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One Night In VALKYRI
(2013-02-05 - 2013-02-06)
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Avira It's a Tuesday night! Though there doesn't seem to be anything particularily special about tonight. No big marks satisfied today, no birthdays, to any knowledge-heck, there hasn't even been a Hades Cup match yet to gush over. It seems like a regular night. It...seems.

Nothing's ever that easy in VALKYRI or Traverse Town at that.

Avira got 'home' hours ago and has been busily at work trying to prepare dinner. Her skills at cooking can be considered basic at best since in her previous life, easy-to-prepare convienience foods were the norm. Compare this to other worlds out there, which mostly relied on preparing things from scratch. (Unless you were in Deep Space, in which food consisted of adding water to pills.)

For tonight, Avira has tried to stick to the basics. She's boiling pasta in a pot and cooking up a simple red sauce in the other. One of the chairs that usually surrounds the large rectangular table in the center of the room has been dragged over so she can sit on it.

As she waits for pasta to soften in the massive pot she has boiling on the stove, she fusses with an object in her hands. Those of VALKYRI (and those that live here) would recognize the cube-shaped thing that Avira purchased from a market a few weeks ago as what was allegedly some kind of ancient puzzle but is more likely a fancy-looking paperweight. This hasn't prevented Avira from trying to "solve" it in her off time.
Maira Upon finding that Avira is making dinner, Maira would offer to help. Of course, after the food she made for the party Avira is likely to have turned down that offer and sent Maira to do something that didn't involve burning things. Burning things she is good at, but cooking? The idea is to /not/ burn them generally. Maybe she'd be good on a grill?

Anyway, Maira is sitting on one of the chairs doing some mending. She is currently stitching up the holes in a pair of striped socks she was particularly fond of, her brow furrowed in concentration.

Maira is also mid-story, telling Avira about the trip to Luca and what happened with Shinra. "So then a cricket pushed a button or something and all the ships defenses went off! There were drones everyone and guns going off...Angan smashed his way through them to get to the controls. Luckily, Tifa showed up with a boat and we hopped on there--" she sighs, shaking her head. "I wonder...what that ship was doing in Luca though. The locals were none too pleased to see helicopters and what not. They think machines are evil or something--ouch!" she exclaims then, quickly bringing her finger to her mouth. Well, that will teach her to talk and sew at the same time.
Katyna Well...Kat's even less of a cook than Avira, and so she flits about impatiently in the kitchen, hoping the VALKYRIE leader will make enough for all of them, cuz she's doggone hungry! Every so often she pipes up with a 'Heey! is it done yet? Can I taste it?' or something of similar effect as she goes to check on the food hungrily.

The rubix cube like thingy is also noted and Kat peers curiously at that as well, almost tempted to reach out and snatch it from Avira's hands as she works quite slowly (in Kat's opinion) at the puzzle. Would solving it involve anything to do with treasure or pretty shinies? Kat's dying to find out!

When Maira chirps in every so often, she nods in agreement. "It's all that durned cricket's fault! But, I didnt really see anything useful on that ship. Just weapons, and medical supplies n' stuff" Unfortunately, none of the crates that she had openned contained any pretty shinies. *sigh*
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr entered the hall at the end of Maira's story.

"It's was a supply thing. Apparently it went missing, or that's what I got from the commander of the opp. They wanted to recover it, because lets be fair, they probably can't afford to lose anything." Angantyr says, "Of course, they paid me in gear for getting the job done, so that's a good thing." Angantyr's been making some progress in getting gear...luckily what he got, the Materia, and a few shipments of weapons and armor is stashed. "Likely, they just wanted to get it out, before someone in Luca salvaged it. Or destroyed it...the people there are pretty heavily against technology." Angantyr shrugs.

Angantyr sniffs the air, and looks at Avira, "Cooking? I take it you're makin' us something from your home?" The Mercinary was fairly interested to try things that she cooked, but only recently been able to sample them...of course, before then there was just 'Desert delicacies' which is as unappatizing as you think it is.

He sits down, setting the mace on the ground, and placing the shaft against the table. "Well, at least things will be quiet tonight.."
Avira Avira has never burned water or pasta before...and frankly, she was wary to let Maira try out of fear of finding out that you really could! Both of them could use some cooking lessons from Maximillien, STAT.

" Really?" Avira looks up at Maira, giving her a look of disbelief. Her hands are still fiddling with the cube, even without her watching. The huntress always seemed to fidgit a lot when sitting. "Good question. Maybe they were exploring. Or looking for more subjects. You said there was this creepy scientist lady with them, right?"

Then Angantyr enters and provides a bit more clarification about the incident. "Ahhh, yeah, that makes sense. I've always been wondering about that...with most of the parts of the worlds disappeared, resources are going to be kind of constrained, aren't they? Oh...yeah, uh, nothing too advanced." Avira stands, leaving the cube on the chair as she turns to check on the noodles. "Just spaghetti with sauce. No meatballs unfortunately, I've, uh, never actually made ones that weren't frozen and already formed."

Gingerly, Avira withdraws a single noodle from the big pot, pinching it between two fingers. Turning, she suddenly tosses it at Katyna! "If it sticks that means it should be done!" she says, by way of explanation. She's actually really doing it because Kat's been pestering her while she was cooking. Revenge! Muahaha.
Maira Maira puts down her sewing, laying it carefully aside. She looks up when Angan enters and smiles brightly to him. "Hey Angan! Heh...I still can't believe you snuck us in, then managed to get them to PAY you," she laughs, clearly amused and impressed.

" may not seem like it, but Shinra is bad news. I think...well, I was going to ask...if maybe we could go to Goug. That's where Shinra is. I'd like to see what they are up to. I'm...concerned," she explains with a gentle frown.

Of course, it would be crazy to go alone--but she's crazy and she will go alone if no one will go with her!

To hungry and impatient Katyna she smiles. She sympathizes. Maira is pretty much always hungry!

She cannot help a small shudder as Angantyr mentions it being a quiet night. Aaah bad luck! Last time she thought she was in for a peaceful meal she ended up wielding bacon at Makenshi then almost having a roof dropped on her head in an explosion from a laser dragon. This is something Maira does NOT want to repeat.
Emi Dennou Emi is fond of Maira and Avira and is happy to eat their food since, well, that means they don't have to get food for themselves. Or at least, lest food for themselves as it's just Emi who actually came today. Perhaps because, well... she went on a recent adventure with Maira and is curious to hear more about Shinra.

She is sitting down, holding a plastic knife and fork in her hands. She stares blankly ahead, except for one notion: Hunger.

Emi glances towards the cube curiously but does not comment on it.

Well okay actually she does. "Was that given to you by an Egyptian Pharaoh?, The Network inquires after having watched too much television."
Katyna Katyna nods. "Yeah, a little talking cricket! I guess pretty much anything goes in this crazy old world!" She makes a face. "Heh, more subjects? why would anyone wanna work for a company that drains the life out of the planet? They're nearly as bad as the heartless.."

Of course, she supposes one could acquire a lot of power that way..But these days, Kat was starting to think that all forms of power had some sort of consequence. that wasn't a price she was willing to pay. "Maira, you're from their world too, aren't you? I cant believe someone can treat their world so badly."

She arches a brow as she mentions going to Goug. "So what's in Goug? That's their headquarters too, right? Do they have a mako reactor there too? I'd like to see it in action. I wonder, if the power they generate is really worth the consequences?"

Then Angan enters and she tenses slightly as always, laughing a bit nervously. "Heh, guess that's what you call good business. I've done mercenary work before, but not quite that successful. I guess they were really desperate for help. But that scientist lady was really creepy too!"

Then a noodle goes flying at her, sticking to her hair, startling Kat, as she cant figure out where it went. "Waah! Getitoffgetitoff!" she starts flailing.
Makenshi Outside the large building, the town carries on as usual. The streets are filled with people, some milling about in the various popular gathering places while others stream in and out of the clusters of tall stone shops and houses to go about their daily business.

From above it looks similar to an ant farm. Crux pauses in her flight to peer down at the small settlement for a few moments. Her bird's eye view gives her a good picture of the entire area, a great boon for a spy such as herself, as it allows her to take in the potential threats from a safe distance.

Today it seems the Heartless are quiet as the adventurers and guards are either at their posts or tucked away in their homes. This was a good thing as it would make it easier for her to slip in and out undetected with her 'package'.

The fairy glances down at the large bundle in her hands. A burlap sack easily as large as the doll herself bulges from within, filled with something or something's very large or bulky. She has little trouble with the weight of the parcel though its size will make her attempt at stealth a little harder. Still, this is something she needs to do.

Steeling herself, Crux drops out of the cover of the clouds and glides gently down towards the city. She sticks to the outskirts at first until the tops of the tall chimneys and pointed roofs rise up to meet her, providing ample places to use for cover from being spotted. Slowly and carefully she works her way between buildings and dark alleys heading for one place in particular.

The little doll is quite surprised upon arrival to see that the damage inflicted by her master has already been completely repaired. These people were certainly industrious, she gave them that. Lurking silently in an alcove until the coast is clear, she darts out of hiding and over to the front doorstep to drop off her bundle, constantly glancing about in an almost paranoid manner. She didn't want to be seen.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr laughs a little at Kat's and Avira's playing.

"I think it's done, it's pretty stuck to her head." Angantyr jokes. He can see her...tensing, her unease around him...but he ignores it. A lot of people are, he's not a presense for the faint of heart. He gives that feeling to many's a drawback to the power he was grated at birth.

"She was annoying, and close to getting maced." Angantyr says, "Freekin' unhinged and completely unable to get the hint of don't screw with people above your weight class." Angantyr shrugs, and looks back to Kat and Maira, "I've been in the buisness for a long time. You gota know when to be opertunistic as hell. You don't make friends being a mercinary, you make buisness associates and contacts. It's not fun work, and just because you're good with a blade doesn't mean you'll be good as a freelance merc." Angantyr considers, "Though I guess it's about time I stop being freelance...I was thinkin' about getting a guild together. There's a lot of money in that, and I've been lucky lately."

He looks towards Avira, "Yeah...Resources are going to be strained now between all of these empires, eventually someone is going to make a move on someone seems that it's going to be Alexandria on Cleryia...and I wonder if someone isn't going to take advantage of that.."

To Maira he raises an eyebrow, "Seems a bit farfetched, I mean...draining the energy of the planet? Hm...well, it's not like they can really do that here.." Angantyr shrugs, "Infiltraiting them, Maira is...not a good idea. I mean, they got a PMC, and a elite force under them, and are fairly advanced tech wise...and Goug itself is sitting on lost tech. Anyway, they don't seem to be doing anything. Hell, if I were them I'd just focus on making weapons and such and selling. I'd be the best thing for them."
Avira "Is that really what they're doing, Maira?" Avira asks when Katyna mentions that Shinra's draining the life of the planet they're from. "I don't really know all that much about Shinra, to be honest." She looks thoughtful as Maira suggests that they do some investigating around Goug to figure out what they're up to. "Sounds kind of fun, I'd be up for it."

She knows that tone of Maira. Avira had better go with her or Maira will go alone and Avira will WORRY.

"...oh don't get me started on that cube, Emi." Avira grumbles, "Some fox guy sold it to me in a market, said it was some awesome archive of knowledge left behind from a doomed world. I think it's just a tarted-up rubix cube."

Her noodle salvo is met with success and Avira cackles as Kat starts flailing around at the noodle now nestled in her hair. "Yup! It's done!" Avira laughs, switching off the burner to the big pot of noodles. "Hey could someone hold the strainer over the sink for me, this pot's gonna need two hands." Avira grasps the pots handles and lifts.

As she turns, she peers towards the door.

"A guild, Angantyr? Heh, I could see it with you. Maybe you can make the rest of Clan Dagda a part of it." Avira winks, though the playfulness fades when the brewing trouble between Alexandria and Cleryia is mentioned. "Yeah, that doesn't look good. Faruja must be pretty upset about that too. -right, moving towards the sink now."

Hopefully someone's going to get that strainer in place before she dumps the water. QUICKTIME EVENT. PRESS THE TRIANGLE BUTTON!!!
Maira Maira tilts her head, listening as Angantyr explains what it is like (in part) to be a mercenary. Of course, at his insistence that they don't make friends, Maira smiles knowingly. "Well /that/ isn't true, you've made plenty of friends!" she informs him, squaring her shoulders proudly. Yes, she is one of those, and won't back down if he tries to tell her otherwise!

The young mage looks down then, her brow drawing together thoughtfully. "Infiltrate? No no, I wasn't thinking that...just...I want to see how the place is doing. How the people are doing. Not only did they drain the life from the planet, but they also used Heartless....their use of the Heartless was partly what destroyed my world," she explains. "I just...wouldn't want to see it happen again."

When Avira needs help, Maira pops up and scurries over to hold the strainer over the sink. "You know, I have an easier way to do that," she informs her, but she'll just let Avira do it her way. Maira supposes one doesn't need to use magic for everything!

"Poor Faruja...I hope he'll come visit again. He's a really good friend--great dancer too," she adds with a nod.

A wide smile appears as it registers that Avira will go with her to Goug, just to check things out. She gives her friend an appreciative look as she shakes some of the water from the pasta.
Minerva So where is Minerva? She's been either working on helping to repair the damage to the base or has been training otherwise. She seems o have been skulking baout at this point and is just ther ebehind Maira all of a sudden seemingly grinning. "So I hear, you got up to some gun while I was busy. SO just what were you up to Maira."
Emi Dennou "It is how they are," Emi tells Ang. "Mad scientists. That's what they're like. It's not about what's logical, neccessarily speaking." She rubs the back of her neck lightly.

She turns to Avira as she explains... THE CUBE. THE CUBE--is a super rubix cube? "That is neat. Sounds like a good deal." She pauses for a moment and then admits, "But admittedly does not seem like an archive of ancient knowledge."

She glances at it a couple more times, tapping her cheek lightly with an index finger.

"We like you, The Network informs Angantyr."

And she seems to be content at leaving at that, rather than going into FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC territory.

This time she remains oblivious to Crux due to all her attention being on FOOD.

She tries not to be too obvious about it.
Katyna Katyna makes a face as she finally fishes out the noodle, tossing it a way. "Heh, let's hope you're better at cookin than I am!" She nods to Angan in agreement about the Asian woman. "Hmm, I'll have to keep that in mind.." But hey, she was pretty oportunistic..Still, her style was a bit different from Angan's. "I guess being a freelance gives you a bit of freedom, but connections are good too.."

When he talks about a guild, she is reminded of the thieves' guild that she was once a part of, and that makes her sad to know it no longer exists. However..This talk of Alexandria and Cleyria does cause her to frown a bit. "Ooh, why are people fighting when they have the heartless to worry about? how silly..So, if Faru from Cleyra then? Are they all Rat people over there?"

As for Shinra, it has her thinking again, "Oh yeah, what WERE those shiny orb things in those crates? Were they magical? I think someone called 'em 'material' or something..." She arches a brow at Emi and Maira as they talk about liking Angan. She just falls silent on the subject, trying not to think of her ever-growing list of people-who-want-to-kill her.

Instead, Kat just hungrily sniffs the air, popping over to the sink. "Anything I can help with? I'm not so good with cooking, but I can do other stuff with food.."
Avira "Uhh let's do it this way for now." Avira says gently, actually more worried that Maira's method would involved food getting burned. One should learn /normal/ cooking techniques before trying to get fancy with the magical cooking techniques. Though Avira's actually glad Maira's there to hold it since the hot water being drained off won't make her too uncomfortable if it splashes.

"Actually, yes Kat, could you go taste the sauce? If it's good and warm, turn off the burner. Everything should be just about ready."
Angantyr Vespar It falls to Ang to press triangle.

He just seems to appear at the sink with the strainer, and looking mildly annoyed at his player. His player shrugs, Nobody else did it man.

"Materia. I haven't gotten the hang of it yet, but apparently they let you cast magic." he says, with a shrug.

Avira gets a nod, "Of course. There might be a bigger idea for the guild though, but that can come later..." he says, and Avira knows that look. It was likely to eventually be used against Arcadia. The bone that he has with the nation was...epic to say the least. He turns to Emi and looks at her for a moment, "Well...I like you too? You're a good Yeah." he says, with a small smile. "Though I can't say that my handsome and rogueish features are good for something." he kids back towards Emi.

"They used the heartless huh..." he considers. "I dunno, none of them seemed to be able to use the heartless, are you sure it was them? Well...we also seen devices used to control the heartless, maybe it was like that?" He says, nodding to Avira, she'd remember it.

Then talk about Faruja, "Ugh...stinkin' rat. I can tolerate him, but that's about it."
Makenshi Crux arrives on the front doorstep of the Valkyri HQ and sets her package down as gently as possible. The soft clink of glass can be heard as it touches the stones but it is mostly muffled by the sack and the other contents to which the small fairy gives a silent sigh of relief. Mission accomplished.

Just as she is about to leave, however, the sound of gruff voices erupts from the shadows nearby. Several men emerge through the dark gaps between the buildings bearing flashlights and weapons, clearly guards or adventerers from the looks of them.

"Yeah, it was over here. I swear I saw some dark little shadow in the alley."
"Hmm might be a Heartless, let's have a look."

Uh oh, busted! Crux snatches up the bundle again, making a fair bit of racket in the process but not wanting to chance some random person stumbling across it. She immediately turns to take to the air but upon looking up finds that the roofs have sprouted the silhouettes of armed figures as well. Apparently the lack of Heartless activity has freed up half the town's defenders to respond to the potential threat.

Darting into a nearby alley, the small fairy searches for a clear escape route only to be cut off in this direction as well. She retreats back to the edge of the street, only now realizing she's completely trapped. Frantically looking around the doll finally locates a window on the wall next to her and glides up into it, vanishing through the opening moments before the bright shine of a flashlight highlights the empty valley.

Safe! Again the tiny spy exhales, this time giving voice to her relief. "Kukuruyu..." Now to find out where she ended --

Turning about, Crux's normally emotionless expression tenses up in a clear look of shock as her eyes come to alight on the occupants of the room, hovering mere inches away from the trio at the sink. Going to be hard to ninja out of this one.
Maira Maira looks, well, a bit insulted and hurt. "Yes, of course I know it was Shinra! Do you think I would forget who was partly responsible for the destruction of my world? I...I know I'm not smart, but surely you don't think I'm that dumb. And Faruja has been a good friend to me, you shouldn't talk about him like that," she replies, flushing red as she realizing, with embarrassment, that she'd just gotten all defensive. A poker face, Maira has not.

Luckily, a fairy appears suddenly, in through the window. Maira blinks, her eyes widening as she takes in the small pink form with her little package. Then, she smiles. "Hello...can I help you?"
Katyna "Magic, huh.." She scratches her head. "And can anyone use these...Materia?" Ooh, they're they're not that bad afterall. she can imagine how useful it would be to use magic. Afterall, Kat's only magic was from her flaming sword. Without it she had no power on her own really..

She frowns a bit though, pondering their ties with the heartless. "Oh, I thought the heartless were allied with their enemies, in Wutai. I think that's what some Wutaian girl said once.."

As for Faru, Kat frowns a bit, just shaking her head slowly. She kinda liked Faruja, at least he didnt try to kill her like some people! Kat glances to Maira and nods however. "But you're right, we should see what they're up to. I'm sure Goug is safe enough for civilians as long as we're not gonna break into some government facility or major military operation again, y'know?"

Then Avira asks her to taste the sauce and she beams! "Woo, easiest job ever!" And she proceeds to taste the sauce...Wait, was that a fairy in the window? "Woah! What was that!?"
Emi Dennou Emi's attention is drawn to the window by Maira. It is... a fairy! A very cute fairy. Emi remembers the fairy and she's about to say she's pretty sure it's a spy when--

--she looks towards those big fairy eyes. Or technically speaking tiny fairy eyes. But they are big relatively speaking to other fairy eyes.

She tsks lightly, crossing her arms. No, she must resist. She must resist the Kukuruyu...!!
Avira It's scheming Angantyr time. Avira knows his motivation well. She knows that whatever mercenary guild he makes will eventually become that army he wants so badly to crush Archadia with. "You'll have to watch where you operate though since whoever associates with you might catch heat from the Judges. Though I think their priorities are elsewhere lately."

Onto a different subject though. "You're right, Angantyr, there are. Some even created by that former buddy of yours, LEXUS. Some people seem to be in tune with the darkness enough that they can control them." she pauses, giving Angantyr a meaningful look, remembering that they've talked about this very subject before. "If they wanted to." The noodles are dumped into a waiting bowl next to the sink.

Just as Avira turns around she finds herself face to face with a floating fairy. At first she's obviously startled because, boom. FAIRY. But then her anxiety grows as she finds this creature familiar somehow. "How'd you get in here...?" she says warily, edging around so she can put the bowl on the table. Avira retrieves the previously moved chair and picks up the cube puzzle off the seat. "You here for the food? Hey Kat, dump the sauce on the noodles. Then we should be good."
Angantyr Vespar "I told you, not able to do so." Angantyr comments about the heartless, "That's a power that is a crapshoot. Minions, that will eventually devour you. No one, in my opinion is strong enough to keep them away forever."

Then suddenly this serious conversation is interupted by fairy. Angantyr stares at the Fairy that is apparently trapped in here with them. He looks towards Emi, Maira and Avira...perhaps even Kat, and shakes his head. He goes to sit down, wondering if food will ever be given out now...the girls have spotted something cute...

He feels sorry for the fairy.

A thin blue glow ripples between the various pieces of the puzzle box. IT SEEMS INTENT ON RAISING HELL, or--perhaps--HELLRAISING. The cube spins itself around a few times before the blue ripples coalesce into the center of the box, forming a pair of swirly eyes--yes, they look like @'s, and a big O mouth. The puzzle box continues to spin around on its own, this time just in a circular motion without changing the components of its 'puzzle' and says, in a faint British accent, "Oi? Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?"

"Hello?" The glowy eyes look towards Ang and says, "YAGGH!! Look at that, scary... By which I mean, what a trustworthy looking guy, not scary at all, sorry these things slip out from time to time. Hello there. Hello. DO YOU SPEAK...ALIEN? Well, I suppose you don't speak alien. I am autotranslating as we speak, don't worry, everything...and I mean everything is under control. Yes I am speaking English but it's just because I am drawing the information directly from your brains, don't worry. Perfectly safe. Except for the brain damage. Perfectly safe brain damage."

Emi looks towards the magical apparently AI equipped cube and then back towards the food. She's already linked up to a crazy AI once this week. You're gonna figure this one out on your own.

"Boy...oh...boy... is this what I've got to deal with after super countless years of infinite silence of which I was totally aware that would drive any lesser mind mad? WEll I'm not mad, I'm happy! Happy I get to meet such a swell bunch of smelly humans and assorted like you. Sorry, smelly? I meant lovely. Still working on that autotranslation!"
Makenshi Crux stares wide-eyed at the assorted reactions for several seconds, not quite sure what to do in this situation. She's never actually been caught like this before. However, despite their equal surprise at seeing her as she is at having managed to pick the one window leading directly into the living room of the people she's been trying to avoid, none of them seemed overtly hostile to her presence. It seemed likely they didn't know for she was an expert of remaining unseen when she wished to be. Well, until now.

Regaining her wits, the doll figures it might be best to play it straight. She cannot communicate with them directly but maybe they will understand her intent. Floating slowly over towards Maira, who was the only one present when her master's visit when unfortunately awry thanks to a tempermental lizard, she sets the large sack down on the table before the mage.

Her expression reverts to one mostly free of emotion but a slight hint of concern can be seen in her big expressive eyes as she looks over the injuries that were present when last she saw her. Crux motions at the bag, indicating that she wants Maira to open it.


However, her attempts at interaction are vehemently interrutped by the activation of the magical cube. The swirly eyed alien face is not nearly as cute as she is but probably far more distracting! The fairy floats over to peer at the spinning box, tilting her head curiously at its strange behavior.

Emi Dennou "AHH!! MOSQUITO!" The cube screams in total terror, trying to wiggle free despite the lack of any movement actuators.
Maira Maira has her priorities in order. Sure, Crux is adorable, but there is FOOD and if she doesn't it surely someone else will and then there will not be any left for her!

Orphan thinking.

Thus, Maira sits down and begins piling spagetti and sauce onto her plate, wondering if there is cheese by any chance.

To backtrack... "Materia lets you use magic, yes. Its sort of...hard to explain though. It comes from the Lifestream. That's what Aerith told me anyway. She knows a lot about it," she comments, in between unceremoniously stuffing her gob.

Maira reaches for a napkin and daps at her lips when the little fairy settles her package down in front of Maira. "Huh? for me?" she asks, then carefully begins to open the package.

Distraction alert! Distraction alert! Maira looks up to find Avira's mysterious cube talking and blinks several times. "Oh. Hey. Is that one of Tron's things?" she asks before looking back down to the package in order to see what it contains.

Puzzles, Maira lifts up a couple of potions and some bandages. With just a glance she knows the potions are for healing. She makes these all the time.

Puzzled, Maira looks up to Crux. "What are these for? Well I mean, I know what they are for, but why did you bring them to me? Oh! Does someone need help!?" she asks, beginning to stand.
Angantyr Vespar Aerith? YOu mean the friend of that barmaid? The girl that seems to have little but air between her ears?" Angantyr says. Yeah, she obviously knows what she's talkin' about. The life stream makes magic, what's next? He'll join a hippie commune? HA!

Angantyr rolls his eyes, until the thing Avira bought started become Wheately. He turns towards it and stares at it for a long long moment. "I thought you said it was an anchient civilization's intellgience? I don't see much intellient here." he quips. Oh Ang, still snarky as hell.

He piles some of the strange dish onto his plate and takes a bite. "Needs meat." he comments. "The sause tastes like it should go with meat. The noodles are just fine." He comments.
Avira Avira didn't recall Crux being hostile. That white-haired White Cloud jerk that seemed to pop up around Crux on the other hand...well...

Avira's got Murdock's number now for a reason. Though unless Makenshi does actually show, she's not going to dial it. "She's kind of cu-"

Blue light from nowhere catches the corner of her eye but it isn't until the cube starts to actually move in her hand does she finally look at it, yelp, and promptly drop the errant purchase onto the table. The cube lands precariously close to the big bowl of spaghetti. "What the hell! It-"

It won't stop talking!

"No, it's not TRON's, it-" IT'S STILL TALKING. She looks over to Emi as if she, who she just saw interface with a crazy dangerous alien AI the other day, is supposed to make sense of this. She also looks to Crux, as if some kind of mysterious fairy magic could have activated this thing she's been poking at for weeks.

Reaching out, Avira puts a hand over it, "The guy that sold me this never said anything about it talking! Though I guess it might not be broken after all." With a grumble she adds, "That's no mosquito, that's a fairy by the way."

Avira sits down in her seat, but she doesn't start eating yet, releasing her hold on the cube. "Usually there are meatballs in this dish. I'll try to get some for it next time, Ang. Okay you...chatty thing, what exactly are you? I was told archive of an ancient civilization."
Katyna Katyna had quietly poured the sauce on the noodles...Before totally vanishing for several minutes! The sound of a toilet flushing in the distance can be heard, before Kat reappears, looking refreshed! "Aah, what did I miss?" She scratches her head as she sees the rubix cube glowing and...Talking?

What the heck? Then the fairy flits around saying nonsense words...What the heck? And then she sees a strange package on the floor. "Ooh, what's that? Treasure?" But Emi beats her to it..Darn!
Emi Dennou "I hope you paid a lot because I'm literally priceless." Pause. "As if I'm literally without price? Or was it worthless? Don't look at me, it's your language." The cube looks like it's about to say more when suddenly a hand is placed over its head. "Oi hey, wait, hey, stop, hey--stop that, that's very improper that's---oohh...yeah, yeah, that's nice, that's definitely nice. Ignore me--this is nice. Mmhmm. Oh, but don't ignore that. No. Well pleasure to meet you all, I'd give you a hand but I'm unarmed, hey? Hey? Wokka wokka?"


"Well anyway, my name is RT-C4B3E2P1-00314MP. I know, I know, I always wanted a longer name, it's a bit too brief? Takes a full picosecond to think. A full picosecond! Where do you want a map to? And please don't say 'Adventure'. Adventure is apparently a very loose term in Map Language. Very loose. Still can't get the images out of my head." He shakes about a bit. "Metaphorically speaking. I guess I'm a bit of a square."

"Wokka wokka? No?" Sigh. "humans."

Emi says, "This one is not interfacing with this one, at least not until after dinner." She pours some spaghetti onto her plate and then looks towards Crux.

Those eyes.


She seperates some of her spaghetti from one another and slides the plate partially towards Crux.

"..." She looks pretty tsundere about htis.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses...

"You make maps? Well, make yourself useful and list a map for...I don't know, anchient alien weapons or something. Or treasure. Something useful so that I am not tempted to put you in my" he pauses, "What do you even call this?" He asks Avira. Angantyr is not very interested in the fairy, he didn't spot it when her master came destroying things, though if he did...there'd be a glass turned over her right now.

"Freekin' christ Avira, where do you get these things?"
Makenshi The fairy blinks as she is yelled at, looking slightly perturbed. She is not a mosquito! "Kukuruyu!"

Turning her nose up at the cube, Crux goes back over to where the contents of her package have been revealed. The bag contains several bottles of blue liquid which are obviously potions as well as a giant heap of bandages of various sorts. There is also a few medical implements mixed in. All in all it looks like she just went to a hospital and emptied out a cabinet of supplies into it.

When Maira gets all flustered the little doll looks confused, shaking her head at the misconstrued meaning behind the gift. She floats over before the fiery mage and pokes her finger into her forehead then picks up one of the bottles with both hands and offers it to her. "Kukuruyu."

However, her attention turns to Emi as the plate comes scooting her way, peering down at the contents then over at the girl, unsure what she's supposed to do with this. She glances over at the others who are eating then floats down to the plate and mimicks them, grabbing one of the noodles by its end and sticking it into her mouth, nibbling at it experimentally.
Avira Arrrgh Crux...adorable tiny fairy eating comparatively large noodle. SO CUTE.

"This is ridiculous." Avira just resorts to talking over the AI since it's not offering an awful lot of pauses to speak during! "You are ridiculous! Can't I just sit you down next to a dictionary to scan or something? Something that doesn't involve scanning brains?" Okay, she's not entirely sure that's exactly what this thing is doing but part of her doesn't want to take chances.

"...that name is ridiculous too!" Avira cannot hold off any more. She swipes herself a plate of food, but remains hunched over as she eats it, staring at the strange puzzle cube. "You need something even shorter. Let's Mimir." Maybe it's wishful thinking that she's naming it after a Norse mythological figure known for knowledge and wisdom.

Avira looks to Angantyr, "Ancient alien weapons? That's the first thing that comes to your mind?" She pauses, "I really shouldn't be surprised. I told you earlier, some fox guy sold it to me the day I had to flee from Rabanastre!"
Emi Dennou "Hey you can't just change my name!" RT-C4B3E2P1-00314MP protests. "My creators named me RT-C4B3E2P1-00314MP." Pause. "Well, by named I more mean memetically assigned during the production process, if you want to get technical but--wait what's this? Oh! My programming has just told me that yes, you can change my name. Mimir it is then. A pity, I was getting rather attached to RT-C4B3E2P1-00314MP. Rolls right off the tongue. Mimir's alright, I guess." Ang then asks for him to make a map.

"woah...woah...." The blue lines start glowing ever brighter. "Er...don't be alarmed. This is...probably most definitely what I'm supposed to be doing. Maybe."

And then the lines burst forward, drawing in real time a map towards either 'treasure' or 'alien weapons' or '???'. It even provides a handy dandy googlemap style YOU ARE HERE now though it doesn't produce a handy dandy list of directions like 'turn left on Traverse Lane'. Ancient technology, how inconvenient. "Haha, kind of tickles. You should try it if you're ever put into a cube."

Emi looks at Crux.

Emi looks at Crux be intensely adorable.

Emi raises an index finger cautiously while she's nibbling (adorably) on a noodle and attempts to...yes!...finger tap her head lightly a couple times, smiling in a fond way despite herself.

B-but it's not cause she likes you or anything!! She just likes watching noodles get eaten, that's it!
Maira Somehow, as if she isn't even doing it consciously, one hand is still grasping her fork and bringing food to her mouth.

Maira blinks, looking between Avira and the cube as the thing chats away incessantly. "It isn't Tron's? ....Oh dear. Maybe we should ask him to have a look at it..." she suggest warily.

Maira looks to Ang then, frowning a little. "There's no need to be so...grumpy..." she says, wondering why he seems to intent on insulting her friends tonight. "Will you go with us to Goug then?" she asks him, eyebrows rising.

Right. Fairy. Talking cube. Still eating spagetti.

Watciong Crux pantomime, Maira begins to understand. "Oh, for me? Why..thank you...but why? I'm alright now...where you there when I got hurt then?" she asks.
Makenshi Crux turns back to nod at the question, noodle still held in her mouth and hands like a piece of doughy licorice. She peers with her big innocent eyes at Maira, not quite sure how to take the news that she has already healed after that savage beating. Maybe it looked worse than it was. Only her master ever seemed to recover that quickly from massive injuries though he very rarely ever got hurt in the first place. Only that man with the golden device on his arm had left lasting damage.

Next she glances at the glowing map, her natural spy instincts kicking in as she memorizes the various lines and markers it displays. She should show this information to her master.

Her train of thought is derailed when the gentle tapping against her wide pink helmet draws her attention. Crux tilts her head to blink at Emi in confusion, her gaze seeming to voice the question that she cannot, though she still gives a muffled, "Kuhuruhu?" around the noodle still in her mouth.
Avira "I am definitely going to have TRON look at him." The AI seemed glitchy, which, come to think of it, could be bad for Emi if she or any of the Dennous tried to interface with him directly. She's not going to forget that request to 'do her in' anytime soon. "Mimir's a fine and noble name! Perfect for our organization!" Avira declares with no small amount of pride.

Much to her surprise, Mimir actually manages to project a map, proving he isn't entirely broken. "Ahhh, we're actually getting somewhere!" Avira leans back in her chair so she can study this thing. She can't kick the nagging feeling that they might want to be a LITTLE more specific with what they ask him to find though. But it's not like being vague can BACKFIRE HORRIBLY, right?

Angantyr Vespar "Hm. That's...interesting." Angantyr says. "That'll do. Well, have your friend look at him, and then we can at least go check this out. Who knows what will lay in store..unless it's really broken." he looks at Mimir. As if to say, 'don't be, or else.'

He looks back at Maira, "What?" he asks, not understanding what she's getting defensive about. He calls it how he sees it. He's not going to hold anything back, it's not like he called her actual bad names or anything. He just doesn't believe that she is an expert in anything, besides looking derpy and flowers.

Looking at the fairy and Emi, though gets a small smile. It is possibly the cutest thing ever, and he can't deny it. He'd say it's almost like she was normal...but...well, that'd actually be pretty mean.
Emi Dennou Emi does not give any clear indication to Crux about why she pertapped her upside the head. The answer is probably obvious to anybody who has an understanding of 'cuteness' but she just pulls back her hand, gives her another smile (despite herself).

Emi gives the map a view of some suspicion but isn't about to tell a mapputer how to do its job. She is probably having the same feeling as Avira here. Still, even broken maps are...still maps, sort of, right? Maybe?

"Have as much as you'd like." She tells Crux, ultimately--she's relaxing a bit since it's obvious that Crux is not like Will and as such cannot eat more than her mass. She puts some into her own mouth, chewing slowly--as if she wanted to maximize hte amount of time she got to have with the food.

Mimir doesn't seem to notice or care if the map is 'spied on' and 'copied'. He seems as surprised as anybody else that he's actually spitting a map out.

"Well gosh." He says. "This is so embarrassing, doing this in front of everyone. Can you all just look away a bit?"
Maira Is making of light of her injuries because she doesn't want anyone to fuss. Plus, she does brew her own potions and have her own healing magic, which she has used a great deal!

Now that she has a full belly, Maira is looking quite sleepy. She reaches up to cover a yawn, then leans on over to whoever is sitting beside her to rest her head on their shoulder. "Thanks little're very sweet," she mumbles, then she's off to sleepy land.
Makenshi Being a magically animated doll, Crux doesn't actually need to eat. Infact, she wasn't quite sure she could until just a few moments ago but it seems like her strange physiology is capable of enjoying it.

The fairy smiles back at Maira's praise and then closes her eyes in acceptance of Emi's offer, her round face scruntching up with a happy expression as she attacks the noodles with renewed vigor. Now that she knows how it's done, Crux begins to slurp the slender piece of pasta inward, pausing to chew every couple of inches until she runs out and nabs a new one. The sauce gets all over her face and hands in the process, making her look much like a child with messy food.

However, after a few noodles disappear in rapid succession this way, the fairy peers up and listening in on the conversations passing back and forth. So the map was broken? Hmm, perhaps she should linger here to collect more information before reporting back. This perculiar method of 'accidentally break into the house you're spying on' seemed to be working unusually well. Plus, free food!
Avira When Angantyr actually agrees to following up that lead, Avira gets a little excited. "Alright, alright. So we can follow up on this lead a little later. Until do you make it..."

Mimir asks that they all /turn away/ and Avira laughs, putting a hand on the cube again. "Then don't. Put it away. Anyway.."

Avira goes through the trouble of introducing herself...which is no doubt useful to Crux as well as she listens in and spies.

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