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Take Down Clan Verda
(2013-02-06 - 2013-03-11)
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Evja In one of the several pubs with Fluorgis there is a large gathering. Several random adventurers looking to be in this for the profit, or so they believe, plus some from the outside world. Though they weren't alone. Seated at the back of the tavern was a tall imposing figure in a custom Judges Armor while beside him were two other Judges, faceless nameless Judges who look like all the other Judges throughout Jylland that are seen on a day to day basis.

Who had actually posted the mission request? Well, it hadn't been said up to now, though everyone was told to gather at this pub for information before the mission was to take place. Vital information to the mission.

There was currently free drinks at the counter. Nothing alcoholic, simply water and sodas and other such to those who would wish it.
Kim Possible How does Kim Possible get on with her missions and get home in time to finish her homework and be in bed by a reasonable time? Simply, she makes the impossible possible! What else would you expect from a girl who stops badguys, recovers stolen loot, and manages to be well liked by her peers all the same? Or with a name like hers?

Kim is already in the pub, sipping soda and looking around. She hasn't bothered to ask her signature question yet, because quite frankly, she doesn't seem to recognize anyone who's here right now. Hopefully other colleagues will show up shortly.
Faruja Senra Faruja strides into the bar, quickly spying the rather distinctive Judges. He'd heard the rumors, of one of their own being kidnapped. What better way to get the attention of the local community than help save a Judge? If there was any resistance to the Shard Seekers being made a clan, this would crush it.

Thus, the ratling sits at a table, crossing his legs as armor clanks. His eye remains on the large Judge, the rat taking a moment to survey the gaggle of other adventurers about.
Montag Montag is mostly here to collect intel for his superiors. He knows a city like this will be haven for the sot the Shinra will have to deal with. It would be wise to get in good with the local law before AVALANCHE remants or Wutaians got up to something here. Though he doubts the latter would be welcome at all. Funny thing about Shadow lords, most people want to kill you. Still getting some rep here would be a good idea, he's seemingly all business as he waits.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis Trepe is here for three reasons:

A. The grapevine informs her that her ad-hoc teammate (they didn't tell her there would be teams!! darn that tricky Hades!!) has gotten into some trouble.
B. She got the chance to borrow a cheongsam off her roommate, which she is currently wearing while sitting at the bar (or perhaps counter, really)
C. Free drinks!

She pokes the fizzy blue fruity drink she has with a straw, dubiously, watching the judges from the corner of her eyes without staring.
Evja At this point, the two non-descript Judges step forward and pull out their swords, tapping them on the ground to get the attention of those in the room. The one behind them waits a moment then steps forward, adjusting his helm a bit before saying, "Greetings to all who have come. It is likely you have never seen me before and, as such, I shall introduce myself. I am the Judgemaster of the Judges of Jylland, overseer of the Laws which keep those who follow them safe. Much to our embarrassment, when the shadows came to this world, something happened. Our jail, never before penetrated, was partially destroyed and in the process, those who sought to twist and use the laws, the Judges, to their own whims - escaped. Some we have been able to reacquire, to lock away so they cannot twist the laws of nature in our land to their whims. Some yet remain, however, and they have just the other day sought to gain vengeance upon one who brought them to justice."

Stepping forward to a table, the Judgemaster sets down a picture of a Viera, the Viera's face veiled of course, "One of our own, a Viera by the name of Evja, was seen to be the target of a black mark and was taken by force away to where Clan Verda is hiding away. You see, this Viera used to be a member of their clan, and through her own bravery, and courage, when she discovered that her clan had been twisting a Judge to their own desires and advantage, she turned them in and assisted us in detaining them." His voice was deep, sad, even with the reverberation through the helm that gave his voice a much greater presence. Of course, he knew Evja was not female, but he was not about to let that be public knowledge, especially since it could cause much trouble.

Closing his fist, he hit the table roughly, "It shames me to admit, but we, the Judges, cannot seek to get her back on our own. I will not say why, but it is too likely that the Judges could be swayed in this battle to come. I will not put this land in danger even to protect one of my own - so this is where you come in. We shall take you to where Verda is known to be hiding and you shall be tasked with disabling them long enough for us to infiltrate and detain them, as well as seeking out and securing the safety of our fellow Judge."

The faceless bunch murmur a little, "But as there shall be no Judges present, there is no guarantee that those of you who go will be safe from a lethal blow. If you do not wish to go, or seek to go solely for money, go now. This mark, this mission, is my personal request to keep a good Judge safe, and to detain criminals who have in the past fled our custody."

At this point two Bangaa and a Seeq stand and turn, the Seeq looking more scared than actually upset about the possible lack of money. The Bangaa simply seemed disgruntled about the money remark, as they verbally made such known as they left.
Kim Possible "I can do this, no big." Kim replies. "Just lead the way, and I'll follow along." Kim smirks a little as she checks her Kimmunicator briefly, before tapping it. "Wade, see if you can't dig up anything on this?" She asks.

"I'll try, Kim," Wade replies.
Montag Montag arms are foled and he listens to the judge for a moment. "Safe from a lethal blow not something I'm worried about never worked at playing fights. So these targets are to be taken alive I take it?" THe shinra trooper asks curiously.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis adjusts her glasses. The icy entity deep within her and her-herself share a momentary metaphorical glance.

She raises her fruity drink as she stands up. "I'm willing to take the risk, sir." After this the rest of the drink is hastily finished, lest it go to waste. Thankfully, the fringe benefits of Shiva include 'immunity: brain-freeze'
Faruja Senra Smirk. Faruja briefly glances to the rather confident (perhaps overly so) young woman. "May the Lord grant us victory." The pious Templar adds, before glancing back tot he Judgemaster.

Leaving their own to rot when they've been kidnapped. And they dare call themselves lawkeepers. The scowl Faruja favors the Judgemaster with is full of utter loathing. Privately, the rat is coming to find these Judges, Arcadian or otherwise, to be a touch too zealous in their pursuit of law. Even as the Judge slams down his fist, the ratling doesn't seem too much improved in his judgement. At least he keeps his condemnations silent...for now.

Evja. His single eye widens at the name. "Rare is it that any battle comes with such guarantees of safety. Your Honor, the holy Church, nor the Shard Seekers, shan't abandon a good woman such as Dame Evja." Faruja finally pipes up. A glance to the few who leave, as well as Montag. He nods to the Shinra officer.

"As the Ser says. While the good Judge is priority, what is to be done with the brigands?" Templar weren't exactly known for being merciful often.
Kim Possible Kim comes up empty handed from Wade. "Well, thanks anyway," She replies before looking to the judges again, sipping her drink again. She doesn't say anything this time around, although whether it's because she's empty-handed or just has nothing to say is anyone's guess.
Evja Oh, there was a reason why the Judges weren't actively able to seek out Verda, and for a good reason at that. But, that was for another time. Or perhaps it will come to light anyways. "No. Seeking out Evja is secondary to detaining and stopping this rogue Clan. Any who would seek to twist the laws of our world to their own gain, and do not stop even upon corrupting a Judge, shall not be allowed to roam free and harm more and more innocents. It is my personal request you help her, though, if possible. I am quite certain she would say the same."
"Likewise, as for the Clan..." the Judgemaster closes his eyes inside of his helm before saying, "If they can be taken alive, do so. If you must kill them to protect yourselves, or Evja, then you may make your own decision as to do it or not. I am no executioner, nor is any Judge. I shall not order them to their deaths, even for what they have done. Are there any further questions? If not, I shall summon a Chocobo for each of you and we shall be on our way towards the quasi-Jagd which has been setup as the base for Clan Verda."
Montag Montag says "Got it live captures." He adjusts his helmet a little bit and he says "Birds, great, just great." He does grab some of the water and downs it. It pays to be hydrated before a ob, right? So time to roll out he looks over to the others here and seems to be sizing them up.
Faruja Senra Faruja flicks his head. He can at least appreciate the need to destroy...or detain...those who would twist powerful magic that stops death. One could end up invincible by doing so! Frightening. The more pragmatic part of his mind makes a few mental notes. If the Church could discover the nature of a Judge's magic, 'twould be a boon indeed.

"Understood." Soft, /and/ cowards. Faruja gulps down a Shinra brand soda, stifling a burp.

The Templar shakes his head, standing already. Once Montag looks to him, the Dragoon would come across most likely as someone who's a trained combatant by his easy stance, though certainly an archaic ones by most 'modern' standards.

"Let us be off. Every moment wasted is yet another where these knaves threaten the good citizens of Fluorgis, /and/ the dear viera." He really does like the rabbit. Faram curse him if he isn't going to try to help.
Tifa Lockhart And here's another time that she's late to the party. This time though, its a less festive meaning for the word, but still counts. Entering the tavern, back in Fluorgis YET AGAIN, she looks around for the people she was expecting to see.

She heard about her teammate missing, but also that the other teammate would be here, so its a good occasion to work up the team building for the games, isn't it?

What she didn't expect was some of the other people though. Kim and Faruja are welcomed faces indeed. Montag... not as much. She still has to make her mind about anyone related to Shinra. She tends to be overly careful, given the state of Avalanche.

She would slip over to get a tea with Quistis... but she almost bumps into Faruja would apparently is all set to depart. "Well hello to you too, sir Faruja." Fortunatly for him, she has good impact absorbants.

"... are we leaving? I didn't even get time to drink in this heat..." She looks over to the bartender "... can I get something to go, like in a bottle, something refreshing and non-alcoholic..." She looks at Quistis' drink "... ice tea will do!"
Quistis Trepe
Quistis hands over the iced beverage.

Evja Once the group seems to be in agreement, the Judgemaster straightens and turns to walk outside, the two Judges following behind him. Once outside, he pulls out a silver long whistle and blows silently upon it. A pack of Chocobo arrive and he says quite simply, "Let us be off, then. It shall take us no more than ten minutes traveling by Judges Routes. Be prepared, for once you get within the area, we shall have to keep our distance."
A quick shift and he mounts his Chocobo, then heads off towards the desert. Near the edge of town a portal is passed through and traveling through it, as mentioned, they quickly come upon what looks to be a set of ruins, some kind of old village or town. It was actually nowhere near Fluorgis, but by Judges Route, such may not seem obvious. "Thus dubbed Jagd Verda. Be warned, within there are traces of Mist. It can cause issues with Magic at times, and completely nullifies the magic of the Judges, the Jagd." Reaching into his armor, the Judgemaster pulls out enough whistles to toss one to everyone, "When the job is done, if the job gets done, blow upon this and we shall approach. However, do heed my warning. I do not know what lies within save Verda. There may be many, or few, and they will all be lawless. Espers speed."
Faruja Senra Impact absorbants indeed. Thud! Tifa has a little bit of height on the rat. He finds himself flat on his tail post bumping into a certain barmaiden, squeaking out as his tail is sat upon by his own nezumi self. Needless to say, he's a bit flustered. At least it was a soft impact. "L...Lady Lockhart! Ahh, my deepest apologies! I did not meant to walk right into..." Cough. Slowly, he gets up, brushing himself off. Some things shouldn't be said in polite company.

"I do believe your tournament partner is in some trouble, Lady Lockhart. Shall we find her, and deal with the miscreants that made off with her, mmm?"

Then, the rat's to the door, holding it for the various ladies. Gentlerat, this one.

outside, with the others, Faruja mounts his chocobo. He's always favored wyverns, mostly due to being more familiar with them, but any knight worth their salt can ride a good selection of mounts. An ear perks to the Judgemaster's words.

Good information. So these Jagd's nullify the powers of these Judges? Faruja makes a mental note to inform his superiors. From everything he's heard so far, this place clearly needs a change in management.

A whistle is taken, once they're in the area of what's seemingly an old town. "Much obliged." No 'Ser' this time. It's telling for one so polite.

Dismounting, the rat draws his spear, kneeling to say a prayer. He'll let the Judgemaster have his chocobo back.

Glancing to his companions, he nods. The rat's ready, turning about to survey the terrain before starting off with the group.
Kim Possible "Good to see you, Tifa," Kim says as her old buddy arrives within the pub. "Looks like things are going to get quite interesting." She finishes her drink then heads outside with the others. She's never seen a Chocobo, let alone ridden one, so this will be a new experience for her. After a few moments of figuring out what to do and all that, Kim finally gets on her Chocobo and grins. "Ready when you guys are!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart might be a little of a show off, but when chocobos are involved, she has her own. She's been training it alot recently, so when she gets to ride it, the chocobo is all very happy to stretch her legs, even in the desert.

What sets her chocobo apart? Its a lovely, pure red color, like fire feathers with the yellow tips showing through.

After the bump with Faruja, assuring herself that he wasn't hurt, and then getting her drink, she hops back on top of her chocobo with a smiling, sipping out of her bottle of iced tea. Such a delight in the desert.

She smiles to Kim, straw between her lips. The straw is so the bottle can stay closed and not allow sand in. "Hey Kim, nice to see you again. You met with Quistis? We're partners in the games." She looks over to Quistis with a nod "I'm glad we're on the same side now, the races weren't pretty, but you did good there."
Sarafina Carenze MEANWHILE

Sarafina Carenze has joined up with the group. She may have been here all along. Or she may have snuck in when Quistis Trepe gave her a call and was like 'This party is deficient in gargoyles, come we'll get drunk later' or something like that.

She isn't much of a showoff, but she does like working and has, for this venture, come by herself without her crew.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis rolls out on her loaner chocobo, adjusting her borrowed cheongsam occasionally. The seating is a little uncomfortable when you're not in slacks. "Why DID I dress for this, anyway," she murmurs largely to herself.

She also places a PHS call along the way, purpose mysterious.

She dismounts from the chocobo when the quasi-jagd is reached, catching the whistle out of the air as she says to the judge, "Don't worry - we'll take care of it." After this she fastens on a slightly anti-fashionable belt of useful things such as 'a whip' and 'maybe a pouch of healing potions or perhaps other drugs.'

"Thanks," she tells Tifa then. "We have an old saying that all's fair in love, war and cart racing, though I have to admit the last part's kind of confusing. Have you ever been out here -" She raises an arm to flag down the approaching Sarafina, "before?"
Evja Once the portal vanishes, the group is left there alone. And it didn't take long before a shrill whistle can be heard blowing from within the ruined city, echoing through the non-existant populace. Seems they were spotted.

Not... that anything actually happens. A trap? Well, it's possible, but those within the city certainly aren't doing anything visible against those who have just showed up.

About a mile into the city, a man smiles and snaps his fingers, adjusting his white cloak and cap before standing and grabbing his sword. "This should be entertaining. I wonder if the Judges finally decided to make an appearance." Floating above his hand was an arcane-looking card. "Go ahead and entertain our guests while I make my way up. And bring the rabbit with us. I want them to see their precious traitor die." Of course, the leader of Verda was assuming the guests were Judges. Nodding once, the Moogle standing there gave another whistle before several more sounded from nearby, echoing across the city again before a group of the clan started to form visibly in the distance towards the center of town.
Sarafina Carenze "Fluorgis? Mm... A touch. I had to ferry the Shard Seekers here after I abandoned a man in the desert." Sarafina says matter-of-factly. She doesn't laugh after saying this, nor otherwise indicate that this is 'a joke'. That's because it isn't a joke and she actually did that.

She squints lightly as various individuals reveal themselves in a smug manner. She thinks this over for a moment before turning to Quistis.

"Are these the enemy then?" She seems to be following Quistis's lead here, she is more or less coming along as extra muscle and has no issue utilizing that mindset here.
Montag Montag is along on the ride, he's unhappy about riding an animal, he'd rather ride a machien something he could fully control. However he shall have to make due wioth it. He is listening picking up informationf rom the others. "Could be the hostiles we're looking for." The Shinra trooper does seem pretty alert, he's here basically to do some PR work for the Shinra. See the Shinra cares about it's trading parttners and will totally a lend a hand!
Faruja Senra Don't. Look. At. The. Eyes. Be good rat, be good. "Let us hope, dear Lady Carenze, we can finish this without overdue injury." The rat comments to her. He only has so much magic available, after all. Abandoning someone in the desert gets her a brief frown, but not much more. Maybe the guy deserved it?

The enemy. Faruja gives a swift nod. Striding on, the rat leans his spear against his shoulder as he walks, looking ready to use it.

"Quite, Ser and Dame. Let us see if we can do this peacefully." His tone might suggest he doesn't see it happening. Raising his voice as they approach those closest amongst the ruins, the rat comes to a stop.

"Hail to ye! We come on behalf of the Judgemaster of Fluorgis. Surrender thyselves and the Lady Adjudicator, and harm shan't befall you. Speak!" The Templar commands, voice authoritative. Time to do this properly.
Kim Possible "Nice to meet you, Quistis," Kim says as Quistis gets closer before looking to Tifa again. "I haven't had time to take part in the games or keep up with them. Otherwise I would've gone there to cheer you on." She seems to have steadied herself on her Chocobo.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis adjusts her glasses at the sight of that man with the card - a captor, perhaps, of cards - and his pleasant and charming words. "Traitor?" she muses aloud, but the rat fellow seems to be taking point.

Quistis is aware of her lack of knowledge, so she remains quiet, instead folding her arms and glancing towards the person greeting her. "Oh! Hello; I don't think we've been introduced. I'm Quistis Trepe, it's a pleasure to meet you, Miss...?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waits for an answer from the base before she does anything else at this point. It looks like they are coming over anyway. She nods to Kim "Its alright, the games are not done yet, we need to fight our way up the ranks now. The prize is the world shard of Manhattan, so its worth the effort at least." At least, if its not a trap, but they can't know that yet.

She looks over to Quistis "Cart racing huh? That sounds interesting. The only racing I've seen is the Chocobo races.

She looks over to the base as there's movement, and Faruja shouting over to them... Would be nice if they could just get out with talking, but she doubts that would ever happen. If it was, they wouldn't need a group of fighters for this.
Evja The entirety of those within the city are quiet, including the leader as he steps forward, a grizzly-looking Moogle walking beside him physically dragging a battered and bloody-looking Viera. Yes, the moogle was strangely strong. Spit, "Hear that boss? These dumb<YAY> bozo's think they can talk their way into making us surrender, Kupo. Kupoing idiots."

Suddenly one of the goons nearby begins to guffaw and laugh dumbly, a large Seeq that wasn't that bright. This was all funny to him. Though that only caused the leader, a Paladin actually, to pull out a flintlock pistol, aim it sideways and shoot the Seeq right in the head.
"Does that answer you, rat?"
The way he spoke, despite his eloquence, dripped with uncaring of how he came off. Rat might as well have been a slur, and in the way he used it, it was. "I see no Judges, did they not come to play today? What a pity. I suppose we don't get to kill them all at once. No matter." Raising his hand, the free one once he tucks the gun away, he snaps his fingers and suddenly Clan Verda, himself and his second in command, the moogle, charge the group. Ranged units begin attacking, close-ranged units close the gap and a few more appear with the leader, including a Bangaa Dragoon and a really, /really/ fat Nu Mou.
Faruja Senra Their target is presented, as is the majority of Verda. Well, this makes things easier. As does one of the clan's own men being shot by their leader. A shiver runs through him. To execute one's own allies for merely laughing? Faruja snarls aloud.

"Then your lives end here. Pray to the Lord for forgiveness of thy sins, ere the desert sands stain crimson!" Mercy just utterly went out the window, as far as the Templar's concerned, voice reaching out, physically declaring their doom.

Thrusting his spear, the rat incants as he too moves to meet the incoming melee units. "Life is short! Bury! The doom of a planet!" A random melee mook, as well as a ranged attacker will be faced with falling ice forming into a stabbing blade, and a fiery sword of vengeance rising from the ground respectively, intent on freezing, burning, and generally bisecting their targets.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart acks as she's getting shot at! And that's not to mention her chocobo either. Reeling back to avoid the blasts, she ends up shielding Kim a bit from it, fortunatly for the girl. But Tifa gets scrapped by the flying bullets quite a bit. She quickly jumps off Premium Heart, sending the chcoobo away so it doesn't get hurt. Premium is smart enough to stay close enough at least. She goes for cover.. and then picking up some rocks, she uses them as projectiles toward the gunners. She can't hit them directly from there, but her punches and kicks can be extended like this at least. "Shooting without any dialog... definitely bad guys.
Montag Montag is admittly a bit boggled by the local laws but PR was PR right? So he'll play along and hopefully truely be of helpt to settling this issue. he does not go for any weapons he's here to talk as Faruja does the job being the party face it seems. "So he hangs back and looks voer to Quistis for a moment "Your from that PMC known as SeeD right?"

Well small talk goes away they attack, and he comes under fire. He's hit but he's still in the game as he lines up shots and lays down a quick barrage of fire.
Kim Possible As soon as Tifa gets shot at, Kim quickly jumps from her Chocobo, rolling a little before skidding to a halt. "Tifa!" She yells, rushing over to check on her friend, before looking at the gunners that fired at her. "All right, you're going down!" Kim says as she fires her grappling hook at a nearby tree before flying towards the nearest gunner, attempting to knock them down.
Quistis Trepe
Shot by the enemy! Quistis jerks visibly in her stance as she's hit with hot bullets, guaranteeing perhaps that she has been slain - slain by deadly gun's, such as those which, it is said, killed Superman.

Being shot has a way of focusing your attention even when you have the constitution, durability and, some would say, human warmth of a big block of ice. She answers Montag, even as she adjusts her glasses in the sunny gleam of this field of battle, "PMC? You make us sound like a disorder. But that's correct."

She then takes her glasses off, closing her eyes and stepping forwards, even as she says aloud, "I'm afraid you've just made an extremely dangerous mistake, gentlemen, ladies, moogles. I understand that you're probably used to scuffles of a gangland nature in the middle of your den of iniquity here, and you likely do not have any idea of who, or what, you are kupoing with."

Her eyes open. It's like the sun rising.

Her withering ocular disdain is focused on anybody who is menacing Evja.

After the terrifying SHRANKKKK of eye lasers, she flutters her eyelashes for a moment and smiles, hand going to her hip. "Second thoughts?" she offers.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina frowns as a PALADIN of all people shoots a dude in the had. She is ALSO shot, barely able to get her arm up in a failed attempt to counterattack before she tumbles to the ground. That's not really that incredible, she seems more irritated than wounded.

"Quistis--" She begins, moments before Quistis eyelasers some foos. Sarafina decides at this point that Quistis has the right idea and truly has wisdom.

She rolls back to her feet, spitting some blood off to the side. She says, "You can wound me, but I do not tolerate disrespect of Faruja."

Her jetpack ignites and she swarms forward, swinging the chainsaw around and around, attempting to clip through the close ranged units--but those aren't her main targets, she's just passing by on her way towards those archers and gunners.
Evja While some might have assumed Clan Verda was a bunch of ragtag thugs and criminals... they're actually quite tough. This is because this clan, before being apprehended, was going on a streak. And had gotten rather adept at combat because of it. Faruja's rather direct attacks manage to fell two of those who get closest fastest, two hume 'ninjas' with rather bad luck. They had been hiding in the shadows nearby after all before attacking.
Likewise, when Kim swung around to try and deal with the ranged units, she managed to smack two together, knocking them down and onto the hard ground, heads smacking and knocking them out.
When Quistis attempted to potshot towards the leadership, it might have worked if not for one thing. That being yet another hidden unit making themselves known. A large, surly-looking Gria girl begins firing off arrows coated with something that manes to pierce right through the beams, deflecting them away. Seems the group in the back is the main clan, the ones who had been around the longest.

"Try it again, Kupo, and I'll throw the bunny in front of them." As if to prove his point, the Moogle gave the downed and battered Viera a rough jerk, quite literally flicking them up and down onto the ground with a loud sound. It was faint, but Evja did make a rather pained cry at that.

Just after the battle began, a thin haze began to fill the area. Not even a fog so much as just a little... well, mist.

Finally the bulk of the melee units were getting close and Sarafina winded up dehanding one of them, the Bangaa falling back and making his dismay known while the rest got in close and began to stab and swing and smash and punch at anyone they could. There was a good twenty of them with two to three ranged types at midway firing here and there, and trying to keep Kim off them.
Evja Montag also managed to pop one ranged unit in the head.
Faruja Senra Blink. Eye lasers. That's new. Faruja tilts his head briefly. "M'Lady, when they speak of looks slaying, I highly doubt 'twas meant literally." Quips the rat. Oh, right, killing. Back to work rat, back to work.

Earperk. Sarafina's words have him smiling for a brief moment. Good Lady Carenze, to defend his honor on his behalf. He'll have to thank her later, and buy her a drink.

With so many up close, it's impossible to not get tagged. The threat to the Viera certainly gets Faruja's attention, and so he works on the ones currently laying blade to him. Catching a stout fist to the jaw, nearly breaking it, followed by a spear and knife to the shoulder and chest has the rat bleeding and somewhat smarting. The rat makes a move to knock them away with a good hard pop of the blunt of his spear. It's enough time for the ratling to toss some healing over to Quistis, who seems to need it. She'd find her damage reduced, and generally being protected by the Holy Dragoon's magic.
Quistis Trepe
What?! Reflections?!

Quistis curses inwardly for a moment, before looking at that wicked moogle with narrowed eyes. "So you'd throw away your hostage. What is it you're after, here?" she asks, piercingly, though it isn't accented by another laser beam. When she's suddenly subjected to a spinning back kick, she stumbles -

But is buoyed up by healing magic. "Thanks!" she calls back to Faruja, before squinting at the gathering mist in the area: fortunately enough for her, she had already had a different plan, since mere magic did not over-awe these natives. Namely, unfastening the latch around the spools of tight-boiled leather at her waist.

She swings the whip over her head, cracking it once in the air as she raises her voice in her best professorial bellow. "There's at least twenty of you! You're hiding in a wrecked town! You're kidnapping /one/ person - something here doesn't add up! Not unless you're all working -"

CRACK, down towards Mr. I Like Kicking Girls who had just kicked her. (Strangely enough, that actually is his name. Talk about destiny.)

"For -"

THWACK! Another lash, this one further out, though not towards that moogle. Quistis spins the huge whip over her head once again and lashes towards one of the archers up high, who may have thought him or herself safe before his leg got - well, hopefully lashed anyway.


Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart runs like the wind toward the battlements. Using random rocks as vaults, she jumps up, and practically runs up the wall the rest of the distance, moving up on top of the fort, and then down on the other side, taking the small fort by assault! She saw Evja there, but might as well take care of those holding the ropes right now, that'd make it faster!

And that's where the barmaid appears, lunging in with an outstretched feet, aiming to knock the captors away, and a few of the archers perched up there while at it. Suprise Barmaiden Attack!
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina doesn't even stop after cutting off someone's hand. She has been in so many fights where she's done that, she barely even notices anymore. It's not her job to worry about possibly hurting someone threatening a bunny or assaulting a group of people for little provocation.

She lands for a moment after her first swipe, swinging once more before jumping into the air again, the fire no doubt igniting any gangland members nearby, but don't worry it's only OH GOD MY FACE IS ON FIRE damage. No big.

She continues swiping about with her chainsaw. IT's not a very efficient weapon for units or infantry, but it's certainly a frightening enough one. She normally uses this thing on ships not people, after all.

"Hrnn." She grunts disapprovingly at the whole situation.
Kim Possible Meanwhile, Kim is surprised to find that she's not being targeted yet, but she doesn't take that as a chance to let up with her assault. Instead, she decides to return with some more action. "This is so gonna rock!" She rushes in and attempts to utilize a combination of various techniques to show she means business.
Montag Montag says "Private Military Contractors, I'll explain later ma'me!"

Montag is busy lining up new shots on the beings before him. "Tch You want that?" he's aiming to not lethally take these guys down given the judges want them alive if possible. So he does load up a round a posion round, it's made to weaken prey and slow them down. Still though the hostage's life is worth more after all and he scopre it out for a moment to pop off another shot or two though he's clearly been hurt Montag doesn't seem to give a damn from his perch.

"The the best you got?"
Easy comes, easy goes. That is the way that the world works. Wandering the world as usual is none other than the blue haired boy in the large blue coat. The overly large coat consumes the face of the boy, save for his eyes.

Sanel's wandering brings him into the Jagd.

Sanel blinks a bit, wandering ahead to the commotion at hand.

He continues forward, curiosity lit in his eyes, "Ahhh..."
Evja To say that the rest of the dudes who were going after the group were mopped up was an understatement. In fact, the only ones left standing after the retalliation of Quistis whip, Montag's sharpshooting, Kim's cartwheels and and Sarafina's hacking would be... well, none, actually. Kim took out the ranged group with the assistance of montag and Sarafina and Quistis attacking at close-range wound up mopping up the rest. All but one, who ran back towards the group behind just as Tifa was charging.

Then she dives in and goes for the Moogle. The Moogle turns to look at Tifa as she flies in and finds herself intersecting with the one who ran up trying to get help and get saved from being hurt worse than he was. That was the one who had his hand blown off by Montag simply enough.
How, one would ask, does she intersect the goon when she was aiming for the moogle?

Easy. Suddenly the Dragoon of the group, a large hulking Bangaa, steps beside the fellow and kicks him in the lower back, sending him flying to meet with Tifa's attack.

"We told you not to <yay> with us, Kupo. Time to pay the reaper." That was one mean little moogle who dropped the chain and wrapped it around a foot, only to pull out A FREAKING MOOGLE-SIZED BAZOOKA and shoot a beam of it right at Tifa's gut. Not to mention the boss decided it was time to act, snapping again before tucking the floating card away. The Dragoon took a quick leap and flew straight towards the main group, spear out and pouncing like a flea. Meanwhile the Gria had taken to flying high in the air, unleashing shot after shot after shot from her arrows. Both of these two were extremely skilled and quick, likely the core of Clan Verda. Meanwhile the Paladin looked down towards Evja only to reach down and grab the Viera by the scruff of the rags of a shirt he had left on, picking him up and dragging him with his left hand while his right held a drawn sword, slowly walking towards the group. Yes, he was fully planning on using the Viera as a shield, which left the moogle to quickly unwrap his foot from the chains before he got pulled along with his boss. Kim would find herself the target of the Paladin at the moment, charging in quick and using Evja like a living accessory while swinging his Knightsword straight towards the girl, uncaring that she's clearly still just a kid.
There's a reason this group was being hunted by the Judges. Now the group can see why... they're beyond ruthless.
Montag Montag Seems to be taking everything in stride he listens as the moogie and others ipen fire however Montag does manage to just duck down and avodi the incomming attack he's back up again smirking at them dor a moment. He sees how ruthless this group is and he almost seems amused. "Ya know this is what I call doing a favour to the people getting trash like you off the streeets ither in the slammer or a body bag!"

He now does not fire again he's reloading a fresh clip. he's got plans don't worry.
Faruja Senra Spears and lots of arrows perforate Faruja's body, the ratling slammed to his feet by his dragoon counterpart. Bleeding on the ground, the rat sucks in breaths even as he works on curing himself to avoid dying against this group of bandits and brigands. Pieces of his armor lay about, shattered from the attacks, his robes torn as blood pools into the sand.

Thrust! Still quite pinned, Faruja's body glows. He incants, and all about him comes crashing down falling beams of holy light, exploding in divine radiance as he summons up the Lord's wrath. Holy Explosion! No doubt many mooks shall fall, and maybe some of the bigger opponents will be harmed. About the only one whom escapes his wrath is the leader, with his hostage.

Yanking the spear from his chest, Faruja then leaps into the air, body and spear glowing with holy light. He'll then descending, attempting to bring it down upon the heads of either, or both, the Dragoon and Archer.
Sanel The mist is around... and the eye that his hidden beneath the hair glows. How intriguing.

There are lots of things that Sanel is seeing. In particularly, there seems to be some form of fighting going on. So what does he see? There are people that he do not know fighting against each other. Of them, there are a couple of recognizable people.

In particularly, the eyes fall over towards Faruja. "Ahh... Snow Mouse King." He is about to run over towards him until....

His eye spots the presence of the viera, who is grabbed like a ragdoll by a Paladin. Blink.


And, through the midst of the battle, while the Paladin is fighting Kim, Sanel waits patiently.

"...Sanel does not like what Bad Man is doing to BunBun."

"Sanel asks for BunBun back."

0Those within the vicinity of the Sanel(particularly Kim and the Paladin) may feel that the area is getting ....colder. Like dropping down to nearly zero.
Tifa Lockhart Huge laser guns shoudl NOT be part of this story! And Tifa's none too pleased when it burns her off quite badly. Fortunatly for her, in this fantasy world, lasers are no worse than bullets. But still, HUGE BULLET there leaves marks!

She grrs as she rushes to the moogle and starts kicking at him. She got the boss in her reticule, might as well hurt him as much as possible. "Let go of our friend, there's no reason for you to keep her roped up, she clearly didn't want to be here to start with if she left you guys!"
Quistis Trepe
Quistis looks up at the airborne huntress. Her eyes narrow again.

They're throwing around a hostage, not even for some pragmatic reason like escaping, Quistis thinks. If they were trying to make them go to help Evja instead of chasing them, that would be almost admirable for its tactical sense. But they /started/ with her life.

She frowns.

She folds her arms then, and when the arrows run down towards her, she explodes into a million seeds, streaming bursts and howling rockets smashing upwards into the arrows, many of them bursting in midair and introducing the arrows to the concept of mid-air fratricide as QUistis grits her teeth and keeps on pressing. More of them surge upwards, past the barrage of arrows, and Quistis snaps her arms forwards then with a wordless cry of "HORA--"

At which point she fires a sudden eye-searingly bright laser upwards, right at the archer.

She swings one arm after that, snapping her fingers at the moogle. "Shut the kupo up," she informs him, looking down the bridge of her nose towards him. "We don't have to put up with you talking all this kupo-nut trash, acting like you're so hard because you have the greens to kidnap a sports competitor and threaten her life just so you can..."

She sweeps her hand around. "So you can /reasons,/ I /guess/." She glances up and counts to herself - one, two, and then -

She smashes her left arm around, calling for a shimmering moment on the inner strength of Shiva to, hopefully, smash the huntress, send her colliding into the moogle, and send THEM roaring towards the purported paladin.
Kim Possible Things have really gotten crazy, and Kim finds herself in a world of hurt... and with flames burning in her eyes. "That's it, I'm really ticked now!" Kim literally spots the nearest enemy in a flash and then proceeds to unleash a barrage of attacks!
Sarafina Carenze Yep, yep, pretty much violence. Is that a Bazooka?? No, Sarafina, don't fall in love with the bazooka. Bad Sarafina.

There is a dragoon here. Sarafina can't really help Evja--her chainsaw is the opposite of a good weapon to use on someone who is being held hostag.e She expects her comrades can handle it.

She is, however, plowed into by a Dragoon, sending her crashing to the ground, nearly decapitating herself with her own weapon but barely is able to keep it firm in her hands. After one bounce, she ignites the jetpack again andswarms towards the dragoon.


--make a Dragoon not there anymore.
Evja Quistis manages to hit the Gria dead on, knocking her out of the sky in a burning flash. Landing in a heap, the Moogle looks over before suddenly... BAMBAMBLAMSMACKKICKPUNCHOUCHOUCHOUCH, he has the piss beaten out of him by Tifa and Quistis.
Meanwhile, the Dragoon gets caught by Faruja's attack, held still long enough to suddenly be hit with the chainsaw blade. Amazingly enough, it pierces right through him before he shines with a holy light, an Angel Ring activating and reviving him before shattering. Of course, he's still /quite/ hurt, and falls to the ground only to bounce away and run.

With the air suddenly getting cold, cold to the point where the paladin was getting confused, Kim launching an assault at him only caused him to do one thing that likely pissed off Sanel more than /anything/. He used Evja as a shield, like he had planned on, physically tossing the Viera into the way of Kim's attacks and protecting himself.

But wait, wasn't there one more member? Oh, right, that bigass fat NuMou who had just kind of been sitting there, doing nothing, looking rather lethargic. "Kenmoo!" the Paladin shouted, "Gigaflare, now!" As if on command, the NuMou waddles to a stand and the entire area, in opposition of Sanel's ice magic dropping everything down to zero, suddenly goes red. That worthless NuMou was apparently their walking bomb, as he brought up both of his hands and shouted...


Expanding outwards, the entire town begins to fall, the flare from the cow destroying everything it touches. The Paladin quickly raises up Evja to cover himself and darts away, running towards Sanel. Because surely this one boy can't do anything to impede his escape while Kenmoo destroys everything.
Faruja Senra Faruja looks as though he has something to say to Sanel as the temperature instantly drops to zero due to the boy's presence. Whatever it is, it's halted by the great reversal of temperature. In his weakened state, the shift alone is enough to knock out the rat. The fact that fire surrounds, then engulf's him thanks to the Nu MOu's spell has him going down screaming as old wounds are once again toasted to a crisp. Only a quick shell upon himself keeps the Burmecian alive, the Templar unusually good at keeping himself alive when the chips are down.

The Templar stills, burning and barely breathing. Snow Mouse King is melted.
Tifa Lockhart Down goes the barmaid. The Giga Flare is not well received. Even putting up her strongest will to resist the attack is not enoug to withstand it. At least she still has human shape, but an unconcious barmaid is left laying in the smoking crater of the wake of the NuMou firebombing.
Kim Possible Kim can do anything, but that doesn't mean she can endure everything. She's left on the ground as well, stars spinning around over her head as she lays flat on her face.
Sanel Sanel is not happy.

There comes the point of time where fun and games are to come to an end. In this particular case, it is when someone is messing with someone that belongs to him. Even worse, it is when the fact of the said belonging is used as a shield and pain is caused. While Sanel unintentionally causes the people he like pain with his uncontrollable strength, it is the willful intent to harm another that makes Sanel displeased.

As such, Sanel it prepared for the worst of it all.

That storm of flames expel along the air, the explosion is tearing against the boy, ravaging his body. It hurts, but at the same time... he doesn't feel a thing. The below-zero temperature around him manifests, chilling the heatwave around him.

Mind enters a blank stare.

The single visible eye loses its luster, the expression drifting towards the sight of those flames scorching his form. The voice.... is colder. It is the voice that Faruja would suely recognize.


His eyes drifted towards the nu mou, the eye locking towards him as he crimson glow emanates. Something in him was calling for something...
%tBut through the frozen explosive edging to his face, scorched from the heat and the body weakened, finds his clothes scorched but not eaten by the flames. The coat itself is flame-resistant, so it would make it hard for those flames to eat away at the cloth.

But the most important part comes in.

tThe paladin with the viera in his hand.

Luster in his eye comes back.

That is when the Paladin will find the short boy's hand thrusted towards his face. Sanel could easily crush his skull with a tight of the grip. However, it is used to hold him in place. He isn't going anywhere.

Another snatches the near-death viera to his hand.

"Sanel's BunBun."

My bunny. Get your own.

Next comes Sanel's next course of action, planting the paladin's face towards the earth. Thrusting into the surface, the impact creates a force that blows back debris and shudders the earth. Through sheer intensity, the rupture of the earth creates a higher elevation, turning parts of the earth into a jagged hill.

The earth is left crying. Though, the Paladin will likely be crying worse.
Montag Montag is prehaps a lot harder to take down than one might expect. Tifa could be suprised the shinta security guy is still up and fighting at this point as he now lines up a shot, he's going to drop the hammer he knows if they all go downt hey will slit the throats of everyone here. So it's time to take the gloves off as he aims to line up his shot he waits for the right moment then he opens fire, shifts to another target, opens fire again, and does so once more worse the rounds are anti personal designed to breach through armor.

"Reap the whirlwind scrum bags."

he pauses as a possibley civi is wandering into things. "Oh <goose honk> me! KID! GET OUT OF HERE RUN!"
Sanel Oh, and... Sanel ends up scooping up Faruja into his arms.

Two cute creatures for the price of one today~!
Evja Suffice it to say, three main things happen.

1) The entire decrepit village is /flat/. Kenmoo acting like a bomb did a good job of demolishing everything. Our Hero's are here and there, some conscious, some not, some worse than others some better. Then you have poor old Kenmoo, who really wasn't a bad dude. He was just a bit slow. And really, REALLY powerful.
Like... stupidly powerful. But, Montag's shots do a good job of disabling the fat NuMou, smacking into him and rolling him over and backwards.

That leaves the Paladin, whose expression was only one thing.



He's buried face first ass up and quite unconscious, cloak draping over him and leaving the good Judgebun in Sanel's possession. Evja was quite, quite badly worse for the wear. The lithe, nearly bare Viera was easily enough held even by someone without superhuman strength. Sanel could probably see the rabbit had been badly beaten and wounded, not to mention a shoddy healing job on the shot from the moogle the previous day. That, and all of the treatment today has him just barely conscious, limp like a doll for Sanel to carry or hug or love or kiss or cuddle or pet or whatever it is a male Elmyra plans on doing with him.

0VICTORY! - or something like it.
Quistis Trepe
Quistis stares at the portly creature waddling up. "Oh for," she says, diving behind a fallen Clansman.

And indeed, it is this erstwhile Imperial Wizard (or possibly Grand Kleagle) who provides Quistis with vital shelter from that intense, town-wrecking flare. After it passes, she shoulders off the stunned bangaa and ignores his cry for mercy, standing upright wobblingly. The afterwash of the flare has blistered some of her skin, and she is wobbling, even if after a moment she seems to come to rest.

But she isn't leaping into action again, not right away. Until she is treated to:

1. An earthquake

2. Someone moving up to claim her teammate as his kajira, as is the law on the world of G**

Landing on her bottom, stunned and wobbling, Quistis attempts abortively to call up the wellspring of Shiva force within her, but Shiva seems unresponsive today, perhaps from the fire. She reaches then into the bodice of her dress and draws out -

The whistle!!

- And blows a single shrill note on it, as if to alert law enforcement of imminent Maximum Cuddles.
Evja Suddenly, outside of City Range, a portal opens and a veritable squad of Judges appear. The Judgemaster charges ahead of the group to the town before he stops, raising his helm, and stares at the destruction. "Espers above. MEDICS! GET THE WHITE MAGES OUT HERE NOW, DON'T YOU DARE LET ANYONE PERISH!" and with that, the Judges swarm the town, checking on everyone they come across, dishing out medical supplies, potions, phoenix downs and the likes and trying to keep people, well... healthy.
Anyone who needs a ride to town gets one, and free medical treatment, and... well, among other things, when the Judgemaster finds the paladin, he feels around on him before pulling out that card and making a hissing sound.
"Damn... they had it after all. At least he didn't use it." RIP, it's torn in half and bursts into flames.
Sanel Blink.

Tail swish. Tail swish. Sanel is eyeing the swishing tail that belongs to the downed gria.

Sanel scoops up the gria of the group as well. Yeah, that's right. Sanel is claiming the gria for himself. Anyone that has a problem will have to take it up wih the little boy himself.

At the sound of the whistle, the judges arrive. Meanwhile, Sanel looks over towards Faruja and Evja. After further inspection.

"Ah!" Sanel realize what Evja is after indication. Sanel is thinking over the matter.

Sanel's thoughts.
'BunBun' + 'Female BunBun' = 'LOTS OF BUN BUNS!'

Sanel muses ovr the prospects.

And then the judges come in.

Sanel squints, glaring at the judges while clutching onto both Faruja and Evja, likely unintentionally endangering them even worse. However, after several moments of convincing by the judges.


Sanel hands over the two.

Bye bye, BunBun. Bye bye, Snow Mouse King. Heal up so Sanel can play! Q_Q

At least he has the grias.
Montag Montag is lookwer his weapon at this point and he stares at the kid what the heck is up with the kid he doesn't now what to think. he's just suprised they got this done he's going to chug a potion and hobble his way back to town, mission successful./
Tifa Lockhart A 'kweh' sound is heard, and a red chocobo peeks around the corner of the flatten village. Tilting her head, Premium Heart comes out of hiding, looking for her mistress. When she finds the burnt, unconcious barmaid, she pokes at Tifa with her beak... and then cranes her neck down, sliding underneath Tifa and lifting her up with her strong neck, sliding Tifa on her back. Time to trot back home~

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