal at her neck. "Ah usete be able to avoid it. Bit'a m'own secrets, Ah suppose. Since our world fell, Ah've been victim te it as much as anyone else. Ah'd forgotten how scary it can be." With a bemused sort of look, her ears tuck down, "Do ye ever miss sunlight? Seems silly fer me, bein a creature of the night, but Ah do. Guess you'd remember wha it was like as a human b'fore."
Deidra Deidra says "That's something I'm learning, maybe the fair folk wanted to smack the ignorance and arrogance out of me." She shrugs a bit on that line of thought before looking back at her friend. "" Sore spot from the sounds of it Deidra does, but they went up with Manhattan so far as she knows. "True, the city is maybe...if we somehow get the city back."

Thankfullly the topic of stone sleep becomes a wonderfil diverseion for her. "Not going t pry still I thought I was dying or something the first time. I fell right on my rear when I woke up the next night. I remeber the sun, I do miss it."
Zia "Sometimes, the fair folk give gifts in disguise." Zia replies, looking over the other girl with a curious expression. "Afterall, would ye have come all this way if it weren't for what happened te ye? It might have been wha ye needed to be someone who can fight fer their world 'n their friends." She had her own sort of nudge in that direction, and it had come from a certain werewolf who had given her a reason to explore beyond her own world. "Ah do believe there's hope, though." She pushes a hand to the ground, getting to her feet, wings caping over her shoulders.

"It isnae a sort of magic Ah could share with anyone even if Ah wanted te. Sometimes, Ah wish Ah could find some spell te let me be a daywalker again." Shaking her head, she seems to consider the prospect of always being trapped by the night. "Alas, Ah've got a long way te go till morning. Trouble always nips at m'heels." She seems to be preparing herself to go, though, her hands touching the bannister, looking out at the dark sky.
Deidra Deidra says " have a point, if I hadn't had that happened i'd just have not met the TDA and likely gone up with Manhattan." Still how she got that way was not enjoyable, but she can't change the past right? So she can't focus on it. "Don't worry about it I also found since I been off Manhattan for long periods my sleep times have got a little strange someitmes I can be up a bit after dawn for example can't really count on it. It's never day here city, not that I mind. You know I should go for another flight myself."
Zia Hopping up onto the railing, Zia looks back, crouched there. "Well, Ah've got an evil servant of dark lords te track down, or at least Ah need te go talk to VALKYRI aboot it." She smirks ruefully, not exactly looking forward to trying to figure out the best way to save her werewolf friend. "Tell ye wha, if ye have any leads on Manhattan, give me a call, alright?" She digs out a phone, which looks to have been customized somewhat, but clearly not by her. She brings up her number, scratches it onto a piece of paper, then offers it out.

After doing so, Zia flares her wings, catching some of the wind. "Maybe Ah'll stop by yer pub sometime for a pint. Would be nice te have someplace te relax." With that, she launches off into the night sky. She had her breather for the night, and now there is so much to do.
Deidra Deidra gets up on the railing hserself and perches there for a moment and she nods to Zia, "I'll get back to helping Will with his issue and if I hear anything on your friend. You should, it's good place. Anyhow take care." With that she leaps off and takes flight herself into the never ending night of the city.

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