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(2013-02-06 - 2013-04-06)
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Katyna Not too long ago, Katyna had found the body of a thief in the catacombs of the church. She had told no one, but had quietly returned to the treasury to inspect it if it was still there. Since not many people wandered about in the dangerous catacombs, especially after rumours of a ghost still lurking down there, it was a pretty safe bet that it had remained there, unnoticed..

Now, she just needs to figure out what's going on, before things get ugly. But..Where was the body? And what of Gesandte, had he already informed the officials of the body in the catacombs? Had he received the letter she had sent him, to meet her down here? She grumbles to herself, eyeing the precious gold and gemstones, trying to resist the urge to take any of it. Afterall, she knows what happened the last time she tried that. "Ooh, Ges, where ARE you?"
Gesandte OH and there Ges was, coming down the hallway and through the door slowly and as loudly as usual, his footfalls easily heard from a distance away. Upon entering the area, he looks over and spots Katyna, sighing, "Miss Katyna, what are you doing down here again? You know this place is dangerous, and there are far more dangerous things going on, and how the catacombs are protected." Yep, he was sure she'd never learn.
Katyna Aha, there he is! She breaks out into a smile as she runs off to meet him, although she pouts a bit when she realizes that hes' telling her off. "Heey, I'm not stupid, y'know! I'm not gonna touch any more of that treasure, but..I AM wondering what happened to that thief. I mean, do you think that ghost killed him? It's strange, those markings, and..And I cant even find the body now!"

Of course, would she really want to find a corpse that is probably rotting by now? But even so, it had her a little nervous, wondering if someone had discovered it.
Gesandte Ges looks around, "Perhaps some vermin dragged off the body? It would not be unusual for rats or other things to live down here and want a meal? As for the rest, I don' tknow. Those wounds where very rate indeed, not entirely sure that ghost was capable of doing that. Perhaps there are things going on, that we simple do not know about, or cannot understand?" he smiles at her, kneeling to be closer to her as he speaks, wanting to well not tower over her and sound so far away.
Katyna Kat doesn't seem terribly intimidated by the giant's stature, or maybe she's just too worried about other things right now. "No...I think that means they've discovered the body..Or at least *someone* has.." she shivers a little, shaking her head, looking terribly nervous. "What can it mean? Those wounds? They..They looked like...Like..."

Like they came from her own flaming sword..Was she responsible for it? But she didnt want to think about it, didnt want to think about the disturbing nightmares that have been plaguing her ever since the last time they came down here.

"Gesandte, you can't tell anyone about what happened down here, y'hear? If they knew, they might start asking questions..Maybe..Maybe the heartless took 'im. There are still heartless around here, right?" She chuckles nervously, knowing full well the heartless did not make wounds like that. They attacked with magic and claws. And they would have swallowed the body whole, once they devoured the heart.

She pouts at another thought. "Huh, things other than rats? Like...Wild animals...Big wild animals? That make marks like those we saw? What kinda animal would do that? I..Never saw anything but heartless and ghosts.."
Gesandte Ges shakes his head, "Do not worry, I will not tell anyone. But no animal made those marks. took the body perhaps, but killed him no. That is the mystersy, perhaps we aren't meant to know how he died, simple that he did and it was a warning to stop others from doing so?" Simple answers for possibly difficult questions, but they where all he hade, "So, do not be so worried. Sometimes, things happen, because they happen."
Katyna Kat hmms, "What about the ghost? I mean..He didn't..Seem like a bad guy, he just wanted to protect the treasure. Do you think he killed him because he refused to drop the treasure?" Somehow she found that hard to believe though. The Knight could have killed HEr afterall, but instead, he just knocked her to the ground until she had dropped all the coins. But that thief, he had coins on him still..Didn't he?

"Bah, but I cant just let it go! Those marks..They looked like they could've been inflicted by my own sword. How is that possible? Y'know, flaming swords arent exactly commonplace, not with a serrated edge like this. But...Argh..." She runs her hands through her hair in frustration..

And something seems to echo in the distance. Sounds like the fall of footsteps?? And they're getting closer! Who could it possibly be?
Gesandte Ges reaches out and lightly pats Kat on the head, "I am sure there is some reason for it Miss Katyna. While yoru sword maybe rare, it is not inconcievable that it is the only one. Perhaps simply the wrong moment of the wrong time is all thers is here." He looks up heaering something in the distance, turning his head to see if he can pinpoint where exactly it's coming from, there shouldn't be anyone.. perhaps anything down here.
Katyna "Heh, wrong place, wrong time..I wonder..?" Poor Kat just cant seem to let it go. "But maybe I'm just thinking too much! Let's..Go back up!" And she starts to head out of the treasury, towards the sound of the footsteps. Yes, she'd heard it too, and was curious. Didnt sound like a heartless, but..

"Aaah!" Suddenly the sound of someone screaming for help echoes through the dark corridors. Kat stops and stares. "Wut!? It came from up ahead, come on!" And she quickens her pace, dashing down the dark corridor.
Gesandte Ges listens to her, then the other sounds and she runs off, well sa wel has to follow, "Miss Katyna, wait! Do not run ahead, you do not know what is there, or what is going on. It could be another trap, or worse." but well shes a fast little bugger and can't exactly keep up her pace specialy in the big cramped hallspaces of the catacombs that don't allow him full running access.
Katyna Katyna makes a face. "Bah! You are such a worry wart! I'll deal with whatever comes my way, so c'mon!" She continues down the long dark, shadowy corridor, and the sounds of a battle can now be heard, blasts of rock falling down, nearly tripping Kat up.

There are more torches in the walls at the end of the hall that light up the openning just ahead where an elderly priest is being accosted by a small group of heartless!
Gesandte tGes groans at her, "Because I worry about all life, yours included Miss Katyna. I would not wish to see leave us so soon." But as they come up on the fight he sees the heartless attacking the priest, well thats not good. He hollers at the heartless, before he launches into an attack adjusting his body and swinging his fists out launching shockwaves rippling towards the group of demons.
Katyna "Heh, don't worry about me, I can take care of myself! Let's kick those heartless' butts!" And she charges into the frey with her flaming sword, hacking and slashing this way and that.

Some heartless cluster around Ges as well, forced back by his powerful pummelings, but they dont relent, rushing at him like a swarm with vicious claws and dark flaming attacks!
Gesandte Ges piles right into the heartless, taking their blows so that he can just as easily give some back. Using his fists to launch at the annoying demons, to stop their assualt against the other priest and purge them of their unholyness.
Katyna Katyna glances curiously at Ges' fighting, whistling. "Wow, you're so strong..I dont get why you hold back!" She nearly gets skewered by a heartless as she ogles the giant however. "Ack!" And she turns back to finish 'em off. "Phew, there are so many..But we can kick their butts no problem!" Let's hope so! More heartless swarm Gesandte even as he feels some.
Gesandte Ges smiles in the fighting, "Sometimes, it's not the strength you have, but how you use it. How it's applied to the means in which you doing." at that he's hit but shrugs it off mostly, turning the favors in his own punches. Punching was his thing, just like it was for another smaller female.
Katyna Kat smirks, "Is that so? Hah! I know how to use my strength, I had some good teachers.." She grits her teeth as she continues to swing her sword around. But was that enough? "What about motive? What's your motive for fighting?" More hacking and slashing on the heartless part, although Ges is gaining ground.
Gesandte Ges simple laughs as he deflects blow after blow with ihs massive arms, "I fight to protect the living, to protect the dead. And to make sure the departed can enjoy their peace in the afterlife. Nothing more, nothing less. It is all about ensuring peoples safety and lives." he retorts with attacks, bringing a kick into the battle now to help along.
Katyna "Hah!" Kat says as she continues to fight. "There's so many of them, hope we can bring 'em down!"

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