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(2013-02-07 - Now)
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Evja The entire city was the same as it ever was. Bustling, trading, full of various types. Some were simply more active than others, for reasons that might be considered better or worse. Among them was a Viera who was currently sitting on a bench in the marketplace, bandages wrapped across their body and wearing an otherwise non-descript robe of sorts. That, and an opaque veil across their face.
Holding a loaf of bread, the Viera who had seen better days was eating bits and pieces of it while staring off towards the airships that are coming and going in the early morning. Lost in thouhght perhaps. Of note, one would assume the Viera is a female, if only because Evja goes out of his way to dress and appear in that fashion, and really, male Viera are so rare the most have never even heard of them.
Elysiana Glyphanos Moving through the bustling streets of Fulgoris, Elysiana paused at the Viera, she'd seen a few from other places she'd visited, ut the bandages mae her curious. Injured she approached. "Perhaps I can do something to help?" she asked softly starting to reach out a hand.
Evja Suddenly, a voice. One of those large floppy ears cocked and Evja physically turned a bit on the bench to look at who it belonged to. "Hm... well, if you are an assassin two days late to the party, so be it. But I will hear you out, as to what you may be able to do."
Wandering healer looking for payment? Random good person? Late would-be mark hunter trying to catch up on him despite Verda being gone(?) now?
Evja His voice was also fairly non-descript, a practiced soft tone, by no means audibly male or anything other than 'faintly deeper than most females'
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos raises an eyeeyes the Viera and breaths slowly. "Ahh I just want to..." she points to the banages. "If you want I might be able to fix that..." she offers a curtsy. "Elysisana Glyphanos, Thir-d-- Princess and heir-aparent of a now... fallen queendom, Healer..." she begins. "Perhaps I should just leave it at Elysiana Glyphanos, Healer?"
Evja Sigh.
"Well then, thank you. Have a seat if you wish." He scoots over a bit and breaks off another piece of the bread loaf to chew on tiredly. In response to the long title and formal introduction he gave a simple, "Evja." in reply. "I apologize for my rudeness. The last two days have been rather taxing on me."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos nods. "Its fine. I'm used to this..." She sank down to the place beised the Veira. "Its an honor to met you Evja... Ev-jya.?" she checked the pronunciation carefully. " I could sense it.. yu're hurt.." she covered her mouth after a moment.

This scene contained 7 poses. The players who were present were: Elysiana Glyphanos, Evja