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(2013-02-04 - 2013-03-07)
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Montag Earlier

A squad of Shinra Security and a number of drones boarded a trio of black helicopters and had launched from a small Shinra installation some distance from the target. Montag was aboard and just looking out the window on the transport as the terrain of the alien landscape of the world of ruin was before him. The mission where he'd met ADAM had left him. He didn't like the deal but operatives from other nations had also made a deal he'd had no choice but to open negations with the AI ? Was it an AI he had no idea. Still it didn't matter for now he'd have to focus on the operation at hand.

Little less earlier

the trio of black chopper were reaching the target and the wreck of the Freighter Never Ending Dawn was visible, it run aground hard, the port side was ripped open for half the ship's length sending cargo containers all along the shore line some had been cracked open their contents ruined or already looted but still the ship was mostly intact there would be things of value to recover.

"All right listen up we're going to deploy grunt drones with the fire teams to scout the interior of the ship and start on the recovery efforts we got a priority on weapons, drone parts, Material and several flagged cargo container the big dogs want. Once we secure the area a several smaller cargo vessels will arrive for the rest. We need to make sure the wreck is clear of scavengers and the local monsters known as fiends."

The choppers land and a number of the blue clad security personnel disembark the transport followed by the red opticed and grunt drones. Might almost think them technological ghouls really from the looks of them. They broke up into their teams and had entered the wreck while others were setting the the perimeter.


The Shinra has been here for a few hours but it's a long way from securing the wreck it's a big ship and they need to do a full sweep of it least some nasty surprise is waiting aboard for the salvage team. Still some of the partial masked solider patrol with grunt drones making sure nothing surprises them but it wouldn't be impossible to over power them. From the looks of it three Shinra helicopters are parked and under watch there can't be that many of them here relative to the ship it self. What do you plan to do? The Shinra's clearly here to recover the supplies upon the vessel.
Rhiannon Zellen Not usually one to participate in operations like this, Rhia would likely have been holed up in her labaratory in Goug right about now. However, she had decided to take something of a break. And in turn had decided(on her own of course) to accompany Montag and his team to the site. Who knows, maybe she'd find or witness something of interest in doing so after all?

"Hmm..." The scientist mused, her arms folded and hidden within her sleeves. "I suppose have no idea whatsoever how this ship ended up the way it is now, yes?" She asked, giving Montag a sidelong glance in the meantime.

"Rather suspicious I would say."
Maira Earlier
It had been a good while since she had been to Luca, a truly beautiful city and a world away from what she knew. Here, the sun shone brightly on most days, the clear aquamarine ocean sparkling in the light.

Maira had come to Luca with no other reason than a day out with some friends to enjoy the warmth of the sun on her skin and admire the city with Emi, Katyna, and Angantyr who had agreed to come along to basically attempt to keep Maira out of trouble (a full time job to be sure).

Maira was walking down to the harbor, when she first hears the name of the company. She stops dead in her tracks, her eyes widening. "Shinra..." she mouthes. Shinra was here? The Shinra that had helped destroy her world? The one that drained life from the planet for their energy?

Maira gives a shudder, then looks to her friends. "I have to check this out...if you want to come with me...well, it could be dangerous, but if Shinra is here, it is bad news."


Maira stands with her friends, trying to hide on the beach as she watches the helicopters and Shin Sec officers investigating a freighter that has run aground.

"What are they doing here...I'm going to have to get closer...heh, too bad you didn't teach me to swim yet, huh?" she comments to Angantyr, then waits for ideas.
Ping Entrusted with a mission of reconnaissance by his captain in the Imperial Chinese Army, Ping has come to investigate rumors he overheard in the City of Luca. His horse pounds its feet against the sand, carrying the young scout speedily to the sight of the wreck, kicking up sand and surf behind him. Upon spotting the wreck around a bend in the cover, he slips from his saddle and assumes a more cautious approach.
Ping finds a small outcropping of weathered rocks and takes a knee behind it, attempting to conceal himself while he surveys the situation on the beach. Beside him, a small cricket bounds up onto the horse's head and mimics his posture, an antenna shielding his eyes as he peers across the beach at the ruined ship.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr decides to come with Maira for a day out. He needed time to heal anyway, magic can only take you so far, and the body needs a bit of time to heal on it's own or you get really interesting problems. Angantyr was only vaguly aware of Shinra, he knew they were a organization, they in theroy were a PMC, but had other holdings...and were pretty powerful and infulential in Goug. Maira suddenly gets a odd look, and a sense of adventure grows as she drags them to investigate. The Dark Knight shrugs, should be interesting.

Then they were watching on the beach, and he looks towards Maira. "Seems pretty standard, something ran a ground, they are trying to recover the stuff inside. Who knows what the hell is inside...maybe important...though if they are sending out their military guys, I think it's pretty important. I hear they got some real good guys too, SOLDIER or something." he pauses...

"Well, if you REALLY wana go there...I could open a corridor through darkness, there and back shouldn't be too bad for you guys. Especially if you stay close...the alternitive is we get a boat."
Katyna Katyna had happily obliged to come along with Maira, glad to explore some other new city that was warm and sunny. Such a nice break from the dark and often drab streets of Traverse Town that seemed to have never seen the light of day.

She was of course nervous when she heard that Angan had come along, and had consequently not been her usual chatty self. Instead, she was oddly quiet and cautious, keeping mostly to herself.

It didnt take long for her too, to spot the commotion going on, which seems linked to a company named Shinra, which she doesn't know too much about. It's hard to miss the wreck of the big ship, and her eyes widen at the thought of potential treasure..Or other shinies she might find!

Stepping up next to Maira with a small smirk, she nods. "Heey, let's go check it out! Do ya know anything about the company? Sounds like some sorta ship wreck. You wanna help 'em? Looks like they got everything under control, but I'm still curious to see what fell outta that ship.." She arches a brow at Angan as he suggests openning the corridor..

"Err, wont that attract attention? If someone sees, they might think we're heartless.."
Emi Dennou Emi has come along since Maira asked her to! She doesn't really know stuff about Shinra--never really had much interaction with them. She's been to some of their cities--well cities where they had significant presence--but rarely had to deal with them in any significant capacity.

"Shinra is bad news? The Network inquires more information."

Emi is probably not here to keep Maira out of trouble. Emi doesn't seem to be very determined to control Maira, in any event, content to let her snoop around Shinra however she likes. She remains totally oblivious to the epitome of manliness that is ... Ping ... but Ang is a lot more obvious.

Ang still has to teach her how to swim, she thinks for no real reason. "What a strange name for a group: SOLDIER." Emi says.

She frowns a bit and then adds, "This one cannot swim, so would prefer...ah...the safer route...?"

Does she even know which one is safer?!
Maira It is only fair that her friends want to know more. She could not begrudge them. They would have no reason to really know Shinra. "Shinra is a company from my world....and they are partly responsible for its destruction," she answers, her eyes still locked on the helicopters. The sound of the blades spinning transports her back in time, her amber eyes distant with memories.

Right. Katyna is on board, adventurous as always. Angantyr has a way to get them there if they use a corridor of darkness, which of course makes Maira's skin prickle a little. She looks to Angan, chewing her lip thoughtfully. "I'm just worried they are doing something...bad. The reactors they built in the city I come from, they drained the very life from the earth. What if they are going to try to do something like that here? If you think a corridor is the best way to get there...well, I trust you."
Angantyr Vespar "Well, Katyna makes a good point. If we're spotted they might react's not exactly a subtle manuver. We could also take a boat...but that is also not as subtle." he says, "But I will not force anyone into the Cooridor unless it's life or death."
Emi Dennou "We could split into two teams. One distraction, one--not a distraction." Emi supplies. "But it will leave you and Maira to make the call." She doesn't want any responsibility for whatever ridiculous thing ends up happening. She's still a little loopy from yesterday's events as is and isn't so sure she can trust her own tactical advice.
Katyna Katyna frowns a bit, not really liking the idea of going anywhere with Angan, or putting her life into his hands. However, she's grown fond of Maira, and if she's about to charge into danger, Kat would be reluctant to let her go alone.

"Huh? They nearly destroyed your world? How so?" she scratches her head, although she vaguely remembers hearing something about 'reactors'. "Oh..Right. Those. Huh. Soo..I guess we'd better see what they're up to then. Sounds like they're almost bad as the heartless."

She simply shrugs as Maira proclaims her faith in Angan. "Well..If that's the only way, then...We should just be careful about it. They're so busy right now fussing around that boat, I'm sure we could come out in some alley somewhere and not get noticed, right?"
Seymour Guado It had been a while since this certain Guado visited Luca, his most memorable past visit had been a blitzball tournament championship a gathering of all the teams in Spira. Smiling as he fondly remembers seeing 'her' there, the great upset of the Besaid Aurochs winning, and of course that insidious fiend attack.

Having dispatched those fiends with relative ease the Guado was well known around the city of Luca few bystanders, offering bows and the prayer of Yevon whispering his name in slight awe.
Even if he wasn't wearing such fine robes this Guado would likely stand out because of his long horn like blue hair forming down his back, and that one sharp looking bang just infront of his forehead.

This seemingly important person didn't often travel alone there was another much more elderly Guado with him and a warrior monk wielding some sort of rifle, it made an odd sight especially her in Yevon where technology was forbidden yet the warrior monks had been known to use such machina weapons, and that too of the crusaders.

The Guado and his entourage made their way towards the harbor, there they stopped and began surveying the flying Machina, seemingly much smaller than the one that had assaulted Bevelle quite a while ago but still it was strange to see a flying machina in Spira and this warrented an investigation something this Guado was going to attain.

"Tromell please aquire us a boat, I need to find out what these new invaders are up to... be they friend, or foe." The long haired guado said to the much older Guado who seemed to bow "As you wish Maester Seymour."

Moving off rather rapidly for one of his age leaving the Maester, staring out in the distance he would look to others in the crowd knowing that many Yevonites did not approve of technology and this would seem like outright blasphemy, this left Seymour there to appease the crowd and their qualms till Tromell aquired a fit mode of transport over to the salvage attempt.
Tifa Lockhart While she hasn't been very anti-Shinra in her activities lately, she still was keeping an eye on them from a good distance. Just enough not to rise suspicions at least. When 3 helicopters flew out of the building though, something felt wrong. She decided she should look into that more closely.

And that's how she ended up in Luca. She followed the helicopters, mostly through the information network to know where they went, and ended up in Luca a while after them. A bit late to the show, but she's there. She finds a place on the pier, atop a tall stack of crates, taking out her binoculars to check more closely on them from where she is. She wants to know what they are doing at least.

It looks like some sort of recovery... but the ship isn't branded Shinra, is it? She can't see it from here. Or are they assisting some other people... Either way, she takes a notepad from her apron's pockets and takes notes where needed.
Montag Montag has no issue with Rhiannon about he coming along, given there could be uses to have someone with their skill along. After all there could be something on board they didn't know about and would need to.

"There was a storm from the reports, still I agree with all the magical things going about the world or Ruin along with some of the wildlife. There could have been something that attacked it. Or that Sin thing but I doubt from reports it have left the ship intact."

He adjusts the toothpick he has in his mouth in place of a cig or a Cigar really. It helped him focus at times honestly.

Maria's vector has not bad at all she's not been noticed just yet/ The shinra seem a bit more concerned about land action than they are naval just with how she is position she's not been noticed at least not yet but that will change sooner or later from the next patrol sweep.

Ping is good at his job that's to be sure the Shinra are the solders are strange some have very dark skin others are very pale, all of them have their upper faces hidden by helmets that have three red gem like things across them. How do they even see? They seem to have no problem as thy go about their business.

As Ang scouts out the entire force he'd notice there's only their general troopers not signs of any SOLIDERs so while important enough to send armed personnel it might not be of the utmost importance. The questions is what's on board they would send troops out to recover like this. Likely military goods on board at the very least.

Katyna would find herself much the same as her companions the Shinra's clearly up to something at this point but what, the troopers continue with the odd shipping crate being opened and crates being dragged out by them.

The question for what Emi is asked which is safer they don't seem to have any water based personnel or drones with them but how hard are they watching the land vs water would be the best question one could ask about a situation like this.

As the locals poking were expected by the Shinra and there was a high chance of hostile action due to the dominate religion extrema technophobic nature. Still they were not looking for a fight perhaps that's why SOLIDER wasn't sent along int he first place or is is the Shinra now has so few.

Montag meanwhile glances about looking over at Rhia for a moment his expression hard to read for the moment due to his helmet

"I don't like this at all, nothing's been picking the wreck over one way or another."

If Tifa gets a good look at the ship she will see that it is a Shinra cargo hauler of some sort. Also the nature of the design clearly is from her home world if she's ever seen a cargo vessel or two.
Maira Maira is practically sweating with the fury of her thoughts, all running circles around her mind as she tries to think of what to do. "They have not found us yet, but they will, I'm sure of it. We're not exactly super well hidden or anything. Maybe we should just blend in with the crowd, or...or go join them over there? They look like they are getting a boat..." she says, pointing toward Seymour and his crew.

Maira looks back to her friends. "Or take is in through a corridor. I'm not good at making decisions like this," she admits, looking distressed.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia listened to Montag's explanation, tilting her head slightly in wonder. "Is that so...? A storm, hmn?" Apparently thinking on it, she began to tilt her head from side to side slowly, humming in a contemplative manner. "Yes, all too suspicious really. In fact, I would wager that this was done by the hands of something intelligent." She stopped then, looking off at the ship.

"This looks far too methodical to be a random occurence." Having said that though, the scientist smiled wide, producing a syringe from her sleeve that contained a strangely colored liquid substance. "So! with that in mind, I brought along an experimental drug that I think you should test on your men!"

Smiling widely, almost sparkling with feigned innocence, Rhia continued on. "I swear, you will not lose all control of your bodily functions, and it will make you stronger by tenfold!"


"...I think I worked those bugs out in any case."

Not inspiring.
Angantyr Vespar "Alright. I'll go on ahead, anyone that wants to follow me can. I'll keep the corridor open for a few moments extra. If not, get into the crowd and see if you can't get a boat over. I'll try getting onto the ship and try to see what is so important that they gota cause trouble in a city unafilitated with them." Angantyr also is familar with the religion here enough to know that tentions might get high rather quickly. With that Angantyr opens a corridor, stepping through, and aiming to appear somewhere in a well hidden spot on the deck of the ship. True to his word, the corridor stays open for a few moments, to let anyone else through that wants to come, before shutting.

Angantyr gets his bearings, trying to get a feel for where people are on the ship, and try to advance towards the cargo hold.
Ping If Ping knew he was being watched, he would try to appear much more masculine than his slender frame would suggest. It's a relief that nobody seems aware of him just yet. His gaze sweeps across the works on the ship, taking note of their strange armor and curious masks. They are completely unfamiliar to him but make the workers seem strangely inhuman, an effect that makes him uncomfortable, a barrier to his sympathies. His eyes move beyond the ship to survey the surrounding area, studying closely the terrain and searching for any other potential actors. Some movement attracts his attention, but he is unable to distiguish whether there are others hidden nearby or not.
Regardless, he's convinced that he hasn't been seen. Looking over his shoulder, he addresses his horse, "Stay p..." but his loyal steed, Khan, is already settled down in the sand, toying with a length of seaweed that has washed ashore. He rolls his eyes before stealthily vaulting over his hiding spot and speeding toward the wreck and diving into the water to swim closer to the wreck.
A curious little cricket watches Ping do all of these things and when he slips into the water, the cricket bounds down from the rocky outcropping and hops after him. With one powerful leap, he lands deftly on Ping's head, enjoying a dry, safe trip towards the wreck.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is apparently doing a pretty good job of laying low. The binoculars are turned to the ships, zoomingin on them. They look like the ships she remembers at home. There was no harbour close to Midgar, but there was some in Junon. So that is a Shinra ship then. But what is it doing here and what happened to it?

She's not at ease with Shinra having claws in this area though. She hops down from the crates, and then she walks along the pier... ending up almost bumping into Maira, Ang and the others. "... What are you all doing here?" Probably the same thing she is, but one can never be safe enough c.c
Maira Well, Maira isn't going to leave Angantyr to go alone! She looks back to Katyna and Emi, shrugs her shoulders once, then runs through after Angantyr.

Once out of the corridor, Maira shivers and reaches for Angantyr's arm to let him know she's followed, trying to be as quiet as she can manage.
Emi Dennou Emi doesn't really want to go through ZA DARKENUSHHH but she does it anyway becuase, well, she doesn't want to be left behind by Maira and Ang! Again. Ang. Again.

Hopefully the manliest of men can handle having only cricket backup will be fine. Not that Emi is even aware of Ping's presence. She's focusing on speaking non alien languages. That's a good place to start for today.

When she reappears, she manages to get behind some cover with some STEALTH JUTSU pretty darn quick. Well, she might be used to hiding and trying to not get killed and just 'going through a portal' isn't going to distract her from that, no sir.

Katyna "Yeah, sounds like a plan. Thru the corridor then! Just..Everyone stay close together!" And with that, Katyna follows after Angan, Maira and Emi, clenching her fists as little as she glances around nervously. No, it's not the dark corridor itself that is making her anxious, but the dark knight at the helm of it..and whatever lays at the end of the corridor. Fortunately she doesn't look like a dark knight, so with any luck she can slip through the crowd and attentions will be focused on the other dark knight..Well one can always hope!
Seymour Guado The Guado would seem calm as a few Yevonites were shouting one about blasphemy another about him doing something, replying in his own polite soft spoken voice "My apoligies...I do plan to do something, but I await a boat to travel over there. I do not plan to use violence less they use it first, even if they are breaking the teachings of Yevon."

Softly and slowly raising a hand to place on the shoulder of a man roaring about the blasphemy saying "Worry not I will speak to them of it, but I shall be preaching the teachings of Yevon. Not the ways of violence."

Then man seemed to calm a bit as the Maester removed his hand, forming a prayer of Yevon and bowing to the man leaving him to walk away calmed for now, The maester wondering if he'd truly be there with peaceful intentions.

"Maester Seymour!" an elderly Guado would shout running towards him stopping and panting as he would try to get his breath back before speaking.

"I have*huff* Aquired a boat..*wheeze* He'll be pulling around to the pier now in a moment.." sitting himself down on a wooden crate the Elderly guado was feeling his age.
"Good work Tromell, stay here an appease the worrying crowd I'll go and see what these visitors are up to.." Seymour would give a slight nod to Tromells work and begin walking toward the pier as boat began pulling around, staring at it curiously it being a small cargo boat pulling up to the pier, it seemed to be mostly wind powered but for the size he wouldn't be surprised if there were four or six chocobo running the motor.
Boarding was rather easy the man an eager servant of Yevon, although he did look wary of the warrior monk who followed Seymour "Good day, my apoligies for this. But a Maester of Yevon would never burden such a faithful subject if he had no other option. We need to head out towards those flying Machina from there I'll do my best to gurantee your safety and that of your vessel."
The man seemed more in awe and shock of Maester Seymour as he began gibbering "Y-yes your grace, I mean holiness. Of course be the least I could be doing."

"Ready her up men!" the elderly captain shouted as two deck hands began to unfurl sails and raise anchor, and likely down below someone had gotten the chocobo ready as the boat began to readily lurch itself from the pier.
Montag Montag says "The Crash makes sense but if we can get the ship's black box or any internal security footage we'll find out what happened then."

Montag just looks at Rhiannon for a moment and stares at her with the helemt's just sort of staring. The lady is from Wutai, sure she ditched them before the whole Heartless thing but she's still from Wutai really. He shakes that thought out of his mind but the idea of combat drugs has left him a bit wary.

"I'd perfer to see the data first before I consider testing a combat drug on my men. This isn't like before when a few troopers laid up would be an issue. I don't want to have to explain to my superiors about this. Let me see the data later and we'll talk. Also wouldn't it be beter to do human trials on convicted criminals to get the 'bugs' out?"

It seems a number of people are being sneaky from Ping, to Maira and her frind there is enough of a breach one could swim into the hold it should be easy enough to get thoguh for those who have not got noticed once you get in you'll get a mace of fallen cargo containser and crate some rare easy to chek some are labled medical supplies, even some food but a lot have shinra military markings.

Sady for Ping and ang they get noticed by Montag and some of the other troopers.

"What the? Someone's in the water! Wait someone in armor? What the heck."

Montag is honestly thankful for the distraction as he's gets several ment to go check.

"Halt and idifty yourself."
Rhiannon Zellen "Awwwww, fiiiiine." Rhia pouted, tucking the syringe away before sighing dramatically. Another time, another time. Her eyes are drawn to Ping and Angantyr's discovered presences, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, they certainly are not Shinra troopers." She confirmed right away for them as she continued to examine them with a fair bit of curiosity. "...I wonder who they work for." And then a creepy smile made it's way onto her face. "Capture them. Then we can...'interrogate' them as much as we want."

That didn't sound good. Or even midly pleasant.

"I could use some new test subjects in any case." The oriental woman spoke casually, eyes narrowing in amusement.
Ping Ping groans to himself as he swims toward the ship. Of course the workers were bound to notice one single soldier swimming through the otherwise featureless blue of the sea. "Hold on! Don't mind me!" he calls out between strokes.
Hoisting himself up onto the ship, he stands in front of his accusers with his hands behind his head. "I'm just here..." He coughs and lowers his voice, as if to sound more masculine, "I mean, I'm here to deliver a package... For Mr. Shinra. That's right, Mr. Shinra has a package and it's completely reasonable that I would try to deliver to him, here, on his boat. This is his boat, right? Because, you know, that would be embarassing if it weren't. Egg on my face..."
Seeing that Ping is no longer a safe ferry, a little cricket bounds off his head and bounces amongst the crates and other gear strewn about the ship. Any bright lights or illuminated control panels are sure to attract his attention. Regardless, he'd much rather play with some pretty lights than watch Ping get tortured, and so he bounces up and down on a nearby control panel, hopping on any buttons that light up.
Angantyr Vespar Damn...

"They spotted me. Go on, and I'll distract them...I'll try not to get violent." he says, stepping out from where he came in from. Angantyr does not raise his hands, he does not surrender, instead he lets his hands hang at his side and narrows his gaze towards the one making the demands...

And then Rhiannon says something. Angantyr turns his head to her, "You are welcome to try. I will, however, warn you that you don't have an army big enough to even attempt it," Angantyr speaks evenly, perhaps some boasting on his end...but then again, Montag saw what he could do. First hand.

So you have to ask yourself, Montag, do you feel lucky?

"I'm here because I got paid to check out the distrubance, and to check out what is going on here. You're makin' a lot of people nervous, but hey, if you're lookin' to get UNFRIENDLY.." he motions towards the oriental woman. Slowly, he reaches for the mace on his back, and loosens it. The mace, easily as large as he is, and holding it in a single hand smashes into the ground and grins. "So we bein' friendly and talkin' about our problems, or are you tryin' to try and make me a test subject?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart sees everyone hop in a tunnel without answering her...

Well, they must have something important to do. Oh well. She moves along the pier and goes to find a better lookout post, taking out her binoculars again to look toward the boat. She doesn't really want to be seen after all, if there's going to be trouble. Its not time to get involved against Shinra when she's mostly holding up the fort alone for Avalanche.

Where's Barrett and Cloud when you need them.
Maira Go on? Go on where!? She's only not been seen yet because she's hiding behind Angantyr!

Chewing her lip, Maira takes a very quiet breathe while Angan is being noisy, and begins to try to creep around, keeping to the shadows--in her pink dress.

W-what about interrogations and test subjects!? One of Maira's worst nightmares there. Being taken and 'tested' by Shinra.

Maira keeps looking around, looking for anything that might give her a clue as to what Shinra is doing here.
Katyna Kat arches a brow at the Asian woman as she talks about experiments and ducks behind a nearby crate herself. "Maira.." She whispers, beckoning her to follow. "Let's see what's in these crates..Dont worry about him, we'll back him up if need be.." But she's seen him in action, and she knows how tough he can be.

Right now, she's more interested in checking out those crates, so while the others are preoccupied with Angan and some other guy, she attempts to pry open a crate with her sword..
Emi Dennou Emi listens from her hiding spot. She is using some part of the boat(?) as cover , sticking to the shadows. She doesn't move--she isn't here to do an investigation and even if she were, they're just saying plenty flat out. So she listens for the moment. Rhia starts talking to Ang and BRAVE MANLY PING about turning them into science experiments--%r
--and Emi doesn't react aside from a slight clenching of her hand. Sometimes failing humanity checks is useful. She does, however, tense up just in case they decide that, yes, they would like to capture Ang and make him breed with Red XIII.

Emi knows these kinds of scientists, see.
Seymour Guado The Guado would be at the head of the boat eyes on the oncomming target awaiting the boat to sail its way toward the wreckage, the old captain would be shouting orders although his eyes were nervously glancing to Seymour and then to the Salvage site.
The maester was calm despite the action taking place on the boat as it began closing in much closer soon they'd likely be sight of the patrols not bothering to hide themselves from the patrols, after all it is a boat and the day made it alot less easy to hide.
Montag Montag has been polite to the Doctort at least. "This is a salvage op ma'me." Why the hell did she have to get sent along, Montag isn't above talking to stop the loss of company resources. He however isn't about to get in trouble with someone higher up on the foot chain than her.

"We want them alive."

He notes over the tac net there's some disgruntled responses and requests for bonus pay due to how threatening the guy in armor. "Let's find out what they are after, and this is a military op, Doc."

he's now staring down Ping for a moment it's a good on the spot one as he sizes the man up for a moment and the cricket gets ignored as Montag keeps his weapon rady at them. "Clever try but President Shinra and his son are in Goug. Hands in the air keep them where I can see them. Ping is clever it might have worked Montag has to admit but he's paying attention.

His men are not making any too hostile moves and clearly they do not seem happy about their orders on this.

"You know doc throwing everyone you meet into a test tube is going give the board a fit when it comes to diplomacy."

He sizes up Ang and feels like he's starting at a first class SOLIDEr like Angeal, Zack or Seph before he vanished no this is not a man whom which he wants to <Goosehonk> with. He's got his orders he's a bit mouthy but he's not dis obeying.

AS for Ping's lucky little friend there are some fucntional systems he'd find his way into security room where some pannels are still oeprating including a huge red button. It even has a caution waring about it wht could happen here.

The people sneaking into the ship would find in the crates weapon in Kats's crate if she can read she'll notice some might be containing food or even drone parts of some sort. Maria would end up opening a crate that has some material it's store grade to be sure mostly basic elemental and healing ones. All and all it looks like this entire ship was a military supply vessel.

Seymour however arrives and gets the attention of some of the patrols who are not caught in the possible fight.

"Halt, who goes there? This is a Shinra Inc recovery operation and access is restricted."
Rhiannon Zellen "But interrogating them and extracting their genetic information is the most /intimate/ way to get to know them." Rhia replied to Montag, creepy smile remaining as she folded her arms back into her sleeves, looking none too impressed with Ang's show of brute strength.

"Hmn, fascinating..." The scientist mused, eyeing Ang with an eerie sort of interest. "Imagine the genetic material I could extract from him now. Ohhh I get chills just thinking about it!" Yeah. Chills. Right.

Ping is given a look next and Rhia's look deflates. "...This one however looks none too useful. Hmn..." An impassive gaze is thrown the man's way for several moments before she finally relents. "I suppose you must have something of worth in you. Perhaps a little.../digging/, will reveal that use to me. Whatever it may be now."

Cue pleasant smile for unpleasant things.

She was having fun now, wasn't she?
Ping "Oh, silly me." Ping coughs again, adjusting the register of his voice, "I've left the package back on my horse. What a rookie mistake. That's me, a rookie. Listen, I'll go back down there and get, ahh, -President- Shinra's package and bring it right back, lickity spit. Speedy delivery, that's what we're about!" Ping has his arms over his head, but he doesn't wait for Montag's permission before turning back toward the edge of the vessel and preparing to dive back into the relative safety of the sea.
Meanwhile, though, there could be a discussion about the Butterfly Effect, the idea that the flutter of a butterfly's wings could lead to a tsunami in a whole other part of the world. All things being connected, such a thing might even be possible. Lectures, though, don't hold the same allure as a BIG RED BUTTON. They don't make the BIG. And they don't make them RED, if they're not meant to be pressed, right? The thought doesn't even enter into the cricket's mind, though. It only knows to hop and hop it does. It bounds right onto that button, though it finds its minute weight to be slightly less than what is required to depress it. It wriggles its antenna and leaps up into the air, bounding on the button, again. Once, twice, certainly the third time's a charm. Hop, Hop, Hop.
"Only useful for delivery packages, ma'am!" Ping responds to Rhiannon's comment.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr sighs...

"Alright. Guy. I'm going to give you the benifit of the doubt. You're military right? I know that sometimes you get stuck with 'guests'. Well, I'll be straight with ya. I'm here to do what I said I am going to do, I got paid a lot to do this. You tell me what you're here for, we'll have a bit to drink, and you shut her <GOOSEHONK>ing mouth up right now before I have to do something /very/ unpleasent to her. I'm a equal oppertunity <GOOSEHONK>kicker, so don't think I won't." Angantyr says again, this time directly to the scientist.

"So is this how we're going to do this? Nice, pleasent, no having to wade through you and your men like a typhoon?"
Emi Dennou Emi continues to listen. What is Montag talking about? She's not getting much information about what they're doing but she can tell the men don't seem to be happy about what they're doing which suggests to Emi that what they are up to is no good. Rhia's presence, naturally, is only encouraging Emi's theory on the matter. She bites lightly at her lip. There's another arrival?

Rhia's continued dialogue continues to fail to lure Emi out from her hiding spot, continuously, which she is continuously hiding in. Maira can do her search, Emi is focused on being sudden /b/ackup at the moment.
Maira Sneaking into a crate, Maira finds the unmistakable glow of materia. A lot of materia. By the looks of it, it is fairly standard, nothing too high powered (not like the kind of spells she can sling now) but still--it makes Maira ill at ease. Materia. It was made from the Lifestream. That is what Aerith had told her.

With her find and the talk from around them, it is now known that this is a military vessel. But what was a Shinra ship toting weapons, supplies and materia doing in Luca's waters?

In other news, the more she hears from the female scientist, the more creeped out she becomes. She still has dreams sometimes, leftover from childhood, where she was given to Shinra for testing--back when everyone just thought she was crazy.

Maira creeps over to Katyna, shrugging her shoulders. "I don't understand what they are doing here...weapons, materia, they have an army to outfit..."

"This was stupid...we should get out of here," she whispers. Ah, but they can't go without Angantyr.
Seymour Guado The boat arrives at the ship as the action seems to have caused some sort of stir aboard leaving the Guado to contemplate things, the crew members hustiling grabbing some grappling hooks and rope to allow the Maester to make his way on board.

"Yevon Praise your kindness today, I should hopefully be back, but be wary.. if things start sounding bad you can take off, I don't want to be worrying about you should things take a turn for the worst." The Guado began moving climbing up as the crew began shouting things like 'becareful your grace!' and 'Praise be to Yevon'
Montag Montag is just having one of those days he can't win, possibly ending up as lab rat bait or impaled on someone whose likely on the level of SOLIDER first class. Montag is good but he knows he's not /that/ good he'd need to abuse terrain and range here he does not have. TO have a chance, he nods and looks back to the doctor for a moment "Doctor you'd get farther paying people for blood samples you know." He looks back to the merc and pauses at the doctor it's clear she's given him the creeps. He clealry doesn't like baby sitting jobs.

"Cargo hauler belonging to the Shinra ran aground we're recovering the cargo, before it gets picked clean by looters or destroyed by the locals."

he's about to say more, it seems the man hasn't lived as long as he has at being against talking his way out of trouble. However Ping is reacting and driving into the water. "Of all the..." he's about to chase after them and when Ping's friend hits the button. All over the ships several defence turrets come on lone and due to teh damage start firing wildy worse several defence drones deploy and sounds of weapns fire can be heard.

"What the frag? The defence systems... of all the rotton. Doc! GET TO COVER the grid's come on line THIS ISNT SAFE! We got to get ot turned off or ir's going to take out our rides!"

Was it lost? Was it heading somewhere, was the ship spat out by the darkness then noticed by the shinra who were intent to recover it's cargo for their own aims? It's hard to tell.

Ping meanwhile while his little buddy has given him a chance to escape oen of the wildy firing guns will strike close enough to Ping to throw him out of the water and into the air! Thankfully this is not a direct hit.

The troopers dealing with Seymour seem to be polite after all this is a big wig offical and the Yevonites are not /shooting/ so why get more trouble but the defence guns are going nuts. "GET DOWN We have a major malfuction sabotage from the looks if! The LT's caught some strange p... Oh <Goosehonk>! The Drones are going maverick!"

there's some weapons fire going on but not at Seymour seems something's gone bad on the ship.

Tifa thankfully has avoided all notice in the chaos that is now going on, all caused by one darn cricket though some of the shots might end up coming in Tifas direction by bad luck.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is pretty much hiding behind crates on the other side of the pier, far enough from the boat. If shots reach her, probably won't hurt much more than being pelted by popcorn. But still. She's been observing the entire scene through binoculars, although the cricket is too small for her to see. So all she sees is people running crazy around for no apparent reason.

She wish she could hear this.
Rhiannon Zellen Angantyr's threats do not move the scientist any and she just continues to smile in the face of his imposing frame. "Oh dear. So spirited. Even more fastinating!" With a tilt of the head, she continued on. "I wonder though, if your genes were to be spread, would the resulting offspring share your...volatile attitude? Hmn...this bears further investigation!"

Ping's response about being good for delivering packages is met with a light laughs. "Mhmhmhm...really now?" She asked, looking back at him. "Well..." Rhia trailed off, giving the young man no sort of compliment. The blank space where there should have been something said was telling.

But it was right at that moment that the ship's defense systems came to life, beginning to fire wildly with no regard. "Oh dear..." She took a step back, and then another, and another. No, she wasn't going to bother trying to stay around. So retreat to a safer area she did!

Suppose test subjects would have to wait! "Try to stay alive!" The oriental woman called out to Montag. "If you die however, I will be sure to put your genetic material to good use!"

How reassuring.
Ping Ping has rare moments of grace that convince him that he's not such a clutz after all. As he dives into the water, a perfect, graceful swan dive that's sure to earn a 10 from even the russian judge, he's convinced that this is one of those moments. It isn't one of those moments. A stray laser blast superheats the water beneath him, causing a sudden and expansive shockwave, tossing him back onto the ship he just tried to dive off of. He lands hard on his rear, prompting a loud groan of pain. He doesn't have much time to contemplate his injuries, however, as several more laser blasts pepper the deck around him. He quickly scrambles for cover behind a cluster of crates. Peeking over the top, he looks out to see what else might be happening.
There's a bug in the system, alright, though it's one of the classical type, not the digital type. The lonesome cricket folds his arms behind his back as the chaos erupts on the deck of the Shinra ship. He whistles and nonchallantly shuffles away from the button. He shoots back at to the button and uses one of his elbows to buff the top of button off (to remove any evidence of his presense) and darts away to safety, again.
Maira All her stealth is completely blown when the cricket presses the big red button and everything starts going crazy. For when she hears weapons firing, Maira screams in alarm and rushes back over toward Angantyr, likely dragging Katyna. And where is Emi!? She's very good at hiding! "What's going on!?" she asks.

She then realizes she's made herself totally visible to the others and pales. Slowly, she raises a hand and just...waves. "Maaaaybe we should go now..." she suggests to Angantyr.
Katyna Katyna's eyes widen at the contents of the crates..Medical supplies and weaponry? what, was this some sorta warship? But..She's not merchant, and she's already got weapons and armour. Still it has her curious..

Then the cricket presses the ****'d button, and all hell breaks loose! "What the??!?! That silly insect!" why she should squash it like a bug! But....Eh..." she gets dragged after Maira, sweatdropping, "Heh, this ain't worth it at all...Let's skedaddle!"
Seymour Guado The Guado was just in the middle of greeting the troops rather politely, keeping things calm and polite till everything started going Haywire.
Crouching down with all the gunfire raging about him, leaving him to stare and begin choosing his targets should he need to make a move and stop these strange machina drones, but for now he was simply avoiding being shot.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr turns towards the defenses huh...

He looks towards Montag for a moment, and MEANINGFUL DIALOG happens through the radio. With a nod, he turns to head below. Mace already out as he dives right towards awakening drones to try and smash them to bits. However, Angantyr does not stay to fight, he continues forward, aiming to smash through anything in his way...either being supported by Montag or getting spotter support by Montag.

"Tell me where I need to go, little man, and I'll take it down."
Emi Dennou Emi is starting to see how Shinra may have destroyed their own world. It's not because of cruelty, she just expects they're entirely incompetent. She looks towards Maira. And then decides that being a super ninja just isn't being very useful right now.

She steps out of hiding and looks towards Montag, a deadpan expression on her face. Is it a Program doing this? Like Chief R? She thought Chief R had been captured by the totally trustworthy Sargon.

"...Mm...." She is really in agreement with Maira, they should just leave and let Shinra deal with this own problem. But she supposes that's not the detectivey thing to do.

"Alright, let us provide some assistance."

She fans her hand to the right and unleashes some electric arcs, intending to seize control of what drones she can and--well, guide them to destroying each other rather than Montag's men. OR just keep them 'off' instead.

"Mysterious interloper..." She looks around for 'Ping'. "Where did you go? The Network inquires."
Montag Montag manages to broker a quick deal with Ang to get some help to get the situation. The Doctor is getting to cover good, as are many of the tooper caught out in the open. The trooper is not comforted t all about the menion of using his genetic material to good use. Oh ya he's so going with Ang "Lets move then I know the rough lay out of the ship. There should be a shut down in the security room and if it's tripped it means the securty's been bypassed so there should be a manual shut down!"

The spys should have no problem escaping given well the Shinra is too busy trying to not die, while Emi plays puppet master on the drones it should be smooth sailing for them to escape if they move fast. Ping should have a chance as the troopers are racing for cover and well Lucky? Whose going to notice something like him in this giant mess seriously.

The troopers keep with Seymour more or less given clearly he's a local VIP. If they botch it they might have a date with Rhia and they don't want that they so don't want that.

Montag springs for the breach in the hull as the weapons fire is going everywhere.

"If it's not ghouls, or death lasers it's our own tech glitching! I hate computers!"

So Tifa is quite getting a hell of a show all things considered.
Tifa Lockhart But this is where the Barmaid gets useful. Watching from afar, she saw that things weren't going well, and there's lots of people she likes there too.

Moments later, a craft, not too large of a boat, approaches the bigger one, calling out "Heeeeey, you guys, better hop off before it goes belly up!" Maybe she didn't get right into the danger, but she got plenty of information from watching, a weird show through the binocular, and a rescue mission (maybe even a few shinras execs too).
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr smashes another drone flat.

"I am rather neutral on computers." He says to Montag, completely and utterly calm. "Just quit yer <GOOSEHONK>ing, and shut them down. I'll cover you." Angantyr says, interposing himself between Montag and More drones. "Or we do things my way, which involves lots of Violence at the power cords of your ship...which I don't think will end well for anyone." he says. Angantyr was a man of action, reguardless of it were good or bad. He's pretty fearless (RE: Crazy) in this reguard.

He nods to the girls, they know where to go to get out, he can handle himself.
Ping Ping hears some kind of strange voice, not a humans' voice, or even a beasts', something... artificial. She peeks over the top of the crates he's hiding behind and catches sight of Emi. He can't believe that voice is coming from that girl. It doesn't match in her mind. Still, there is something familiar, something trustworthy about her. Or maybe its destiny bending her to act. She snatches a shipping label off one of the crates and uses a laser-charred piece of wood to jot down a few characters on the paper. (There is a bar, in Traverse Town. Ask for Ping.)
He plucks an arrow from his quiver and curls the label around it, the adhesive from the sticker keeping it in place. He chances a shot over the crates so that the arrow lands at Emi's feet, the shaft giving a satisfying twang as it impacts, sure to get the girl's attention. He hops up and sprints toward the edge of the ship. Slow motion would be so cool, right now, the lasers blasting all around, sparks flying. A crate explodes in front of him, prompting him to vault over the top of it and careen into the sea beyond.
It's the cricket everyone's sure to be worried about, though. After blowing up the ship and foiling all of Shinra's plans, the hero manages to grasp ahold of the bars of his home, just as Ping tumbled over the edge of the ship. The cricket's antenna are bent straight back by the speed of Ping's sprinting. Unfortunately, he's bound to get wet, this time.
Maira While Maira respects that Angantyr is going off to be a big damn hero, she's not going to let him go alone. They really should stick together before Miss Creepy Scientist decides to nap one of them or something!

Maira follows for a while, but being told to skiddadle and given the opportunity of Tifa with a boat...well, alright, fine. Angantyr can pretty much handle this.

She'll wait on the boat though! And gods help them if they try to take Angan! She's rocket herself right back up there to take him back!

Boat time!
Ping Ping emerges from the water, right in front of the prow of Tifa's boat. He smiles brightly and uses his sleeve to wipe the water from his face. "Room for one more?" He smiles broadly, trying out his most charming, winning smile. (It's not that charming.)
Seymour Guado The Guado keeps with the troops offering his assistance when they need it, a few stray shots hitting and wounding one of the Shinra agents. Seymour would close his eyes in quiet concentration and then open them staring to the wounded man waving his hand soft accross him from afar, a soft green magical light of healing magic would wash over the wounded trooper closing his wounds and revitalizing him.

They were lucky he knew white magic and even luckier that he was deciding to assist them, moving with them guiding them to the boat he also readied thunder magic to short circuit any drones that might try and pin them down or even worst take aim at the boat.
Emi Dennou Emi blinks as a paper lands at her feet, she ducks down and picks it up after a moment. It's--a shipping label! And an arrow. Hopefully it wasn't shot AT her but generally one doesn't attach shipping labels to an arrow you're aiming to hit someone with. It was hard to miss that twang, just as Ping anticipated!

That bar...


It couldn't be the SAME bar could it? At about this point, Tifa comes by with a boat.



SHE SAYS, "Hello Tifa." politely. "Do you know anybody named..." She glances down at the arrow. "--Ping?"
Montag Montag is moving fast. "Your lucky then and ya ya I'm on it!" he doesn't mind the banter it beats getting cleaved up by Ang. He slides in as Ang covers him and starts working on the computers. He's got his ID card and it does have the level of clerance to engage the over ride shut downa dn the weapns start to shut down now. Drones not from the landing team shut down, guns go silent and montag takes off his helmt an wipes sweat off his brow. He also slicks a button on his helmet's mission camera almost accidently. "Anyhow you know the deal. My men won't stop you, wouldn't do to stiff a processional now would it?"

Team stealth has no problems getting away but let me tell you Ping is totally known to the shinra at this point they will rember Ping the delivery man of doom.

the show seems to be over and no one's dead, some maimed but no one's dead right?
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods once everything goes back to not being hell.

"Alright. I'll take my payment when we got things under control." he says, crossing his arms over his chest, "And no, it wouldn't. I'd take everything then," Angantyr promises.

"Alls well that ends well, right?"

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