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(2013-02-05 - 2013-02-05)
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Evja Bring that traitor to us, anything less than dead gets the bounty.

That was, of course, what the clansman had been telling anyone who wanted a chance to earn some money. However, in an effort to expand to possibly better hunters in the other worlds, they went out and started spreading the word amongst black markets proper. Because, let's face it - Verda has it out for Evja, and for a very good reason! That rabbit got their asses thrown into the Judges Jail, and that was not a fun place to be.

It was a strangely simple thing, though - find a Viera who is a Judge, always wears concealing clothes, long silver hair. Always something covering their face, penchant for hanging around in do-good areas and helping others. General up and up stiff.

It wouldn't take much poking around to figure out where the rabbit was staying at the moment. With the Shardseekers. He'd last went into their HQ and hadn't come back out since the Crushatrice attack several days ago where he appeared to help keep people safe. Though, his armor was finally ready, so he /had/ to leave at some point. Which is why the Viera, who was thought female even by Verda, finally stepped out of the Shardseekers area and began walking through the markets towards a known transit point of the Judges. Of course, he was also walking towards the airdome and away from the HQ, so less of a chance others would interfere.
After a nasty little battle then some time to rest. The Neo-Saurian had been training on the beaches outside of Traverse Town, along with times visiting her wrecked ship in attempts to repair what she can; this had been a rather futile attempts of much frustration.

The technology provided in many locations did not have what she needed to even get the computer run right. It would seem such a mixture of Magitech was a rare thing, or at least that she so far has found. However when heading into town and trying to keep a low profile, over-hearing a conversation in one of the establishments caught her ears.

There was a bounty out there. A actual bounty for some Veira.. whatever that was. So with some research, and some supplies. The Neo-Saurian left out from Traverse Town to travel across worlds by via portal to the world of ruin. Where things were /much/ different.

Now in the strange city she stood out like a sore thumb. This reptilian humanoid stood at six foot five and her body was nothing but built. Her whole appearance set her apart from everyone here and those red eyes set in the gold glared out over heads as she scanned around for any sight of her target.

As she walked, she pulled out a small digital device that was attached to her leg, before tapping a button to display a holographic image of her target, before she shut off the image projection, and then reattached the device back to its protective cover.

As she continues to scan around she lets out a soft 'huff' of air from her nostrils in minor frustration. "..Knew I should have brought a hooded cape.." Thankfully, though she was getting looks, she still have the slight surprise over her target if she could find him.
Evja There were other saurian-looking creatures within this world, thoguh certainly nothing that looked like Rage. They were shorter generally, and had no hair. But still, wasn't that hard to pick Viera out of the crowds. Tall things, large ears. A head above the rest. In fact if one was tall enough they could see clear out where every Viera was due to those ears, at least for a distance.

If one knew nothing of Vieran culture, it might be a surprise that there weren't even any males in sight. At least visible males. "Ah, I apologize." Comes a soft voice from the one who just about ran into her, who was actually bumped into themselves by a rushing-past child. And with that they kept walking. A Viera in a large white robe, upon whose back if Rage looked was a shining Judges symbol, who had long hair and, indeed, had a thick veil over their face, concealing the majority of it.

...surely it couldn't be the mark so easily, right?
The Neo-Saurian does a quick step back, her tail flickering at the tip. Somehow she managed to keep it where it didn't accidentally hit anyone. It was pretty fluid and almost whip like really. Her red eyes follow the Veira that nearly ran into her, before she does a soft tilt of the head. There was a low rumble of clicking that emitted from her, before those eyes narrowed.

Then she started to follow the Veira; Yeah that symbol was the biggest indication of her target and now she knew what she looked like-- and smelt like. Bunny meet Raptor.

"Evja." Her voice calls over to him, as her hands sizzling with flickers of light energy. "Do yourself a favor and don't run. You will only make it more entertaining and harder on yourself."

She then narrows here eyes as she gives him a sharp, dark smile. All those razor teeth of hers showing. "I am here to collect the bounty on your head." Yeah, that may get some people to scatter and honestly last thing she wanted to do was create more harm then good; but such was the life of the business. "Your choice, little girl! Easy or Hard!" Then the glow on her hands flared up as she started to conjure balls of light at her finger tips.
Evja "..."

Evja stopped at this point, and indeed, people had begun to shuffle away. Though he does something here and now to make /sure/ all the others in the area decide to scatter. Evja raises his hand and a large spear appears, at which point he slams it on the ground and shockwaves spray out harmlessly from where he was, "ENGAGEMENT!" Of course, no Judge comes, but...

It's kind of a thing in Jylland that when someone yells Engagement, you get the hell out of the way. Because otherwise you're getting caught up in it! Though this leaves Evja standing in an ever widening circle of people with the Saurian, staring at her as if he wasn't quite sure what to make of her.

"I would sooner kill us both by destroying the bridge beneath us than sign myself away to a slow death at the hands of Verda." Stepping back a bit, the large spear is leveled towards the Saurian, "Keep this in mind... if you corner someone who would rather perish than get caught... you will likely lose limb if you insist on trying. I will not hold back."

This rabbit even spoke soft, tone and voice quite feminine, a practiced ease and sound that came from /years/ of applying it.
Rage chuckles softly, those orbs of light flaring up brightly. "They always pick the hard way." Those pupil slits go into narrow thin lines as she then gets a much more serious look on her face. "And really-- I don't care what they do to you. I just want the reward. Only part I gotta do is make sure you stay alive long enough for it!"

Sadly for the Saurian, where she came from. She had the gear to work with the galactic police, double checking bounties and making sure they were indeed after criminals. Here, she didn't have that. She didn't have any way to double check the system; she also didn't know what a Judge was.

So this may not be the smartest thing to do, but hey, hindsight for later!

The Bounty Hunter then lets out a feral screeching roar, before she races right for the lance wielding Veira. Those orbs in both hands before she leaps into the air in a twirl, her tail wrapping around her almost before she launches an orb to slam the Veira into the grab if it impacts, then on landing, blasts out two more orbs of light to explode on impact.
Evja Seeing what looked like magic got a quick response in the form of a second lance being pulled out of the air, crossing both lances and slashing upwards in an attempt to knock away the ball of magic, the weapons shimmering as he tried. Instead, it exploded, knocking him down and bouncing him right up into the other attack.

"Gah!" The attack hit quite well, though as he slammed down the second time, the Viera bounced right back up and gave a spin in the air as well. Chain fragments appeared as he spun briefly and raced towards Rage in an attempt to knock her away.

"Damned dogs, always after money!" A few quick hops later, Evja had bounced back only to jump straight up into the air, biding his time, waiting to see how she responded, how she attacked. Not to mention he was glowing at this point, faintly, preparing for the rest of the battle.
The saurian snarled before snapping her teeth, "Who you calling dog, fuzzy!?" She then slashes apart the wind, only being knocked back by it into a flip, before conjuring another spell to try to slam the Veira back down to the earth. "Get down here, hopper!"

She then rushed right for the location that the Viera should have been knocked down too, before conjuring what looked like a whip and attempting to whip the other 'female' and send her right into one of the buildings. "Besides, we all gotta make our living some how. I just do it by chasing down what the justice can't get!"

Wait, what?
Evja Once again with those light attacks! Yet again Evja tries to smash away the attacks, exploding on him again and knocking him up, then falling right towards the ground to where Rage was. The whip certainly hit him dead on, and on the way away from where she was courtesy the whip, Evja spun around and slammed the side of his spear towards where her head was.

Even though he was taking damage, this rabbit was doing everything he could to return it as well! BOOOOOOM, fragments of building spray everywhere as the Viera is pummeled into it, looking a bit limp as he responds, "Justice..." as if thinking about it. Was it justice that they were finally paying him back for betraying them? Even though he did it because they were illegally manipulating a Judge for their benefit in engagements?

"...yes, I did betray them. That I can never escape! But I had my reasons and I will never claim I should have done otherwise!" With a strong kick the Viera jumps high into the air before twirling his spears down and leaping down, finally going on the offensive. A quick, extremely heavy slam of both lances before he literally jumps right back up and does it again!
After landing the second time, however, he leaves both lances impaled in the ground as he reaches behind him and pulls out a large translucent sword. Bringing it right over his head, he attempts to crown the Saurian with the blunt edge.
The lance slams her upside the head, which gets a very low growl emitted from the Saurian. Though when her attacks hit, she keeps on 'her', though suddenly that little Veira went on the offensive, which was not something rage was exactly expecting.

Quickly the Neo-Saurian conjures up a bright aura around her and slams it outward, when the lances come slamming down. The big gal is slammed into the ground, then again, before she attempts to roll over to only find herself being 'carved' by magic.

She snarls her teeth, closing one eye as she stares directly at the Veira, once the spell breaks she pushes right off from her feet charging right at the bunny once more. "Criminal with honor, don't see that often!" She barks out before creating more light magic. Once more she goes to try and slam the Judge Bunny to the ground.

Then with a spin, she conjures out a blade before slashing the air with it to strike out for any hidden defenses that the Veira may have created, before pulling the blade in and then with both palms connected that magic holy light conjured returns before being blasted out in a loud 'POP' as the air around it explodes.
Evja "I AM NO CRIMINAL! I AM EVJA, JUDGE MAGISTER ERRANT OF JYLLAND!" comes an angered shout, the rabbit glowing more and more with a faint light. Just before the attacks came he pulled out a silver whistle and blowed on it, though no sound came. Then SLAM, even though she didn't manage to force him to the ground with the attack, given he leaped up and was knocked that direction, the exploding spheres caught him dead on, actually doing quite a bit of damage, Judiciers Robe flying backwards and landing on the ground in tatters. This left the Viera standing there with his clothes otherwise ragged, beneath it a Snipers attire, modified for his own needs, a modest chest(padded of course) the only thing standing out about his plain, otherwise concealing attire.

But what did that whistle do? "0WAAAAAAAAAAAAARK!" A chocobo suddenly came stampeding right through Rage towards the Viera who simply enough jumped onto the Chocobo and flew straight up into the air, aided as high as he was by the Chocobo leaping up as well in addition to the jump. Glowing with a bright white light the sword and two lances vanished only to reappear in his hands. Pirouetting in mid-air briefly, both of the spears glowed brightly and upon each rotation each spear lanced a golden white shining copy of itself down towards rage, spearing into the ground explosively, or her did it hit.
Over, and over, and over again before he finally started to descend. This time, however, he focused all of his energy into a single spear, the golden lances vanishing and the energy thereof focusing into his spear, slowly growing larger and larger until he slammed down right towards Rage with all of his might, the spear exploding upon impacting with anything, Rage or the ground, releasing all that pent up energy at once.
The Neo-Saurian raises a brow, those slits actually bold out a bit when they state their title. She didn't know what a Judge Magister was, but she /did/ know what a /Judge/ was. It was someone who decided the law of the land no matter what world you went too. Yet most Judges sat in comfy chairs, it would seem here-- they fight.

This was enough to get her complete caught flat footed, "Wait... Your a Ju--" Then slam by chocobo. The Saurian was nearly rolled over, to only see the Veira coming back with the lance glowing bright. She quickly got up on her feet, there was little time to react, and very little time to perhaps even recover from what could be now a /horrible/ misunderstanding.

The Lance slammed into her metal bracer, the sheer force shattered the metal, and sliced into her arm, While her other hand conjured a spell to slam the Veira right off their mighty steed. Then Rage rolled with the blow across the ground before reaching over to hold her arm. She went straight down to her knee and then lowered her head.

Blood gently dripped to the ground from the impact, not only damaged from the lance, but metal fragments from her own bracer jarred into her arm. She stay knelt there, before lowering her head every lower. Her tail wrapping around her feet. "Forgive me." Her voice calm now, even if slight out of breath. She then carefully takes out a small vial, to place over the wound, trying to stop the bleeding as she keeps her head down low. "..I did not know.." she says with a lower tone in her voice. Perhaps from her own frustration.
Evja "..."

There is a big of silence as Evja gets blown back by the defensive, landing with a skid and panting, looking quite winded himself. Though he finally reaches behind him and pulls out... what appears to be a HiPotion, throwing it towards Rage. "Use it. You aren't the first to be tricked into attacking a J--"

A flashing motion occurs and suddenly there is a small, white creature with a large red ball above his head standing behind Evja, something large pointed towards his back.

"You shouldn't have <BLEEPED> with us, Kupo, time to payback traitors."


An explosive, concussive ring of air and smoke blasts away from between the two of them as the moogle fired his weapon! A large beam suddenly shot right through the Judges lower back and out his stomach, some kind of ray weapon before he simply slumped and fell forward to the ground, either seriously wounded or dead. When it was more clearly seen, there was a Moogle standing there, what looked to be a variant-sized Bazooka over his shoulder(Supernal Ray Hand Cannon) that was smoking from just being fired.

"Tch. Bitch, kupo."

A whistle later and a large Bangaa came charging by on Chocoboack, grabbing the fallen Judge and flinging him onto the Chocobo before dashing off into the distance, out towards the desert with the Moogle hopping a ride as well.

All that was left was the wide ring they had been fighting in, the tattered robe... and Rage.
Rage takes the vial as it comes in and uses her claws to pull the metal shards out. It was painful, she gritted those teeth as she did it, then applied the potion. She was about to speak up, actually offer a deal in which to aid in getting back at those who did this.

However it seems what chance she would have comes and goes with a loud explosive ring. The Saurian covers over her face as the dust is suddenly kicked up, before she gets a clear view to see another lizard type race snatch up the Judge and followed by the Moogle who fired the blast.

Those eyes narrow before they start to glow solid red. "..You little.." They snap back to normal, as she forces herself back up and walks over to the remaining cloth. Picking it up in her claws, she inhales the air around it, before opening her mouth just slightly.

Before she closes her maw shut and then looks off in the direction they went. Her hand clenches tightly around the cloth. There was a low growl that emitted followed by an extremely loud roar. Not only was she tricked into attacking someone of the law, but then someone had the /gull/ to finish /him/ off.

The Neo-Saurian then started to head in the direction of travel that the chocobos went. She would hunt them down. Even if she had to get primitive to do it!

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