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(2013-02-07 - 2013-02-20)
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Fluorgis was one of the neighboring cities to Rabanstre. It would only make sense that when reports came to Rabanstre about a Judge being 'killed' that Archades may peek some interest in this. After all there was several things here at play.

One - This was not one of their own.
Two - They were /sure/ it wasn't one of their own.
Three - Was this another false charge?
Four - If not, then who /was/ this judge?!

So, when things need to be solved, you send the most available Judge Magister who's main job was not to only keep an eye on the Emperor's oldest son, but to also collect information. Research this information, and handle informational affairs. Thankfully, his job had less to do with paper-work and more to do with being out in the open.

..someone else pushed his papers.

Soon walking into the other desert city came the Judge Magister of Archades; The Judge of Ambition; Gabranth. The judge walked calmly through the city. The mark of Archades in red on the back of his leather-like cape. The sheaths of the blades clinking with each step he took. His face hidden by the helm, but his eyes searching about the area.

What was odd is that the Judge Magister was alone. You would think with the idea of a killing happening here, he would have several other men with him. However, Gabranth knows some things about politics. To many of Archadian troops in the area could be taken wrong. It was bad enough that /he/ was here truth be told.
Riku Riku sits on top of a building much like he has done many times of late. He has adopted the hobby of people watching, more like fallen into the practice, and idly sits back with his hands on the roof.

There was always the problem of running into the Shard Seekers in the troubled city of Fluorgis, but he finds himself no longer caring as much as he used to and perhaps scanning the crowd for those he would know.

When he sees an armored shape, he puts a hand to his face, squinting as he tries to make out the sign on their fluttering cape.

Riku's eyebros raise in curiosity and he picks himself up, leaping across to another rooftop with the aid of a black staff and trailing the Judge Magister at a distance to see what brought them out to this desert city.
Zargabaath It seems the Archadian Empire found it prudent to send more than one Judge Magister to Fluorgis.

Judge Magister Zargabaath had received orders himself to go to Fluorgis and support Gabranth in investigating the rumor about the dead 'Judge'. But instead of meeting up with his comrade outside, Zargabaath flies into the port on a Valfarre and enters the city that way.

"Stay here with the Valfarre, but be ready. I may call for you at any time." Zargabaath's order is met with a united salute from his soldiers.

With that tended to, the Judge of Reason turns on his heel and disappears into the crowd... or as much so as one would expect of a Judge Magister. Unfortunately, they don't blend in very well.

Zargabaath doesn't know how Gabranth does it.
Evja Right about this point an elderly fellow steps out in front of Gabranth. But not the 'Old man in front of a bus' kind of step so much as the 'Knowing old man interrupts'. Especially given despite his age, one might recognize from his posture and the fact that even though he's likely in the latter third of his life, there is a strength about him, almost a presence.

"Hail, good sir." He says, voice showing no signs of fear or hesitation in the presence of the Judge.

"I see from your attire you are not from this land, yet almost certainly you carry yourself as would a Judge. Is there something I can assist you with?" Despite openly impeding the Judge and offering his assistance, the old fellow makes no mention of who he is or why he would be qualified for such, nor why he should even be heeded.
Gabranth was unaware he was being shadowed from above, mostly busy glancing over the populace here and ignoring the wide berth some were giving him. Though whispers, whispers he was listening too.

Though as he continued to walk, little was he aware that Archades decided it be best to also send in Zargabaath in just encase. This could-- look bad. Two Judge Magisters now in a city that they were not even part of. Good times.

However as the old man steps out in front of the Judge Magister, he peers at the old man. Those blue eyes hidden by the shadow of the helm studying the man before him. It would seem here, like many places outside of the territory of not only Archades, but outside of the country to New Ivalice that once again what he wrote about still stands true; People do not know the proper title to give when speaking to one of the law.

"My name is Judge Magister Gabranth, I am here on behalf of Archadian Empire in order to investigate regarding the killing of a.. Judge." There was some hint of uncertainty in that British, echoing voice. "Would you happen to know anything about this or anyone here who would?"

If the old man was going to ask, he may as well make use of the suddenly handy resource. Though this may be a common questioning of today. It was about then that something else catches his attention. A shadow that was out of place. The way it was moving and angled was not like the shadows of people on the ground. For now, he does not look to see who may own this shadow. He will continue to play dumb.
Riku Riku digs into the satchel that he has slung over his shoulder, pulling out a piece of fruit that he begins to idly peel with one sharpened nail as he takes a seat on the baked bricks and tiles of the rooftop with the wind blowing fitfully and muddling his sense of the conversation going on below.

His eyes shift between Gabranth and the older man who moved into their path. He swept the city again with his eyes, feeling no great force pulling him in any direction and content to simply sit and soak in the rumble of crowd noise rising up from the busy streets like baking waves of heat.

The teenager takes a mouthful of water from a skein and stretches where he sits, laying the staff across his lap and eating the fruit one section at a time.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath is quite aware of the issues that could arise from two Judge Magisters being in the same city at the same time. It's a problem even in Rabanastre, much less a city not under the Empire's purview. It is perhaps all the more reason why he did not join up with Gabranth outside the city and enter with him.

He takes his time weaving through the crowds, listening closely and keeping his eyes open for suspicious activity. He has not yet spotted Gabranth nor anyone else he would consider familiar, and he himself may not be in spotting range just yet.
Evja Oh, the old fellow certainly knew the proper title. But he wasn't going to toss it out on a whim. It was a title one earned, not given by one just in case they were. Though as he spoke, the elder nodded, "Good, good, Your Honor. " That, and he waited until it was confirmed before offering such pleasantries.
Certainly this old man who smelled faintly of Chocobos didn't show any signs that he noticed anyone following Gabranth either, for that matter.

"In fact, I do. An unfortunate scenario, one that shall hopefully never be played out again. You see... as of the last night, those responsible have been detained or destroyed, though the latter only for those who could not be detained otherwise. It was not one of your Judges, though, upon whom the attempt was made."
There was a pointed release of information, that being just as much as was asked for, and enough to elaborate upon it, while still being polite. He knew more than he was letting on.
"It would be possible to take you to a Judge if you have something to inquire with one about, that which I just said did not explain." a pause, "Or did you wish to acquire proof it was not one of your own, Your Honor, and that no hostilities against Archades have been made and not taken care of?"

About this point, though, a large noble Chocobo approaches the old fellow and nudges him on the cheek from behind, bumping his head affectionately. Chuckling, he reaches up to pat the bird, only to blink when he realizes it has a note. Pulling it off and glancing at it, he gives a 'Well, what do you know' and rolls it back up to tuck it away in his satchel. "It seems I was invited to a drink with a Judge Friend of mine, though I do not think I shall be able to make this call. Perhaps you, good sir, would like to join them in my stead? I think you may find the opportunity enlightening, as... to speak of the one mentioned... the one whose life was nearly taken is who just spoke to me. A Judge by the name of Evja, now within the Pub a quarter mile up the road on the right."
The Judge of Ambition listens to the old man, seeming to not lose any attention at all during this long out conversation. Instead of he hung on every word, weighing them out as they were spoken. Gnawing at each phrase that may or may not match up.

The Judge Magister only gave a simple nod of his helm. "Archades is aware that it is not one of our own, as all Judges and Judge Magisters were accounted for." He says very calmly. Glancing at the chocobo as it shows up. There was a minor tilt of his helm, yet words were not said until the old man was finished.

Gabranth then idly went to move his hand to rest on the hilt of his blade, but stopped himself in realizing that could be seen as an aggressive action. Sigh, how he hated sometimes dealing with outside cities. So the Judge only shifted his weight. The interesting fact he was starting to gather was that this city may have a high population of judges. Which was very fascinating that such a thing somehow slipped by him in his walk around.

Very interesting indeed. Perhaps because it was a highly different structure here? That would have to be the case really.

"The Emperor's interest was merely to make sure that this was not a false charge." He would leave out the 'highly curiosity' as well from this part of the conversation. The Judge Magister then takes notice of someone a bit taller then himself. He knows that helm from anywhere. His blue eyes glance in that direction, before looking to the older man. "I would not mind speaking to.." play it safe. "..honor Judge Evja, however if you could give me one moment, sir."

The Judge Magister then walked away for a moment. It may be obvious by this point that the Mark of Archades was much like the Judge emblem perhaps from these parts, yet there was noticeable different in how things were laid out. Curious and Curiouser. Though by the mild quick steps of Gabranth, Zargabaath may know that walk of 'I am not amused', or sometimes better known as 'Grrr'.

"Magister Zargabaath." He says calmly as he approaches. "I did not get word you were to be here." he then moves his helm for Zargabaath to follow, keeping his voice low; though the helm only amplified it mildly. "Did the Senate believe it was best to make a sign of.. show?" Yep. He was /not/ amused.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath pauses upon catching sight of Judge Magister Gabranth talking to an old man--a chocobo farmer, if the bird standing so close to him is of any indication. It seems the two saw each other at the same time, as the Judge of Ambition excuses himself and stalks towards Zargabaath.

The Judge of Reason cannot help but emit a low sigh, crossing his arms over his chestplate. Apparently the Senate is playing games once again.

He follows Gabranth's lead, staying just behind and to the right, though keeps his voice at a low rumble himself. "No, Your Honor. I was ordered here to assist your investigation. I was informed you had already been notified, otherwise I would have contacted you myself." His gloved hands tighten on his folded arms, his own voice indicating more than a little displeasure of his own at the situation. "My apologies if I have... complicated matters."
Evja The path to the pub, if indeed that was where the two were headed, was simple enough. One could simply walk down the main road a ways and there it was on the right side, a popular area one could tell simply by the traffic. Though thankfully they had all the time they wished in the world to converse along the way, because it would seem that the one who invited the old fellow was within.
Sitting at a table in the far corner of the room, facing the doorway, was their first official sighting of something that resembled a Judge. Though if they had ever come across a Jylland Judge before, this Judges armor was slightly different. It was less bulky, less formal. In fact, it looked more fitting for combat and war than anything else. A milky white/silver, almost crystaline-looking armor fit their form, two weapons leaned against the wall behind them. A large translucent sword and a spear of the same material that the armor was made of.
Only the bust of the armor could be seen at the moment and up. The Judge had a large glass of some type of wine in front of them, ornate helm sitting on the table in front of them almost like a centerpiece. Though...

One thing likely stood out more than anything.

Besides the fact that the figure was bandaged quite heavily and looked to have been beaten to hell and back, possibly tortured, it was a Viera. An opaque veil was pulled loosely across their face so they could still drink and maintain, perhaps, some sense of Vieran decency. Though only some Viera had the habit of covering their face.
Gabranth walks with Zargabaath, his eyes looking forward as he keeps his voice to that low rumble. "Negative. We will make this work." Gabranth silently wishes there was times he could punch one of those idiots on the table. Though he was the eyes and ears of the Emperor, it would seem the senate would always play their games to make him look like a fool.

There were times he wondered if Ghis may not had a hand in this at times..

"It would seem a Judge here by the name of Evja was the one attacked. There was an offer to go in the man's stead to speak with him. I would prefer you do this." There was a grunt before a muffled whisper. "..your better at.. social talks."

The Judge Magister makes his way back to the older man, before bowing his head gently. "My apologies for the earlier interruption." He then motions his hand over to Zargabaath. "This is Judge Magister Zargabaath. He will be going in my stead to speak with his Honor Evja." He then lowers his hand. "If this is reasonable?"

This is where it would seem the two judges separate apart. Mostly because Gabranth was curious about that shadow. Anyone who moved not in the normal means of the city, typically meant someone who was trouble. This lead the Judge Magister to let Zargabaath go ahead, while he moved around and found the means to get up on the roof by--- not so conventional means.

How you ask?

He leaped into the air in the alley, constructed quickly a dark rune platform and leaped off that onto the very roof. His hand reached for the hilt of the blade, yet no motion was taken as he realized whom it was. "Riku?"
Evja "Of course." The old man replied, giving Zargabaath the same directions, nodding and offering him the similar 'Your Honor' greeting given once introductions were made.
Riku Riku follows with his eyes the path of the two Judge Magisters (and his eyebrows raise even further for them both to be here) and puts the remnants of the fruit away with the skein in his satchel, taking his eyes off them for a moment.

He is about to slip down from the building by virtue of a swinging rope -- when he is surprised by a sudden occurance of Gabranth. "AH!" The teenager lets out a small yelp, accidently losing his grip on the rope and having to snag an arm across the edge of the roof to prevent falling off.

The wind is still knocked out of him anyways and he eyes Gabranth with a less than courteous frustration before coughing out a somewhat polite grunt of 'yr honor.." as he levers himself back onto his feet with a look of chagrin.

"You'd think I'd learn by now that curiosity only gets me into trouble."
Gabranth can only hilt his head as the youth nearly falls off, before he actually moves at a rather quick clip to make that wasn't /going/ to be the case. He already saved Cirra once from falling, he could offer the same to Riku.

Yet as the Judge Magister figured, Riku had it in hand and only if the youth wanted it. The Judge Magister gave him his hand as some aided help. "Curiosity can be a dangerous notion, but it can also answer questions many do not wish to seek."

The Judge of Ambition tilts his head to the other side. "What brings you out here, Riku?"
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath lowers his arms back to his sides and bows slightly at the waist to the elder man in greeting, listening carefully to the instructions. "My thanks, sir. Good day to you and yours." He gives the large chocobo a nod, then turns and heads towards the pub.

The Judge of Reason walks quickly down the main road, cape lifting off the ground with his long strides giving the heavy leather material lift. His senses are keen, ensuring he is not followed by anyone on the ground. He has heard... rumors of this Judge Evja, the underworld seeking a Black Mark on his head. He must be cautious.

He finds the pub in question easily and slows his pace, walking inside even as he reaches up and unbuckles his helm. Zargabaath pauses briefly, removing his helm entirely and tucking it under one arm as he scans the room, and his gaze is almost immediately drawn to the very back. He has never seen a Jylland Judge before, taking a moment to appreciate the similarities yet very clear differences between them.

But then he realizes the race of the Judge in question. /A Viera?/ An eyebrow raises noticeably in his surprise. The Archadian Empire is primarily made of Humes, and there are no non-Humes as Judges or Judge Magisters. Truly Evja is not one of their own.

He approaches Evja slowly, keeping his presence non-threatening but indicitive of his rank. "Judge Evja, I presume?" He asks quietly once he reaches the table, his voice barely audible above the noise around them.
Riku Riku allows himself to be helped up, something that seems to surprise him almost as much as the sudden occurance of Gabranth. He hehs softly, murmuring something to himself as he shakes his head that is unaudible.

"I.. don't know really. I was thinking maybe I would catch a glimpse of Reize or the shard seekers, but as long as you're here-- I think I should ask if--" he gestures and shifts his shoulders as if only now slightly uncomfortable.

"I've given it some thought. I want to take you up on your offer.. if.. it's still open." Riku looks away pointedly, somewhat vaguely annoyed to be nervous and trying hard not to show it. "May I even ask why out you are out here?"
Gabranth raises a brow under his helm. He was not expecting the youth to actually agree to the offer after they last spoke and he gives a soft nod. "The offer still stands." He says calmly. He then hrms softly. "As to why. I was sent.. along with His honor Zargabaath in order to investigate a killing of a Judge. It would seem that the Judge in question was not only attacked, but still remains alive."

Gabranth then rests his hand on the hilt of his blade, before he looks in the direction Zargabaath went off too. "It would seem this Judge is not one of our own, but another's. In my own travels I was not aware of other nations that had such a system like our own. It is something the Emperor is most interest in, as they are attempting to make allies with neighboring nations."

Yes, it would seem Archades is trying to do things the /peaceful/ way for once.

He then glances over to Riku. "It would seem your interest comes at a good time."
Riku Riku snorts softly. "Then that would be a first." he takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly, turning to look off in the direction that he had been following before he'd been surprised.

"Well, I won't interrupt then. I was just curious because--" he nods and then says it bluntly. "Yeah, your honor-- you guys stand out, even in your own city." he smirks a little to himself.

"Although I suppose I'm not any different if you put me somewhere like the Old Kingdom. Apparantly people get very accurate with stones and very distrusting of people who look different. --One of the few" he then amends "VERY few. Benefits of portal magic."
Gabranth continues to look in that direction, his eyes focusing off to the distance really. He would need to speak with the Emperor once more regarding Riku. See what strings he could pull and what trials the youth could be placed through to prove himself.

Then there was the matter of age. Was Riku /old/ enough? Though with again, the right strings, such things could be overlooked. The youth was extremely good in combat, rough around the edges yet if polished...

"Portal Magic." Gabranth says looking over to Riku. "Is something that we have seen, yet none of us fully understand." He raises an eye brow. "I guess this does explain how you get around with such ease."

The Judge Magister then reaches into a small satchel on his belt, before tossing Riku a pearl of some kind. "You may use that to get into contact with me or visa versa. I will need to speak to our training officers regarding you in further detail. There will be, most likely trials you will have to complete. Things I am sure you can handle with simple ease."

The Judge Magister then tilts his head. " for us standing out. This can be remedied easily when we so wish of it. Something I do often in my line of work." There was almost a 'playful' sound in Gabranth's voice. "However, that is classified information." At least he was trying to be.. sociable.
Riku Riku catches the pearl, looks at it and nods. "There's always a price." he says softly with a grim smile. "But I have already paid several of those. I think I have a better gauge of what is being set before me--" he shrugs.

"Or at least that is what I tell myself." The smile is self-depreciating but the same amused tone in his voice as he shunts what he was thinking off to one side with a small sigh. He glances at Gabranth. "Right. It's not really a disguise if people can pick it out." he chuckles. He bows respectfully to Gabranth before tucking the pearl away in his satchel.

"I'll let you get back to your work, your honor." he pauses for a long time, then adds. "..Thank you." as he turns away to leave.
Evja To suddenly be spoken to by an approaching figure, and one who was a Judge at that, surprised the Viera in Judges Armor. Setting 'her' glass down when the question came, she nodded, then slowly stood, a visible wince when she did such. Those bandages weren't simply for show after all, though as to why she was even in armor in such a situation remains to be seen.
"I was unaware I was going to be receiving a visit from an Archadian Judge." pause, "Or are my presumptions incorrect?" Evja was quite a bit more forward. "Evja, Judge Magister Errant, currently not on duty." Evja spoke with a practiced tone, one that could quite easily pass for female, and given the whole 'Who had ever even seen a male Viera?' thing, one might can easily assume female. Since that's what Evja's goals are as far as appearances and perceptions go.

"Please, have a seat. I was waiting on an old companion of mine, a Judge who retired just yesterday. I had planned to buy him lunch as a retirement gift, in lieu of my inability to get something better." Despite what he'd heard of 'Archadian Judges' from others, the Viera simply wasn't paying it any mind. He was going to form his own opinions, even if he had no intention of warring for Archades.
Emi Dennou If Traverse Town is the Dennous' main hideout, then Fluorgis is their secondary hideout. Thanks to the troubles in Fluorgis making it quite lucrative for adventurers (or detectives for that matter), Emi hasn't had trouble feeding her Sisters in quite some time. Plus a bouncing Tigger gave her half a hot dog that had been lodged in his ear. He may be the sweetest gentleman in the world but at some point she lost track of him (he's a Tigger) and decided to pay a visit to Fluorgis purely because she wants to keep an eye on the situation there.


"My everything hurts, The Network informs The Network." Umi says. "And Shida won't talk to meeeeeeeeeeeee."

"...Good luck." Emi said before taking the first portal to another world.


Of course that's no escape, she still has to listen to the complaining, but it's a bit easier to ignore this way. A pub is a noisy place, and so she seeks refuge there since the distracting noises can make the omnipresence of her sisters a bit less horrifying. Another Dennou has come with her, though her identity is unclear (it's Omi).

Emi looks around inside the pub, perhaps hoping for A HOT CASE but actually she has enough on her plate at the moment, but it always pays to pay attention to one's surroundings. German ninjas may jump you otherwise. She keeps the door open for Omi and then shuts it behind her.

Judges, Emi notes to Omi mentally.

Omi nods but, as is typical, keeps her distance as Emi approaches the three.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath inclines his head, concern on his expression at the 'female' Viera's obvious pain. He has no indication to believe otherwise. "You are correct. I am Judge Magister Zargabaath of the Archadian Empire."

He only sits when the chair is offered, resting his helm on the table next to Evja's. "You refer to an elder male Hume with a quite stately chocobo? He is the one who directed me to you, but he indicated he may not be able to meet you here."

He folds his gauntleted hands on the table, tilting his head slightly as his brow furrows. "Forgive my curiousity, Your Honor, but I have never before met any Judges nor Judge Magisters not of Archades. Would you mind explaining your land and your duties?"

The entrance of more people into the establishment barely catches his attention, though the approach of Emi Dennou does. "Ah, Emi Dennou, I presume? How fare you?"
Evja Upon hearing of the old fellow not being able to make it, Evja sighs and takes a seat. "Even in retirement, he works too hard. Still, I am pleased they let him stay on as the stablemaster even no longer a Judge proper." Her attention then goes to Emi, whom she doesn't actually /know/. They seem vaguely familiar, if only because they were at the beach in Bodhum, but beyond that - no recognition.
Giving Emi a moment or few to respond, eventually the Viera takes a drink from her wine only to say simply, "Errant. In title only, I hold no power over the High Court of Jylland, or other Judges. Though this was granted to me to act as a voice for the Judges outside this land, and where necessary. I would ask you the same question, if you are willing to oblige an answer. As for us... we are a neutral entity within the lands of Jylland. Many centuries past, laws were enacted upon the land like the very laws of nature itself, to regulate combat in an attempt to cull the bloody wars that were going on. A method to adjudicate the clans. Though our reach has changed since then, now we simply adjudicate clans who are willing to swear an oath to uphold the laws, thus granting them benefits others do not have. Among them, pending they follow the laws set upon this land in adjudicated encounters, protection from a lethal blow. Our only judicial reach extends to those who have sworn an oath to us, as agreed upon by the governments of Jylland, and where requested to protect others. We are not an army, nor are we the enforcement in all towns."

As if to restate, she says again quite simply, "We are Neutral to All."
Judge Magister Gabranth watches as Riku leaves. He hrms softly. It would seem this day would indeed bring him not only some paperwork, but also an audience with the Emperor. It will be busy when he gets home.

Thus we go to the Pub now, where Gabranth has entered but kept to the shadows. It was the nice thing about pubs. His black armor allowed him to easily glide through the area, even if that ominous red mark on his cape gave him away at times.

He could hear the explanation given by the Judge in question, yet he has had not the chance to see the Judge yet, until he moves in closer. There he sees Zargabaath and...

A Veira?!

This causes him to pause in his steps and linger back a bit. A /Viera/ of all things was a /JUDGE/?!

No, Gabranth, you are no longer in Archades territory.

r Though notice of the two girls does cause the Judge Magister to look in their direction. He knew those two. He recalled them when they aided the mercenary. He would give them no mind for now, at least it was a nice direction from the 'buh' moment.
Emi Dennou Omi looks to Gabranth suddenly. She is opposite in terms of personality to Umi. She says, more or less, "Hello again. This one apologizes for Umi." This is one of her more standard methods of introduction. On closer expection, she seems to have a thick knife hitched along her belt but she has not brought along gun today. They can be a bit unwieldy unless you plan to use them.

Emi is also apparently unarmed. She looks towards Zargabaath first, smiling faintly at him. "It is good to see you again, Your Honor. Thank you again for your help before." Though they hope Rage won't be...too...ragey. Okay, maybe they should've locked her up, but she hadn't done nothin' yet! "This one is a Judge as well?" 'This one' for once isn't a substitute for 'I' as she turns to face Evja.

"Barrel." She informs Evja.

She looks back to Zargabaath, "May we converse with you? The Network inquires so as to not be rude (though the Network will probably listen in anyway if you say no though)."

Wait what was that slightly under her breath? Nevermind that.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath smiles and inclines his head in an acknowledging nod to the thanks, leaning back in his chair slightly to not appear quite so formal. "Yes, she is, but of a different land than my own. If Judge Evja does not mind if you join us, neither shall I."

He does not acknowledge Judge Magister Gabranth's presence, knowing that the Judge of Ambition would reveal himself in due time if he is so inclined.

He nods slowly as he listens closely to Evja's explanation. So Judge Evja is a Judge in title only within her land, and the Judges in this 'Jylland' have duties similar to but drastically different than the Archadian Judges. How... so very intriguing.

"I believe I understand. You passively enforce the law of your land, empowering and protecting those who swear to obey the laws as dictated. Taking no sides but the laws, and only acting when requsted or needed. But if I may ask, what may I call you by title if not 'Your Honor'?"

When the topic directs to a similar query about Archadian Judges, he smiles slightly. "The titles of 'Judge' and 'Judge Magister' are ranks within the military force of Archades. You could say that 'Judge Magister' is akin to a general, subject only to the authority of the Emperor, his house, and the Senate. Judges are the rank directly below that of a Judge Magister." He speaks carefully, placing his words in proper order. "It is the duty of a Judge Magister to lead the military, to enforce the Archadian law, and to protect the government. Our orders thus far have been to simply explore and learn, as this world is... very different indeed than our homeland."
Evja "No, I suppose I do not mind, though I would wonder why any other than a Judge would seek to converse with us. I am quite aware most find Judges rather intimidating." Evja hadn't quite noticed Gabranth yet, though she was paying attention more to those at her table than anything. "As for a title, if one must, Magister Errant shall suffice. While I maintain the rank of Magister, I am not a member of the High Court. You see, the Judgemaster is the head of the Judges here, and by his side a council of six Magisters, who serve as the next in command, beneath him. They serve as a council should an issue arise and govern the day to day affairs of the order. Errant is a title with lack of a seat, so I ask for no formalities with it beyond what other Judges are due."

Another long draught of her wine is taken then she looks towards the one behind the counter, raising a hand to get his attention. "Without old Hermann here to celebrate his retirement, I shall offer to get you lunch instead if you wish it." a pause, then towards Emi, "As well as her?"
Gabranth glances over to Omi who speaks up to him. He was keeping his distance from the table and the darkness was really making it hard to see much about the Dark Knight Judge Magister. Beyond the red symbol and those odd lines in the armor the shimmer from time to time. "It is fine." He says very calmly.

His gaze turns back to table in question. He was just going to keep his distance. He probably one make things worse honestly.

He continues to listen to the explanations. Yep. It was better that he sent Zargabaath to do the talking. Though he would have done this for his Emperor, Zargabaath was just... better at it. That may have something to do with age honestly.

Age and experience in such matters.
Emi Dennou Omi was also hanging back, thus weakening the effect of 'hanging back' as a stealth maneuver. In fact it's probably a bit awkward, since Omi was in fact doing the exact same thing as Gabranth, letting someone else do the talking because they are better at it.

She is content to observe and not say a damn thing either. EXCITING RIGHT?

"The Network does not find judges intimidating." Emi 'explains' to Evja. To be fair there is little that does intimidate Dennous, at least just upon sight alone--but really in general. Life threatening situations followed by a painful horrible death is their standard expectation out of existence. Little terrifies them on such a level.

She may in fact have requested to stay here because this is a good chance to learn more about the Judge system which she otherwise knows very little beyond that you are to call them 'Your Honor' and that Judge Dredd has yet to be any of their members.

"Honestly, this one admits that avoiding the opportunity to speak with Judges to far more perplexing to us than any other alternative." She pulls out a seat from another table and sits down nearby, her normally blank eyes lighting up a bit at being offered free food.

"The Network thanks you for the free meal, thus allowing us to save for a rainy day." She says.

But she focuses on listening to Zargabaath. She nods a few times curiously before asking a question of her own. "Where does a prospective judge go to learn the law?" Emi asks.

Omi tilts her head to Gabranth, "The Network is trying to understand the philisophical and practical infrastructure of Archades assimilation of other territories and cultures and its natural dispensation of important information."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath's expression lights up in understanding as Evja gives further explanation to the organizational structure of Jyllian Judges. "Ahhh, an organization to themselves, independant from any one government. Truly neutral, indeed."

He cants his gaze towards the helms sitting side-by-side on the table's surface. Similar general styling, but drastically different materials and effect. Very intriguing. "Archadian Judge Magisters are of the same rank, but Judge Magister Gabranth is usually treated as our leader as he is closest to Emperor Solidor."

He nods to Emi, acknowledging her question. "In Archades, you learn the law upon joining the military, as even rank-and-file soldiers are often peacekeepers. The more competent you prove to be, the higher in rank you rise, thus the more responsibility you are given and under a higher standard you are placed. 'Tis why there are so few Archadian Judge Magisters."

He chuckles softly at Evja's offer for supper. "I would be honored, Magister Errant." He's trying to avoid using her name in casual conversation.
Evja "Yes, neutral. Still, enjoy your food." Looking towards the fellow who walks over, Evja says simply, "I shall have what I normally do." Then stretches a bit, a rather loud pop happening with her back, a tiny squeak of pain coming from it, despite the relief that came thereof. As she looked around the room, however, her attention focused on something in the shadows.
Something that looked armored.

"Judge Magister, did you bring company, or am I to worry that there may yet be another who is late in trying to take my head?" Somehow... Gabranth simply seemed a bit more ominous and imposing than Zargabaath did. Maybe it was how he carried himself. Or the fact that he was practically skulking in the shadows.
Or it may just be that Evja was slightly paranoid of those who stayed in the shadows after seven attempts on her health in three days that culminated in the Verda incident.
The Judge of Ambition cuts a glance over to Omi as she explains why they are here, before he looks ahead once more. "To learn about other cultures is admirable." Gabranth says calmly. He wasn't very talkative. Really.

He also had very little to offer in the way of any conversation going on here. Yes, he could explain some things to Omi, but Zargabaath was doing well enough. If there was something that needed to be corrected, he would speak up. For now. Observe and listen.

He does glance over at Omi again. What was with the Legion anyhow? Perhaps a question best asked for another time.

The Judge Magister now has been spotted in the shadows. He actually gives a nod to Evja, but doesn't come forward. He is indeed a very ominous judge. Batman and him would get along nicely if such things could exist in the same universe.
Emi Dennou Omi nods to Gabranth. She can respect lurking in the shadows antisocially. She adds little else for the time being, but when Evja looks over towards Gabranth, she looks towards 'her' and she frowns faintly. This may be her natural state: Frowning. She IS armed but Omi is disinclined to assault, she more seems...skeptical.

Emi likes free food not because she's a glutton but because she may be something akin to a miser. Money is not something she ever has much of and expenses are always on the horizon.

"Many desire power, few desire responsibility." Emi admits. "Much conflict could be said to be in attempt to get as much of the former while as little of the latter, The Network theorizes regarding the nature of sloth."

Still, she supposes while she's with a Judge she should ask something. "The Network admits this is a touch off topic, but have the Magisters been approached by any Burmecian representatives as of late?" It's practically a nonsequitor, but Emi is curious if Faruja has tried to endorse her plan or if pride won after all.
Zargabaath Zargabaath raises an eyebrow at Evja's question and turns his head to follow her gaze. His eyes narrow, already recognizing the reflection of light on darkened armor, and he keeps his expression neutral despite holding back a sigh. By the Dynast-King, why must Gabranth be so difficult sometimes?

"Aye, 'tis Judge Magister Gabranth himself. I do believe he is keeping watch to ensure you will not be disturbed in the midst of our conversation."

Or so Zargabaath believes. Certainly the Judge of Ambition, the eyes and ears of the Emperor, has heard the same rumors he has about the Black Mark on Evja's head.

He places an order of his own, choosing a relatively small local dish that seems similar to an Archadian dish he has not had in some time. At the same time, he replies to Emi, "Nay, I have not yet, but I am admittedly difficult to find at times. I shall not speak for Judge Magister Gabranth, however."

The Judge of Reason does take the momentary pause in the conversation to look at the heavy bandages wrapped around Evja's wounds, having already noted signs of discomfort if not outright pain from the Viera. "Judge Errant, do you require medical aid or potions?"
Evja "I see." So that was Gabranth, effectively the Judgemaster of the Archades Judges, from what Zargabaath had said. The following question causes her to pause, as if considering it, then she shakes her head. "I will not lie and say I am fine, it would be an insult to you to try and best your ability to see the obvious. However, I have had much magic used upon me and many such items used, and I have already reached my personal limitations as far as consuming them go without negative effects. I could indeed let mages heal me fully and consume every potion I could find, but I would be poisoning myself likely in doing so. The extent of what I have at the moment is surface wounds and stiff muscles, which shall heal in time. That, and as my tolerance is reduced, I can heal myself more with further white magic aid."
The Judge of Ambition was very happy to just stay there, in the shadows, out of the way. BUT NO! Zargabaath had to play the right cards. Bloody Judge of Reason had to be.. reasonable.

Slowly Gabranth comes out of the shadows, before he bows slightly to Evja. "Excuse any disrespect I may have caused, but his Honor, Judge Magister Zargabaath is correct. I was merely making sure none would interrupt this conversation taking place." Sure. Right. "The emperor is most interested in other nations of neutrality at this current time and when hearing of a Judge attacked that was not of our own, we were sent to investigate not only the matter but these other judges as well."

Gabranth then shakes his head to Emi. "Nay. We have heard nothing. Unless Judge Constantine has and has yet to report as such." And if she has, he would have a harsh word with her about it.

The Judge Magister then looks back to the Viera. Be-- respectful. Be.. Nice. No Xenophobia. Bad. He then hrms softly at the condition, even if he wanted to state: 'Archades can do it better', he decided to stay quiet and just simply say. "I do hope your recovery is a swift one, ma'am."
Evja Suddenly, a Judge steps into the room and looks around before trotting over towards Evja, "The Judgemaster would like to speak with you. I apologize for interrupting, Your Honors, but hopefully it shant take much of Magister Errant Evja's time."
With a frown, she nods then slowly stands, shouldering her sword and picking up her spear before placing her helm on and saying, "Pardon this, I shall be back hopefully before you finish your meal. It is likely just a progress report as far as the group that wanted my head goes, given they were ... finished last night." She doesn't quite seem willing to say 'mostly killed', but close enough. And with that, she walks out slowly with the other Judge.
Emi Dennou Emi glances back to Gabranth when Zargabaath draws her attention to him, but it seems neither of them have been approached by Burmecians. She doubts that Cirra would have kept quiet about this--though she certainly imagines she greases the wheels at times just fine, not for this, not for this.

She shakes her head slowly. "No, not being approached was what was anticipated." She does not go into why exactly she had thought one might have approached them in the first place because, well, discretion is the better part of valor. Besides, it'd be awkward to explain. "Constantine would not have kept quiet, after all." She looks towards Evja as she is pulled away. So many judges.

She exchanges a look with Omi who remains quiet. Only a fool would try to jump this crowd so there's no reason to be so on guard, Emi reasons.

"Thank you though." She looks to Zargabaath and adds, "Could you explain the caste system to me?" Pause. "If there is one? The Network had been informed that was something akin to one."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath hides a satisfied smile behind a sip of water as Gabranth is pulled out of his looming into the conversation proper. "Ah, he speaks." The dry snarkiness clear in his voice is quite intentional.

He inclines his head in deferrence to Evja's respectful refusal of aid. A logical reason, especially since she was reportedly injured badly enough to be mistaken as dead. "As you wish, then. I still leave open my offer if you ever have need of it."

The appearance of another Judge, this one fully clad in armor more similar to Evja than either Judge Magister, gains his attention next. It seems even Jyllian Judges are never truly off-duty. "Very well. We shall wait for your return, Judge Errant."

He turns his attention fully to Emi, though tilting his head slightly in minor confusion. "I fear I do not understand your question, Emi. What information did you obtain, and what did it pertain to that would possibly involve a caste system?"
The Judge of Ambition watches as the Veira leaves with another Judge. This one-- even got Gabranth to squint his eyes behind his helm. Were any of these judges here hume at all?

He glances over to Emi as they ask Zargabaath their question. Once more, Judge Magister Gabranth goes back to his silent state, just looking around, observing, listening, and probably giving a few people here an interesting look. Not that anyone can see his eyes, but he is looking. Maybe even at /you/.
Emi Dennou "Not much," Emi admits. "We were told the Archadian Empire employed a 'brutal' caste system. It was in passing." Emi runs her finger down her cheek. "We are simply curious as to how it functions, if it exists, and what it entails." She pauses and then, a bit kindly, adds, "We have no intention of being...judgemental." She then giggles into her hand lightly, its a soft laugh as if she was trying to smother it before it truly got a chance to live and be free.

Omi rolls her eyes. Always the comedian.

Emi returns to a blank expression quickly.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath raises an eyebrow at the implication, though his neutral expression cracks into an amused smile with the unintentional(?) joke at the end there.

"There is no true caste system in Archades. What this 'brutal caste system' may be referring to is a stark seperation between rich and poor areas." He frowns, remembering his own family growing up. "Archades is built on the concept of constantly learning and moving forwards, especially working for what you have. The lower classes are able to gather enough wealth to move upwards, and the upper classes denote social standing by how much information one is able to gather and distribute."

He takes a drink of water for a moment to gather his thoughts. "The military is little different, as I previously stated. Hard work and competence are rewarded much more highly than a name or social standing outside of one's assigned military duties."
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou nods slowly as she listens to Zargabaath. It makes sense that a 'caste' system might be one more in practice than in theorem. That's the trouble with money. It's hard to get. Poor neighborhoods can't pay as much, for instance. She imagines that it's certainly possible. But if it was easy, even the 'poor' neighborhoods would be poor in name only.

She cups her chin for a few moments, trying to digest this information. Archades, in a way, sounds like her own home, sort of. At least, that was their impression of what they've gotten to see it. Not strictly speaking seperated, but the idea of progress--yes that was important to her creators certainly. They had many grand dreams. The Network was only privy to some.

"That does not sound more notably brutal than many other systems." Emi admits. "The Network supposes it is always good to get two sides of any one story." But in this case she wants a third. But where would she find a third voice on a topic as divisive a this surely must be?

She bows her head faintly. "This one must go to the bathroom. Thank you for your time. It is--nice--talking to you."

She thinks, anyway. She doesn't dislike him. He seems responsible, serious even--but not a hardass? She gets good vibes from him, to put it scientifically.

She heads on out to do just that.
Zargabaath Zargabaath rises out of his seat as Emi indicates needing to leave, bowing to her. "I enjoyed our conversation. May we meet again, Emi."

As the Dennou leave, the Judge of Reason retakes his seat and cants his gaze to Gabranth. He says nothing, but the elder Judge Magister has a keen gleam in his eye as if he is trying to analyze his fully-armored comrade.
Gabranth also gives Emi a polite nod of his head as she leaves, though he does turn to look at Zargabaath. He stares at his fellow Judge Magister, before he looks away.

There was a moment of silence before he spoke, "So what do you make of them?" Who was 'them' he referred too?

"Do you think Archades may be able to make allies with them, or do you believe their stance of neutrality could cause them to only run interference?" Gabranth glances over to him again, his voice down low. "Also the simple fact that the Emperor may not like the idea that they are so willing to give to the lesser races."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath leans back in his seat, tilting his head back with a thoughtful look on his face. "As far as Jylland is concerned, I do not think either option is a concern." His voice is low, meant solely for Gabranth's hearing only. "The Judges' neutrality is the very pillar of their land. Should they start to take sides even in matters outside of Jylland, everything will fall apart."

He shakes his head and turns to his supper, almost forgotten with the conversations at hand. "It is refreshingly simple. As long as we do not make an enemy out of them, they will not have a reason to fight against us. Even a non-aggression agreement could be seen as an alliance, if worded the right way."

His eyes narrow at Gabranth at his last comment, however. "I would not think you to be so closed-minded about it. Ghis, perhaps, but you? If Archades took that stance on matters I have previously discussed, neither of us would be Judge Magisters today, now would we? You--born of another land--and I, born without magic."
Gabranth narrows his eyes as Zargabaath hits that button. The leather of the glove can be heard as his hand squeezes tightly. Dark energy flowing around the glove in that moment. Those blue eyes turning amber. Just a thought. A simple little thought. It doesn't take much to make the shadows become your allies.

However such a thought is quickly pushed away. Training. Training of control of the anger. Something you did not get into. Besides, Zargabaath was right. It was low blow. Even lower then his own standards. Even the thought of what he was thinking.

" You are correct." Gabranth said calmly. "My mistake."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath does not look away nor flinch when Gabranth's anger flares, calmly holding his gaze in neutral expectation. Only when Gabranth controls that spike of fury does the Judge of Reason break the stare-off, returning to his meal.

"Very well." With that out of the way, he returns to the heart of the statement. "The Emperor could find fault with Jylland's methods, indeed. However, who are we to second-guess his decisions, even hypothetically?"
Gabranth nods softly, his hand relaxing, the dark mystical energy fading away. "We do not and will not question the will or authority of House Solidor." Gabranth says calmly. Something he follows to very closely to the letter actually.

"Though I will report this information to the house once we are done here. I am sure the Emperor then can decide, as he has always done, with the Senate on the proper coarse of action."

And that seem to be that on this topic.
Evja Suddenly there came sounds of a commotion outside the pub. There was a loud explosion followed by various people screaming and running, some ducking into the pub itself before those within were very aware that something was going on. A few braver ones pulled their weapons and looked ready to do something, but none really stepped /out/, mostly since there were several who were streaming in.

Clang, bang, the sounds of a fight outside rang clearly inside, metal striking metal hard, and loudly before the sound of a Bangaa hissing loudly, "Fire Breattttth!" A heavy Bangaa-esque accent on his voice.

Outside one would clearly find what was two dragoons having what could be considered a death battle. "Somer, stop this!" came the sound of the Viera's voice distorted by the helm she wore, deepened, reverberating as did all such helms, "There is no need for this!"
"Sssilence, traitor! I ssshall kill you myssself! Then defile your good name to all of Jyllandsss peoplesss!" The Bangaa, while heavily armored, looked beaten to hell and back. This fellow had seen /many/ better days. And by better it's meant to say he looks like death warmed over, despite fighting at close to top peak.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath nods once in agreement and was just about to offer Gabranth a seat when the explosion rattles the establishment.

Meal forgotten and a grim look hardening his features, Zargabaath sweeps up his helm and reconnects it back over his head as he strides past other patrons towards the doors. He does not say a word to Gabranth, expecting the other Judge Magister to move with him if not advance before him.

The sight that greets them once they exit is a fight between Dragoons--one a Bangaa that has seen better days indeed, the other Judge Evja herself. "ENOUGH!" The Judge of Reason barks loudly, his helm amplifying the volume as he rests his gauntleted hands on his hips. "What is the meaning of this disturbance? Speak!"
Gabranth was quickly snapped from his thoughts as the commotion took place. The Judge of Ambition quick to respond along side Zargabaath. His hands already on the hilt of the Highway Star.

They had no jurisdiction here. They had no way to enforce the law. However, it did not mean they had to stand idly by while others could get hurt. Zargabaath says what Gabranth was about too.

The Judge of Ambition stands at ready. His hand not drawing the blade, but he would if he needed to be quick about it. The Judge glanced over to the Veira Judge before his eyes returned the the lizards. He was examining them, all of them. Trying to get a feel for this situation at play.
Evja Skidding to a standstill, Evja could be seen slumped a bit, tip of her spear against the ground. She wasn't visibly wounded, but by god did she look exhausted, slumped a bit. Probably the previous injuries. When Zargabaath speaks, though, Evja doesn't take her eyes off the Bangaa. Instead, he turns to look briefly towards them before spitting out nastily, "Pissssss off, Judgesss, or I'll kill you too! Thisss isss between the rabbit and me."
"Somer, give it up!" Evja almost pleaded, "You have no chance! Verda is done, you don't have to carry out this fool vengeance of Erics! It is over! Give up and I shall request your sentence reduced!"

Perhaps now it was obvious - the Bangaa was from the group who wanted the Judge dead, and seemingly the last of them. For a moment, he actually looked like he was considering it, then turned and launched himself right towards Zargabaath and Gabranth. "NO!" Evja shouted, recognizing it and flashing between where she was, and they were, throwing herself in front of them to slam his spear upwards and spin around to finish it outright, trusting her spear behind herself and straight up to pierce through where his heart was.

But what she couldn't see, since she was facing towards the two Archadian Judges, was the Bangaa flash physically before grinning and angling his spear to slam it right through the now-prone Viera, who had attempted to protect them. How he was even alive with the spear through his heart remained to be seen - but he was managing it. Somehow.

Emi looks towards the left.

"...No toilet paper..." She says. She might not get out for a while.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath's stance straightens, shoulders shifting back and chin rising slightly as the Bangaa curses at them both. Oh, now that will not stand.

Zargabaath tenses when Somer charges at them, hands slipping behind his back as one foot slides back in a prepatory stance, but Evja leaps in front of them in an attempt to protect them. To protect /Judge Magisters/, the height of Archadian military might, while still wounded to boot!

The Judge of Reason's hand lashes out as the Bangaa attempts to skewer Evja, grabbing hold of the shaft and pulling it far enough to the side to miss the Judge Errant. He spins around Evja from the force of the deflection, cape whirling around his form as he places himself between Somer and her, his back to the Bangaa.

"You sealed your fate when you moved to attack us, foolish Dragoon." The statement is coldly delivered, completely devoid of the warm vocal tones heard in the earlier casual conversation. Here, now, is truly the Judge of Reason.

He still holds the shaft of Somer's spear in an iron grip, keeping the Bangaa from attempting another attack so quickly. Shining cards appear in his free hand, displaying symbols that appear to be spells. "Gabranth, the Dragoon is yours. I will assist however nessisary." The cards burst into fragments in his hands, enveloping both Judge Magisters in light.
As soon has the Bangaa made it obvious he was out for a fight, the Judge of Ambition drew out his blades; both of them and his foot slid back slightly. Those blue eyes going to amber in color. Dark energy flaring around the very swords.

When the Veira Judge moved out to protect them, Gabranth was mildly surprised. They were the shields and swords of the House. This was a very odd feeling, though one he has been in before; something he doesn't seem to /still/ comprehend. Though Zargabaath was quick enough to protect the Veira. "If that is how it shall be. Then so be it."

The Judge Magister raced forward to meet the Bangaa before he could get any further inward. The flash of light casted around him with their magical seals. Those eyes glowing brightly for a moment in the darkness of the helm. "This day will be your last!" He then leaped up and brought down both down to slam into the Dragoon. Before he spun around with a quick flourish of his Highway Star Saber to strike out with quick strikes.
Evja Evja barely had a chance to react when she saw the Judge move so swiftly. The helm covered it, but she looked right confused before that spear slammed down, spun around only to see the Bangaa standing still with that spear through his chest. He attempted to pull away with his spear, but unable to, instead grabbed the one in his chest and ripped it out just in time to bat away the attacks with the skill of one who could easily fight with the best.
This Dragoon was no slouch, and in fact, was easily the most 'skilled' fighter in the clan, as far as pure Martial Prowess went. "Hah, pathetic attemptsss!"

"How?! How do you yet live when I pierced your heart?!" Evja yelled out, confused as he summoned that giant sword of his, leaping forward towards the Bangaa. "Hah, you think you can hit me with that?!" Just as he went to block, the spear /vanished/ and the sword slammed right through him, hitting him on the head with a concussive slam. The metal helm he had and, somehow, the armor he had, literally cracked in half and fell off. And in that moment he was stunned, the sword was replaced by two lances Evja summoned to herself, once again ramming them straight through the Dragoon.
For a brief moment, one might think he was finished, body limp with the blow looking rather... well, final. Then he glowed again and grabbed the spears, ripping them from the Judges hands before jumping up and kicking right at his face. This was followed by him landing, jumping backwards, then blowing out pure fire towards the trio of Judges.

Emi has managed to sneak into another stall and get toilet paper and is presently washing up. She's sure that once she goes outside there will be no problem.

Omi had vanished during the ruckus. she may be waiting in some dark shadowy corner. She waits.
The Judge magister wasn't going to stand for this. More correctly, Gabranth /really/ wasn't going to stand for this. He did a verbal snap at Evja as she moved into fight. "Stay out of this before you get yourself further injured!"

As the Dragoon moved in to attack him. He blocked the blow with a quick parry, then seemed to backflip in the air with the Dragoon. Yes, for a man in armor, he was no slouch in speed. Those eyes hidden in the shadows stared at the Dragoon. There was no words spoken. Only that his feet suddenly met a seal as he sored almost upside. Then with a hard push he bounced off the seal.

His two swords coming to bare once more to slam the dragoon right back down into the ground below with an explosive force behind him that sends out tendrils of darkness. Soon those tendrils spear downward right for Gabranth's target, before he tries to sweep around with another blow form the Highway Star saber.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath gets knocked into the air from the force of the strike and fire washes over his form to boot. He tries to put out the worst of it, but some flames had actually gotten under his metal armor and still burns the leather against his skin. Unfortunately, there isn't much he can do about that except ignore the pain for now.

Still in midair, more glowing cards appear in his hand--all marked with a bubble-like spell. With a heave and whirl of his arms, he spins to right himself in mid-air as the cards shatter, a circular barrier encircling around all three Judges.
Evja Suddenly, before she could really respond, the Bangaa responded and came back to life, kicking her right in the face! Her helm and neck snapped back as she stumbled backwards, caught by that blast of flames before she could even respond and grab at the helm that flew right off of her head.
The veil and bandages caught fire and all Evja could do not to get burned to hell and back was to yank them off her face in a hurry, ripping them and for the first time in years, revealing her face to someone who wasn't in her own Judges College. Which might reveal something if anyone cared to look and was observant enough.

That Evja looked a lot less feminine with that veil off.
He realized such and quickly vanished, reappearing behind the Guffawing dragoon as if teleporting only to knock him backwards towards the other Judges, leaving him wide open for the slashes that came from Gabranth. Wham, slam, dice and slice, they tore through him and would likely have fell anyone... anyone but this bangaa, who had found some measure of ignoring his wounds. Some magic, some technique, some faustian bargain. Something, that even though he stumbled and looked beaten, once again flashed and the wounds closed back.

Still without his own spear and simply the ones impaled in him, the Dragoon, Somer, turned and completely ignored the Archadian Judges in favor of grabbing Evja's foot and throwing him right towards the other two, "NO RUNNING RABBIT, I SSSHALL HAVE MY REVENGE YET!" This time, he opens his mouth and belches out pure electricity towards the group.
The Judge of Ambition threw himself in the middle of the path of the Veira and their opponent. He then rushed right forward, taking the blows straight to his armor. The electricity surged around him, but all he did was roar out, denying the pain. Denying his body what it was trying to tell him.

At first the Dragoon met his blade that attempted to slam him into the ground once more with a heavy cleave of the Chaos Blade. Then the Judge of Ambition leaped back even as electricity continue to rip through him to pummel down with both blades once more.

Gabranth snarled his teeth behind the helm. His body begged to stop; Gabranth told his body no.

The Judge Magister then connected both swords, before he dashed forward with great speed, slashing out with both blades, before casting a spell mid way through the slash. A dark omen of a run started to form under the dragon. The Judge Magister then broke the blades as he spun himself around. He then pointed both blades to the air, before he slammed them down into the very ground. Then from that dark run, blasted up a blade of energy, attempting to drain the Dragoon of his energy, before the Judge rushed back in with another sweep of his Highway Star Saber for a quick strike.
Zargabaath Zargabaath thinks he spots something off about Evja's face when 'her' veil gets burnt, but the Viera disappears before he can be sure.

He lands on the ground and Evja is thrown at them like a discarded toy. He moves to catch and help block the Judge Errant from the attack once more. Gabranth takes the brunt of it, but not all of it. Electricity washes over him, scorching his cloak and the metal, sending pained spasms through his armored form, but he stands strong until the electricity dissipates.

Without a word, Judge Magister Zargabaath reaches behind his back--under his cloak--and unsheathes his own weapons hiding within. He spins on his heel and follows Gabranth's lead, flanking the Bangaa Dragoon--no longer buffing from the sidelines, now the Judge of Reason is joining the fight proper.

His long sword lances forwards in a stab, aiming to shatter any remaining armor Somer may still have, while the blade of his short sword glows and slices at the Bangaa's throat.
Emi Dennou Electricity is launched towards the judges. It's at about this point that Omi decides to act.


Emi washes her hands. "The soap here is nice, The Network faithfully reports."


That thunder--some of it is drawn off from the attack, twisting back and swirling and crackling as it wraps around a hand in the darkness. Omi's hand.

"Emi is about to leave the bathroom." Omi says. "You are being loud. And disrespectful. More importantly, this is an opportunity for this one to make amends for Umi's action."

She lunges forward suddenly, her fist flashing back and then slamming forward, intending to slam into the dragoon's back--or jaw if he turned around. A foot lashes out as she attempts to slam the warrior into the ground and her knife, crackling with electrical power. She doesn't cut, but she aims to have it touch the dragoon's neck. The blade acts as a conduit by itself, it seems. Omi's voice is cold, there is no sympathy in her eyes--or even any emotion. To her, it's as if it's another day at the office.
Evja "I will not stand down in my own homeland!" Evja barks, voice angered at the thought of it, especially when Gabranth steps up to protect the Viera, then Zargabaath steps ahead too, "I know very well that were I in Archades, you would not let me get away with fighting your battles!" Well, no, he didn't - but pride, damnit! Evja watches as the two Judges advance on the Bangaa, his old mentor, torn between wanting to save him because he used to consider the Bangaa a friend and letting him perish.
But above all else... Evja was a Judge, and that came before all, even old friends who now wanted him dead.
The attacks from Gabranth slicing him from below hits directly, not to mention Zargabaath's advance goes unmolested, no armor left to knock off, unfortunately, save his clothing. Even Omi's advane and attack works, kicking him away after those two had their hits in.

"THIS ENDS NOW!" Evja shouted, pulling out a large lance before vanishing and doing something Gabranth might think only he could do, kicking off the air, not once, but twice, sailing down and slamming through his old Mentor with a spear of pure holy light, exploding the ground beneath the Bangaa before it finally fades. This time... he doesn't flash. Though he somehow managed to laugh, pinned to the ground with the spear through him, "Good bunny. Live the ressst of your momentsss knowing you killed your massster."
But what did that mean? Evja didn't know, but suddenly felt something wrong in the area. Something... vile, unnatural. "Five... four..." What she couldn't have possibly known, or anyone outside of Verda, was that he had gone out of his way to prepare for this day. For the day where, when he finally would expire - he'd go out with a bang. In some outside world, he had rigged himself with an explosive.
The Judge of Ambition broke away after his strikes, or so it was his plan. He needed room for he was going to plan next. Though with now the show of force from Omi who wanted to make up for what her sister did. He may only get half way with this spell before the Bangaa was taken down.

So be it really, this spell always took a great deal out of him to conjure it. It was a dark spell; a dark spell that pulled on the very fabric of time around him. To bend it to his will, to bend all things away in its darkness.

Such a spell was hard on one's soul. Such a spell was something Gabranth specialized in; along with once one other. One who now rotting away in a prison cell.

Though as Evja shows off her skill. It really doesn't surprise Gabranth. He has faught many foes. Challenged many odds, and killed-- killed so many. There was great deal of blood on this Dark Knights hands, but this was the case of many Judges and Judge Magisters of Archades.

They were a war nation after all. Blood was only part of the job.

The Judge Magister however now had started to block out all things. His mind focusing as he crossed his two blades in front of him. The air started to thicken, felt like it was becoming heavy. The sky around them started to grow dark and darker. The blades slowly being lit in dark flames. A circle formed under him.

It started to rotate on the ground slowly, before it slowly slide behind him and then rose up to become a backdrop behind the Judge Magister. Those sensitive to dark energies, to strong magics, may start to pick up the scent that something large was being pulled forward.

While it seemed the bangaa was counting down, so was the final strike from Gabranth also starting to gather up.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath takes a step back, one arm lifting as the bright flash of Holy energy blinds him for a moment. When he looks back, Evja is standing over the Bangaa, who is impaled through and through. He does not drop his stance, and a good thing too--the feeling of something dark and unnatural in the ground around the Bangaa makes his skin crawl, and the countdown doesn't help.

He glances at Gabranth, who is already calling upon the darkest spell he has at his disposal. But there is no time to let him finish the incantation.

The Judge of Reason focuses, channelling energy into both of his swords, the blades of which glow a vibrantly blinding white. "Forgive me." Whom he is apologizing to is not apparent, and he does not elaborate.

He snaps his arms out to the side, the swords pointing straight out from him, then he jams the pommel together to create a single double-bladed spear. He sweeps the glowing weapon around himself, holy energy lingering in its wake, then he leaps high into the air. Not as high as Evja, but damn high for a non-Dragoon.

He twists the weapon, aiming it straight down at the Bangaa, and drives the long blade of the spear downwards to join Evja's spear accordingly as gravity pulls him back to the earth.

Emi turns the handle on the bathroom door, using a paper towel to stop herself from touching the handle herself. She heard there were tons of germs on door handles lately and it doesn't hurt to be too careful when it comes to which handles you grab.

Omi can't be certain, of course, that there's an explosive on the man. There's little reason to suspect it beyond his words. Of course, once he actually starts counting down...

Emi suddenly slams the door open. "Bomb!" She yells at Omi. Those words, transfered to Emi, allowed her to DEDUCT just what was going on.

Omi acts quickly. She doesn't have enough time to actually search for the bomb. All she can do is say, "Out of the way!" As she steps behind the Dragoon and summons the power of Electromagnetism. The spear is serving as a focus, allowing her to do this more easily, so that means it's going to be flying out as well.

She fans both hands forward suddenly and the Dragoon should, in theory, be propelled rapidly out the door. Either way, after her 'strike', she dives behind a table.

Emi was under a table three seconds ago.
Evja Suddenly, Gabranth started to prepare to unleash something big! But Zargabaath jumping and impaling him as well, combined with Omi launching him away from the group, managed to short-circuit the bomb, or so it would seem. The Dragoon just looked like he finally met his end, limp, completely, with the Viera collapsing to the ground. Both of Evja's hands were flat on the ground as he tried to catch his breath, but perhaps there was more to it, having been forced to go through this.
Would Gabranth be able to stop his attack in time?
As the attacks started to pour in toward the Bangaa, Gabranth was still casting. Dark lightning started to crackled around the seal, his eyes starting to glow bright glow from under the helm, almost becoming redish gold in color, gleaming so brightly in the eye sockets of the helm. The lines on the armor starting to glow crisp gold, as the darkness of his armor becoming blacker then night.

It wouldn't be long. It wouldn't be long at all.

Zargabaath moves in with holy energy for his strike. He moves /directly/ in the way. The curse of battle, the curse of combat. Friendly fire could happen at any time. Zargabaath /knew/ better though. He should have remembered the motions. The signs. Yet, being trapped up in battle. How could he blame him? He would be no different and the holy energy-- the holy energy did not mix well with the great dark energy being gathered.

The holy energy washed back, its mystical energy colliding with the dark energy. The Rune behind flickered brightly, the electrical of dark surge sprung widely. To late to stop. To late now. The holy energy was soon washed away by the sudden dark void that screamed outward in anger. Screams of thousands, as if someone opened a door way to the realm of the dead.

The dark tunnel was like a voidless hole, it shoved right for and around Zargbaath. Freezing time around the Judge Magister, freezing time in this space, beyond Gabranth. Beyond the Judge magister who was locked in this darkness.

From outside this effect, it would seem like the world just got split in half by a massive sword, perhaps even a spear. The dark force creating a void that could not be seen through or even entered. The sky only became black, as lightning streaked across the sky, before it slammed down into the void.

Within, the rune suddenly fully started to spin, before it blasted forward, slamming right into Zargabaath, and the Judge of Ambition rushed with it. His fist reared back, yanking the darkness with him. There was a loud roar of anger; of rage. The curse of darkness.

The fist slammed forward, shattering the seal. Shattered the seal that slammed a thousands swords right for Zargbaath. However what should finish the final blow, the final blow never came. Gabranth could not break his blades, he was free from the hold of the dark magic that hungered to stare right at what he had done. Those eyes still glowing, before they start to settle.

Caught in battle...

This is why he worked alone.

The void shattered into black wisps as the Judge of Ambition slid to a halt on his heels. The dark energy fading into a swirl. Before he stood there for a moment, those eyes of his slowly returning to normal as he whispered, "You fool.. I warned you.."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath had not forgotten what Gabranth was doing, but he completely misjudged how much time it would take for the Judge of Ambition to finish conjuring the spell--and mistakenly believed that Gabranth could still cancel it. He was in mid-turn to look at Gabranth, pulling his 'spear' in front of him, when a dark tunnel envelops him with the screams of the dead and freezes him in place.

He has seen this before, felt its power, and his stomach drops in dread. Gabranth couldn't stop it after all.

The rune spins and Zargabaath mentally braces himself, unable to do anything more. The rune blasts towards him, framing him in the center, and Gabranth's fist smashes into the combined pommel of his sword-lance even as the force shatters the seal and drives the shards inwards into Zargabaath's armored form. Some are blocked by the Judge Magister armor, but some slip deep through metal seams and leather to draw blood.

As the void dissipates into black whisps, Judge Magister Zargabaath is thrown straight backwards from the force of the attack.

Straight towards the fallen Bangaa Dragoon.
Evja "What?"
Evja looked up just in time to see the sudden friendly fire happen, Gabranth's frightening attack suddenly bashing forward, the dichotomy of just how different their methods of combat were.
Their presence, light and dark... But in the end, Zargabaath got blown back into her old Mentor, the one who taught Evja how to be a Dragoon.

Then silence.
BRRRRR, Somer flashed, then started laughing with a rather vile-sounding, gurgling laugh. "Dragonheart... thanksss, now I get to go out with a bang." Evja's eyes shot wide open as he heard that. DRAGONHEART?! THE FABLED DRAGOON ABILITY?! How could one so twisted have learned such a technique?! Still, whatever he planned to do, it reminded Evja of Kenmoo, the walking ... "Oh espers..."

Evja forced herself up and flickered out and into sight again, grabbing the impaled body of Somer before screaming, "RUN!" and flashing up towards the rooftops, planning on running away with Somer before he explodes, to get him out of range. Though just as Evja appeared on the rooftop, the Viera collides with a large noble Chocobo with an old man riding atop it, knocked hurtling towards the ground as he grabs Somer and the pair launch high into the air.

"Bassstard... let me go!" Somer screamed towards Hermann, though he couldn't get lose in time before the Bangaa's implanted explosive went critical and above Fluorgis there was a massive explosion. Massive enough that even though Hermann had threw himself in the way and likely saved them all, it still exploded with enough force to likely catch everyone down below.


Tink... tink... that was the sound of something round and shiny shooting towards the ground, and as the explosion ceased to be... nothing. There was no trace left of the old man and his Chocobo, nor the Dragoon, simply the translucent ring that was smoking and half melted on the ground nearby.

Emi hides under table.

Omi however is thrown away by the explosion's shockwave.
Gabranth was frozen in place by what he had done. It was almost a moment of disbelief. It had been so long since that had happen. By their emperor, it had been so long. The first times such an accident happened was before he was even a Judge Magister, the second time was when he first became one.

Both times, Zargabaath had been caught up in it in some way, both times it was by friendly fire. It would seem no matter how much training, such things could happen. It was the nature of war and the nature of the beast he wield.

However when Veira cried out, it snapped Gabranth's attention to the now. The Judge Magester spinning up his gaze to the Chocobo, to the Bangaa. The massive shockwave and sheer heat rained down, shoving The Judge Magister back. His body slammed into a shopping stall, breaking it to shatters against his backside and right into a wall of a building.

There was no time to react, no time to defend. The impact was hard and the sheer force of his body impacting the wall caused a snapping of metal; or one could hope that was metal. The Judge Magister then crashed into the ground. Laying face first into the dirt.

He laid there for a time, before he slowly slid one hand under him, then his other. His slowly then lifted up his body, rising himself up, before forcing himself to ride. Ye gods was he going to feel this in the morning...
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath slams into Somer and bounces away, momentarily stunned from the impact. He certainly did not think the Bangaa would revive or the bomb to prime once again, which gets a whole new 'oh crap' feeling deep in his chest.

He had about enough time to rise to one knee, planting one end of his sword-spear in the ground for support, when Evja grabs the Bangaa and flashes to the rooftop.

Wait, was that the old man and the chocobo?

The explosion goes off in a massive fireball high above them, the force and fire assaulting the Judge of Reason, scorching all exposed armor and leather surfaces. As the fury dies down, however, Zargabaath is still kneeling on one knee, both hands clasped around his weapon and leaning heavily against it. But in the silence that follows, he begins to laugh--a deeply bitter laugh, a laugh of one who is looking back and wondering what could have been different.

Perhaps he should have stayed on the Valfarre...
Evja When the attack comes, Evja barely has a chance to turn and try to cover himself with his cloak to prevent it from burning his head and hair. Thankfully, the new armor was mostly fireproof in that it can't catch fire. That doesn't mean the heat and concussive force of it was stopped, though, and Evna wound up curled up and blown away by the force of it, a few windows breaking here and there, some roof tiles blown away.
Thankfully no major building damage.

"Hermann... why..." Judges can't cry, not in public. Judges cannot be seen crying. Judges are the pillar of society, the thing that keeps people hopeful and gives them the courage to join clans and make something of themselves without the fear of dying in clan encounters. Looking around and feeling around, Evja winds up finding his helm finally, putting it on with shaky hands before standing and walking slowly towards Gabranth and Zargabaath. "You two... are alive? Able to move?" then Evja's attention goes to Omi, looking to see if she was still faring well.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath surges to his feet, his bitter laughter stopping just as suddenly. He disconnects the two swords from each other and sheathes them, his helm hiding any indication of what he is thinking.

"I will have my men assist in repairing the damage here." His voice is even, perhaps too much so. Amazing what one single misstep can cause, isn't it? "Judge Master Gabranth, I will take full responsibility for this incident. Make your report as you see fit."

He leans down, scooping up the burnt semi-transparent ring and walking to Evja, offering it to the Viera Judge. "I..." His voice almost breaks--almost. "I am sorry."
Gabranth rolls his shoulders, moving his head side to side slightly. Then he rolls his shoulders once more for good measure. The Judge Magister then walks over to his swords, picking up the blades before sheathing them once more. "Like Bloody hell you will take full responsibility." Gabranth quipped back to Zargabaath. "Whom would I be if I was to allow such? Judge Magister Ghis?"

Gabranth glances over the area of damage, giving a mild, hidden sigh. At least if they both worked together things could be repaired. The shop keeper of the stall would also need to be refunded for the loss of their goods. Typical mess to clean up after such battles.

The Judge Magister then looks over to where he saw one of the girls last, making sure she was alright by sight, before looking at Evja. "We are fine, ma'am. Both of us have seen far worse things in the line of combat." He glances up to where the explosion took place. "..though suicide bombers are... not something I have seen often and rarer been /part/ of."

His eyes close behind the helm, as Zargabaath says his apologies to Evja. The Judge of Ambition however only glances to the side as his eyes open. He reaches up to fix his glove, no words spoken in apology. No condolences. Honestly-- he didn't know how. Not in the way it was needed.
Evja Everyone seemed well enough, or like him, was at least putting up a tough front. That's definitely something the Viera cannot argue against, especially right now. "No. It was mine. In the end, this entire mess... that Bangaa, he was... in another life, my teacher. Before I was a Judge, I fled my home, stowed away with a clan that I thought would be like the romantic notions I had of clans. With no Viera in the clan, he instructed me in a Dragoons training. But it was only years later that I realized the clan had been bribing our Judge... twisting him to get favors in encounters, leading us to the streak of victories we had. If I hadn't have betrayed them... hadn't have informed the Judges of it, sided against them, none of this would have ever happened. But the law is the law... and right is right."
Evja looked at the ring in his hands before he simply slumped a tiny bit, "So many hurt because of me... why did you protect me? Judge Gabranth... Judge Zargabaath... both of you, at some point, protected me. I am not of your land, and my understanding of your land is you do not view Viera well. So why... risk yourselves to protect me?"
Gabranth stared down at the Veira, before he inhaled deeply. That was-- actually kinda painful. Maybe it /was/ a good thing Zargabaath was here after all, because it was going to turn into another day on the airship in the medical facilities.

"Personal Reasons." The Judge of Ambition said simply, before he started to walk away, though he did pause. Looking over his shoulder, for a moment she may catch a glimpse of those gray-blue eyes. "You did right by doing what you did, if I understand how this land works. You have nothing to regret, as doing nothing sometimes is the bigger of regrets."

Then the Judge Magister walks on heading for the airstrip.
Zargabaath Zargabaath makes no indication of acknowledging Gabranth's retort, but a low 'heh' emits from the Judge of Reason all the same. "Do as you will, Your Honor."

He tilts his helm faintly, listening to Evja's story that explains so terribly much. "Aye, Judge Magister Gabranth is correct, as were you. Right is right, the law is the law."

He crosses his arms over his chestplate, giving no indication of his own injuries despite the clear damage to metalwork and leather alike. "Why?" He chuckles softly. "Judge Errant, you may be from a different land and born a different race, but you are still a Judge. All of us who carry such a title are pillars of the law in our respective lands. Would you truly expect one Judge to not help another, regardless of differences?"

Archadian soldiers begin running in, already starting to begin the cleanup without any outward direction from the Judge of Reason. Zargabaath himself, though, emits a low sigh. "We could not simply stand by and do nothing. 'Tis as simple as that."
Evja This Judge was a good man. While still uncertain of Gabranth due to his standoff nature, he still seemed just regardless, and that, to Evja, was well enough. When the soldiers come to help, the Judge lets out a breath of relief. "It has sadly become commonplace in this town for such things to happen. Thankfully the most of us are willing to work together. I would be willing to extend that offer to you and yours as well, should the need arise. While I cannot speak for all Judges, I am certain the Judgemaster himself will agree with me when I say that if you are willing to help for somethin as simple as that... then we should be willing all the same."
Another pause, then Evja adds, "Thank you for easing my worries of your land. For a time I have worried about the Judges of Archades, at one point I was accused of being such. The one who did that later informed me if I were to fight with you, it would doom all Viera. But fighting alongside you today... I can see that perhaps they were simply frightened needlessly."
Zargabaath Zargabaath inclines his helm to Judge Evja. "I thank you for your praise." He hesitates for a moment, watching his men work, a general air of... well, feeling rather bothered settling over him.

When he speaks again, his voice is gravely low. "However, there is one grave difference between us you must always remember. Your land's Judicial system is independant and neutral, a power unto itself. Archadian Judges are bound to the will of the government, to the Emperor and his house. As such, we are expected to obey any and all orders as law, regardless of personal feelings--and not all of us see matters in similar light. "

He turns his helm to focus solely on Evja, the implied gaze behind the ram-like helm boring into the Jyllian helm. "Judge Magister Gabranth and I were able to act freely today because we have no orders--no laws--commanding us otherwise. But always remember: the day will come when Archades begins moving once again, and we will be bound accordingly."
Evja Evja listens, and nods, not giving any real tell of how much he liked that or not. Though he did finally say, "I can only hope that if such a time comes... everyone can hold true to what is right, and what is lawful. But moreso than that... what is just. Our pasts will live on forever, even after we expire. That is why I could not live another day knowing I was in a clan that was twisting their Judge to their whims. Not because it was unlawful, but because it was unjust. The lawfulness of it was simply another issue, lesser issue, that also would have meant something were it not so wrong on its' own."
A hand is extended towards Zargabaath, "I should report... to the Judgemaster what has happened. Be safe, and if ever you would like my spear in assistance, so long as I am not breaking the laws of where I am needed, I can do as I wish."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath rumbles softly. "Aye. Right is right and law is law, but what is truly just? 'Tis the true question one must always answer for themselves." Which is why the way Archades does things sometimes bothers him, but if he cannot believe in his own homeland, what can he believe in?

He accepts the handshake firmly, warmly. "You as well, Judge Errant. I would be honored to fight at your side again should the fates will it so." He inclines his helm. "'Till next we meet, be well."

And with that, he turns and walks back towards the airship docks, letting his men do their work without interruption.

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